Library: Marx & the Outlaws Recruiting in the ghetto

by Howard Blum

Village Voice, New York, June 6, 1974

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Gang youths in Brooklyn are joining a new gang, a political organization run by a 52-year-old white Marxist who worries more about brainwashing and Nelson Rockefeller than zip guns and the corner cop.
The National Caucus of Labor Committees, a predominantly white Marxist group, has been actively--and successuful1y-- recruiting members from the Outlaws, a black youth gang police describe as "the largest gang in Bedford-Stuyvesant."
The Labor Committee in the past year has contributed $16,350 bail money to free Outlaws arrested on charges ranging from robbery to attempted murder, has transported groups of Outlaws to other states for "organizing purposes," has conducted classes for the Outlaws in subjects as diverse as Beethoven and political philosophy, and --according to a confidential investigation presently being conducted by the Treasury Department's Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms bureau--has alleged1y provided the Outlaws with guns.

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