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 LPACTV Weekly Report, Wednesday, July 13, 2011


         JOHN HOEFLE: Hello, welcome to the LaRouche PAC Weekly
 Report for July 13th, 201. I'm John Hoefle, and with me in the
 studio today are LPACTV's Alicia Cerretani and Lyndon LaRouche.
 So, Alicia, we're going to start with you today, what do you have
 for us?

         ALICIA CERRETANI:  Well, over the weekend, we had what was
 called an Italian crisis breakout.  Which, if you look at the
 nature of it, what was it?  You had, which most people know about
 now with the spotlight on Europe,  you had a group of hedge funds
 in the United States make an attack on Italian state bonds,
 undermining their capability to be traded.  Now, there's somebody
 in Italy, in government, Giulio Tremonti, who's the finance
 minister, and him knowing what the score is, what cards were
 dealt to the country, he intervened as a member of government,
 and said, "No. We're going to put a freeze on this."  And that
 the people who launched the attack and the people in Europe
 generally ran into a problem, because they have to, in a certain
 sense, protect his position: Why?  Because if they were to allow
 Italian state bonds to plummet, there would go Italy, and there
 would go Europe.
         So they're damned if they do and they're damned if they
 don't.  That was a government intervention.
         Now, what became obvious to most people who understand what
 the context of this is, is that's the state of the whole
 continent of Europe, and that's the state of the whole continent
 of North America right now:  it's captured in this one, Italian
 crisis.  And what you find is, 1) We're in a point where, these
 guys will eat each other alive, they don't care; they're insane
 enough to undermine one and let a whole chain-reaction collapse
 go off. But 2) the only thing that saved it, was the government
 intervention, was the integrity of a government official to say,
 "No, I'm not going to let that happen, we're not ready for the
 chain-reaction collapse."
         So, that was a temporary halt to a very tumultuous situation
 which still exists as we speak, that crisis, that vulnerability
 is still existing as we speak, because nothing has been done, to
 fundamentally address the fact that the whole trans-Atlantic
 system is rotten.
         Now, I think, getting more into the subject of what we want
 to discuss here, is that if someone looking at this situation --
 someone my age, or maybe even younger who plans on being alive
 for the next 50 years, maybe more if we're lucky, the whole way
 this is being handled is a fraud.  Because the terms of reference
 are a joke:  What is happening, is that no one can admit that
 this is a not a crisis, what we have worldwide is not a crisis,
 but the way they're handling it, is such that they don't step on
 the toes of those who made the crisis, and that's a problem.
 Because that's not really fighting at all,  and anyone who's
 thinking understands that.
         So, what we have here in the United States, a total breakout
 around the conception of the reenactment of Glass-Steagall,
 because of this crisis, because people recognize what this is,
 and they know that as a nation, we have stood up and we have
 declared a firewall protecting the people of the United States,
 and therefore the people of the world, from an otherwise
 parasitical banking/financial elite who would just be happier
 with the population of the planet being just 1 billion.  And
 that's exactly their aim, and that's exactly -- the best
 leadership in this country understood that, and acted in the
 policy in that direction.
         We need that leadership right now.  What you have is a
 number of Congresspeople who understand Glass-Steagall, they'll
 even evoke FDR's name, but we need them to be serious, because if
 you understand what FDR did:  He knew he was up against an
 empire, and these Congressmen, yes, they will support
 Glass-Steagall, but until they make it clear that they're up
 against empire who would like to see the population of the planet
 plummet to 1 billion, like we're there, they will do that.  If
 these Congresspeople  and other leading officials who resonate
 with the fact that this is a crisis and would like to do
 something about it, until they understand that these are the
 terms we're operating on, they're not going to have the fighting
 support of the masses of people, because the masses of people
 really know what's happening them:  They're suffering.  They need
 to be protected, they have to be protected!
         So, to get into what -- you know, the real subject-matter
 isn't necessarily, "Where's Glass-Steagall being passed?  Where's
 the next financial breakout?" The question is, how do we get the
 population of the planet today, and the generations that we're
 dealing with, to in real warfare, true warfare.  And I think you
 know something about that.

         LYNDON LAROUCHE:  Yes.  We have to understand something
 which is rather embarrassing, at least for people in the Boomer
 generation.  We had a conference earlier this week, a
 presentation on the situation:  Among the Boomers and others,
 only one Boomer made a contribution, Jeff Steinberg.  Of course,
 I was involved; I'm the much more ancient category now.  But,
 that shows you, exactly, the problem is that the Boomer
 generation is not with it.  They're not prepared to act on these
 questions.  They will say, as we had a new report today, just
 received today, from leading people in the Democratic Party and
 others, from the head of organizations in the Congress:  And what
 they said was, "We can't do it!  We can't do it!!  We have to
 have more time!  You have to be more flexible!"
         And here we are, in a situation where we are within the
 potential, a very active potential, of a general collapse of the
 entire planet, at least the trans-Atlantic region, {within any
 number of the days before us!}  And you've got these Boomers,
 including the leading guy in the Senate, who is not the worst guy
 in the world, but he's like  -- what do you say, somebody looking
 a mongoose, a cobra?  And just sits there, weak, unable to move!
         And we find this in our own organization, the same thing.
 The Boomer generation is not a viable leadership, of this nation.
 We have another group, which is between the ages, largely of 25
 to 35, where they are concentrated, that group responded, on
 Monday, when we raised certain questions which are crucial, and
 they responded, enthusiastically.  The Boomers sat, and watched.
 Only one, Jeff, responded, in any significant way.
         That means that there has to be a change in the way in which
 we approach this, and the change has been made in this
 organization already.  We've now set up a different type of
 organization, to prepare and introduce the matters to be
 discussed in our twice-weekly NEC meetings: We have taken a group
 of people, Jeff, myself, and Debra Freeman, and they have been,
 including me, have been for a time doing the preparatory work for
 the organization for a discussion among the National Executive
 Committee and its associates.
         This is where the failure has occurred. Not with us as such,
 Jeff is responsive; Debra is out someplace and will tend to
 respond, at least once a week, with highly important information,
 highly important insight into what's going on in the Congress,
 and other institutions, and the Presidency, including the former
         But then, if you look at this in the context of what we
 discussed on Monday, only Jeff made a significant statement, on a
 very hot issue.  The rest, the youth, or, relative youth, those
 between 25 and 35, they were the ones who responded.
         What this says, is that the fact, of leadership in the
 United States, is concentrated, in terms of mass numbers of any
 kind, in that generation, of young people between 25 and 35.  The
 Boomer function does not work; it moves but it doesn't work.  It
 has not died, but it doesn't go any place.  Because, as a leader
 of the Senate, as leaders in other parts of the party, they don't
         Now, look at this thing, what that means:  As of this week,
 you're in a period, where henceforth, {a very slight tremor, can
 send the entire trans-Atlantic section of the world into a
 general collapse.}  It could happen today, it could happen
 tomorrow -- I don't think it's going to happen tomorrow, or
 today, but it could!
         And any time, some wise-guy goes out and tries to bluff to
 solve this problem in favor of the oligarchy, this whole system
 could go!  The case of Tremonti is an example of that.  Tremonti
 caught the situation on the edge {of a general takeoff of a
 general collapse!}  A general collapse of Italy, which as a
 chain-reaction, would sink all Western and Central Europe and
 trigger the destruction of the United States:  And here we have,
 not a Boomer, but slightly older, including the head of the
 Senate, who whimper, "We can't do anything about that!  Don't
 scare me!  Don't get me upset!" They're impotent!
         And our objective, therefore, has to be to take the
 generation, which does contain leadership which is not impotent
 -- that doesn't mean they're not frightened, or they're not
 scared, or they're not worried, but they're the only ones... For
 example, we raised it in the Monday meeting, we raised the
 question of a problem of what's called "male chauvinism."  Now,
 that's simply a word.  People spill it around all over the place,
 they don't get to the core of it, or the gore of it.
         And therefore, when this issue came up, you had, among the
 crowd in that meeting, you had a building reaction of enthusiasm
 for this thing that has never been done in the United States, so
 far:  elimination of the chauvinism of the male. And you had
 males {leading} that position -- also a couple of ladies, but
 leading this operation!  Now, that means, for our organization,
 if we're going to do something, we have to rely upon the living
 rather than the dead.  Now I'm not suggesting that these people
 are dead, but something in them is dead, and that's a problem
 that we as the United States has.  We have to realize that, as a
 result of a whole history of things, that only adult youth, in
 the range of 25 to 35, as a fair estimate, only from the
 leadership that's in that group -- and it's not the total group,
 but the way things work in society, if you have a leadership in
 group in society, that leadership within one group will tend to
 draw in, others of the same group, a larger group and follow it.
         And that's where we stand.
         I would say, without an understanding, of the significance
 of what I described as a youth movement  -- it's not really what
 most people describe as a youth movement -- but those, our
 people, took on the question of male chauvinism.  They took it
 on, in the first way it's ever been treated to my knowledge in
 the United States.  And only one Boomer spoke up, the rest did
 not.  And there's some people in this room who participated in
 that, with me.
         So we've changed our organization somewhat for this purpose.
 We have added two people to the roster of the leading committee
 which makes the presentation to the National Executive Committee
 each week, and that is going to include two additions, in
 addition to Jeff and myself and Debra:  It's this young lady, who
 is in that category and who is going to function from an official
 position, as the general editor of our publication, coming out of
 that, that is, from the youth publication.
         And we're also going to add our relevant person who I have a
 lot of fun with, Sky Shields.  He's a very creative person in the
 scientific area, but he's not limited to that.  He, like me,
 likes science, but we also like to play:  We play with Classical
 artistic composition, which defines the area in which scientific
 creativity is born!  Scientific creativity is not born in
 mathematics, definitely not!  Mathematics will {kill} scientific
 creativity as has been demonstrated many times before.
         But you want {real} -- and therefore, the address to this
 issue, the issue of this male chauvinism thing, and I was proud
 of my people!  I was proud of the way they responded.  I believe,
 that the time has come -- we're not going to throw the Boomers
 away.  Some of them are very useful, as individuals.  But as a
 category, they are {disaster}, when it comes to trying to save
 our civilization from collapse into whatever.
         So we're making that change.  We now will have five people,
 rather than three, as a steering committee, in effect, of the
 Executive Committee, which will prepare the issues to be
 presented to the National Committee as a whole, and that's the
 way it's going to work.  Because, without a strong participation,
 in effective selection of young people between 25 and 35, this
 nation will not survive!  And that's what we have to work on.
 {The Boomers will not respond}:  From the highest-ranking
 Boomers, in the Congress and other positions, they go {dead} and
 have {gone dead}, this week, when confronted with what has to be
         Here we are: We're in a situation, where because of the
 hyperinflation, caused by the bailout phenomenon in Europe and in
 United States, in particular, because of that, if a crisis breaks
 out now, a financial-economic crisis breaks out now, without a
 change, at the highest level of authority in the government of
 the United States, you could have a chain-reaction collapse at
 almost any day, and the entire system will go under!  And the
 death rate, to collapse, will be beyond anything you can imagine!
 I can imagine it, most of the rest of you can not.
         That's where we stand.  So therefore, it's not enough to
 talk about the problem.  It's not enough to describe -- "Oh! Oh!
 Oh! Terrible problem!"  "Oh, oh, I have figured out the theory of
 the problem."
         "What's your proposal?"
         "Oh, we haven't gotten to that, yet."
         That's where we are.  So therefore, we can talk about these
 issues, all we want to, abstractly, but unless we get our hands
 on, on the reality, that any leader in government, in the United
 States, in particular, who is not for an immediate -- not only a
 Glass-Steagall, that's independent -- but also, to {shut down,
 the kind of government which allowed us to get into this present
 mess}, and the world into this present mess.  So we've got to get
         Now, there's another aspect of this, just to see what this
 is:  I come from an {o-o-o-l-l-der generation}, not that old, but
 much {older}.  Now, I was a veteran out of World War II.  I was
 not significant as a military figure, though I did my duty.  But
 when the war had ended, and Japan had surrendered, I was retained
 jungle areas of Burma.  And I got there and being me, I kept
 myself occupied:  I worked with leading members of the parties,
 in India, which were for independence from the British Empire.
 This started my career in political intelligence: I'm very good
 at it.  I'm even better at economics, in forecasting.
         But, what have we got?  We have people, like senior people
 in the military; I'm not in the top of that list, I'm not
 military.  But I'm on the top of that list in intelligence.  And
 we have some good people at that rank.  They're in their
 seventies and eighties, generally, my generation, like me:  I'll
 be 89 in September.  And we're what you have as an old
 leadership.  But our minimal forces, because of depletion by
 death and similar kinds of things, means we can not win this as a
 force, without the generation, between the ages, right now, of 25
 to 35, working with people who are still around who are senior
 leaders. Without that combination, and without kicking butt of
 people of the Boomer generation, who -- they like to quibble --
 "we're not ready for that yet!  No!  what you're saying is wrong!
 We're not ready for that yet!"
         Here we are, the whole damned system is on the edge right
 now, of coming down, we don't know exactly when it will come
 down, but if it goes on like this, is going to come down! And
 what are our great leaders, of the parties -- [hyperventilating]
 "What're you doing!  What're you doing! You're going to get us in
 trouble!"  -- here we are, the collapse of civilization on hand,
 threatening us by the moment, ready to completely destroy the
 United States, destroy Europe, all in one fell swoop, because
 {you can never reconcile the phony debt which dominates the world
 today! There's no way you can have a recovery, or prevent a
 collapse, except by what people like me, know we have to do.}
 People on the lower level, and people in the Congress, who lead
 the Congress, are on a lower level than I am, in terms of
 intelligence and guts.  But we, no matter what we are, we know
 how this system works in general:  we talk about it among
         But without a force, based on building a movement, around
 young Americans, and others, between the ages of 25 and 35, {you
 can not save this nation}.
         So, on Monday, the expression on the question of this
 stupidity, this chauvinism, this disgusting stuff, on women in
 the United States, we had confronted the issue:  If we can not
 unify a leadership of that generation, between 25 and 35, {this
 nation is not going to make it!}  And nearly every other nation,
 too.  It's right on the table, right now.
         And the fact that only one member, among the Boomers of our
 own organization,  -- not counting me, I'm too old to be a Boomer
 -- finked out, on a couple of issues, especially on this issue of
 the male chauvinism, which is a {corrosive force in our society},
 the way that women are treated, women of that age-group in
 particular, the way they're treated, {normally}, as a normal
 program in society, is the kind of {rot, the kind of moral rot},
 that prevents the kind of unity among the leading strata of the
 25- to 35-year age-group, who are subjected to the sex
 operations, hot sex and cold sex, and no sex!  And that is the
 character of this society.  And what we represent here,  is the
 issue, that has to be addressed.
         If we don't do it, the nation is dead. You're not going to
 get it from the head of the Senate; you're not going to get it
 from the leaders of the Congress, you're not going to get it from
 President, of all things!  He's the worst case you can imagine;
 and other people.  Without creating a core unity, among the
 mentally, intellectually active, representatives of society in
 that age-group, 25 to 35, {you can not save this nation.}
         Now, Bill Clinton may be willing to join us in that thing;
 it certainly is his attitude is that.  There are other people
 among the Boomer generation, who also are good people, {but they
 are a tiny minority,} in the total picture.  And the only way
 they're going to be made to behave, is when you get a youth
 movement, which is not violent youth movement, but a {determined}
 one!  And on the woman question is a good example of that.  When
 you start to look at that question, you want to see some real
 filth among that part of our society?  You want to see a rot, a
 demoralization of women, who are leading women, or could be
 leading women, caused by this crap?  You can not build a unity!
 And that's what we have to do:  We have to understand that.
 Let's be practical:  people talk about being practical, that's
 practical!  Do it!  Do it!
         The Boomers will make a contribution, if they're kicked,
 suitably, in the right way, and a kindly after-kick.  If you have
 a leadership, of young people between 25 and 35, who are the
 proper leaders of their generation, if you can not bring that
 together, as a force which can lead the same age-group more
 generally, and kick the Boomers in the butt often enough to get
 them moving in the right direction, {we're not going to have a
 nation; we're not going to have a civilization.}
         Forget all the forecasts and the debates, and the press and
 so forth!  It's all nonsense, it doesn't mean anything!  It's
 worthless:  People parading around, "oh, I'm a this, I'm a that.
 I know everything, I'm the boss of this and the boss of that."
 {Poop!!} [laughter]  There's nothing worth talking about in that
 quarter!  There's no knowledge of science!  These characters -- .
         You know, Classical artistic composition, is the root of
 scientific expertise.  Mathematics is not the source of science.
 Mathematics is sort of the toilet you flush.  It's human
 creativity, whose origin is located, in what we call Classical
 artistic composition.  The application of Classical artistic
 composition, to economy, and so forth, as by Bernhard Riemann, or
 Bernhard Riemann's natural -- Vernadsky -- without that kind of
 approach, on the imagination which is the creative power, of the
 human species, which no other species, other than the human
 species is capable of! Mathematics is worthless, without that
 there.  So we have to organize, around social ideas, of the kind,
 of the principle of metaphor, and we have to provide a leadership
 for society, which is going to depend largely on what we can
 recruit and consolidate, among a generation between 25 and 35.
         The Boomers may be useful, but they're dead, in general.
 Mostly dead.  They want to be safe, they want what they do to be
 secure.  They want pensions, they want all kinds of things.  But
 they're not a fighting population!  They're not a fighting force.
 You ask for their support, for what is the fighting force, the
 fighting force among a certain part of people, between the
 age-group, 25 and 35.

