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 Lyndon LaRouche National Leadership Meeting, Saturday, Oct. 9,


 LYN:  I'm going to start with something which may seem off the
 track to some people, but it's not off the track.  Some people
 suffering from acute constipation are feeling the pain of
 factoids.  And thus, they tend to say, "give me the facts," in
 this desperate effort to get rid of these factoids which occupy
 their intestinal tract.
         So, the point is this:  We are now doing, as you know, on
 most Wednesdays, since John took the bit in his teeth, we're
 doing a review, of the insanity of most people, including our
 own, on the subject of tragedy.  And they have not yet completed
 their relieving their constipation.  That will come later; I
 guess the big pain is still on the way.  Well, you have to put
 things in these ways, otherwise people don't understand them.
 Because, actually, the Big Turd there, which is constipating
 them, is not coming out, and therefore they're postponing the
         What most people think, in our organization in particular,
 especially since approximately August of 2007, is, most of our
 people increasingly, do not think in terms of reality.  And that
 is the characteristic of the problem.  To understand this,
 looking at this case of {Don Giovanni}, is one of the best ways
 in which to recognize what the problem is.  And the way people
 approach drama, which is usually silly, is an example of that.  I
 get worried about these drama things we do, because you have some
 people who know what drama is, or have a good sense of it, and
 you have people who have a sense of the pleasure they intend to
 get from experiencing doing it.  And their sense of pleasure,
 gets in the way, of understanding drama, especially understanding
 life.  Because, what's wrong, on the stage, what's wrong with the
 actors, what's wrong with the audience, is, their problem with
 drama comes from their problem with life.  And when they don't
 perform a drama competently, as most of our people can not do
 that, it reflects their problems with life.
         Now, let's take the {Don Giovanni} principle, because the
 importance of {Don Giovanni}, lies in the fact, that its wide
 circulation in the past, and its proximity to the present, is
 such that, when bad performance of {Don Giovanni}, or what I
 would consider a bad performance of {Don Giovanni}, reveals, a
 really deep, emotional psychological problem in the population.
 They can not perform {Don Giovanni} competently, because if they
 did, they would get very upset.  Take the particular case of
 Leporello's aria, "catalogue aria":  What's the emotion, of the
 audience, and projected by the actors, in a performance of the
 "catalogue aria" by Leporello?  What is really happening, and
 what's the reaction of the audience?  What, is really happening,
 onstage, in the drama?  And what is going on in the reaction of
 the performers, and the audience, {and} the direction?
 Leporello's "catalogue aria" is generally treated as a very
 sympathetic part of the whole thing.
         {Why?}  "Mille e tre"?!
         WHY?  You mean, the entire Spanish population is happily
 fucked up? [laughter]  Maybe that's what's going on in Mexico,
 now.  They couldn't get it any other way than drugs.
         The point is, is -- and this came up, we had, you know, in
 trying to direct this thing here, and come up with performing, in
 the rehearsal procedures we were doing here, the difficulty of
 doing the Leporello catalogue aria.  And that is, I think, the
 most characteristic evidence, of a failure of the conception of
 drama, the idea of tragedy, {and}, of life!  The argument is,
 essentially, from the standpoint of the director, and the
 audience, the audience will leave the theater, if they're not
 entertained.  And therefore, if you can get sympathy, or
 quasi-sympathy, for each part of the drama, except, for maybe a
 few parts, which are the crucial ones, then you are going to hold
 the audience. Not only that audience, but in general.  And this
 reminds me of our Boomers.
 They're typical; they're all Leporellos, hmm?  Hmm?  They want a
 "good effect"!  They want pleasure!  "This won't sell.  This will
 sell," hmm?  So, why do people do this?  Well, because they don't
 have any leadership.
         Now, let's take reality, now.  Keep this in mind.  Now, go
 back to July of 2007:  Everything, every forecast I've made,
 beginning with the 25th of July, 2007, has been exactly {on the
 button!}  Every one!  Every characterization!
         What's been the reaction, of the phone teams, and others, to
 these forecasts?  Or, to the pattern of these forecasts?  What's
 the response?  We're dealing with the forecast of a crisis, a
 crisis of society.  What I've been doing, is pace by pace, as
 each turning point occurs, I've been forecasting, the fact the
 turn had occurred and what the implication of the turn was.  I've
 been consistently {right, every step of the way!}  I have never
 made a mistake, in a forecast.
         What has our membership done?  What have the Boomers done,
 in particular?  Philadelphia, there was resistance to what I
 said.  There was resistance to {not going to the Congress}.  I
 forbade going to members of the Congress on the HBPA.  What
 happened?  Pennsylvania went to the Congress; they went to
 Kanjorski.  They weren't supposed to do that.  Now, nobody said
 who it was in the Philadelphia organization who did that, but
 there was some suspicion.  But there was no one who clarified
 what had happened there.  Just Steve saying, no, he didn't have
 any part of such thing -- which is also plausible.  Because Steve
 does not know, often, what is going on in his own shop, but has
 to cover up for it afterward! [chuckles]  Hmm?  And the same
 thing around -- again, and again, and again!
         Now, some of our people who know us, and who've been
 observing what we're been doing over this time, seriously, with
 serious consideration, realize I've been consistently right, on
 each of these things, from point to point.  This has been
 history.  But what's the reaction -- from Baltimore?  "Well, I'm
 not sure I can agree with that!"  I say, "we're going with the
 25th Amendment," they suddenly go back to Glass-Steagall, which
 they've resisting for a long period of time.  [laughter]  Hmm?
 Whatever I say, you have a faction, in the organization, which
 says, "no."  "Well, I don't know if I can believe that!"  Well,
 what {can} they believe?  Death?  It will be delivered to them,
 if that's what they want!  We're now in a period of time, where
 that's the likely outcome:  Are they trying to bring about their
 own death?  Because that's what they're talking about!  Their
 policy, if they keep resisting, either the use of what I
 forecast, their own death, the death of members of their family
 and so forth!  Doesn't seem like a very intelligent process.
         Go back to {Don Giovanni}.  Go back to the catalogue aria.
         When people say,  they want a "comfort zone," they want a
 sense of immediate rewards, immediate pleasure, now, the pleasure
 also includes sadistic and masochistic pleasure, you know, and
 these are forms of pleasure which are becoming more and more
 popular among the population. "Beat me!  Beat me!"  "Batti,
 batti, batti!" you know, "Massetto, beat me, beat me! {Bel
 Massetto}, beat me!"  [laughs]  What's that?  Pleasure?
 Masochism?  What?  "Beat me, and I'll feel good. Beat me, and
 getting over the pain will be so pleasurable!"
         People demand pleasure!  Therefore, what is done, generally,
 the idea of moving a population, is dispensing pleasure!  And
 that's the way this organization, particularly the Boomers, tend
 to respond!  They want to think a thought, which, to them, is an
 immediate experience of pleasure.  For example, they will
 anticipate:  "Well, Lyn is saying this, but we know the people
 won't believe it," and therefore, they go out to deployment
 exactly that way.  We say, the crisis, this is coming down.  "Oh,
 this is horrible.  We can't tell people that.  They don't
 believe it."  And there's nothing but crisis!
         Now, we're in, right now, as was emphasized in a discussion
 we have this morning, what happened, is, that people, the
 Congress, was terrified, for fear that the Congress was going to
 be stampeded into the Glass-Steagall implementation.  So
 therefore, the leadership of the Congress responded, by
 immediately accelerating the shutdown of the Congress.  Why?  Why
 did they shut down the Congress?  Because they were afraid, that
 in a few more days, Glass-Steagall would be voted up.  So get
 them out of there, now.  It's the same thing!  This is tragedy!
         This is tragedy.  The population is manipulated; it's
 manipulated by its own sense of pleasure, pleasure and pain.  It
 says, "we feel pain, there it couldn't be true."  And yet, they
 keep getting pain!  Right now, you're in a general breakdown
 crisis of the entire U.S. economy.  We've been in a process of
 breakdown, now, we've now reached the point, where the entire
 banking system, which is trying to cover for its fake assets,
 with this mortgage thing -- and what does this go back to?  What
 is the crisis right now?  This was the discussion I had this
 morning:  What is the crisis?  Bank of America and other banks,
 what's the crisis?
         The crisis is precisely the crisis I identified, in July of
 2007.  The issue is precisely the issue I posed in July, and the
 days after that, in 2007.  Every step of the process, of the
 collapse of the economy, an explosion of the economy, since July
 25th, 2007, has been consistent, entirely consistent, with the
 forecast I delivered, on that day.
         Now, how could there be, in any phone team, or any part of
 this organization, that didn't operate on the basis of knowing
 that fact?  My forecast, then, is the forecast, which has been
 consistently, the driving force of every turn, in the world
 crisis, since that time.  Because it's the relationship between
 the British control of the economy, and the U.S. reaction to it,
 that has been the determinant {of the entire world economy!}  And
 entire history since that time.  How could our own people, be so
 stupid, as not to know that, and not to act on that?
         The {Don Giovanni} principle.  You can present a tragedy, as
 long as it's pleasant for us to experience it.  They must go out
 with a glowing sense of having experienced pleasure.  And they
 like even the dirty parts; they like the dirty parts, especially.
 "Show us the dirty parts.  Show us your dirty part!"  [laughter]
 It's called "entertainment"!  So, why don't they present,
 Leporello's catalogue aria, truthfully?
         We had a little discussion of that:  The tendency is to try
 to sing it, according to the notes.  But read the thing!  Read
 it!  Look at the composition, musical composition of this thing,
 after reading what the {content} is!  Now, obviously, the music
 is intended to convey, {the content}!  Now, is the content a
 bunch of notes?  Now, is the content a bunch of notes?  Is the
 content  the sound of a voice?
         Or is the content, a method, of presenting {an idea}?  The
 idea is the idea of {evil}, which the last element of the entire
 opera conveys.  "We bastards, we're going to do it all over
         Why could the singers, in a sense, do that, portray that? So
 there's no contradiction, there's no expression of disgust and
 rage, and frustration, at that last element in {Don Giovanni}?
 Which obviously is Mozart's intention?  So, why do the
 performances, keep evading the fulfillment of the intention of
 Mozart's composition?
         Because they want pleasure.  Even in pain.  Especially in
 sin. They want to experience their pleasure. Why do people
 gamble, in gambling houses?  They want pleasure. Why do so many
 parts of the population enjoy gambling?  And fear it?  Pleasure.
         So the idea is, that pleasure, is the motivation.  Now, what
 is this?  Well, this is sort of British, isn't it?  But it's not
 just British, it's older than British:  It's the Sarpi principle,
 which is there, also earlier.  And therefore, you must always
 {please} the audience.  You may put in some bad parts, a little
 tweak here and there, you know, like Don Giovanni being thrown to
 Hell, and the opening of the thing, the killing of the
 Commandatore in the opening part; this is the pain part.
 Everything else is supposed to be a pleasant  experience.  So,
 suddenly, like our Boomers, in some of the regions, the result of
 their choosing what they think pleases them to believe, and the
 consequence, are two different things.  The consequence is Hell.
 And they're voting for Hell, every time!  They don't intend to
 vote for Hell; they intend to vote for their present sense of
         Their argument is:  "The population is not ready for this."
 Now, we know a couple of guys, in our organization, who always
 had that line, "the population is not ready for what he's saying,
 therefore we have to change."  But I've always been right!  So
 where's their authority?  Where do they turn to?  Truth?  Or
 mysticism?  And therefore, with the singer, who sings the part of
 Leporello, must portray a most awesomely disgusting piece of
 pessimism, anti-human pessimism.  So, everything is double:  "I
 say this sweetly... but of course, it means this!"  That's what
 he must sing, every line!  Every line must do that!  The
 catalogue!  You're talking about, "every woman in Spain is a
 whore."  And anyone who's part of the Habsburg heritage, legacy,
 is a whore!  (Which, in a sense, what Mozart would go along
 with.)  Do they convey that?  No!  They sing it sweetly!  It's a
 comedy!  This "buffoon,"  and this silly personal audience he
 has.  And people think this is a deliciously  -- applauded; they
 get applause for the catalogue aria.  You should have people
 pissing on the floor!  Saying, "Omigod!  That's me!"
         And the singer has to do that, the actor, who's playing the
 part, they have to do it.  Mozart's done it!  The instructions
 are clear!  But they don't {sing it that way!}  They get
 applause, because it's an entertaining thing.  And a thousand and
 three Spanish ladies, being the whores of the nation, is not
 exactly something to be happy about!  Someone says, "I'm going to
 change my citizenship!  I'm not going to speak Spanish, ever
 again!"  If you don't have that intention, in performance, and
 deliver that painful effect, immediately, you're not performing
 the opera!
         {And that's true, with most drama!}  Even modern dramas,
 that are good.  One of the best exceptions to that, is, of
 course, the best demonstration of that, is {The Iceman Cometh}.
 Hmm.  In which the tragic element of the whole thing, is thrown
 at audience, in a very rude, harsh way:  "Hickey, you took the
 life outta the booze!"  What's the "booze"?  The booze in Mozart?
 Leporello's catalogue aria, that's the "booze"!  If you present
 as a great drink, a nice, sweet, entertaining drink, you missed
 it.  {That's the problem.}
         And it's not a coincidence that that's the problem, that the
 Mozart performance of the {Don Giovanni} is such an excellent
 demonstration of the problem:  Because society is destroyed by
 its {sense of pleasure}!  Hmm?  You have two kinds of society:
 You have the masochist, who's decided to get pleasure out of
 extreme, perceived pain.  And you get the so-called optimist, who
 gets the pain delivered to him, {post facto} -- the "Dear John"
 letter! [laughs]  Right?  They do that any more.  You don't get
 any reports about Dear John letters.  But that's what it is.
         And that's the problem we have: That we're dealing with  --
 the truth of the matter is, we have to deliver, a sense of an
 alternative.  But our own people, who are intimidated says,
 "Well, we're going to put some people off who want pleasure.
 Therefore, that's not going to work."  And what they do, is, what
 happened this week:  The minute the 25th Amendment went up, in
 Baltimore and other places, immediately, Glass-Steagall, for the
 first time, in long time, came back!  [laughter]  Typical, huh?
 And it's this thing of the Leporello Syndrome, the same thing.
 Exactly that.
         And therefore, you understand exactly why, particularly the
 Boomers in the organization, so many of them, have been {en
 masse} so consistently stupid, since July 25th, 2007.  I've been
 never wrong in a forecast, in this entire period.  And yet, the
 minute I make a forecast, now, they turn against it, and the
 income collapses, immediately, when they hear a new forecast from
 me. Hmm?  And that's the point!  People believe in pleasure and
 pain.  Therefore, if you tell them something that gives them
 pleasure, or they believe will give them pleasure, they go with
 it.  If they think it will give them pain, it's wrong.  And yet,
 you see, from the case of {Don Giovanni}, it is precisely the
 perception of pain, which is the only way to get out of Hell!
 Not that you should seek pain, but you should recognize it when
 you have it:  It's like the guy with cancer, who didn't recognize
 it in time.  Or, the doctor told him, it was "nothing."  Like a
 bad direction of {Don Giovanni}.
         And that is our most characteristic problem!  And when you
 take the record, of what has happened, blow by blow, on what I
 forecast, in July -- July 25th, 2007, and what has happened since
 then, and the reaction of various part of our own organization,
 and the phone teams in particular, to {this}, over this period,
 step by step, step by step, right up to the present time!  Most
 of our members should say, "well, if we think this is wrong, it
 has to be right."
         And that's what our biggest problem is!  Our problem is our
 troops, the morale factor in our troops:  They're not honest,
 they don't tell the truth, they have some mystique; they're still
 trying to get some beauty out of the Leporello catalogue aria.
 When, if you deliver it, in the right understanding of what it's
 saying, in reality, you do it right, you start to say something
 sweet, and you produce something {sour}, menacing, evil --
 ironical, sardonic!  The quality of the entire aria, and that
 entire scene, is {sardonic}!  It's the Devil laughing at mankind!
