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 	Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly noted that he's never had a
 single political enemy who has tried to destroy him, who wasn't
 thoroughly evil.

 	The latest round of slanders against LaRouche, launched by
 fascist Wall Street banker John Train, through gutter outlets
 such as Dennis King's website and other internet blogs, serves to
 underscore that very point. The memo published in yesterday's
 briefing, "Lynne Cheney, John Train and Dennis King: Obsession
 with LaRouche Reaches New Low"-which is now posted prominently on
 the LPAC website--explains that the current slander wave "mimics
 the campaign run by King, and Lynne Cheney's British
 collaborators, in the case of Jeremiah Duggan, who died in 2003
 in Germany. Despite the fact that German authorities who
 investigated the case ruled the death a suicide, Cheney's
 confederates, along with King, have exploited the tragedy by
 repeatedly reviving a press campaign challenging the official
 investigation, where all official evidence is to the contrary."
 	EIR has repeatedly documented the links of Lynne Cheney and
 her Dick, to the Blair government and other British circles
 promoting the Duggan slander--and now the current campaign of
 lies against LaRouche. That coverage has included:
 	* April 20, 2007 EIR--"Blair War Clique Runs Anti-LaRouche
 Slander Drive," by Anton Chaitkin
 	* April 10, 2007 EIR--"Media Locusts Do The Dirty Work for
 Cheney, Gore, and Blair," by Helga Zepp-LaRouche
 	* March 28, 2007 EIR--London `Friends of Dick Cheney and Al
 Gore' Behind New Slander of LaRouche
 	* January 5, 2007 EIR--Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean, by
 Scott Thompson and Jeffrey Steinberg
 	* March 18, 2005EIR --"Behind the Kelly/Wilson/Duggan
 Affair: Anatomy of a Defamation Campaign"
 	* June 25, 2004 EIR--"The Bizarre Case of Baroness Symons,"
 by Jeffrey Steinberg.
 	LaRouche emphasized yesterday that the issue in the latest
 round of slanders is traced back to no less than the Blair-Cheney
 collaboration in fraudulently launching the current Iraq war. It
 was the Blair government's lies, in cooperation with Cheney, that
 were used to get the U.S. and Britain into the war in Iraq.
 Remember how the chronology actually evolved:
 	April 3, 2003: BBC's "Live Five" news show ran a six-minute
 interview with Lyndon LaRouche, where he exposed the Bush and
 Blair governments' lies about Iraq's supposed Weapons of Mass
 	May 22, 2003: British Defence Ministry adviser David Kelly
 met with BBC and told them that Blair government officials had
 "sexed up" their dossier on Iraqi WMD, in order to justify the
 intended war against that country.
 	June 9, 2003: BBC's "Live Five" ran a 12-minute interview
 with LaRouche, where he called for Vice President Cheney's
 impeachment for faking of Iraq weapons intelligence.
 	July 12, 2003: The London Guardian ran the first slander,
 which accused LaRouche of responsibility in the suicide of the
 unstable Jeremiah Duggan.
 	July 15, 2003: David Kelly was treated savagely by Blair's
 goons during his forced testimony to Parliament.
 	July 17, 2003: Kelly died suddenly, with officials claiming
 he had committed suicide.
 	July 21, 2003: BBC itself broadcast the Duggan slander.
 	As the Kelly case shows, at the time of his death, LaRouche
 was being interviewed on British media and was pushing against
 the lies that Cheney and Blair were using to get the United
 States and Great Britain into a war in Iraq. Since then, there
 have been two prominent cases in which this group--including
 Lynne Cheney and John Train and Dennis King, as well as elements
 of the current British government--have been the authors of this
 kind of operation against LaRouche.
 	Just to show you the relevance of this, LaRouche commented:
 the U.S. {continues} to conduct a war which is based on nothing
 but lies by the Bush and Blair governments. That's the way that
 little things, in the course of history, relate to how big things
 in history come about, LaRouche concluded.

                      LEADING DEVELOPMENTS


 PARIS, May 6 (EIRNS)--In what represents a major change in the
 French post-war/post-de Gaulle paradigm, 53% of French voters
 elected Nicolas Sarkozy to the Presidency of the Republic. A
 record participation--more than 86% of the French electorate--
 didn't succeed in getting Segolene Royal elected. Royal, whose
 results are nonetheless honorable, in light of the machismo in
 French society and the fact that she was relatively unknown
 before she started, was defeated in great part by her own
 political friends, who didn't support the best of her campaign--
 an attempt to turn the page on the 1968 anti-authoritarian
 paradigm and to engage in dialogue with the people directly
 around essential economic and social issues. Royal's defeat was
 also her own doing, for not daring to go in the direction of
 restoring the FDR/de Gaulle paradigm that LaRouche associate
 Jacques Cheminade fought for in his own candidacy.
 	Sarkozy's ample victory indicates also a turn for the worse
 in the French population, away from the FDR/de Gaulle post-war
 social model of society in which each individual cares for the
 welfare of all others, in particular the least of them, and in
 favor of a neo-conservative model of a society where all believe
 their interest lies in engaging in a Nietzchean/Darwinian
 struggle of the fittest. Sarkozy was elected with the votes of
 the extreme right and also, in part, of those of the more right-
 wing elements of the UDF party of Francois Bayrou. (cbi)