         CERRETANI:  Yeah, the way you're going to mobilize -- the
 only thing that's durable enough to bring younger generations out
 of well-indoctrined filth, are the highest, most truthful ideas
 of what man is.  And that's the discussion we've been having, on
 the nature of man as a species, has a way of trumping all of
 this, all of the filth, all the bad habits, all of what's
 "acceptable."  And people, generally, my  age and younger, are
 using about a quarter of the brain, you know: 110% of their body
 and quarter of their brain, you know!  [laughs] And every single
 person knows that there's something missing, but they don't see
 it.  They don't see -- just like an education, you have to bring
 the best out of people.  And they don't see the political
 leadership in the United States fighting for them on that level.
 They see the political leadership fighting for their positions,
 for the next term in office, to make this deal so they can last a
 couple, they can stay alive for a couple more months.  But who is
 that really worth anything to?  Why are they in office? It's not
 worth anything to us, it's not worth anything to these 18- to
 25-year-olds. They need to be, their intellect needs to be really
         And you only do that, the only way to get the best out of
 people, is not partisan politics, but what is mankind as a
 species?  And I guarantee, you will capture the imagination of
 young people, by doing that.  Because that's one of the only
 things that they have!  That's one of the only things people have
 left, right now, is that question, the implications of that.  And
 that's not a foreign concept, particularly for this country to
 discuss in terms of policy, as politics.  We did that -- we did
 that, we went to the Moon:  That was a species question.  That
 was a big deal.  That trumped, in a certain sense, that trumped
 all of the political boundaries, the racial boundaries, the sex
 boundaries, all of that.  So, okay, we made it to the Moon, what
 else can we do?
         And there has been an effort to cut people back from that!
 To say, okay, we're going to shut down the space shuttle, the
 space age is over.  It's not over!  We're still in space, it's
 not over.  The question of keeping people mobilized and
 enthusiastic to take on that challenge:  They're trying to cut us
 off from that, and it's really going to work, because we still,
 as a species, have that as our nature, and we're still going to
 be curious and explore those ideas.  And that's what the
 political leadership has to fight for.  They will only be
 successful, if they're fighting for those things.  Because the
 only way they'll have backing from people, from the people that
 they're supposed to be representing, is if they're capturing
 their imaginations with these questions, by fighting for these
         And we, as a younger generation, we have a political
 leadership in our own organization, a slate of candidates running
 for high office, because that's where these ideas belong!  And
 the American people have to know that these ideas will be fought
 for.  But it's going to have to come from the younger generation.
 You can't count on your favorite Congress person, "Oh, I know
 this person -- my kids go to school with their kids."  Who cares!
 The kids don't even like 'em!
         So, that is the only way there's going to be success, is by
 going at the highest questions.  Because otherwise, you're not
 going to get people's attentions, you're not going to get younger
 people's -- and if you're not in office to help the younger
 generations, you shouldn't be in office!

         LAROUCHE:  We had, with the founding of the space program in
 the United States, which actually came from a group of German
 scientists and related people, who were dragooned, in a sense,
 into the Hitler service as a way of staying alive.  And one of
 the most famous of these leaders, spoke and defined the mission
 of mankind as "the extraterritorial imperative."
         And we know that, now, for example, in terms of the storms
 we have, the great storms, the worst hurricanes, earthquakes,
 volcanoes, which are all now becoming much more serious than they
 had been in previous times.  We're headed for, actually, a
 situation of human beings today, within the scope, of the effect
 of not merely Earth, but the effect of the Solar System; our
 Solar System which is merely part of a galactic system; which,
 the forces that affect us on Earth, are largely of a galactic
 character, and more immediately a solar character.
         Therefore, if we want to keep the human race alive, as I
 insist on it, what we need, is the understanding, that the Second
 Law of Thermodynamics is a piece of crap, it's a lie!  The
 history of the existence of living processes, within this galaxy,
 as we know it, and within the Solar System as we know it better,
 and on Earth as we know it better, more familiar, without relying
 on going into space, at least with our influence, without relying
 on discarding the so-called Second Law of Thermodynamics -- which
 is a lie!  -- the history of life in the Solar System, the
 history as we know it, is entirely a matter of going to {high
 levels of energy-flux-density}, within the Solar System, under
 the influence of that!
         The only way that mankind -- every species in the Solar
 System, or presumably the galaxy, every species will die!  Over
 95% of all species which ever existed, on Earth, {has died}!
 We're now headed for a period where another rage, not only the
 dinosaurs, but similar kinds of things, people, if they become
 dinosaurs {will die!}  We need space!  We need a space program!
         Now, what can we do with a space program?  Well, we can
 control the weather.  We can not control, yet! Earthquakes, but
 we can forecast them, contrary to that liar called the President!
 That pervert who's called the President!  We can do that!  There
 are people on this planet who can do it.  Given the support for
 these specialists, in these areas, so they have enough financial
 support to do the work, we have satellites up there, which are
 pumping out information! And under the system of Obama, we're not
 using them!
         You have vital information, which can save large parts of
 the human race, in the period coming now:  But those very devices
 which typify that, satellites and similar kinds of things, as
 well as other things, these things enable us to actually
 forecast!  But, we're not forecasting, as one of our Russia
 friends, specialists in this, say, because we don't {allow} our
 scientists to be funded to conduct the kind of programs with
 satellites and things like that, and other things, by which {they
 could forecast!}
         But the President of the United States is a lying idiot.
 And he's killing people by suppressing those satellites and their
 use!  He's murdering Americans!  The Green movement, is murdering
 human beings, reducing the human species!  They ought not to be
 allowed.  Windmills? Solar collectors?  Idiots!! They're idiots!
 It's a big lie!  And any scientist who's competent knows it.
 Except the scientists aren't as courageous as they are competent,
 and therefore, they won't fight, for the kind of science which
 can save mankind, or reduce the losses.
         Mankind is another aspect of this.  Mankind is the only
 species we know of -- there may be others in other parts of the
 universe, with which we haven't become acquainted -- the only
 species we know, which is immortal.  That is not to say that the
 human individual is immortal.  We don't know that, yet; we don't
 know if that's possible.  But we know that people can live
 longer.  We also know that mankind {is} a species of that type.
 Because mankind, through the creative powers of mankind, based on
 going to higher levels of energy-flux-density, that the human
 species will be able, as other species have not been able, to
 {save} the human species!
         What does that mean? Politically:  If we do that, if we do
 what we must do, if we develop, and unleash the NASA program
 again, and related programs, and get that jerk out of the White
 House in order to do it! -- and do it quick, while we still have
 time!  -- if we do that, that's means this:  You may die.  You
 may die of old age, you may die of disease, and so forth, but you
 can be immortal, {if} you are discovering universal principles.
 And this is not only physical science, it's also in Classical
 artistic composition, musical composition included.  These
 powers, the development of the creative powers of mankind, mean
 that mankind,  -- we all die, at least do far -- but that what
 makes us an immortal species.  Because through scientific
 discoveries, we're able to increase man's power to deal with the
 universe which surrounds us.  And therefore, when we die, we
 don't have to really die; we die, in a sense, of old age, but our
 species doesn't die.  The development of the creative powers of
 reason, mean that mankind as a specie has an indefinite hope of a
 future for mankind.
         Under the present philosophy, which is part of the
 corruption we're facing, the idea that you are only an
 individual, when you get old you die -- and many of our youth are
 weakened by that belief!  The fact of the matter is that when you
 participate in discovery, or even merely learning, a universal
 physical principle, {you are creating the environment, which is
 needed to prevent man, from becoming like other species before
 man.}  You are creating, in the inheritance that you represent
 while you're living, you are creating the human species as the
 only known, truly creative species, we know in the universe, so
         There are probably others, because the universe is older
 than we are.  But in our mind, the meaning of a human life, ends
 in the dirt, if you don't have a commitment to mankind, which is
 dedicate to this end, dedicated to those scientific advances and
 their application, which enable mankind to survive shortages and
 other things.
         In fact, we have this situation, for example, just to allude
 to this point, we have a situation in which we have, in earlier
 months, we had a great wave of all kinds of inclement weather!
 Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, so forth.  We can deal with
 that; but we can only deal with that, from the standpoint of man,
 as a universal species, as an immortal species, so that when you
 die, what you have contribute to mankind, lives on.  When you
 die, and are buried, the meaning of your life is not ended!  The
 {meaning} of your life!  You die, but you die, smiling, because
 you know, that the human race is going to live on, immortally,
 because of what you do.  You locate your identity, not in the
 domain of how many years you live, between the two bookends:  You
 locate your identity in mankind's role, as the only known, to us,
 immortal species.  Contrary to the fact that about, estimated
 fairly, all but about 2% of all species known to us, are
 {extinct}:  Only mankind as a species which can resist, is not
 going extinct, it's in the immortality of the human being, in
 this mode, which gives {moral meaning,} to the existence of the
 human individual.
         If we adopt that point of view, if we take the point of
 space development, space exploration, as in this notion of the
 extraterrestrial imperative, that defines an intention, which as
 in the {leadership} of the founding of the space program in the
 United States, defines man {as an immortal species}!  And
 therefore, you, as a human being, while the animals die when
 their superannuated, {you} can be the ancestor of an immortal
         The lack of that sense of values, underlies the problem we
 face today.  We have people who have fake sex, we have people who
 have fake life!

