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 Lyndon LaRouche NEC Meeting Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011

                 - DISCOVER YOUR REAL IDENTITY -

 LYN:  Okay, I'm very busily occupied, Sky's occupied too...
 Anyway, I have something to do today, which I shall be doing, at
 the same time that Sky will be doing something, also with others,
 and for me, it's also very important.  It's one of the most
 important days of my life, because I'm about to get in the next
 step of completing the most important thing I've ever written.
 It will be in process, so I'm a little bit excited about it.
         I have a copy here for Sky -- it's not complete, but it's a
 forewarning, so he's not yet here to receive his copy of
 forewarnings. It's only very partly done, but the part will give
 him enough stimulus to know what I'm up to, which will make
 things useful.
         I'll tell you what the problem is, because it's relevant to
         Usually, people are used to what they think is sight and
 sound, in defining what goes on in their minds.  And that's not
 the case.  Because people actually operate on the basis of the
 surface experience, surface exposure to phenomena which are
 defined as sense-perception, and these things mislead you away
 from the reality of the way the human mind works.  In other
 words, you believe in sense such that sense-perception, as you
 manifest it, as you walk around with your face hanging out and
 things like that, you think that this is you.  But it is not:  it
 is merely a sense-perception of you, which is far different than
 the real you.
         For example, because the senses that we use, the ones that
 we control immediately, on our surface of our senses, our
 appearances and so forth, is not true. It is truthful for what
 it is, but it's not truth in respecting what {your mind is}. Even
 your behavior, you know--the mouth lies; the face also lies, with
 the aid of makeup and things like that, hmm?  But the truth lies
 somewhere else.  As a matter of fact, what you think is your
 face, your appearance, your expression, your face, you know, this
 sort of sense-perception, is not you.  That's merely an outward
         The real you lies in your imagination. The real you lies at
 a great distance, which you can not touch or reach, but you
 effect and you express yourself.  This becomes a great problem in
 dealing with important scientific matters, because you're
 assuming that what you see in the mirror, or hear reflected by
 your voice, is the truth, is you.  It is not.  The true you, of
 the mind, lies at some distance, which does not lie within the
 range of ordinary sense-perception, not even the voice, not the
 vision, not the picture, so forth.  These are merely surface
         Now, we've come into a point where we have three things to
 consider:  One is what you express, overtly, hmm? Another thing
 is what lies behind you, which is partly the real you.  And a
 third thing is your place in the universe, which most people have
 no conception of at all. In other words, the real you,
 biologically, lies in something which you do not see and can not
 see, and do not hear.  You hear only shadows, reflections of
 these things.  And third thing, you don't see at all, you don't
 even know it exists, most of you.  Because it's what lies behind
 your mind.
         And these are the three things that people have to
 understand, if they're going to understand the kind of world
 we're going into, a very dangerous world.

                 - Obama's Hitler Enabling Act -
         We're actually on the verge of a crash of the entire system,
 and mass death throughout the planet, is at this moment, the most
 likely prospect for the weeks ahead.  We're headed for Hell.  The
 system is coming down. This President has not been removed: He's
 just put the enabling act of Adolf Hitler into effect for the
 United States.  You can all be taken out and shot, with nobody to
 complain -- hmm?  It's all there, now, because we didn't get rid
 of Obama.  Because cowards wouldn't get rid of Obama, when the
 evidence is there. So, we're faced with a sort of mild extinction
 threat, already hanging over us!
         Ah!  Sky's arrived:  He will march down here and get this!
 It's not complete, but at least it gives him a fair, fighting
 chance to know what I'm going to be doing later today! [laughter]
         Anyway:  So the important thing, for me, because to clear up
 this mess, is to guide you to an understanding of what it is,
 that you think you see, or you think you know by seeing, you
 think you know by hearing, and so forth, and none of it is quite
 true.  And therefore, it's too bad, if you have to die without
 even knowing who you are, or what you are.  Hmm?
         That's the kind of situation you're in, right now: And that
 was done, because Obama was not dumped.  And the active threat,
 at any moment, can occur in that way, because Obama was not
 dumped.  And because a bunch of members of the Congress are
 lousy, dirty finks, who voted for something, for a Hitler
 enabling act, against the people of the United States.  And
 {they} voted for it!  The majority:  Those criminals voted for
 it, in the Congress!
         That's where we stand. And we've come into a time,
 therefore, whatever is going to happen, actually, that everything
 you thought you knew, was wrong. Even your choice of face was
 wrong, and similar kinds of things, because you're not what you
 look like, which sometimes, with some people is fortunate
 [laughter] and some people -- and for other people, it's a
 different matter.
         So anyway, that's the situation: That we are so much a
 prisoner, of the coils of sense-perception, and we extend that in
 many ways, in our understanding of the universe.  We always try
 to interpret things in the universe in those terms, and we don't
 know a goddamned thing of what reality is, out there:  It's a
 shame to have to die without even knowing what you were before
 you were killed. And that's a shameful thing.
         So that's why I do the best I could, by bringing the facts
 to your attention with great haste.  It will not be finished
 today, of course, but it's started, and Sky has a copy of the
 evidence of the initial portion of the evidence, which I thought
 was the least thing I could do for him, on this frightening
         That's where we stand:  We have failed -- not us, so much --
 but the nation, the world, has failed, especially the
 trans-Atlantic region, has failed morally, has failed in every
 other way.  We have a people of the trans-Atlantic region who
 just ain't fit to live!  Because they weren't capable of doing
 the things that would assure them at least a fair chance of
 having the opportunity to continue to live.
         Because it's not merely the matter of the murders, by the
 new enabling act, by the new Hitler, Obama --that's not just
 it.  It's that people are going to die, without ever knowing what
 they were.  That's bad!

