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September 25, 2008 (LPAC)--On Wednesday, McCain suspended his campaign, asked that his Friday debate with Obama be postponed, and said that he was flying to Washington to deal with the financial crisis. Lyndon LaRouche's first comment was, "Makes sense." McCain observed correctly that there is no consensus behind the Bush-Paulson bailout package.

As of 5:00pm Wednesday evening, Obama was simply waffling. He said nothing. LaRouche remarked, "we know he's incompetent, dammit! There's no competence in him! Don't try to get a consensus." Later Wednesday evening, Obama accepted an invitation from Bush to come to Washington for Thursday White House meetings with Senate and House leaders, including McCain.

Lyndon LaRouche said: "What's going to be decisive is not this bullshit; what's going to be decisive is who gets up first and denounces this crap the loudest. This is not a matter to sit back and watch what happens: the question is who makes the loudest noise in protest against this swindle, and calls it a swindle. That's the key. The guy who calls it a swindle first, is ahead!"

Meanwhile, the legislative effort to push the bailout through had bogged down by Wednesday. The House Republicans had yet another meeting with Paulson, whereupon Rep. Ray LaHood of Illinois came out and told press, "This simply won't pass. Paulson recognizes that. We need more time to consider alternative ideas."

Both Reid and Pelosi are saying they need Republican votes; In desperation, Harry Reid announced that McCain would vote for the package; McCain repudiated this; he had made no such commitment.

On the reason for the legislative gridlock, Rep. Kanjorski of Pennsylvania was the clearest. He told Wednesday's House Financial Services committee hearing that he and other legislators had been comfortably working over Paulson's four-page ukase through the weekend, to the point where they had agreed on 42 pages of legislation by Sunday. They, on Monday, they were all knocked clear off their feet by the mass outrage of their constituents, who all totally despised it and wanted nothing whatsoever to do with it. Telephones have been ringing off the hook ever since, overwhelmingly negative.

The Paulson package has become radioactive.

Kanjorski and many others begged Paulson to scare the American people, through Wednesday's hearings, the way he had panicked the Congress on Thursday to accept the bailout package. Explain what sort of disaster will hit them if they don't do it! (Never mind what sort of disaster will hit them if they do!) Neither Paulson nor Bernanke could do that, so the hapless George W. Bush was sent out Wednesday night to make the case on television. What a stupid idea!

"What they're going for is global Weimar hyperinflation, and a complete collapse of the dollar," LaRouche said. "Do you want to destroy the United States the way Germany was destroyed in 1923? Then pass the bill, if you want to do that!"

"Don't try to achieve some compromise, bipartisan, or otherwise," he warned. "Don't go for a broad conference, or you'll get exactly what you don't want. Don't try to go for a broad discussion; don't try to get something opened up. If you want a proposal, be careful not to invite many people."

"We've got to be realistic; don't get opportunistic," LaRouche went on. "Don't let any of our members get opportunistic: `can't we do something; isn't there something democratic we can do?' Bullshit! This is not a democratic situation; this is a time where democracy is the worst factor you can get. You've got a democracy in the streets now, they want to kill these guys. That's the democracy I want to hear from," he said. "I don't want to hear from these so-called Democrats; I want to hear from the killers!

"Don't try to get a consensus," he reiterated, "you're going to get exactly the opposite of what you want. It's better to let the ranting and raving of the American people, who are enraged by this, continue to function."

Another offshoot of the legislative train-wreck: between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, Paulson was forced to make concessions he had earlier refused: Congressional oversight and limits to executive compensation for the parasites.

"This is not the time to compromise," LaRouche responded. "This is the time to make more demands on him! That's not enough; that's not good enough! Here's what our demand is: stop this shit! That's the demand! These guys are losing their nerve, on top of everything else! They're cowards; they can't think! Why do you call on people who can't think, to solve problems? Cut it out! A lot of our members will get on with this bullshit, because they don't know any better!

"We wait for the American people to convince these bastards that they are not going to put this thing through in any shape or form," he went on. "We want to force a straight bankruptcy of those institutions! Put them into formal bankruptcy; we're not going to bail them out! The American people are demanding, you stupid son-of-a-bitch, that they don't want a bailout. Just forget it! You're going to have to put these entities into bankruptcy reorganization. Period! That's the deal! Period! And we stick to that! We don't need any negotiation; we don't need a committee!

"The American people have said, in the main, and they've got this thing across to the Congress: `We don't want this shit,'" LaRouche added. "Now that's the way we'll keep it! `We're not going to take this shit.' Now, this is not going to pass, therefore, what are you bastards going to do, now that you know it's not going to work? You're going to have to cancel it! You're going to have to go back to the question of bankruptcy. Okay, we'll put this whole shit into bankruptcy. And that's the way we'll handle it, lawfully! This whole thing that's being proposed is highly questionable, and is probably implicitly unlawful; and if it's not unlawful, it's as immoral as Hell! And the American people are responding to the knowledge that this is as immoral as Hell!

"Here they've been swindled by these high-flying people, they've lost their jobs, they've lost their industries, they're losing everything, and now these bastards come along and want to dictate to the American people: you've got to give us this; you've got to give us that!

"I say, `screw you,'" he said. "And you keep it there, the message is "screw you!' The American people have spoken; they do not want a bailout. So there's no way that this bailout should be supported! No version, no modification, no bailout! All they get, the best they get, is they get a legitimate proceeding in bankruptcy of all these bankrupt entities. And the American people didn't cause this problem; it was the speculators! So, the speculators will have to eat shit, that's all! Nothing new! It's justice! That's the point.

"I'm going to kill anybody who starts talking about getting a consensus committee going," LaRouche concluded.

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