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 Helga Zepp-LaRouche European Strategic Call,
         Monday, Dec. 12, 2011


         HELGA:  Ja, so the picture gets wilder more quickly, more
 dramatic by the minute, and there is no question that both the
 collapse of the euro system and the drive against Russia and
 China are speeding up towards a point of decision, where either
 we are able to put in our perspective in the short term, or
 indeed, civilization will crash into the wall.  Now, I think the
 most telling is the famous summit which occurred Thursday-Friday
 [Dec. 8-9], which was heralded by some idiots as being the big
 breakthrough towards the united Europe, has not fooled the
 markets for one day, because today the DAX and other stock
 exchanges were collapsing, and the thing is not holding -- as was
 to be expected.
         Now, this is becoming so dramatic that I think that the best
 argument to make, to really get people to understand the
 seriousness of this collapse, is the statement by the Chairman of
 the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, who at an
 event of the Atlantic Council in Washington, basically said that
 he is concerned about potential civil unrest, as Europe's
 financial crisis unfolds.  And he commented on the summit, saying
 that it was unclear whether the latest steps taken by the EU
 leaders would be enough to hold the Eurozone together, and that
 he was concerned that a breakup would have consequences for the
 Pentagon.  That, given the fact that the U.S. has 80,000 troops
 in Europe and 20,000 civilians employed, the U.S. military could
 be exposed to any unraveling of the Eurozone, because of the
 potential for civil unrest, and the breakup of the Union.
         Then he also said that he was concerned that the collapse of
 the euro would put into jeopardy an international project to
 develop the F-15 joint strike fighter aircraft, and I think that
 that we could somehow spare, but I think the fact that the
 Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  is warning of civil unrest
 on top of what we had already two weeks ago, that the British
 government was preparing an evacuation plan for British subjects
 from the Continent, and the fact that whatever other reason went
 into this that Cameron basically more or less left the EU, at
 least halfway, shows you that the City of London is trying to
 gain the most distance possible from the collapse of the European
         Now, I think also the language is becoming more wild and
 inciting, became today Ambrose has an article comparing Merkel
 with Pierre Laval, saying that Hooverism is even to soft a
 notion, but Hooverism is what they want to write into European
 treaty law, but it's actually more like Laval.  Remember that
 Laval was the prime minister of the Pétain Vichy government
 linked with Hitler, and obviously, what they mean by that is
 Brüning and everything which goes with that.
         So in a certain sense, the mythology of the EU Treaty has
 not fooled the population either.  There was a poll taken for the
 first channel in Germany according to which 55% of Germans are
 dissatisfied with the summit; 51% are not convinced that the euro
 will last; and only 444 still believe in the euro.
         Now, it is interesting that last night, on a prime time talk
 show on the first channel in Germany, you had a big debate where
 Prof. Werner Sinn and Oskar Lafontaine totally agreed that the
 whole thing is not working, and in the end, they had a clip with
 Prof Meyer of Hamburg University presenting his findings from a
 year and a half ago, showing how easy it would be to go back to
 d-mark.  It would be, all you need is a little banking holiday,
 and you go back to the d-mark, at which point, ARD's pro-euro
 correspondent Krause, almost had a nervous breakdown.  But things
 are hot as you can see also by the fact that there was a run on
 the banks in Latvia, based on a rumor about a pending insolvency
 of Swedish banks, and the Swedbank, which is also the biggest
 bank in Latvia.
         So, they have basically put on the hyperinflationary
 flooding in the form of the ECB giving for three years
 practically unlimited credit to the banks, even if the German
 government is still putting up some resistance against the idea
 of the ECB as the "lender of last resort," but de facto it is
 happening already.  And there are many articles saying that
 "inflation is better than deflation," so you can expect a further
 collapse of the real economy and hyperinflation at the same time.
         Now, I have written a statement, where basically, with a
 short comment on the summit, I make the point that unless the
 Europe goes {in the short term} for a Glass-Steagall division of
 the banks, {combined} with a return to sovereign currencies, with
 control over sovereign rights for each nation's currency {and}
 economy, with fixed-exchange rates and then, go for a
 reconstruction, and go for sovereign nations' long-term
 cooperation with Russia, China, around the projects of the
 Eurasian and World Land-Bridge:  Unless this is done in the short
 term, Europe will go up in smoke.
         Now, this is {really important}:  I would like all the other
 countries to go with the same perspective, that we have a
 mobilization for the last two weeks, or ten days before
 Christmas, and over the Christmas days into the New Year, that we
 absolutely have to get this Glass-Steagall perspective on the
 table and in the parliaments, and decided upon:  Because when the
 euro collapse is happening, and it may happen tomorrow, it may
 happen in a couple of days, it may happen in between the year so
 to speak, but it {is} on the agenda, {it will not last much
 longer}, I think all the signs are there.  And we have to make a
 super-duper mobilization to get into all the pores of every
 institution, everybody we've touched in the past, in the
 parliaments, in other chambers of commerce, economists, trade
 unions or any other institution, we have to bombard them with
 this perspective, and I really mean it!  I mean we have to go
 into a mobilization as we used to do it, for example around the
 Hilex '75 mobilization, which, over Christmas, we were fully
 mobilized:  We were going to the churches, going to other such
 festivities, because I don't think we have more time than this.
 Time is really running out!
         And I think once the collapse starts, it will be too late.
 Because once you have chaos taking over, and you hae Dempsy
 talking about civil unrest, you could have chaos in Europe in no
 time.  And once that happens, it may be too late.  So, people
 really have to wake up, that it's {now} that we have to get the
 Trennbankensystem, in the tradition of Roosevelt, the
 Glass-Steagall tradition which got the United States out of the
 Depression  in the '30s, implemented now!  And I think people
 really have to readjust their thinking, because I know -- or I
 suspect that some people somehow secretly think that we will not
 be able to do that anyway, but that's not true!  Because as the
 crisis will get worse, we will be able, an e must be able to get
 this on the table.
         Remember, that we already succeeding in getting everybody
 and his uncle to talk about  "Trennbankensystem," when the SPD
 chairman Sigmar Gabriel, Finance Minister Schäuble, and everybody
 else was talking about it.  Now it has disappeared, but as it
 becomes clear that the euro is not functioning, that potential
 will open up in an even bigger way, if we do our job!
         So we should have a European-wide leaflet campaign.  We plan
 to put out my statement in Germany with at least 100,000 -- more
 if we can raise more money -- but it should be really a mass
         So, the other reason why this is super urgent is because the
 events in Russia, which are clearly the byproduct of the
 war-drive which started with the Libya war, which is continued
 with the campaigns against Syria and Iran, but which really are
 targetting Russia and China.  Now, if you need to discredit the
 country you want to make war against, and you want to create an
 enemy-image, well obviously, you have to bad-mouth its leader,
 and in this case, it is completely aimed against Putin, where we
 had, since these elections to the Duma, you had an unbelievable
 campaign, targetting Putin.  And I think the clearest, is really
 the {Economist} this week, where are two articles and one
 editorial, one headlined, "Political Crisis in Russia," saying:
 This may not be the beginning of a revolution, but it is the end
 of Putin's  era of alleged stability.  Putin has only two
 choices, either he allows some political competition, which risks
 unraveling the system, or he has to suppress the discontent and
 risk being ostracized by the West and hated at home.  And then
 they basically call for Putin to open up to foreign investor,
 which is exactly what Gorbachov's line has been for quite some
 time.  So they also threaten rebellion in the North Caucasus, and
 Gorbachov is a one of the key people in that, as well.
         The present destabilization operation is going on with these
 demonstrations, which are really exactly like it was with the
 "orange revolution," the "rose revolution," largely an internet
 operation run from the outside, and in that sense Putin was
 absolutely on the mark, when he had attacked that.
         Now, obviously, the present demonstrators were hyped up by
 Alexey Navalny, a 35-year-old lawyer, who has become an internet
 celebrity, because he exposed the corruption of a case of
 millions of dollars, out of a major project like the East Siberia
 Pacific Ocean pipeline, and in 2010, he was a fellow in the Yale
 "World Fellows Program," which involved also former Mexican
 President Ernesto Cedillo, who's famous for his long-term
 collaboration with Soros in the drugs and democracy drug
 legalization operations.
         So, you have Soros, you have Gorbachov, you have all of this
 network, which uses drug money to prop up a bankrupt system.
         Now, Navalny was key in this present cyber-crusade and
 feeding the demonstrators.  {Der Spiegel} issue of this week, has
 an article, not only about Navalny, but also about another guy,
 Ilya Varlamov, who has now put up a website called "Ridus" and
 has hired 20 journalists to organize these demonstrations:  For
 example, in the recent demonstration on Saturday, he put out on
 his website and on Twitter, reports about clashes, beatings,
 teargasing, and then immediately a flash-mob came together at the
 spot where he announced it should assemble.  Then he filmed the
 protest live, and that was then watched by a half-million
 viewers.  So I think this is really a very professional cyber-war
 operation.  And this guy Navalny was briefly put in jail.
         In the meantime, {Spiegel} says that even FSB, the Russian
 domestic intelligence agency, which has 350,000 employees is not
 capable of dealing with this kind of phenomenon.  And I think it
 is a new dimension of warfare, and it has to be taken very
         Now, one reason why I'm making such a big point about that,
 apart from the fact that it is very real, is the fact that,
 today, no one less than former German Defense Minister
 Guttenberg, appeared in his new capacity as an advisor to the EU,
 and there, in particular EU Commission Vice President Neelie
 Kroes, Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, and EU High
 Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton, involved in
 a so-called EU "No Disconnect Strategy," which is designed to
 help bloggers and net-activists to digital dissidents in states
 with authoritarian regimes the simple tools for their activity!
 "I want the EU to help develop and distribute these instruments,"
 said Kroes, last week.  Now, here you go!  I mean, what does
 Guttenberg have to do with the internet?  After he was kicked out
 of the government as a fraudster, when he was exposed for having
 plagiarized his doctoral thesis, he was kicked out as defense
 minister; he went to Washington, where he worked for the
 [Georgetown University's] CSIS, and now has come back as a CSIS
 representative to work as an "advisor" to the EU Commission to
 conduct this warfare!  Now, I find this really unbelievable, and
 Neelie Kroes said, when she hired Guttenberg, she was looking
 "for talent, not for saints."
         But we will look more into this, because this is part of the
 encirclement, and actually more than encirclement, the subversion
 of Russia.  And very dangerous.
         Now, other aspects one should mention is  -- Ja, there is a
 lot going on, there are many operations, I think we have only
 started to cover, and {dis}cover, some of them.  For example,
 this famous Medvedev "disagreement" with Putin, was not
 necessarily Medvedev, but Medvedev's human rights commission,
 where 25 members signed a statement calling for redoing the
 election. Then, some military guy called on officers who would be
 in spetsnaz units to suppress the demonstrators, that they
 should not obey orders.  There are rumors that Putin will call in
 the Chechen brigades, which are supposedly the most loyal ones.
 So, the taking apart of Putin really reminds you of the
 "desacralization of the Tsar," where before the October
 Revolution in 1917, there were all kinds of articles about the
 Tsar not being the helper of the people, and the same thing
 happened in the story about Putin, about his being booed when he
 went to a judo tournament, saying his "magic was broken," and so
         Now, I think we should play up, a lot the speech of Viktor
 Ivanov, a couple of months ago, when he was in Washington, where
 he pointed to the fact that basically what is driving the present
 global bubble economy, and the only thing which still holds it
 together, is the drug trade. And that the only way to stop this
 drug war against the population, is to implement Glass-Steagall,
 and to have a complete change of the economic system, and go in
 the direction of Glass-Steagall.
         So, I think that the key to solve this problem, is don't go
 for war against Russia:  Go for long-term cooperation, have
 cooperation between the German Mittelstand and French, Italian,
 and Scandinavian Mittelstand, with the long-term perspective;
 wipe out the drug traffic; go back to a Glass-Steagall standard.
         So, the war lines are clearer than ever before!  And well,
 also, one should just mention this is an ongoing war and we will
 have to pay much more close attention to that, because we have to
 counter that in Europe! Because there is now an opponent of Putin
 as candidate, a billionaire, named Mikhail Prokhorov, who is now
 already saying that he will work together with Kudrin, and Kudrin
 is basically said that he is thinking about being one of the
 cofounders of a new right-wing party.  So there is a lot going
 on, trying to destabilize Russia.
         Okay, so, I think that the situation therefore is extremely
 tense, and I should just mention that the campaign against Iran
 and Syria are also continuing.  Israeli Defense Minister Ehud
 Barak said yesterday that the ouster of Syria's President Assad
 would be a "blessing for the Middle East."  Remember that some
 opposition forces in Israel had said, that for Israel, for Assad
 to remain  is much better because he's relatively moderate, and
 if he would be replaced by a Muslim Brotherhood figure or some
 other Islamic fundamentalist, then Israel would be surrounded by
 an ocean of people who want to have an "Islamic empire," which
 would be much worse for the security interests of Israel.  Barak
 also reiterated that urgent, severe sanctions against Iran are
 necessary, that Iran should never be allowed to develop nuclear
 weapons, and so forth.  So this thing is fully going on.
         And I think if you look at this whole situation, if you look
 at what Lyn said, both in the NEC meeting discussion on Saturday,
 that the world is really in the gravest danger possible, and also
 what he said in the Princeton webcast yesterday, I think it is
 very clear, that unless the kinds of things that Lyn has
 prescribed for the United States, which is the removal of Obama,
 and what we can do here in Europe, is to make a very, very
 powerful motion for Glass-Steagall, and I think this Ivanov
 argument that the only thing which keeps the monetary system
 alive is the drug trade, that if people want to save civilization
 they have to go in the direction we are proposing, or there is
 not going to be a world.
         So that is really want I want to say:  We are in a grave
 moment in history, but I think if we fight, sometimes in history,
 small forces who have ideas are more efficient than large ocean
 of mediocre idiots of the type we have seen in Brussels on
 Thursday and Friday.  So that  is really what I wanted to say, so
 let's discuss it.

                       - NEWS SUMMARIES -

                          - LAROUCHE -

 WORK BY NICHOLAS OF CUSA" (see From LaRouche)

                    - LEADING DEVELOPMENTS -

 MEDVEDEV (see slug)

 NATION (see slug)





 WAR--OR A ROAD TO WAR?' (see slug)

 BRUSSELS, December 12 (Itar-Tass)  AN ISRAELI OR U.S. ATTACK ON
         "This would have catastrophic consequences not only for the
 region but globally," he said on December 12.
         "We have seen many attempts to solve political problems by
 force in recent years, but now the time has come to learn these
 lessons," Chizhov said.

                          - ECONOMICS -

 1489 LEGISLATION for a return to Franklin Roosevelt's
 Glass-Steagall Act, on Nov. 19.

                        - UNITED STATES -

 TESTIMONY, including call for impeachment from a former DOJ
 official. (see slug)


         OBAMA SCANDAL #3: LIGHTSQUARED: The SEC is moving against
 principal, Philip Falcone, his manager and, in an unusual move,
 his lawyer. All three have received Wells notices, of impending
 indictments. This is for transgressions not necessarily related
 to LightSquared, but they could force the bankruptcy of Falcone's
 Harbinger hedge fund. Fund has dwindled (to maybe $2 billion from
 $10 billion) over last years, forcing Falcone to "borrow" $130
 million to pay taxes in last year or two. As Harbinger hit the
 skids, Falcone went "all in" on LightSquared, with a certain
 desperation.  [mpb]

                           - RUSSIA -


 PUTIN. The lead editorial of Sir Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street
 Journal is "Challenging the Kremlin," and says that Obama has to
 "drop the illusion" of the "reset button," and break with Putin
 in favor of the Russian opposition.  This is more important now
 that the Kremlin appears to believe it can "ride out" the
 opposition instead of trying to crush it. The Washington Post
 wrote a parallel smarmy editorial last week praising Hillary
 Clinton's statements about election fraud. (mjs)

                       - SOUTHWEST ASIA -


                       LEADING DEVELOPMENTS

 London's Gorbachov Continues Offensive Against Putin and Medvedev

 Dec. 12 (EIRNS) - Mikhail Gorbachov is taking the opportunity of
 this month's 20th anniversary of the official break-up of the
 Soviet Union, to escalate his attacks on Prime Minister and
 Presidential candidate Vladimir Putin, as well as the current
 President of Russia, Dmitri Medvedev.  Already on December 7,
 Gorbachov demanded that the Dec. 4 parliamentary elections be
 rerun because of vote fraud.  In one of his new, 20th-anniversary
 interviews, today on the liberal radio station Echo of Moscow,
 Gorbachov "blasted the current authorities," according to a
 preliminary report, "denouncing them for not allowing the Russian
 population to make a free choice."
         As Soviet Communist Party boss and then President during the
 1980s, Gorbachov was what Lyndon LaRouche famously called "the
 first General Secretary to be publicly vetted by the Queen of
 England" (with a visit to London in 1984, just months before his
 taking the top job in the U.S.S.R.). Following in the footsteps
 of Yuri Andropov, the Soviet leader who came out of the most
 British Intelligence-infected section of the Soviet
 establishment, and who had reacted in rage against U.S. President
 Reagan's adoption of LaRouche's SDI policy in 1983, Gorbachov
 acted in British interests throughout his own battle against the
 SDI and against LaRouche personally.
         At the same time, Gorbachov opened the floodgates to the
 British takeover of Russian economic policy, first through his
 perestroika policy and the widespread adoption of Cambridge
 University systems analysis, and then -- after the end of the
 U.S.S.R. -- with the complete takeover of the Russian government
 by so-called "young reformers," who had been trained by London on
 Gorbachov's watch.
         During these last two decades, Gorbachov has added more and
 more tasks and projects to his dossier as a British agent, from
 his Green Cross environmentalist organization, to his political
 projects inside Russia during the past three years.  These
 include attacks on Putin and his allies, including especially
 Russian Railways chief Vladimir Yakunin and Far East official
 Victor Ishayev for their advocacy of railway development, in the
 Novaya Gazeta newspaper, which Gorbachov co-owns.  Several of the
 most prominent figures in launching the mass demos against
 Putin's and Medvedev's United Russia party, including Boris
 Nemtsov of the Solidarity movement and the People's Freedom
 Party, have been direct collaborators of Gorbachov in his
 political projects.
         In June of 2010, Professor Igor Panarin of the Diplomatic
 Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry put the Gorbachov issue
 on the table in the right kind of terms.  Interviewed in
 Izvestia, Panarin charged that Gorbachov, as well as Nikita
 Khrushchov in the 1950s, was steered to power by British
 Intelligence.  Panarin said that Gorbachov should be condemned,
 "but it should be done by a public tribunal, in order to
 understand how this person could conduct such an anti-state
 policy, harming his native country, in which he had been born and
 grew up." LaRouche observed at the time if Russian institutions
 were to proceed with such a tribunal, it could "shake the pillars
 of British control" over key aspects of Russian policy.  In that
 same time period, the section of LaRouche's March 2010 "Ides of
 March" webcast, dealing with the British agentry of Andropov and
 Gorbachov, became a very hot item online in Russia, and was
 viewed by tens of thousands of people. [RBD]


 Dec. 11 (LPAC)--Kesha Rogers, member of the LaRouche National
 Slate and recently filed candidate for the Democratic Party
 nomination for Congress from the 22nd C.D. in Texas, issued the
 following declaration of candidacy today.