         Now, John has got some taste of it, but we're still working
 on getting through the sense of how to deliver this effectively.
 But, that's fine, as long as we're working in the direction of
 getting at that, that's good.  But this behavior, compare this
 thing, this pleasure-seeking, which is the characteristic of the
 population, which is the characteristic, {mostly}, especially
 since, notably, since September of 2007, the search for pleasure,
 the pleasure principle, has been the dominant feature in the
 organization, especially among the Boomers, which has caused
 every {performance failure}, in the organization, has come from
 the organization itself, from some parts of the leadership, and
 also from the population, especially the Boomer part of the
 population, which is the most susceptible to this.
         See, the Boomers don't see themselves, as in society.  They
 see themselves as veterans, of former membership in society.  And
 therefore, they don't see themselves as capable of shaping
 history, but only of commenting on it.  And you see that, between
 the difference between the youth reaction and the Boomer
 reaction.  It's very different.  And Boomers don't want to
 recognize the truth about their generation, or, I would prefer to
 call it, their de-generation.  Because, what happened to this
 country, and what people accepted, from childhood on,
 particularly after the assassination of Kennedy, what they
 accepted, destroyed the Boomer generation's morality.  And the
 rise of the Greenies, represented that moral degeneration.  Or,
 people who say, who are not Greenies themselves, but say, "But
 you've got to recognize this, you can not deal with this, you've
 got to accept this.  This is the way it is!"  Huh?  "Aw, my
 cousin just died, not physically.  He's still around, as a
 walking corpse, but he's turned green, you know?  Human beings
 are pink, and he's turned GREE-EE-EN!  An ugly GRE-EEN!"  A
         And the Greenies are killers.  They're suicide cases,
 they're cultural suicide cases.  They're depraved, they're
 degenerates.  And people take pride, an impassioned commitment,
 to being degenerates.
         And that's our biggest problem, in the organization.  And
 it's most acute among the Boomers.  Is, the destruction of an
 entire generation, as a result of what people like to refer to
 McCarthyism, which is simply Trumanism.  And it was Wall Street.
 And it happened, because once Churchill got shit in his pants --
 I supposed it was habitual with him:  But, Churchill, when France
 disintegrated, and Britain was in desperate position, came
 screaming for Franklin Roosevelt, Wall Street reluctantly gave up
 its natural proclivities, which are British proclivities, and
 they turned off anti-Americanism, for the duration.  With the
 victory, in the breakthrough in the Normandy, things changed:
 Wall Street and London no longer had a commitment to an alliance
 with the United States.  They did everything possible to prolong
 the war, and Wall Street went back to what it had been before the
         This was showed in the summer of '44, when, in the
 nomination campaign, for President and Vice President, in the
 Democratic Party, in 1944, the Democratic Party {went back to
 Wall Street}.  And their spokesman was a Wall Street guy, who had
 been involved in pro-Hitler kinds of things, before this:
 Truman.  Truman was a Missouri whore, who represented Wall
 Street;  he kissed the British ass, which all Wall Street people
 do.  They should have a big British ass there, not that bull, you
 know.  That's a British ass, that's not a bull!  And what Wall
 Street members do, is they kiss it, every day!
         So, they went back to it!  So, now, Truman was in as Vice
 President, as a concession {within} the Democratic Party!
 Because Wall Street had taken charge of the Democratic Party
 again, in the summer of 1944.  Now, that's the American
 population, as I know it!
         We, who were patriots, were always in a minority.  They
 others were not necessarily enemies, but worse, they were fools.
 And {that is the truth}, right now!  Right now, the entire world
 system is in disintegration, and there are two things that have
 to happen, and they have to happen, and they have to happen in
 rapid succession:  One, is Glass-Steagall.  But, before that, now
 we have to have impeachment.  Because you won't get
 Glass-Steagall without impeachment.  So therefore, the first
 thing, impeachment, quickly; Glass-Steagall, immediately.  And
 then, a general reorganization of the planet.  And NAWAPA is the
 symbol, and key and sign of that reorganization.
         And that's the only thing we should be saying, and thinking!
 But there's this {Don Giovanni} effect of the fake Don Giovanni,
 of trying to give pleasure, with the depravity that Don Giovanni
 represents!  Which is the intention of Mozart; but it's the
 corruption of both the direction, in part, but also primarily the
 audience.  What killed Don Giovanni, was the Vienna audience,
 which is one of the reasons Mozart knew, which is why he did the
 thing {away} from Vienna, in Czechia.  That was why it was done
 in Prague, because he knew what he was dealing with in Vienna.
 Then it was so popular in Prague, that it was played, but under
 different direction, different influence on the direction in
 Vienna, and ever since.
         And it's always the thing, it's a very simple thing, when
 people get involved with "singing the score," without singing the
 libretto, or the intention of the libretto.  Without the touch of
 irony, which is in there: It's in {every single line}, of this
 catalogue!  "Ha-ha!  How nice it is -- !' {Ughhhh!}  Same thing
 that's done in performing the famous soliloquy from the Third Act
 in {Hamlet}.  It's performed, in some way, by an actor:  It's
 called "professional delivery of the poetry."  But what's the
 intention!  Isn't the intention part of the composition?  Isn't
 irony, the essential medium of conveying the intention?  Of
 saying to people that what you thought was a pleasant idea, is
 really what is going to destroy you!  You took poison, because
 you liked the flavor!  That's what children do, isn't it? That's
 how children die:  They like the flavor of something, they like
 its smell, they ingest it, because of that, and they die!  Hmm?
 That's what happens with us.
         We're now at a point, where there is no possibility, of the
 survival of the United States, even over a matter of a duration
 of weeks now, because, the way the bomb has been set off, the
 grenade, the pin has been pulled; it was pulled by the Bank of
 America:  Every other banking institution in the United States,
 and the world, if this continues, is going to pull the same pin.
 The magnitude of the collapse, which will ensure, you're talking
 about in the order or magnitude  of up to tens of trillions of
 trillions of dollars, of a sudden collapse of the world economy.
 And it will happen within a matter of days or weeks.  But the pin
 will be pulled, it has been pulled.  Bank of America pulled it,
 other banks will pull it; banks around the world will it!  Major
 banking systems.
         And the entire economy of the world will disintegrate, in a
 chain reaction implosion:  That's what you're seeing, right now,
 {unless} what we say has to be done, {is done!}
         And I don't think Bill Clinton has got the bit on this one,
 right now.  But that's the point!  People are looking for the
 happy ending!  And they haven't taken the laxative, yet.
         And that's what our people do!  Our people do, they play it
 back to us!  You know, in various regions, the Boomers play it
 back:  "Well, he said so, but I don't know whether he's right or
 not."  I've always been right, and they're always wrong.  Why're
 they wrong?  Because they're Boomers.  They're victims of what
 was done to them, practically before they were born, where the
 McCarthyism effect, the torture of the McCarthyism, so-called --
 it wasn't McCarthyism it was Trumanism; it was the British.  And
 it started in 1944:  McCarthy was not even elected yet; he was a
 drunken, leftwing Republican from Wisconsin.  He was running on a
 leftwing ticket; he was elected to the Senate by the Communist
 Party of Wisconsin!  [laughs]
         TONY P.: And the sugar lobby.
         LYN:  Yeah, it was the sugar lobby kit, the Cuban sugar
 lobby!  And, but this was done by Truman! It was done by the
 Hitler people, but he didn't like to talk about the Hitler
 people.  It was the Wall Street people!  Well, the Hitler people;
 it was Wall Street who funded Hitler, put him in power!  With the
 British {begging} Wall Street to help them put Hitler in power!
 And Wall Street came across with the money!  And it came across
 to the Bank of England through the Brown Brothers Harriman: it
 was the center of the organization.  {They} created Hitler!  And
 then, when they found out, when the British said, "Huh!
 Huh-huh-huh! We're gonna go!  We're all gonna go!"  They said,
 "Okay, we'll back Britain, to get rid of Hitler."  Once they saw
 that Hitler was going to be finished, their problem was solved,
 then they went back to being Hitler.  And they had to do a quick
 reversal, in the United States, and {they got the majority of the
 Democratic Party representatives to go along with it! with the
 Truman nomination for Vice President, in 1944, the summer of 1944
 -- because the United States had led in winning of the crushing
 of the Hitler phenomenon, permanently, by the successful cracking
 of Normandy!}
         That's what you're living today.  I know it:  I was there!
 You weren't:  you were late, you were born too late.  Your
 mothers and fathers weren't precocious enough to have you born
         And so, that's the lesson and you have to take this {Don
 Giovanni} thing -- people go to the thing, and they get a sense
 of pleasure out of it!  They're not supposed to get a sense of
 euphoria out of it, they're supposed to get a sense of shame.
 Because, the shameful thing is, them.  The audience is shameful!
         That's how the population is controlled, and that how our
 organization's members are controlled, the Boomers, especially,
 are controlled.  They live in a population, where if they
 themselves, as individuals, don't go along with this, they go
 along with their population.  And it's going along with popular
 opinion, or prevalent opinion.  And that's what the corruption
 is.  And this kind of corruption is specific to this generation.
 That, born, 1944-45, when the change had begun.  I saw it; I
 experienced it.  I saw the whole -- I experienced everything.
 I'm one of the few survivors of people who did experience that
 change.  And you are committing, in this organization, by and
 large, led by the Boomers, or under pressure from the Boomer
 faction in the organization, is committing the same crime.  The
 crime of a popular performance of {Don Giovanni}, of finding the
 catalogue aria, amusing.  When it should be {shocking}.  Hmm?
 That's Mozart's intention.
         But people prefer that they have a "better idea" of how to
 present it.  Sing it sweetly!  Sing it naively!  Don't {grasp}
 this sense of tragedy!
         {I love tragedy, because it is truthful!}  It is the true
 condition of the human species, is tragedy.  And the purpose of
 politics is to overcome the legacy of tragedy, not by euphoria,
 which is what most people want.  That's why they take cocaine.
 Now, this guy -- you wouldn't know him, it was back before your
 time -- who wrote these stories, which were based on the study of
 the "Land of Cockaigne"  -- which was really cocaine, but it
 wasn't called that, it was symbolic.  But that's a part of
 literature which is not accessible to you, today.  It's there,
 buried in the libraries, if they haven't burned them, yet, or let
 them just rot away from neglect.  But in that time, back in the
 1920s, 1930s, this sort of thing was there, the "Land of
 Cockaigne," this idea of "pleasure per se."  Even if it kills
         So therefore, that's where we stand.  We're standing on the
 edge of everything we're going to be able to accomplish depends
 upon the degree to which we can convince, even our own Boomers,
 to stop being shitheads.  To recognize that I've never made a
 single error in a forecast, of what the changes are, shift in
 condition, beginning with July 25th, 2007.  And I can give you,
 and most of you can recall that, of every time that I've
 emphasized it, there's been resistance against it, and it would
 go in the opposite direction, just like this past week:  We
 mentioned the 25th Amendment, and they say, "We gotta push
 Glass-Steagall," which they'd been resisting all along.
         This is the pleasure principle:  This is where the pleasure
 principle, is {evil}.  More people are destroyed by the sense of
 desire for pleasure, than any other motive.  For short-term
 pleasure -- they used to say, "one night with syphilis, and a
 lifetime with mercury."  [Gerry laughs]  What they used to give
 for syphilis was mercury, which is a poison.  It was the only
 that could kill the stuff off, that they had back then.  So, back
 in past centuries, up until certain medical discoveries, more
 recently, "one night with Venus, a lifetime with Mercury."
         And that's the problem, essentially, the principle of the
 problem today!  That's the principle of the bad performances  of
 {Don Giovanni}:  "One night with Venus..."  Medical science
 removed a certain kind of wisdom from people.
         GERRY:  I think -- look, what goes on, is:  What you're
 saying, everybody does know.  They face it on the frontlines
 every day.  And the only way you can actually face this directly,
 and I was thinking through my own thoughts as you were going
 through it, is, you have to start from the standpoint of your own
 immortality, which a lot of the phone teams gave up.  You know,
 when we first, originally joined, and I remember it very
 personally, there was a sense of your immortal contribution, and
 that you would face horror.  I remember, the first time you told
 us about nuclear war, with MC14/4.  It happened to be the day I
 got married -- it's true.  It's true.
         LYN:  Boy, God punished you for that one!  [laughter]
         GERRY:  It was set before,  I didn't set it for the
 mobilization around MC14/4!
         LYN:  God punishes little sins.
         GERRY:  I just remember it so sensuously, because, the
 horror of what this civilization has faced, and what the Boomers
 ran away from, comes hit you.  And unless you have a sense of
 your own immortal contribution, you'll fake it!  And I think
 that's  -- as I was going through it, I remember how I joined,
 people have to remember that!  'Cause that's the only way you can
 face this, it's the only way Mozart and others, Beethoven and
 others could face it.  So, I just want to put that one the table,
 'cause that's what goes on.  The horror, of what you're seeing,
 the only way you can actually face it, is from the standpoint of
 your own immortal contribution for mankind and generations to
 come.  If you do that, you can mobilize people.  But you can't
 fake it.  And I think that's the point you've been making --
         LYN:  That's warfare.  You see people, in warfare, that's
 exactly what you face.  That's the question you face, in general
 warfare.  Unless you're insane.  And most people in warfare
 today, become insane, because a principle is not there, in the
 war! The unnecessary wars, the fighting of unnecessary short or
 long wars, with no purpose -- the same kind of fact of
 demoralization.  And you've got a whole population that's really
 affected:  Being recruited into the military, which at one point
 they thought was a way of getting by, a quick way of getting by
 -- you know, flee from life and go into the military.  We used to
 talk about that, in the 1930s, before the war: The slogan for
 joining the U.S. Army, was just exactly that: U.S.A. [U.S. Army]
 stood for "Useless Sons Accommodated."
         The military were the Useless Sons of America.  They went in
 there for no purpose, essentially; they were desperate, they
 needed employment, they had no skills, they learned nothing.
 They just accepted the orders and the drill, and so forth.  And
 therefore, the first thing you had to do, you went into war, you
 had to sort of sort out the military:  You cleaned out and fired
 most of the generals.  The sergeants got replaced, and privates
 became sergeants and so forth, that's exactly what happened.  And
 we have the Useless Sons of American history now, were running
 things.  That's what you have, the Useless Sons of America,
 they're members of the Congress and places like that, with a few
 exceptions here and there, and Wall Street and all these other
 things: They're useless.
         But the point is, is you have to face the reality of pain,
 and in order to avoid pain, in a pleasure/pain society, which is
 what's called "liberalism."  You have two things, the Republicans
 are sadists, and the Democrats are liberals.  You don't know
 which is worse.
         So, Debra had a report for us today, she gave to Jeff and I,
 just a few minutes before I came down here, and got that through,
 and it pertained to this question.  And what's wrong with the
 organization is this.  And the fact that we're going through this
 examination, and music and Mozart, {Don Giovanni} is perfect on
 this, because the errors that you will tend to make, by a popular
 view of opera, when you start to think of "opera  is singing";
 opera is the chance to sing.  It is not the chance to sing!  The
 fact that some of us sing it,  has something to do with that.  It
 is {not} a chance to sing:  it's a mission!  And it's a mission,
 using music as a medium of the mission.  Not the mission as an
 occasion for singing music.  Assuming that the music must
 dominate:  No, the music is a medium. And the word among the
 stupid people is that "medium is the message."
         No, the message is the medium.  That's the difference
 between the Classical and the Romantic.  And Mozart is Classical
 not Romantic.  But the Romanticists have taken over the stage.
 And the other side, the Wagner side: {Tristan une Isole}
 "Liebeslied":  Not a dry seat left in the house!
         Hmm?  Well, that's a message for today.


