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August14, 2007

Dear Molly,

I did read the memo you refer to and did not see it as an attack on Ken at all.

Most importantly, I don't think Ken needs any justification - while he ran PMR, he acted as he often told me, with total commitment to our cause and Lyn's political leadership. His biggest mistake was his suicide - which was an unmeasurable loss for you, and us, and the world.

I miss Ken a lot - and have nothing but contempt for those vultures like Nick and Carol - to name the ones most venomous at the funeral- who could not have cared less about Ken when he was alive, but now want to use you and Max - in your grief - to destroy the movement Ken devoted his life to.

I do have regrets of course for not having seen the depth of Ken's depression and not having been a better friend. But, what's important now is to honor his memory by doing the work which he dedicated his life to. As the person

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