         "About 35 years ago, on December 9, 1976, I was born. Just a
 few short weeks before this, Lyndon LaRouche made a crucial
 intervention, exposing the threat of a Carter administration
 launching a general thermonuclear war, on behalf of the British
 monetary interests. LaRouche warned that if Carter and his
 Trilateral Commission advisors were not stopped, they were
 prepared to take the nation and the world down the road to
 destruction, by the summer of that following year. At that time,
 leading figures in the Democratic and Republican Parties, and in
 the nations of Europe, took LaRouche's warning seriously, and
 moved to neutralize that threat.
         "Today we are again faced with an imminent threat of
 thermonuclear world war, pushed by the Obama administration, on
 behalf of those same monied interests. Tragically, there is a
 void in real leadership within all political parties, which lack
 the courage and the moral integrity to throw out this insane
 President, and put forward real scientific policies representing
 the common aims of mankind.
         "I am running for Congress, to fill the void in leadership.
 In 2010, I said the things that nobody else would say, `Save
 NASA, Impeach Obama,' thus returning the United States to its
 heritage of representing the beacon of hope and liberty for the
 world. I said we must do this, by ending the unconstitutional
 bailouts of Wall Street and Europe by reinstating Glass-Steagall,
 then unleashing full funding for scientific advancement of
 humanity, as with our manned space program, the North American
 Water and Power Alliance, and other great projects.
         "I was never a `local issues' candidate; the entire time I
 was working from a top down, national perspective with a national
 slate of LaRouche Democrats across the country. Now our slate is
 expanded to six people across the nation, and we are working as
 one fist not to provide leadership sometime after an election but
 to solve the global crisis immediately confronting everyone.
 Anyone running a local issues or partisan campaign, when an
 insane President is attempting to unleash thermonuclear war in
 the midst of a global economic collapse, is obviously not
 qualified to serve our nation.
         "I am committed to making sure that someone in our country
 today, just being born, will be able to call back to Earth from a
 space station on Mars, in the year 2046, and relay the message,
 that because we acted 35 years ago, he or she is able to live out
 our mission for the progress of mankind, in our galaxy, and the
         "If we are to achieve this mission, all pessimism and
 practical thinking about elections must be thrown out, and
 instead people must join our national slate in putting forward
 the solutions to mankind's crisis. That is our sacred honor, as
 patriots, and as human beings.

                       - Policy Platform -

         1. Impeach Barack Obama, or Invoke the 25th Amendment,
 Section 4.
         Mr. Obama is a puppet of the bankrupt financial system, and
 has pushed policies made notorious by the Adolf Hitler regime,
 since condemned by the entire world. His flagrant violations of
 the U.S. Constitution, and both national and international law,
 in addition to posing a clear and present danger of new
 violations, warrant his immediate removal from the office of the
 Presidency by impeachment. Simultaneously, the public record of
 Mr. Obama's mental state shows he is incapable of faithfully
 performing his duties as President, and as such meets the
 conditions for removal by Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the
 U.S. Constitution.

         2. Return to the American Credit System.
         End the bailouts of the bankrupt monetary system, by
 reinstating the Glass-Steagall separation of commercial and
 investment banking, as outlined by Treasury Secretary Alexander
 Hamilton. Allow investment banking to fail with the market, but
 protect commercial assets, as they are tied to real, i.e.
 physical economic, productivity. The rate of physical economic
 growth is too collapsed to sustain our population, thus Article
 1, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution must be used to issue federal
 credit for investment in large-scale infrastructure and
 scientific advancement, as in programs outlined below. Currency
 issued must be tied to production in order to have value.

         3. North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA)
         Create 10 million jobs in managing our continent's water
 supply, by building NAWAPA. This project from the 1960s would
 bring an additional 160 million acre-feet of water into use each
 year. Had NAWAPA been built, Texas would not have had the drought
 of this past year. This project will necessitate the laying of
 several thousand miles of new railroad lines, drilling of 50
 tunnels through the Rocky Mountains, building the biggest dams in
 the world, as well as 240 reservoirs, and 2,600 MW of nuclear
 power in the transfer of water across the mountains. It will
 change local rainfall patterns and teach us much about the
 formation of our biosphere.

         4. Strategic Defense of the Earth (SDE)
         NASA scientists know the human species won't survive the
 periodic 62 million year cycles of mass extinction that occur in
 our solar system, without a robust manned space program. This
 past year's extreme weather is known to have galactic and solar
 sources. We must massively expand NASA's funding and missions, in
 order to comprehend, forecast, and protect civilization from such
 galactic threats. Russia's proposed SDE would begin such a
 project, and the United States must join this effort. Together we
 can solve the known threat of asteroid impacts, extreme weather
 such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and drought/flooding,
 and the impact of coronal mass ejections on our electric grid.
 The SDE would also include the ability to neutralize the threat
 of thermonuclear weapons.

         5. Trans-Pacific Alliance with Russia, China and India
         Rather than continue orienting toward the hopelessly
 bankrupt trans-Atlantic economies, the United States should
 orient across the Pacific, and embrace the scientifically
 progressive intention currently being expressed by Russia, China,
 and other Asian countries. Were the United States to form a
 scientific alliance with these countries, instead of threatening
 them with war, a rich potential would be created for solving many
 of the galactic and geo political crises listed above. We must
 lay the groundwork now, for real economic collaboration, by
 building such projects as the World Land-Bridge, an overland
 network of high-speed, magnetically levitated rail corridors. We
 must also cooperate on manned space exploration, as in the
 development of the Moon, and the development of fusion rockets
 with the capability of 1G acceleration, to send humans to Mars.


 Bolton Targets Russia, China in Iran War Drive, as War Talk
 Escalates in Israel

 December 12 (LPAC)--John Bolton, the former UN Ambassador and
 full-time neo-conservative maniac, has been on a media blitz
 since the downing of the U.S. drone in Iran, to blame Russia for
 providing the technology to Iran to "jam" the communications that
 allowed the Iranians to capture the top secret spy drone.
         "I wouldn't be at all surprised if in fact the Russians
 provided the jamming equipment [to Iran] as the alternative to
 the S-300," stated Bolton, in an interview on the WABC New York
 Radio hosted by Aaron Klein.  The Iranians have said that they
 will not return the captured American RQ-170 Sentinel drone to
 the U.S.  Then, when asked about news reports that Iran is
 letting Russia and China inspect the drone, Bolton said this
 threatens all of U.S. defenses.  "It allows Iranians and
 therefore the Russian and Chinese access to our stealth
 technology.  It allows them access to our communications and
 sensors inside the drone."
         Inside Israel, the Netanyahu crowd has revived the warnings
 from a different former Mossad chief, Danny Yatom, who opposes
 the Ephraim Halevy and Meir Dagan's warnings against bombing
 Iran.  Yatom says that "As difficult a price it [a military
 strike on Iran] may be, and even if those predicting apocalyptic
 results are correct--and I dont think they are--this is still not
 as bad as the threat of an Iranian bomb." Yatom claims that the
 world has "little time" left to act on Iran.
         The same article quoting Yatom also reports that Bibi talked
 about building "unofficial ties" in the Arab world when he held a
 press conference in Romania with the Romanian Prime Minister.
 These ties are widely hinted in the Israeli press to mean "Saudi
 Arabia and the Gulf states."
         At the same time, the line is almost unanimous among
 Israelis that the U.S. and Obama are "too weak" to use military
 attacks to stop Iran's nuclear program, reports former CIA
 Clandestine Services officer Robert Grenier writing today in Al
 Jazeera.  Grenier attended the annual Brookings Institute Saban
 Center event on Dec. 2, 2011, where Defense Secretary Leon
 Panetta delivered the new Obama policy line that even nuclear
 technology sufficient to build a bomb would be a threshold for
 war.  But this was not enough for the Israeli war camp which is
 pushing more than ever to go it alone.
         "First, the Israelis need not rely on the US to initiate
 hostilities with Iran, if it should come to that.  They can do so
 themselves, confident that the US will then be forced to deal
 with the consequences, including the Iranian retaliation which
 Panetta described and all would expect," Grenier writes.
         "Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the Israelis know
 that they can pursue such a course, in extremis, without serious
 fear of repercussions, including a cutoff of US support -
 diplomatic, military, or otherwise."  (mjs)


 Dec. 12, 2011 (EIRNS)--As the third huge explosion in one month
 hit Iran overnight Dec. 11, killing 7 and wounding 16, Israeli
 intelligence leaks to the Israeli press continued to claim credit
 in the most revolting way for murderous acts of war against Iran.
         Yedioth Media's Ynetnews asked:  Does the mysterious blast
 in Iran's steel factory have any connection to attempts to
 sabotage the Iranian nuclear program?  Foreign reports suggesting
 Iran received North Korean steel used for uranium enrichment and
 the production of exhaust systems of missile engines may indicate
 that there is such a connection.
         Ynet wrote, "Initially, the Iranians claimed that the cause
 for Sunday's blast was the penetration of water into the steel's
 melting pot, but later said that ammunition brought to the
 factory had exploded."  The plant is located in Yazd which is in
 north central Iran, close to and east of Isfahan where the blast
 at the uranium processing plant occurred two weeks ago.  A huge
 explosion at a military base near Tehran had occurred just two
 weeks before that, on Nov. 12, killing 17 Iranian Revolutionary
 Guard Corps troops and their general, whom the Israelis said had
 led Iran's missile program.
         An included purpose of these London-ordered murders is to
 provoke Iranian retaliation,-- or to explain something which will
 be described as Iranian retaliation, in order to bring on war.
         And now as always, the British oligarchs say "blame the
 Jews."  (mjs/ap_)

 War-Avoiding U.S.-Iran Cooperation Is Still Possible, Says Former
 Iran Official

 Dec. 9, 2011 (EIRNS)--Although conditions for a direct dialogue
 between Iran and the United States are quite bleak at the moment,
 there are areas in which cooperation could take place on an
 interim basis, says Hossein Mousavian, the former head of Iran's
 nuclear negotiating team during 2003-05, and Foreign Policy
 Advisor to Ali Larijani in 2005-07, who is now a visiting scholar
 (not an émigré) at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School
 of Public and International Affairs.
         On Tuesday, Dec. 13, Ambassador Mousavian will be in a
 public conversation with senior career U.S. Ambassador Thomas
 Pickering, at an Asia Society forum on "The Future of U.S.-Iran
 Relations" being held in New York. Pickering was the co-author of
 a 2008 proposal to allow Iran to establish a uranium-enrichment
 facility on its own territory, to be managed by a multinational
 consortium; Pickering and his team were heavily involved in
 back-channel discussions with many Iranian officials at that
         In an interview on the Asia Society's blog, Mousavian said
 that the recent IAEA report on Iran's nuclear program was
 politically motivated, and "it had nothing substantially new to
 add." He points out that the IAEA report was primarily based on
 U.S. intelligence reports presented to the IAEA years ago, which
 had also been presented to the Iranians by the IAEA in 2007, to
 which Iran had responded in a lengthy document of over 100 pages.
         Regarding the U.S. Senate's current sanctions bill, he said
 that "more pressure and sanctions will lead Iran to become more
 aggressive, radical, and unpredictable," adding: "Sanctions and
 pressures will not compel Iran to change its nuclear policy
 because the right to peaceful nuclear technology, including
 enrichment, is a matter of national pride and consensus."
         Regarding potentials for U.S.-Iran cooperation, Mousavian
 cited the "unprecedented cooperation" in 2001 against Al Qaeda
 and the Taliban in Afghanistan, and he said: "In early 2011,
 Tehran sent a powerful signal to Washington, indicating its
 readiness to host the U.S. Special Representative to Afghanistan
 in order to discuss joint cooperation on Afghanistan. The United
 States did not respond appropriately to Iran's overture. However,
 I am still confident that through cooperation on common issues,
 such as stability in Afghanistan and Iraq and halting drug
 trafficking, the tensions between the two capitals can be
 reduced, paving the way for other opportunities for dialogue to
 open, and leading to final rapprochement." [ews]


 Dec. 12 (LPAC)--A piece with that title by {Time} magazine senior
 editor Tony Karon concludes, "It's election season in Iran, too,
 with a parliamentary poll in March and a Presidential vote in
 2013--and talking tough in the face of U.S. and Israeli threats
 is as popular inside Iran's political system as promising regime
 change in Iran at the Republican Jewish Committee.  In the
 broader Iranian public, there's a growing sense of fatalism about
 the inevitability of war, and plenty of support for belligerent
 nationalist positions.
         "But the Administration is in a bind: It insists, correctly,
 that it has mustered an unprecedented level of sanctions against
 Iran, yet it is unable to demonstrate that those efforts are
 likely to change the game.  Hawkish critics insist a clock is
 ticking, and most Iran analysts believe the current sanctions
 efforts are unlikely to produce a diplomatic breakthrough.  Hence
 the apparent schizophrenia described in the {Washington Post}
 last week: Current and former U.S. officials say the
 Administration is ramping up its covert efforts inside Iran, even
 as the White House is seeking a thaw in bilateral relations.
         "The very idea of a bilateral thaw with Tehran coming amid a
 covert war is absurd--Iran's leaders told Obama at the beginning
 of his Presidency that there could be no rapprochement while
 sanctions remained in place; they're hardly likely to soften up
 with drones flying overhead and key assets blowing up."
         Karon's full piece, posted Dec. 11, can be found at [fhb]

                           UNITED STATES

 Holder Condemnations Increase Following Congressional Testimony

 Dec. 12 (EIRNS)--Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was on
 FoxNews Sunday, yesterday, where he expressed outrage at the
 "stonewalling" of Attorney General Eric Holder, accusing him of
 "misleading" Congress. "I don't know what they've got to hide,"
 McConnell said, "it's really quite unusual to be stonewalled like
 this," by "high officials" of an administration. McConnell
 stopped short of calling for Holder's dismissal, however, saying,
 he is not, at this time, calling for Holder -- or anyone else
 involved -- to resign or be fired.
         Others are not so forgiving. Former DOJ Civil Rights
 Division attorney J. Christian Adams-- the original whistleblower
 of the 2008 voting rights violations case involving the New Black
 Panther Party, the 2010 dismissal of which directly involved the
 White House -- has called for Holder's impeachment, following his
 "shameful" testimony before the Judicial Committee. "Holder's
 testimony was not merely shameful," Adams said in his statement
 on Pamela Geller's AtlasShrugs blog.  "It was a maturing
 manifestation of a lawlessness which I first warned about in July
 of 2010 when I testified about the New Black Panther [case]
 dismissal.  Small acts of lawlessness have given way to larger
 ones....  Holder's brazen display before the House Judiciary
 Committee signals that the Justice Department is in deep trouble.
 It is time for Eric Holder to go.  It is time for his Chief of
 Staff Gary Grindler to go.  It is time for Assistant Attorney
 General Lanny Breuer to go."  Adams calls on citizens to join
 True the Vote and demonstrate against Holder Dec. 13, when he
 appears at the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas (at 4PM).
         Freshman Republican Rep. Steve Southerland of Florida may be
 the next Congressman calling for Holder's impeachment.
 Southerland told the conservative-leaning {Daily Caller} that AG
 Eric Holder was acting as if he was "entitled" to his position.
 "I think that, when you're talking about the Department of
 Justice, when they show a blatant disregard for subpoenas, to me,
 they show a blatant disregard for accountability," Southerland
 said.  "And, if you show a blatant disregard for accountability,
 that means that you're not teachable.  You do not feel that you
 owe anyone else an explanation, nor do you feel that owe anyone
 appreciation for your position."
         The NRA, which has already called for Holder to be fired,
 issued another statement, dated yesterday, under the headline
 "After `Fast and Furious,' Holder Can't be Trusted."  Outlining
 the lies exposed by the DOJ documentation, they quote segments of
 last week's testimony, highlighting Holder's outrageous
 obfuscation, which finally led Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.)
 to ask him, "Tell me, what's the difference between lying and
 misleading Congress, in this context?"
         Speculation is rampant in the conservative press that there
 is still a "treasure trove" of e-mails to be discovered, since,
 in all of the 5,000 e-mails released by the DOJ, not one is from
 Holder -- rumored to be an avid e-mailer -- himself.  [mpb]


 Dec. 12 (LPAC)--The McClatchy-Tribune News Service today released
 an op-ed entitled, "Should a Democrat Challenge President Obama?
 Yes: Clinton Only Dem Who Can Win."  It starts: "If Americans in
 their infinite wisdom choose to keep a Democrat in the White
 House through 2016, let it be Hillary Rodham Clinton.
 Increasingly the question of whether President Obama should be
 challenged for the 2012 nomination is surfacing among disgruntled
 Democrats worried about a solid Republican victory next fall.
 They're right to be concerned: The crises facing the United
 States and the world deserve better than Obama's oldest
 established permanent floating re-election campaign."
         The column by Washington-based Canadian journalist Bogdan
 Kipling concludes: "We can only hope that reports about Hillary's
 health problems are exaggerated.  Her party -- and her country --
 badly need her services at this dark and crucial juncture of
 history.  She's likely the only potential winner the Democrats
 can muster."
         That's not near enough, though: America will be finished if
 we wait to remove Obama in the next election.  [fhb]