 PARIS, May 6 (EIRNS)--In remarks to his political friends and
 followers after the elections, Jacques Cheminade enumerated the
 reasons to be both unhappy and happy about those results.
 	On the tragic side, the election of Sarkozy will provoke the
 destruction of the instruments of power and of the constituted
 political forces in France. The situation will become totally
 explosive in the coming months. Sarkozy will move to destroy the
 living standards and the republican culture of the population.
 There will be a major development of a Big Brother state, with
 people being brought more and more into police files and the
 installation of electronic voting systems.
 	Sarkozy, however, is not power; he is the peon of a
 conglomerate of financial interests of which he believes he is
 the master, but of which he is in reality the servant. Sarkozy,
 recalled Cheminade, received the endorsement of the Washington
 Post, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, the Economist, the
 Guardian and the Financial Times. The French government is no
 longer that of a Nation State; France will be led from the City
 of London and its subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands.
 	But there are also reasons to be hopeful in such a
 situation, stated the former presidential candidate. First of
 all, the universe of the Hedge Funds, which is behind the rise to
 power of a person like Sarkozy, is on the verge of a financial
 collapse. Secondly, an international alliance against those
 policies is emerging around China, Russia, and India and with
 Putin's orientation towards FDR and the work of LaRouche and the
 LYM  in the U.S., the possibility exists of a new bridge between
 those two countries. Thirdly, the oligarchy is more and more
 scared of LaRouche's and the LYM's influence in the U.S., because
 the population is becoming involved.
 	Here, in France, a similar situation is developing, as we
 can see in the level of recognition of my efforts and those of
 the youth movement, at Segolene's large meeting in Lille, where
 some 40 people came to speak to me, gave their names to stay in
 contact, and revealed to what extent they follow our website and
 what we do. We must bring together this ferment with that of the
 mayors and those contacts we have in the suburbs. Had the
 Socialists defended my project, they could have won. It is up to
 us now, to retake contact with the socialist base and prepare our
 own effort in the upcoming legislative elections.
 	We have three tasks ahead of us, said Cheminade: 1) teach
 physical economics to fight the statistical and accounting
 recipes used by all the parties; 2) we must continue to attack
 the counterculture which destroys the youth; and 3) we must fight
 to establish a link between the mayors, the socialist base, and
 the suburban youth. Cheminade called on the youth movement to be
 the revolutionaries of today, to leave the catacombs to organize
 in the major cities of Rennes, Lyon and Lille, and others. (cbi)


 {The following is a draft translation of the statement issued in
 Paris on May 6 by LaRouche associate Jacques Cheminade.}

 	Do not try to hide it. The election of Nicolas Sarkozy is a
 disaster for France and Europe. It signifies four things:

 	1) The end of the French exception in foreign policy, and
 our submission to the financial oligarchy's rule. For Nicolas
 Sarkozy indeed won, thanks to the support of the main American,
 British and French media which almost unanimously endorsed him.

 	2) The confirmation of our economic dependency, because the
 policy of our new president will be that of the market, in the
 context of a Paris Stock Market under the control of the New York
 Stock Exchange and of foreign capital dominating the CAC 40,
 notably since Nicolas Sarkozy was Budget Minister under Edouard

 	3) The labeling and political surveillance of French
 citizens, by the multiplication of surveillance cameras, the
 integration of the STIC (local police) and JUDEX (national
 police) files, the extension of DNA labeling (which is actually
 contemplated for the case of two kids who are less than 12 years
 old), the use of biometric passports and the detection of "high
 risk" children. A man who, in this situation, believes in genetic
 determinism is a danger to public liberties.

 	4) The sabotage of the whole Eurasian policy, which is our
 future, for Nicolas Sarkozy supports the wrong America, the one
 of Cheney and Bush, and criticizes Putin's Russia, who speaks of
 Roosevelt and de Gaulle. He is against all dirigist economic
 policies, such as those that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon
 LaRouche, Charles De Gaulle, Pierre Mendes-France, and I myself
 have supported. He cannot but sabotage the retooling of the world

 	France has thus lost a battle. The socialist organizers have
 too often fought without the intention of victory -- we have
 observed lots of leaflets not distributed in their offices -- and
 the left (excluding the socialists) did not mobilize its forces
 against the intolerable. An impotent cynicism infected both. For
 our part, with our small means, our 120,000 leaflets, our posters
 -- "No to a Sarko-Maso France" -- and our enthusiasm, we have
 done everything we could to get Segolene Royal elected, our only
 thinkable choice. We are happy with what we've done.

