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On Tuesday, August 16th, Rick showed up at Sky's house, collected him, and brought him and Alicia back to the Hill, with the request that they get Lyn to the doctor. When they arrived, Kennedy was in the kitchen, looking rather shell-shocked. Lyn arrived in the kitchen at that point, and when Sky suggested that they move to the living room, Kennedy excitedly encouraged them to do so. (It later turned out that Lyn had earlier stormed down, roaring that Rick should not cross his path lest there be "fireworks like you've never seen before.")

Sky, Alicia, and Lyn moved into the living room. Much of the discussion centered on Lyn's chronic insomnia, as that was believed to be the source of his intensified mania and paranoia. He asserted that this problem had nothing to do with him, but was due to the rest of the members of the organization. The other members, he said, were behaving so inadequately that he was suffering anxiety and therefore could not sleep. They pushed further to get him to leave with them, but he insisted that there was no medical problem, only his anxiety about the movement which was preventing him from sleeping (for days on end).

At a certain point, Lyn seemed to acquiesce, but only to appease Alicia and Sky. When the subject of Rick driving him came up, however, Lyn began to shout and asserted that Rick was trying to kill him using the doctors. "If he handles my medical care, I will be dead! Dead! Do you want me dead?! Dead!" Sky found a pretext to leave the room to talk with Rick.

Because of Lyn's emphatic delivery (and because everything Lyn said was supposed to be true) Sky was not sure at this time what to do, and who was telling the truth, but decided to confide in Rick about Lyn's allegation against him, out of concern for Lyn's health. Rick simply asserted over and over that Lyn needed to be taken to the doctor. When Sky returned to the room, Lyn was sitting with Alicia and looking utterly depressed. Sky tried again to convince Lyn to go to the doctor, reminding him of their all-expense-paid Russia trip that was planned for September (and that Lyn had latched on to with incredible emotional intensity). Lyn declared that the Russia trip would not happen.
"Why not?"
"I will be dead."
"No, you won't."
"Yes I will."
"No you won't."

"Rick will not be handling your medicine, I will handle all of it. Rick won't be able to kill you."

Lyn continued to look both angry and despondent, asserting: "No. I will be dead. I will be dead, I will be dead, unless"(turning to Alicia) she says, "yes"."

At this point Sky was confused. Lyn asked Alicia directly if she would 'say yes." Alicia looked uncomfortable and told him that he should come to the doctor's. It became clear that Lyn was discussing marriage. Lyn then began to go through a description of his marriage with Helga, and that it had not been a real marriage for a long time, that it was only a "political partnership." At this point, Lyn's earlier peculiar comments in NECs about not having sex with Helga began to make sense. Lyn told an elaborate story that they had not been in a relationship ever since she had accused him of being unfaithful to her with another unnamed woman. 18 Lyn told Sky and Alicia that Helga had embarrassed him at that time period by trying to get him to have sex with her, and that for his health and political concentration, he decided he would no longer have sex after his heart attack. He also said that Ned Rosinsky cornered him during a check-up, and said that Viagra type drugs would not affect his heart, that he could indeed have sex with Helga.

Sky found a pretext to leave the room with Alicia, and asked her what the hell was going on. She said something along the lines of, "You see what I've been dealing with, this is what I've been talking about."
"Well, this is a simple thing to deal with: just say no."
"Do you really think so?"
"Yes, it's going to destroy the whole movement!"
"Yes, really."
"Well, I thought that, but then I thought of these great leaders in history who got to have a few more years and do amazing things because they took a new, younger mistress."

She finally concluded she would say no, and they returned inside. The marriage proposal, however, was ultimately left unresolved, and Lyn was finally coerced into the car, only to find himself sitting next to Rick. This led to a fight between Rick and Lyn, with Lyn accusing Rick of being a traitor along with Ned Rosinsky, and Rick defending himself. 19 Once at the doctor's, Lyn spent the entire time showing strange displays of affection for Alicia, such as holding her hand and gazing into her eyes. Rick would become disturbed at these moments and point out to (a now-convinced) Sky what was happening. That night, Sky, Alicia, Rick and Barbara made the mistake of allowing Lyn to conduct the NEC meeting. His remarks matched a pattern that people had begun to notice, one which alternated between "happy, loving" Lyn and "fire-and-brimstone" Lyn. This was a "happy, loving" Lyn.

Lyndon LaRouche NEC Meeting, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011

LYN: "We're entering a new period of humanity. I'm particularly happy about the whole thing, myself. I've just had some sleep, I suppose that's a good sign, and I've lived to observe the outcome, which is fairly good. And we're in a point where we are extremely fortunate to be alive, because the world is facing, now, a period of mass insanity, across the nations and the world till now. We had some fun this afternoon, at an earlier point, jokes of various kinds, and we seemed to enjoy them.

I feel humble, hmm? I feel humble in a good way. I feel humble about what we've accomplished, here, in this organization so far. I'm happy about what we have accomplished; I'm happy the way that some people here have, shall we say, "made it" and shown themselves to be capable of making it. I feel humbled: I feel humbled by the fact that we do have the ability to live. As I said this afternoon, mankind does have a specific nature: We can conquer, and right now, I'm extremely happy, and I'm overwhelmed by my own happiness, and what I see us as being able to do.

