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By mid December, the income of LaRouchePAC was abysmally low. Barbara and Bruce were in constant agitation concerning the dismal level of funds that were brought in. On top of this, most heavyweight LPAC contributors had already given their limit for the 2011 year, thus cutting LPAC off from their largesse until January 1st, 2012. Many were concerned the organization would not survive, financially, to see that January 1st deadline.

In this context, Helga and Lyn decided there would be no Christmas. This was a short notice decision for all members to remain in their locals through the holiday season (traditionally the least productive organizing time of each year), ostensibly to ensure the stopping of World War III. No mention was made to members concerning the dire internal financial collapse ongoing, and that a major fundraising drive was possibly required to allow the organization to survive through the end of the year. Rather, the entire presentation, by both Lyn and Helga, solely focused on the "political" urgency for all members to remain at their posts, in order to directly block the beginning of World War III from starting during those very days. This bizarre logic inevitably led to bizarre explanations from LaRouche, as seen below, about how the enemy would 'see" LPAC members going home for holiday, and consequently push the button for nuclear war.

Though some members had no major plans for the holiday, many others were thrown into deep moral crises about what to do. After consolidating long term family plans, in some cases involving pulling scarce funds together for plane tickets, members were now told only days before departure that it would be an immoral and world threatening event for them to go home.

Lyndon LaRouche NEC Meeting, Tuesday Dec. 13, 2011


LYN: On Christmas this year, in Germany, all members of the organization in Germany, will be assembled at Christmastime, to pass out, in part, some material on the question of the threat of general warfare breaking out, either before or after Christmas. All members of the organization in Germany will be there. And I think the same thing will be true here. There will be no departures, from the time. There'll be no vacations, nor excuses for not being mobilized over the Christmas period, with literature and so forth of relevance, for this period.
The importance of this is, that if any of you think, that you have a safe family holiday, away for Christmas time, you're nuts. Because we're in the range, of the time, and the probability -- there's a certain probability, not an absolute probability -- a certain probability that World War III will have broken out at that time, or about that time. Close enough, that you wouldn't want to miss the event.
Now, what we're going to do, is we're going to mobilize as an organization, at that time, full turn-out, no exceptions, unless they're in the hospital: Because we have to set out a signal ourselves, as we're doing in Germany and in Europe, that we take this seriously. And if you don't take this seriously, you're nuts!"

Now, I'm going to be responsible for this, personally, because if I'm not doing it personally, if it's a turnout of some of us, only, and I'm not actually running the thing, it won't be believed. Our leaders in this organization do not have strategic credibility: I do. Therefore, it's urgent that I play my part in this operation, because none of the rest of you has strategic credibility. You may have credibility but not strategic credibility. If I make a move, it will trigger something. If you make a move, by itself, that will not necessarily trigger anything. If I do it, it can trigger.
See, the problem is, I know, even among many of you, who generally are serious about these matters. You're not as serious as you think you are. There always will come an excuse, a very important, family reason or something like that, some excuse for not turning out, and that's a loss of credibility. Because as we've found out, like as in the case this recent weekend, wherever we go, we think people are sitting around us, we find out they're spies! Working for Obama's cause or something like that. We are {supersaturated} with attention to everything we do! I get more attention, as an individual, than anyone! I can be sitting here, and I'm getting attention from a distance! They want to know exactly how many times I'm breathing that day, or something.
''And the key thing here, is not your physical activity. The key thing is here, is how the enemy reacts to our mobilization.
If you don't turn out on this operation, the enemy is going to assume you're not serious, and they're going to act accordingly. And you may cause World War III by that method. Hmm?''
What I went through, on the question of the Hillary case, recently: What I did on the Hillary case, my action on the Hillary case, made it possible to do something important politically, to stave off the worst effects. And what I do on these things is crucial: But if you guys don't back up my decision, you're screwing everything up! Because the enemy is looking at you, as a barometer of my intention. And they're not afraid of you, they're afraid of me.
We had, like the thing that happened up in Jersey, which discovered that there are people lurking around there, who are recording -- sitting next to us, while we're conversing, and they're recording everything! Obviously, it's not for their purposes, it's not for their entertainment purposes, they're doing it to record what we're saying, because they're spying on us for somebody else! Not for information, but for information which would indicate to them what we're going to do! In other words, the Obama factor: You have to understand, we are important! And what you do, or don't do, is therefore important.

Whatever Lyn's plans were for Purcellville over Christmas, Helga's were very different. She had no intention of keeping a fully staffed office, and rather schemed to arrange that all members in Purcellville and the Basement leave the office. In Purcellville, Helga met with Matt to consolidate plans for the "all hands on deck" Christmas Eve deployments. As members carried out these operations on December 24, Helga herself went shopping, purchasing a Christmas tree. That night she held a festive Christmas feast including Lyn, herself, Bruce and Susan Director, and Barbara and Zeke Boyd. Lyn was not informed of Helga's deployment of Purcellville until Sky called him to report it. Alicia and Sky were incensed that it had not been brought up at the G5 or in the subsequent NEC meeting, although Helga and Matt had clearly been planning it.

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