Marx & the Outlaws Recruiting in the ghetto

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A shotgun found by police in an Outlaw clubhouse has been traced by federal authorities to a store in Newark. New Jersey, where it was originally purchased by a female former student at Rutgers who has' been identified as a member of the Labor Committee now living in Washington Heights, according to police sources in Brooklyn.
"We have an on-going investigation concerning the Labor Committee and certain of their members suspected of federal gun control violations," said Michael La Perch, Special Agent in charge of the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms New York District. However, Mr. La Perch would neither confirm nor deny the specifics of the investigation.
Isiah Scott, the Labor Committee's chief organizer in Brooklyn and a former Rutgers student, denied that the group has distributed guns to the Outlaws. "It's the police and the CIA who are distributing the guns in the ghetto," said Scott. "It's part of the Rockefeller plan to have blacks shoot blacks and cause riots in the ghetto."
Caught in the middle of the federal investigation and the Labor Committee counter-charges is Bruce Foster, 21, who identifies himself as "Godfather" of the Outlaws and as a "Revolutionary Youth Movement (a political arm of the Labor Committee) organizer."
"Since I joined RYM in January the police have come down hard. telling me to stay away from those white Communists." said Foster, also known as Tea. Tea is presently free on $5000 bail raised by the Labor Committee after he was charged along With four other Outlaws with the attempted murder of a police officer. In addition to the murder charge, Tea has been arrested twice since January for robbery, charges that were later dismissed.
The Labor Committee contends that while Tea was imprisoned on Rikers Island for a week in April before bail was raised for his attempted murder charge. Tea was brainwashed by the "covert arm of the CIA, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration."
Tea's court-appointed attorney, Paul Fink, says Tea was visited in jail on two occasions by Agent Gunner Erikson of the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms bureau and shown pictures of Labor Committee members. Yet Fink describes the charge of brainwashing as "100 per cent false." Fink insists, however, "that in all fairness something is going on regarding Bruce Foster." Fink has noted what he terms "irregularities" in the charges against Bruce Foster and argues, "once is a mistake but twice is something else," referring. to the two dismissed robbery charges.
Tea himself is "not certain" he has been brainwashed. He admits that since his questioning by Agent Erikson he is "afraid to go to the RYM office in Manhattan." "My friends tell me I act different since Rikers. Maybe something did happen," explains Tea.

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