 	In the middle of the coming storms, we are preparing a fight
 of organized non-violence from a European and international
 perspective. The New Bretton Woods, the Eurasian Land-bridge, a
 culture of life not of death, a dialogue of civilizations,
 religions and humanism are our yardsticks. Our website offers
 everything that changes in the world, and all that we are

 	We propose to cooperate with every resistance movement which
 fights positively with ideas and proposals, without violence or
 resentment. We want to reestablish a republican sensitivity, a
 culture of the creative capabilities of the human being, that of
 Marie Curie and Louis Pasteur, of Jean Jaures and Jean Moulin, as
 opposed to the financial counterculture of the violent
 videogames, of show business, of gambling (from lottery to
 financial derivatives) and of marketed sex, which destroys the
 morality and the culture of the population while financial
 globalization destroys its standards of living.

 	We are an international movement. It is our strength. We are
 proud of it. For to defeat Nicolas Sarkozy, who is the product of
 the support of the international financial forces, an
 international movement opposed to it is required.

 	If we focus on the result of the lost battle, we can give up
 in impotence or violence. It would be putting ourselves at the
 level of the adversary. We must elevate the level of the debate
 to the European and world stage. We are doing it. For it is in
 France's historical mission, which is a universal one, that the
 defeat of Mr. Sarkozy and those who are backing him will be
 written. We will win the war. With our youth movement, and with
 our eyes set on the future.


 May 6 (EIRNS)--Cindy Scotland, the Managing Director of the
 Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, which "supervises" and steers
 the hedge funds on that British Overseas Territory, wrote a
 lengthy letter on April 27 to the editors of Cayman Net News,
 protesting their April 16 publication of an article reporting on
 EIR's Richard Freeman's expose of the role of the Cayman Islands
 as a hedge fund predators' paradise for the British oligarchy.
 	"People who are aware of how the Cayman Islands financial
 services regime operates will know that the Richard Freeman
 article, on which your paper reports, is far from accurate,"
 Scotland sputtered defensively. She went on to justify the
 Caymans' notorious secrecy: "Cayman Islands law, based on English
 Common Law, recognises the right of each individual to privacy.
 In financial matters, this right is codified in the Confidential
 Relationships Preservation Law."
 	Lyndon LaRouche commented that what Scotland and her
 oligarchical patrons are really saying is: "How dare you peek at
 the crimes we are committing?"
 	Scotland may also be concerned at the fact that there is
 building momentum among members of the U.S. Congress, including
 some senior members on committees with oversight and jurisdiction
 on these matters, to pass legislation forcing disclosure of hedge
 funds, or outright outlawing of hedge funds--as Lyndon LaRouche
 has called for. According to Congressional sources, a delegation
 from the Cayman Islands was on Capitol Hill recently, lobbying
 against any sort of regulation.
 	Scotland dared not mention the name of LaRouche or EIR in
 her thousand-word letter. The Cayman Net News article, "Research
 Website Attacks Cayman Islands Hedge Funds," also chose to omit
 reference to LaRouche and the EIR, preferring to ascribe
 Freeman's article which first appeared in the March 9 EIR, to a
 secondary source, the {Global Research} website.
 	The Cayman Net News article otherwise quotes accurately and
 at length from the Freeman article, including: "Hedge funds had
 already bled the international commercial banks and corporations
 into absolute bankruptcy," and "combined with their yen
 carry-trade... are now driving the financial system further into
 systemic breakdown... With the power accumulated from these
 unregulated offshore British outposts led by the Cayman Islands,
 the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy has assembled an incredible
 strike-force, above and against the interest of nation-states."


 May 6 (LPAC)--The LPAC press release announcing Lyndon LaRouche's
 support for an Ibero-American initiative to create a "Bank of the
 South" -- as an alternative financial architecture for the region
 to that of the IMF and World Bank -- was published in full by
 "Gente de Buenos Aires," a pro-government daily with both print
 and electronic editions, which has covered a number of LaRouche's
 comments and initiatives in the past.
 	It cites as its source, and has a
 graphic of the LPAC Spanish-language home page. It can be seen at

                       ECONOMICS AND FINANCE


 May 6 (EIRNS)--Further falls of the U.S. dollar due to the U.S.
 trade deficit could blow out the world financial system, South
 Korean Finance Minister Kwon O-kyu warned today at the ongoing
 annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank in Kyoto, Japan.
 Reuters quoted Kwon warning about trade and other imbalances in
 the economy: "Any abrupt and disorderly unwinding of these
 imbalances may send a tremendous shock through the global
 financial markets."
 	Thai Finance Minister Chalongphob Sussangkarn is also openly
 worried: "Should the financial markets lose confidence in the
 U.S. dollar, huge capital outflows from the U.S. could lead to a
 rapid depreciation of the U.S. dollar, and thus dramatic
 appreciation of other currencies," Chalongphob said in his
 speech. (mmc)