 Nemtsov Talks Violence, in Looking to Next Stage of Russian

 Dec. 12 (EIRNS) - Boris Nemtsov, former governor of Nizhny
 Novgorod and former "young reformer" deputy prime minister of
 Russia in the 1990s, is one of the radical neoliberals who is
 active on several fronts at once, in destabilizing Russia and
 trying to block the reelection of Vladimir Putin as President
 next March.  He is a leader of the Solidarity movement, which
 last week launched the demonstrations demanding annullment of the
 State Duma elections.  In September 2010, Nemtsov joined one of
 Mikhail Gorbachov's key projects, the "Civil Dialogue"
 organization. Yesterday Nemtsov, in a commentary for the
 Ukrainian agency TSN, showed that he has violence on his mind,
 looking toward an escalation of the protests in coming months.
 "We cannot have any velvet revolution, we can have a bloody
 slaughter," said Nemtsov.  "We are not Ukraine.  The level of
 hatred and tension is much higher.  And we have the Caucasus
 factor, with very strong xenophobia."  [RBD]

                          SOUTHWEST ASIA

 Israeli Opposition to Netanyahu Cites His Role in Rabin
 Assassination, in Letter Against New Fascist Laws

 December 12 (LPAC)--Dozens of artists, intellectuals, academics
 and former military officials have signed a letter calling on
 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to freeze legislation
 targetting courts, media and civil society, and human rights
 organizations in Israel.  In the last year the following
 police-state measures designed to silence any opposition to
 Israel's occupation of the Palestinian lands, and punish Israeli
 Jews for criticizing the Netanyahu government have either been
 passed by the Knesset, or are still being debated and are on
 their way to being passed--with Bibi's support:
         *It is illegal for any Israeli to support or donate to
 campaigns to divest in Israel because of the apartheid and
 occupation policies.  The divestment campaign is modelled on the
 South African fight to end apartheid.
         *It is illegal for an institution that receives government
 funds (such as public schools) to commemorate the "Nakba," the
 events in 1948 where Palestinian civilians were massacred and
 more than 1 million Palestinians were driven out.
         *A proposed law now before the Knesset forbids "any
 foreign-government donations to NGOs that reject Israel's right
 to exist; incite racism; support violence against Israel; support
 putting Israeli politicians and IDF soldiers on trial in
 international courts; call for boycotts of the state; or for IDF
 soldiers to refuse orders."  Israeli contributors to such groups
 -- including the Peace Now -- will have to pay a 45% tax.
         *There are several different religious laws in the works
 that prohibit women from some public offices, and demand separate
 seating on buses for men and women.
         *A recent video ad campaign run by the Tourism Ministry had
 to be pulled; the ads warned that Israeli Jews marrying American
 Jews would lose their "roots."  One insane ad showed a grandchild
 talking to her grandparents in Israel via Skype, and answering
 "Christmas" when asked if she knew what the holiday with candles
 is all about!
         Most importantly, the letter -- for the first time in many
 years -- identifies the role of Netanyahu in the "incitement"
 against Rabin that led to his assassination on Nov. 4, 1995.
         Excerpts of the letter appeared in today's, the
 English version of Yedioth Ahronoth:
         "Benjamin Netanyahu has a clear choice: He could either
 allow the current wave to continue and turn into the destroyer of
 democracy and law in Israel, or stop immediately.
         "He should announce that the legislation and implementation
 of all bills targeting the courts, media and civil society
 organizations in Israel will be frozen at least until the end of
 the Knesset's winter session.  The heads of Netanyahu's coalition
 have not taken time for self-examination."
         The letter, signed by some 70 people, includes a specific
 reference to Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch's statement
 on the issue last week.  "The Supreme Court president's clear
 remarks must lead to a complete change in the Israeli reality.
 Beinisch's words are a last warning call.
         "The Supreme Court president rightfully criticized each
 citizen for being too silent over the fact that she, law and
 democracy are being abandoned to a wave on incitement and have
 found themselves all alone while facing evil spirits and
         "Her remarks echo the slain Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin,
 who found himself abandoned in the face of incitement.
         "We must not allow this disgrace.  This prime minister, who
 led those protests (against the Oslo Accords)--and was warned by
 the Shin Bet chief of what could happen--should have at least
 learned the lesson and changed his ways.  Stop this wave of
 legislation now."
         According to right-winger Caroline Glick, Deputy Managing
 Editor of the {Jerusalem Post}, Beinisch said in an address
 before the Association for Public Law's annual conference that
 Israel's elected officials are "inciting against the judges"
 through their proposed legislation that would place constraints
 on judicial power.  Glick writes in her blog, Family Security
 Matters, that "After Beinisch stepped down from the podium, her
 associates briefed journalists without attribution that Beinisch
 believes that the bills being debated are comparable to Nazi
 legislation barring Jews from the public square."  (mjs)

                           FROM LAROUCHE

 This completed document by Lyndon LaRouche has not been proofed.

         - Reflections on a work by Nicholas of Cusa: -


         {Let this be said, with the same intention with which I had
 named that poem of mine from sixty years ago} {"My Lyre." It were
 as a universe which that poetic spirit within me had described as
 "bending stars like reeds."}

         {Now, during the recent lapse of time since the Spring of
 this year 2011, I had devoted myself largely, to working through
 successive stages of the continuing theme of this present year's
 series of pieces of mine, of which one major title (the present
 one) is still currently in progress at this moment. This series,
 when it will have been taken in its whole, has a single, commonly
 subsuming theme with a nearly completed discovery now on its own

         {Yet, this has also been a fairly well-defined mission which
 had been in the process of continuously resolving into its now
 presently batched form of expression since the those post-war
 1940s, under the ruinous practices of President Harry S Truman
 and putative economist Arthur Burns, throughout the 1945-1960
 interval. In the meantime, during the same interval, I was in the
 process of defining what became a uniquely competent method for
 securing general physical-economic growth. My intention during
 the period from 1956-57 and beyond, had been to establish my
 competence in long-ranging economic forecasting and
 policy-design, a competence which has become the most competent
 economic policy-shaping doctrine known publicly today.}

         {That had been a process of ongoing discoveries which had
 taken shape, and had continued through, and beyond my early
 1950s' focus on the theme of Bernhard Riemann's 1854 habilitation
 dissertation. So, inspirations, like dreams, return to appear as
 the harvests of successive years.}

         {So, when I had just returned to the United States from
 military service from Asia, in the Spring of 1946, I settled into
 experiencing the economy and economic problems of both the
 post-World War II world, and what come to be known as "The Cold
 War." As we were to discover when President John F. Kennedy would
 have been assassinated, with the assassination of President
 Kennedy this was no longer really our republic, but one which had
 been largely taken over by our enemies, the British Empire and
 its subaltern known in street-slang as "Wall Street."}

         {Those of our citizens who still do not understand that set
 of facts, do not really know where their own identity lies: That
 fact shows itself in nearly every aspect of the lives of our
 citizenry today. In short, the condition of actually being free,
 begins with knowing what it is from which one must be freed.
 There are almost no really free citizens on our United States, or
 most of Europe, today; as much as freedom still exists, it is
 presently vanishing at an accelerating rate under the nominal
 authority of the succession of U.S. President George W. Bush,
 Jr., and has now almost vanished under the term of a carbon-copy
 of the Roman Emperor Nero, the British royal puppet, U.S.
 President Barack Obama.}

         {If we are to become freed again, as Martin Luther King has
 said, "free at last," freed from the evil practices of virtual
 British puppets such as President George W. Bush, Jr., and Barack
 Obama, we must understand the essential facts concerning our
 republic's present situation, and recognize how this presently
 wretched, virtual decade came about, and how that might be

         {To that end, the individual composition which I present
 here, is a particular element in a continued batched series of
 related utterances, since the now past Spring of this year. There
 is also a deeper aspect, even in essential elements deep in
 history, which are urgently to be considered for reflection here,
 now, while I walk with you, the reader, through that experience,
 in this report, here.}

         {This process on which shall I report here, is one which
 reaches back, from that which might often seem to have been
 scattered recollections, but which, now, must become a more
 prominently featured, and much-matured subject of discussions,
 such as those discussions published under the impact of my
 present attention to such continuing, present-day concerns, as
 they appear to me today. Therefore, I report here on the subject
 of the ontological implications of the same Classical perspective
 which had also been already expressed, relatively long ago, by a
 succession of such exceptional ancient minds as Heraclitus and

         {That recurring experience of history has been. for me,
 truly an ancient concern, a concern which is currently expressed
 for me more and more forcefully as I become older. These concerns
 have been expressed in publications, especially those of my own
 and of a rare few others. I refer to those others who are devoted
 to the subject of the present terms of my ever-more-revolutionary
 definition of the appropriate, ontological basis and design for
 the needed reform in scientific method for economy, as for today.
 It is not my advancing age, as such, which defines that
 difference; it is the menacing condition which has already been
 reached on this planet, a condition of general trans-Atlantic
 economic breakdown, a condition which has presently reached a
 critical point as has happened within the recent several days.
 Your world, and mine, has now entered a qualitatively new stage
 of history, which should be regarded as the end-stage of a entire
 period of history, an end-stage which is presently closing in
 upon us with a deadly grip; but, hopefully, it is also the
 forewarning of the opportunities for a new, better age very soon
 to begin.}

         {This is a time, not for reporting events, even merely
 important events; it is time to launch an entirely new quality in
 world history. So, in the pages of this report, I must report
 matters here accordingly.}

                - Percy Shelley & History -

         {When I take into account what I am proud to have
 accomplished in the course of such a presently continued
 undertaking as that, up to this time, I must say, gladly, that
 the original inspiration for this project of mine, is still
 exemplified in spirit, by the celebrated, concluding paragraph of
 Percy Bysshe} {Shelley's} {{A Defence of Poetry}}{. On that
 account, nothing has been left "worn out."}

         {Sometimes, as in some person's reading of Shelley's
 concluding paragraph for his} {{A Defence of Poetry}}{, there had
 been some suspicion that Shelley had left that poem uncompleted.
 That poem and I have both proven to have been wiser than to
 believe such a conclusion; in the end, we, of my dedication, have
 understood that Shelley had ended this work on that publication
 at the stage when his actual intention in writing that report had
 been fulfilled by him, and for him, at that point. We must
 recognize that he had completed his statement made, implicitly to
 you, on that occasion; it is now your turn--for each of us--to
 respond to him; have you succeeded in responding with a relevant
 quality of reaction of your own?}

         {The categorically ontological feature of the course of my
 own first study of Shelley's composition, a composition which was
 originally uttered by him about two centuries ago, has left an
 effect on me which I had experienced repeatedly in the course of
 both my adolescence, and my adult years to date. Each time I had
 read Shelley's} {{A Defence of Poetry}}{, especially since the
 immediate post-World War II period, I had come away with an
 always refreshed expressions and in greater strength of
 conviction. This experience has become an effect which may be
 located in respect to the beautiful temptation which should have
 been what had aroused Shelley's admirers then (as it certainly
 did a few). The actual principle of his work, whose internal
 reality I had discovered on my own account, has now enabled me to
 report that fact to you, here, and now, in this refreshed,
 present expression; it is now also expressed for me as a fact
 which had existed on its own account, as a principle, such as
 Shelley's own, even long before I had been actually born. We are
 each, after all, the victim of our parent's generation, and,
 also, our own.}

         {What I have done, for my part, in this still-ongoing
 evolution of that maturing drama, is to have brought you, the
 reader, to a point of confrontation with my own original, living
 insights into that principle; so, in this manner, I shall now
 confront you, as I do in this present report. I confront you,
 with the experience of your sharing my own ever-deeper insight
 into the subject-matter of the ontological implications of the
 physical notion of what is to be recognized presently, here, as
 my notion of the principle of the universality of the truly
 physical principle of metaphor.}

                   - Shelley's Method -

         {As for Shelley's notion itself, classical irony were never
 a thing unto itself; it were better said, that such ironies as
 those, are typical of the same relevant points which are to be
 traced to such as, for example, such English poets as Shakespeare
 and Shelley. It is the fundamental principle of} {{irony}}{, the
 true meaning of the physical principle called} {{metaphor}}{,
 which remains, still today, as belonging in very significant
 part, to the specifically ontological implications of the work of
 both of those great poets.}

         {For the sake of irony, my native language is, admittedly,
 English. It is, most emphatically, the American English descended
 from what had once been the proudly literate region of the New
 England coast since the founding of New England early during the
 Seventeenth Century. Nonetheless, I have based my argument here,
 as I must say, "prudently," that it includes such European
 influences which have been expressed as, chiefly, as fruits of
 the tradition passed down to me as it had been created by the
 great English and German poets who had lived since. Whether
 sooner or later, in the sunlight and shadows cast by the leaders
 of the Fifteenth century Renaissance, for whom my own preferred
 choice of reference is, for me, their relevance as means for
 illustrating the true discovery of my America. The principle of
 metaphor, is not merely physically supreme, but it also reflects
 the spiritual qualities of their intentions as my own, and that
 with conceptions such as those which I present as a report of
 that result is this present publication.}

         {To a certain degree, it might seem to me now, as to some
 others, that, at the least, my subject here almost speaks for
 itself. However, I must not only admit, but insist from the
 outset, that it does not actually speak for itself; "seems" or
 "almost," is not "actual." It is therefore necessary, for my
 purpose here, that we share this present statement among us with
 the accompanying assumption that we might wish that the matter
 were able to seem to speak for itself. In fact, sadly, it does
 not do that, and could not. So, with such reservations taken into
 account, we might be enabled to adduce the higher wisdom
 presented to us by the stubbornness of a discovery of that which,
 in this connection, does not actually speak to us directly for
 itself, but impels me to discover what had not been otherwise

         {The great error which needs to be removed from our mutual
 considerations between you, the reader, and me, the writer, is to
 be blamed largely on the cruelly fraudulent, self-inflicted
 presumptions of the perennially credulous. Blame the folly of the
 proverbial "true believer": blame the absurdity of the
 presumption that "truth" lies within the proverbial bounds of
 "sense certainty."}

         {Worst of it all, is the credulous victim's all too typical,
 ontological presumption of his, or her belief in the actual
 existence of what is conventionally described as "empty space."
 Similarly, there is the belief of some foolish students (or
 professors) of physical science, like those university students,
 or graduates who failed to comprehend the unique genius of both
 Johannes Kepler's uniquely original discovery of the actual
 principle of universal gravitation, such as a student who,
 therefore, lacked insight into the implications of Kepler's
 great, unique discovery of the true principle of gravitation
 which is highly relevant in respect to the physical principle
 which is our subject here. I also mean the implications bearing
 on the method expressed by the crucially distinct contributions
 of such later exemplars of science as Bernhard Riemann, Max
 Planck, Albert Einstein, and Academician V.I. Vernadsky,
 considered in that order.}

                   - What Is Metaphor? -

         {I am aware, in a general fashion, of a rather large
 proportion among those who have acquired a "classroom" sort of
 apparently literate, but intellectually failed sort of presumed
 familiarity with the proper import of the term "metaphor." Of
 these, a few may have actually acquired a certain kind of
 "look-it-up-in-the-back-of-the-book" literacy in the conventional
 use of the term "metaphor;" but, only a tiny minority among those
 professions commands an actually competent insight into the
 distinctive, strict meaning, and of the real significance of what
 might regarded as the strictly scientific meaning of the
 Classical "actor" in the Classical drama. I mean one who,
 himself, fits the standard of metaphor.}

         {A typically strict meaning of the term "metaphor," does not
 refer to a direct object, or set of objects; it refers, to an
 implied simultaneity among a very special quality of several,
 indirectly related objects.}

         {Consider the case of such an apparent characteristic of
 such a shadow-like object cast as such a pair, or, more. In such
 cases we are able to conceptualize the specific effect which
 accounts for the generation of the shadow of such a pair-wise, or
 comparable shadow; but we do not "see" the relevant sort of
 linkage among those considerations which pertain to that which
 has been either a pair of shadows, or some larger set of such an
 array, as might be defined by named "characters." Functionally,
 we do not "see" the actual object; the real character is actually
 performed, not on the stage (even if one where there); it lies in
 the idea implanted in the minds of the audience viewing the
 performing actor, or actors; this is to be recognized, not by
 vision, but as to be seen within the mind of the viewing
 audience, rather than a projection on a linear screen. It can not
 be seen with the mere eyes and ears of the audience, but only by
 means of the superior potentialities of that power of the human
 mind which creates the images of those personalities called to
 the mind of the audience by means of a higher power of the human
 mind, a power higher than any mere brain as such.}

         {For example: imagine two actors on a stage, apparently
 seeing nothing other than themselves, or one another, each
 probably terrified by the economic spectacle within the
 trans-Atlantic region now, or horrified by a mysteriously queer
 sound emanating from an intellectual darkness.}

         {One of the most useful of such experiences as that, can be
 presented by the proper pedagogical use of the Classical
 theatrical stage.}

         {There are two principal means for introducing the audience,
 preferably qualified scientists of the type I might point out to
 you here, to present an experimental demonstration of the
 principle of metaphor. There are reasonable alternatives to that
 approach, but, they, while defensible approximation, fail in any
 attempt to come directly to the crucial point of scientific
 principle. I have presented as the nature of the basis in truth
 for the actually needed solution's crafted attempt at
 alternatives; but, they can not fail to present difficulties for
 the person lacking the recommended grounding in method.}

         {I present my preferred argument as follows.}

         {In what often passes, unfortunately, for customary doctrine
 on the subject of the human mind today, the primary emphasis is
 placed on the topics of "sense perception" and "the (physical)
 brain." In modern physical science, the needed healthful change
 is away from those popular habits, and is then centered on such
 sources as the concluding, third section of Bernhard Riemann's
 habilitation dissertation, and such as the successive
 developments of what have been specifically Lejeune Dirichlet's
 and Bernhard Riemann's developments within the category of
 Abelian Functions. The attempted mathematical reductionist's
 interpretations of so-called Abelian functions, are to be avoided
 as being in the likeness of suspected highway-hazards.}