         LEANDRA:  Debbie gave a briefing to D.C. and Purcellville
 last night, and I think it might useful to just bring a few
 things up.  Well, one thing that she brought up, which I found
 kind of  -- it was a real check to how we approach things in this
 organization, but what happened with your mobilization to keep
 Congress in session, how, throughout the organization that was
 misunderstood, it was repeated, but it wasn't a full-fledged
 mobilization.  And what she basically said last night, and I
 agree, is, "You can't convince me, that if we had pulled a
 full-fledged mobilization on this, we wouldn't have gotten one or
 two votes, for a victory, to keep them in session."  And I think
 that it's valuable to  -- it's terrible that we lost that one!
 But to have that, in that perspective, that when you say to
 mobilize on something, if people have doubts, then, you need
 people in the organization who say, "We're at war.  You're going
 to fight, or you're going to die," basically!  But that was just
 one thing.
         The other thing that Matt and I talked about, a lot, is the
 fact that we need to make this change with the newsroom, and we
 need to make it very soon.  And it's one of these situations
 where the mind is willing, but the flesh is weak.  Only the minds
 are willing, but the finances are very weak!  I mean, we have --
 we're going to do something this week, to make sure that things
 are in place, so we can launch it competently, and just go
 through the steps, work some things out.  But we need the
 finances!  And we also -- there are a lot of upgrades that have
 to do with the website, including what's most important, that
 came from Debbie's report, is making sure that we're featuring
 you incredibly prominently on the front page, and not getting
 into side trips or internal stuff on the front page.  Realizing
 that what you say, what your message is, to people who are
 watching you, is probably the most  -- that's the driving factor
 in everything that we do.
         LYN:  Yeah, I mean, to amplify that:  What the sequence was,
 we were -- Congress was headed for a disaster, before my Friday
 webcast.  And the Friday webcast had a reaction, a reverberating
 reaction, which was stimulating members of the Congress, by this
 filtration kind of response process, where they were shifting, in
 the process of shifting.  They were shaken by what I did.  And
 therefore, they were shaken out of their beliefs that they had,
 prior to the webcast!  The factor that made the difference was my
 webcast, and the reverberation of it.  So that, if we'd held on
 for a couple more days, until Friday of that week, by that time,
 we would have had, obviously, the margin of votes necessary to
 get it through, where people were still in the process of
 discussing, reviewing the impact that this reverberation of this
 webcast had had on them,  particularly on this issue.
         So, what our people did, is they reacted to the aspect of my
 emphasis on Glass-Steagall, but they did it {after}, we put out
 the other business!  So, on Monday and Tuesday, the
 Glass-Steagall thing was dominant in pushing the organization.
 It was the featuring of the Glass-Steagall clarification in my
 Friday webcast.  When we introduced, on Wednesday morning, the
 25th Amendment, then, the organization revolted, and went back to
 pushing the Glass-Steagall part of the webcast, which they had
 not been pushing!  It was going along in the organization, it was
 going along in society.  But they were not reacting, yet, to
 that.  They reacted for the webcast pushing, with a {drop} in the
 income, a sudden drop in the income on Wednesday, as a result of
 our putting in the question of the 25th Amendment:  Why?  Because
 {they}, typical Boomers, said, "Ohhh!!!  He's doing it, again!"
 Shut down:  They dropped the effort, on the financing, of the
 organization, the fundraising.  Just dropped!  Dropped
 precipitously!  One day, on that issue.  And it was because of
 the usual thing, "Well, we're not sure he's right."  And that's
 what's been the problem, all the way along.
         Ever since the Kanjorski scandal, where some people in
 Pennsylvania decided to do, what I told them not to do -- "don't
 try to get the Congress.  Get the states.  Our strength lies in
 the state organizations, not the national party."  We got a
 landslide support, on the state level, but when somebody in
 Pennsylvania, went with Kanjorski, which they were told {not} to
 do by me -- but I know how this thing works.  "Well, the people
 were not ready for Lyn is saying now."  That was what cut in.
 "If we can get some member of Congress to go with this, that will
 work, but what Lyn is saying is wrong.  He's wrong.  You can't do
 it that way."  And they went on that basis!  Some people in
 Philadelphia organization are hostile to me, have been for some
 time -- they're well-known people.  And they were always
 organizing against me, since a long time.  And so they, on their
 own initiative, made their own decisions, and went with
 Kanjorski, when this was precisely what I had forbidden, is to go
 with something like that.  I said, "We are not going to go..."
 And we had governors ready to line up with us, at that time!
         Because, as I'd emphasized, the Congress is corrupted.  On
 the state level, you still have some political organization which
 has morality.  The minute you go into the Congress, you're going
 to get jammed!  So, don't stir them up!  Don't stir up the
 hornet's next.  Sneak up behind them, flank them, on the state
 level.  And we were {winning} on the state level!  Until the
 fucked-up decision to go and promote Kanjorski!  And not only did
 we promote Kanjorski, directly, but we bragged about it.  We
 bragged about, somebody's going to lead the initiative from
 inside the Congress, which as I said, {will not work}.  But these
 guys there, in Pennsylvania, someone in there, who ran that
 operation, the Kanjorski operation, said, "go with Kanjorski,
 don't pay any attention to what Lyn is saying."  And that is what
 blew the whole thing up.  And that was because of certain people
 who were hostile to me, so.  They wanted to prove I was wrong, or
 something.  So they didn't take orders.
         And we had people like that.  We had a few people who were
 organizing, "Well, I'm not"  -- who would go around with the
 line, politically -- "I don't know if the organization is ready
 for what Lyn is saying."  And that was the line how this thing
 worked.  We had people out there organizing on that basis,
 engaged in organizing, for the organization,  on a basis, but
 this was their personal line.  "I'm not sure they're ready for
 what Lyn is saying yet." Therefore they weren't going to say it!
 "We're going to say something else, instead."
         And that's what happens often with the phone teams now. The
 phone teams in the regions.  The phone teams will often say
 something different than what we're saying is policy.  They say,
 "Well, we don't think they're ready for this, yet."  Or, "We
 think he's wrong.  So therefore, we're going to stick to what we
 were doing before."  And that's what happened this week.  It came
 up with the question of the 25th Amendment, "no, we're not going
 to go with that.  They're pushing this?  We're not going to go
 with that."  And it shows!  It showed immediately!  A collapse in
 the income on Wednesday -- Wednesday and Thursday.  {Because our
 organization failed to recognize, including the leadership here,
 in the Center, failed to recognize this syndrome as being the
 problem!}  And you have to say to our Boomers, "don't be
 fuckheads again, this time!"  They're wrong!  They're stupid!
 They're stubborn!  And they're always anticipating, what the
 people say, when the people out there will actually react -- our
 phone teams, will generally, these days, will react wrongly, on
 the estimation of what the opinion of the population is, out
 there. What we're getting from the people, and what we're getting
 from the phone teams, are often {opposite}!  They are prejudging
 the population, pessimistically, beforehand, and therefore, you
 find that the phone teams are having great trouble, relatively
 speaking, and some of it is objective, some of it is subjective.
 But the subjective thing is big, but you have people, also at the
 same time, organizing in the field, and they're not having this
 relative change problem.  The population is more and more with
 us.  and they're assuming the population is more and more against
 us.  The population, from the standpoint of the phone team, the
 reality is, the fact is, people have less money!  That's the
 problem:  It's not that they're against us, they're for us!  But
 they have less money.  The phone team guys tend to think that if
 they don't give us a lot more money -- there's no economy going
 on, as far as the phone team is concerned, there's only
 individual money! [laughter]  So therefore, the political
 organization is they demoralize the population:  They themselves
 are demoralizing the population by what they're saying.  They're
 destroying the population's confidence in itself.  That's where
 the problem lies.

         JEFF:  The other dimension of what Leandra raised that's
 important to also be aware of, is that, if you look from the
 standpoint of the enemy, they had a sense of the cumulative
 impact and the dynamic that was building up off the webcast,
 there were top-down orders to move up the date, when the Congress
 would vote on the issue of the recess, because if they waited
 another 24 hours or so, they would have lost the vote.  And they
 knew that the decisive issue was, the impact of the webcast.
 There was nothing else that could have conceivably explained this
 dramatic shift in the matter of several days.
         LYN:  No, we have a very significant influence  in the
 Congress, among the members of Congress, on particularly things
 that are around the members of Congress.  And they, more and
 more, are responding to what I'm doing, because they recognize
 this.  They recognize that this government can not survive!  This
 present government can not exist much longer!  It's about to
 crumble!  We're up to the last minute, virtually, at which you
 can still save the United States and save civilization, as a
 whole!  And it depends upon the initiative that I'm providing!
 Because there {is} nobody else out there, giving a direction!  We
 don't have any sign of any direction, on a national or global
 scale, which would actually result in preventing civilization
 from disintegrating, {now}!  Except what we know and what we're
         There's no indication.  In Russia?  No, same thing.  China?
 A little different, but the same thing.  India, the same thing.
 Europe?  {Hopeless!}  But there's some signs that you can revive
 something, if you do it.  You're not going to revive it {in
 Europe}.  You're going to revive it by what we do, in the United
 States.  Because that's the only chance for civilization:  What
 we're doing in the United States.  There are factors around the
 world that will play into what we're doing.  But what we're
 doing, and the leadership we are providing, in this small
 organization and its friends out there, {is all there is}.  And
 you either go with that, or forget everything else!  I mean, this
 is like command in war, the same thing, in general warfare.  And
 all these also rans, and "maybe ifs, but, and so forth" is all
 nonsense.  And I have a long record of successes in forecasting.
 The best record of anybody alive right now.
         And especially this pattern, which is a consistent pattern:
 We're still operating on the basis of the implications of the
 forecast I delivered on the 25th of July 2007.  And there has
 never been any forecast since that time, of any significance, but
 that, that's been competent.  What I defined then, {is} the
 situation.  And what we're dealing with since that time, is the
 {unfolding} of that situation.  And there is no change.  And
 there's no other leadership.  Either what we were doing, what I'm
 approaching works, or there is no chance for humanity.
         Why not?  The United States is still the most important
 country in the world -- not the most populous but the most
 important, decisive, because of our history.  And what we're
 doing inside the United States, is the most important thing going
 on {inside} the United States, right now.  There is no other
 alterative.  What'cha got, that's what'cha go with.