         CERRETANI:  Something that you said earlier, is that people
 don't want to accept the oligarchical principle.  So you lay that
 out, find someone who wants to dispute what you've just said,
 what you just laid out, looking at human beings as a species, so
 you're implicitly dealing with a long history, a history much
 longer than anyone's lifespan, more far back than they can think
 of in terms of their family.  Okay:  Now, think of what has
 thrown itself in the path of that progress, and you have, what
 you refer to, and what others throughout history have referred
 to, as an oligarchical principle.  That is, what is defining the
 political fight today:  It's not a Republican versus Democrat,
 it's not this nation versus that nation.
         What you really have, is a dramatic scene between an
 implicit progress, of a species, to do something no other species
 can do, and then, an oligarchical principle, that is thousands of
 years old, that preys on the insecurities and the lack of
 discoveries of this particular species.  And it needs to be
 understood in those terms, and it needs to be fought in those
         And that's -- if you're dealing with a space that's
 implicitly creative, and developing and forward moving, but you
 don't see if forward moving, you have to ask, "Okay, what is the
 problem?  What is getting in our way?"  And a much more clinical
 approach to that would be useful.  And anybody who wants to be a
 success -- politically or otherwise, scientifically or otherwise,
 culturally or otherwise -- what is impeding that?  Mankind has
 probably faced these problems before in the past; who else has
 dealt with this issue? And you find, that these great leaders who
 have taken it on, understood something special about mankind as a
 species, will really have waged a battle in their own lifetime,
 to take on, and remove a force that is impeding the progress of a
 species, that we really don't know, what we're capable of doing

         LAROUCHE:  Just think of the -- Alicia -- on the question of
 oligarchical principle, you referred to. Indeed,  as far back as
 we know, in terms of organized civilization, which we  know
 something about, back a few thousand years or so, the
 oligarchical principle was adopted by that name, as a general
 principle for the Mediterranean and adjoining regions, by a
 combination of King Philip of Macedon, and the Persian Empire.
 What they agreed to, is what was called the "contract of the
 oligarchical  principle."
         Now, since that time, for example, the Roman Empire, the
 Byzantine Empire, the Crusader system, the British Empire, are
 all -- they're not nation phenomena.  They're phenomena of a
 species:  the oligarchy, the oligarchical principle!  The
 characteristic of the oligarchical principle, is to keep mankind
 from rising to autonomy, above the oligarchs!  This is the
 zero-growth movement, this is the plan now of the government of
 Germany!  Of other governments.  Of the leading so-called Green
 movement, in the United States!  They're all based on a principle
 which is the {mortal enemy of mankind}!
         And yet, we tolerate the Green movement.  Reality requires
 that we advance, from burning coal, to burning combustible oil,
 to going into nuclear power, nuclear fission, to going to
 thermonuclear fusion, to going to a higher order, called
 matter-antimatter reactions:  These are the preconditions for the
 immortality of mankind.  Without this increase in
 energy-flux-density, of various modes, the human race would be
 {doomed}, by what's coming on.
         The oligarchical principle says, "No:  People who are not of
 our class, are merely {cattle}.  They're merely animals. We have
 to keep two things -- we must keep the animal population {down},
 lest they become too strong, hmm?  And we must beat them down,
 and keep them ignorant, barefoot, ignorant, and pregnant, but not
 too pregnant!  Not so pregnant that you can't reduce the human
 population."  That's what they are.
         This is the Roman Empire; this is Byzantium; this is the
 Cult of Apollo; this the Crusader system; this is the Brutish
 empire, otherwise called the British Empire. {These are the
 enemies of humanity!}  These tendencies.
         And the enemy's not only because they do cruel things, but
 because by suppressing scientific progress, they take away the
 implicit {immortality} of the human species.  {They're the mortal
 enemy, if you must say, of the Creator!  God hates them! They
 hate God!}  And they should be called that: The God-haters, the
 Devil.  Go to the Devil, that's what they are.  And we have to
 think in those terms.
         Stop this thing about being so-called practical.  Being a
 Greenie is very impractical!  You want to eliminate impractical
 ideas, get rid of the Greenies!  And make them do something
 useful.  Take away their windmills, we don't like them.  Don
 Quixote wouldn't like them.  Get rid of these guys!  Get them out
 of power, and say, you have to have an anti-oligarchical law, as
 comparable to laws against chattel slavery.  Hmm?  It must be the
 law, to outlaw these things!  Because they are a {disease}, not
 really a human species, but a {diseased species} which spreads
 disease, of {evil} throughout society! And we have to have a
 dedication to that end.

         CERRETANI: I could be dedicated to that!

         HOEFLE:  All right.  Well, I would like to take the
 opportunity, to speak directly to my fellow Boomers:  We've heard
 from the youth.  We've heard from the older generation.
         All right:  We've lived in a generation where all of our
 progress has been a fraud, it's been a lie.  We've lived a lie:
 that we have watched the dismantling of the greatest economy the
 world has ever seen, in favor of damned casino which is now
 bankrupt.  And now we have a generation which is sitting there,
 watching all of its  -- what it thought was wealth, evaporate,
 and trying desperately to hang on to as much of it as possible:
 And that's killing us!  That it's not just the money, the assets,
 but the {ideas}, the idea that we thought that was an asset!  The
 idea that we went along with this crazy scheme to destroy our own
 economy!  You know, you can think of it like the Malaysian monkey
 trap, where the monkey sticks his hand in the jar, and grabs the
 nut, and won't let go!  The monkey thinks he's going to get that
 nut, and then he stays there until guy who set the trap comes
 along, and kills the monkey, all right?
         Now, that's what we are!  That's our situation right now,
 and {we really have to let this stuff go!} We have to realize, we
 have to think about what you guys have said, about the nature of
 mankind, and the nature of the universe we live in, and what the
 alternatives are:  And {we have to let this crazy crap go}, so
 that we can move on.  Because if we don't, it's going to kill us

         LAROUCHE:  Precisely.

         HOEFLE:  And if we don't it, if we don't learn that lesson,
 then you guys are going to have to push us the hell out of the
 way!  Like a broken down car, blocking the road.  [laughter]
 Because at the moment, we're goin' nowhere!

         LAROUCHE:  So, you got a good shot at that one.

         HOEFLE:  Yeah!

         LAROUCHE:  Good.  [laughs]

         HOEFLE:  All right, anything else?

         CERRETANI: That'll do it.

         HOEFLE:  All right: That wraps it up for this week, and
 we'll come back, and give you some more next week.

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 RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF HR 1489 (Glass Steagall) on Tuesday by a
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 12% INCREASE IN TUITION for this fall, after a $650 million cut
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 will consider raising tuition 9.6% on top of an 8% increase
 already scheduled to take effect this fall after an identical
 $650 million cut in that university's state funding.


 Guan Jianzhong, chairman of Chinese rating agency Dagong, is
 quoted as saying by China Daily. "Paying debts by borrowing more
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 MCCONNELL said that he had concluded, "after years of discussions
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 haven't resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the
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 CAIRO IN 2009, ratings for both the U.S. and the President have
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 LIBYA. A 2008 reform measure requires parliamentary debate and
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 MUMBAI, India, within a span of 12 minutes, have killed dozens
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 a terror attack.

                             IN DEPTH


 Lyndon LaRouche NEC Meeting, Monday, July 11, 2011, CONCLUSION

 {Here is the concluding section of the Monday night NEC meeting}

         SHAWNA H.:  I'd like to add one thing to the discussion of
 the business of sex.  In order for our movement to accomplish our
 goals, one of the most important things to develop is your
 passion.  And if you're seeking out superficial relations, sexual
 or not, flirtatious, you're blocking your ability to actually
 emotionally develop; not only your own ability but the ability of
 the person you're being obnoxious towards.
         And then, on the other end, the person that's trying to
 defend themselves, if their response is, "Okay, well, I'm not
 going to be nice. I'm not going to let anybody misinterpret my
 actions.  I'm going to be a jerk, or I'm going to be stoic, or
 I'm just going to be a hard-ass of some sort, so that I don't
 attract any  -- so I don't leave myself open."
         LYN:  By any unwanted characters.
         SHAWNA:  Yeah.  That also stunts your ability to emotionally
 develop.  So, or for example, when you're working with somebody,
 and you start developing feelings, you start getting confused
 about the collaboration, what you're confusing is something
 you've never experienced before, an actual intimacy with another
 person, and so, what you try to do is sublimate it into sex, or
         LYN: Mm-hmm.
         SHAWNA:  or, whatever, a relationship of some sort.  You
 actually belittle the important emotion that's occurring that
 human beings can have, a true friendship.
         So, socially, to be creative, something that's very
 important, is to be able to develop friendships, so what Lyn was
 talking about earlier, about what's important to you is the
 betterment of the other person.  That creates an environment to
 be creative, there's a very free environment when you have actual
 friendships; people can come to you about their personal
 problems.  They realize that they're not personal problems, that
 they're actually cultural problems!  That they're political
         If you are stuck, individually, trying to deal with these
 different challenges, and there's no avenues for you to have an
 actual relationship, a substantial relationship with somebody
 else, you are stunting the emotional ability of the entire
 organization, to develop, to have compassion for ourselves and
 for each other, and therefore for the world that we're fighting
 for, for the future generations we don't even know.  And when you
 realize that, that developing this compassion for other people,
 putting yourself out there to help them, you come to realize that
 the only way you're able to do that is to individually have a
 strong identity.
         So it kind of feels like a Catch-22, like, "Oh, I need the
 social environment to develop, but in order to contribute to the
 social environment, I need to  be internally sound."  So, with
 the drive for {real} passion, for real emotional satisfaction,
 'cause that's why our generation seeks out sex so easily, because
 we're seeking out that natural tendency for intimacy, for
 emotional satisfaction, where you're actually going to get it, is
 in these higher ideas that you're pursuing, and that's where you
 get that internal strength to be friends.
         LYN:  I think some women here, agree on that.  And you have
 to see the other side of it. The other side is ugly.

         CHANCE:  I want to say one thing on that:  Because what
 Shawna just described is something that kind of made it clear
 that I do have some type of macho tendency in myself.  And I'll
 admit that openly, not because I think that that's me, but
 because that's some stain that I feel like I have to defend,
 because it's associated with me.  And that's the macho tendency,
 is to not be willing to release that, to let that go.
         And I know, in myself, there's a certain fear to develop
 that type of relationship, particularly with women, because of
 the intimacy which is associated with it.
         LYN:  Mm-hmm.
         CHANCE:  The fear comes from knowing that that intimacy, may
 lead to some type of devastation, which in my case, that's always
 been the case!  {Total} rejection!  And you try to avoid that,
 and what tends to happen is you -- it happens naturally, because
 you have to work with people, and because people are human; but
 you have this gut reaction to that, which is based on something
 cultural, it's not based on something real, it's not the person
 that you're responding to, you're responding to this whole slur
 of terrible things, which all die when you die, they're not real.
 But what is real, is the fact that the struggle to be creative is
 what you said, it's a lonely place --
         LYN:  Yep.
         CHANCE:  And if you're not willing to accept that, then you
 make these compromises, you find yourself with these macho things
 you describe -- .  And it's strange you said this, because I
 always consider myself to be on the other end of spectrum, not
 the macho type, but sort of passive-middle, but now I give it...
 anyway, I'm being self-deprecating again. [laughter]
         LYN:  I got the point.
         CHANCE:  I knew it was going to happen... [crosstalk]
         LYN:  Don't worry about it.  Don't worry about it!  Look,
 look at the reality of this thing.  Now, I've encouraged this.
 I've encouraged this revolt.  No kidding about it:  I was sick
 and tired, of finding myself associated with a process that was
 degraded.  And you know, before I'd consent, because I'd consent
 to be democratic and not to impose too much on  people, which is
 what people in this organization would demand, especially the
 youth, but also others. And that was a crime.  I was angry about
 this thing, because I had tolerated it!  By saying I have other
 things to do, and then I'd find, when I'd reflect on this, I'd
 find a trail of tears, like the Cherokee, behind me.  And it's
         Now, the problem here, is, the victims are guilty.  What are
 they guilty of?  They're guilty of accepting the competitive
 aspect of independence.  And competitive aspect becomes
 exploitative attitude.  It's like men who don't -- what's
 happened with the male chauvinism trend, among the Baby Boomers
 and afterward:  It's exploitative!  "I have the right to do this,
 I have the right to do that.  I have the right to seek the
 consequence."  You don't think that what you do in life, and what
 it amounts to is what's important.
         And the values are wrong:  I mean, sexual exploitation is
 disgusting.  It's just plain disgusting, it's anti-human.  It's
 not in the human nature, it's an animal thing:  It's like dogs
 mating.  And there's no difference between the way many people
 behave and dogs mating.  The dogs are a little more
 discriminating about that thing.  [laughter] Any honest woman
 will tell you that.  It's disgusting.
         And I've cursed a number of times over this issue.  I've
 been cursing about it for some time.  I said, "This thing is
 still going on!  This thing is still going on!  You can no longer
 try to be lenient about the thing.  You have to cut out the
 stuff, cut it out!" And the only way to do is not to do it
 individually: You've got to do it {en masse}.  You've got to get
 the people to {agree among themselves} that that's their
 standard. You can not do it as individual therapy.  Which
 generally ends up in the wrong end anyway. Hmm?
         And I'm sick of it!  I'm getting old.  I don't want to have
 that legacy hanging off behind me.  I want to enjoy the rest of
 my life, and that's what that means:  I love the human race, as
 you know.  I love the human species.  I recognize it as an
 implicitly immortal species, as opposed to animals.  And I find
 people behaving like animals, sniffing each other's orifices!
 And that's what's happens -- it's terrible.
         Then the slavery:  You must satisfy me.  You must satisfy
 me.  And it works both ways:  It's not just male/female one way,
 it works both ways.  The relationships tend to be exploitative in
 both directions, in both polarities, and the result is, "I demand
 my pleasure!"  They're not making their pleasure, they're
 demanding it.  Making your pleasure, is enjoying accomplishment.
 Just like somebody's learning to perform a musical instrument.
 Our basic instrument is improvement of the powers of the human
 race, and that depends upon respect for the dignity and potential
 creativity of every person.  Without that commitment to every
 person, being obliged by implication  -- hey, buddy!  Make
 something of yourself, don't be slob.  Make something of
 yourself!  Make something you don't want to be ashamed of!  Hmm?
 It's that simple.
         When people act in this way, that she's talking about, and I
 think we could probably get plenty of other voices if we had more
 people in the room, who would agree with the same thing:  If you
 find yourself that you can deal with people as what they are, as
 human, and what you do is you love the {humanity} in them!
 Sometimes it's a different type of aspect that's important, but
 the principle is the same:  Do you love the {humanity} of the
 other person?  Is that what you'll fight to defend?  Will you
 regret any offense, which leads to the contrary?
         I am happy.  I'm angry about things because they get in the
 way of happiness.  I have everything, at my age -- almost 89 --
 I've had everything, including bad things, which I've inherited,
 including blows and so forth, that sort of thing, and therefore,
 I know what  -- my life is coming toward an end.  I'm still in
 fighting condition in some respects, but my life is coming toward
 an end; another decade or so, is probably about what I got.  At
 least, still functional, and I intend to be functional for
 another 10 years, if something doesn't take me out by surprise.
         And what I enjoy in life, is enjoying seeing what the
 destiny I'm leaving behind me.  And a confidence, that what we've
 accomplished is going to be continued.  I want what I want to do,
 to be good, and to be continued, in the future.  And anybody who
 wants to be truly happy, has to do that.  And people who don't do
 that, are intrinsically not happy.  When I have that kind of
 relationship with people, I'm happy; when I don't, I'm
 disgruntled.  I don't feel free to talk, I don't feel in their
 presence.  I feel an imperfection which bothers me, hmm?
         I don't like exploitative behavior; it's inhuman, morally
 inhuman.  And I tend to shun people in our organization who I
 find doing it.  And I've made some enemies by shunning them, as
 if they're not worth anything.  Because they show no value, they
 don't contribute to the immortality of the species, our species.
 So I shun them, I don't want to be associated with them.  I don't
 mind if they're in the organization, as such, but you won't find
 me consorting with them!  I may come to deal with an issue, if
 they get unfortunate, and try to help them.  But I have no
 confidence in them!  They're just a human being out there, who
 needs help, so they deserve the help.  Do you like them?  No.  I
 don't like them.  I respect their rights, I don't like them.
 Because life, for me, is getting short, and I don't have any time
 to waste on that crap.
         Neither do you.  You're just nearer to the end than I am,
 but most of you in those room, don't like it any better than I
 do!  Maybe my passion is more informed and more strenuous, but
 it's the same thing:  Every one of you in this room wants that!
 I'd be surprised if there wasn't any one in this room that didn't
 want it.  Hmm?
         I mean, what do you value for yourself? How do you value for
 yourself?  What are you? What's your value in your own eyes?
 Hmm?  Do you have to be a smart-ass all the time?

