And Now, Peter Must be Destroyed


On Saturday, June 25th, Sky received a distressing phone call from Alicia. Both Sky and Alicia had thought at this time that the situation had cooled around the transcript/Adam crisis. 6 Now, Alicia reported that Lyn had asserted to her that Peter and Anna were involved in some sort of operation. He based his accusation on the fact that he had seen them pass a note (which is something they were known to do regularly), during the NEC meeting earlier that day, which Lyn had conducted over Skype. Sky tried to defend Peter and redirect the conversation by discussing the merits of Peter's Basement work. Lyn continued to attack Peter, asserting he was "duped, through his beloved."

[6/25/11 3:10:26 PM] Sky Jason Shields: Lyn!
[6/25/11 3:10:30 PM] Sky Jason Shields: 1) Your remarks as delivered seem perfect for posting, including the middle section, with only a minimal framing stating the context.
[6/25/11 3:13:16 PM] Sky Jason Shields: 2) I pulled Peter aside, and he was distracted in that moment. He and Anna had finished the earthquake report late last night. He had been thinking about why we were behind the ball on reporting it. We spoke about reviving a steady feature, making sure that our outward website image reflects our internal deliberation in that area.
[6/25/11 3:14:46 PM] Sky Jason Shields: Part of this will involve linking our Forces of Nature page to a direct space weather feed from NASA, and an earthquake feed from the USGS, complete with a map. This would serve to supplement a regular "weather report," that would be a joint project between the Basement and P'ville.
[6/25/11 3:15:19 PM] Sky Jason Shields: I think that kind of intensity would also serve to reduce distractions which might otherwise become potential security lapses of the psychological sort.
[6/25/11 3:15:54 PM] Sky Jason Shields: When you're free, I can call.
[6/25/11 3:17:45 PM] Lyn: With that, i concur. However, Peter's role touches a direct intervention into our association from alien channels. Peter's behavior was morally very bad. I understand why. but the fact that he was obviuously duped in the matter of the basement discussion latler, is an unpleasnt, but undertsnadable fraud in effect.
[6/25/11 3:20:04 PM] Lyn: Peter was duoed, through his beloved, who, in turn, was duped into playing a role which she would have ordinarily despised.
[6/25/11 3:25:20 PM] Sky Jason Shields: The inappropriateness of the behavior I think I made clear to him. I'll keep prodding on the source of any influence over the next days. I'll pull Anna aside as well. In the meanwhile, it seems that it will be good to seal off psychological openings with an increased quality of workflow. 7
[6/25/11 3:26:10 PM] Sky Jason Shields: I'm in the Basement, so I'm not at liberty to call yet. I'll be in a separate office in a few hours.
[6/25/11 3:28:02 PM] Lyn: For the circumstances as they appear to be for the moment, that seems reasonable, on the condition that we do not forget the nature of the problem.
[6/25/11 3:29:37 PM] Sky Jason Shields: Yes. I'm trying to make sure that we're not duped into explaining away specific cases as isolated "objects." The more general trend, and general threat, is clear.
[6/25/11 3:31:15 PM] Lyn: Absolutely. The immediate object reveals crucial aspectrs of the intention. They can not be passed over. Until Peter drops the crap, he has not rehabilitated himself'
[6/25/11 3:31:59 PM] Lyn: There exist no facts to justify his conduct. That is the standard of discplice for this situation.
[6/25/11 3:32:44 PM] Lyn: We can not have some careening in the base who has not repudiated the crap.
[6/25/11 3:33:17 PM] Sky Jason Shields: Got it. I'll make that clear, and follow it through.
[6/25/11 3:34:31 PM] Lyn: Good. Perhaps I can be a peace in the matter, such that we can return from the version authored by the enemies of humanity who have been behind the problem associated with Peter's act of gullibility.
[6/25/11 3:35:16 PM] Lyn: The truth of whatever lie was involved in her behavior, must be smoked out, of there is no remedy.
[6/25/11 3:35:38 PM] Lyn: our there is.
[6/25/11 3:36:35 PM] Lyn: Simply treating that as Peter's opinion is no justification for his role ih the matter. He must be impelled to recognize his folly, and clean up his act.
[6/25/11 3:38:30 PM] Lyn: Libel by gossip, which circumstances clearly define here, must be exposed as lies, by forcing publically the source of the lies obviously the factor here.
[6/25/11 3:38:43 PM] Lyn: Where's the proof, buddy?
[6/25/11 3:39:13 PM] Lyn: Are ashamed to make it public, for some good and defensible reason?
[6/25/11 3:39:34 PM] Lyn: The fact of the lie was in the basement meetiing of relevance
[6/25/11 3:54:54 PM] Sky Jason Shields: I just took him aside for a longer discussion. It was productive. He was preparing to write up a report, but I think I should put him on with you instead. Are you free?
[6/25/11 3:55:14 PM] Sky Jason Shields: I will still have to speak to Anna, afterwards.
[6/25/11 3:59:19 PM] Lyn: Yes, But warn him that I no some circulatiojn of a lie is the only thing which could exp-lain his mis-conduct. Obviously, he has been fed some lies which he must disclose, including the sources of those lies. Otherwise, the discussion would be a farce. 8
[6/25/11 4:00:56 PM] Lyn: This is, under the present circumstances, an issue of a betrayal of the human race into which he had been drawn in some fashion. Killing that lie, is my only intention on this account presently.
[6/25/11 4:02:26 PM] Sky Jason Shields: Yes. He's been warned not obfuscate anything. Our connection here for video is bad, however. I'm taking him in to Purcellville. We'll arrive in around fifteen minutes.
[6/25/11 4:03:51 PM] Lyn: He must tell the truth about an attitude and behavior which suggests a lie on his part, whether he were witting, or merely a dupe. That must be said, otherwise the entir discussion were a waste of time.
[6/25/11 4:05:40 PM] Lyn: She was highly energized, habd over the mouth, during the meeting Peter's sneaky behavior in the basement meeting later, defines the disgusting essence of the swindle into which he was drawn. He spoke behind my back, not to mere, that is the nature of a lie.
[6/25/11 4:06:28 PM] Lyn: I am certain that there is no possible justification for the implications of the subseuqnet basement meeting.
[6/25/11 4:08:03 PM] Lyn: A qualified appology for this behavior is my preconditon for expeceting honesty from him in thediscussion of this affair.
[6/25/11 4:08:36 PM] Lyn: If he agrees to that, we can clean up the mess.
[6/25/11 4:11:27 PM] Lyn: Whatever he said, it is clear by now, that were was nothing actually truthful in it."