         JEFF:  Lyn, thinking about this whole situation, that's
 playing out right now, in terms of Obama's psychology and the
 25th Amendment question:  I remembered, a critical moment during
 the 2004 campaign, where you had a great deal of input into
 Kerry.  And where it was clear that because of the screwups
 during August 2004, when he lost momentum, that he basically one
 very narrow opportunity, to recapture the momentum, and you said,
 it all revolved around the psychology of George Bush, his insane
 relationship to his father.  And I remember in the first
 Presidential debate, there was a moment, where Kerry was hitting
 on that issue, and Bush was on the verge of a psychological
 meltdown on national television, and Kerry flinched, and didn't
 go in for the kill.
         LYN:  That's true.  But that was not the problem.  The
 problem was that, at that point -- I got in on that point, and
 the thing that was decisive, was Bill Clinton had a heart attack.
 And that's what the turning point was.  Bill Clinton was taking
 over the leadership for the campaign, with his New York address,
 from Manhattan.  And then he had this syndrome, this cardiac
 syndrome. And that took him out.  Without Clinton, Kerry was not
 going to succeed.  He did not have -- he was strongly under the
 influence of Ted Kennedy; and he was actually a captive, to a
 large degree of the Kennedy machine.  And Kennedy had gone over
 to the other side!  Not fully at that point, but he'd gone over
 to the other side, because he thought the Kennedy family destiny
 was very poor at that point, and no longer had a sense of the
 Kennedy machine as having power; just the power that resided in
 the fact of his being Senator, but he was losing everything.
         And you have the thing, that happened in Boston, with the
 child sex business, in the Catholic Church.  And this destroyed
 the power of the Catholic Kennedy machine, which was integral in
 Boston, with that.  It's exactly how this piece of shit came in,
 as a significant factor.
         It was actually -- people always look at negatives.  The
 point is, Clinton was a positive factor, an historical factor, at
 the time the heart attack hit him!  And removing Clinton as a
 factor of {leadership}...!
         Now, the other side of the thing was, the way I got into
 this campaign in the way I did, was through Bill Clinton.
 Because I just announced what I was going to do, that month, in
 August, and I did it!  What I did, was actually part of the same
 thing where Bill Clinton had come in, in a large way with Kerry:
 We were off to the races!  I was providing backup in terms of
 conceptions of policy, which I continued to do, which is how we
 got the whole thing started in November, Nov. 9th.  But Bill was
 taken out of the action by a heart attack!  And without the
 positive factor of Bill's role, you were not going to save the
 election.  Because the machine was going to take over -- it was
 that simple.
         And my cooperation with Bill, over this whole period,
 because there has been a transition -- my influence in the United
 States as a political figure, is largely derived from what I did
 around the Nixon change.  And this process led to a point, that
 what was left of what had been the American System people, from
 the intelligence community -- that side, against the enemy -- was
 what I was part of.  And I became a leader of that thing.  They
 rallied around {me}.  Which was the factor inside the Reagan
 Administration.  And so, I have been the leading factor in this
 thing, this revival of this Roosevelt trend, since I intervened
 -- and in this debate, which we had in New York: That debate,
 settled the fact that I was a leader.  And then, the consequence
 of that, was, when I pushed forward SDI policy, earlier, I was
 pushing in that direction, then, what was left of the old
 leadership, began to rally around me.  And look what I had:  the
 leadership of the military in France, the leadership of the
 military in Germany, the leadership of the military in Italy,
 huh?  These were the elements which I was leading, with the
 policy, it was my policy they were adopting!  And this was not
 accidental that this was going along:  Because these people, who
 were my generation, who represented the patriotic tradition of my
 generation, rallied around my efforts!
         So therefore, this has continued.  And the reason they went
 after me the way they've done, is precisely for that reason --
 not because I was a failure, because I was a success!  I was a
 danger to them!  I was the only significant danger to them, in
 the sense of providing the ideas, the concepts, of how to save
 the United States, as a factor, in history.  And that continues
 to the present day.  I'm still the only factor. It depends on me:
 I stay alive, partly out of a passion to save civilization.
 Because if I go, we're gone, as of now.  Take me out, now --
 wffff! We're gone!
         And that's the way history works.  It works with concepts of
 ideas.  The individual is the most important factor in history.
 Most people are not important factors in history, because they're
 unimportant factors in history.  They've chose in one way or the
 other, or negligence or something, to be unimportant factors in
 history.  But those people who shape the {ideas, of principle},
 on which history depends, {they} shape history.  And that's my
         And you see every failure of the organization, when people
 get a different attitude about this thing, every failure comes
 from that.  Every failure has always come from that.  Because
 come from principle, the principle of economics that I
 introduced, especially, my helping on this Riemannian conception,
 back them, in '73, has actually been a determining factor, or
 what became a determining factor, later on, in the 1970s.  And by
 the 1970s, what had been left of the wartime intelligence
 leadership of the United States, was in a sense oriented around
 me.  And the relics of that still exist!  Reverberations of that
 still exist.  And I get the benefit of that, in terms of ideas
 and discussions that come floating in my direction.  And you get
 the benefit of it, as long as I live!  Because I'm the focal
 point for this conception.  We don't have another focal point:
 We're trying to develop one.
         And it's very tough to do it, when you get diseases in this
 organization:  The diseases which infect the leadership in this
 organization, in general, tend to kill and ruin, the possibility
 of developing a broader-based leadership of competence, which
 could take over after my death.  We don't have one, now.

         GERRY:  Let me speak on this Philadelphia thing, because I
 want to come down, very strong on what Lyn said:  'cause this
 scrapple problem, this Kanjorski scrapple problem, I know it for
 a fact, so don't anybody get into a defensive piece of insanity
 on it.  There was massive resistance, to your method!  Which is
 what we blew up on this scrapple thing -- everything knew it!
 Everybody knew it.  And that goes on broader  in broader layers,
 but you had people on phone teams saying, "I'm not sure that
 Lyn's right on his forecast."  And I said, "this guy's out, throw
 him out."  That's what I said.  And Steve gets caught by that,
 was caught by that, the resistance on that.
         So, I just want to say, that Lyn is not kidding about the
 kind of resistance that we have.  But I think it goes to what I
 said, originally:  This absolute fakery on the question of what
 your identity is.  When you fake that, you can go completely
 insane!  So I just want to be on the record on that.
         LYN: That's what the Jersey problem is, as you know, very
         GERRY: Yeah.
         LYN:  And the factor is, that the driving of Phil Rubinstein
 out of New Jersey, is the root of the problem.
         GERRY:  Yup.  Absolutely.
         LYN:  And Phil's one of the brains of the organization, in
 his own way.  Doesn't eat enough, but that's... [laughter]
         GERRY:  I'm the brawn.
         NANCY:  The brains and the brawn?
         LYN:  He's short on brawn:  He doesn't feed himself enough.
 He doesn't underfeed him as much as we say, but he does not
 overfeed himself.  He has sort of a crummy diet.  [laughter]
 He's notorious for his crummy diet.
         Anyway, that's the situation.  That's exactly the situation.
 And that situation has to be the way you look at policy.
 Policymaking is based on these considerations.  It's not these
 considerations, but... when you get the "yes, but..." stuff,
 you're in trouble.  When the truth is spoken, there is no "yes,
         NANCY:  We used to have a cartoon in New Solidarity that
 said, "Yeah, but..." [inaudible]
         LYN:  It should have been turned more internally.
         But anyway, that's our situation:  It's a crisis situation.
 We are running out of time. That if we don't succeed in the short
 time, there is not going to be a civilization.  We're talking
 about weeks.
         WILL W:  When you were going through the {Don Giovanni}
 syndrome, I was reminded of the last line of {Joan of Arc} as the
 direct opposite, where it said, "brief is the pain, eternal is
 the joy."  In the case of Don Giovanni, it's "brief is the joy,
 eternal the pain,"  unless we reverse the trend.
         LYN:  Exactly.  Well, the study of strategy, and we have all
 these people -- one of the big problems we had in the
 organization, was people were studying drama.  And what I've
 known, most of the study of drama, we've had in this
 organization, that I've known of, {stinks}!  Now, some people who
 were trying to do it, had good motives in a sense, personal
 motives of trying to do something in this area.  But they had
 included motives, of assumptions, which do not correspond to the
 tragic principle.  And therefore, you know, all this history of
 tragic --
         I mean, how many people, really get -- I don't want to
 frighten one of our members here -- but what happened to Hector
 was horrible.  I don't know about the other Hector, but I know
 the ancient Hector.
         NANCY:  The old Hector had a terrible time!
         LYN:  The old Hector had a terrible time.  You know, they
 let him die, and they dragged his body all over the place!  And
 the Achilles thing, the Achilles syndrome!  You would think, the
 most characteristic thing of the {Iliad}, the most characteristic
 thing of the whole {Iliad}, is the Achilles principle!  Achilles'
 {rage}, which was the actual cause of a prolonged Peloponnesian
 War, later, the same thing.  The Peloponnesian War was an echo of
 the Trojan War.  Which was the way Aeschylus put it, put the
 warning.  That this was embedded in the culture: What became the
 Peloponnesian War was embedded in the culture from the Trojan
 War, and the Homeric treatment of the Trojan War, is that.
         The thing on this thing, is the rage of Achilles, was
 demonstrated by the dragging of the corpse of Hector, around the
 city, again and again, and again, and again.  Huh?  And then, the
 appeal [of Priam] to get the body, buried decently.  This is the
 center of the whole business.  This kind of destruction: First of
 all, the war was crazy.  Some woman wanted to run away from her
 husband and go with some crazy guy, you know?  This is not the
 cause of the Trojan War.  Not the cause.  But, rather, something
 quite different: The question of personal ego, and rage and
 frustration of personal ego.  And leaders who do not pay any
 attention to the interests of mankind, but only to the their own
 pleasure and advantage.  And will {kill} for the right to secure,
 the ability of getting their way: Like Obama.
         Obama is the tragedy of the United States.  If he stays in
 office, the United States is finished.  And that's the fight
 we've had isn't it, with these guys.  Bad enough, they elected
 the son-of-a-bitch.  Worse that they let him stay.
         No, history is based on the individual.  Because creativity
 lies only with respect to the individual mind, and all that is
 human, pertains to the quality of the individual human mind.  And
 it's the role of individual human minds, that shape human
 history.  That's it.
         But, what goes with that, it doesn't work, unless the
 individual accepts the responsibility that's implied with that.