 	LaRouche took note of "disoriented chatter" coming from
 Asian circles in recent days, which displays a serious
 misunderstanding of the nature of the international crisis. These
 reactions do not understand the severity and nature of the
 current crisis, LaRouche noted, and end up promoting the idea
 that, since the dollar is going to go down, you have to get into
 other currencies or combinations of currencies now, and run away
 from the dollar.
 	This is a London line, LaRouche emphasized, which in
 {effect}, rhetoric aside, is the same as the recent proposal by
 Benn Steil, published in the CFR's {Foreign Affairs}, calling for
 a three-currency system.
 	An example of this was the discussion by Asian Finance
 Ministers at the Asian Development Bank meeting, of measures to
 pool some part of their huge dollar reserves, which total some
 $3.1 trillion, about 65% of total world reserves. Associated
 Press quoted Japanese Finance Minister Koji Omi saying that Asia
 should expand its "currency swaps" and other measures to support
 national currencies as necessary. "Pooling those funds in a
 multilateralization process would constitute a major step
 forward," Omi said May 4. "If there's one lesson we learned from
 '97, it is that you better stand on your own two feet and you
 better be able to help yourself before others help you," ADB
 Managing Director General Rajat Nag said. "I think there should
 be a mechanism by which countries of the region come to each
 other's help." (mmc/dns)


 May 6 (EIRNS)--Argentina's daily "Pagina 12" reports today that
 the IMF's financial situation is so bad, that a memo is
 circulating from its Finance office warning "with some urgency"
 of the need to find "a new mechanism for financing" the
 institution. The IMF deficit is now estimated at $1 billion.
 	Argentina under President Nestor Kirchner went to the mat
 against the IMF and the vulture funds, and succeeded in imposing
 a unilateral 65% write-down of the country's public debt in 2005.
 Now, according to a Knack consulting firm poll covered by the
 Argentine press agency Telam, 71% of Argentines feel either
 "optimistic" or "very optimistic" about the performance of the
 national economy. [crr]


 May 6 (EIRNS)--In an address to 27,000 people attending an annual
 shareholders meeting of his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. holding
 company in Omaha May 5, billionaire Warren Buffett went out of
 his way to warn that the "fool's game" of derivative and
 hedge-fund speculation was going to end in disaster, and called
 derivatives the financial equivalent of "weapons of mass
 destruction," according to an account in the Wall Street Journal.
 	Lyndon LaRouche noted that Buffett is just covering his
 butt, and trying to come out as the hero of the collapse--or he
 is contending for that position.
 	"`The introduction of derivatives has totally made any
 regulation of margin requirements a joke,' said Mr. Buffett,
 referring to the U.S. government's rules limiting the amount of
 borrowed money an investor can apply to each trade. `I believe we
 may not know where exactly the danger begins and at what point it
 becomes a super danger. We don't know when it will end precisely,
 but ... at some point some very unpleasant things will happen in
 markets.'" Buffett added, "There is an electronic herd of people
 around the world managing an amazing amount of money. I think
 it's a fool's game."
 	According to a Financial Times report on the same speech,
 Buffett also referred to the subprime market as "dumb lending and
 dumb borrowing," but added--dumbly--that he did not think the
 danger would spread to the rest of the economy. [vfr]


 May 6 (EIRNS)--Robert Hormats, vice-chairman and managing
 director of Wall Street's Goldman Sachs International banking and
 investment firm, penned a column in today's Washington Post
 demanding that American citizens foot the bill for the
 Bush/Cheney administration's permanent warfare strategy.
 	Hormats, who recently authored a book entitled "The Price of
 Liberty: Paying for America's Wars," perversely compares the cost
 of the American Revolution, Civil War, and America's part in
 World War II to that of today's "global fight against radical
 Islamic terrorism," saying the Bush government should take a
 lesson from Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, and FDR, all of
 whom demanded that Americans "pay the price for freedom" through
 war bonds, debt repayment, higher taxes, and sacrifice. With the
 skyrocketting costs of today's war against Al Qaeda (an estimated
 $503 billion since 9/11, says Hormats), America's leaders need to
 be honest with the public about the costs of that war and the
 public's responsibility to share in the costs.
 	Goldman Sachs made the largest profit of any firm on Wall
 Street last year, at $9.34 billion, up 93% over the previous
 year. [vfr]

                           UNITED STATES


 May 6 (EIRNS)--Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) bluntly stated
 this morning on CBS's Face the Nation, that "we want to stop the
 war and we want to bring the troops home," and that means, among
 other things, making it clear to President Bush that "he has to
 stop listening to Dick Cheney."
 	There is broad popular opposition to the war, Rangel noted.
 "I think the American people have spoken. The lack of popularity
 of the President has everything to do with the war. And we must
 follow the people's mandate and do everything that we can to send
 a message to President Bush that we want to stop the war and we
 want to bring the troops home. So, if you want to talk about
 repealing his authority or cutting the funds or setting a
 timetable, whatever has to be done, he has to stop listening to
 Dick Cheney." [vfr]


 May 6 (EIRNS)--A poll just published by Newsweek magazine reveals
 that President George W. Bush has "the worst approval rating of
 an American president in a generation." Bush's public approval
 rating is now down to 28%, fast approaching Nixon's historic low
 of 23%.
 	Newsweek writes about the results of the Princeton Survey
 Research Associates May 2-3 poll, "It's hard to say which is
 worse news for Republicans: that George W. Bush now has the worst
 approval rating of an American president in a generation, or that
 he seems to be dragging every '08 Republican candidate down with
 him. ... Perhaps that explains why Republican candidates,
 participating in their first major debate this week, mentioned
 Bush's name only once, but Ronald Reagan's 19 times." [vfr]

