Don Giovanni Rises to the Occasion


Don Giovanni Rises to the Occasion

The week preceding Lyn's official announcement of the "Group of 5," the two NECs of July 9th and July 12th were also punctuated by strange statements that Lyn uttered in the Q & A sections. These parts of the NECs were also characterized by his adoption of a different tone than he normally had in his direct response to questioners, particularly to certain individual youth members. Below, we reproduce transcripts of some of the disturbing content in the NECs which all centered on a new shift in the leadership structure of the organization (aka. Lyn's strangely jubilant praise of certain members and his extremely harsh denunciation of others). Juxtaposed to this was an obsession with sex, a hatred of what he called "male chauvinism" (specifically targeting certain males 14), and out of place revelations of his troubled upbringing 15.
We begin with excerpts from the July 9th NEC where Michelle Lerner opened the questioning with what seemed a straightforward, "Basement-type" question, but Lyn's tone of response was far harsher and more dismissive than her question seemed to merit. Indeed this animosity towards her proceeded until the day she was kicked out of the organization.


MICHELLE L: Lyn, I have a question about the invariance of the invariance... Can you hear me?
LYN: Oh, there you are! I didn't know where you were hiding...
MICHELLE: The different phase-spaces, there's clearly an invariance -- the three phase-spaces, there's clearly an invariance in each of those --
LYN: No.
LYN: They're not invariant. The invariant is the current state of the universe, just as Einstein defined it. The use of invariant in another way, is an incompetent use of the term invariant.
MICHELLE: So the...
LYN: An invariant has to be a cross-section of the total state of a universal process. And it can not be defined on a lower state. Because it's not an invariant. It does not lead to a conclusion that you can call an invariant. The concept is invariant, as I defined it, not on some so-called invariant, not in some textbook. Most professors don't know what the hell science is anyway, these days!
You have to be, in these matters, when you're talking about universals, or principles which pertain to universals, you got to know what you're talking about! Don't use words because somebody likes to use them! Don't pick a word out of a dictionary, because it comes out of a so-called "scientific textbook," and call it a "universal." It's not a universal.
The universe is integrated, and only the integration of a state of the universe, constitutes an invariant. You adduce the presence of an invariant, by a local experiment, but you don't define it by that! There's a difference of saying, "I'm in the circus." "You mean you're a clown?" "Yes!" "Are you the circus?" "No." The clown is not an invariant. [laughter]
You have to get to these levels of seriousness! You can not play with these things. That's when you get the crap! When people {play} with concepts, according to their fancy, like they're playing with their pud or something!

Juxtapose the above, to the tone he takes with Sky and Alicia, who he had just promoted as leadership of the whole organization in the Group of 5:

Lyn: Don't try to make any accommodations to the stupid world out there, which has fucked everything up! Have some fun: Join my fun, give up that crap! I have fun! And when I need fun, I'll call up Sky. He's fun! He's ebulliently creative! He bubbles with creativity! You give him one sentence, and you get a reference to X this, X that, X this, and you come out of the thing, and you, yourself, by being exposed to his reactions, are forced to quickly compose in your own mind, what he's really talking about -- [laughter].
And then he walks away, and leaves you with what he's dropped on you... and you're happy! If your mind is well-organized, you're happy, because he's very stimulating. He's stimulated himself, by reacting to things the way he does: He has a whole encyclopedia of odd corners of knowledge, and any time you get into something, he's got that tucked away, together with probably a few additional elements, there! You bring up the subject, and he's going to start -- {whew!} "Oh, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!" [laughter]
Don't you know him? Sky's fun! And just as I promoted this young lady, to a higher position in the organization as a whole, as soon as Sky gets back, he's going up there, too. Because that's the kind of leadership we need: This young lady is also good leadership. She's a little bit overloaded with the more mundane aspects of the job, right now, but I know a lot of other people who are going to come up there and take over, and find a broader base for this work. And then she will be able to function as she's supposed to. What's her competence? She'll gain it: She has the commitment to gain it."
LYN: Yeah, that's exactly why I've been working the way I have been.
Let me add a plain point on this: I was determined that Alicia was the best choice for editor in chief. We had not defined an editor in chief position, but she obviously was qualified for it. So that was it.16