         BRUCE D:  Hey, Lyn.  A question was just raised, and also in
 drama: Tragedy in organizing.  You talk about the pleasure/pain
 principle, and I'm thinking about different -- or the actual
 state, is the state of creative tension, which is what really
 people back off from in the organizing.  When you lay out the
 kinds of things you lay out, both in terms of here, and as well
 as the initiative on the 25th Amendment, this creates a state of
 tension.  If people want to avoid that tension by coming up with
 a more "plausible" thing until they can figure out a more
 plausible thing they can pull together.  But oftentimes, what the
 organizers typical, is to break the tension with the people
 you're talking to -- I was thinking about what you were saying
 about {Don Giovanni}:  You've got to create, this Leporello aria,
 it has to create a tension in the audience, where you provoke the
 sense of shame that you're talking about, by this tension between
 this real horrible thing that he's singing about, and the beauty
 of the music, which Mozart employs his genius to do, which the
 performers want to break the tension, rather than present it with
 that kind of tension.
         LYN:  Well, the key thing comes with the individual singer.
 See, the individual singer, the individual in history, for
 example, but it's not only the individual singer as the {part},
 but it's the implicit function of the singer's role, in the
 principle of the composition as a whole.  So therefore, if you
 don't have a sense of the irony, of the apposition, where you
 have one sense of the voice and its direction, in the first half
 of the statement, and you have a contrary, ironical
 juxtaposition, of a different intention in the latter half, of
 the same statement,  without that, you do not have irony!
         See, the singers are trapped, by the idea of trying to make
 this melodic, or what's called melodic.
         BRUCE:  I'm asking about the emotional quality that that
 takes, to actually convey that irony.
         LYN:  Exactly that.  But the point is, if you don't have a
 sense of poetry, you can't do it!  And you can't fake it.
         BRUCE:  It's an emotional question, it's not anything you
 can fake.
         LYN:  Well, it's irony.
         BRUCE:  It can't be "presented." It has to be meaning.
         LYN:  It has to be presented, but you have to have people
 who know how to present it.  [Bruce laughs]  It's known how to
 present it!  But look at every case, that I've heard, of  -- take
 the famous Third Act soliloquy of Hamlet, I've never heard a
 decent representation of the Third Act soliloquy of Hamlet.  Huh?
 To me it's obvious, Shakespeare's intention, which means that you
 have a population and its so-called elite, which is defective,
 morally defective.  Because in this case, it's moral defect; it's
 not a technical defect, it's a {moral} defect.  And the moral
 defect, again, is the sense of failure to understand, what
 tragedy is! Tragedy is not something that fails to work out.  The
 worst tragedies are successes.  You can't have a tragedy, unless
 the tragedy is successful.  And then you have characters and
 persons and populations, which are tragically successful.
         The success of the American population in what was called
 McCarthyism, huh, was, they were {triumphing} in it!  The
 majority of the population was coming to {triumph}, in that!  And
 the same thing is true with the acting profession.  They're in a
 Romantic society:  modern culture since the beginning of the 19th
 century, was under the influence of {Romanticism}.  The
 performing stage, in Classical music, is under the influence of
         Elevated pitch, which we had people in our organization were
 stuck with, even though we had established, on the record, with
 the leading singers of the world, and other musicians, the
 question of tuning, which we established was {right}!  You still
 had people in our organization, who would defend elevated tuning!
 Hmm!  That's tragedy!  Because, elevated tuning itself {destroys}
 the ability to perform competently.  Because the proper tuning,
 is built into the design of the human voice.  Therefore, you were
 doing something wrong.  Were you going to make up for it by an
 elevated pitch, by adjusting there, as people did?  A lot of
 singers did that!  They said, "I never do that, when I sing for
 pay."  Hmm?  Because I go with the elevated pitch, because I want
 to be successful.  I eliminate register shift from my voice.
         Now, the only way you can do a register shift, effectively,
 with your voice, is to get it down, to the proper tuning.  You
 may be able to fake it for a while, but your voice isn't going to
 last very long: And that's what happened to many singers.  The
 number of competent singers in the world, has greatly diminished,
 by the fact that there are only a few singers in the world, who
 can survive elevated pitch.  That's what would happen: Their
 voice would give out!  It was unnatural.  Some people had strong
 voices, and therefore, could fake it.  Like some people can fake
 sex, at the age of 70 or something.  I don't want to make anybody
 despondent here.  Maybe they don't think they'll live that long,
 to worry about that.  But in any case. Huh?
         So that's a case of fakery of this type.  And therefore, you
 accept a cultural standard, and you say, "this is what is
 accepted.  This is what you have to do, to be accepted!"  And you
 have people, their voices are flopping all over the place, like
 dying fish on the outgoing tide.  And that  happens; this is
 typical of it.
         So the idea of {irony}, the idea of the {truth of the idea},
 the {truthful expression of a truthful idea}, people are so
 upset, about trying to be popular!  They want to be popular! They
 want to be lo-oved!  Huh?  And my great desire in life is to be
 hated, by the right people!  [laughter]  That's success:  If
 you're hated by the right people, you're a success.
         But, if you are not hated by the right people, if you accept
 that, not being hated by the right people, then you're going to
 come to hate yourself.  Adapting to that which is hateful,
 becomes what you find hateful in yourself.  It's faking:  "I
 don't feel it, any more!"  huh?  I get no pleasure out of this
 any more.
         What you have to do in life, is go along, and get along.
 Yes, it does make things bad, it does make things disgusting --
 that's true.  But it's what you have to do.  And I've learned,
 from a long life, to be disgusting.
         I like to upset people who do that, you know.  I have an
 instinct -- Helga has an instinct to be sadistic to some people,
 for example, just for this kind of reason.  "Some little men make
 me angry," she says.  "These arrogant little men, they make me
 angry," she says.  You know, the female who's got any guts, is so
 really disgusted by male impotence, they're disgusted by it!
 What?  Attached to a dead fish?!  That's not a good option!  Not
 a very durable relationship, you know: The stink begins to rise
 after a while!
         So, that's the problem.  Anyway, such is the nature of
 things.  And that's why {Don Giovanni} is such a good political
 education.  Because you find, if the performance does not come up
 to Mozart's  intention, then you are being warned, that you
 probably are on the wrong track.  I'm sure this will be reflected
 in what you've already done, for tomorrow night's filing, hmm?  I
 sense that you had already gotten in this direction, with your
 preparation for tonight's filing.
         MATT:  We started looking at that final scene, after he's
 sent to Hell, and it's disgusting.  When you sing it, it makes
 you nauseous.
         LYN:  Yeah.  Aaron referred to that, before.  A shocking
 experience, to find out, how clear it was, how plain it is.  And
 if you take that retrospect, from that final scene, which is
 necessary for Mozart, then you understand the whole opera.
 Because you understand the fakery of Leporello, in the catalogue
 aria.  And you're now going to sing it, in such a way that you
 get the anticipation of the final scene, the presence of the
 catalogue aria.  That's how the thing is done successfully.
 Great composition is not done piecemeal.  It's all done, from the
 sense of a holistic effect, unified effect:  it's a process of
 development, an unfolding process of development, which comes to
 a final point.  And you have to understand how to perform a
 drama, you don't start from the beginning to the end: You start
 from the end to the beginning.
         MATT:  Hmm.  Yeah.
         LYN:  It's where you're going to end up, defines what the
 starting point is.  And especially, with a great composer, a
 great dramatist, will always be that way.  They will always work
 their way from the beginning to the end, first.  Then, when they
 get the end, they'll do a retrospective view, of where did I get
 to, from the beginning.
         Now, you go back and you say, "Okay, let's look at the
 beginning.  What's the germ of the ending, in the beginning?"
 And you look at that from the standpoint of the ending, not the
         MALE:  Yeah, that's exactly how Da Ponte and Mozart composed
 the {Don Giovanni}, they're explicit:  In reverse.
         LYN:  Exactly, exactly.  That's what you have to do: you
 have to go through that experience with each case, and when you
 get through the habit of doing that, by establishing the habit of
 doing that, now, you will do that automatically.  And all great
 performers, will do that.  They will work their way to the end,
 and then, judge whether the beginning conforms to the end, or
 not!  And if there's not a coherent relationship, between the
 ending and the beginning,  then you say, "this is crap." And most
 things are crap.  What is not crap, in terms of composition, is
 often crap in terms of performance.  And that's the way you look
 at it.  You always look from the end, the consequence of what
 you're doing, you start from the consequences, of what you're
 doing!  And then you look back to choosing your beginning.
         That's why you keep going back to Homer's {Iliad}.  Because,
 that's the model experience, which is digested by a lot of
 history, which indicates how you have to look at history, and
 look at drama. What's the merit of the drama per se?  You say
 "what is the meaning of this play?"  That's not the question.
 "What's the {merit} of this play?" What's the merit of the
 composition?  What's the merit of the performance?
         Anyway. C'est moi.
         LEANDRA:  Jeff brought something to our attention, which was
 pretty useful.  It was an article by Jerrold Post, where -- it's
 interesting, obviously, from the standpoint of Obama, but then
 also, {Don Giovanni}, where he basically says, the way most
 people have looked at the charismatic leader, is, they look at
 the leader per se, and the "magnetism" of his personality.  But
 what Post brings up, is, it's the entire society, and you have
 people who tend, because they've been damaged psychologically, or
 whatever, tend to gravitate toward people who they can idealize
 and revere, to feel important themselves.  But then, there are
 otherwise psychologically healthy individuals, who, because of a
 great crisis, because of -- the way I was looking at it, because
 of what we went through for the two terms of Bush, are put in
 such a weakened and vulnerable state, that they then looked for
 this leader who's their idealized leader, who promises all these
 things.  So I just thought it was interesting, to look back at
 2008, from that standpoint.
         LYN:  Yeah.  It is.  It is.  Anyway: So, that's me.  That's
 you. C'est ça.

                       - NEWS SUMMARIES -

                          - ECONOMICS -

         Bank of America Pulls the Pin on the Mortgage Grenade (see

         Schwarzenazi Swings His Budget Axe At California's Most
 Vulnerable (see slug)

         New Jersey: Leading the Way to Hell When It Comes to the
 Destruction of Local Government (see slug)

         In a Wednesday, Oct. 6, presentation at the American
 Enterprise Institute, Chris Whalen of Institutional Risk
 Analytics said that "the recent suspension of foreclosure filings
 is just the beginning," and forecast the "impending operational
 collapse of some of the largest US banks."  He said that the Bank
 of America, JPMorgan Chase and GMAC "foreclosure moratoria [are]
 only the start of the crisis that threatens the foundations of
 the entire U.S. political economy.  Many large banks will be
 shattered."  [The Big Picture]

                        - UNITED STATES -

         AOL News Publishes 10 Questions for Kesha Rogers. (see slug)

         LaRouche's April 11, 2009 Forecast is Everywhere.  (see

         Rangel: Decision-Makers Would Never Have Supported the
 Invasion of Iraq If Their own Sons Were In The Military. (see

         Donilon's Other Qualification to be National Security
 Advisor: He Helped Setup Mortgage Crash (see slug)

 founders, Sean Parker and Dustin Moskovitz, have given $170,000
 to back California's marijuana legalization ballot measures.
 Neither is still with the company but both still have large
 ownership stakes and both have become household names because of
 the movie about Facebook. [AP]

                       - WESTERN EUROPE -

         Helga Zepp-LaRouche Remark Quoted on Prime-Time TV in
 Germany (see slug)

         China Concludes Major Agreements With Turkey on Trade and
 Rail (see slug)

         Turkey Planning a New Bosporus Strait (see slug)

                            - ASIA -

         Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo Is a Certified Nazi (see

         Nobel Committee Again Pisses on Alfred Nobel's Grave (see

         South Korea To Investigate Foreign Bank Currency Derivatives
 (See slug)

         Korean Workers' Party Confirms North Korean Succession (see

                        - DOCUMENTATION -

         Exposing Liu Xiaobo as a Nazi: "The Deconstructionist
 Assault on China's Cultural Optimism," excerpts from Fall 1997


 Bank of America Pulls the Pin on the Mortgage Grenade

 Oct. 9 (LPAC)--The complete implosion of the financial bubble
 came one step closer, yesterday, when Bank of America halted
 foreclosure evictions in all 50 states. Previously, such freezes
 had extended only to the 23 states that require judicial approval
 of foreclosure actions, but it has become clear in the past week
 that the problem of possibly fraudulent foreclosure actions is
 not just limited to those states. Indeed, even Obama
 administration officials conceded, yesterday, that a nationwide
 moratorium on foreclosure sales is inevitable, despite their
 reservations that such a moratorium "would have on the housing
 market and the economic recovery," reports this morning's
 Washington Post. The White House is sufficiently worried about
 the scandal that there were two interagency meetings, this week,
 to discuss it, one convened by White House, Treasury, and the
 Department of Housing and Urban Development, and a second one
 that involved the Securities and Exchange Commission, the
 Internal Revenue Service (which oversees taxes), and U.S.
 Attorneys around the country focused on the question of whether
 financial fraud was committed.
         What the Post doesn't say is that Bank of America's action
 exposes the fact that the mortgage-backed securities, on which
 the bubble was built, are worthless, and that everything that was
 done to grow the bubble was illegal. Now, other banks are going
 to have to follow suit and the whole thing comes crashing down.
 Indeed, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (R-Nev.), who is locked
 in a tight race for re-election, is calling on other lenders to
 freeze their foreclosure actions as well, and a group of
 Senators, led by Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.)
 have written to the heads of JPMorgan Chase and Ally Financial,
 asking them to follow Bank of America's lead. Even the chairman
 of the Senate Banking Committee, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) who
 helped create this mess in the first place, announced, he would
 be holding a hearing on it on Nov. 16. And Bloomberg News
 reports, today, that an agreement among as many as 40 states
 attorneys general could be announced as early as Oct. 12 to join
 their efforts into a huge coordinated probe of the scandal.
         Not surprisingly, the banks involved are circling the
 wagons. Bank of America chief Brian Moynihan tried to downplay
 the problem in a speech at the National Press Club, yesterday,
 claiming that "What we're trying to do is clear the air and say
 we'll go back and check our work one more time." The Mortgage
 Bankers Association and the Financial Services Roundtable, whose
 membership includes the firms that make up a large part of the
 bubble, are circulating a letter on Capitol Hill that declares
 that "banks are reviewing their foreclosure paperwork but that in
 nearly all cases, the foreclosures are justified." The Post notes
 that the banks and the loan issuers are not only under pressure
 from homeowners and their advocates, but also the investors,
 including pension funds, that sunk billions into these worthless
 investments. [cjo]

 Behind Oct. 8 Food Commodity Speculation Binge, Farm Potential

 Oct. 9 (EIRNS)--Yesterday, a binge of frenzied trading in grain
 futures on the Chicago Board of Trade, occurred predictably, on
 the occasion of the pre-scheduled release of the monthly crop
 season report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the "WASDE,"
 World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates. Speculation
 reached the day-trading limits for wheat, corn (maize), and
 soybean futures, shooting prices upward, after the USDA reduced
 its estimates for the harvest volume of those crops worldwide.
 Corn futures (December delivery) for example, ended up 6% in one
 day (ending at $5.2825 a bushel.)
          Speculation, in volume of transactions and swing in prices,
 is worse now than in 2008, for food commodities. It's part of the
 generalized hyperinflation underway. Consumer food inflation in
 many parts of the world is now up 16-20% in recent months.
 Friday's Chicago trading binge is just the latest episode in the
 general phase of out-of-control speculation, which is desired by
 the imperial financier circles, which oppose nation states.
         Institutionally, the United Nations and other associations
 of nominally sovereign governments, are serving imperial
 interests by decrying "volatility" in food prices, while refusing
 to ban speculation, and implement a Glass-Steagall approach to
 credit. On Sept. 24 in Rome, the UN FAO held an emergency summit
 against "excessive" speculation.
         Meantime, actual food production potential is being
 undermined on every continent, by depletion of land, water, power
 and human infrastructure. In the midst of the destruction, the
 mega-cartels are consolidating even more control of what remains.

             - 37% U.S. Corn Crop Goes to Ethanol -
         Because of apparent lower yields in the U.S. corn harvest
 this year, after an untimely wet period during the crop season,
 the USDA lowered its world harvest projection for corn by 3.8%
 from what it figured in September, which is the largest
 percentage drop in estimates since 1995, and the largest in
 absolute volume since the 1970s. All this is just "shocker"
 excuses for speculation.
         The 2010 U.S. harvest will still likely be the third largest
 ever, just less than forecast earlier, and a misuse of farming
 capacity in the extreme.
         The glaring fact about U.S. corn is that the Oct. 8 USDA
 report projects that {fully 37% of this year's crop will go for

     - U.S. Farmers Depend 90% on Off-Farm Jobs, Now Gone -
         Cattlemen, dairy and other livestock farmers are hit by the
 rising grain prices, while crop producers are also hit---as are
 all farmers--by inflating input expenses, as well as the whip-saw
 effect of speculation. Farm loan delinquencies in the U.S. have
 now hit a 17-year high, approaching levels seen in the early
 1980s. At least 2.3% of the crop production loans made to farmers
 by commercial banks are past due.
         One contributing cause, is that for the average family farm
 operation, annual income depends 90% on household members working
 off the farm. Those jobs are now drying up.
         Look at Minnesota, for example. Over the past 12 months,
 lenders in this state, have sent 3,670 default notices to farms,
 up 83% in the past 24 months. Hog and dairy farmers have been
 particularly hard hit by low prices. In and around the county of
 Winona, a dairy area, a dozen milk herds (100-250 head) were sold
 off, and milking operations shut down, in just over the
 August-September period alone. (mgm)

 Schwarzenazi Swings His Budget Axe At California's Most

 Oct. 9 (LPAC)--After the budget deal with the Legislature was
 completed, California's fascist Governor took out his budget axe,
 and brought it down on the necks of the state's most vulnerable
 citizens.  Using his line-item veto, he cut almost $1 billion
 more from the budget. The two areas hit the hardest were
 CalWorks, the welfare-to-work program, which Democrats thought
 they had protected; and subsidized child care.  He cut $366
 million from the first, and $256 million from the second.  This
 will hit especially hard poor, single-parent families, from
 after-school programs to health care.
         Once again, the Democrats were suckered into thinking they
 had a deal with Arnie.  And the victims are those whom the
 Democrats claim to represent. (HCS)