                          SOUTHWEST ASIA


 May 6 (EIRNS)--Vice President Dick Cheney departs on Tuesday, May
 8, on a six-day tour of four key Middle Eastern nations, and
 senior intelligence sources in the United States and the region
 believe that the top item on the Veep's agenda will be a military
 confrontation with Iran.  According to one leading Arab analyst,
 due to intensive opposition within the United States military,
 diplomatic, and intelligence communities, Cheney will press for
 an Israeli attack on Iran, ostensibly over Iran's refusal to shut
 down its nuclear enrichment program. Once such an Israeli strike
 is launched, Cheney and his backers reason, Congressional and
 public opposition to a showdown with Tehran will evaporate, and
 the United States will step in to back Israel.
 	Other sources who share this evaluation have pointed to a
 number of recent developments, highlighting the preparations for
 a war against Iran.  The Bush Administration has provided Israel
 with smart bombs and with the latest generation Patriot
 anti-missile batteries in recent months.  Furthermore, in an
 interview with the German magazine Focus on April 28, Israeli
 Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was quoted warning that Israel had the
 capacity to launch 1,000 cruise missile strikes against Iranian
 targets over a ten-day period.
 	Last month, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
 traveled to Washington, where he conferred privately with Vice
 President Cheney, and then addressed the annual Washington, D.C.,
 convention of AIPAC.  In his speech to the Israeli lobby group,
 Netanyahu equated Iran with Nazi Germany in 1938, and vowed that
 Israel would strike Iran before the Islamic Republic obtained the
 capability to build a nuclear weapon.  In the wake of the
 Winograd Commission interim report, strongly criticizing the
 Olmert government's handling of the Summer 2006 Lebanon war,
 Netanyahu has launched a drive to unseat Olmert through a vote of
 no confidence in the Knesset, and return to power.  So far,
 according to Washington and Israeli sources, Netanyahu is at
 least five Knesset votes short of the required 61 needed to
 replace Olmert.  Polls in Israel show that, were there to be
 early elections, a Netanyahu-led rightwing coalition would win.
 	Cheney's six-day trip will take him to Saudi Arabia, the
 United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt.  All four countries are
 leading Sunni allies of the United States, who have been under
 pressure from Cheney and National Security Council Middle East
 director Elliot Abrams, to ally with Israel in a politico-
 military coalition against Iran, since Cheney's Nov. 2006 visit
 to Riyadh.  [js_]


 May 6 (EIRNS)--This news news service is currently seeking
 confirmation of the report in today's Tehran Times, that Iranian
 Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki met a Swiss envoy on the
 sidelines of the just-ended Sharm al-Sheikh conference, and
 accepted a Swiss proposal for restarting talks on the nuclear
 	This had been discussed also at an April 25-26 meeting
 between Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani and European
 Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana in Turkey. The Swiss
 approach includes a staged plan leading to a simultaneous
 suspension of Iran's uranium enrichment work and of U.N.
 	"Mottaki welcomed the Swiss proposal for the continuation of
 talks on Iran's peaceful nuclear programme," Tehran Times said.



 {Following are excerpts of an interview with Jacques Cheminade,
 on Radio Show "Ang at Katipunan," run by the Philippine LaRouche
 Society and broadcast nationwide over DZXL (Radio Mindanao
 Network) on Sunday, May 6 and hosted by Butch Valdes.}

 Cheminade: They are afraid of LaRouche in these financial circles
 in the United States, this financial oligarchy, as they are
 afraid here in France of me. They have launched all kinds of
 Venetian schemes to freeze our political money flows. They have
 ruined myself, but Im still there, and with a youth movement in
 the red. So, what they want to promote is the Sarkozy government.
 Candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has been picked up to launch
 police-state measures. He wants to launch a neo-conservative
 Revolution, ultra-liberal, of the type Newt Gingrich wanted to
 launch in the United States, a right-wing Jacobin kind of
 revolution. And he has been picked up, which is extraordinary, as
 a candidate, endorsed as a candidate, by the Washington Post, the
 Wall Street Journal, Newsweek in the United States, and by the
 Financial Times, the Economist and most of the British press. So
 we have this situation.
 	He wants to impose a police state government, with all the
 police state measures. This would mean cameras to control people
 in the streets, like in England, controlling the polling
 agencies, controlling the population with voting measures like in
 the US, electronic voting machines--rigged--, electronic
 passports, and DNA-based control of the population. And they have
 all kinds of police information that they communicate with the
 firms, that they communicate to everybody, and they create the
 kind of conditions of a Big Brother state, and this, in the
 situation of the disintegration of the world economic and
 financial system, they want to impose that through Sarkozy who
 personally believes in genetics.
 	He says he believes in biological determinism. That is, if
 you are a pedofile, or a homosexual, or something like that, it's
 because of genetic reasons. So, to put people in a box like you
 put insects in a box and select them, and you give something to
 the very poor to maintain and control them, and you promote 10%
 to the upper levels of the population. So, that's really a
 fascist type of state.