         ANNA S:  I actually have a little bit different perspective.
 Today, I'm really actually happy that you brought this up, and --
 obviously.  But I was actually in a conversation with two other
 representatives, and because obviously there have been some
 troubles that have come up.  And I had recognized it, and I
 thought we should do something about it.  And, I don't think that
 I had the best plan.  We had a very good conversation, but what
 came out of it, we all recognized that there was something that
 was wrong, that we could correct.  But we were not clear on how
 to do it, and to actually intervene on our own generation --
         LYN:  Ahh!
         ANNA: And all of the points had been made, individually, in
 individual conversations, but in terms of actually changing the
 entire culture, and we were just taking responsibility for the
 women. [laughter]  So, we [crosstalk] had to have our own...
         But, in terms of actually changing the culture, we were
 actually at a loss of how to do it, for many different reasons.
 But I think what you're bringing up is that we're a little bit
 too passive, for one thing, and we lack the -- I mean, but the
 point is, that  we actually do, because what we did realize in
 our consortium, is that we  -- it's really not going to be like
 our parents, or the baby-Boomer generation that we depend on for
 intervention, but we have to figure out how to make the changes
 ourselves, for the future, and for our generation.
         So --
         LYN:  The problem is, essentially, that we have not prepared
 our own people for what's necessary.  We haven't assisted them
 adequately, to understand what values really are.  And we accept
 a standard implicitly, of society today, hmm?  We say, "Well,
 that's acceptable behavior."
         Now, some of the most cruel people, after the Baby Boomers,
 are youth.  Now, you can't say that the youth are purified.  They
 do some of the same things, more viciously, than the some of the
 Boomers do!  In indifferentism, you cause despair in your fellow
 human being.  You cause despair among members of your own
 generation, you tolerate exploitative behavior, like the
 male/female issue; you tolerate that.  You become corrupted, you
 become contaminated, by your toleration of it.  And that's what
 the problem is.
         People {are} capable of knowing this! There's no great
 impediment to knowing this among people generally. [inaudible]
 The point is, they avoid dealing with it.  and that's -- we have
 to have that.  {We need that.}  We need a mission-orientation in
 life.  We need friends, we need more friends, who are committed
 to the same thing, and whose discussions are sharing the same
 objective, maybe in different forms, but as long as it's the same
 kind of objective, it's probably good. And it's the lack of that
 kind of shared objective, to say, "Ah! This is a good experience.
 This was fun!  This was really good.  We must do this again."
         We cheat ourselves of great pleasure.  It is actually great
 pleasure, to enjoy the company of a human being on that basis.
 That in itself is beautiful, hmm?  You don't need anything more!
 You know, other things are simply individual choices, but it's
 that attitude toward mankind, and toward yourself in mankind,
 that's crucial.  And it's very much lacking, even in this
 organization!  Not because people in this organization tend to
 want it less -- you know, this problem, they want it less, than
 in people in other associations, generally, than in our own
 organization.  But the very fact that we tolerate an imperfection
 in this, exposes us to playing a similar game.
         That's -- I think we had a discussion which so far, is
 tending toward what I would like to achieve.  And we have a
 certain solemnity of the discussion on the issue so far.  I think
 we should just probably consider other things, now, with the
 assumption, that we have acknowledged, with due solemnity, the
 issue that has just been discussed in this recent discussion.
 And let that be a standard of our conscience, let us worry about
 that, if we're doing that.
         I don't want to spoil the evening, with excessive emphasis
 on something which, I think the point's been made, at this point,
 with your remarks.  I think that completed a picture.  And
 anything we'd add to that, at that point, would simply be gilding
 the lily.

         CHANCE:  Well, can I just add one thing? [laughter]
         LYN:  Okay, good.  Fine, fine!
         CHANCE:  I just want to say that what you're bringing up
 right now, is probably the most important discovery we can make
 as an organization.  And it's easy to -- I mean, that, too.
         LYN:  Yeah.
         CHANCE:  Because I think of all the discoveries like
 doubling the cube, and figuring out what it means to understand
 tensors.  We can figure those things out, but it seems like this
 one, right here, gets at the heart of how we're going to be able
 to function,  as an organization.  And it was the furthest from
 my scope of things to actually figure out.  It was always, "oh,
 yeah, couple of decades later, I'll get to it."  But you came
 back and just kicked everybody's ass, and really forced it,
 forced people to make that discovery.
         I'm not saying I made it just now, but --
         LYN:  I know, I know.  But, consider yourself a Skype-goat.
 [groans]  No, no, it's quite appropriate, don't kid yourself.  I
 had the occasion of using a Skype, which was a very defective
 system, in many respects.  [laughter]  {But!}  But, when I was
 away from this location, I was more in touch with my organization
 which was a two-month period, and I was really upset about that.
 Two months away from here, in Europe could -- I expected to come
 back with no organization at all!  Because when people on their
 own, when I provide them with the convenience of being away, so
 they can do the pranks they want to play on themselves, the
 organization has been in danger a good deal.
         And when I find I'm away, previously, even when I'm away on
 Skype, people get dishonest on me.  And I have to be sitting,
 actually on top of them, to get them to even conform to what
 Skype implies is a potentiality.  Because if Skype fails, the
 minute it ends, they're back at the same old business all over
         Now it's less, because of Skype.  Therefore, I refer to
 Skype-goats, not as merely a pun, but actually as a statement of
 principle.  I don't know if this organization would have existed,
 if I didn't have Skype.  Now, I'm not making a testimonial for
 Skype! But it's true!  I was terrified!  And so, Rick Skyped me!
 And that's how we got this thing in here, and I was impressed by
 the lack of perfection of the instrument.  But on the other hand,
 I begged for mercy, "My God!  At least I've got some way of
 communicating to people."
         You know what I was getting?  I'll tell you something real
 dirty about our organization, especially the Boomers:  What I was
 getting from the Boomers, they would give me daily reports, or
 three or four times a week -- bullshit!  Absolute bullshit!  They
 would give me a report, factoid, factoid, factoid, factoid,
 factoid.  It's like perpetual cancer:  factoid, factoid, factoid,
 factoid!  And it was all bullshit!  They would craft a report,
 they're giving me a fact, a {fact}, a {fact}, a {fact}!  They're
 telling me nothing.  Nothing relevant, absolutely useless!
 They're running a ego- trip with factoids.
         And so, at least with Skype, I had a chance of talking
 directly with people  -- I didn't go through the bureaucracy, the
 Boomer bureaucracy of Leesburg.  And the Boomer bureaucracy of
 Leesburg was a damned fraud!  They would invent things -- they
 were factual, in a sense -- they were longwinded, useless,
 misleading, unproductive, and "we just gave you our report."
         You mean, you farted?
         That's about what it was:  They were "keeping me quiet," so
 they could play the games they wanted to on the home front. And
 it stunk!
         So I was very grateful when Rick gave me this thing, this
 Skype.  Okay.  It's a communications device, I can have it at my
 desk side.  It's a lousy communications device, but at least {is}
 a communications device, over which I can exert {some} degree of
 control.  Over the mouths of my people reporting to me from
 Leesburg, there was no control, and there was almost no content
 when it came to anything of significance.  In other words, the
 things they were reporting to me, were things that had no
 significance -- really, to me.  Because I had the information, as
 information, and longwinded things from the press, generally.
         {Here}, I was getting the longwinded bullshit, from people
 who were telling me they were doing me the kindly act of giving
 me an update of the briefing.  "Uh, let's give you a briefing."
         "Look, I want to keep my pants on!  No briefing for me! And
 no debriefing in my presence either!"
         So that's the reality.  And what you're talking about is
 exactly that.  That the irrelevance of all the good things we
 claim to have accomplished, when  we went through a show-and-tell
 operation, which contained nothing of value in itself at all.
 And with Skype, I was able to force out at least, by talking to
 people individually, I did not have to go through the middleman.
 I could talk to people individually, and sometimes they would
 respond, individually.  And they would talk to me, not talk at
 me.  "But we must give you a report, we must give you a
         "Leave me alone!  I want to keep my pants on."
         Well, you can probably affirm that: You had some of the
 similar experience.

         JOHN H.: Yes.
         LYN:  So, apart from everything else you want to discuss,
 we're going to have a Wednesday event that's obvious to you,
 right now, what the... [END AUDIO interrupted by severe


 {EIR} No. 27: "Rescuing Civilization from the Brink"

 July 13 (EIRNS)--{EIR}'s Issue no. 27, which will be posted
 today, features leading elements of the recent Schiller
 Conference in Europe, "Rescuing Civilization from the Brink."
 Included are the keynote by Helga, the two keynotes by Lyn, the
 speech of Maestra Banaudi, and a summary of the presentation by
 Russian scientist Sergey Pulinets, along with an overview
 article, Lyn's reflection on the conference, and the full
 annotated program listing. The latter features a hyperlink to the
 entire video conference proceedings, which are on, including the magnificent Musical Evening
 which Lyn so praised.
         The conference coverage, which takes up most of the 56-page
 issue, is followed by a world news section that features the
 battle for constitutional government against dictatorship on both
 sides of the Atlantic.
         The section leads with LaRouche's "U.S. Constitution
 Restored?," after which there are a number of supporting
 articles: 1) Obama being called to account for violating
 Constitution; 2) LaRouche's two short pieces on "Treason," one on
 Kerry's Libya sellout and the other on the abandonment of
 Glass-Steagall; and 3) Motion for Glass-Steagall intensifies.
         The last article in this section is Rainer Apel's first hand
 report on the historic debate before the German Constitutional
         The editorial looks ahead: "Will the U.S.A. Rescue Europe?"

 Movisol Interviewed by Radio Padania on Speculative Attack
 Against Italy.