 New Jersey Austerity Cuts: Leading the Way to Hell

 Oct. 9 (LPAC)--Every state in the Union is heading towards Hell
 because of the Wall Street-driven disintegration of the U.S.
 economy, but the collapse is occurring at different rates in
 different places. The state that's leading the way is New Jersey.
 Republican Gov. Chris Christie, who only took office in January
 2010, took an already bad situation and has turned it into an
 outright disaster. Two measures he took in particular hit cities
 and towns in the state very hard, accelerating their collapse: he
 slashed state aid to cities and imposed a cap on property tax
 rate increases, preventing increases of more than 2%. The
 property tax cap means that municipalities can't make up the
 revenues lost through the collapse and the slashing of state aid
 by increasing property taxes, which wouldn't work in any case.
 The result is a massive squeeze which contrary to the claims of
 right-wing anti-tax ideologues, is not forcing governments "to
 become more efficient," but rather is crushing them in the name
 of balancing their budgets.
         In Camden, N.J., the mayor has put forward a "worst case
 scenario" that would see the layoffs of more than 150 police
 officers, 77 firefighters and about 150 other city workers if the
 unions don't accept major concessions. The plan is driven by the
 fear that the city won't get all of the $54 million it needs in
 state aid. A senior official of the fire union said that 77
 layoffs in the fire department amounts to half of the department,
 and if that happens "you would not have a Camden Fire
 Department." The case of Newark demonstrates further insanity:
 The Police Department, which is facing the threat of 167 layoffs,
 reported, this week, that murders in the city are up 25% compared
 to last year and 145% in just one police district. Rapes,
 robberies, aggravated assaults and shootings have also increased.
 One precinct commander sent out a memo that crime was up
 "dramatically" in his precinct, while police performance is down,
 which the police director acknowledges is a sign of low morale
 stemming from the prospect of layoffs and demotions.
         Smaller communities in New Jersey are similarly impacted.
 The Highlands borough council announced, on Thursday, that it
 will have to lay off 12 of the borough's 53 employees to meet the
 demands of the FY2011 budget. The layoff plan includes 3 police
 officers, four clerk positions and 5 from public works. In Little
 Egg Harbor Township, a suburb of Atlantic City, negotiations
 failed to save the jobs of 11 township police officers who were
 laid off, effective 6 PM Thursday. The mayor blamed the police
 union for rejecting the offer agreed on in negotiations, while
 the PBA accused the township of not negotiating in good faith.
         Meanwhile, the disintegration continues elsewhere:
         * Redding, Calif. - Concession talks between the city and
 the fire union ended Oct. 7, all but guaranteeing layoffs. The
 city is seeking to cut $1.3 million from the fire department
 budget. []
         * Stockton, Calif. - Eight city workers are scheduled to be
 laid off at the end of the month, and 2 vacant positions
 eliminated, after their union rejected a proposal, earlier this
 year, to increase the employees' share of health care costs. Some
 members of the union are now seekinga revote, because barely half
 of the members voted the last time. []
         * Massachusetts - Budget cuts for firefighting mean that
 fire departments all over the state are making do with aging
 equipment that incurs high maintenance costs or no longer meets
 national safety standards. Departments operating with 25-year-old
 firetrucks is not uncommon, and one fire department uses air
 packs that are 18 years old. []
         * Kent County, Mich. - It was revealed this week that county
 leaders plan to cut 56 full-time jobs, 21 of them from the
 Sheriff's Department. The unions targeted for the layoffs were
 the 5 of the 13 unions representing county workers that did not
 take a voluntary retirement incentive that had been offered by
 the county. []
         * Albany County, New York - The county executive has
 proposed a $550 million budget that includes a 15% tax increase
 and the elimination of 511 county jobs. The bulk of those jobs,
 388 of them, are at the county nursing home, which he wants to
 sell. County revenues are off by $40 million, which includes
 sales tax revenues down $7 million and the loss of $8.3 million
 in federal funding for the nursing home. At the same time, county
 Medicaid costs are up 12% since November 2008 and food stamps up
 35 percent. []
         * Oneida County, New York - The county executive has asked
 the county employee unions to agree to a complete salary freeze
 in 2011 to save $3.5 million and avoid layoffs, but is assuming
 the unions will reject his plea. Therefore, his "Plan B" is to
 lay off 70 employees and eliminate 62 other positions currently
 held by employees who signed up for an early retirement program.
         * Bellingham, Wash. - The mayor is proposing a budget that
 would eliminate 14 positions, from the city workforce. The city
 workforce has declined 9% since 2008, for a loss of 78 positions.
 City departments have also absorbed 8 rounds of spending cuts in
 that same time period. [] [cjo]

                           UNITED STATES


 Special to AOL News

 Editor's note: AOL News is asking U.S. House and Senate
 candidates to answer questions about themselves and their views
 on two big issues.
         Kesha Rogers is the Democratic candidate for Texas's 22nd
 Congressional District.

                        - The Fun Stuff -

         1) Everyone is angry with politicians in Washington. Why do
 you want to be one of them?
         Because I want to be the model for real leadership in
 Congress, to show the population that there are people with the
 guts to tell the truth and fight on principle. People are mad as
 hell at Congress because they know these people are corrupt and
 selling them out. But if you don't fight when you have corrupt
 leadership, then you are just as corrupt as they are, and
 furthermore, those corrupt people will keep selling you out.
 Standing up to fight is the true principle of living in a
 republic, a government of, by and for the people.

         2) What's the one thing you couldn't live without?

         3) What do you do when you need some "me" time?
         I love to sing classical music and read poetry, and I like
 to go explore historic sites.

         4) How long can you go without checking your BlackBerry?
         Forever, because I don't have one!

         5) What's your dream car?
         A magnetically levitated train, because I hate driving.

         6) If you could choose, what one super power would you like
 to have?
         To zap crazy people out of Congress, and the White House.

         7) What's the funniest thing that's happened to you while
         Having Republicans and Democrats scratch their heads, and do
 a double take, at my being a Democrat, calling for Obama's
 impeachment. Nobody seems to remember who the Democrats were
 during the period of FDR and JFK, or that Obama is absolutely
 nothing like either of these people.

         8) Are you a dog person or a cat person?
         Dogs, because they have more personality.

                      - The Serious Stuff -

         9) In 50 words or less, what's the first thing the new
 Congress should do to improve the economy?
         Use the 25th Amendment to remove Obama from office, for
 mental incompetency. Then, reinstate FDR's 1933 Glass-Steagall
 act, to end Wall Street bailouts. Invest trillions in physical
 infrastructure and productive jobs, especially in NASA,
 terraforming the biosphere, nuclear power and maglev rail. Revive
 the culture of the American Classical tradition.

         10) In 50 words or less, what's the biggest threat facing
 the country today?
         Hyperinflation. The world banking system is hopelessly
 bankrupt, and simply printing bailout money will make our banks
 collapse. This is already happening. This policy will send the
 world into a dark age, and if not stopped with global
 Glass-Steagall type measures, will wipe out whole nations and

 LaRouche's April 11, 2009 Diagnosis/Forecast Of Obama Is

 Oct 9, 2010 (LPAC)--As Lyndon LaRouche moves to force Obama out
 under the provisions of the 25th Amendment, LaRouche's April 11,
 2009 diagnosis of Obama as a pathological narcissist, and his
 parallel to the Emperor Nero, are everywhere in the Internet,
 coming from critics of Left, Right and neither.  One of the
 funnier re-echoes is this posting in response to a Sept 27 item
 in Time's "Swampland" blog on Obama's overturning of civil
 liberties.  Blogger "Elvis Elvisberg" satirically concluded:
         "His perceived mismanagement of the fire response might hurt
 his standing among urbanites, but his everymanish enthusiasm for
 down-home music could really help shore up Nero's base among
 fiddle-loving rural patricians."

 Rangel: Decision-Makers Would Never Have Supported Iraq Invasion
 If Their Sons Were In The Military

 Oct. 9 (LPAC)--Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), in a passionate op-ed
 on Huffington Post just a month before his ethics trial in the
 U.S. Congress, argued, as he has repeatedly since 2003, that if
 members of Congress had faced the prospect of their own sons and
 daughters serving in the invading force, they never would have
 supported the invasion of Iraq. Rangel's starting point is a
 speech delivered by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, at Duke
 University a couple of weeks ago, where he noted that the burden
 of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are being carried only by a
 tiny sliver of the population, 2.4 million people out of a
 population of 300 million. "Without saying it," Rangel wrote,
 "the Secretary was suggesting we are creating a warrior class of
 Americans whom we salute with welcome-home parades, but otherwise
         Rangel continues: "Our soldiers, increasingly, are the young
 men and women from economically-depressed small towns and inner
 cities who are vigorously recruited with generous enlistment
 bonuses and education benefits. They are the long-term enlisted
 soldiers who now comprise 50% of the force, are subjected to
 multiple deployments, and are more likely to return home stricken
 with post-traumatic stress disorder and brain injuries.
         "Our combat veterans are more and more becoming victims of a
 virtual epidemic of alcoholism, drug addiction, and suicides.
 With their families in turmoil, divorce is on the rise. And once
 separated from the military, veterans are jobless at twice the
 national rate."
         Rangel concludes: "As long as the national leadership --
 whether political, civic, religious, or business -- are unwilling
 to place their own family members in harm's way, then no one
 will. As long as the government spends more time arguing who
 should benefit from trillion-dollar tax cuts while our brave
 soldiers continue to make the ultimate sacrifice, I wouldn't
 expect anyone to care much about who's shouldering the burden in
 Iraq and Afghanistan." [cjo]

 Donilon Helped Set Up Mortgage Crash as Fannie Mae Lobbyist

 Oct. 9 (LPAC)--Not mentioned by President Obama, yesterday, when
 he announced that Tom Donilon would take over as his National
 Security Advisor is Donilon's qualifications as the top lobbyist
 for mortgage giant Fannie Mae.  According to extensive reports,
 today, by the Associated Press and Politico, Donilon was a senior
 official at Fannie from 1999 to 2005, precisely during the period
 when some members of Congress were trying to tighten the
 regulatory reins on Fannie Mae and downsize it.  Donilon's job
 was to resist those efforts to the greatest extent possibly.  His
 success might be attested to by the fact that, three years after
 he left, Fannie Mae collapsed and was taken over by the federal
 government.  So far, the government of Fannie Mae, and its
 smaller cousin Freddie Mac, has cost taxpayers $148 billion.
 "Mr. Donilon's actions at Fannie Mae to undercut meaningful
 reform precipitated the largest taxpayer-funded bailout in
 American history," Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) said last night.
 "Now President Obama is entrusting him with America's security."
         Donilon was not implicated by any of the investigations that
 followed Fannie Mae's collapse, but investigators consider him an
 enabler of the firm's behavior.  "He was in charge of the
 lobbyists. ...  That process involved using the Hill to rein in
 the regulators," Stephen Blumenthal, former acting director of
 the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, told
 Politico. That was always Fannie Mae's approach.  And there's no
 question that Congress played a major role in enabling Fannie Mae
 to escape regulation and avoid increasing their capital, which is
 what eventually killed the company.  Politico suggests that his
 involvement in Fannie Mae is why Donilon has never been named to
 any position, such as in the State Department, requiring Senate
 confirmation.  [cjo]


 Helga Zepp-LaRouche Remark Quoted on Prime-Time TV in Germany

 Oct. 9 (EIRNS)--With the resistance against the protests against
 the Stuttgart 21 railway project building rapidly, a bit more
 reason is also beginning to filter into the mainstream media:
 last night, on a prime-time TV show, Martin Herrenknecht, CEO of
 the famous German tunnel-drilling equipment manufacturer, used a
 metaphor very similar to one that has been often used by BueSo
 party chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche in recent statements: He
 remarked that a Chinese individual told him three years ago that
 whenever he comes to Germany, he feels as if he's in a natural
 history museum, referring to the fact that Germany's industrial
 and infrastructure development has become frozen in time, even
 though it exports to other countries the very technology that
 makes such development possible.
         And {Stuttgarter Nachrichten}, the leading regional news
 daily, which so far has provided a platform mainly for
 adversaries of the Stuttgart 21 project, has meanwhile published
 four comments by LaRouche supporters, including one on the Bering
 Strait Tunnel connection to the Stuttgart project. (rap)

 China Concludes Major Agreements With Turkey on Trade and Rail

 October 9 (EIRNS) -- Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, on the last leg
 of his trip to major international capitals, met in Ankara,
 Turkey, separately with President Abdullah Gul and with Prime
 Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The two sides decided to establish
 a "strategic cooperative relationship," Prime Minister Erdogan
 told reporters the conclusion of their meeting. Premier Wen said
 that the two countries were opening "a new chapter" in their
 relationship. The two sides are determined to double
 Chinese-Turkish trade within the next few years. The two leaders
 also witnessed the signing ceremony of eight agreements covering
 trade, transport, infrastructure, communications, and cultural
 exchanges. Most importantly, China will help Turkey develop its
 railway network. Turkey intends to build between 4,500 and 5,000
 kilometers of new railroads, including the construction of a line
 connecting Ankara with Beijing. [WCJ]

 Turkey Planning a New Bosphorus Strait

 Oct. 9 (EIRNS)--In what promises to be one of the major
 infrastructure projects of the century, the Turkish government is
 planning a new Bosphorus Strait.  The Turkish English-language
 daily {Today's Zaman} leaked this week the intention of Prime
 Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to create a second channel parallel
 to the existing Bosphorus Strait, to connect the Black Sea with
 the Sea of Marmara.  The aim would be to remove tanker and large
 ship traffic from the Bosphorus.  The project would cost up to $9
         The Bosphorus, which passes through the city of Istanbul,
 is very narrow, and yet is the only link between the Black Sea
 and the Mediterranean, with 50,000 ships passing through it a
 year. This include 150 larger commercial vessels, 25 of which are
 large oil tankers.  Erdogan is said to be concerned about
 potential disasters in the case of collisions between ships or
 fires.  In 1979, a tanker carrying almost 100,000 tons of oil
 caught fire in the straits, which lasted several days and caused
 huge amount of air pollution lasting many weeks.
         Neither Erdogan nor any other government official has
 confirmed the intention yet.  Nonetheless a lively and mostly
 favorable discussion has been generated in {Today's Zaman} over
 the last few days.  [dea]