(Enter Lyn's obsession with male chauvinism and sex:)

Then I found out what goes on in Purcellville, with a couple of experiences there, and I was infuriated. I was infuriated by what is called, vulgarly, male chauvinism. Which has many kinds of expression, of keeping women in their place -- i.e., in bed. And I don't think that's a good proposition for an organization such as ours. Sex is much overrated. Not that it's not fun, at times. I haven't done any for about 14 years [laughter] -- but I do remember! And it's very important, in some sense, but it's much overrated.

Although Lyn's statement that he hadn't had sex in "about 14 years" was almost "thrown away", almost no one missed it. It was so very peculiar, even for a man who regularly 'shocked" us with statements about masturbation.

Lyn: I mean, as a regular habit, it's bad. Sex as a habit is a terrible thing, because it ceases to have any significance. When it becomes a habit, it becomes a common currency. And it's only a two-buck piece of currency. [laughter] Huh?
What's important, and this thing about this sexual factor, in the organization, I found to be deadly! Now, I know all about these kinds of things. {But!} I was not exposed, because of what I'm doing -- I wasn't exposed to something which I immediately recognized, but had not anticipated. And I said, this thing in Purcellville has got to be straightened out, {but good!} And in the course of two weeks, I saw things that I was horrified by. I said, this is going to change.
And I challenged her (Alicia), to have the guts, to play a part in making that change, because she was already in the leading position there, in this work, and she showed she could do better.
I said: Okay, good. We're going to break up this division between the Boomers and the youth. There's a very easy way to do it. We now have a Six.

The next NEC was still more intense. This is the one to which Lyn referred in the July 16th NEC as concluding with a great "outpouring of love" around "the woman issue," the "male chauvinism" issue, the likes of which he had never encountered before in the organization.

Lyn: We have what's called male chauvinism of various kinds, including sexual oppression.
{That will cease, now!} And you will all be responsible to make sure it ceases. We can not maintain this organization under those conditions. {That crap will now cease! Permanently!} Women have been looking for that in our organization: They're tired of this exploitation by intimidation. {They don't want it any more! It's gone too far! It's been too destructive already.} When you intimidate our women, when some of them capitulate to be intimidated, and you destroy the moral character of this organization. Tolerating that is an evil! Tolerating that is a crime! It's a moral crime, and it will cease, henceforth, as of this meeting! That's the way it is: The bullshit ends. The crap ends, {now!}
... \\ I don't want my organization to have this crap any more! I've been trying to get rid of it by influence -- didn't work. Now, I take more strenuous exertion of this thing: I am sick of it! It is not going to continue! I will not be responsible for an organization that allows it. And I think we ought to make that loud and clear: That's going to disappoint some people who like bullying women into submission. That will cease, now!
Citizenship depends upon respect for one another, and regard for one another's rights and dignities. Of you don't have that, you don't have that moral qualification in the organization, the organization is thereby diminished in its authority, and its effectiveness.
You can have legitimate fun, under legitimate terms, but nothing else. {I'm tired of seeing the sickness in our organization,} and as far as I'm concerned, it ends right now. No more. No one has the right, no man has the right to tyrannize a woman, or vice versa." \\ Lyn: This is our moment, if we can seize it. And I say, let's have some fun! The people deserve fun. And tell them, take your guns away, you might shoot your pecker off 17. And that would be painful; we don't want that to happen. We don't want bloody sperm all over the place. [General uproar.] You've got to use that terminology to get the point across. Otherwise, people will say, "Oh, well, that simple. He's not serious." I am deadly serious.
[laughter] You like that?

While some of the content of these meetings had certainly been baffling to people in the locals, and the leadership found themselves scrambling to try to explain the validity of Lyn's remarks about electromagnetic brainwashing, even while believing in its validity wholeheartedly, because it had been uttered by Lyn, when Riana returned to Purcellville on July 20th, 2011, she found that the environment there was even more confused and tumultuous than it was in the locals.

