Don Giovanni Fails


Soon after, Jul 2-3, 2011, a Conference was held in Russelsheim, Germany, by the European organization, which Sky attended. Lyn responded ecstatically to the final musik-abend, especially the final choral fantasy, performed mainly by the European youth members. In an NEC discussion, Lyn opened with effusive praise for the performance, asserting that this was the saving grace of civilization, and a demonstration of European artistic/musical superiority over the American organization, etc. In that light, the locals were immediately mobilized to watch and study the performance.

However, back in the US, a recorded performance of the entire Don Giovanni opera was completed by the beginning of June, which Lyn himself had commissioned around a year prior, as a response to the "failed" drama work. Nonetheless, Lyn did not watch this recording, initially said nothing about the project, and finally proceeded to disparage the work that had been done, including the participants' Italian pronunciation, 10 the distraction to the political situation created by the fact that Aaron brought Banaudi over to direct it, and the fact that he, LaRouche, was not there to oversee it. Ultimately, he said (usually in semi-private discussions) that the participants just "did not get it". This effectively terminated what was left of the music program in the United States. 11


10 Lyn does not speak Italian.
11 As soon as Lyn returned from Europe, he declared that Don Giovanni had come and gone. Here is an excerpt from the briefing: "And that means that the whole support for that, as well as the electronic support, and {electronics} support for that, and it's important that we get, as I think we're on the verge of doing, now that the {Don Giovanni} has come and gone, that, at this point, we can get the kind of quality coming out of Purcellville, at least a fighting chance to do that, which will make a qualitative difference for the organization as a whole."

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