 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo Is a Certified Nazi

 Oct. 9 (LPAC) -- Liu Xiaobo, the jailed Chinese "dissident" who
 was awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize, is not just another
 Chinese human rights advocate, but a Columbia University-trained
 head of a "Nietzsche cult" in China, and a sworn Heideggerian.
 This Nazi ideologue was deployed from Columbia into the 1989
 Tiananmen Square demonstrations, just as they were about to die
 out on their own, with the (successful) intention of provoking a
 bloodbath. His role was documented in the article "The
 Deconstructionist Assault on China's Cultural Optimism" by Mike
 Billington in the Fall 1997 {Fidelio} (excerpted in
         Liu Xiaobo was overtly threatening to revive the anarchy of
 the Red Guards from the days of the Cultural Revolution --
 mindless student gangs deployed by the "Gang of Four" to smash
 all authority, all science, all technology, all intellectuals,
 and to destroy the remnants of classical Chinese culture.  In his
 book {Critique of China}, published in 1988, Liu linked the
 ideology of the Communist Party with Confucianism, calling for a
 violent break from both. He wrote: "Nietzsche was the smasher of
 idols, the symbol of individual freedom. ... In contemporary
 China..., extremism and ruthlessness is especially needed,
 especially in dialogue with traditional culture."
         Liu's overt attack on rationality stirred memories of the
 Gang of Four's denunciation of intellectuals as the "ninth
 stinking category." Liu said Chinese intellectuals carried three
 deeply-rooted traditional values which poisoned their minds:
 anti-democratic populism, the Confucian personality, and the
 harmony of Heaven and Man (akin to the western concept of the
         Lyndon LaRouche, watching the 1989 Tiananmen Square mass
 demonstrations from his jail cell in Alexandria, Virginia, noted
 that the youth were clearly searching for their souls, which had
 been ripped away from them during the Cultural Revolution. The
 Nietzsche revival in the mid-1980s helped to explain why the
 youth could not find their souls, since Nietzsche denied the
 soul's existence.
         In 1988, Liu was asked by Hong Kong's Liberation Monthly
 what it would take for China to realize a true historical
 transformation. Showing where his loyalty lay, Liu said: "Three
 hundred years of colonialism. In 100 years of colonialism, Hong
 Kong has changed to what we see today. With China being so big,
 of course it would take 300 years of colonialism for it to be
 able to transform into how Hong Kong is today. I have my doubts
 as to whether 300 years would be enough."
         Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to this professed Nazi is in
 keeping with the fact that President "Adolf" Obama won the award
 last year. LaRouche has often said that receiving the Nobel Prize
 in economics means only that the laureate is a "ceritified"
 idiot, so also now we see that the Nobel Peace Prize is being
 reserved for those who can prove by their deeds that they are
 Nazis. Indeed, Obama praised the choice of Liu Xiaobo as the
 Peace Prize recipient, and demanded that China release him from
 prison immediately. [mob]

 Nobel Committee Again Pisses on Alfred Nobel's Grave

 October 9 -- The awarding of the Nobel Prize to Chinese dissident
 Liu Xiaobo is nothing less than a blatant provocation aimed at
 the emergence of China as a major political and economic power in
 the world. Last year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama
 was quick to respond to the decison in a a statement
 congratulating the winner and simultaneously calling on the
 Chinese government to release Liu "as soon as possible." Nobel
 Committee chairman Thorbjorn Jagland indirectly admitted the
 provocative nature of the decision, noting that it was simply
 because Liu Xiaobo had received an 11-year sentence that he
 received the Nobel Prize rather than for anything that Liu had
 actually done. Jagland was confident that the decision would not
 have long-term effects on the Norwegian-Chinese relationship. "It
 should calm down rather quickly," Jagland said.
         The Chinese Foreign Ministry, however, issued a rather stern
 rebuke, noting that the decision stood in stark contrast to the
 stipulations set down by Alfred Nobel in his will for the
 rewarding of the prize. "As described in Nobel's will, the Nobel
 Peace Prize should be awarded to the person who 'shall have done
 the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, the
 abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and
 promotion of peace congresses,'" Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma
 Zhaoxu said. "Liu Xiaobo is a criminal who broke China's laws and
 was convicted by Chinese judicial authorities. What he did runs
 in opposite directions to the purposes of the prize. It
 completely violates the principles of the prize and discredits
 the peace prize itself for the Nobel committee to award the prize
 to such a person."
         Given the fact that China often takes its time before
 reacting to similar provocations, it may be a few days before we
 see what the decision means for Norwegian-Chinese relations. They
 have, however, already launched a protest to the Norwegian
 ambassador, who was called to the Foreign Ministry for that
 purpose. [WCJ]

 South Korea To Investigate Foreign Bank Currency Derivatives

 Oct. 9 (LPAC)--JPMorgan Chase, DBS Group Holdings, Morgan Stanley
 and BNP Paribas will be audited by Korean regulators on their
 foreign-exchange derivatives holdings as policymakers seek to
 curb gains in the won, South Korea's currency.
         New foreign currency transactions rules go into effect on
 Oct. 16, which limit the exposure of both domestic and foreign
 banks in the foreign exchange markets. Under the new rules, local
 banks must limit their forward positions--including all
 derivatives such as currency swaps and nondeliverable
 forwards--to 50% of their capital at the end of the preceding
 month, the {Wall Street Journal} reports. "Nondeliverable
 forwards" are derivatives where the trading parties have no stake
 in the underlying currency or trade that it might represent,
 i.e., pure casino gambles.
         Foreign banks are required to lower their positions to 250%
 of their capital, with the authorities eventually planning to
 reduce their limit to the same one domestic banks are held to.
         The audit will begin Oct. 19 and focus on trades in
 nondeliverable forwards, said Doh Bo-eun, head of the
 foreign-exchange coordination team at the Financial Supervisory
 Service. "We want to check if the banks have been abiding by the
 rules," Doh said. "The very high level of derivatives held by
 overseas banks has fallen a lot," but the audit will ensure that
 that they have fallen enough to meet the new regulatory
         Domestic banks, Shinhan Financial Group and Korea Exchange
 Bank, will also be audited from Oct. 26, Doh said. [RON]

 Korean Workers' Party Confirms North Korean Succession

 October 9 (EIRNS) -- A top North Korean official confirmed today
 that Kim Jong-il will be succeeded by his son Kim Jong Un, who
 had been appointed a four-star general at last week's meeting of
 the Korean Workers' Party, the leading group in the D.P.R.K. The
 promotion of Kim Jong Un will provide a sense of continuity in
 the North Korean leadership if Kim Jong-il were to die or become
 incapacitated. The state of Kim's health  has been subject to
 much speculation. "Our people are honored to be led by the great
 President Kim Il Sung and the great General Kim Jong Il. Now we
 also have the honor of being led by General Kim Jong Un," Yang
 Hyong Sop, Vice President of the D.P.R.K. Supreme People's
 Assembly, said.
         Celebrations are now being held in Pyongyang for the 65th
 anniversary of the founding of the Korean Workers' Party. A grand
 parade will be held tomorrow, in the main square of Pyongyang,
 where Kim Jong Un will be presented for the first time to the
 North Korean public. The appointment and the celebrations have
 been given extensive coverage on Chinese television, and Zhou
 Yongkang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political
 Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party, in Pyongyang for the
 ceremonies and for meetings with the D.P.R.K. leadership,
 expressed warm congratulations to the Korean Workers' Party.
 Chinese President Hu Jintao met with a delegation from the KWP.
 who informed him of the decisions of their recent congress.
 President Hu said that he would be looking forward to enhancing
 ties between the Korean Workers' Party and the Chinese Communist
 Party. [WCJ]

 FROM "The Deconstructionist Assault on China's Cultural
 Optimism," Fall 1997 Fidelio:

         The demonstrations were filled with references to the rich
 moral tradition of both East and West: the sayings of Confucius,
 the Three Principles of Sun Yat Sen, quotes from Abraham Lincoln,
 and the music of Beethoven played on the loud speaker system. But
 the opposite tendency, towards anarchy and libertarianism, was
 also present. It has been widely discussed that the cooler minds
 among the leadership of the demonstrations were attempting to end
 the occupation of the Square after the government arranged
 official meetings with their spokesmen. However, the young
 "hunger strikers," goaded on by the world's press, took over the
 strike process, preventing any resolution. This "Jacobian"
 tendency was even more evident in the case of one young
 intellectual, Liu Xiaobo, whose story is particularly relevant to
 our primary subject. As even the hunger strikers were reaching
 exhaustian, and the demonstrations appeared ready to end
 peacefully, Liu Xiaobo flew into Beijing from the U.S., where he
 was a visiting scholar at Columbia University. He linked up with
 a popular rock star, moved into Tiananmen Square, with the
 world's media at his command, and announced a {new} hunger strike
 by the two of them. That essentially ended any potential for a
 peaceful resolution.
         Who is Liu Xiaobo? During the 1980s Liu established himself
 as the "Lu Xun" of modern China, as the popularizer of  Nietzsche
 and Heidegger! In his book {Critique of China,} published in 1988
 and sold out through several editions, Liu linked "Leninism" with
 "Confucianism," calling for a violent break from both. He wrote:
 "We can see why Lu Xun so glorified Nietzsche, the theory of
 evolution, and symbols of suffering. Nietzsche was the smasher of
 idols. the symbol of individual freedom. ... In contemporary
 China, Lu Xun-style extremism and ruthlessness is especially
 needed, especially in dialogue with traditional culture."
         Liu's overt attack on rationality stirred memories of the
 Gang of Four's denunciation of intellectuals as the "ninth
 stinking category." Liu said Chinese intellectuals carried three
 deeply-rooted traditional values which poisoned their minds:
 anti-democratic populism, the Confucian personality, and the
 harmony of Heaven and Man. Liu Xiaobo borrowed these categories
 from a leading scholar, Li Zehou, who has proudly identified
 himself with the Frankfurt School since the 1960s. Li Zehou's
 critical works have attempted to discredit Zhu Xi, whose
 influence, Li writes, has "seriously poisoned the minds of the
 people in its several hundred years of dominance, leaving in its
 wake disasters and sorrows."
         The Nietzsche revival in the mid-1980s helped to explain why
 the youth could not find their souls, since Nietzsche denied the
 soul's existence.
         Nazi philosopher Martin Heidegger was also promoted by Liu
 Xiaobo's "cult of Nietzsche," as it was called. Heidegger was a
 follower not only of Nietzsche, but also of the Daoist tradition
 in China. He often quoted from Chuang Zi to support his belief
 that man is divided from all other living things by an
 unbridgable divide, an abyss, and that "love of neighbor" is a
 pointless and impossible calling. He also admired Chuang Zi's
 diatribes against technology.
         At the end of the war, when Heidegger had a mental breakdown
 related to his "denazification" process, he spent a summer
 working on a translation of the Daoist canon, Lao Zi's {Dao De
 Jing.} Graham Parkes, one of the "deconstructionists" affiliated
 with Ames at the University of Hawaii, in his {Heidegger and
 Asian Thought,} wrote that the problem with China scholarship in
 the West is that it was "vitiated by the tendency on the part of
 the early translators to translate them into the language of
 traditional Platonic/Christian metaphysics. ... The realization
 has dawned recently, however, that ... existentialism and
 phenomenology ... have developed philosophical terminolgies that
 are far more in harmony with many strains of Asian thought."
         We would have to concede that a mentally deranged Nazi
 ideologue like Heidegger may be in harmony with Daoist mystics,
 but certainly not with "Asian thought."

 |                                                               |
 |               NORTH AMERICAN OPERATIONS BULLETIN              |
 |                                                               |
 |                      Sunday, Oct 10, 2010                     |
 |                                                               |

                 REPORT, OCT. 9 LAROUCHE SHOW--

         'Replace Obama by NAWAPA!'--An Organizing Poster Getting
 Reactions in Montreal

         In Canada, whatever is left of any lingering "Obama frenzy"
 (from 2008/09, because Obama was black, liberal and NOT-Bush) is
 lifting fast, in the context of the collapse, and the prospect
 brought by the LaRouche movement for restoring science and nation
 states. Jean-Philippe LeBleu, in Montreal, described this and
 other aspects of organizing, in discussion of NAWAPA with Hal
 Cooper, engineer, in Seattle, and Marcia Baker, host.
         Jeff Steinberg set the stage, by giving an update on
 developments related to LaRouche's call this week for applying
 Amendment 25 to remove Obama from office as fast as possible. The
 President is in a state of meltdown, but beyond that, there are
 important forces in motion--a group of patriots, Democratic and
 Republican alike, creating the potential to effect Obama's
 removal. Information is being put out. LaRouche has taken the
 critical step, and acted to put forward the call for utilizing
 Amendment 25, and fast.
         Cooper gave a concise overview of the geo-strategic
 specifics of the Bering Strait tunnel, accompanying rail networks
 in Russia, Alaska and Canada, and a trip-around-the-world, on
 other key projects, such as the Darien Gap rail and road link. He
 spoke of what's involved in tunnel work, dealing with various
 degrees of permafrost, mis-matched rail gauges, and other
 challenges, such as that of bridging the Lena River--3 miles wide
 at critical stretches! He stressed that both historically, and
 today, the main challenge is to defeat the British imperial
         This too was addressed by LeBleu, who identified the rotten
 role of the Prince Philip gang, in preying upon and suppressing
 the First Nations, and furthering backwardness and pessimism.
 David Suzuki, the malthusian ecologist, and other such cruds run
      ---- LeBleu: You Americans Should Be Reassured! ----

         But, LeBleu said, you Americans should be reassured. We
 (Canadians) aren't all stuck on keeping our water resources to
 ourselves! There is a wave of optimism in reaction to NAWAPA and
 what we are doing. The subject isn't just "nice project ideas;"
 we are really creating a shift to an optimistic, human outlook.
         NAWAPA opens up a whole new horizon. Canada--instead of
 perceiving itself as a kind of "island nation" of 30 million
 people, stuck along the border for relative warmth--we can look
 ahead to expansion in the Far North, millions more people,
 science cities, going into space. Not just mining, transportation
 and energy, but new frontiers of science. LeBleu spoke of the
 recomposing of nature by furthering biogenic migration of atoms.
 There's so much to learn about radiation at the poles.
         LeBleu also reported on discussions the LaRouche movement
 has been having on NAWAPA with engineers from around the world,
 given that Montreal is a world conference center, with thousands
 gathering for programs on water, energy, transportation, etc.
 For example, you meet an engineer working on a clean-up project
 the Great Lakes! You reactivate their training, and enthusiasm
 for ideas. You can see the shift.