 Valdes: Very similar to what Hitler was trying to do.

 Cheminade: Yeah.

 Valdes: Okay, Mr. Cheminade, you were a presidential candidate in
 the first part of the election, and then you had to turn your
 support to the opponent of Sarkozy, Ms. Royal. Now, Why is this
 and what do you expect to happen in the counting?

 Cheminade: Well, there are two reasons for that. First, that
 Sarkozy is the worst of the worst that you can imagine. And we
 are fighting a war, and we want to avoid the worst to be in
 power. The second is that Royal is a kind of funny character. She
 is a woman and she has been the opposition to all the old
 Socialist elephants in the Socialist Party. She's quite confused
 ideologically, but personally she at least brought back two
 things: the attack against the financial oligarchy. She said she
 was going to try to be independent from those financial circles
 internationally, and she's disliked by the Bush administration
 for that. She's disliked by Rohatyn, she's disliked by Shultz,
 she's disliked even in England now. At the beginning, she was
 supporting Tony Balir, like Chavez in Venezuela who supported
 Tony Blair in the beginning, but now, seeing whats happening and
 what forces are launched against her, she's no longer supporting
 Blair in the same way.
 	And, she second, introduced in the Socialist base, she
 introduced morality. In the past, the Socialists were in a kind
 of Boomer explosion of liberalism, libertarianism and so on and
 so forth. She said that certain behavior by the youth should be
 changed, and you need to put back education in the first place in
 the nation, and at the same time to help the poor and the
 	In the debate with Sarkozy on television, one of the issues
 was her defense of the handicapped against Sarkozys illusions or
 magic, who said that the families of handicapped should go to the
 courts, and the courts would help them. How long would this take,
 she asked, and he said, five years! So, this is the whole sophist
 theory of Sarkozy that she attacked, and she had, in that sense,
 a certain type of character which would make her react to
 	Her program otherwise is not good. She brings back a sense
 of morality into political life, shes against the financial
 oligarchy, shes for social measures for the poor and the worker,
 but she has no sense of what nuclear energy is. At the beginning,
 she said we want to reduce the portion of nuclear energy in the
 supply of electricity in France from 80 to 50%, but now she has
 shifted, she wants 80% and she wants to go to the fourth
 generation of reactors, the high-temperature reactor, and she
 called for it, so she has changed. She has a certain ability to
 change, and that's very interesting in her.
 	But what's also very interesting is our connection with the
 Socialist youth. Before we took sides for her in the first and
 second round, and especially now, we are working together with a
 portion of the Socialist youth who have no ideas and no landmarks
 in politics. They have very little to figure out. So when they
 seeus , they are automatically very impressed, and all the
 slanders that were launched against us fall down. So we have a
 very interesting situation, where we are intervening in all the
 meetings of the Socialist Party, and they are very very
 	I was myself in Lille, in norhtern France, a city of one
 million and a half inhabitants, and there was a rate of
 recognition that was unbelievable. People asked me to sign our
 leaflets, they said our leaflets were better than Royal's
 leaflets. They wanted our programs, they have no program
 themselves, no coherent program. And they said, "That Cheminade,
 he's back, he's back, he's back." They thought I had disappeared
 since 1985 because the press ostracized me, but now, seeing our
 youth movement in all parts of the nation, there is a reaction to
 see, here is a point of sanity and we have to rally that....

 LYM Question: My question is, based on the recent Moscow
 convention that a tunnel will be made to connect Russia and
 Alaska, it's underway, are there any near term plans to connect
 Europe with Asia, following the same principle of Lyn and Helga's
 Eurasian Landbridge?

 Cheminade: There is a lot of discussion about it, but not much is
 done because there are no governments, as I said before. We are
 in a situation of ungovernability, and the governability at this
 point cannot come from France or Germany. It has to come from a
 United States, where Bush and Cheney are going to be
 impeached--and we should win that fight--connected to Russia,
 India and China, the big four. Then France will join, and in
 certain areas, France is already joining. For example, there is a
 very interesting example of cooperation between the French and
 the Russians. The Russian Soyuz rocket is going now to be
 launched from French Guyana. This is going to start in 2009,
 within the context of French-Russian space cooperation program
 which is quite advanced.
 	So you have these type of programs, but there is not an
 overall policy, and the Eurasian Landbridge can only be connected
 to the Bering Strait project, only if there is a combination of
 forces strong enough to impose it against the financial
 oligarchy. At this point, we do not have this combination of
 forces, and this can only come from the combination of a United
 States inspired by a LaRouche-Roosevelt approach, Putin in Russia
 also inspired by Roosevelt, as he said, the Chinese, and India.
 There is a portion of the Indian Establishment that knows Lyn
 very very well, and is very interested in that approach.
 	So this is a way to make it work, and Segolene Royal went to
 China, and had declarations quite favorable to Russia. So that is
 interesting in terms of what we could see coming in the future if
 she's elected. At this point, it doesn't seem that she's going to
 be elected. Sarkozy is said to be ahead, and we'll have to lead a
 tremendous resistance to Sarkozy, to impose a shift, a change, an
 orientation towards the Eurasian Landbridge/Bering Straits/
 development of Asia combination. And this is what we are fighting
 for. We are known for that. We are known on the streets and in
 the Socialist Party as the Eurasian Landbridge party.