         {The significance of the argument to be made on this
 account, is that the act of expressing standard human
 sense-perception, does not show us the actual function of the
 physical process on which that evidence depends. In effect, the
 limitations of our sense-perceptual instruments are the source of
 the errors which the careless mind imposes upon what is given the
 false identity of "natural." That fault is inherent in the nature
 of belief in "sense perception" as being self-evident (as in the
 literal meaning of "sense-perception"). Sense-perception does not
 show us the foot, but only the footprint which the foot has
 created in its passage. In brief, the "actual foot" is invisible
 to the sensory apparatus; only the virtual shadow (e.g., "the
 footprint") is visible.}

         {Continue the study of this matter, by extending "the model"
 of "the foot" to the case in which the "foot" is now extended to
 the case of a trail of "footprints." The foot itself, including
 its movements, continues to be actually invisible to the
 observing person; only the "footprint" (the shadow of the
 continuous trail of "footprints"), is visible. What, then, is the
 ontological "place" in which the "foot" itself ("the actual
 effect") is "visible" in some sense?}

         {Therefore, the actual "foot" in this case, is invisible to
 the person observing the trail; it is the "virtual shadow" of the
 series of the merely apparent "foot-events," which is the
 "visible" expression of the presence of the actual"foot." The
 real action is thus expressed, only in the form of that which is
 not seen literally.}

         {So, far, there is nothing which should seem absurd about
 any of this. The irony of the imagery lies in the fact that the
 presumption of "seeing" is not ontologically the actual movement
 of the foot itself; it is the visual experiment of the actual
 movement of the foot, not the foot itself, which has authored the
 perception of the motion. That now poses the question: "What is
 it which 'sees' that which is embodied in the actuality of
 observing the multiply paradoxical characteristic of the array of
 the attributed motion of the designated object as such?"}

         {Now. consider another aspect of that which bears on such
 kinds of relations? We have thus, now, entered the domain of
 Shakespeare's and Shelley's ontological paradoxes. Consider a
 case of the inherent irony of Shakespeare's "Chorus" from "Henry
 the Fifth."}

         {What the occasion of a successful stage performance
 pretends to regard as merely the appearance of the actors, is the
 fact that the actors standing in for the ghost-like roles of what
 are actually performed as the work of the actors, have been
 implicitly assigned to substitute for the image of the characters
 which they are played to represent, characters from the play
 itself, which dwell otherwise only as inhabitants of the
 audiences' imagination.}

         {Meanwhile, as to the drama as a whole, treat it as if you
 were being advised by the voice of Shakespeare caught in the
 moment of his writing the famous prologue from his} {{Henry the
 Fifth}}{. On the crucial implications of the subject of that
 prologue, it is urgent that the following be said here and now.}

         {The characters who appear on the Classical stage of
 Shakespeare, are made up to appear as virtually ghosts, not the
 living bodies of the characters being played, The actual ghosts
 on whose account the actors perform on stage, are to be
 recognized as actors on stage who are performing the parts of
 persons which they are actually not; they appear like ghosts
 attributed to the action of the characters assigned to the drama
 to perform as ghosts, actual ghosts on stage which the audience
 chooses to recognize as hypothetically the flesh-and-blood
 actors, or actor-like objects on stage. However, play close
 attention to the fact, that the actors about to appear on the
 stage are not the real persons (but correspond to a place
 ostensibly occupied by real persons), but very little of the rest
 of the impedimenta hauled so onto the stage, is really what it is
 presumed to represent.}

         {The apparent fault, or, you might say "irony" of the
 arrangements on stage, are not to be regarded as demanded by the
 producer's yearning for ready cash, or some other sort of
 difference expressed as of that category. This feature of the
 staging of the Classical drama, is an essential part of the
 meaning of the entirety of the play, a requirement demanded, as a
 matter of ontological principle, as in the instance of Lady
 Macbeth's bloody night-prowl, by that principle of metaphor--the
 principle of the imagination--on which the competence of all
 dramatic forms of public events depends, as a matter of the
 principle of true drama. So, Shakespeare's instructions on the
 crafting of that spectre which is his Birnam Wood, is the
 necessary touch of gloomy magic without which the grisly irony of
 an effective conclusion of the drama were not accomplished. All
 this and its likeness, is the touch of counterfeit magic which
 brings on the awe on which the passion of the induced irony in
 the drama depends.}

         {We must induce in the spectators, and also the players,
 that sense of "magic" on which the competence of the poetry
 depends. This is not a "trick." At this point, I must introduce
 one of my specific clarifications:}

         {Hence, we have, there, a proper sort of conventional image
 of the principle of metaphor as it bursts the bounds of what are
 merely entertainments, thus to expose itself as the essential
 principle of a valid physical science, as, unfortunately
 relatively few presumed scientists have yet actually grasped this
 notion. The principle of metaphor must be introduced to the
 action of the drama, at that junction, for such purposes! On this
 account, the Classical drama, or its like, passes over from
 entertainment, to the subject of deeply impassioned, seemingly
 magical principles situated within an enlarged practice of
 physical science. It proceeds as follows from this point onward.}

         {Make no mistake; this is a matter of real physical science!
 It is necessary to make the apparent mere play mimic nature, for
 the sake of the purpose that sense-perception as such can not
 mimic actual nature; therefore, the poet and dramatist must
 intimate the magic attributably inherent in history's nature.}

                       - Metaphor! -

         {This expression of the principle of metaphor, is the
 application to a set of functional relationships represented by
 what are regarded directly as actions in nature for which the
 action itself is invisible to ordinary sense-perception, but in
 which the action itself, even when its nature is physically
 invisible, we are then potentially enabled to adduce that which
 remains literally invisible respecting the action recognizable as
 type of action. This notion tends to be made clear when one
 assesses the Classical stage from the standpoint of a Platonic
 physical science, rather than as merely entertainment or the

         {Ordinarily, we "see" what sense-perception presents, not
 that which the alternate "sensorium" of the domain of physical
 science proffers as the appropriate alternative.}

         {The most significant expression of this principle of age,
 is located within the actual, but "physically invisible" actions
 which the successful on-stage performance makes "real" for the
 sake of the audience reactions to what has been passing among
 players on stage, or, as a physical interaction which is, in its
 core, not directly intelligence relevant to the subject of the
 action itself; here, the effect of the action, rather than a
 direct vision of the action, serves as the seemingly "magical"
 substitute for that occasion. The example of the opening of
 Chorus from Shakespeare's} {{King Henry V}}{., is an excellent
 illustration of the sense of that which must be the eeriness of
 the action portrayed to the audience, then and there.}

         {In that part of Shakespeare's drama, pathetic mere toys
 serve as shadows of that which lacks the mysterious passion of
 the settings within which the list of characters prance and

         {On this account, we must recognize a chain of connecting
 points throughout a real time and place; we must recognize them
 as points of reference for a universe within which no actual
 "space" actually exists. It is an experience which should prompt
 a recollection of the genius of such excellent qualities of
 ancient anti-reductionists as Heraclitus and Plato, as, also,
 that of such modern exemplars of the same legacy: exemplars such
 as the modern European renaissance's Filippo Brunelleschi,
 Nicholas of Cusa, and such dependent followers of Cusa as
 Leonardo da Vinci, Johannes Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz, and soon
 (speaking historically) after that, such contemporaries and
 followers of Leibniz as Alexander von Humboldt, Carl F. Gauss,
 and then Lejeune Dirichlet, Bernhard Riemann, and then such as
 Max Planck and Albert Einstein. All of these true modern spirits
 of science since the birth of Europe's Fifteenth century, had
 depended chiefly, in their respective lifetimes, on the
 systemically defined heritage of the crucial, ontological
 implications of Cusa's} {{De Docta Ignorantia}}.}

         {Then, there is the matter of that which needs to be
 postponed for a moment here, postponed for consideration as being
 probably both an intrinsically elementary point, and also one yet
 to be presented, until now; I present this, for the purpose of
 situating what I must present as the relevant, still higher
 standpoint of argument needed to make clear the crucially
 important, and presently still little-known Classical principle
 which I am emphasizing here.}

         {To put that just-stated point here: that which is to be put
 aside for the present moment, so, we have the case of the
 popular, but typically, systemically absurd notion of the modern
 reductionist's echo of the fraudulent presumptions of Euclid. On
 this account, Philo of Alexandria's denunciation of Euclid, and},
 {(implicitly) of Euclid's modern, fascist follower Friedrich
 Nietzsche: all of which is implicitly generic in its

         {That much said this far, to get to the core of the point to
 be made in this presentation, we must now proceed as follows.}

            - "The Science of Classical Art" -

         {The notion that sense-perceptions are real, as if in and of
 themselves, is among the more deadly of the common, and often
 poisonous superstitions to be met among the credulously
 symbol-minded. Indeed, the most tragic follies of most of past
 and present mankind, can be blamed for this.}

         {Those may not seem to be the worst nightmares of ordinary
 mankind; but, the belief in a self-evident quality for
 sense-perception for itself, is the source of what have been the
 worst, most systematically vicious effects upon the mind of
 mankind. Those so-duped believers, have swallowed the foolish,
 and implicitly poisonous notion, that the sense-perceptions are
 not only reality, but are even to be considered as the
 foundations in evidence for an experienced truth. In fact, what
 those images actually represent, are only the twisted, often
 unreal shadows cast by unknown objects, These are, objects which
 may exist for some audiences as if these had been sent from
 another universe, rather than the one which actually exists;
 these are the mere shadows which most of among us in the society,
 thus far, each tend to mistake for having been their own true

         {The customary notion of sense-perception, is sane only
 insofar as the believer claims a sense-perception to be no more
 than merely the evidence of the occurrence of a sense-perception,
 but not a reality in and of itself. It is to be considered as if
 it were no more truthful than being merely a footprint left by
 the passage of an invisible foot.}

         {The principle to which I have pointed in the immediately
 preceding two paragraphs here, is often already available in a
 relatively perfected, truthful form, in great Classical artistic
 compositions. The principle of truth, so expressed, is properly
 identified as the great, all-revolutionary principle of metaphor,
 upon which all true knowledge, like all truly Classical artistry,

         {The distinction of the principle of metaphor, is that} {the
 actual relationships among the direct objects of the metaphor are
 not directly inter-active; they are images which might merely
 glare, or smile at one another, each within the silenced
 confinement of its own glass cage, but they can not willfully
 interact. Only the passions within and among those such qualities
 of certain objects of our imagination, are, as if seen in a glass
 cage, or, as one playwright has said, "a glass menagerie," taunt
 the imageries, as the Christian Apostle Paul wrote of this matter
 in I. Corinthians 13:}

         {{"For now, we see through a glass, darkly; but, then, face
 to face; now, I know in part; but, then, shall I know, even as I
 am known."}}

         {This passage from the Apostle Paul has a precise,
 scientific meaning in the realities of physical time, as I
 emphasized in such locations as my relatively brief, September
 30, 2011 replies to two questions presented to me in an LPAC
 National Broadcast on that occasion. I explain this crucial fact
 of a competent physical science, as follows, a at place somewhat
 later in this report, below.}

         {So, it is the expression of the true principle of metaphor,
 that we must, typically, consider two objects, each of which is
 not a reality in itself, but each is, rather, a seen shadow cast
 by an unseen reality. What, therefore, is the relationship of
 that which is seen, as if in a mirror, as an imagined
 relationship between what appear to be two different objects? The
 objects which we have believed that we have seen, must be treated
 as related in the way that the mere shadows of real objects must
 be related to the human actor. They are related in metaphor.}

         {That, for example, was precisely the true nature of the
 stroke of genius in Johannes Kepler's recognition of his
 discovered principle of universal gravitation, as in, also, his
 relevant, earlier discovery of the use of the notion of a
 "vicarious hypothesis." Such is the actual relationship between
 the shadows known as sense-perceptions, and the unseen
 objective-existences which are invisible to human
 sense-perceptions; such is the quandary of those persons, who
 differ from, but resemble, curiously, the behavior of those
 apparently panicked pigs who feel the earthquakes at a discrete
 interval of time prior to a human perception of such an actually,
 humanly experienced, subsequent event.}

             - Pierre-Simon Laplace's Demon -

         {So, Pierre-Simon Laplace lacked the honesty of the pigs
 experiencing the onset of that what we humans have experienced as
 the pigs' own first, direct perception of the earthquake as being
 a sensed earthquake. Such is the conclusion to be adduced in
 noting the intrinsic incompetence of Laplace's fraudulent report
 on the actuality which is usually mistaken for what was merely an
 imagined form of space-time.}

         {The recent half-billions years of the related
 physical-scientific history of life under the hosting of our
 galaxy, demonstrates that what might seem to some, to be the
 likeness of a "self-evident clock time" does not actually exist
 as anything more than the effect of the shadows which had been
 mistaken for the adumbrated notion of the actual event. The real
 "clock" of this universe, acts through physical-evolutionary
 time, the time of ontological revolutions among sundry varieties
 of species, not "pill-like" does of objects in clock-time. There
 is no constantly fixed time in an actual physical space-time;
 time is what you become in this universe while you have lived,
 and are living. I shall proffer a clearer view of this fact under
 the heading of the principle of creativity to which I responded
 in those closing moments of my September 30, 2011 National

         {Having taken that much into account for later reference
 here, I now say on that account, in brief, that the notion of a
 "Second Law of Thermodynamics" which was cooked up by
 Nineteenth-century hoaxsters such as Rudolf Clausius, is an
 assertion directly contrary to the most essential scientific
 facts respecting development and extinctions in the course of the
 efficiently evolutionary development of the known universe,
 respecting our present knowledge of the evolution of life-forms
 during the recent half-billions years. Evolution of life forms,
 in particular, is what is to be measured in terms of a required
 pattern of increase of the rates of energy-flux density of the
 experienced universe, as in such cases as the continuing
 existence of life-forms' determining power to increase the
 required such relative increase of density. The successful
 existence of living species, moves as if with joyful passion
 against what must seem to the mechanic as a virtually uphill
 gradient of our universe. Our universe proceeds successfully,
 and, I wish to believe, happily, in the experience of its
 successive economic-uphill transformations.}[1]

         {In particular, during the recent half-billions years of the
 relevant evidence, the clock of the evolution of species on this
 planet, proceeds uphill. "Clock time" does not exist as an
 independent factor of physical time; physical time exists as an
 "uphill" development; it moves "uphill," as from lower to higher,
 qualitative expressions of existence, such as higher "energy-flux
 density" of existence. Stagnation, otherwise known as "zero
 growth," or, as the illusion of belief in "clock time," is a
 measure of attrition, a measure of degradation and, ultimately,
 "extinctions" of that whose breeding has failed. In the real
 universe, existence demands the opportunity to move as if
 "up-hill," and, for many, seemingly against the grain; all of
 this, seemingly, to the effect of a principle of universal
 anti-entropy; therefore, a trend of extinction is inherent in the
 cases of a lack of what seems to be uphill progress toward higher
 mean states of existence.}

                 - The Oligarchical Lie -

         {Those facts presents us with a twofold challenge.}

         {First, since the fact of the conclusive weight of
 experimental evidence, there is the discovery that the notion of
 a mean rate of "zero-growth," is inherently a lie; therefore,
 whence came the fraudulent notion of "zero growth"--the so-called
 "Second Law of Thermodynamics"?}

         {The answer to that question is relatively simple; the
 answer, which is to say, the name of the culprit, is the brutish
 (or, "British") fraud called "the oligarchical principle." The
 second challenge is: "Who is setting that oligarchical clock?."
 My suggested answer is, as the Apostle Peter's associate, Philo
 of Alexandria, pointed out: there an inherent, upward trajectory
 of the "physics" of our universe: hence, the inherent need to
 combat the evil by the use of such means as those which are
 typified by the physics-concept of a universal, anti-entropic,
 anti-Euclidean, anti-Friedrich Nietzschean rejection of the
 notion of a" dead Creator" in a universe without inherently
 continuing creation.}

         {The belief in a so-called "Second Law of thermodynamics" is
 an expression of the moral as much as the physical decadence
 which inheres in, and is characteristic of the practice of the
 so-called "oligarchical principle."}

         {That "oligarchical principle" of the current British Royal
 household and its impedimenta, is what is illustrated by the
 principle of the first of the four stages (thus far) of the Roman
 Empire: the second, had been passage of that empire into its
 reincarnation as Byzantium, thence, third, into the
 Venetian-directed status of the Crusader pandemic, and, fourthly,
 the latter's re-emergence as the present British empire under the
 descendants of the Sarpian, imperial New Venetian Party's William
 of Orange. It had emerged, then, as the empire of the present
 British empire, that of, now, the Queen Elizabeth II currently
 seeking its realization in the form of something akin to the
 notion of a frankly pro-satanic, thermonuclear Armageddon
 expressed as the intention to effect the rapid, genocidal
 reduction of the present human species, from seven billions, now,
 to a hastened reduction to one billion living persons permitted
 to exist on Earth, by order of the Queen's own realm. Its earlier
 incarnations, this same oligarchical tradition had included such
 atrocities as the trend into decadence of what had been the
 relatively superior quality of the Indian Ocean-based maritime
 culture of the Sumerians, as by the moral decline effected
 through the effects of the disastrous Peloponnesian War.}

         {There are deeper considerations beyond those indicated here
 this far; the following issues are of crucial significance on
 that account.}

                - Mankind In The Universe -

         {Consider the inherently anti-entropic direction which the
 evidence of science to date has shown during the extent of the
 course of a half-billion years' pageant of what is presently
 known as the estimated half-billions years of the succession of
 life-forms on Earth. Review that evidence, when such a sequence
 of developments has been matched with the trends in that galaxy
 within which our Solar system is contained, and that tallied when
 the evidence of the noetic principle of universal creativity has
 been exhibited in the emergence and continuing development of our
 Sun's planetary system.}

         {However, there is another, considerably deeper phase of
 this matter, which is to be considered here now. Although I have
 presented much of this which I state here, which had already been
 emphasized in among my earlier publications, there are strong
 reasons for my restating this absolutely crucial case to this
 present audience, here and now.}