Many male members were convinced that all of Lyn's comments, and anger, about male chauvinism was directed at each of them, personally, and each was sure that Lyn "had it in for him." Additionally, there was an incredible amount of energy focused on a number of relationships and love triangles, taking up hours of discussion, not just among youth members and the "players themselves," but between Barbara and Rick as well. Lyn took an intimate role in many of these relationships, even going so far as to serve as a marriage counselor for one couple--though his main advice for their relationship problems was that they needed to have more sex.

The environment in Purcellville was defined by members attempting to win Lyn's praise, and avoid being "destroyed" by him. While his criticism of individuals could be devastating and publicly humiliating, like the exchange he had had with Michelle Lerner at the July 9th NEC, his excessive praise and more and more obviously intimate relationships with other youth, like Sky and Alicia, made people feel they were "missing out" on a more in-depth relationship with Lyn because of some inherent lack on their part. Not only could certain people call Lyn whenever they wanted, Lyn called them. What must a person have in his character that would make the greatest genius of all time wish to call him at all hours of the night to discuss the nature of time?

This feeling of a growing dichotomy between Lyn's select group and the rest of the youth was increased by the fact that everyone observed that Alicia was regularly accompanying Lyn up to his study, which was known to all as forbidden territory. Everyone noticed it, but no one said anything publicly.

At one point, Alicia commented to Riana that she was always "on call" and had to have her phone on at all times because Lyn would send Skype messages to her at any hour of the night. Travis Johnson, who was on security at this time, later recounted to Riana that Lyn dressed himself up, and came down to demand to be taken to Purcellville to see Alicia around 7:00 am one morning. The other members of the security team were reluctant to do such a thing without Rick's knowledge, but the younger members were ready to comply. Travis related this in the context of the new policy on the dress code, i.e. even for a seemingly informal meeting, Lyn was ready early in the morning in a suit and tie, but what was actually conveyed was anxiety about the irregularity of Lyn's behavior, and how that was connected to "organization-wide" policy directives.

In a discussion with Alli, who was in Purcellville at this time for the male candidates caucus, Alicia described her new leadership role as a member of the G5, seeing herself as taking on a crucial role in history. She professed to Alli that she was totally committed to Lyn and the organization, showing Alli a picture of Joan of Arc, saying that this was her conception of herself: giving up whatever necessary for the sake of the mission. She said that Lyn had told her she was an important person, and had a crucial role to play with him in history. When asked by Alli why she went up to Lyn's room, she replied that she was now involved in every aspect of Lyn's life, including attending his doctor's appointments, being available for discussion at all hours, and tucking him in at night. When questioned about the latter activity in particular, she responded that Lyn was an old man, and needed the help, and that it was the LYM's responsibility to help Lyn in every way possible at this time.


14 The particular males he was targeting were all linked, in some form or another, to Alicia's personal life.
15 The latter is more a testament to some of the problems with LaRouche's own character and gives us an idea of why he does some of what he does. Here is an excerpt from the July 11th NEC: "My father was a beater. And he only stopped beating, when I stopped him physically. I threw him down on the floor, and I said, "You'll never do it again." And he never did it again. He still was a chauvinist, but he was more observant of the fact, that I'd thrown him down on the floor, and said, "You'll never do that again!" He didn't like it, because it was his rights to express his anger and frustration, and take it out on his children and wife. And it was a common practice in my time. And many of you know, of parents you have, who in one way -- the woman who taunted her husband into a rage, and then was self-righteous about the whole thing, if he took a whack at her. "Ahhh! You hit me! Awww! I gotcha now, you ggrrrrr!"
16 Some people found Alicia's promotion to the job of editor in chief somewhat strange. But at the time, nobody realized just how strange it was...
17 Lyn's comments throughout the NEC of 'shooting your pecker off" and his references to "bloody sperm" had to do with trips Chris Landry and Chris Jadatz occasionally took to the shooting range. Lyn would later threaten Chris Landry with the prospect that he should be jailed for carrying guns across state lines, a totally spurious accusation.

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