 LYM Question: How would we stop this fascism happening in France.
 What's the crucial role of the LaRouche movement in France,
 especially the LaRouche Youth Movement, in saving France against
 these fascist leaders, against the bankers?

 Cheminade: We have about 30-40 members in the LaRouche Youth
 Movement, and that's only for money reasons. We'd have much more
 if not for the money reasons. They have been working together in
 the catacombs of our office. It's like the first Christians. It's
 a kind of basement of catacombs where they're working. They are
 doing fine. They're studying Kepler, in combination with what we
 are doing in the basement in Virginia with our youth in the
 United States, and their chorus work is improving, even if they
 are isolated in what they are doing. So the combination of the
 chorus work and Kepler is giving them a strong sense of identity
 within the historical process in which we are.
 	So they fight alot, every day, along with me in deployments
 throughout the country, in particular within the Young Socialist
 Movement, to spread our ideas and our views. So this works, in a
 certain way, and it went upstairs to Segolene Royal.
 	For example, we had in Le Canard Enchaine, which is
 humoristic paper with 500,000 copies per week, which is a lot,
 and they say Royal's slogan is "No to the Sarko-Maso France,"
 which is a pun on sado-masochism or on Sarkozy. So this is
 exactly our poster that we put out a year and a half ago in an
 electoral campaign against Sarkozy. So now, it's out in all
 France and people are saying, "Oh ho, so you are the inventors of
 this. How funny. It's good what you are doing! It's very
 	When I was in Lille, for example, a lot of people asked
 me--because I was out in the field with the youth--they asked me
 to sign the leaflets, so there's a lot a lot of recognition. At
 the same time, we're trying to reach the upper strata of French
 politics, especially the French economists, to help them wake up
 to the reality of a challenge. So this doesn't happen in France
 little by little. France is a country where the oligarchical
 principle and the constitutional republican principle are always
 in a state of confrontation, of direct confrontation, very
 violent sometimes. So it will emerge at some point as a change,
 and it will be a reward for all the work that we've been doing
 for years and years.
 	We have a very nice Solidariteetprogres website. If you have
 a moment, check it, it's very good, of the same type as the LPAC
 in the US. We have on the one side of the website what's
 happening new in the world, and on the other side how we're
 shaping events. So we have our activities on the one side, and
 the latest news on the other. And the youth, this gives a sense
 of identity to everyone on our side.
 	When we had a meeting at the stadium in Paris, or in the
 city of Lille, some young socialist came up and said, Oh how good
 is your website since it's been changed. And it had been changed
 just two days ago. So this proves how a number of people are
 watching and following it to see what we have to say. Also, we
 put out a leaflet against the Sarkozy power with all the
 police-state measures, and this has been circulating all around,
 and certain of the Christian Democrats who are caught in a
 dilemma, because some don't want to go with the Socialists and
 some don't want to go with Sarkozy, and they don't know what type
 of "no" to keep in their minds, to say "yes" to the other side.
 So this description of the Sarkozy police state has also very
 important impact in the main cities of France.
 	So we have done a lot of work, at least distributed 150,000
 leaflets throughout the country, and in many cities like Lyon,
 which is the second city of France, or in Paris or in the
 suburbs, we have distributed more leaflets than the Young
 Socialists, because the youth are no more directly involved in
 politics. So we are thirty or forty in the youth movement, and
 people thinnk we are a hundred because we are all over the place.
 They say, how is it that you are so many? How can you do it?

 Valdez: Thirty making the work of 3,000.

 Cheminade: Not yet, but many many hundreds. The Young Socialists
 have 6,000 members, but in fact no more than 50 or 60 deploy....

 [To be concluded]

 |                                                               |
 |                  EUROPEAN OPERATIONS BULLETIN                 |
 |                                                               |
 |                       Sunday, May 6, 2007                     |
 |                                                               |