         {The principal, persisting source of incompetence among even
 many presumably ranking scientists, has been the fruit of the
 grave error of a continuing insistence on what are regarded as
 merely sense-perceptions. which are now often misused as a
 claimed standard of scientific certainties. The essential fact to
 be considered in this respect, is that sense-perceptions are
 exactly that: merely sense-perceptions, and, relative to the
 successes of the Riemann standard in physics, childishly crude
 instruments. Those sense-perceptions are experiences which have
 the actual relevance of being merely sense-perceptions, and which
 are often expressions of some misleading qualities associated
 with mere shadows of actuality, rather than being, actually, a
 not-directly-sense-experienced bit of evidence which could better
 represented, directly, as the probably actually generated laws of
 the universe itself.}

         {Know, for some timely thoughts.}

         {The principle underlying the point which I have just}

         {outlined here, could be conveniently described, in effect,
 as a matter of a distinction of, most notably, two ontologically
 different conceptions of the experience of what is perceived as
 having been "physical time." The simplest view of the kinds of
 distinctions to be considered along the lines I have outlined in
 these preceding paragraphs, is the suggestion of the difference
 between the shadow (human sense-perception and its specific
 effects, on the one side) and the actual experience of the
 universality of the real event, on the other.}

         {Let us illustrate the working pont here by aid of devices
 which, on the one side, are the relatively causal factor of the
 precursor of an earthquake, and the perceived effect of what was
 the "originally radiated" effect later experienced as the human
 experience of the earthquake itself. All human sense-perceptions
 which duped people attribute to be the authority of
 "sense-certainty," are effects of the type which I have just
 outlined here. Such is the difference between the human
 sensorium's attribution of "felt developments" by human
 sense-perception, and the more accurate, and also more timely
 radiation of that which has been responsible for the delayed
 impact expressed as what should be reported as human sensory or
 comparable experience.}

         {So, on the one side, we have the crude instruments known as
 living, biological sense-perceptions; on the other side we have
 the crafted precision of physical instruments which reach toward
 the infinitely large and infinitesimally small, as Bernhard
 Riemann warned us of this fact.}

         {Our sense perceptions are a crude attempt at simulation of
 what is experienced more closely to the actual event felt,
 perhaps, a bit later and in a differing modality.}

         {Thus, in this same fashion, the most useful of the early
 known cases of actually physical-scientific evidence, rather than
 merely sense-perceptual beliefs, are to be met in such cases as
 the duplication of the cube by the associate of Plato known as
 the Pythagorean Archytas, as the latter's celebrated,
 systemically crucial discovery of the duplication of the cube,
 complements the celebrated fragment of Heraclitus, and kindred
 accomplishments from ancient times.}

         {This discrepancy in "time" of occurrence, to which I have
 referred immediately above, that as in respect to human
 sense-perception as such, is, thus to be appreciated as a
 systemic defect in any human reliance on a presumed "natural"
 quality of what we recognize in the use of the technical term
 "sense-perception." A similar conclusion is needed when the
 sense-perception of the pigs experiencing an earthquake-related
 type of event, is contrasted with the same real event's report of
 a human response to the same setting of the in-processness of the
 categorically "same" event.}

         {The essential challenge which my cited treatment of the
 difference between the pigs and the people during the same
 extended world event, illustrates more broadly, is what is rooted
 in the inherent imperfections of what can be reduced, by aid of
 man-made scientific instruments, to a common universal event. The
 mistaken notion of an alleged human experience of "space-time,"
 is an illustration of such inherent errors in the various species
 of notions of lapsed time associated within a generality of
 notions equivalent to those of sense-perception.}

         {It could, and should be proposed that no man sees the
 universe as the Creator does. The warning which this represents,
 is that sense-perception does not produce what is fairly and
 truly regarded as an actually scientific certainty. We must train
 the modern human mind to rely on a vast, and broadly extended
 proliferation of conflicting preceptors, so that we might, in
 this way, provide us with a vast array of instruments employed to
 supersede the crude mechanisms of what we are customarily duped
 into regarding as "direct evidence." As we are now forewarned,
 more and more, of the deadly menace of being drawn into a
 misguided faith in ordinary "sense-perception," we are being
 presently warned, that we require a vast, and vastly expanding
 array of instruments, out of which, following the noble and
 unique achievement of Kepler's discovery of gravitation, we must
 build up a vastly enriched kind of sensorium, by means of which
 we are enabled to free our human species from the folly of faith
 in merely ordinary human sense-perceptions.}

         {Among what should be regarded as the most notable failure
 of persons such as Pierre-Simon Laplace, is the use of the notion
 of "clock-time," or an equivalent, as the primary means for
 measuring the behavior of the universe as if "from the outside."
 A few crucial remarks on this will be sufficient at this
 immediate juncture.}

         {"What is the clock which measures the time of the clock?"
 To translate that into the complementary argument: "How much of
 the total time of action is absorbed by variations in the rate of
 variation in what is merely presumed to be a constant rate of
 clock-time?" There is nothing idle, as a matter of principle, in
 that question. The clock-time of the lapsed terms of about a
 half-billions years of life which has been "clocked" in our
 galaxy, is one neat little hoax of the accomplices of such
 hoaxsters as "inventor of the alleged 'Second Law of

         {Rudolf Clausius' hoax of "A Second Law," runs "smack"
 against two notable obstacles. First, the idea of a fixed
 galactic time is defined as external to the action within the
 universe; second, that the expressions of an overall rate of the
 system of clock-time, are an expression of relative gain in the
 higher forms of life within the system.}

         {That shows Clausius to be some sort of outright
 hoaxster.}[2] {The error becomes more interesting when we take
 into account that living processes are increasing the relative
 anti-entropy of their category, and that the relative
 anti-entropy expressed by a science-driven human culture, is a
 higher rate of anti-entropy than merely living creatures. Then,
 there is the matter of the relative rates of anti-entropy among
 the categories of merely animal life. "Who measured your
 fraudulently crafted, oligarchical yardstick, Herr Clausius?"}

         {The ability of the human species to maintain and increase
 the energy-flux-density factor of society, that in inverse
 proportion to the oligarchical factor, attests to the fact their
 there is nothing natural about the pack of lies called
 "environmentalism." The issue is the degenerative effect of
 oligarchist social systems, such as the British monarchy, which
 is inherent in the oligarchical "agenda."}[3]

         {If I seem to speak meanly of the alleged co-thinkers of
 Herr Clausius and Queen Elizabeth II, their claims are not a
 product of science, but of the psychological needs of an
 oligarchical system associated with the myth of the Olympian
 Zeus, and, probably, sometimes, some cult of cannibalism.}

         {To deal further with the phenomenon of oligarchism, we must
 turn our attention to the intertwined principles of progress and
 the practice of advances in physical science. The case of
 Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa and his hereditary influence on the
 shaping of scientific and social progress of mankind, provides us
 with the cornerstone of the matters which we must take up next.}

             - Cusa's Modern European Epoch -

         {Whereas, in modern European science, there are potent and
 true contributions by Filippo Brunelleschi; the first available
 body of systemically crucial evidence bearing on the required
 principles of modern physical science, was actually presented by
 Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, in his} {{De Docta Ignorantia}}{. All
 modern notions of scientific principle contrary to Cusa on this
 account have been the product of regressions to the debased
 notions of the oligarchical principle.}

         {All of the leading competent human personalities of modern
 science, through the production of Johannes Kepler's works, were
 explicitly followers of Cusa; the leading scientist to emerge as
 a follower of Cusa student Kepler, was the Gottfried Leibniz who
 created the modern calculus premised on a discovery of a physical
 principle by the same Gottfried Leibniz. All of the keystone
 progress of modern physical science and Classical artistic
 cultures, are premised on the same considered, as the case of
 Johann Sebastian Bach, demonstrates. Leibniz, in turn, was, thus,
 a cardinal figure echoed in the nineteenth-century founding of
 the physical science of the school of such followers of Abraham
 Kaestner and Carl F. Gauss as Alexander v. Humboldt's Lejeune
 Dirichlet, Bernhard Riemann, and of the continuing achievements
 of followers from among such leading figures of Twentieth-century
 science such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein.}

         {Such is the outline of the hopes and also the contrary,
 wildly reductionist, even systemically criminal abominations
 perpetrated within the bounds of modern physical science since
 the founding of that science, of Nicholas of Cusa, which had
 broken European civilization free of the Fourteenth-century "New
 Dark Age." This has been a breakthrough centered in that
 initiating role for all modern science which had been launched by
 such as Brunelleschi and Nicholas of Cusa. Excepting
 extraordinary cases such as the economic and related reforms
 under Charlemagne, virtually all European civilization, to the
 present day, expresses a imperialist (i.e., monetarist) system of
 society, as typified in effects by the four principal
 manifestations of the Roman Empire, from the original Roman
 Empire of Caesar Augustus through the British Empire of Queen
 Elizabeth II today. The notion of the role of money per se as the
 monetarist principle of four successive expressions of what had
 been the original Roman Empire, outlines the relationship between
 monetarism and imperialism in the world today. The present
 breakdown-crisis of the trans-Atlantic monetarist system, is
 typical expression of the causes of the onrushing doom within the
 presently crashing, British-dominated, trans-Atlantic
 monetarist-imperialist pestilence.}

         {These bare outlines of what is customarily presented as the
 outline of the ancient through modern history of
 European-centered accounts of culture, could not be competently
 presented today, without great emphasis on the wicked role in
 which the effect of a moral disease called "the oligarchical
 tradition" is taken into account for its role as a customary,
 damning feature of that span of European-centered history.}

         {Damnations such as the ancient Peloponnesian War, or the
 Satanic hues of ancient Babylon, or of the wicked effects of the
 poisoning of Alexander the Great at the prompting of Aristotle,
 and the successive waves of a recurring Roman Empire of, first,
 Rome, then Byzantium, then the Venetian rule over the pestilence
 of the so-called "crusaders," and, presently, the New Venetian
 Party of William of Orange, which paved the way for the British
 version of the Roman imperial system of today. All these have
 tended to prevent any ostensibly competent modern historian from
 bringing forth even a single principle of the culture of ancient
 through modern European civilization.}

         {Such attempts at civilization as those, have each been not
 as much a culture, as much as it has been a reflection of a
 recurring, see-saw battle for the reign of an evil which is
 contrary to the intended true nature of our human species. All
 this has been contrary to a continuing battle for the good, a
 battle which has resisted, but not always successfully, the
 tyrannies typified by the specific oligarchical evil of the model
 of the British imperial monarchy of today.}

         {So, the genius of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, who inspired
 the trans-oceanic emergence of what would be included as the
 becoming of our United States in North America, typifies the
 unique achievement of the creation of our own United States of
 America, but, on the other side of history, there has been the
 recurring evil which has often ruined our wonderful republic
 through the continuing existence of the Romantic evil known as
 the British empire. Cusa's} {{De Docta Ignorantia}} {remains
 today the model for trans-Atlantic designs of anti-imperialist,
 anti-monetarist systems spread throughout the world at large.}

         {There should be nothing considered as an inevitably evil
 outcome in the record of evil marked out by the recurring moral
 failures of the Mediterranean region in particular. It has been a
 moral a sickness, a pestilence rightly identified as oligarchism,
 which has been chiefly responsible for the evil effects in
 European cultures so far. What has cursed the nations of Europe
 during most of their periods of existence thus far, has been a
 single principle of corruption, the corruption best identified as
 "the oligarchical principle" which has been typified by such
 manifestations as the Peloponnesian War, as the great dramatic
 historian Aeschylus has exhibited the relevant evidence on that
 tragedy and its outcome.}

                - What Was Christianity? -

         {Whatever a person's choice of a religious prejudice might
 be, the singular fact of the span of history of the Mediterranean
 region, from the earlier known political history, to the present
 time, has been what is sometimes regarded as the revolt of
 Christianity against the frankly Satanic quality of the four
 stages of the Roman empires, including today's British empire,
 and their legacies. That cumulative legacy of the four phases of
 what had been the original Roman Empire, has been the Satanic
 tradition presently embedded as a certain system of law embedded
 in the British branch of that presently four-fold Empire, still

         {The British empire emerged from its original kernel, as the
 traditions England's Henry VIII and, a bit later, as}

         {of William of Orange's Sarpian "New Venetian" party.
 William's "New Venetian Party" of the followers of Paolo Sarpi.
 persists, to this present day, as the immediate origin of the
 evil which is presently, deeply embedded in the British Empire of
 Queen Elizabeth II, as in that of her horrid spouse, and in the
 images of the sucking vampire bats which the royal pair appears
 to love so tenderly: as it has been said, each night.}

         {This statement, just made by me here, is not a fancied
 spawn of any mere prejudice. As I shall emphasize, without
 tolerating of compromise here, that which I have reported here
 thus far, is a physical-scientific fact, one which must be
 considered as such in defining that intention, an opinion
 contrary to the evil spirit of the British empire, an opinion
 which is affirmed in the true nobility of the natural inclination
 of our human species.}

         {Such, is the setting of the oligarchical principle. Such is
 the crafting of the oligarchical tradition which the legacy of
 the Roman empire expresses so aptly. Such is the evil from which
 we must free mankind now, if the presently looming risk of a
 global thermonuclear holocaust, is to be avoided during the
 immediate period ahead. We must, of course, resist that danger;
 but, we must do better than merely resist; we must dig out the
 source of this presently immediate menace, and uproot it.
 Therefore, I must now describe and define what we must uproot and

          - The Human Mind: Again, In Principle -

         {An important thought in transition.}

         {The customary view of the function of the human mind is,
 unfortunately, still rooted in the errant notions of
 sense-perception. The fault embedded in such notions of "sense
 certainty," is what should be recognized as the obvious fact that
 sense-perceptions, whether considered in part, or as a collection
 of the sensory functions of our bodily incarnation, are not the
 lawful expression of that universe which the credulously mistaken
 presume to be their experience of truth.}

         {For this case, truth is to be extended to include all of
 the direct and indirect experiences of both mind and body
 combined. All of the factors of that experience which affect the
 human species, directly or indirectly, in the individual, or in
 the experience of mankind on Earth as a whole, are experiences
 which must be taken into account for the purpose of forming a
 judgment on the actual totality of what the human mind should be
 taking into account for any systematic kind of decision.}

         {What "I experience," or what I might have picked up from
 neighborly or other "outside" sources, has the predominant
 tendency to distract our processes of judgment away from truth,
 toward the lies of dream-lands' fantasies. As the case of the
 best practice of modern physical science, illustrates the point,
 actual truth in shaping opinions depends, properly, on judging
 that which simple sense-perception, whether sensed, or borrowed,
 inherently misjudges.}

                - Science? What Is Truth? -

         {Now, when I have said as much as I think necessary to be
 said on the subjects of what I have presented, or prominently
 referenced otherwise, this far, I bring what has been the lurking
 core-subject of this report, to the fore.}

         {As the great physicist Bernhard Riemann emphasized in the
 concluding sentence of his 1854 habilitation dissertation: What,
 we must ask ourselves, is pathologically wrong about the manner
 of the teaching of mathematics as such, still today? What are the
 implications of that systematic error of the mathematicians for
 the crisis of economy today? Why did Riemann emphasize the
 urgency of departing from the department of mathematics, for the
 sake of an actually physical science, instead of some depraved
 practice in the likeness of a Euclid?}

         {Take the illustrative, tragic case of the pathetic
 Pierre-Simon Laplace.}

         {Take the case of that utter fraud known as Euclidean
 geometry, as a leading case in point. Or, take the fact that,
 despite every so-called principle of science claimed for Sir
 Isaac Newton, the Newtonian doctrine, like that of Euclid, has
 been shown, sweepingly, to have been a systemic fraud; the same
 is to be said of the doctrine of Aristotle and, as Philo of
 Alexandria denounced both Aristotle, and also, implicitly,
 Aristotle's Euclid-like mimic, Friedrich "God is dead!"

