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NCLC Internal Discussion


By L. Marcus
Aug. 16, 1973

During my recent trip to Europe. I took certain steps on the premise that our growing importance in the world would close borders to me very soon in the coming months. In consideration of this fact it was imperative that I create the germ of a selfsubsisting leadership in Europe. To that end, proceeding far beyond the scope of the mere prolegomena presented in "Beyond Psychoanalysis, I did such things as have not been seen undertaken in so brief a time in the history of psychology to date. The European Executive, despite a certain new-born rawness to its qualities, is the best leadership yet or heretofore existing in the world socialist movement.

They know such things about themselves and about man as, most obviously,-moat members of the NCLC do not. Throughout the organisation, there are scores of members here seized with fear and self-pity. Obviously, few of our members wish to remain in such a pathetic state, and yet they Imagine themselves helpless to be other than the frightened, impotent individuals they now see themselves to be. The case is not hopeless; to the extent that my physical' powers do not prevent me, I am now confident and. capable of ending your political and sexual Impotence; the two are interconnected aspects of the same problem.

The George brainwashing case should forewarn you to some degree. I, with the assistance of three other members who had gone part-way through my program, were able to begin freeing George from KGB brainwashing control within twenty-four hours of his exit from-the GDR. This is absolutely unprecedented in "psychological sciences, and thus partially, suitably reflects the quality of the principles and methods about to be generally applied to our organization and its mass work.

The new program will become evident to you by degrees. (It is unfortunate that X can not deal with each of you in small groups directly.) First, I am taking steps to eliminate the major personal inadequacies of the leadership here. During this period, I shall deliver a general

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