                           May 5, 2007

 	On Saturday, May 5, we intervened at the "McPlanet"
 congress, which is supposedly on the subject of man-made climate
 change and justice, organized by ATTAC, Greenpeace and the
 Heinrich Boell Foundation, and held at the Technical University
 in Berlin. Since we had already had two meetings this week
 (webcast on Tuesday, and townhall meeting on Thursday), we
 skipped the regular student meeting, and all, including contacts,
 went to the intervention.
 	We started out with about ten organizers and a booktable
 outside the main building. There were lots of people there (at
 the conference, there was a total of 1700 guests), and our
 deployment had a magnetic effect. We saturated the place with
 Helga's leaflet on Al Gore and Environment Minister Sigmar
 Gabriel, and the Schreibtischtaeter II pamphlet. Each organizer
 was constantly in conversations.
 	As expected, there were lots of freakouts from participants
 as well as from the organizers of the conference, who had their
 table next to ours, and asked us to pack up, since they didn't
 want to be associated with us.
 	However, we totally dominated the area, and the general
 sentiment was that "you see these BueSo people everywhere."
 	Andreas W. talked to some people from Hamburg, who had
 already seen the Channel 4 documentary, and wanted to keep in
 	Sergej, dressed up as a butt plug salesman, was walking
 around with a box full of butt plugs, a cap with the words "Your
 anus can make a difference," and a sign saying: "Flatulence
 Control: Reduce Your CO2 Emissions! Newest Technology Here!"
 Inside his box, there were pictures of people who were already
 satisfied customers, such as Al Gore, Jane Fonda, and German
 counterculture icon Xavier Naidoo, with accompanying quotes: "A
 chance for everyone to do something!" (Gore) "You won't regret
 it: a wonderful feeling." (Fonda) "To really appreciate our
 Earth, you have to share a part of its pain. A totally new
 experience." (Naidoo)
 	He was asking people if they were CO2 responsible, and
 offered a chance for everybody to repent their sins by purchasing
 their own personal plug, which is now being introduced on the
 German market.
 	No income was made this way, but a lot of fun was had, and
 the butt plug seller was the center of attention outside the main
 entrance. Visitors were curiously drawn in, to figure out what
 was going on, and most of them went off laughing hysterically.
 Some women came up, and, after examining the goods, exclaimed:
 "Oh, it's shapeable!" Sandra made a contact, a radical leftie,
 who thought it was a great idea with the butt plugs.
 	The butt plug man also approached the head of the Green
 Party, Reinhard Buetikofer, who was being interviewed by a camera
 team, and asked if he was using these devices. No response,
 	Inside the building, there was a "late night talk" on the
 subject, "Do we need a revolution?" Speakers were Buetikofer,
 head of Greenies; Jennifer Morgan, former head of WWF's climate
 change program; Sven Giegold, ATTAC; and Guillaume Paoli, from
 the "happily unemployed." The audience was mostly students from
 Berlin, and green youth. There was no discussion on climate
 change, since all agreed, by consensus, that it is caused by
 manmade CO2.
 	Mrs. Morgan thought that it is catastrophic for the climate
 that 30 new coal power plants are being planned in Germany, and
 we should sabotage this in the same way as we stopped the nuclear
 power plants. Giegold, ATTAC, said: "We must stop Africa from
 having the same development as Europe. The Stern Report must be
 realized for a `just world-economic order.'"
 	At this point, Jenny from the LYM stood up: "I have seen on
 CNN that this is all a lie!" The panel discussion stopped
 abruptly, and the whole room was silent. Then, Portia, LYM, got
 up: "You unbeliever! Sinner! Stop this bullshit!" People cheered
 Portia on as she screamed, "Justice for Africa!" The moderator
 asked for a democratic vote in terms of who claps the loudest for
 or against Jenny speaking. The loudest cheering was, of course,
 against, and Jenny had to sit down again, but there was a visible
 tension that lasted until the discussion was opened for the
 	By this time, Portia had gained massive support from the
 green punk youth, egging her on to stand up and be the first one
 to speak. She said: "Finally, someone from the South is allowed
 to speak! You are dancing around the real issue. As in the Stern
 Report, and what Al Gore says, the real problem is
 overpopulation. Prince Philip, the founder of WWF, wanted to come
 back as a deadly virus, so that we take care of overpopulation in
 every generation. Is this not what you are really talking about?"
 People were shocked and started jeering. The unemployed guy
 nervously said that there is another way, and we don't have to go
 that far, while the greenie cited Sweden as a good example of how
 sustainable growth works with the population.
 	Next was Ilja, playing the part of the Nazi: "We are not
 radical enough." [great cheers] "You are not for a real
 revolution. I'm a philosophy student from the HU." [more cheers]
 "Nietzsche already said that we should have euthanasia and
 sterilization." Moderators: "Are you serious?" Ilja: "We have
 only 15 years to save the planet!" Some in the audience took him
 seriously and went hysterical. The unemployed guy said: "Maybe
 you should start with yourself." Afterwards, a young woman from
 ATTAC approached Ilja: "What you said that was so courageous.
 It's a bit extreme, but you are right."
 	One of our boomer members intervened addressing LaRouche's
 New Bretton Woods as a solution for the bankrupt world financial
 system, at which point the ATTAC guy started spitting bile,
 slandering the BueSo and LaRouche. He said that our material was
 "unbearable," but our analysis was partially true. He got cheers
 from the audience.
 	Tobi made the last intervention directly after, pointing out
 that the greens are still against the development of Africa.
 Audience: "BueSo, booo!" Tobi said that CO2 is a fraud and that
 everyone should see the Great Global Warming Swindle. The ATTAC
 guy started protesting angrily, that this conference was being
 used for special interests. Jennifer Morgan flipped out: "These
 climate deniers! I've had enough! We have only 13 years!"
 	This is just one of many Nuremberg-style rallies that the
 sponsors of green fascism are orchestrating around Berlin. The
 purpose of which, is the "Gleichschaltung" of credulous youth.
 [Sergej Strid]

                     *** END OF BRIEFING ***
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