                      - Know Who You Are -

         And that's happened before in history.  It happened in the
 Roman Empire, mass slaughters.  Some people knew what they were
 fighting against, being killed for. It was mass killing, but they
 didn't know the answer, they didn't have a voice for it.  We are
 their voice, and they're about to kill us next, too.
         And therefore, the question of personal identity becomes a
 rather acute one. When you reach the point that I'm spoiling a
 party for you, by telling you the truth,  and anything you do,
 from here on in, you're living on borrowed time.  Can you turn
 the borrowed time into a rescue?  You don't have much time to try
 that, hmm?  And therefore, it's time that you understood the
 three aspects of the nature of the universe:  There's first, is
 you, and you don't know what you are; very few of you have even
 an intimation of what you are.  You look in a mirror and say,
 "that's me."  You hear the sound of your voice, and say, "that's
 me."  But none of it's really true, it's not.
         Then, there's another thing.  You have the object, you have
 yourself as an object, and you don't understand that.  Then you
 have other people and other things, which are not you,  which you
 see as at a distance, a psychological distance.  They're not you,
 they're something apart from you.  Two faces:  What you think you
 are, and what something else is.
         And then, there's also the universe.  And mankind is not a
 floating creature in a universe.  Mankind is an agent of
 creation, and practically no one knows what creation is.
         So there's this triad.  And therefore, what I've committed
 myself to do, especially considering the lateness of the
 political hour, is to complete this thing which I've started now,
 and to complete it with some haste, but also care, so that people
 would know what humanity once was, if it comes to that matter.
         The three things:  You know -- you can know, what you are,
 are expressing, as long as you don't believe in yourself in the
 mirror.  {Don't} look in the mirror, if you want to know who you
 are.  It's a bad ID choice.  Then, you have other things, other
 people, especially other things, which you have no intimate
 connection to.  They're strangers, they're outsiders; they're not
 you.  And you have a different sensation of those outsiders, than
 you have of yourself, and your own experience.  But then, there's
 the Creator, which is over everything.  {And most people have no
 inkling whatsoever, of what that's about.}  Some scientists have
 an inkling of that, of what is it out there, that runs the
         I mean, the human mind  -- well, what's the human mind
 connected to?  it's not like any animal.  It's connected to
 something else:  There is a process, a kind of consciousness,
 which you don't directly share in, which is the universe as a
 whole, represents the universe as a whole.  You have the mistake,
 most people have made the mistake of looking at themselves, and
 saying, "I'm a person.  That's a person, this is an object," and
 so forth, and we may have some part in the universe.
         But, maybe the universe has some part in you.  Maybe you're
 just something in the universe, and the universe has a
 personality and a quality, hmm?, which is not what you think you
 are.  And you don't even know what the universe is.  You think of
 it as a distant object, a strange object there, which you're
 trying to study from a distance.
         It's not that at all. It's what you're failing to recognize:
 The universe is creative!  The {universe} is creative!  Mankind
 is supposed to be creative, in the image of the universe!
         But that's not the case.  It should be the case.  It's not
 the case.  And therefore, mankind thinks the universe is a
 stranger out there, a big object, or a big collection of objects,
 which you're not familiar with!  And yet, the universe is
 controlling you.  You're part of the universe, and you don't know
