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APPENDIX TWO A Summer Romance: LaRouche and the Spartacist League (May-July 1966)

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In “The Many Theories of L. Marcus,” I detailed Lyndon LaRouche’s odyssey from the SWP to Tim Wohlforth’s American Committee for the Fourth International (ACFI) to his decision in early July 1966 to break with any existing faction of the Trotskyist left and launch his own “Fifth International.” His first independent organizing effort was his course on “Elementary Marxist Economics” held that summer at the ramshackle Free University of New York (FUNY) on West 14th Street off Union Square. Through his FUNY course, LaRouche drew in the first grouping of student New Leftists who would later become the core members of the “SDS Labor Committees” by the spring of 1968.

As I also detail in “Many Theories,” during the course of his political odyssey, both LaRouche and his then-companion Carol (later Carol White) briefly became important members in James Robertson’s Spartacist League. Their formal membership in the Spartacist League began in May 1966 and only ended with LaRouche’s resignation letter from the organization on 24 July 1966, when he declared his intention to create a new “Fifth International.” The political twists and turns that led LaRouche to briefly join forces with James Robertson came to full fruition following the disastrous failure of “Unity Negotiations” in London in April 1966 between Robertson’s sect and the combined forces of Gerry Healy’s Socialist Labour League (SLL) and its American ACFI satellite (soon to become better known as the Worker’s League).

Striking written documentation of these developments comes in the form of the June-July 1966 issue of the Spartacist League paper Spartacist now available on line here . This issue (number 6) is also the only public example of LaRouche and Carol’s membership in the Spartacist League. On page two of the paper, for example, Carol is listed as “Managing Editor” of Spartacist under her long-time pseudonym “Carol Lawrence.” As for LaRouche, his article “Battle for Asia” was the lead article in the paper. LaRouche used his pen name “L. Marcus” for the piece which was abbreviated as “L.M.” at the end of the article.

In another article in the paper over the conflict with Wohlforth and Healy entitled “Reunification Smashed,” Spartacist reports that with the failure of unification, “over a quarter of ACFI’s nearly forty members has dropped from the organization or joined with L. Marcus and Carol Lawrence in carrying out fusion with Spartacist.” The paper further reports that while he was inside the ACFI, “L. Marcus” more and more functioned as “the ACFI’s proclaimed theoretical leader” in opposition to Wohlforth.

Finally, LaRouche’s lead article “Battle for Asia” is not uninteresting in highlighting just how absurd LaRouche’s later claims were that he spent almost two decades in the organized Trotskyist movement as some kind of existential protest against McCarthyism. In “Battle for Asia,” LaRouche is in full leftist form, denouncing not just the Russians and Chinese but Castro as well for making deals with the capitalist powers. He even calls for “the formation of an independent underground Leninist party” in Vietnam to the left of the National Liberation Front (NLF). His advice also predicts the events of the Tet Offensive some two years later when he writes that the correct revolutionary tactic in Vietnam “must be the insurrection – the simultaneous armed uprising of armed workers in the cities together with coordinated assaults in the countryside, in a single effort to destroy all the apparatus of the puppet regime and cripple the material pipelines of the Imperialist forces.”

As “Battle for Asia” makes clear, student New Leftists taking LaRouche’s course at FUNY that July would have encountered an extreme leftist revolutionary and not a simple “peacenik” popular front advocate; someone who also had spent years and years in the fissiparous world of the U.S. Trotskyist left and who had first-hand knowledge of the leaders, theories and history of American Trotskyism.

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