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"Morning Briefing transcript of NEC meeting held on Saturday, July 16, 2011:


LYN: Okay, I shall rise to the occasion: Greetings, you have a new organization. It consists, represented by five people, plus Nancy, as a separate function. And what we're going to do, as we've discussed this today, we're going to pull this together; we're going to make some changes which will astonish you in their effects, they're rather simple changes in terms of policy, on one level, but they're gigantic in terms of implications, and moral implications, especially..."

(This has been edited for the sake of space. Errors are in the original)

"We've changed the character of the organization in a necessary way.
We have, with Jeff, Debra will be on, if she doesn't get caught in traffic, which is often a problem, and she will be on. And we have two younger people,who'll be on, this young lady 12, who you know, I believe, who will determines your destiny and part of your life; and Sky, to whom there is no limit.
What this is going to represent is a reorganization of the organization, so the organization in terms of these elements, combining these elements which will sit at the same table, twice a week at least, or in emergency conditions, to formulate the policies of action, which we shall launch, and implement. And the two regular sessions, usually on Tuesday and usually at the end of the week, Friday or Saturday: Sometimes there's a crowded agenda, and therefore, we'll have the meeting on Friday, if necessary, rather than Saturday. But the relevant focal point, will be the Tuesday and Saturday meetings, here....
Because the problem is, is the center of gravity of progress of organization, has shifted from the Boomer generation, to this younger generation, because the Boomer generation has, in large degree, that is, members of the Boomer part of the population, are no longer really functional. They're not leaders, they're followers. You have a handful among them, who are leaders, but most of the others have receded in their role in life, into followers, and they're almost like sheep that you have to have a dog to herd. That's a {fact} of the matter, it's a very {ugly} fact of the matter, for us. Because the few Boomers that do function, don't have much support from those of their generation, and that's a fact. It's not a debatable point, it's a fact!
And therefore, the lust of this organization for victory, lies essentially with the younger generation. And the younger generation can be discouraged, and often has been discouraged. It has not been functional because it's been discouraged, and largely discouraged by the existence of Boomers. That's a fact. That's not an accusation, that's a fact!"

As related from the NEC excerpt from above, soon after Lyn returned from Europe (Sky was still overseas), he established a new executive body for the organization, which he entitled the "Group of Five," consisting of Sky, Alicia, Jeff, Debbie, and himself. It became explicit in discussions between Alicia and Sky that they were brought into the "policy discussions" largely because Lyn did not want to be left alone with Debbie and Jeff. At this time, the NECs and all public discussion became increasingly internally oriented and Lyn became increasingly paranoid. Disturbingly, upon his return from Europe, he also revisited the "problem" of the brainwashing of the membership.

Dialogue from the same transcript cited above, of the NEC meeting held on Saturday, July 16, 2011:

"LYN: You know, the one thing I would add on this thing, we have to realize that there are some very special operations against this organization, from the Obama Administration directly. The Obama Administration currently, has the largest dirty-tricks capability in the government, against us: This man reads everything I write. Generally has a report on everything that we write, on everything that we do.
And in the organization, there's a certain ignorance about the capabilities of a government operation against us, in terms of brainwashing of our own members in ways they don't even know what would occur. They suddenly find themselves believing in foolish things, and they don't know where they came from, but they believe that they have to believe them! It's the greatest danger to us, directly, from the Obama Administration: You've got to understand the kinds of brainwashing capabilities, electronic and otherwise, they have, for turning human minds into garbage.
And only if you understand that, and are prepared to recognize it can exist, and {does} actually exist, that you're able to defend yourself. If you believe everything that you've been induced to believe is true, you're finished! That's the intent of the Obama Administration, and that is the psychological capabilities, of the U.S. government operations! And we are now, currently, the subject of those capabilities which are deployed in service of Obama! We have to expect, attempted mass brainwashing, of our members, who will not even know they were brainwashed. And only if you're honest about this stuff, will you be able to avoid it.
And it's has actually happened! It has actually {happened} to us! And I have solid proof of it. It's one of the biggest problems we have.
People induced to believe, heartily, in something that never happened, and not to believe, really, in something what did happen! And that's a capability of government agencies, deployed by the Obama Administration against us. And the unwillingness of people to recognize that that could happen to them, or could {have} happened to them, is their weakness: it's the greatest internal threat to our organization.
It's easy to prove it; I've investigated it and proved it.
But the victims, of course, don't want to believe it, have a strong emotional reaction against it, and the strong emotional reaction against it, the irrational character of the strong emotion, demonstrates the victim.
ALICIA: I think these are the things we have to keep in mind, in the product that we produce, in the organizing that we're doing -- 13
LYN: Exactly! Go ahead --"

(Alicia then discussed the 9/11 movie they had planned, among other things.)

"LYN: It's easy to detect this kind of thing: But the detection is very elementary. The question is, what change in your goals is effected by this? In other words, you need a test of reality: a person is on an island, something has happened on the island while they slept. They woke up in the morning with a different identity, in some respect. How do you know what's true? Because they will deny things that are true: "I believe this! I believe this!" That's what the brainwashing does: Induces the victim to solidly believe in what they've been brainwashed into believing. The test is, what's the outcome, of believing it? That's the proof. The outcome, the changed outcome, of believing, which is the result of the experience; which can happen overnight, to people while they sleep. And they will strongly believe something, in and of itself, without considering the antecedents and the consequence, to know that something by night took them over -- like Dracula. ''And they believe the nonsense they've been brainwashed into believe, even while they slept, by relevant means, electronic means. If you don't have the brains to recognize that, then they got you!''
I'm used to this sort of thing, and understand it. Because I understand that what most people believe, in society, -- what most people believe in society, does not equip them to cope with this. They are naive in the sense of approaching sense-certainty. What they experience as believe, they believe is proof of what they experience. ''And so, with someone like Barbara standing outside the immediate inside the immediate inside of the operation, where the targeting is, was the most likely to respond, to recognize there's been a change in the personality of some of our members. And she did! Only one aspect of it. And she just happened to mention it to me. I hadn't asked her about it, but she happened to mentioned it to me, and identified it right away.
The evidence is simple, and conclusive. It happened. It probably is a factor in some of the problems we have in Purcellville, in particular. Because it didn't affect the science people. It affected, chiefly, Purcellville. In ... [audio break] targetted operation.
Take one of the last meetings I had, from Germany, to Purcellville, on a Weekly Report, and you find the change occurred there. And affected chiefly, only the Purcellville organization, which is typical of an electronic operation.
It's not the matter of this incident, it's the matter of the fact, that's what we're up against. And you have to think in terms of constantly checking the reality of your own mind. See Barbara recognized it. Other people who were in that vicinity, that day, were the ones who were affected.'' And people didn't check what the change in their belief was. You always have the ability to do that.


12 Alicia Cerretani, recently appointed "Editor in Chief."
13 Sky and Alicia were at this point desperately trying to change the subject to keep Lyn from discussing the electromagnetic brainwashing of Purcellville -- to no avail, as will be seen below. This of course was all printed in the briefing, and distributed to the locals, who had to come up with ridiculous explanations for this the same way they did for many of the other things Lyn would say in NEC meetings. The attempted analysis of this particular weirdness from Lyn will possibly only be surpassed by the attempted explanations of the profundity of Lyn's "love dialogues" with Alicia.

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