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Following Nick and Tarrajna's departure, things quickly deteriorated. Their departure was used as a pretext for enforcing the new policy of "fiscal responsibility" and was heightened by Lyn's discussions in the NEC about how most people cannot "act as a commander in warfare" and will desert the mission. The fact that Nick was working at Panera Bread was used as a way to show other members who questioned "the mission" that there was nothing outside of the organization anyway--"What--do you want to spend your life spreading mayonnaise on sandwiches?!" The entire organization was placed on a constant mobilization footing, and the existential issue became, "raise the $30,000 or lose the organization." This led to a glut of fundraising calls, campaign calls, and the national Sunday discussions, sometimes occurring multiple times a day and continuing six days a week. It became virtually the sole thrust of the campaigns. The locals and the campaigns were basically told to put everything on the line for the fundraising. 48

On Thursday, March 15, the following email was sent out to the organization regarding the fundraising, by Bruce Director:

Income (w/o N.J.):

(5). There are some who fantasize that we can cut LaRouche Youth LLC expenses down in some super austere way and continue to somehow muddle through communally. That is, in point of fact, a zero-growth model which does not take into account the basic necessities required to be an effective and growing political movement, nor the basic legal requirements faced by any competent employer in the United States. LaRouche Youth has already imposed a hiring freeze because it is immoral to hire new members when our California members continue to organize under such conditions of hardship.
(6). The challenge we face, organizationally, is therefore, existential. That is the simple fact of the matter which every member should now internalize and address.
Barbara Boyd,
Treasurer, LaRouche PAC



Detroit 357/357

Boston 0/505 Monge ????????????????
NJ 170/480
Tx 60/640
LA 350/1596
Bay 0/634 Monge ??????????????49
Seattle 626/1638 still going

When Riana woke up and saw this in her e-mail she totally freaked and called Sky. Sky had already received about twelve missed messages and calls from terrified Basement members, after Lyn had stormed down and declared that people "would be fired." 50

Riana called Todd to try to figure out what was going on from his end. Todd was freaked out, given how much energy he, Sky, and she were putting into trying to SAVE reading days from Bruce, Barbara, and Helga, even as Bruce was denying that he had any intention of "ending the intellectual work" or "getting rid of the Basement."

That morning, Barbara contacted Summer saying they needed to talk. She questioned him about why both San Francisco and Boston had decided to take a Monge day. Barbara told Summer that under organizational policy, Monge days had been outlawed and taking them was a serious affront to our political mission. Apparently, earlier that day, she had also contacted Jenny in Boston regarding the incident and bullied her, questioning her leadership because she allowed the local to take a day off from fundraising.

However, despite these discussions Barbara had with Summer and Jenny, where it was clearly communicated to her by both members that the Monge day was not taken with any ill intent or attempt to sabotage fundraising, Barbara had communicated to Lyn that the Monge days were a conspiracy hatched between San Francisco and Boston to "destroy the organization."


48 Feb. 17, 2012
Internal Memorandum:
Re: LaRouche PAC financial status, LaRouche Youth LLC

(1). For the past 20 weeks, LaRouche PAC has been regularly depositing $50,000 or so per week when its baseline operating

budget is $80,000 per week. The high spot in this picture was a one week $65,000 deposit.

(2). I briefed Lyndon LaRouche on the financial fallout from this shortfall this morning and he proposed the writing of

this Memo.

(3). As of this week, LaRouche PAC and its contractor for political organizing services, LaRouche Youth LLC, have reached a

wall wherein if LaRouche PACs budget does not reach the $80,000 per week baseline range, within the next 10 days, and sustain it, cuts across the board will have to be instituted, including layoffs. I could detail the situation in terms of non-payment of rents this month, services on the brink of cutoffs, inability to fund basic political organizing deployments, possible cancellation of health insurance, but the simple fact is that we have built a wall of debt which we cannot sustain at $50,000 per week. The irony is that the political situation we face is so very wide open to us.

(4). A clear approach has been outlined to this problem in discussions with LaRouche -- sustain and build on the basic

income provided by existing phone teams at the same time as the 120 former youth organizers commit to ensuring that $30,000 is raised by that section of the organization based on a unity of overall effort.
49 Todd wrote "Monge" next to Boston's and Bay's stats to make clear they were not on strike. Bruce added the exclamatory line of question marks.
50 Sky raced in to Windy Hill and spent much of the day going over income figures with Lyn to show that the locals which had maintained their reading day schedule were actually raising more than those who hadn't.

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