 MILAN, July 13, 2011 (EIRNS)--Liliana Gorini and Andrew Spannaus,
 chairwoman and secretary, respectively, of the Italian Movimento
 Solidarietà, LaRouche's movement in Italy, were interviewed by
 Radio Padania the last two days on how to stop the speculative
 attack against Italy. Host Roberto Ortelli opened the first
 interview, on Tuesday, July 12, quoting from the {EIR Strategic
 Alert} on Jacques Attali's expose on the euro as an
 anti-democratic system, and Gorini picked up from that, to
 denounce the Troika (IMF,ECB, EU) and the speculative hedge funds
 and banks behind the attack against Italy: on the one side
 dumping Italian state bonds (BOT, BTP) with CDS derivatives, and
 on the other side imposing on Italy the same draconian austerity
 measures imposed on Greece in order to get a "bailout" which only
 helps the speculators, and not the economy.
         "We should not please and reassure the markets, as President
 Napolitano and economists such as Giavazzi say," Gorini said. She
 also quoted LaRouche's statement on what Europe should do,
 particularly the beginning -- saying that if Economics Minister
 Giulio Tremonti is fired, the euro system is gone -- and added
 that Tremonti had endorsed LaRouche's New Bretton Woods concept
 and also asked to outlaw derivatives, which explains why there
 are now scandals against him, and why Berlusconi and Ferrara want
 him out. "We should adopt LaRouche's Glass-Steagall, and behave
 towards the speculators as Roosevelt did in 1933: put them in
 jail instead of reassuring them."
         She quoted from the Ruesselsheim conference on the European
 banking oligarchy controlling most of the speculative markets,
 and listed a few urgent actions, which are also contained in a
 statement published in the Italian website 1) Adopt
 Glass-Steagall as proposed by LaRouche, 2) a credit system
 instead of a monetary one, financing great projects such as the
 Marshall Plan for Africa, 3) outlaw credit default swaps (CDS)
 and derivatives, particularly on state bonds.
         Many listeners called in to ask questions and wrote their
 compliments on Ortelli's homepage, saying that it was "high time
 to invite Movisol again to speak at the radio" and that Gorini's
 denunciations were "very clear and to the point."
         In the second interview, today, Andrew Spannaus concentrated
 on the death of the euro system, going through the complete
 failure of the EU/IMF "aid" packages, which are actually only
 bailouts for the large banks and hedge funds which have created
 the crisis and seek to profit from it. Any help or praise from
 the IMF is a "kiss of death," said Spannaus, denouncing the false
 political debates in which the various parties compete to see who
 will cut the budget more, such as what we're currently seeing in
 the United States. The end of the euro system is not an academic
 discussion, he stressed, but rather a stark reality which must be
 dealt with quickly if nations want to survive. The key issue is
 to reclaim sovereignty and launch a policy for economic
 development. It is high time for the serious forces in European
 countries and the U.S. to form an alliance to put this system out
 of its misery and guarantee the survival of the population. [LIL,

                       ECONOMICS AND FINANCE

 Bernanke Feeds the Panic, Announces QEIII; Stop It with

 July 13, 2011 (LPAC)--With Europe engulfed in debt-panic and the
 European Central Bank (ECB) becoming a huge "bad bank" for
 unpayable debt assets, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke
 stepped into the breach July 13 by announcing to the House
 Financial Services Committee that the Federal Reserve is
 preparing a QEIII, with more expansion of its asset book. Stocks
 and the Euro momentarily soared, the dollar plunged.
         Bernanke seemed to be defying what just-released minutes of
 June 22 FOMC meeting showed, namely, that only "a few members"
 were in favor of even considering another round of "monetary
 stimulus," or money-printing. A few hours after Bernanke's
 announcement in Congress, Dallas Fed president Richard Fisher
 said in a speech there, "We've exhausted our ammunition, in my
 view, and expanding the Fed's balance sheet from about $2.7
 trillion to more than $3 trillion might spook the marketplace. I
 do not personally see the benefit of more monetary accommodation
 even if the economy weakens further." One day earlier, retiring
 Kansas City Fed chief Thomas Hoenig, no doubt aware of what
 Bernanke would do, had blasted Fed money-printing in a speech:
 "Part of our basic problem worldwide and here in the U.S., is
 that the emperor has no clothes and no one's willing to say it.
 You print money, print money, and print money, but you don't
 create real wealth."
         All commentary focussed on the fact that Bernanke was trying
 to save the Euro single currency -- a hopeless task, and one that
 leads the Fed further into violating even the Federal Reserve Act
 of 1913. Note that on June 29, the Fed extended unlimited
 currency swap lines of credit to the ECB and the Swiss, British,
 Canadian, and Japanese central banks. The ECB is being widely
 described as a "European bad bank" in the growing debt crisis, as
 it has lowered the standards for the collateral assets it is
 buying from banks, to {below junk grade}, and is buying from
 private equity funds, hedge funds, and investment banks. Will the
 Fed now be directly buying European sovereign debt, or European
 bank bonds, in support of the floundering ECB? Without waiting to
 find out, QEIII should be stopped.
         An interesting report appearing July 6 on the financial
 analysis website "Zero Hedge", used Federal Reserve flow-of-funds
 and bank reserves charts to show that {all $600 billion of the
 so-called QEII money-printing appeared to go offshore to big
 InterAlpha and other European banks.} The Fed's purchases of
 Treasuries with its newly printed reserves from November 2010 to
 June 30, 2011 evidently were overwhelmingly from BNP Paribas,
 RBS, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and UBS. The
 "Zero Hedge" analyst concluded: "The only beneficiary of the
 reserves generated were US-based branches of foreign banks (which
 in turn turned around and funnelled the cash back to their
 domestic branches), a shocking finding which explains ... why US
 banks have been unwilling and unable to lend out these reserves."
         Arguably, this violates the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, even
 with its 1932 "exigent and unusual circumstances" amendment,
 which still requires AAA-rated collateral in the form of U.S.
 Treasuries or equivalent, for the Fed lending to any "non-bank."
         But on more fundamental Constitutional grounds, an attempt
 to repeat this in a QEIII would be barred -- and the QEII effects
 could be reversed -- by immediate passage of legislation
 restoring the Glass-Steagall Act through both Houses of Congress.
 Under Glass-Steagall, not only were commercial banks separated
 from various kinds of securities-speculation and insurance firms.
 The Glass-Steagall principle is that only those commercial banks,
 thus separated, in the Federal Reserve System -- U.S. banks --
 are elible for Federal support in the form of discount window and
 special lending, deposit insurance, and other protective
 regulation. All the big European banks are famously "banking
 supermarkets" stuffed with investment banking arms, speculative
 hedge funds, insurance divisions, money-market funds, etc.
         The current trans-Atlantic bad-debt bubble, imploding in
 Europe now, does not qualify for such lending or support; that
 gambling debt should be left on the shoulders of those who bet on
 it. Glass-Steagall passage would stop this latest panic bailout.

 Helaba Failing the Stress Test: Will Germany Be Whipped Into
 Submission To Finally Kill Itself?

 July 13, 2011 (EIRNS)--Completely surprisingly, today, it was
 announced, that of all banks, Hessen's Hessische Landesbank
 (Helaba), failed the stress test that the European Banking
 Authority (EBA) conducted for 91 banks and which will be
 announced on Friday, July 15 -- with Herman van Rompuy planning
 an EU heads- of-state and -government summit immediately after
 that, to press for further bailout mechanisms.
         This "failure of Helaba" is clearly a political decision.
 The bank CEO, Hans-Dieter Brenner, explained in a public
 statement, that the EBA suddenly didn't accept the declaration of
 obligation by the Hessian government, which had announced in
 April that it was adjusting EU2 billion of its non-voting silent
 participations to the criterion of core capital, so that the bank
 could pass the test. The German states' Landesbanken
 traditionally have this kind of capital. Brenner said, that until
 the end of June the EBA had not given any signals that the bank's
 measures would not be taken into due account. Then, suddenly, on
 Friday, July 8, the EBA demanded additional contract drafts,
 which were presented by the Hessen Finance Ministry the next
 Monday. But, one day later, the EBA informed Helaba, that
 "qualitative investigations are necessary, which could no longer
 be conducted in such as short period, before publishing the test
 results." Thus, the Helaba had insufficient core capital and
 failed the stress test.
         Brenner said, with this action "the EBA is targetting a
 completely sound bank with no reason," while Hesse's Finance
 Minister, Thomas Schäfer (CDU), said that the bank is being put
 on the same level "as underfinanced credit institutions in
 southern Europe." Bundesbank Vice President Sabine Lautenschläger
 criticized the decision, and underlined that in the central
 bank's view, Helaba fulfills the strict criteria needed to pass
 the stress test.
         Helaba, the smallest of all German Landesbanken, is
 considered the soundest, and has been a target for takeover
 efforts in the past. Apart from that immediate point, this EBA
 action is a completely political move to destroy not only a
 nation's state-level banking system, but at this very moment, to
 put such extreme pressure on Germany, to whip it into accepting
 the British Empire's bailout policy of its Troika plus 1: the EU
 Commission, ECB, IMF, and IIF.
         As in the case of Italy, obviously very sudden moves to
 force countries into submission and to quickly transform Europe
 into a supranational banker's dictatorship, are underway. It's
 the mafia, telling you: "You need protection, buddy!"
         However, this provocation clearly has a strong potential to
 backfire, as Germany is already in turmoil about the mooted
 changes to enlarge the bailouts through the EFSF, which would
 turn the EU into a transfer union officially, and rob the
 taxpayer indefinitely. [EFI]

 Fitch Downgrades Greece to One Step Above Default

 July 13, 2011 (LPAC)--The Fitch rating agency on Wednesday
 downgraded Greece's credit worthiness by three notches further
 into junk territory and only one grade above default. The agency
 cut Greece's rating from B+ to CCC. Moody's and Standard &
 Poor's had downgraded the country's bonds to a similar level last
         In a statement, Fitch said: "Today's rating downgrade
 reflects the absence of a new, fully-funded and credible EU-IMF
 program for Greece, coupled with heightened uncertainty
 surrounding the role of private creditors in any future funding,
 as well as Greece's weakening macroeconomic outlook. Fitch's
 `CCC' rating encapsulates substantial credit risk and
 acknowledges that default is a real possibility. As previously
 stated by Fitch, private sector involvement would likely be
 viewed as a sign of sovereign credit impairment and could trigger
 a rating default event." [WFW]

 Deadly Rx Obamacare--Medications Shortages Now Restricting Care
 in U.S. Hospitals, Physician Treatment, Public Health

 July 13, 2011 (EIRNS)--For 2010, there were shortages of a record
 number  of medications -- 178 -- in the United States, a
 situation which has worsened to the point that the majority of
 U.S. hospitals are now delimiting the use of life-saving cancer
 drugs and other critical-care medications. Other drugs -- from
 snake anti-toxin, to vaccines -- are likewise outright scarce, or
 subject to intermittent supply problems.
         A survey released yesterday reported that 80 percent of 820
 hospitals around the nation, are having to delay treatment
 because of drug shortages, and 70 percent are being forced to
 resort to providing less-effective substitute drugs in order to
 treat patients.
         This crisis stems directly from the recent years of rampant
 consolidation and unregulated manufacturing practices in the
 pharmaceutical cartels, part of the commodity wing of the
 globalist monetary system, now in collapse. For this reason,
 under George W. Bush, the flu vaccine scandal occurred, involving
 lack of supplies and contamination; now, under Rx Obamacare, the
 crisis is much worse.
         The American Hospital Association conducted the survey of
 820 hospitals, and released it yesterday on Capitol Hill, to try
 to get some rapid legislation to deal with the disaster. Among
 the now-standard horror stories:
         * Two-thirds of the hospitals report shortages of
 chemotherapy drugs for cancer.
         * Ninety-percent of the hospitals report shortages of
 anesthesia and other surgery drugs, and of emergency-care drugs.
         * The biggest shortage in 2010 was for the drug
 succinylcholine, which is used in the procedure to insert
 breathing tubes into patients' airways.
         Hospital technicians and pharmacists, just to cast about and
 deal with drug shortages in hospitals, spend an additional 17
 hours a week, according to a new separate survey by the American
 Society of Health System Pharmacists.
         Most of the shortages involve older, generic medications,
 administered typically by injection or intravenously. These
 especially include drugs for chemotherapeutics for cancer,
 antibiotics to treat infections, and nutritional drugs for
 patients who cannot ingest food.  For Sandoz/Novartis Ag and
 others of the international Big Pharma cartel, there is no
 "percentage" in making and supplying these medications. This is
 the London/Obama principle in action, also supported by
 "free-enterprise" lunatics of all stripes.
         To add to the crisis, as of July 1, any hospital will not be
 paid by the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, for
 treating a Medicaid patient, if that patient, while in the
 hospital, happens to acquire an infection, or suffer from another
 CMS-designated hospital "fault." This is Obamacare in action --
 kill the people and shut the hospital.
         Besides hospitals, physicians and public health authorities
 are sounding the alarm. For example, there is a shortage of
 vaccine for shingles (the viral, neurological disease, producing
 a geriatric resurgence of childhood Chicken Pox), which strikes
 one million Americans and can cause permanent damage. The vaccine
 Zostavax, patented by Merck, was approved five years ago by the
 Food and Drug Administration, and advised for everyone aged 60
 and over, which is the most vulnerable population. In March, the
 FDA approved it for people 50 and over. {But there has never been
 enough vaccine for any age cohort.} In 2009 (the last survey year
 available), only 10 percent of adults aged 60 and over were
         Accordingly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
 (CDC) and National Public Health Service have refrained from
 launching a campaign to encourage shingles vaccinations, because
 Merck won't supply enough of the drug, under Obamacare economics.
 "There hasn't been a single year since the vaccine was licensed
 in 2006 that there's been no problem with supply," said CDC
 epidemiologist Dr. Rafael Harpaz. [WFW/MGM]

 No Hiring in a Destroyed Economy

 July 13, 2011 (LPAC)--Another very large survey underlines the
 collapse in hiring by U.S. corporations of less than 500
 employees, the ones who are supposed to be "the job creators" in
 Congressional mythology but are unable to find either investment
 capital or demand.
          The survey, conducted for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce by
 Harris Interactive, interviewed 1,400 businesses nationwide, and
 was released at a Chamber of Commerce "jobs summit" on July 12.
 Its conclusion was that nearly 80% of the businesses don't plan
 to hire any employees over the next full year; 64% plan to keep
 the same number of employees they have now; 12% plan to reduce
 their workforce.
         Unemployment among young workers is officially 25%; among
 veterans, 16%; among Black Americans, 16%.
         The main reasons given by the business managers for hiring
 nobody were, first, "uncertainty about the economy and ability to
 raise capital"; and second, "lack of sales/demand"; in other
 words, Obama's economic collapse and Bernanke's printing money to
 supply offshore financial markets. Only in third place was
 "uncertainty about what policymakers in Washington, D.C., will
 do", the problem harped on by both Republican leaders and
 NerObama; and fourth was the requirements of Obamacare. [PBG]

