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Internal Briefing. December 8, 1992.

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Dec 6 (1992) Cadre School Question and Answer Session With Lyndon H. LaRouche

(Question on how to “love your enemy” in the case of Hitler…)

LYNDON LAROUCHE: The problem of Hitler, Bob, is that Hitler was not real, he was a golem. The evil of Hitler lay in the rabbi’s wife, who turned this golem loose on society. The rabbi’s wife in this case was Averell Harriman. We always knew Harriman was a bit queer but that’s the way things are. What is to be loved in this case is the principle of humanity, individual humanity.
Now what would we do with Hitler? What would I do with Hitler if I had him captured? Would I kill him? No! I wouldn’t kill him. I might put in a cage. As I’ve said of Kissinger : I wouldn’t want Kissinger dead. I’d want him in a pit to come out once a day to be pissed on by the widows and orphans of the world

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