         {As with the case of Euclid's a-prioristic presumptions, all
 so-called "scientific" dogma presented as if} a-priori{, is
 implicitly a hoax, whether or not the hoaxster is aware of such
 implicitly intentional implications. However, for this present
 occasion, rather than focussing our attention on the relatively
 trivial quality of the fraud permeating Euclid's fundamental,
 a-priori assumptions, I deal here with the far deeper
 implications of another, worse fraud: the belief in the implied
 "self-evidence" of what is identified as the a-priorist's belief
 in that "a-priori" notion of "time" adopted by the hoaxster
 Pierre-Simon Laplace. Laplace's fraud, is of crucial importance
 as a symptom of crucial issues to be brought to a mercilessly
 competent scientific understanding in these matters presented

         {That means, or should be understood to mean, for example,
 that true science requires that, absolutely contrary to the fraud
 known as Euclidean geometry, no "external presumptions of
 so-called principle" should be required, or permitted, to define
 the subject-matter of the system of human existence itself. This
 will continue to require special attention from me personally, as
 from certain others; almost none of our people, excepting some in
 the "Basement" operations, have an adequate sense of competent
 insight into the actual implications of what I have just written
 here. Fortunately, some discussions along those lines have been
 presented to the "Basement" crew at this time. The problem here,
 on this account, is that only some among our "Basement"
 science-crew have presently shown any competent insight into what
 this matter implies.}

         {The problem even within the leadership and ranks of our own
 association, is the utter lack of willingness, among not only
 some, but many professed scientists, to accept the very notion of
 the possible existence of a grounding in the crucial principles
 which this matter of physical science involves. Here, the very
 notion of a standard mathematics predicated on a mathematical
 form of presumptions, breaks down.}

         {I explain that crucial point, as follows. The most
 deserving choice of "whipping boy" who deserves to be punished
 for an excellent moral purpose, no expression of that sickly
 notion of a mathematical form of proof of principle should be
 practiced; no such notion as that could be regarded as
 "competent." Only the notion of the existence of the creative
 powers of the human mind as such, can be used legitimately; no
 deductive form of argument could be competent for addressing the
 fundamental issues invoked. Only a type of formulation associated
 with "Gestalt" psychology, and its correlative in the notions of
 "mental health" associated with certain minority strains of
 psychoanalysis, provide a describably typical clue to the
 practical meaning of the argument which I have just invoked.}

         {To provide a decent approximate image of what those remarks
 of mine actually signify, image a being whose entire
 world-outlook is that of a creature committed to a self-induced
 state of its inherent mental health. Think of "a healthy mind"
 which has no criteria other than its actual coherence based
 solely on a mentally healthful promotion of the qualitative
 self-development of itself. The principle to be considered on
 this account, is that creation of a universe can not be premised
 on anything external to that universality.}

         {If we attempt to represent such a scheme of things in a
 deductive mode, nothing works as might be literally prescribed in
 any conventional sort of way. The effort goes better if we rely
 on the argument which I introduced in reply to questions,
 respecting the core-principle of human creativity, which were
 posed during the concluding moments of my National broadcast of
 this past September 30<sup>th</sup>.}

         {To restate that argument in a necessary way, let it be
 restated as follows.}

          - The Great Lie of Pierre Laplace[5] -

         {The most crucial of the issues raised during the Nineteenth
 century concerning the alleged principles of physical science,
 has probably been the great lie of Pierre-Simon Laplace:
 Laplace's insistence on degrading the universe to the arbitrary
 presumption of "clock time" is of particular notability. The most
 adequate treatment of Laplace's hoax, so far, has been provided,
 albeit in a somewhat sketch-like fashion, until now, in my
 replies to questions respecting time, during the National
 Broadcast of September 30, 2011. I shall now pick up the issue of
 Laplace from where I had referenced it earlier in this report.}

         {There are, actually, two intimately related errors in
 Laplace's celebrated swindle. One is the bald nonsense of
 Laplace's treatment of the subject of "time" as such; however,
 that nonsense is implicitly inseparable from a second
 consideration, the reductionist's presentation of the topic of
 "energy." In my replies to two of the three questions presented
 to me in the concluding portion of the National broadcast of
 Sept. 30<sup>th</sup>, I introduced the "factor" of the
 application of applied power over intervals of what we call
 "time." At first blush, my objection might appear to be merely a
 blush; on closer inspection, it is a torrent which overturns
 everything for which Laplace's principal utterances have stood.}

         {Three immediate considerations are the most significant on
 these accounts:}

         {(1). That, explicitly contrary to taught popular dogma, is
 the actually required standard for life in presently known
 aspects of the galaxy which we inhabit. The fraud to be located
 at this point is the utterly fraudulent doctrine of a so-called
 "Second Law of Thermodynamics." The required level of energy-flux
 density for maintaining life-forms on our planet, is rising in a
 fashion which threatens to deliver a timely doom for all species
 which can not muster the means to overcome the effects of a
 required increase of the mean energy-flux density of the system
 as a whole.}


         {2. Consequently, the actual "cost" of even the simple
 maintenance of the system, requires an increase of energy-flux
 density operating within the system, a fact which proves the
 fraudulent character, as much as the sheer absurdity of the
 so-called "Second Law of Thermodynamics."}
         3. In addition to that set of considerations, a general
 increase of the "energy-flux density" of the system is required
 merely to maintain the system at an effective level of "status
 quo ante." The proper principle is "grow or die."}

         [LIST END]

         {There are several prime types of considerations to be
 brought into play on account of these stated and related
 considerations. However, the truly crucial problem which is to be
 recognized in this set of connections, is to be located,
 essentially, in the effects of the fact that our planet's human
 system in the large, is still structured, currently, according to
 the adopted standards which are rooted ("habituated,"
 "conditioned") in that so-called oligarchical system, a system
 which has unnecessarily dominated society generally during the
 period of a known social history of organized societies.}

         {The implication is, that even to "stand still" in effect,
 insofar as known organized society is relevant, an effective
 increase of the "energy-flux density" of the relevant social
 systems, requires a rising flow of "energy-flux density" of that

         {The root of the problem which the described case presents
 to us, is a fact which is expressed otherwise by the simple fact
 of a required increase of energy-flux density, is needed even to,
 in effect, "stand still."}

         {That problem, so described, is inherent in the prevalence
 of the oligarchical model, rather than our habitation of a
 planetary system as such. The following discussion is more or
 less indispensable on that account.}

         {If we eliminate oligarchical controls such as those of
 typical of the four successive Roman empires, including the
 inherent evil of the current British empire included, we can
 show, as a study of the fluctuations in the economic history of
 the span from the founding and stable existence of the Plymouth
 settlement and the pre-William of Orange Massachusetts Bay
 settlement shows, and as the case of the United States and its
 patterns of rise and decline illustrates the point most
 dramatically, that, as the normal state of a settled condition of
 organized society illustrates this, that there is a natural trend
 of increase of the effective equivalent of relative energy-flux
 density per capita, in any society which is not suffering effects
 of an imposed oligarchical system. In other words: eliminate the
 British empire and its oligarchical likeness throughout the known
 history of this planet, and there were, then, an available,
 dominant tendency for an increase of the realized energy-flux
 density, as may be expressed per capita and per square kilometer
 of land-area.}

              - Who Is Your Choice of God? -

         {Creativity, as physical science might competently define a
 notion of a self-subsisting principle of creativity, science can
 not be competently distinguished from an expression of perfect
 self-development. Nothing external to that notion of
 self-development can be permitted to be taken into consideration
 as a scientific practice. Everything which exists within those
 systemic bounds, does not have a freely willfully functional
 existence "outside" such bounds. What unfolds, hopefully, as a
 result, is a systemic quality of self-development.}

         {It were not necessary for us to know, beforehand, the
 pathway of self-development which defines the "rules of behavior"
 of that self-creative process of self-extension. This
 self-development assumes the attributable form of an unfolding
 self-creation. It is neither necessary, nor proper for us to
 prejudge the rules which govern such a process of
 self-development of that universe. Rather, we must discover the
 rules of self-development from a critical examination of the
 processes' own behavior, as the actual Socratic methods
 demonstrate such effects.}

         {Indeed, once we have required the "explanation" of an
 "outside factor," we have violated the principle of a process of

         {The coherence which we might properly recognize in such a
 process of self-creation, is the equivalent of the morality of
 the process in "its self-entirety." It is the unfolding coherence
 of the process which rules over the process, allowing, even
 demanding what must be done, and what not. It is such coherence
 within the unified process, which defines the system, as within
 that process of the continuing self-development of the system.}

         {There is one comment to be added to all this. Let us
 consider the ostensibly "self-correcting" feature of the system
 as a whole, from the standpoint of what we might prudently term
 the "sanity" of the system itself. That notion, respecting the
 notion of a self-perfecting system of the prescribed features,
 points to an implicit principle of self-conception within the
 system, an implication which were to be considered as a creative
 conscience's expression of a state of its "sanity."}

         {However, in all that I have said under those terms, the
 factor of what is ostensibly a supreme feature of "conscience"
 must be dominant. This factor can not be "instantaneous," but
 must be "active," as the sanity of the system considered as a
 whole must be.}

         {Now, since we have just considered some obvious principles
 of any notion of a self-universal creation as "the required
 self-conscience of the system," we must now proceed accordingly.
 This time, our concern must be to define the practical meaning of
 that principle of "conscience" which is the active principle of
 the system: the internal "sanity" of the system as a process.}

                 - From Vernadsky's View -

         {That much said here on that account this far, consider some
 fairly well-defined, "as necessarily internal," characteristics
 of that system. The interrelationship among such known "factors"
 as Academician V.I. Vernadsky's "hierarchical" distinctions of
 "lithosphere," "biosphere," and "noosphere," are to be
 considered as useful mooring-points for such a discussion.}

         {From the standpoint of the principally known works of
 Academician V.I. Vernadsky, as from the mid-1930s onward,
 Vernadsky's notable principles have depended increasingly upon
 the standpoint of the Bernhard Riemann who represents the most
 crucial principles of a physical science incorporating such among
 his great successors as Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and V.I.
 Vernadsky himself. No compartmentalization among them can be
 justly tolerated; the functional interdependence among them,
 although yet to become fully understood, is monumental.}

         {However, looking backwards to the middle of the Fifteenth
 Century, the intimations of the work of Filippo Brunelleschi as
 subsequently overwhelmed by the genius of Nicholas of Cusa's
 expressed in Cusa's} {{De Docta Ignorantia,}} {has no equal in
 its defining an entirely fresh, ontological notion of physical
 science for the entire sweep from the century of Cusa, This has
 been a notion which dominates the foundations of science from
 that time to the present date. That work, and its companions from
 the work of that same author, has had the practical effect of
 bringing to the fore an entirely fresh conception of the role of
 mankind and science, that from nearly the onset of that century
 and, hence the A.D. 1401 birth of Cusa himself.}

         {Indeed the very existence of the United States has been a
 consequence of an injunction of a policy by Cusa: a directive to
 cross the great oceans, to create new nations to escape the
 degeneration which the resurgence of the Venetian system of usury
 had brought down destructively upon the momentary achievements of
 the Great Ecumenical Council of Florence, the Council in which
 all of the timely greatness of European culture was then

         {The process of social evolution for the good, as expressed
 by the role of Cusa and his associates in that great Council and
 its scientific expressions, was at the root of what was to become
 those developments in the Massachusetts of the Winthrops and
 Mathers, the developments which supplied the essential,
 distinguishing foundations of the United States of America, and
 which has provoked its greatest achievements to the advantage of
 all mankind since that time.}

         {This brings our report thus far, to a crucial point. At
 this moment preceding, and still coinciding with the great,
 recurring world warfare of the A.D. 1890-1917 interval and
 beyond, the human civilization of this planet has presently come
 to what threatens to become immediately the extinction of human
 society in a recognizable form of existence.}[6]

         {Despite that presently horrible threat now radiating across
 a vast span of history, since the spawn of the likes of the
 degenerate Roman Emperor Nero and his natural consequence,
 President Barack Obama's present master, the British monarchy,
 there are certain most notable features of the progress in
 physical science and Classical culture which have now reached a
 degree of cumulative development, a development which deserves to
 be regarded as the greatest accomplishments of the human species
 so far. Against that backdrop, what was embodied in European
 culture, despite the evil represented by that "Fourth" Roman
 Empire known as the British empire, has been the greatest
 achievement of mankind thus far. That specific accomplishment of
 resistance against the tyranny of today's British Empire, when
 appropriately considered, is the greatest hope of our planet and
 our species known to the entire existence of mankind up to this
 moment. We are, in that respect, the assigned true, and,
 hopefully, faithful, instruments of the Creator.}

         {The most convenient point of reference to this fact, is a
 fact which is either not known as being such, or known, but
 snuffed into impotence by the evil stench of the mass-
 murderously anti-human pestilence known as the so-called

         {Against that historical backdrop, the question posed to us
 by the world's current events, is whether mankind as we have
 known mankind has, or has had the character to outlive what is to
 be frankly considered as the virtually Satanic pestilence which
 the old Roman Empire in its present British imperial incarnation.
 Will the British empire be permitted to bring the planet to the
 point of that virtual thermonuclear extinction and related
 methods of extinction which a presently accelerating intention
 for mass-continuation of peoples by the British empire now
 threatens to bring down upon our species, that in its virtual

         {This fact places mankind, presently, under the judgment of
 being tested in practice to be either fit to survive, or not. If
 the British imperial plotters were to be permitted to prevail,
 the judgment brought down upon the heads of our otherwise
 wonderful species would be an awful one. What you, as a citizen,
 might do, or fail to do, could help to decide the outcome for all

         {Consider the attached, practical issues which are addressed
 in the following pages, on that account. There lies the choice of
 action which threatens to bring all to account during the present
 moments immediately before us.}

         {From the practice of economy:}


         {From where I sit, what I find astonishing, is the fact,
 that the western and central European governments, and their
 attached nations, are still, so far, clinging to the delusion,
 that their nations depend on increasing their supply of what is,
 intrinsically, hyper-inflationary money, that is which is now,
 implicitly worthless, hence, also, there is more and more
 worthless money of the United States under Presidents George W.
 Bush, Jr., on the one side, and the morally lowest form of life
 to appear so far, as Barack Obama, the most criminal, yet to
 appear within our shores.}

         {The debt of the trans-Atlantic territories today, is a
 hopeless cancer of inherently worthless, merely nominal,
 monetarist value, which does nothing so much as increase its own,
 intrinsic worthlessness at currently hyper-inflationary rates,
 all that out of a mass of worthless debt which never would, or
 ever could, be redeemed.}

         {The stubbornly crucial fact of the matter, is, that money,
 when considered in and of itself, is, intrinsically, absolutely
 irredeemably. The value lies not in the money itself (i.e.,
 "monetarism"), but in the creative powers expressed in the human
 species' increased capacity for persistently increased net
 physical productivity, a productivity secured through combined
 advances in scientific knowledge and practice, and through
 enhanced cultural and related living standards for the
 populations in the large.}

         {No actually sane political leader, or even only a
 moderately clear-headed and thoughtful citizen of our own
 republic, or of continental Europe, could not have actually}
 {lost anything worth-while on this national account at this time,
 had his or her government simply employed the precedent of the
 President Franklin Roosevelt's 1933 Glass-Steagall legislation,
 using that as the urgently needed step, for our terminating the
 implicitly feared existence of, in particular, those presently
 terrible, monetarist systems which had been built up within the
 U.S.A. and elsewhere, since approximately the Summer
 breaking-point of 1971.}

         {What has been done for that which is now ever worse and far
 less than worthless, as inside the U.S.A. now, especially since
 the beginning of September 2007, and, most emphatically, since
 the mass-lunacy of the hyper-inflationary bail-out process begun
 in 2008, has been absolutely insanity. In western and central
 Europe, for example, the insanity is even much wilder, and more
 hopeless, than inside the U.S.A. itself; this has become, now,
 the sheer insanity of what has been termed "Quantitative
 Easing"--which is a malignant cancer of economy now plunging the
 trans-Atlantic world downward, into the pits of virtual economic}

         {The remedy for that should have been recognized at the
 outset. as follows.}

       - My 2007 Attempt to Save the U.S. Economy -

         {Installing a copy of the 1933 U.S. Glass-Steagall Law, or
 my August 2007, the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act, or its
 proposed equivalent, had been an immediately urgent, first-step
 measure, which should have been already taken since no later than
 September 2007; but, that measure has been, at the same time,
 only a part of the larger measures of a solution for our present
 crisis. Glass-Steagall is necessary, but, alone, it could not do
 what is needed; it is urgently needed, right now, not as a
 self-contained solution, but is indispensable as a first step
 toward the now more urgently needed, more fundamental approaches
 to a genuine and durable recovery.}

         {In brief, the practical problem has been the following.}

         {Glass-Steagall separates the worthless spending on gambling
 backed by worthless} {pledges from the commercial banking sector;
 the immediate necessity for that change is such that the
 continued existence the United States depends on the immediate
 ouster of President Barack Obama as the required, initially
 crucial measure of the launching of a Glass-Steagall reform. The
 amount of credit which could be assembled by Glass-Steagall
 alone, would not be sufficient to reverse the presently plunging
 collapse of the trans-Atlantic region as a whole, or even the
 U.S. economy by itself. A much broader action, which I shall
 specify here, now, is needed. There is not a moment to waste.}

         {I explain.}

             - Credit Vs. Monetarist Systems -

         {When the patriots of the North American English colonies
 had broken with the British empire, in the aftermath of the
 British Lord Shelburne's interest in the February 1763 Peace of
 Paris, the English-speaking colonies in North America had been
 divided between the American patriots and their deadly
 adversaries the so-called "American Tory" or British imperialist
 financier interests. The British imperialist interest typified by
 Judge Lowell represented the British imperialist interest opposed
 to the American interest (e.g., that of our United States), then,
 as in the form of the British imperialist interest now
 associated, traditionally, with the "House of Morgan," then, as

         {However, the proper understanding of the role of the
 British imperialist interests, requires insight into some deeper
 considerations. The British interest of today, is that of a
 nearly global empire which controls the Wall Street and related
 financier interests inside the U.S.A. still today, and has
 managed, usually, to control the Presidency of the United States,
 through the British imperial financier interests under such
 Presidents as Wall Street swindler Marin van Buren, the patsy of
 van Buren Andrew Jackson, who combined their efforts to wreck the
 finances of the United States through the combined actions of
 Jackson's shutting down the Bank of the United States and van
 Buren's unleashing of the infamous swindle known as the Panic of
 1837. Over the subsequent decades of the U.S. Presidency, most of
 the times, the President of United States has been an agent of
 the British empire working against the interest of the United
 States and its Federal Constitution. The recent cases of George
 H.W. Bush (the son of former Adolf Hitler backer Prescott Bush),
 George W. Bush, Jr., and the British monarchy's treasonous and
 murderous agent-in-fact, Barack Obama.}

         {Such treasonous elements within the financier interests of
 the U.S. political system, are not simply bad people; they are
 currently witting agents of the present British empire under
 Queen Elizabeth II. More to the point, they have been agents of
 what is properly identified as the fourth generation of the Roman
 empire, the actually dominant world empire in the world as a
 whole today. The kind of evil which that present British empire
 signifies today is not merely a matter of the virtual piracy and
 virtual slave-trading of the British system today. The essential
 characteristic of that British empire, like all Europe-centered
 empires of all ancient through modern history, has a
 characteristic which is common to not only the successive
 incarnations of the Roman Empire, including the present British
 incarnation of the empire, but of powerful empires which had
 prevailed prior to foundation of the original Roman empire.}

         {The essence of all such empires as those as been what is
 called "the oligarchical system," the system which is
 characteristic of the monetarist financial/banking systems of the
 trans-Atlantic system and its broader correlatives. The rape of
 what had once been the economies and nations of western and
 central Europe under the pretext of the so-called "Euro system"
 is nothing but the suppression of the former sovereign nations of
 those parts of Europe, to replace them by transforming them into
 the powerless colonies of the nominally British form of the
 modern Roman Empire.}

         {The principal characteristics of the Roman empire, its
 predecessors and sequels, is what is aptly typified by both
 Homer's account of the Peloponnesian War, by the cult of Apollo
 (The Oracle of Delphi), and by the accounts of the aftermath of
 the Peloponnesian War presented by the chronicler and dramatist
 Aeschylus. These particular cases, together with the legacy of
 the Roman Empire, are typical of what is known technically by
 relevant experts as "the oligarchical system."}

