A Morning in Paradise; Adam Sturman Must be Destroyed


At 8pm Monday evening, Lyn was in contact with Sky, informing him that he just issued an ultimatum which he "did not like to have to make" to Adam Sturman:

[6/20/11 5:12:34 PM] Sky Jason Shields: I'm on.
[6/20/11 7:45:12 PM] Lyn: Are you there?
[6/20/11 8:45:11 PM] Sky Jason Shields: Yes. I'm just now getting your messages from earlier (dated 10 - 11), but I think I followed much of what transpired from Purcellville.
[6/20/11 8:45:27 PM] Sky Jason Shields: I was just on my way to a reading of Jason's Riemann script.
[6/20/11 8:48:05 PM] Sky Jason Shields: Are you still there? I think I'm receiving these messages late.
[6/20/11 8:48:53 PM] Sky Jason Shields: Skype delays sending until we're both online at the same time.
[6/20/11 8:52:06 PM] Lyn: Yes, I am, I just a kind of uktijmation, which I hated to have to makem, tio Adamm Sutrman, There was no acttual truth in it
[6/20/11 8:59:01 PM] Lyn: Ths principle is, that the truth must be servued, and despite al l fustiaj in which he was apparently "blackmailed" into sayiing yo mr llate todau>
[6/20/11 8:59:34 PM] Lyn: Today.
[6/20/11 9:13:36 PM] Lyn: Juar now, after reviewing matters with Jeff Steinberg, I have uttered a policyfrom our organizaition will never tetrurn. The welfare of the human species demands no less than that.
[6/20/11 10:28:30 PM] Lyn: I have to inform you that (for the moment) Adam Sturman has floipped.
[6/20/11 10:28:41 PM] Lyn: just flipped.
[6/20/11 10:52:18 PM] Lyn: The operation is known to us as arecently launched focus on me personally by the Obama administration. Which has been underway during the recent weeks.
[6/20/11 10:53:03 PM] Lyn: Business as usual, has dissppeared.
[6/20/11 11:03:07 PM] Sky Jason Shields: Flipped? What happened? I caught part of an explosion earlier today.
[6/20/11 11:04:21 PM] Sky Jason Shields: And I've seen Jeff's briefing lead, on the extension of the Obama administration operation within the senate, directed against you.
[6/20/11 11:05:48 PM] Lyn: I should deliver my report of the facts of the case now, to you, or to Alicia, because the facts do need that in prepartion for the morning,
[6/20/11 11:06:05 PM] Lyn: Which shall it be? [Sky and Lyn speak by phone for half an hour.]
[6/20/11 11:37:19 PM] Sky Jason Shields: This connection is very poor, but I think that I have the essentials.

By the next morning, this situation had escalated:

[6/21/11 5:15:18 AM] Lyn: [4:09:00 AM]: The cardinal symptom centered on the figure of a visiting associate resident in Seattle, Washington: she was a particular object of those apparently drugged or hypnotized, whose suddenly induced mass-obsession was fixated on two members of the national association. The evident compulsion was first expressed, to my knowledge, by the denial of the presence of one associate attending the same event, and the fanatical insistence that person at the same meeting was not present. Instead of the real person speaking, standing up to pose a question, the victims who shared that delusion had substituted the name of a person visiting in that meeting , she from Seattle. That delusion was shared by a number of the associates attending that meeting. In form, this effect was manifestly shared, even fanatically, by a number of associates who had been present in the room at the time the delusion had first become manifest. Notably, the pattern of behavior shared among those persons, had persisted up to this present day. Is this a case of drugging, or something with similar effects.
No later than Saturday morning, there were visible effects of some form of mass-psychotic obsession. The obssession which was first expressed on the following Sunday and Monday, was expressed by the fanatical insistence, that one person at that meeting held on premises in Purcellville, Virginia, had never been present that day. Instead, those gripped by this shared delusion, substituted what they commonly avowed was a different person attending that meeting, a person who had been present, but had not stood to speak until a latter time that same day.
The pattern of behavior among those sharing that delusion, suggests nothing less probable than a substance-assisted form of psychotic episode.
[6/21/11 8:17:39 AM] Lyn: It is now morning "in paradise." The only competent view of my report (above) is that it was Limari speaking as the first respondent in the NEC meeting. No other sane member of our association there in Purcellville could have presumed the contrary. Limari's quality and range of speaking voice were fully recognized by any person familiar with both.
Formally, the insistance on the contrary was either lying or functionally impaired. Adam is the clearest case of the brainwashing shared my those who insisted that Riana had been the real first respondent of the session.
[6/21/11 8:18:36 AM] Lyn: At least, he has been the wildest among the victims of that sort brainwashing during the recent days.
[6/21/11 8:23:11 AM] Lyn: All of the victims presently known as such, by me, have shown the same pathological symptoms in behavior which correspond to the "grouped brainwashing victims.
[6/21/11 8:30:37 AM] Lyn: During Monday he had exopressed rage; in the evening he exploded. Utterly hysterical.
[6/21/11 8:31:04 AM] Lyn: literally outside the realm of sanities.
[6/21/11 8:56:15 AM] Lyn: Have you awakend yet?"

Over phone discussions between Lyn and Sky, Lyn backed up his assertion that Riana was not the questioner included in the transcript by elaborating upon the difference between Riana and Limari's voice species, the type of songs they were able to sing, tone, etc., despite Sky's arguments to the contrary, and his presentation of such evidence as the fact that Limari would not have prefaced her question with a reference to A Tale of Two Cities and other items characteristic of Riana.

At this point, the entire NEC was notified of Lyn's delusions, and was called in to prevent his going public with the Limari/Riana affair. Jeff was asked to give Lyn a briefing that would make him less paranoid, and a fake NEC meeting was staged with only the NEC members, Alicia, Sky, Barbara, and Rick to make Lyn believe he had gone public with all of the above. Their efforts seemed to be successful, but this was only the tip of the iceberg.

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