 it.  Like an orphan, who doesn't know his living parents.
         Therefore, your sense of mission in life is based on "what
 {I} can get.  What I can enjoy. What pleases me, what displeases
         And we've come to a point, where those assumptions are not
 -- , when the mass kill, the enabling act of the new Hitler here,
 of a President who's the new Hitler, you've come to a time that
 you have no -- your life is about to be snuffed away!  By this
 new Hitler.  And you don't know what it was all about.
         You don't know what the universe is all about.  You think
 it's some big collection of objects up there that nobody
 understands.  Unfortunately, these objects understand you, but
 you don't understand them.
         For example, mankind's destiny is apparent to us now, a
 destiny on Earth is not really much, is it? When you look at the
 Solar System and you look at the galaxy, and you find out what
 some of our associates have found out, how the galaxy is very
 much connected to us!  We're not independent of the galaxy!
 There are things which affect us, which are integral to us, from
 within the galaxy!  We don't see ourselves as a potency within
 the galaxy, and a responsibility within the galaxy, start taking
 a consequence in one's own role which is part of the galaxy.  And
 then, despite the crazy idea about the fine structure constant,
 which I think is a little bit of a mistake there, hmm?  -- it's
 not possible to have a fine structure constant in this universe.
 You don't have to go out there and measure it.  You don't have
 the measuring stick, but the universe is not of the nature you
 assume it is.
         And my point was, that since I'm at the stage I'm at, and
 you, also, are unfortunately at that same stage in a certain
 manner, it's about time. That before giving a parting glance to
 life, we should know what our position in the universe is, what
 our role is, or what our role is intended to be, and hope that
 somebody will learn a lesson from our experience.  That we shall
 give them a testament to what we were, and have the satisfaction
 of at least "going out clean," as they say, not guilty of
         And perhaps, in the remaining days before us, if we survive,
 the shock of this development, this vote by the Congress, for a
 Hitler-enabling act against us, like the Jews and many others who
 went the same way that we're threatened with going right now,
 from this President, the fools who let him have the enabling act,
 hmm? maybe we'll learn something, in the remaining days, which
 will be useful for humanity, in times to come.
         But we're going to have to {change our ways of thinking},
 give up our convenient assumptions, which are actually become
 very inconvenient.  And that's what I'm up to, so that's what I'm
 doing. It was just the completion of a series of things I plan to
 do, on this subject.  And since Sky had this important date
 coming up, I wanted to get this as near to finish as possible, so
 that his party will not be spoiled, by an unseemly interruption.
         So that's where we stand:  We're at a point where a judgment
 is being shown on humanity's failure -- and your failure!  -- to
 come up to snuff, on {your} responsibilities, your
 responsibilities for knowledge!  Your responsibility for the
 knowledge of how to act, and why to act, hmm?  You failed in
 large degree, because you got occupied with other preoccupations,
 personal preoccupations, "how I feel," that sort of thing!  Not
 how the future of humanity feels, not whether there is going to
 {be} a future of humanity!  How that feels!  Those little
 important points have been conveniently overlooked.
         And at least, before they snuff you out, you ought to have
 the chance to know what it's all about.
         So, that's why I'm in process of completing this--which will
 complete the series of what I've been working on, to give you the
 facts of what the true nature of mankind and his destiny might
         Okay.  That's up to you.