I'm particularly happy about what I was teased into doing, or lured into doing, earlier. They said, "Come down here!" I came down, and then the room was filled with people that I knew. And they were all grinning, knowing that I was taken by surprise, and enjoying the pleasure of witnessing my plight, not knowing what the hell was happening. But then, finally, it was all very good.

But right now, I tell you, I'm overwhelmed by happiness, about what we've accomplished, what we {are} accomplishing, and what we're {going} to accomplish. I'm just plain happy! I'll become more sensible a little later -- [laughter] it's a very strong feeling, you know, it's a very strong emotion. And to see the faces here, and I know you, I know you all. It's a very good feeling, it's going to lead to something good: Of some aspects of that, I'm already certain. Other aspects, I'll be pleased to discover.

Following the NEC, Todd called Riana from the Seattle local, asking her what she thought about it. Riana responded that she was really happy that Lyn had praised Ed and Ben, who rarely got acknowledged for their hard work, and that it was much better than his fire and brimstone NECs. Todd, on the other hand, was disturbed by Lyn's tone, and was perplexed about how to strategically organize around Lyn's emotional state. It struck him that the direction of the whole organization was being determined solely by Lyn's feelings. Later, in her first discussion with Helga, Riana was asked about her thoughts on this same NEC meeting. Riana told her what she had told Todd, to which Helga disagreed, saying she found it extremely disturbing in light of the political situation, which merited more of a fire- and-brimstone tone. Helga was particularly concerned about what other members were saying about Lyn's state of mind during this NEC meeting.

Despite the attempts to manage Lyn, the situation continued to worsen. On August 22nd, Sky was tasked to intervene on Lyn and Alicia during one of their private sessions before a "Week That Was"- type recording, by changing the subject to something more political. Lyn realized what Sky was doing, and prepared a reprisal. During a briefing Sky was giving to the Basement later that day, regarding the significance of NAWAPA for each of the campaign regions, Lyn began to attack Sky's discussion points. It was clear that Sky was now on the "bad" list, and that nothing he could say would be correct. Michael intervened to defend Sky's comments against Lyn (Sky did not realize that Michael knew about Lyn and Alicia, and was therefore surprised that Michael did not just take Lyn's word as gospel the way most other members would have.)

Lyn left, obviously still not done with Sky. Sky resolved to brief the Basement on the events that had occurred thus far, since otherwise they would not understand these strange outbursts from Lyn. That same day, Ben wrote an outline for "Operation Kepler" and left it in Lyn's mailbox. The next morning, as Sky and Ben were discussing this in Sky's room, Lyn sent Sky a message that this was the worst thing Sky had ever written. Sky told Lyn it wasn't his, but Ben's. Sky showed the message to Ben, who then called Lyn to try and clear everything up. Lyn then dropped his attack on the paper, and began to attack Sky directly, revealing that his response to Ben's paper was only a pretext to attack Sky. Sky, in response, immediately went to the Hill to meet Lyn, who was already standing outside waiting when he arrived. Sky asked if there was a problem with "how he was thinking" to which Lyn responded in the negative. Upon sitting down inside, Lyn said that Sky was being seduced by mathematicians, and that this was his personal failing, which was why he had to stick closer to Lyn. It became evident that everything Lyn was saying was a surreal allegory for the situation with Alicia; Barbara, Rick, and Helga were the "mathematicians" seducing Sky, and Sky's affinity to Lyn and science implied his acceptance of Lyn's desired marriage to Alicia. Sky was traumatized.

After the meeting, Sky took refuge in a nearby park. Feeling completely overwhelmed and panicked, he worked frantically on tensor analysis. However, Sky realized that it was a Tuesday, that there were a G5 and a NEC meeting scheduled, and that the G5 was his only opportunity to head Lyn off from a crazy public denunciation of him and his relationship to "mathematicians."

Sky gave Lyn the exact same briefing Lyn had earlier intervened on in the Basement, but he couched it as Lyn's own idea this time. Lyn became excited, and declared that it was good, and named it as though it had been his own idea. Lyn therefore commenced the G5 by briefing them on the wonderful discussion he had had with Sky, despite Sky's problem of being influenced by mathematicians. Jeff, tickled that someone besides him was being attacked by Lyn, repeatedly, throughout the meeting, asked for elaboration on Sky's "mathematician problem," but Lyn remained focused on their "great discussion" concerning the NAWAPA concept. Helga tried to figure out what had actually happened (but Sky did not brief her on the confrontation until later). By the time of the NEC, Lyn was solely concentrated on that "great discussion."

After these events, Sky decided to brief Oyang, Cody, Peter, and Meghan in a nearby park on all of the preceding events here recounted, up to his knowledge at that time. The intention was to be on the same page with them about what was happening, in order to be able to steer the Basement's focus away from insanity and towards pushing important policy. As part of a paranoid security precaution which became a regular practice for all sensitive discussions from that time on, they all removed the batteries from their cell phones, so as not to be 'spied on" by "the enemy," as they believed they often were.


18 Later, Helga insisted to Lyn that she never would have suspected Lyn of being attracted to an "old cow like Debbie Freeman."
19 Rick and Ned, it turns out, had earlier attempted to "intervene" on Lyn about his spiral into madness, leading to an episode where they chased him upstairs and he barricaded himself into his room.

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