Peter and Sky then headed to Purcellville to get on a Skype call with Lyn, Sky showing Peter the Skype discussion he was having with Lyn beforehand so that Peter would be "prepared." Peter was terrified about what to say to Lyn. Sky encouraged Peter to "just go along with it", admit that Lyn was right, and then redirect the discussion, because any time Lyn was argued with, or insinuated to have been wrong about something, he would become even more adamant, stubborn, and furious.

[6/25/11 4:25:29 PM] Sky Jason Shields: Yes. We're now in Purcellville.
[6/25/11 4:26:24 PM] Lyn: Noted. Obviosuly, there is no sign of an expressed intention by him to tell the truth.
[6/25/11 4:26:56 PM] Sky Jason Shields: I'll be here also.
[6/25/11 4:27:00 PM] Lyn: I can understand why, but that does notjustify his immortal behavuiorl
[6/25/11 4:27:57 PM] Lyn: Of course. I some good can come of it. Peter must tell the truth, not "explain why."
[6/25/11 4:28:29 PM] Lyn: What he did was sneaky, and therefore fraudulent in imtent and content."

They both got on the call with Lyn at their house, and Lyn began by yelling at Peter. Sky intermittently hung up the Skype call, so he could discuss what should be said or how to handle the discussion, and then called Lyn back, telling him that they accidently got cut off. Lyn said at one point, "the worst, was the meeting after." Peter replied that there was no meeting after (the NEC). Lyn responded, "you're wrong: Alicia would not lie to me." Sky called Alicia to try to clarify what Lyn had been told, and then got back on with Lyn.
The discussion ended with Lyn going into a creepy "agapic cop" mode, and telling Peter that he loved him.

[6/25/11 5:09:15 PM] Sky Jason Shields: I have Anna here now.
[6/25/11 5:09:32 PM] Sky Jason Shields: Can she call?
[6/25/11 5:16:03 PM] Lyn: I am here, witing for re-contact."

Immediately after the call with Peter, Anna was brought in for a separate call with just Sky and Anna. It was very similar to the call with Peter, but only seven minutes. At the end, Lyn also concluded with a similar expression of love.

[6/25/11 5:23:48 PM] Lyn: Sky: I presume you have the picture."

A very shaken Peter and Anna asked Sky to go out for drinks that night, and described the call with Lyn as having been "demeaning." Sky, quietly panicked, simply covered for Lyn. This became his role for much of this period.

During this time period, Lyn began suffering periodic blackouts, at one point falling into the glass front of an oven and seriously injuring his hand. Sky and Alicia began to alternate between meetings with Barbara, Rick, and Bruce, focused on trying to contain Lyn, and calls with Lyn, where he insisted that those people who were arguing with him were brainwashed. When Lyn spoke of "brainwashing," he meant literally brainwashed, by either drugs or electromagnetic weaponry. He began insisting to Alicia and Sky that "the enemy" was out to learn their deepest darkest secrets and use them against the two of them. Lyn then asserted that in order to preempt this, they would each have to tell Lyn their deepest darkest secrets first, so that he could help defend them. Finally, during a call in Alicia's office, Lyn insisted that they report these secrets to him. As they both, uncomfortably, began to speak, Lyn interrupted and insisted that they tell him separately. He said that Alicia should go first, so Sky went home and drank about half a bottle of rum, waiting uncomfortably for the call. Lyn finally called some hours later, and stated that he had gotten Alicia's darkest secrets from her. Sky had no idea where to start, but Lyn luckily cut him off, declaring "no more of this psychoanalysis stuff." They instead waxed philosophical about time or Vernadsky or something. Lyn would later tell Sky much of what he had gotten out of Alicia, and would use that information to his advantage in fairly awful ways in the events which follow. 9


6 Though Adam was, at this point, refusing to film Weekly Reports.
7 Unsuccessful attempt to change the subject.
8 At this point the reader should realize that no one had any idea what Lyn was talking about, but it was certainly terrifying.
9 It is perhaps useful to know that it was information that Lyn gleaned from these sessions, and not the situation with Pia, that caused Lyn's intense hostility towards Harley Schlanger coming out of this period.

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