 Chicago Operations for 10/8/10

         Well last Wednesday Boston said that they were going to hit
 up the Boston Vault on Friday, so we thought to hit up the
 Chicago Board of Trade the same day giving a double fist to the
 British Empire!
         We had a our huge Impeach Obama Banner w/ Hitler Mustache, 2
 A-frames that had 'Glass-Steagall or Die' and a table set up.
 With the whole office out in force with about 500 leaflettes out
 of the latest statements. We had a real good response compared to
 the last times going to the Chicago Board. We ended up with $64
 and 2 mems. One membership was from a Day Trader at the Chicago
 Board. He knew it was bad and saw with Obama's policies it was
 getting worse. The other membership was from a Banker from Citi
 Bank. He came running up, "Where do I sign to get Obama out!" We
 were having Bankers and Traders coming up all day, asking,
 "What's going on?" and saying, "We definitely need Glass-Steagall
 more than ever." Jenny was lunging with, "What do you think about
 the Fed's Hyperinflation policy?" This one guy in particular
 furiously said, "I hate it, I F-ing hate it!" Ashwak noticed
 that it was polarized with people agreeing with us that Obama was
 crazy and needed the 25th amendment once briefed on it, and
 others still in a fantasy that Obama was fine and doing a good
 job. Armando signed up a student who had talked to us yesterday
 at Loyola University and then saw us today and decided to signed
          In General, most people weren't familiar with the 25th
 amendment but after being briefed on it they thought it was a
 good plan along with the plan for Glass-Steagall and NAWAPA.

 Baltimore Organizing Report

 Today, we called a number of local political candidates and
 activists with the following results:

         A Democratic central committee candidate from western Md
 agreed immediately with Glass-Steagall, and said "I understand
 the issue, and I'll call Roscoe Bartlett", but otherwise didn't
 want to stay on phone. I didn't discuss the 25th Amendment with
 him, but decided after this call, I had to discuss 25th Amendment
 and G/S as one idea, but the only other people I reached were
 Republicans. However, a number of them got more nervous when I
 brought up the idea of the 25th Amendment, even though  several
 readily agreed with Glass-Steagall, but realized that this was
 more serious.
         A very open Republican candidate for County Commissioner in
 Cumberland in western MD immediately agreed with Glass-Steagall,
 and said  he had seen Cong. Roscoe Bartlett 3 times this week
 alone, and would immediately contact him. He mentioned that there
 wereno incumbents in the race, because they had all been defeated
 in the primaries because of anger about the economy. We had heard
 from someone else that the Tea Party had defeated the incumbents
 out here, but I don't know if this person was connected to the
 Tea Party, because it never came up. But, he was certainly open
 to us, and wanted to see an e-mail about our website, was very
 open to our ideas about real economic development. On the 25th
 Amendment, this guy's attitude was initially open, but didn't see
 it as possible, "Good Luck" he said, until I made clear that our
 intention was to drive Obama nuts, so he could mentally collapse
 publicly, like Captain Queeg at the end of the Caine Mutiny. Then
 this fellow responded, "Ok, I get it, drive him nuts."
         Similarly, a Republican who lost his primary in Kent County
 on the Eastern Shore was very excited to hear from us and of
 course for Glass-Steagall, and wide open on the 25th Amendment.
 He actually wasn't so happy with either party. To test me, he
 asked what I thought about "tax cuts for the rich" and who  was I
 for for Governor, Ehrlich or O'Malley? When I told him that the
 issue was the hyperinflationary collapse, not tax cuts, and that
 I couldn't support either candidate, he laughed and said ,"I
 guess they're both poison...I agree with you." He said that he
 was a personal friend of Andy Harris, the Republican opponent to
 Cong. Frank Kratovil, and wanted to know where Harris stood on
 Glass-Steagall. I told him I didn't know and that he should
 challenge him as well as call Kratovil's office, and he readily
 agreed to do that. He was excited to see an e-mail, and wants to
 stay in touch; agreed to contribute end of month after he pays
 off certain campaign expenses. Another Republican County
 Commissioner candidate in Kent Co. agreed to call Kratovil's
 office about G/S. "It makes sense to me", he said, but after I
 brought up the 25th Amendment question, he wanted to get offline,
 "I have another call..."
         A Republican candidate for Central Committee from Queen
 Anne's Co, said, "I'll look up G/S and if I agree with it, I can
 call the Congressman."
         Another Republican Candidate for County commissioner from
 the Eastern Shore insisted "I can't do anything...they're all
 idiots (in Congress) and hung up.
         A Republican County Commissioner candidate from the Eastern
 Shore: "I'm too busy with local issues" and hung up, when I
 started to point out the absurdity of this view.
         A Republican candidate for County Commissioner in Kent
 County, Eastern Shore, readily agreed on G/S. "I'm with you. What
 I can I do? Sure I'll call Kratovil." But when I began to discuss
 the 25th Amendment, he suddenly had his son on the line and had
 to get off.

 NCR Organizing Report (Partial)

         Our 23 year old supporter in North Carolina (Cong. John
 Price's district) has been prodding the Ron Paul Republican, BJ
 Lawson, on our policies. (Lawson is about 33 years old.) On
 Thursday evening, the two candidates held a debate, which was
 absolutely packed. We have the video of the event, which shows
 that whenever Congressmen allow a public event, a lot of people
 show up (he said there were crowds outside that couldn't get in
 to what is on the video as a packed audience.)
         About 35 minutes into the debate, a question was forwarded
 about what to do about the worst economic downturn since the
 Great Depression. BJ was the first to speak. Reflecting our
 inputs, he referred to the situation as one of "national
 insolvency" due to "too much debt." That we have to adhere to a
 policy where we "let bankruptcies occur," and not bail out Wall
 Street, which doled out 1 percent of gdp as bonuses. Offering a
 mixture of Libertarian phrases and our inputs, he said, we need a
 "level playing field" based on sticking to "real Capitalism," and
 then blasted Congressman Price for having voted to repeal
 Glass-Steagall "paving the way for crony Capitalism and massive
 speculation by the banks." He said we have a spending problem,
 not a revenue problem, since we were able to put 100s of billions
 into bailouts, but nothing into ailing communities.
         The guy doesn't really get it, but is a young idealistic
 type, who is attacked somewhat for running as a Republican, but
 not really being anything. Our contact is getting him material on
 the 25th Amendment.  (NCR)

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 In addition to Congressional Town Hall Meetings and Campaign
 Events Please see individual calendar listings for groups
 including Tea Party, Manufacturing and Farmers.


         7-9 pm (Confirmed), Arab American Candidates Forum
         Tysons Corner Marriott, 8028 Leesburg Pike, Vienna VA

         Tea Party rally sponsored by "Stop Taxing Us", 12pm to 4pm
 Oceanside Pier Amphitheater, 200 N. The Strand, Oceanside, CA for more information

         Obama "Moving America Forward" Rally, Philadelphia, Pa
 Robert Fulton Elementary School, (Germantown area) doors open 3pm


 Gov. Pat Quinn, get out the vote rally with Joe Biden
         Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Local 130 Hall
         1340 West Washington Blvd, Chicago, Ill.


 John Stephen, Republican candidate for governor of New Hampshire
 will hold a public campaign event in Portsmouth on Oct. 14, with
 La. Gov. Bobby Jindal

 Obama Youth Town Hall, live audience of 250 plus Twitter.


 Loretta Sanchez (D-CA)
 Campaign rally featuring Bill Clinton; from 3:00PM PST;
         Old Orange County Courthouse, 211 West Santa Ana Blvd.,
 Santa Ana


 Deval Patrick
         Campaign rally in Boston at 2 PM with President Obama,
 preceded by a fundraising reception

         Obama "Moving America Forward Rally, Ohio


 Republican Victory rally staring Sarah Palin
         general admission $20.10, 3 PM
         Marriott World Center, Orlando, Fla.


 Obama "Moving America Forward Rally, Las Vegas.


 For more information:

 Monday, October 18  Reno, NV; Elko, NV

 Tuesday, October 19  Ely, NV; Las Vegas, NV

 Wednesday, October 20  Barstow, CA; Los Angeles, CA

 Thursday, October 21  San Diego, CA;  Yuma, AZ

 Friday, October 22  Phoenix, AZ

 Saturday, October 23  Las Cruces, NM;  El Paso, TX

 Sunday, October 24  Abilene, TX;  Waco, TX

 Monday, October 25  Dallas, TX; Little Rock, AR

 Tuesday, October 26  Franklin, TN

 Wednesday, October 27  Paducah, KY; St. Louis, MO

 Thursday, October 28  Springfield, IL;  Joliet, IL

 Friday, October 29  Jackson, MI;  Troy, MI

 Saturday, October 30  Columbus, OH,

 Sunday, October 31 Harrisburg, PA; Wilmington, DE; Toms River, NJ

 Monday, November 1 Attleboro, MA;  Concord, NH


 AAM will be hosting 12 Keep It Made In America events throughout
 the month. You can find details about each event on the map
 below.  Please join us and bring along family, friends and etc.
 Get involved in changing the course to create a brighter future
 for America.

 10/12/2010; 6:00pm Hartford, CT
 Hilton Hartford; 315 Trumbull Street

 10/13/2010; 5:30pm Jackson MI
 The Commonwealth Commerce Center; 209 E. Washington

 10/14/2010; 5:00pm Lorain, OH
 Lorain County Community College; Grand Room
 1005 North Abbe Road, Elyria

 10/15/2010; 4:15pm  Wheeling, WV
 Wheeling Park; White Palace, 1801 National Road

 10/18/2010; 5:30pm Erie, PA
 Bayfront Convention Center, 1 Sassafras Pier

 10/19/2010; 5:00pm Canton, OH
 Kent State University, Stark Campus-Timken Rm
 6000 Frank Ave N.W., North Canton

 10/20/2010- 6:00pm Delaware Co., PA
 Valley Forge Military Academy and College
 Mellon Hall 1001 Eagle Road, Wayne, PA 19087

 10/20/2010 - 4:30pm Merrillville, IN
 Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza
 Celebrity West and Center Ballrooms, 800 East 81st Ave.

 10/21/2010- 5:00pm Asheville, NC
 The Venue 21 N. Market Street. Ashville NC

 10/27/2010 - 5:00pm St. Louis, MO
 Moolah Shrine Center, 12545 Fee Fee Road

 10/28/2010- 6:00pm Concord, NH
 Grappone Center, 70 Constitution Ave.

 10/29/2010- 5:00pm Wausau, WI
 Wausau Stoney Creek Inn, 1100 Imperial Ave.
 Rothschild, WI, 800-659-2220


 National Farmers Union. list is alpha by state for Oct and Nov.
 ck website for additional info.
 (Dates and locations are subject to change. Please contact the
 individual Farmers Union offices for further details)

 ALASKA - Oct. 15, 2010

 CALIFORNIA - Jan. 21-22, 2011

 HAWAII - Nov. 27-28, 2010

 MICHIGAN - Oct. 29, 2010 @ Marshall, TurkeyvilleUSA

 MINNESOTA - Nov. 20-21, 2010 @ Minneapolis

 MISSOURI - Nov. 6, 2010

 MONTANA - Nov. 15-16, 2010 @ Great Falls

 NORTH DAKOTA - Nov. 19-20, 2010 @ Minot

 ROCKY MOUNTAIN - Nov. 19-20, 2010 @ Colorado Springs

 National Farmers Organization, 2010 State Conventions
 See website for more info

 Mifflinburg, Barnyard Restaurant, 10:00am
 Speaker, Brad Rach

 Berlin CornersHilltop Inn, 10:30am
 Speaker, Brad Rach

 Madison, Quacks Diner, 10:30am
 Speaker, Brad Rach

 Earlville, Earlville Community Center
 Speaker, Paul Olson

                        GENERAL CALENDAR

 Oct 8-10
         Kesha for Congress, Rebuilding America Conference 2010
         Hampton Inn 3000 NASA Parkway (NOTE: not 3000 NASA Rd. 1)
         full info at
         Oct. 8, 7:00-10:00pm; Social Mixer/Fundraiser, Meet with
 Kesha and the campaign, informal discussion, appetizers, live
 music, science fair presentations, and special guests (TBA).
         Oct. 9 from 1:00-4:00pm; Town Hall Meeting: Kesha Rogers
 will lay out her strategic vision for rebuilding America, with a
 focus on the implications of the NAWAPA and NASA projects.
 Additional comments by LPAC Spokesman Harley Schlanger.
         Oct. 9 from 7:00-10:00pm and Oct. 10 from 9:00am-9:00pm,
 Policy Workshops: In depth workshops on the epistemological
 method behind the infrastructure projects of NASA and NAWAPA, a
 physical scientific approach to human economy, and the uniquely
 American contributions to a real Classical humanist culture.

 Sept 29-Oct 12th
         Mad as Hell doctors (single payer advocates) on tour in
 Calif. 26 events planned starting in Arcata on Sept. 23, reaching
 San Diego by Oct. 5, and then heading up the San Joaquin Valley
 to Sacramento on Oct. 12.

         National Tea Party Unity Convention. Las Vegas.

 Oct 17-21
         USW 2010 Intl Woman of Steel Conference, Pittsburgh

 Oct 30
         Jon Stewart Rally to Restore Sanity, Stephen Colbert
 announced that he plans to hold a competing rally, at the same
 time and place of Stewart's.  (not arcana)

 Nov 2

 Nov 3
         Felix Rohatyn promoting his memoirs, 8:00pm
 Lexington Ave. at 92nd Street  Kaufmann Concert Hall, NYC

 Nov 13-14
         Healthcare Now! National Strategy Conference; William Way
 Community Center, 1315 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Sat, 4-9pm;
 Sun, 8am-4pm

 Nov. 6
         Lyndon LaRouche webcast 1 pm EDT

 Nov. 18-21
         NHCSL 8th National Summit,  San Antonio, Texas.

 Nov 30-Dec 4
         Congress of Cities, Denver, Colorado

 Dec 3-6
         Council of State Governments National Conference,
 Providence, RI.

                     *** END OF BRIEFING ***
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