                           UNITED STATES

 Reid and Pelosi Commend McConnell for Proposing To Give Obama
 Fiat Power

 July 13, 2011 (LPAC)--Lyndon LaRouche commented today upon
 hearing that Senator McConnell's proposal to give Obama the power
 to lift the debt ceiling followed a meeting with Wall Street
 Republican backers, that Obama's own insanity was being spurred
 by Wall Street to go for a fiat approach to the debt ceiling. But
 the bubble has been pricked, and there will be utter chaos
 globally unless Glass-Steagall is reenacted immediately.
         Under Sen. Mitch McConnell's plan, Congress would pass
 legislation authorizing the President to request a $2.5 trillion
 debt-limit increase in three stages: $700 billion by Aug. 2,
 followed later by two $900 billion installments. The increases
 could take effect without Congressional approval, but Congress
 could block it with a resolution of disapproval. It would take a
 two-thirds vote in both houses to override a veto.
         The bill also would require President Obama to spell out
 spending cuts equal to the debt-limit increases he requested, but
 Congress would not have to approve such spending cuts for the new
 debt cap to take effect.
         The proposal was commended as a serious proposal by Senator
 Reid and also welcomed by Rep. Nancy Pelosi as having merit.
         Other Republicans weren't so welcoming. Two of McConnell's
 closest lieutenants--Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah), the top
 Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, and Sen. John Cornyn
 (R., Texas), a member of the Senate GOP leadership team --both
 signalled that they wouldn't support the plan.
         In the House of Representatives, House Majority leader Eric
 Cantor (R, Va.) also rejected the McConnell proposal. According
 to news reports, Obama walked out of the debt meeting this
 evening after a confrontation with Cantor.
         Here, the entire British monetarist system is collapsing;
 the only thing that will save this nation and the rest of the
 world from total chaos is Glass Steagall; and the President and
 the Congress are playing political games.
         Lyndon LaRouche commented that many people agree that the
 only solution is to reenact Glass-Steagall, but they are not
 seeing the immediacy of the need to do so now, which is a
 reflection of the disease of British Liberalism.
         Enough is enough! Glass Steagall Now! [WFW]

 Barney Frank, Foreclosure King

 July 13, 2011 (LPAC)--"Bailout Barney" Frank complained in a
 speech to realtors and bankers in New Haven, Connecticut, on July
 1 that there were too many foreclosures, and that the ultimate
 blame lay with Republicans. "Obviously, the foreclosure
 mitigation programs do not work very well," said Frank -- the
 main Congressional author of those foreclosure mitigation
 programs. "Probably it's because we missed the opportunity to
 write them in [the Dodd-Frank legislation], and secondly because
 of the ideological opposition on the part of the Republicans."
         Frank cited home foreclosures running at 26,500/year in the
 State of Connecticut. What he didn't say, is that foreclosures
 are running at over 15,000/year in his district alone, in
         On the foreclosure website's "Foreclosure
 Heat Index," Bailout Barney's 4th Massachusetts Congressional
 District is "hot". It's the "hottest" in Massachusetts, which is
 a "hot" foreclosure state as a whole. In the year through May
 2011, its 1-in-86 homes foreclosed (15,023 foreclosures) was at
 the high end of the national scale. The two counties forming the
 southern part of Barney's district -- Plymouth and Bristol
 counties, running down near the Providence area and the neck of
 Cape Cod -- are the two highest rate-of-foreclosure counties in
 the state, which is a high-foreclosure state. There are 535
 Congressional Districts in the country, but one foreclosure in
 150 nationally takes place in Barney's CD.
         What Barney Frank did to bring this on his district, was to
 personally and repeatedly intervene to kill the introduction of
 Lyndon LaRouche's proposed Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of
 2007, when he was chairman of Financial Services in the House and
 supposed "expert of the Congress" on banking and housing. Since
 that service on behalf of Wall Street by Barney, there have been
 about 8.5 million foreclosures filed on American homeowners --
 some 70,000 of them in his own 4th CD. [PBG]

 Congressional Attack on Angelides Commission Blows Up, Rep. Issa
 Sent Running

 July 13, 2011 (LPAC)--Certain House Republican leaders, doing
 Wall Street's work, have been out to "get" the Financial Crisis
 Inquiry Commission (FCIC, "Angelides Commission") since it
 presented its report on Feb. 8. That report emphasized the
 preventability of the 2007-08 financial blowout {and bailout},
 and the role in fostering the meltdown of the Congress' 1999
 repeal of Glass-Steagall at the demand of Fed Chairman Alan
 Greenspan, JPMorgan Chase, the City of London banks, and
 Citibank. Glass-Steagall restoration is now gaining growing
 support in the House, and Wall Street and London hate it.
         House Government Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman
 Darrell Issa (he who bankrolled the California recall election
 that gave us the failed fascist Governator Schwarzenegger) has
 targetted the FCIC for six months. Today his crusade blew up in
 his face.
         Issa had called FCIC Chairman Phil Angelides to testify
 before his committee at its hearing called for July 13, for the
 purpose of scandalizing Angelides over the FCIC's expenditures,
 its "partisan report", etc. But back in February, Issa had
 demanded and gotten from the FCIC some 400,000 pages of internal
 documents; and fortunately, the Democrats on the committee, led
 by Rep. Elijah Cummings, had looked at them.
         What they showed, said Cummings in a press conference and
 40-page report on the morning of July 13, was not that the FCIC
 had overspent its budget, ignored its GOP-appointed members, or
 made a "partisan" report; but rather, that its GOP members had
 clearly broken the FCIC's impartiality by coordinating their
 "dissenting reports" with the then-new Republican House
 leadership, for the purpose of blocking regulation of banks. They
 also showed ethical and credibility breaches by Republican
 commissioners and staff, with evidence that they repeatedly
 leaked confidential information on the FCIC's investigation to
 outside parties.
         When Cummings on July 12, based on these findings, requested
 bipartisan committee interviews with Republican-appointed
 Commissioners Bill Thomas and Peter Wallison, Issa refused the
 request -- and abruptly announced that his July 13 hearing was
 "postponed indefinitely." [PBG]

 New York Attorney General May Challenge Bank of America
 Sweatheart Deal

 July 13, 2011 (LPAC)--New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman
 has asked for information about the $8.5 billion settlement
 agreed to late last month by Bank of America and representatives
 of 22 large investment firms holding toxic mortgage securities,
 indicating that he may intervene to challenge the deal.  This
 request for information is part of a broad investigation that he
 has begun into all aspects of the mortgage-bundling process.
 While other state attorneys general, in collusion with the Obama
 administration, are attempting to whitewash the banks' criminal
 activity by reaching a universal deal without even conducting an
 investigation, Schneiderman has refused to go along.
         Letters sent by Schneiderman's office to the firms that
 agreed to the settlement, raise the fact that the deal was struck
 without the full participation by all investors affected.  The
 proposed settlement covers 530 mortgage pools issued by
 Countrywide Financial, the lender purchased by the Bank of
 America in 2008. But the investment firms that agreed to the
 sweatheart deal held interests in only about one-quarter of those
         Furthermore, the proposed settlement does not allow
 investors who do not like its terms to bring their own suits
 against Bank of America.
         One investor, Walnut Place L.L.C., has already objected to
 the terms of the settlement in filings made last week with the
 court. Earlier this year, Walnut Place sued Bank of America,
 contending that many of the loans in the pools it invested in
 breached the underwriting characteristics and other
 representations made by Countrywide when it sold the pools. Under
 the terms of the Bank of America deal, this lawsuit would not be
 able to be pursued.
         In objecting to the deal, lawyers for Walnut Place argued
 that the Bank of America settlement was negotiated in secret by
 Bank of New York Mellon, trustee for the Countrywide mortgage
 pools. As negotiator, Bank of New York Mellon was also
 conflicted, Walnut Place contends, because Bank of America has
 agreed to cover all the trustee's costs and liabilities related
 to the settlement.
         Lawyers for Walnut Place pointed out in their filing that it
 is very unusual for a trustee that says it is representing the
 interests of the beneficiaries of a trust, to demand and obtain
 an indemnity from the very party that is adverse to that trust
 and its beneficiaries.
         Additional questions about the terms of the settlement were
 raised by Representative Brad Miller (D-NC) in a July 8 letter to
 the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Miller asked whether the FHFA
 would join other investors objecting to the deal, pointing out
 that that Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of America had refused
 to provide information to investors necessary to determine the
 adequacy of the settlement. [WFW]

 GOP, Dems Oppose Unconstitutional IPAB in House Hearing

 July 13, 2011 (LPAC)--Putting Nation and the Constitution above
 party loyalty, a handful of Democrats have broken with President
 Obama and their party leadership to come out publicly in support
 of abolishing the unconstitutional and genocidal Independent
 Payments Advisory Board (IPAB). Eight Democrats have now joined
 over 150 Republicans in the House in co-sponsoring the bill
 sponsored by Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn) to repeal the IPAB provisions
 of the Afforable Care Act (ACA) law, otherwise known as
         At today's hearing of the Health Subcommittee of the House
 Energy and Commerce subcommittee, the senior Democrat on the
 subcommittee, Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) said that, although he
 supports the ACA overall, he strongly opposes IPAB, stating: "I
 would certainly be in favor of abolishing it."
         "It's about a growing imperial Presidency," Pallone
 declared. "This is about Congressional perogatives being limited,
 and encroachments upon Congressional authority." He said had
 watched this develop in the administrations of George H.W. Bush,
 George W. Bush, and now Obama, specifying that "The Presidency
 continues today taking over perogatives of Congress."
         The first panel featured Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa.), who
 said she strongly supports ACA, but opposes IPAB, charging that
 it would cut reimbursements to hospitals, make arbitrary cuts in
 healthcare spending. Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.) and Sen. John Cornyn
 (R-Tex.) were also on panel, along with Rep. George Miller
 (D-Cal.), who defended IPAB. Roe and Cornyn they have introduced
 bills in House and Senate, respectively, to repeal IPAB. Roe
 compared IPAB to Britain's NICE; and he noted that he has 160
 co-sponsors in his bill, including some Democrats, and repeal is
 also backed by a coalition of over 270 healthcare providers.
 Cornyn also stressed that it's not a partisan issue; he said he
 hopes to get some Democratic Senators to support his bill, and he
 pointed out that former Congressman Dick Gephardt (D-Mo.) has now
 come out in opposition to IPAB.
         Otherwise, most of the Democrats on the subcommittee did try
 to make it a partisan issue, by ducking the issue of IPAB and
 changing the subject to the GOP/Ryan plan, which would privatize
 Medicare and double the costs to beneficiaries.
         Eight House Democrats are now co-sponsors of Roe's bill to
 repeal IPAB: Shelley Berkeley (Nev.), Michael Capuano (Mass.),
 Kathy Castor (Fla.), Del. Donna Christensen (Virgin Islands),
 Chaka Fattah (Pa.), Larry Kissell (NC), Linda Sanchez (Cal), and
 Allyson Schwartz (Pa). {Politico} reports that Rep. Pete Stark
 (D-Cal.) wants to repeal IPAB. And Frank Pallone, while saying he
 would like to see IPAB abolished, hasn't signed on to Roe's bill
 yet. [EWS]

 Wisconsin Democrats Win Landslides in Round 1 of Recall

 July 13, 2011 (LPAC)--All six Democratic candidates challenging
 the "Scott Walker Republican" state senators who voted to end
 collective bargaining in Wisconsin, won in landslides or
 near-landslides in Tuesday's special election.
         Labor and Democrats collected tens of thousands of
 signatures to put the recall of the Republican senators on the
 ballot. If three more Democrats are elected, the Wisconsin Senate
 will have a Democratic majority.
         The Republicans responded by standing up "fake" Democrats to
 run against them, in order to force a "primary" election
 yesterday. Wisconsin's "open primary" law allows anyone to run or
 vote in any primary he or she may choose.
         The Republicans "primaried" the Democrats in order to gain
 another month for the Republican senators to "explain" to their
 constituents why they voted for fascist austerity. In the Aug. 9
 election, the Republican Senate incumbents will face the
 Democrats who won yesterday.
         Voter turnout in the recall primaries was enormous by
 primary election standards, and not much below general elections,
 in keeping with the huge mobilizations against the Walker
 measures that have been ongoing since January.
         In California, Democrat Janice Hahn defeated Republican
 Craig Huey 55-45% in a special election for retiring Rep. Jane
 Harman's (D) Los Angeles seat. This is the second special
 election won by Democrats, following Rep. Kathy Hochul's win in
 the very Republican-leaning 25th C.D. in upstate New York. Hochul
 recently explained to Pelosi in a meeting of the entire House
 Democratic Caucus, that she won because she opposed any cuts in
 social security.
         The lesson is, Americans are ready to mobilize against
 fascist austerity, to which the solution is Lyndon LaRouche's
 concept of Glass-Steagall. [AGG]

                          WESTERN EUROPE

 Time Is Running Out: Glass-Steagall Now!

