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During all of this time, Lyn developed a very disturbing habit of equating his perceived proximity to death with the death of everyone else. The more he seemed to feel that he was on the verge of dying, the more he declared that everyone else was about to die. 33 The tendency was expressed most sharply in the NEC meeting of December 17th, 2011, an excerpt of which is included here: 34

clearer copy of the audio, they refused to deliver it, ensuring that the disturbing recording could be safely deleted from the historical record.


LYN: Okay, I'm very busily occupied, Sky's occupied too... Anyway, I have something to do today, which I shall be doing, at the same time that Sky will be doing something, also with others, and for me, it's also very important. It's one of the most important days of my life, because I'm about to get in the next step of completing the most important thing I've ever written. It will be in process, so I'm a little bit excited about it. I have a copy here for Sky -- it's not complete, but it's a forewarning, so he's not yet here to receive his copy of forewarnings. It's only very partly done, but the part will give him enough stimulus to know what I'm up to, which will make things useful.
So there's this triad. And therefore, what I've committed myself to do, especially considering the lateness of the political hour, is to complete this thing which I've started now, and to complete it with some haste, but also care, so that people would know what humanity once was, if it comes to that matter... And my point was, that since I'm at the stage I'm at, and you, also, are unfortunately at that same stage in a certain manner, it's about time. That before giving a parting glance to life, we should know what our position in the universe is, what our role is, or what our role is intended to be, and hope that somebody will learn a lesson from our experience. That we shall give them a testament to what we were, and have the satisfaction of at least "going out clean," as they say, not guilty of negligence.
And perhaps, in the remaining days before us, if we survive, the shock of this development, this vote by the Congress, for a Hitler-enabling act against us, like the Jews and many others who went the same way that we're threatened with going right now, from this President, the fools who let him have the enabling act, hmm? maybe we'll learn something, in the remaining days, which will be useful for humanity, in times to come.
But we're going to have to {change our ways of thinking}, give up our convenient assumptions, which are actually become very inconvenient. And that's what I'm up to, so that's what I'm doing. It was just the completion of a series of things I plan to do, on this subject. And since Sky had this important date coming up, I wanted to get this as near to finish as possible, so that his party will not be spoiled, by an unseemly interruption. So that's where we stand: We're at a point where a judgment is being shown on humanity's failure -- and your failure! -- to come up to snuff, on {your} responsibilities, your responsibilities for knowledge! Your responsibility for the knowledge of how to act, and why to act, hmm? You failed in large degree, because you got occupied with other preoccupations, personal preoccupations, "how I feel," that sort of thing! Not how the future of humanity feels, not whether there is going to {be} a future of humanity! How that feels! Those little important points have been conveniently overlooked. And at least, before they snuff you out, you ought to have the chance to know what it's all about.
So, that's why I'm in process of completing this--which will complete the series of what I've been working on, to give you the facts of what the true nature of mankind and his destiny might be.
Okay. That's up to you.

Many present were very disturbed by Lyn's assertion that all we could do was to read his paper.
It just didn't make any sense. If we were all going to die, there was no point in reading his paper. In particular, Sky and Cody were about to give a webcast that evening, which would also not be necessary if we were all going to die. Tarrajna (who had returned to Purcellville with Nick the day before to pursue more discussions about the state of the organization) uniquely gave voice to this problem during the Q&A of that NEC:

TARRAJNA: Just so you can see me.
LYN: How're you doing? I'm glad you finally made it back from your honeymoon.
TARRAJNA: Yes. So, we're encountering in the organizing, a population which is possibly at their darkest hour, right now, in terms of what's presented to them as a chance of a fight, where you have Obama the Dictator, you have Congress, as you were just going through, which just passed an Enabling Act, and you have the so-called opposition in the form of idiots and worse, like Newt Greencrotch [laughter].
So what political fight can we offer them, in terms of some hope besides the reality of Armageddon and World War III, and impending doom? What chance of a fight can we give them?
LYN: Give them exactly what I said to you today. That's the only truth, and if you want something durable, it better be the truth, because what is not the truth is not durable. Just do it! That's the whole point: It's always been the confrontation we faced, hmm? People are looking for an entertainment or something, which they find is a substitute for truth, a comfort zone, in which to escape from the feeling of meaninglessness in life. People are seeking entertainment and gratifications, which they hope will remove the taint of {meaninglessness} of their lives! And most lives out there, as was said, by a 19th century figure, "they lived lives of quiet desperation, meaningless lives of quiet desperation, and they call it, 'happiness.'" Except when they weep, silently, at night.
Now, the one thing we've got, is we've got the pleasure {of} pain! The pleasure of facing the pain of the reality we confront. And the gratification you get from that, is you're not a faker any more.
Most people die in pain, because they fake their way through life. In part or in whole. They have pleasures they wanted, securities they wanted. And it's like the old bowl of pottage, isn't it? You've got what you bought.

Many people were quietly panicked about this question from Tarrajna, and along with Rick and Barbara's nervousness about Nick and Tarrajna after the post-Pittsburgh meetings in early September -- and the fuss that had been raised about their marriage and honeymoon -- there was increased paranoia about both of them.

Directly following the NEC, Sky, Cody and others headed to Leesburg to broadcast the Basement webcast from the studio. Given the instability of Lyn and the leadership structure, many were looking to this Basement webcast as an opportunity to provide a basis for deploying the organization. Many members by this time had expressed frustration at the lack of consistency in the organization's focus in the recent months.

Unfortunately, Lyn's response to the webcast was not one of enthusiasm. In a phone call with Sky shortly after, he asserted that there had been a major problem with the way that they handled the "stanford Group" question on creativity (ironically, this particular question had been submitted at the last minute, and had seemed to many of the members attending the webcast to be completely disingenuous and fabricated by Debbie; it sounded as if Debbie had simply turned an excerpt from a Lyn paper into a question, and stamped it with the name of the prestigious 'stanford Group"). The following evening was the regular Sunday candidate's discussion with Lyn. When the webcast came up for discussion, Lyn emphatically stated that Sky and Cody had utterly fucked up their response to the most significant question, that from the illustrious 'stanford Group." According to Lyn, it was proof that they did not get what he was doing.

At this point, Nick and Tarrajna had not yet completely resolved to leave, but there was very little holding them in. They spent the remaining time of their stay in Purcellville talking extensively about these problems with Sky, Cody, Peter, and Anna. One problem underlying all discussion was that no one in Purcellville knew what anyone else knew, thus there was a distrust and inhibition for members to openly talk with each other, for fear of being betrayed or "turned in." Nonetheless, Nick and Tarrajna were able to talk about nearly everything with the above mentioned four. At this time, none of them disagreed in essence with the fact that Lyn had lost his mind, that the organization was not based in getting at truth, but rather based on Lyn's whims, etc. Nick proposed that they move to "retire" LaRouche, meaning he step down from his organizational command and play a role as a paper-writer. The others, especially Sky, argued with Nick and Tarrajna to stay in the organization. 35


33 A humorous (in retrospect) example of this was on August 1, 2011, when Sky and Alicia arranged for Lyn to be on a call with the Buenos Aires local. During this call, Lyn simply repeated over and over, sotto voce, that we were all going to die, and that neither Sky nor Alicia understood that we were all going to die. Luckily, the call was too sotto voce for anyone in Buenos Aires to actually hear. When Sky and Alicia were contacted by the Argentinians for a ...
34 This NEC occurred the morning of the subsequent second Basement webcast, featuring Sky and Cody.
35 It's especially ironic that Sky was later accused of being an enemy agent for "as long as a year," given that when Tarrajna and Nick decided to leave the organization, Sky himself disagreed with their decision the most, and tried his best to keep them in, based on a view that things could still be made to work for the best, whereas if they left, that created no option for doing anything positive.

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