The View from the Galleys, Continued


Meanwhile, Todd had decided by late December that he needed to meet with Sky and Diane, as well as Helga, in order to discuss in person increasingly worrisome issues. While Helga, Bruce, and Barbara became more and more vocal in their claim that the time taken for intellectual work was sabotaging the fundraising, Todd and Sky tenaciously fought for the science driver identity of the organization, arguing that the fundraising would increase, if the time taken for intellectual work were upgraded, not eliminated. Todd was also concerned about the effectiveness of the many fundraising calls, whether they were experiencing a "law of diminishing returns," with the sheer hours now spent on calls. He was also concerned about Lyn's continuing erratic behavior as the underlying cause of the inability of the organization to actually accomplish its stated missions and goals.

Todd arrived in Purcellville around January 20, 2012. Todd and Diane agreed on setting up a meeting with Helga and Sky. When Todd arrived in Purcellville, Diane told him that they would meet with Helga the next day. Todd inquired why Sky was left out, to which Diane replied that they really did not want him there. This disconcerted Todd, who later told Sky that he had been snubbed from the meeting. Sky put out an email saying that secret meetings not involving key leadership were unacceptable, if an environment of "transparency and trust" were desired. 41 The next day, at the meeting with Helga, she referred to the 'strange email" by Sky. Todd told her it was probably in response to his telling Sky that he had been disinvited from the meeting. Helga then cut the meeting short, saying she had a paper to write.

A second meeting was set up a few days later for Helga to meet with Todd, Riana, and Diane.
Helga and Diane intentionally blew the meeting off, while making Todd and Riana wait needlessly for an hour and a half in the living room at Windy Hill. Afterwards, Helga made herself unavailable to Todd, even though he was leading the national fundraising effort. Todd realized at that point that Helga held grudges, was suspicious to the point of paranoia, and wanted people to be unquestioning subjects of her directives. Nonetheless, Todd continued to think that Lyn was a genius, that the organization must succeed (no matter how confusing and contradictory the directives Lyn put out could be), and that the fight for the ideas and the money must continue.

Sky and Todd continued periodic discussions under the realization that the intent of Helga, Barbara, and Bruce was to convert the locals into purely fundraising machines, while Lyn kept the Basement, and especially Sky, as his personal mental stimulation center. Between January and the time Todd left the movement in April, he and Sky were trying to help solve the fundraising problems.


41 "In the interests of transparency, any meetings that occur in the next two days should include (at least) the individuals on this list currently in Purcellville. Anything more clandestine will probably not contribute to a healthy sense of camaraderie." This email was sent to Barbara, Rick, Ed, Hector, Meghan, Oyang, Ben, Peter, Matt, Alicia, Jason, Cody, Riana, Todd, Diane, and Helga. Hector replied by email: "I must expose that I giggled when I read this.

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