 July 13, 2011 (EIRNS)--With Ireland being downgraded to junk by
 Moody's yesterday, (from Baa3 to Ba1), another hand grenade has
 been thrown into the melting financial system. As Italy is under
 fierce attack, both France and Sweden are feeling the heat of the
 financial predators. An EU heads-of-state and -government summit
 is now being prepared for July 15, which will respond to "what
 the markets are saying" until then.
         One much-touted gimmick, trumpeted after the EU meeting,
 including on German main TV news yesterday evening, is that the
 EFSF's role could be expanded to buy state bonds on the secondary
 market from banks and investors that want to get rid of their bad
 paper. This could mean discounts of 50%, 40%, or whatever,
 depending on the respective EU country's condition. Ollie Rehn,
 EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner, has presented this
 "plan" at the meeting. So far, the German government had opposed
 it, because this amounts to de facto "euro bonds," as these are
 bought by a central European facility, which then also has to try
 to resell them -- guaranteed with the income taxes paid by EU
 citizens. In reality, it is a transfer union, which is what the
 legal opponents have called the Euro-setup mechanism from the
 start, in which Germany, above all, would pay enormous amounts of
 money. (Remember Versailles?--ed.) Any change in the EFSF rules
 has to be OK'd by the German Federal Parliament, which is another
 reason why the German government does not want it. But now,
 Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is no longer excluding this.
         This proposal is exactly what the IIF, as we reported
 yesterday, has demanded -- that the EFSF and/or the Greek
 government should buy back these bonds, which is a great way for
 them to get new cash, even under conditions of significant
 so-called "haircuts."
         The next "logical step" in this scheming is a European
 economic government (governance dictatorship), to enforce the
 brutal cuts on all the nations. Politically and socially,
 however, all of this will explode in their faces and result in
 chaos. The only alternative is Glass-Steagall, now, to prevent
 exactly that. [EFI]

 IIF-Connected Banker Pushes for Euro Dictatorship within One to
 Two Weeks

 July 13, 2011 (LPAC)--The chief strategist on currencies for
 Sweden's SEB bank, Carl Hammer, told {Svenska Dagbladet} today
 that the crisis in Europe has no "middle way." The alternatives,
 according to him, are that either the euro disappears as a
 currency or there will be a political integration, which he sees
 as the main option.
         Hammer said: "To say that we approach a political union
 within a week or two is clearly not unreasonable, but if the
 people say stop to politicians deciding on more collective
 solutions, then there will be a halt in that process needed to
 keep the euro. So there is a clear political risk." The chairman
 of SEB is Marcus Wallenberg, who also serves as the treasurer of
 the Institute of International Finance, Inc., which, according to
 the {Financial Times}, sent a six-page ultimatum to the Eurogroup
 of Finance Ministers, demanding that the EU buy Greek government
 debt through the EFSF. [USK, WFW]

 EU, ECB Demand Sacrifices from Italy

 July 13, 2011 (EIRNS)--According to the Italian daily {La
 Repubblica}, during negotiations with government partners Italian
 Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti said yesterday: "I received a
 request in English: within six months, Italy must present a
 credible privatizations and liberalizations plan."
         At the same time, the financial markets sent a message
 today: The Italian austerity package of EU40 billions is not
 enough and the government should immediately add EU12 billions in
 new cuts.Yet another aspect of this maximum blackmail of Italy is
 the admission by Andrew Bosomworth of PIMCO, in an interview with
 Germany's {Die Welt} news daily, today, that his firm had dumped
 considerable amounts of Italian state bonds, but re-entered the
 stage as a big purchaser of state bonds on Monday--that is when
 the interest Italy was forced to pay had risen to more than 50%
 above the rate paid before the concerted attacks by the hedge
         The "market" message to Tremonti was delivered by Eugenio
 Scalfari, {La Repubblica} founder, who reported about a talk he
 had yesterday with Mario Draghi. Scalfari blames Tremonti for
 having drafted a bad budget law, in which Tremonti put a tax on
 assets deposits and, above all, he scheduled the bulk of budget
 cuts in the years 2013-2014, and especially relied on a tax
 reform to be voted upon, in order to collect a EU15 billion
 portion of that budget. According to Scalfari, the markets
 reacted to that and Tremonti had better find at least an
 additional EU12 billions, "immediately." After that, Prime
 Minister Berlusconi and Economy Minister Tremonti should resign,
 Scalfari says. News media were already peddling the name of
 Italy's former EU Commission member Mario Monti as a preferred
 candidate to lead a new "technocratic" regime for Italy, to
 oversee the brutal austerity policy there.
         More broadly, the coming EU summit should authorize the EFSF
 to use "its EU500 billion" to buy bonds. This is presumably what
 Draghi told Scalfari. [CCC, RAP]

 Sinn Fein Accuses Irish Government of Sleepwalking into a Second

 July 13, 2011 (LPAC)--After Moody's Credit Rating Agency's sudden
 slashing of Ireland's credit rating to junk status, the banner
 headline on the Sinn Fein website showed a picture of the Fine
 Gael/Labour coalition with a big caption reading "Junk
 Status-Government or Credit Rating?"
         Moody's not only cut Ireland's credit rating to one making
 Ireland the third European nation to be downgraded to junk, but
 also offered the "analysis" that Ireland would have to accept a
 second bailout.
         Speaking in the Dail, following Moody's July 12 action Sinn
 Féin Finance Spokesperson Pearse Doherty accused the Government
 of sleepwalking Ireland into a second bailout because of its
 failure to deal with the banks and the debt crisis.
         Deputy Doherty said:
         "Today's downgrade by Moody's of Ireland's credit rating to
 junk status is another wake up call to the government and our
 European partners.
         "The key driver in Moody's decision is the growing
 possibility that Ireland will require a second bailout and
 sovereign bondholders will have to absorb losses.
         "The government's failure to acknowledge that Ireland's debt
 levels are unsustainable and its inaction in reducing those
 levels have placed us in this position.
         "Sinn Féin has consistently said that Ireland will have to
 shed some of its debt burden if we are to regain entry into the
 bond markets.
         "However, rather than impose losses on sovereign bondholders
 as part of a second bailout, we have argued that the losses must
 be imposed now and only on the private banking debt.
         "This government is sleepwalking Ireland into a second
 bailout. The failure of the government to impose losses on the 61
 billion of private banking debt, two thirds of which is
 unguaranteed by the state, is a catastrophic mistake.
         "Far more significant than the actual downgrade is the fact
 that Moody's has stated that a second bailout is likely and
 Ireland is likely to default post 2013.
         "The government's inaction is leading us to a second
 bailout, ensuring a default on sovereign debt, prolonging the
 loss of our financial sovereignty and imposing a decade of severe
         "While the government can rightly blame Fianna Fáil for the
 first bailout, the second one will clearly be their
 responsibility. This can all be avoided if the correct decisions
 are taken now." [NCO]

 Paris Media Acknowledge 'Race Against Time To Save Euro'

 PARIS, July 13, 2001 (EIRNS)--The possibility of the explosion of
 the Eurozone  is all over the media in France. Today's {Le
 Figaro} blares "Race Against Time To Save the Euro" on it's front
 page and "Saving the Euro, the Countdown Has Started" in the
 economics section. Senior correspondent Jean-Jacques Mevel
 presses the Europeans to get out of the theological debates, on
 whether the package should be more or less national, on whether
 the participation of the private sector should be voluntary or
         Mevel pleads for Eurozone countries to be able to
 renegotiate their debt obligations, etc., like normal countries.
 Mevel supports the new proposal to have the European stability
 fund buy Greek and other bonds en masse on the secondary markets,
 i.e., to save the banks, through the emission of
 euro-obligations. This goes in the same direction as the
 Financial Times' description of the International Finance
 Institute proposal, representing the world's largest banks and
 insurance companies.
         Alain Minc, one of Sarkozy's few top advisors, spoke with
 Europe 1 radio, coming out with the line that was later picked up
 in Le Figaro's headline, "Countdown To Save the Euro." Asked
 whether he favors the increasingly popular idea that Greece
 should leave the Eurozone, Minc said no, that he would back the
 German-proposed "hair cut" of the banks, although the French
 government is closer to the ECB leadership view that this could
 lead to a new Lehman. Minc disagreed: The big danger with Lehman
 Brothers was its connection to AIG, in terms of CDS; Greece
 represents no such world danger, because its CDS holdings and
 other financial products are tiny, he said.
         {Le Parisien} notes that "France is overexposed" to all the
 Club Med countries, holding 36% of Italian private and public
 debt (EU280 billion), 40% of the Greek (EU56 billion) (in reality
 closer to EU93 billion, according to us). Over the last days,
 French bank losses on the stock market have been massive: Crédit
 Agricole, 14%; Paribas, 12.1%; Société Générale, 12.4%.
         However, as all intelligent commentators remark, there is no
 debate among the parties as to what needs to be done, and there
 is full agreement of those in power, UMP, PS, etc., to toughen
 supranational measures in order defend the EU and the euro.
         {Libération} today has several pages on the crash,
 castigating Germany for not being federalist enough! The revenge
 against de Gaulle!
         The editorial of {Les Echos} today castigates all the
 politicians for not having acted quickly enough in the bailouts,
 the austerity measures, the supranational measures. [CBI]


 Merkel's Green-ness Clashes with Civilization in Kenya

 July 13, 2011 (EIRNS)--In the joint press conference with Kenyan
 Prime Minister Raila Odinga in Nairobi yesterday, the press asked
 German Chancellor Angela Merkel whether Germany would assist
 African countries in exiting from nuclear power. She was cautious
 not to say "yes" openly, and replied that Africans had to decide
 on their own, but that "Germany can show the way." And then she
 added, speaking with a forked tongue, that Germany could
 cooperate with Africa, because it has a very high safety standard
 in nuclear power (why then, one may be allowed to ask, is she
 shutting down the safe power plants in Germany?--ed.). She
 otherwise advertised, during her Nairobi stay, the assistance of
 German companies in developing so-called renewables in Kenya.
         But Odinga made clear that, for him, the preferable
 assistance which Germany can give to Kenya is in reforestation,
 to improve catchment areas for rainwater. Odinga otherwise said
 that being aware of Germany's exit from nuclear, Kenya has been
 preparing its entry to the nuclear era for several years and will
 stick to it.
         Odinga also said openly at the press conference that Kenya
 works with the Chinese, because they give what the Europeans and
 the World Bank are denying: they build infrastructure which Kenya
 has wanted to build since its independence from European
 colonialism almost 50 years ago--railroads, ports, pipelines,
         The Chinese have stepped in where the Europeans left the
 Kenyans on their own, Odinga added. Germany received an offer by
 Kenya, at least, to have a share in the construction of the
 planned seaport at Luma. [RAP]


              ORGANIZING OPPORTUNTIES (updated 7/13)

         U.S. HOUSE:
         In Session: July 6-15
         In Districts: July 16-25 (RJA believes this break cancelled)
         In Session: July 25-28, and August 2-5
         Summer Recess/Districts: August 5-Sept. 5

         U.S. SENATE: In session except July 4 (Recess July 5-8
         Summer Recess/Districts, Aug. 5-Sept. 5


 July 20th Progressive Democrats of America are calling for vigils
 at Congressional offices nationally to protest Obama cuts to


 Sun 7/17 Manteca, CA Town Hall Meeting

 July 23-28
         NAACP National Convention, Los Angeles.

 Sat 7/30 Campbell, CA Town Hall Meeting

 CBC for the People Jobs Initiative Meeting.
 Los Angeles, California, August 30 -31
  Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Host; Southwest College

 Oakland: Save the Date! Speakout for Good Jobs Now
 Time and location to be announced A Congressional Listening
 Tour--Speakout For Good Jobs Now Join... Members of the
 Congressional Progressive Caucus for this important Town Hall
 meeting. More Americans are falling out of the middle class than
 joining it. These Representatives want to hear the priorities of
 everyday Americans as a first step towards building America's


 August 2011
 Aug. 7-10: CSG Eastern Regional Conference 51st Annual Meeting
 and Regional Policy Forum, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


 Miami: Speakout for Good Jobs Now
 Time and venue to be announced A Congressional Listening
 Tour--Speakout For Good Jobs Now Join... Rep. Raul Grijalva,
 Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and PDA Advisory
 Board member andRep. Lynn Woolsey, past Co-Chair of the
 Congressional Progressive Caucus and PDA Advisory Board member
 for this important Town Hall meeting.

 Rep. Ted Deutch - 19th District
 Town Hall Meeting, July 19, evening
 Greenacres City Hall 5800 Melaleuca Lane, Green Acres, Fla.

 CBC for the People Jobs Initiative Meeting.
 South Florida, Miami, August 23
 Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Host
 James L. Knight Center, Downtown Miami


 July 30-Aug. 2: CSG West 64th Annual Meeting, Honolulu, HI.
 Contact Cheryl Duvauchelle at (916) 533-4423 or


 July 15-16
 Midwestern Legislative Conference Annual Meeting
 Great Lakes Legislative Caucus Meeting
 Indianapolis The Westin
 Contact: Tim Anderson or call the CSG Midwest office at


 Rep. Geoff Davis - 4th District
 Town Hall Meeting, Thursday, July 21st, 5:30 pm
 Lewis County High School Media Center
 79 Lions Lane, Vanceburg, KY


 Boston: Speakout for Good Jobs Now
 Time and location to be announced. A Congressional Listening
 Tour--Speakout For Good Jobs Now Join...Rep. Jim Mcgovern, member
 of the Congressional Progressive Caucus for this important Town
 Hall meeting. More Americans are falling out of the middle class
 than joining it. This Representative wants to hear the priorities
 of everyday Americans as a first step towards building

 July 27-29
         National Urban League Convention, Boston.


         Note the Detroit candidates meeting has been postponed, new
 date not available at this time.