         {The "oligarchical system" divides the human populations
 between what were designated, explicitly, as being "the gods,"
 and, on the other side, the slaves or serfs. That same system,
 with certain relatively superficial changes, has been the social
 system reigning over Europe to the present time of the ongoing
 breakdown-crisis throughout virtually all of the present
 trans-Atlantic region.}

         {Thus, there should be no mystery in the fact, that U.S.
 President Barack Obama is, psychopathologically, a carbon copy of
 the Roman Emperor Nero. Read the facts about Obama; you are
 reading a carbon copy of the mental and moral degeneracies which
 are characteristic of the Emperor Nero. If you support Obama in
 the Presidency today, you are supporting a living carbon copy the
 mass-murderous butcher known to history as the Emperor Nero, or
 as the similarly pathological personality of the dictator Adolf
 Hitler. It was not the war which made Hitler a copy of Nero' it
 was the outbreak of war which unleashed what had been inside
 Hitler all along, as the case of Nero presents similar features
 for the case of Hitler. Obama is, within himself, actually worse
 than Hitler, unless you remove him from office right now!}

         {However, with certain notable exceptions, such as the
 domain of Charlemagne and his friend Calif Haroun al-Raschid, the
 characteristic of what is known as the culture of Europe and its
 neighboring regions, has been the same oligarchical principle
 known to us from such precedents as the Peloponnesian War, all
 the way through to the eruption of Europe's Fifteenth-century
 Renaissance. Most notable on this account had been the
 Renaissance centered in the Great Ecumenical Council of Florence,
 and the emergence of a modern European civilization thrust
 radiated chiefly from the effects of the Great council, as
 typified the career and outcomes associated with Cardinal
 Nicholas of Cusa, included the principal foundations of all
 competent strains of modern European science and art.}

         {Amid this, since the English monarchy of the brutish King
 Henry VIII, there had been a literally Hellish ranging of
 religious warfare throughout European civilization as such. The
 principle issue has been the combat of a humanist culture traced
 from the high points of the Great Ecumenical Council of Florence,
 against the recrudence of the ancient evil of the oligarchical
 pestilence. Since the emergence of the Sarpian New Venetian party
 of William of Orange built up around the Netherlands Wars against
 the France of a foolish Louis XIV, and the subsequent Seven Years
 War which established an actual British Empire, Europe's wars
 have been a monstrous evil crafted in the tradition of the
 ancient Roman Empire and of that Empire's likenesses as
 Byzantium, the Venetian-controlled Crusader adventures, and the
 emergence of the British Empire of today.}

         {The most often recognized characteristic of the evil which
 is the present British Empire, lies in the central significance
 of its monetarist system. The facts, if considered, were readily
 clear; but, for most people today--even today--true facts
 concerning money and money-systems are not interesting in much of
 any fashion but a gambler's foolish lust.}

         {Money, as money or its likeness, has no actual economic
 value. The problem here is that the creation of a monopoly over
 money, either by a nation-state, or some potency which exerts a
 private monopoly over a public currency, the fact that money
 becomes a monopoly of the ruling political power, under such as
 our rotten Federal Reserve System and its Wall Street and London
 attachments, or the International Monetary Fund, uses a
 strangle-hold over the public use of money in such a way,
 including creation of Hyperinflationary bubbles of London and
 Wall Street, which uses death of money, or an hyperinflationary
 surfeits, to control money in a fashion as to exert life-death
 controls over the very existence of the general population.}

         {I have been forecasting with consistent success since my
 Summer 1956 forecast of a severe U.S. recession to break down
 sometime between the close of February 1957, or no later than
 early March. All among the forecasts I have actually published,
 have been uniquely successfull; those of all my known putative
 rivals have failed, up to the present time, The failures of my
 putative rivals in forecasted have been also consistent. The fact
 of the matter is that my rival's assumptions respecting the
 nature of such developments have been consistently based on wrong
 presumptions. They have been dupes of that which they have been
 induced to believe, right up to the present moment.}

         {What has been wrong about them, has been their refusal to
 understand the meaning of money. Virtually all of their principle
 assumptions have been failures; this is because they have failed
 to understand the nature of the oligarchical system which they
 have been induced to accept.}

         {This history is not merely a matter of personal tyrannical
 destinies. The root of the evil is located in a cancer-like
 disease known formally as the same oligarchical principle
 chronicled by Homer on the subject of the Peloponnesian War. The
 issue to be treated is that oligarchical principle whose
 principal representation for today is the British Empire of Queen
 Elizabeth II. Defeat that empire, or, by negligence of your duty,
 you will imagine that you are rotting in Hell--if you live long
 enough to understand that.}

         {I will say more on this matter of money in the following,
 concluding chapter of this present report.}


         {As this just-stated fact is demonstrated by the effects of
 the wild-eyed speculation which money represents throughout and
 around so much of the world today: money itself never actually
 expressed an intrinsic quality, or quantity of "economic value"
 within any economy from around the world; that is especially the
 matter to come under our attention under the present conditions
 in the trans-Atlantic regions. "Quantitative Easing" is,
 intrinsically, the most insane, but also the most larcenous
 swindles which any modern, but also very stupid, or simply
 madman-government might have placed its foolish trust in
 intrinsically ever-worthless fictitious debt conceived in
 emulation of the 1923 debt of Weimar Germany.}

         {That is the judgment to be made on, for example, the far
 worse than Weimar worthlessness, implicitly hyperinflationary
 succession of both the George W Bush, Jr. and Obama
 governments--not to speak here of the present situation in
 western and central Europe. Whether the attributed wealth is
 dominated in dollars, pound sterling, or anything of the like:
 those governments, they like their British imperial accomplices,
 would be, and have been viciously insane by virtue of that fact
 alone. Actual wealth exists only as a rising rate of what is
 expressed as net gains in physical benefits generated as
 increased physical productivity to mankind per capita and per
 square kilometer, as that might be} {measured as a rising rate of
 physical gain per day and per capita, for the needs of mankind
 for progress, per person, and with the passage of time.}

         {This sometimes seemingly miraculous power, the power to
 increase the production of physical wealth, per capita and per
 square kilometer of territory, is obtained, if at all, chiefly
 through the uniqueness of the willful, conscious powers to
 increase of the uniquely human powers of the equivalent of
 physical-scientific creativity per capita and per square
 kilometers of territory, or, as expressed in terms of the
 increase of mankind's power to rise from the surface of our home
 planet, to higher altitudes above the immediate surface of the
 Earth, as in a successful round-trip, to and from the Moon, or

         {Thus, it was only during the early 1950s, that, through the
 effect of bringing on the development of space-exploration and
 comparable kinds of development, that our society had come to
 recognize an actual, practical insight into what are to be
 considered comparable to reaching the highest altitudes
 enveloping our planet's surface regions. More recently, those
 persons who have been competently informed in matters of science,
 have come to recognize that even the weather experienced by the
 inhabitants of our planet,} {are not independent of effects}
 {controlled by such relatively nearby "weather" as the arms of
 our galaxy.}

         {Not only must we be responsive to changes in such reaches
 of galactic "weather," but, unless human life on our planet
 suffers massive destruction, such as by thermonuclear warfare, or
 comparable effects, we shall certainly be called upon to deal
 with what will include highly unfriendly patterns of actual
 weather within our galaxy, a threat from such "weather" from
 which we must become enabled to conquer in a timely fashion, over
 the course of unfolding times to come during later generations of
 this young century.}

         {So, in the estimated, approximately half-billions years}
 {of the presently known historical evidence of the history of
 life on Earth, the existence of life on Earth, has required an
 increase of the available "energy-flux density" of the density of
 power}[7] {required to maintain human life on and near the
 surface of our planet, even during the recent several millions of
 years of the fairly assessed increase of human life on Earth. To
 the best of our present knowledge, the human species is the only
 species which commands the willful powers to approach the rates
 of increase of the human population, through willfully creative
 powers. We have much to happen which will become new for us over
 times to come until now, but those categorical characteristics of
 the human species's destiny are presently known to us, as a sense
 of the role of a principle of change on which the existence of
 human life continues to depend.}

         {What we might consider as the possible increases in man's
 power to exist and grow over the coming generations of this
 presently young century, as we have had such experiences from the
 model, past two centuries of our history, is the expression of
 what we also know as the suggested possible increase of the
 productive powers of labor, down here, on Earth. This should be a
 reasonable expectation in light of the fact of the deep,
 willfully self-inflicted depression in e physical economy which
 has hit the trans-Atlantic sector of the world caused by the
 correlatives of the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and his
 brother Robert and the related long U.S. war in Indo-China. The
 combination of the failure of the U.S. to take competent action
 against those assassinations, and the insanity of entering into
 such an unnecessary choice of entering such a prolonged war, were
 the essential causes which set off what has been, since, the
 long, accelerating decline within the trans-Atlantic economy.}

           - A Mental Disorder Called "Money" -

         {Throughout the extensive prefatory feature of this report
 as a combined whole, one common irony pervades all truthful
 effects. The extent of all truly human systems are self-defined
 as within the extensible regions of mankind's willful influence
 within the galaxy, man-made functioning gadgets included, rather
 than by a measure arbitrarily super-imposed from without. That is
 the extent of the true human economy, then, as already now. The
 same is true for any competent notion of "value" in the practice
 of physical economy. The internal measure of our universe, as is
 implicit in the physical-economic standard of the equivalent of
 "energy-flux} {density" per capita}, {reflects the notion of a
 general conceptual basis for the proper notion of the internal
 discipline of a self-contained universe, and of mankind's
 presently, and irrevocably, extra-terrestrially extended "world"

         {Now, consider some other critical features of mankind's
 economy. Forget Barack Obama's views on such matters; after all,
 there is no reasonable doubt that he is insane, and that to be
 considered as criminally insane under any reasonable estimate of
 Section 4 of the U.S. Twenty-Fifth Amendment to our
 Constitution.: much more "criminally"in terms of the rate of
 increase of presently embedded effects of his reign to date, than
 Adolf Hitler and his crew.}

         {Neither gold bullion nor any other standard external to the
 process of the correlative notion of an increase of energy-flux
 density, need be sought outside what we might define, in
 practical terms, as the limitless self-development of a finite
 but unbounded universe, like that intended by Albert Einstein.}

         {It is the process of what is, in effect, the increase of
 the energy-flux density of human activity within our universe,
 which measures mankind actually. Neither gold, nor any other
 object, but what is represented as mankind, or as a comparable
 form of agency internal to the universal system, really means
 much of anything in the proverbial "final analysis."}

         {The crucial issue posed by the remarks which I had just
 presented, immediately above, is what is typified,
 symptomatically, by the need to exclude the absurd doctrine of
 what is called "time" by those sharing the foolish beliefs of a
 Pierre-Simon Laplace, Here lies the most crucial aspects of the
 lunacy of Laplace's dubious assertions respecting the physical
 authority of widely taught contemporary mathematics as such. I
 summarize my argument in this present chapter by restating the
 direction of the argument which I have made at earlier points of
 time in this present report, up to this present point. The
 intrinsic absurdity of Laplace's cardinal assertions is manifold;
 I shall tear apart Laplace's hoax, as if "piece by piece", in the
 extent necessary, accordingly, here and now.}

         {First of all, I shall return to the implications of some of
 Laplace's design which point blatantly to what is the intrinsic
 nature of the fraud he has perpetrated by the blatantly
 fraudulent approach to the definition of "time" as such. He
 locates the existence of what he identifies as "time" outside the
 universe, thus echoing, in the way, the clear absurdity of a
 similarly fraudulent notion of "space by itself." These related
 notions, of "time by itself" and "space by itself," are part of
 the most essential of the outright frauds against the very
 essence of science, which are associated with the attributably
 systemic intentions of Laplace. The worst of all of his frauds is
 his errant reliance on a notion of "time by itself," as being
 also, implicitly, the absurdity of "time and space for itself."}

         {All that could be reasonably considered as competent
 physical science, and not that of perverted creatures such as
 Bertrand Russell, is premised on clear evidence of the
 necessarily, actively consistent interdependence of any general
 form of ontological claims respecting the definition of the
 characteristics of actions within that universe which contains
 and defines even the very hypothesis of "time per se." What is
 left to be believed, is the notion of a remaining, systemically
 persistent notion of "physical time," a notion which was already
 implicitly in Johannes Kepler's uniquely original concept of
 universal gravitation which is situated within Albert Einstein's
 notion of a Kepler universe which is "finite, but not bounded."}

         {Within the bounds of those immediately aforesaid
 specifications, the progress of science this far, has been
 afforded two principal options, the contrast among which, enables
 civilized mankind at the level of a presently assignable standard
 for approaching a precondition of approximate certainty in those
 matters, a sense of certainty which should be currently
 attributable to the principled matters of what is to be regarded
 currently as competent science. The one is human "sense
 perception;" the alternative is what may be usefully classified
 as the general electrodynamics of physical time (rather than
 "clock time") within the universe, that insofar as we are
 enabled, increasingly, practically, to broaden our efficient
 reach within that domain.}

         {The currently most useful manner for stating that case, is
 implicitly stated in the view of the work of Bernhard Riemann
 from the standpoint of such as what is underlain by the
 contributions of such among Riemann's excellent followers as Max
 Planck, Albert Einstein, and V.I. Vernadsky. It is through that
 inter-play among the exemplary contributions of those three, that
 science has been presently enabled to present a decent effort to
 creating solutions which threaten to overcome the enormous debt
 of irrationality which we incur by seeking to derive a science
 from the currently relatively "popular" presumptions respecting
 human sense-perception in and of itself.}

         {That, however, what I have stated thus far, not yet more
 than the beginning of the extent of what is presently of crucial
 importance that society come to know presently. Shift our
 emphasis, slightly, to take into account a crucial statement of
 scientific fact which I presented summarily, in replies to two
 questions presented to me during the concluding part of my report
 delivered to a September 20, 2011 national television broadcast.
 That was the public event during which I broadcast a report of
 the scientific meaning for a general scientific principle of
 human economic productivity. The evidence presented on that
 occasion, sinks Laplace's a-priorist assertions respecting time
 permanently: it simply shows that Laplace presented no credible
 evidence for his notion of time as a phenomenon in the universe
 as such.}[8]


         {How could Laplace have counted time while observing from
 the interior of empty space? Against what phenomenon could one
 have counted time in empty space? If there were no suitable clock
 used for that purpose, how, when, or where was "time" countable
 as elapsed time? How could a duration of lapsed "time" be
 measured in terms of that allegedly, actually empty "space" which
 Laplace has claimed as his own intellectual residence?}

         {There are several choices for response to such a hoax as

         {The likely attempted answer to the challenge which I have
 just delivered (in a timely fashion) here, is that if we exclude
 space, action, and matter from the hypothetical universe, what is
 the meaning of "time by itself?"}

         {That just stated consideration, stands by itself, as
 Laplace implicitly, said as much, himself. How long could a
 Laplace have been justly assigned to serve in an actual prison on
 a charge of fraud against, among notable others clock-makers? In
 an actually empty space, there are no minutes which could have
 been countable.}

         {Unfortunately for Laplace's tattered claims to scientific
 fame, empty space does not exist, either. At bottom, there is no
 ontological basis for the universe other than creativity per se.
 Laplace sits in empty space, knitting without yarn, or, needles,
 either. See! What a spectacle he would have made, had be been
 visible, somewhere. Today, somewhere in Hell, there sits Laplace
 knitting, whispering furiously under his breath, but to no one:
 "Gottfried Leibniz is dead!" claimed the pack of scoundrels led
 by the Abbe Antonio Schinella Conti (1677-1749), who virtually
 created his protege Isaac Newton out some curious substance, as
 that same Conti found such accomplices in fraud as another
 fabricator of crude hoaxes, Leonhard Euler} {(also against
 Gottfried Leibniz), and also other errand-boys for the legacy of
 Paolo Sarpi, had tried to bury Leibniz (once they had been
 assured that Leibniz had just recently died. Laplace's place in
 the history of frauds perpetrated in the alleged service of
 science, is also to be found in the continuation of that same
 anti-Leibniz cabal as among one of Laplace's own errants. It is
 therefore not surprising that every one of Newton's claims for
 scientific fame was exposed in due course as an utter hoax, and
 all depending inclusively on the hoaxes of Conti and his


         {A competent system of today's modern science of physical
 economy, is a practice chiefly based on a systemic method of
 contrast between two, contrasted methods of calculations. The
 first, the subjective method, had been premised, chiefly on an
 acceptance of human sense-perception; the second, the objective
 method, was premised, chiefly, on what is most easily recognized
 in the use of modern electronics as a substitute for
 sense-perception. The optimal net result is a contrast defined by
 both the interaction and opposition between the two.}

         {Since human knowledge, as such, depends upon that link of
 the physical to the mental life of the human individual, a mental
 life which is moored in the use of the human brain for the
 management of the traffic in products of sense-perception, the
 most significant of the qualitative advances in human behavior
 must originate in sense-perception as the celebrated case of
 Helen Keller points our attention.}

         {However, a competent insight into the physical domain
 depends, centrally, upon the recognition of the evidence of the
 system of the phenomena of what might be fairly identified as the
 "electro-chemical" domain. The reciprocal aspects of the two
 so-indicated domains are functionally inter-dependent. That
 interaction is the experimental basis in knowledge for the
 gaining of human progress. It is the promotion of the human
 individual's socialized processes of development of such a
 systemic approach, which must be the center of our concerns.}

         {From the attributable "beginnings," it has been the
 contrast among mankind's specific types of sense-perceptions
 which generated the paradoxes on which the derivation of the
 notion of principles, rather than merely contrasted sensations.
 has depended. Out of this comes the notion of sense-perception as
 "subjective," and the rest as "objective." The human mind in
 society tends to seek the human side as "subjective" and the
 electronic, et al., as the "objective." The two sides, then,
 "teach" one another.}

         {The most crucial of the related facts to be considered, is
 the ostensibly, ontologically paradoxical challenge represented
 by the notion of "human individual creativity." Suddenly, with
 the intervention of the notion of "human individual creativity,"
 all preceding presumptions crumble in way which it becomes
 frighteningly difficult to resist; a threat of an imminent sense
 of "falling," becomes the sense which it is often terrifyingly
 difficult to resist.}

         {The person frightened by the prospect of such an
 experience, not-infrequently reacts to that by falling into a
 relatively brutish reaction (e.g., the scream of wild-eyed
 denial": "that's nuts!") against any intimations of actual human
 creativity. "You are attempting to invade me!" The latter
 phenomenon was demonstrated against truly great scientists,
 largely through the criminality of Bertrand Russell, or John von
 Neumann, against Albert Einstein, et al., in the course of major
 scientific assemblies of the 1920s and later.}

         {The crucial point to be emphasized in conclusion here, is
 that a real economy is a physical economy, an economy whose
 efficient intent includes the urgent need for
 high-energy-flux-density, capital-intensive, science-driver
 programs of development and investments. of the types which shall
 continue to be the emphasis of my efforts during the foreseeable
 times to come.}


         1. This is the subject featured in the question and answer
 portion of my National TV Address of September 30, 2011.

         2. Cf. Turn to page 293 of the Heinrich Weber edition of
 {{Bernhard Riemann's Gesammelte Mathematische Werke}}. B.G.
 Teubner, Stuttgart, 1892/1902, p.293, footnote by editor Heinrich
 Weber's hoax published on behalf of a concocted by the
 mathematician Rupert Clausius.