 Rep. Hansen Clarke
 Rep. Justin Amash
 Bipartisan Town Hall Meeting 10 AM - 11:30 AM, July 16
 Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 13th Floor Auditorium,
 2 Woodward Drive, Detroit, Mich., 313-962-7700

 CBC for the People Jobs Initiative Meeting.
 Detroit, Michigan, August 15 -16
  Congressman John Conyers and Hansen Clarke, Host
  Wayne State Community College


 Sept 29-Oct 2
         Second annual AFL-CIO Young Workers Summit in Minneapolis.
 Participants will focus on building an economy that works for all
 workers, including young workers, and strategies for creating
 opportunities in the union movement for young workers.


 Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-CD 20), Bolton, NY

 Congressman Richard Hannah (NY-CD 24), Cortland,
 18 Tompkins St

 Congressman Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-CD 25),
 Village of Manilius Auditorium, 7-9 PM


 Aug. 28-Sept. 1: National Association of State Technology
 Directors (NASTD) 34th Annual Conference and Technology
 Showcase, Omaha, NE, Hilton Omaha Hotel / Qwest Center Omaha.
 Contact Pamela Johnson at (859) 244-8184 or


 Portland: Save the date! speakout for Good Jobs Now
 Time and location to be announced A Congressional Listening
 Tour--Speakout For Good Jobs Now Join... Members of the
 Congressional Progressive Caucus for this important Town Hall
 meeting. More Americans are falling out of the middle class than
 joining it. These Representatives want to hear the priorities of
 everyday Americans as a first step towards building America's


 Aug. 28-31: National Association of State Treasurers (NAST)
 Annual Conference, Bismarck, ND, Ramkota Hotel
 Contact Adnée Hamilton at (859) 244-8174 or


 CBS for the People Jobs Initative meeting.
 Cleveland, Ohio  August 8
  Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, Host
  Cleveland State University  Student Center


 Pittsburgh: Speakout for Good Jobs Now
 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m A Congressional Listening Tour--Speakout
 For Good Jobs Now Join... Rep. Raul Grijalva, Co-Chair of the
 Congressional Progressive Caucus and PDA Advisory Board
 member,Rep. John Conyers, member of the Congressional Progressive
 Caucus and PDA Advisory Board member,Rep. Mike Doyle, member of
 the Congressional Progressive Caucus for

 Philadelphia: Speakout for Good Jobs Now
 Time and location to be announced. A Congressional Listening
 Tour--Speakout For Good Jobs Now Join... Rep. Raul Grijalva,
 Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and PDA Advisory
 Board member,Rep. Bob Brady (PA), member of the Congressional
 Progressive Caucus,Rep. Chaka Fattah (PA), member of the
 Congressional Progressive Caucus for this important Town Hall
 meeting. More


 July 16-20 CSG Southern Legislative Conference, Memphis


 Houston: Speakout for Good Jobs Now
 Time and location to be announced A Congressional Listening
 Tour--Speakout For Good Jobs Now Join... Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee,
 representative of the 18th District of Texas for this important
 Town Hall meeting. More Americans are falling out of the middle
 class than joining it. This Representative wants to hear the
 priorities of everyday Americans as

 Aug 8-11
         NCSL Legislative Summit, San Antonio, Texas


 July 15-16th
         Democratic Party of Virginia holds "The Virginia Summit" at
 Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.  The Summit will be
 a unique opportunity for Democrats and progressive activists to
 come together

 Rep. Scott Rigell - 2nd District
 Town Hall Meeting, July 18 7:30-9:00
 Virginia Air and Space Center, 600 Settlers Landing Road
 Hampton, VA 23669


 Seattle: Save the Date! Speakout for Good Jobs Now
 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. A Congressional Listening Tour--Speakout
 For Good Jobs Now Join... Members of the Congressional
 Progressive Caucus for this important Town Hall meeting. More
 Americans are falling out of the middle class than joining it.
 These Representatives want to hear the priorities of everyday
 Americans as a first step towards building America's greatest


 July 15-17 AFL-CIO Organizing Institute.
 AFL-CIO headquarters, 16th St.

 July 21
         Lyndon LaRouche webcast

 July 23-26
         National Council of La Raza, Washington DC

 July 30th
         Healthcare Now! events marking the 46th anniversary of the
 passage of Medicare, in DC and across the country, details TBA

 July 30
         SOS Million Teacher March (DC and locations throughout the
 country: TBA)

 August 5-7
         Jobs with Justice National Conference.

 September 6-9
 Legislative Conference of Alliance for Retired Americans.
 (AFL-CIO affiliate)


 July 19
          Recall elections: primaries to  choose opponents for 2
 Democratic State Senators.
         First Full fledged recall election between Democratic
 incumbent Dave Hansen of Green Bay and Republican challanger
 David Vanderleest.

 Aug 9 Recall elections: general for Republican held Senate Seats

 Aug 16 Recall elections: general for Dem held Senate Seats.

 STATE LEGISLATURE SCHEDULE, July, August, September (from

     1    Session ends for New Hampshire State Legislature.
     12   Special election: Arkansas House of Representatives
 (District 54)


 2   Primary election: Mississippi state legislative elections
 (House, Senate).
 23   Primary election: Virginia state legislative elections
 (House, Senate).


 8    Signature filing deadline for the 2011 Louisiana state
 legislative elections.
 9    Session ends for California State Legislature.

 |                                                               |
 |               NORTH AMERICAN OPERATIONS BULLETIN              |
 |                                                               |
 |                      Thursday, July 14, 2011                  |
 |                                                               |

                SATURDAY - JULY 16  LAROUCHE SHOW

         Topic and Guests: TBA
         3-4 pm ET
         Post-Show Message Line: 916 233 0630, Box 595
         Intro: While You Were Sleeping & The World In Review
         Message #1: Webcast or The Weekly Report
         Message #2: Webcast or The LaRouche Show

 For Calendar, see "Organizing Opportunities" section of the


 LaRouche spokesman Harley Schlanger appeared on two radio
 programs Wednesday, each centered on Lyn's new statement
 "Europe's Only Chance for Survival."  On Dr. Deagle's
 widely-listened to GCN program, the host opened by identifying
 Obama as the "thief in the White House," and then referring to
 LaRouche's ongoing accurate forecasting, with the latest being
 his "spot-on analysis of the crisis in the Euro-zone."  The
 program consisted of an hour on Lyn's analysis of the breakdown,
 and the Glass Steagall solution.  When Deagle asked Harley about
 the debt ceiling fight, Harley said it's a diversion, the only
 issue is Glass Steagall -- if you want to reduce debt, use Glass
 Steagall.  Dr. Deagle then picked up on this, urging his
 listeners to go to LaRouchePAC (each week, he posts numerous
 links to the LPAC site after the program).  At the end of the
 program, Deagle called on his listeners to join him to visit his
 Congressman, Darrell Issa, to demand that he cosponsor Glass

 Harley was then on "New-Style Radio," in Birmingham, UK.  The
 host opened the program by saying he had just watched the videos
 from Russelsheim, and that the conference was "brilliant," and he
 is looking forward to interviewing Lyndon LaRouche.  After Harley
 reviewed the situation in Europe, and the difference between the
 American Constitutional system, and the parliamentary system in
 Europe, he asked whether it were still possible to save the U.S.
 and the dollar, or will the Chinese soon rule the world!  Harley
 and he ended the program by again insisting that his listeners go
 to our website. (hcs)

                      - MINNESOTA REPORT -

         Long-time LaRouchePAC member Bob Van Hee send in the
 following report July 13:  "I was  on the local radio station
 this morning, KLGR AM/FM in Redwood Falls, Mn., discussing the
 need for the re-enactment of the 1933 GLASS-STEAGALL ACT, and
 H.R. 1489 !!!!   About 5 minutes worth!  They let me talk, but, I
 don't believe that their understanding "level" was worth-a-crap!
 They want "compromise" at the State level!!
         Civil Bull-Shit !!


         MON thru WED mornings (July 11-13) we called IBEW locals in
 GA, FL, NC mobilizing for Glass-Steagall. The president of a
 local in Orlando, absolutely remembered that he had personally
 endorsed G/S in Aug 2010 and now will take it before his Exec
 Board for a resolution endorsement. Tampa bus.mgr. blurted out
 "educate me! cuz no one has a clue to 1) how bad things are
 around here and 2) no clue about a solution, these bailouts are
 assinine!". Bus Mgr in SE coastal North Carolina, says "get me
 the information and I'll get to all the Carolina districts, i.e.,
 SC and Raleigh, Fayetteville, Charlotte." Other NC local officers
 were open but admitted outright that this issue seems out of
 their hands and were merely giving us the routine "email or fax
 me the info" without much seriousness about doing anything with
 it. Follow-up is mandatory.
         Georgia IBEW is having a statewide convention this weekend
 in Albany. Two officers, one from Macon and another from
 Gainseville, FL, are committed to bring Glass-Steagall to the
 convention, minimally to confront Representative Sanford Bishop
 (D) about co-sponsoring 1489 but probably not fight for G/S as a
 convention resolution. The Political director for statewide GA is
 opposed to G/S and LaRouche. When asked if he knew LaRouche, he
 says, "I painfully remember LaRouche. and LaR is not a friend of
         Other calls to  IAM in FL, an officer (member of LULAC)
 activated immediately, went to LPAC website, and called into
 Alcee Hastings office, but is upset that he is not getting a
 straight answer from the office concerning G?S.

 Maryland AFL-CIO leadership in Annapolis, met recently in various
 events with friendly response to LaRouche and G/S, now are
 completely stonewalling on any response to G/S mobilization. But
 after repeated calls into their office over the past week or so,
 this morning they finally relented and told us they are looking
 into the Glass-Steagall issue. We'll have to follow-up to find
 out what "looking into it" really means.

 A union president of the Prince George's Non-Teacher Employees,
 whom we had met a few months ago at a pro-Wisconsin union rally
 in Annapolis,  herself a school bus driver, has been to the LPAC
 website and now says,"I agree with  everything you're saying, and
 we need Glass-Steagall."  This after we had told her Obama had to
 be dumped. She  now plans to attend webcast.  All this after she
 had initially deferred to her husband who disliked working with
 LaRouche, because we wanted to dump Obama, and he stopped her
 from attending the last webcast..

 In numerous calls there has been a serioius response as indicated
 from their reaction being, "this is important what you are
 talking with me about, but it is over my understanding, why don't
 you call this person." and then give us referrals of other labor


 Coverage in the July 13 online Clarke Daily News of an
 intervention at the Berryville, Va. town council meeting on
 Tuesday night. The following is the section of a Town Council
 roundup article in the paper. It was the second subheaded item,
 and the most extensive part of the article.

 Glass-Stegall [sic] Plea
         Citizens Kathleen Erikson and Franklin Bell urged town
 council members to contact the US Congress in support of House of
 Representatives bill HR-1489.
         "The financial banking system of this country is going to
 pieces because the Clinton administration revoked the
 Glass-Steagall Act" said Erikson. "The hyper-inflation we are
 experiencing today is the result and now our country is not
 financially sound."
         The Banking Act of 1933 enacted June 16, 1933, commonly
 known as the Glass-Steagall Act, was the law that established
 the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and introduced
 banking reforms, some of which were designed to
 control speculation. A provision of the Act, Regulation Q,
 allowed the Federal Reserve to regulate interest rates in savings
 accounts. The Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary
 Control Act of 1980 repealed savings account interest oversight.
 Glass-Steagall Act provisions that prohibited a bank holding
 company from owning other financial companies were repealed on
 November 12, 1999, by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. The repeal of
 provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 by the
 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act effectively removed the separation that
 previously existed between Wall Street investment banks and
 depository banks. Some experts believe that this repeal directly
 contributed to the severity of the financial crisis of
 20072010 by allowing banks to gamble with their depositors
 money. Others argue that repealing the provisions had little
 impact on the financial system and even helped restore stability
 during the financial crisis.
         "There is a necessity of getting the country out from under
 the casino gambling that has passed for `banking' since repeal of
 the Glass-Steagall Act," said Franklin Bell. "We must either go
 back to the investment approach that we had under Glass-Steagall
 or go down under casino gambling."
         "I urge you to support HR-1489."
         At least one other local jurisdiction also considered the
 Federal budget-bust last night. The Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,
 City Council passed a pro-Glass-Steagall resolution by a vote of
 7-0 on Tuesday night.

           - EUROPEAN OPERATIONS FOR JULY 13, 2011 -


 July 13, 2011 (Nouvelle Solidarité) -- On July 11, Agora Erasmus,
 the LaRouche movement in Belgium, distributed some 500 leaflets
 at the entrance of the EU Commission exposing their genocidal
 policy to reduce by 80% the EU's subsidies to charities and food
 banks that provide food aid for some of at least 43 million
 Europeans who suffer by lack of adequate food. In Belgium,
 population 11 million, some 224,000 people require food aid to
         Some people in the EU building looked angry, apparently at
 the organizers, not the starvation of their fellow Europeans.  We
 also leafleted the mailboxes of all the major international
 newswires in the nearby Brussels International Press Office.
         The news seemed to have become all the buzz. Reaction or
 coincidence, the fact is that by the next day, the office of
 Belgian Socialist MEP Marc Tarabella announced that July 15, he,
 with a group of MPs, together with the Belgian vice-secretary in
 charge of the fight against poverty, will stage a media event in
 front of the office of the President of the European Council
 Herman van Rompuy.  The idea is that in order to shame him and
 mock his insane genocidal policy, the MPs will give him a food
 aid package of staple food items. Journalists are welcome to
 attend the event and take pictures. Agora Erasmus will also be on
 site. (kav)
                     *** END OF BRIEFING ***
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