         3. As the point is referenced elsewhere within this report,
 the origin of Rupert Clausius hoax is traced to the a-priorist
 tradition of the reductionism of such hoaxsters as the poisoner
 Aristotle and of Euclid. That reductionist school is rooted in
 the system of the oligarchist system associated with the morally
 corrupt, mathematics tradition of such as the Olympian Zeus, for
 which money is a God of the principal of imperialism, such as the
 successive incarnations of the Roman imperial tradition. Money,
 like an a-priorist system of number-worship, is defined as a god
 above gods, as "outside," as a-priori above all on actual
 knowledge of the system of physical existence of the human
 species and its scientific practice (e.g., ancient and
 contemporary monetarism). This monetarist dogma is the continuing
 foundation of all imperialist and related practices. Indeed, all
 true Marxists are intrinsically imperialists (monetarists: "money
 worshippers") in the Roman imperial and related traditions.

         4. See the opening two paragraphs of Bernhard Riemann's
 habilitation dissertation, where the relevant, pathological
 history of mathematics is summarized, and also, of course, the
 closing sentence of that dissertation.

         5. At this point, refer extensively to my Chapter II. "The
 Human Credit System" in {{Principle or Party}} (Dated Oct. 31,

         6. The "World War" which was actually set into motion by the
 British Royal Family's 1890 ouster of Chancellor Bismarck, the
 subsequent 1890 assassination of France's President Carnot, and
 the British Crown Prince's pact with the Mikado for launching war
 against China, Korea, and Russia over the period leading through

         7. E.g., "energy-flux density."

         8. I had, in fact, already stated the relevant principle in
 several published locations.

       ***  ORGANIZING OPPORTUNITIES (updated 12/12)  ***

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 In general the entries do not require phone numbers since they
 can be easily found on the cited websites.


 self-advertised clearing house for demo information. The website, lists rallies and meet-up of all kinds
 nationally.  Facebook is running a page on each state, under the
 name, for example, "Occupy Nevada." Regions should check through
 these and other sources for demos. Clearing houses may be behind
 the action!

                    LAROUCHE SHOW DECEMBER 17

         Refer to info on Bastement Webcast.
         3-4 pm ET
         Post-Show Message Line: nine one six, two three
 three, zero six three zero. Box 595
         Intro: While You Were Sleeping & The World In Review
         Message #1: Webcast or The Weekly Report
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                  BASEMENT WEBCAST DECEMBER 17!

                  The End of the World's Wars:
    A Policy Initiative for the Survival of the Human Species
 The webcast will air at 1:00 pm EST on Saturday, December 17th,



 June 13-16, 2012 (Wednesday-Saturday)
 80th Annual Conference of Mayors, Orlando


 Dec 14
 HARRISBURG, Bill Ayers, co-founder Weather Underground
 will address an Occupy Harrisburg gathering. Ayers will lead a
 discussion at 6 p.m. at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore.


 January 18-20, 2012 (Wednesday-Friday)
         80th Winter Conference of Mayors, Washington

 |                                                               |
 |               NORTH AMERICAN OPERATIONS BULLETIN              |
 |                                                               |
 |                   Monday December 12, 2011                    |
 |                                                               |

                  BASEMENT WEBCAST DECEMBER 17!

                  The End of the World's Wars:
    A Policy Initiative for the Survival of the Human Species
                           1:00 pm EST

         The question currently facing mankind is: Will there be an
 immediate extinction of the human species as a result of the war
 and depopulation plans which have been set into motion in these
 recent weeks?
         British policy, currently run through the insane President
 Barack Obama, has the U.S. on a head-on thermonuclear collision
 course with Russia and China, who should instead be our strategic
 allies. Human civilization will not survive such a conflict in
 any recognizable form.
         In the face of this threat, it is high time for a new
 conception of strategic defense. No longer can we risk the threat
 of thermonuclear warfare. Instead, we must avoid the dire threat
 of total physical economic collapse of the human species by
 extending to the frontiers of human knowledge and human
         The major physical frontiers for this collaboration are the
 Arctic and near-Earth space, but the most important frontier of
 all is epistemological -- the elimination of the notion of linear
 time, and with it the subsidiary notions of reductionism,
 monetarism, and belief in the existence of absolute space and
 time. These frontiers will form the basis for the new humanity
 which can and must emerge from the present dark age, and will be
 the subject of discussion for the upcoming Basement Webcast.
         The webcast will air at 1:00 pm EST on Saturday, December
 17th, at

               - Texas Organizing Report, 12/12 -

         For the last two weeks, we have averaged $520/day, in the
 West Texas Oil boom area of Midland and Odessa. (People are
 moving here from Michigan, Florida, Idaho, California, and
 everywhere.) As before, in spite of GOP leanings, a deep
 commitment to production, and a lesser general pessimism due to
 the local situation has resulted in a sharp "I DO WANT TO GET HIM
 OUT NOW!" response to the necessity to remove Obama to stop his
 new World War. Organizers focused on Lyn's role at the center of
 organizing the Constitutional Institutions of the Presidency,
 esp. the military, to "make the Impossible, Possible," so to
 complete the American Revolution. We got  a gut response from
 many, initially skeptical, or just "how can you get him out?"
 types, by focusing on the last paragraph of the mass leaflet,
 about "people in positions of authority," as the dynamic they
 must join us in creating with Lyn. The recognition of Lyn, among
 people over 50, is remarkable, although old, mostly from the 80s.
         All three local TV, and the "Odessa American" newspaper,
 gave us short but excellent coverage in the first week,
 especially of our banner "All Holidays Cancelled--Until We Fire
 Obama, and Stop his New World War." The Obama gang helped us by
 calling the media about the Mustache, and by the end of the
 second week, in places 40 miles away, 10 or so people each day
 were saying that they had seen us on the news!  At one Odessa PO,
 4 pro Obama youth showed up to demonstrate against the Mustache,
 only, again, to allow us to use them as a foil, and to raise $640
 that day.
         This organizer has made a special effort to ask key
 questions, to elicit a political IQ reading, and evoke better
 CRUSH OBAMA NOW? This, together with a discussion of how Putin is
 moving with LaRouche's flanks--more than Reagan ever did-- has
 been the best lever against the "You can't do it, so why fight?"
 complaints. Some begin to then add what they know from Military
 friends, and ask what they can do. Many "Conservatives," who
 otherwise might mouth some anti Iran line, are outflanked, and
 engaged on Lyn's role, vs. the real British Enemy.
         John began to stop people, after listening to the Candidates
 December 4 call, by asking very directly: "So Why is Obama still
 allowed to be President--If we can start getting him out right
 IRAN, AND ARE PROVOKING RUSSIA? Most people are worried, but only
 vaguely aware. The clarity got better after the downing of the
 drone. In general, those with family IN the military, had the
 most urgent response. Some recognition of the Russian Navy going
 to Syria.
 SO EVIL, THAT THEY WANT A WW3? Most just guess "Money, War
 profit", but about 5-10% show some awareness of the murderous
 depopulation intent. If you ask, and pause, they do want to know.
 EURO, AND WHAT THIS WILL DO TO YOU? This gets the broadest
 recognition, and allows us to challenge people on our solution to
 ridiculing the GOP budget cutters, as opposed to LaRouche's FDR
 solution, only about 10% (of the people who do stop) still defend
 the Electoral Circus as the way to stop the crisis.(As in Houston
 there is almost ZERO backing from those who would talk to us, for
 RIck Perry.)
         The most moral response, such as one 81 year old retired Oil
 Engineer, who said, after he had given, "I'm doing this for my
 Great Grandkids." --came after our discussion of how the war and
 crash we now face is the Endgame of the process that began with
 the killing of JFK 48 years ago, and now the enemy, who only Lyn
 has had the courage to Name, will finish us off with the Worst
 War, or We will restore the legacy of JFK, by finally building
 NAWAPA. People are deeply moved by this idea of a reverse
 paradigm shift, as the core of Lyn's "New Presidency" slate, that
 can overpower our worst enemy, Baby Boomer Pessimism. One Union
 organizer (VERY rare in West Texas!) for the local Firefighters,
 asked how to reach Kesha, and took extra leaflets, after joining
         Now that we are going back to some sites 3 times, or
 re-meeting contacts met in March, we are asking everyone if they
 have gone to the Website. So far, only those in touch with the
 phone team have done so.
         In general, there is an awareness here, less buried by
 pessimism, that Obama does threaten an end to the Republic as we
 have known it, and even if the War danger was not understood by
 some before, they are enthused to be able to act with Lyn now.
 "I've been saying that there's got to be a way to do this BEFORE
 the election, before it's too late! I'm so glad to meet you!"--is
 the way this is most often expressed.(CH)

     - Boston Report on LPAC Concert and Town Hall meeting -

         Friday evening's concert was a profoundly moving event which
 unfolded like a symphony.  Held in a community center outside
 Boston, the audience turn-out was unexpectedly low, (about 15)
 mostly containing closer contacts, but all were moved deeply by
 the proceedings, and we raised about $200 during the event.
         The event began by congressional candidate Rachel Brown,
 delivering some very powerful remarks on the threat of nuclear
 world war and the need to overcome mere sense perception, and the
 role of mind in the universe, and therefore, the need for
 beautiful culture.  This was followed by selections from the
 first half of G.F. Handel's Messiah, including "Comfort Ye, Every
 Valley," sung by Aaron Halevy, "And the glory of the Lord," sung
 by the Boston chorus, then Frank sang the powerfully chilliing
 "But who may abide the day of his coming, " then "Oh thou that
 tellest good tidings," sung by Ema and an octet, and ended the
 first half with the spirited song, "Rejoice Greatly" sung by
         Then, Basement team member, Aaron Halevy, provoked the
 audience around the role of culture and Handel's personality,
 emphasizing the importance of great beauty in a period as dark as
 we are facing now. The second half of the Messiah opened up with
 a sobering rendition of "Behold the lamb of God," (which really
 does have a similar character as Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus, by
 the way) then followed by "He was despised," "Behold and see"
 (sung by tenor Alan Demers), "How beautiful are the feet of them"
 sung by Maria Channon, and ended with a rousing rendition of the
 "Hallelujah Chorus," by the whole Boston chorus.
         The event ended with candidate Diane Sare's powerful
 intervention into the audience, asking them, "Imagine losing this
 great culture... I'm sorry to say this, but we are days away from
 nuclear war, and we could actually lose this great music." And
 she challenged the audience to respond to that by contributing
 and walking away doing everything in their power to fight.  The
 event was very profound, and brought a totally new quality to
 (the often underestimated) Handel's great work, Messiah.  It also
 reminded us what is truly great about human civilization, and why
 we must fight.  (Jenny Getachew)


         During a 40 minute radio show this morning at WGDR, the
 station of Goddard College in Vermont, Nancy Spannaus gave an
 extensive briefing on the imminent danger of thermonuclear war,
 and how to stop it, by getting rid of Obama. Host Jim Hogue
 started off the show by asking for such a briefing, and
 wholeheartedly agreed that listeners should get to the
 larouchepac site and get the full briefing from LaRouche's
 webcast of the day before.
         Hogue only interpolated a few questions, and constantly
 commented on the unique intelligence on which LaRouche and LPAC
 were basing their analysis. Nancy said that, while that was true,
 and underscored why people had to key off the larouchepac
 website, there was no excuse for people not to understand that
 Obama is endangering the very existence of the American people,
 not to mention the world--and for Congress to act.
         On his questions: One had to do with whether it was the
 Russians who were blocking the war--Nancy again emphasized
 LaRouche's role, with the U.S. military. A second had to do with
 the depopulation of the British Empire, and then at the
 conclusion, he asked for a reveiw of Obama's specific activities
 promoting the nuclear confrontation.

                    LAROUCHE SHOW DECEMBER 17

 Refer to Info on Basement Webcast.

         3-4 pm ET
         Post-Show Message Line: nine one six, two three three, zero
 six three zero. Box Five Nine Five.
         Intro: While You Were Sleeping & The World In Review
         Message #1: Webcast or The Weekly Report
         Message #2: Webcast or The LaRouche Show


               - WORLD WAR III IS IN THE HOUSE." -

 OPS Stuttgart 5.-11. Of December

         Many Christmas shoppers got caught in odd positions when
 eyeing our newest picket announcing the cancellation of
 Christmas. On Saturday, Dec. 10, we were organizing in the inner
 city of Heidelberg, the city known for its plastic surgery
 clinics, and by confronting passersby with the truth of the
 season, accompanied by pictures of Obama as Nero, a crashing euro
 surrounded by aircraft carriers, the good old D-Mark, and a
 handful of cheerful canons, we managed to give a lot of people a
 facelift for free. Some people couldn't believe that we were
 serious, but there were quite a lot of good reactions, so the
 idea worked, and more important was that the media's war and euro
 propaganda was not so accepted among the people here, as we had
 seen in Stuttgart during the week. A small group of young people
 from the Occupy Heidelberg was there also, and got very
 interested in our ideas and invited us to their upcoming meeting.
         During the week we were mainly organizing in Stuttgart, and
 somehow there's a mid-life crisis going on among most of its
 citizens. We met a lot of friendly cowards and narrow-minded
 idiots, who could not confront reality at all. It's not so
 important to report on what every single person did or said, but
 the media propaganda has eaten a lot of brain cells
 unfortunately. Anyway, we did manage, despite days of rain, to
 make certain good things work. Three of the days we made over
 EU100 on each day, and particularly we made advancement in youth
 organizing. Meetings with two young guys and generally many young
 people signing onto our contact sheets, is a very good sign. One
 young Turkish guy met us in our flat and had already in one week
 read a lot and seen our "1932" video, and wants to be active.
 More will come later.
         A few interventions should be mentioned. On Monday, a local
 FDP member of the Bundestag, made a boring run-of-the-mill
 presentation about the relations between Germany and the U.S.
 However, we were there and as the audience discussion started,
 people brought up highly political questions, and that gave us a
 lever to state that in such an enormous financial collapse, the
 last thing you want to do is to start a war. He tried to stick to
 the media line about Iran being a threat, but did not succeed.
 After the event he got a good selection of our newest material
 and he already knew the Schiller Institute very well.
         Then on to the most dramatic event this week:
         A presentation about the elections in Russia was held by the
 Konrad Adenauer Society in Stuttgart, which had invited the
 Armenian so-called historian Ashot Manucharian to give his view
 on the situation in Russia. As he began to speak it became
 obvious that he was there to deliver London's anti-Putin line.
 There were 10 people besides us and not very fruitful for an
 agent like him, but everyone listened very attentively to his
 propaganda. He painted the picture of Putin as a dictator,
 Medvedev as a gambler and the Russian elections as a fraud, with
 all kinds of sophistic anecdotes to back that up. While everyone
 else might have thought that he was speaking the truth, Benjamin
 said: "From all that was said and from all I see in the news, if
 I didn't know much about Russia, I would be quite hostile towards
 Putin right now. But I don't hear any solutions from you. I
 happen to know some things about Russia and Putin that gives a
 completely different picture, and if I told all of you here, you
 would likely have a very positive picture." Detailing the major
 physical economic development going on and Putin's clean-up of
 financial foreign interests after Yeltsin, he continued: "You
 speak of corruption in Russia, but that is nothing compared to
 the situation in Europe, where nations get austerity policies
 dictated by a European bureaucracy..." Manucharian then
 interrupted, very offended, and tried to quash the debate, but
 was confronted with: "It sounds like partly propaganda and lies
 you are telling," which got him and many listeners upset, they
 started shouting and the little room got cooking. Our organizer
 Ahmet talked back and soon an audience of poodles turned into a
 pack of snarling dogs. Basically the speaker went up to Benjamin
 and demanded repeatedly to know his name and where he came from,
 and he got the backing from the maddened crowd. They discovered
 that we had been recording the event, which was not so fortunate.
 They wanted to call the police and detain us, but we eventually
 got out of there. So much for democracy and human rights.
         Later that same day we were at a presentation about the
 revolts in the Arab world, and the speaker, a young scholar,
 turned out to be a very reasonable person, who defended Iran and
 attacked the Western powers for their hostile policies. We
 brought up the fact of the British Empire's constant involvement
 and intervention into the Middle East and the threat of a Third
 World War. We got very good responses in contrast to the previous
 audience, and one Algerian man said that we were right about the
 British, and he stayed in contact. Everyone got Helga's call
 against World War III.
         One more thing to mention is that in just one hour in the
 morning, we distributed 500 leaflets with Helga's call, plus 200
 newspapers, wearing body signs saying: "The Euro Has Failed.
 Threat of World War III" at the main station in Stuttgart, and we
 ended up with EU567 in total income for the week. (BenL)

                     *** END OF BRIEFING ***
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