                          - DIALOGUE -

         JEFF:  I think a footnote on the insanity of Congress:
 After the passage of the enabling act, yesterday a group of
 senators introduced a bill to repeal it --  many of whom voted
 for it, and then the next day, Dianne Feinstein, Leahy, Lee,
 Udall, and a bunch of others; it's called the "Due Process
 Guarantee Act of 2011."  So they already stuck the knives in
 themselves and then, on the way down to the floor, took this
 completely insane step.
         LYN:  Well, that's the point is, now they know it, don't
         JEFF:  That's the point:  They did it, knowing it.  It
 reminded me of when Durbin stood up, when they were going through
 the Super Committee, and he lectured the Senate on the fact that
 if Robert Byrd was alive, he would have taken out of his copy of
 the Constitution and lectured them on why this was a complete
 Constitutional violation.  And Durbin said, "I agree with what
 Byrd would have said, however, I'm voting for it anyway."
         LYN:  Yeah!  That shows you what's wrong with this
 generation, or {de}-generation,  as they call it.
         That's what we're up against.  Now, the situation is not
 hopeless, because there are people whose conscience knows this.
 But the problem is, their conscience is not efficient when it
 comes to facing the enemy.  They'd rather die than face the
 enemy, and they probably will die, with that decision made.
         But the point is, the shock is, and I don't think you're
 going to be able to cure the shock, the reason for the shock,
 unless you change some of the ways you think, some of the ways
 you react: To react with the solemnity which this particular
 situation recommends.  It's a deadly situation.
         It's not a joke, it's not bad legislation.  It's not a
 generation, it's a {de}generation.  And one has to actually get
 the habit of saying that, while you still have the time to do so.
 They're not fit to be anything!  They're not fit to represent
 anything!  They have no morals!  The last bit of morality has
 been wrested from them!  -- hmm? --  by their own choice.  They
 want to "go along to get along!"  and if you look in history,
 you've seen a lot of examples of this thing.  Of people, who in
 pride, have marched to their own self-inflicted death, and have
 done it by trading off others... and then finding themselves in
 the same situation, that they traded others off into!
         And if you don't understand that, and don't have the passion
 that goes with that knowledge, your ability to deal with this
 situation, is about nil!  If you're trying to duck this issue,
 and pretend it ain't so, you're impotent!  You're just as
 impotent as the guys who voted for this crap, because you didn't
 vote against it, in time.  You didn't say it was important
 enough, to defeat this, in time.  You said, "let's compromise,
 let's 'reform' this President."  Reform Satan?!  Hmm?
         And therefore, the idea, "No, we've got to go along, no it's
 not the right time to do this.  No that's too early, you're
 pushing things.  You're over the top!"  Hmm!  And that's how
 whole nations and peoples have died, because of exactly those
 kinds of thoughts and those kinds of arguments.  Hmm?

         NANCY:  The most outspoken people, of course, against this,
 were precisely the people against the war.  I mean, the human
 rights,  -- we got the full Human Rights First letter last night,
 which I don't think we ever had the full letter, with Joe Hoar,
 and many, many retired generals who came out against it. One
 question -- now, they backed off to the extent of saying, at a
 certain point, "Well, Obama should veto it,"  but now, obviously,
 the whole fig leaf of that is out.  This may very well, if we do
 our job, lead them to do precisely the clarion call on
 impeachment that is required.
         LYN:  Well, what I'm doing is this thing, is what's
 necessary.  What I'm saying now is what's necessary.  Nothing
 else is going to do any good, any other attitude is no good.
 It's useless.  We've already demonstrated, the protests, all
 these quibbles and so forth have no effectiveness:  None!  You've
 got to tell the truth!  You've got to finally tell the truth, not
 be "practical."  It's people who try to be "practical," who find,
 actually, they're lying, and that's what their practicality is:
 They're not telling the truth.  They're avoiding the truth!
         The truth is, this character is worse than Hitler! He's, as
 I said, he's comparable to the Emperor Nero.  And I warned, you
 know, in April of 2009, I warned of this:  There's nothing I said
 that is not true, today.  You're looking at it today, and how did
 people react to that?  I've said it over all this period, since
 April  2009, I've said it repeatedly.
         I've said to us!  And {we} didn't respond!  This
 organization didn't respond!  It didn't treat this as {the
 issue!}  A President of this quality was not treated as {the}
 issue!  They wanted to take some indirect approach, huh?  Not a
 direct approach.  Now, we've come to this.  {We're facing this
 situation}, as of this week.  The enabling act has been put
 through.  And what was done, by those on whom this came down? And
 what was done by the majority of the Senate and House?  What was
 done by these authorities?  So-called.  What was done by these
 so-called paragons?
         Nothing worth mentioning.  Even quite the contrary.
         So then, I shall, in the course of the next few days, shall
 complete my testament to humanity, and we'll see what goes from
 there. But the point is, that there's nothing that you can do,
 which will be any damned good, which does not take into account
 what I've just said to you this morning.  {That's} the point!
 Don't try to change the subject:  {That's} the subject! It {has}
 been the subject, ever since April 2009, that {has been} the
 subject!  Nothing else has been the subject!  Anything else has
 been a diversion from the subject!  What I laid out in April 2009
 was true then!  It is true now!  And what is also true, is that
 those that didn't react as I didn't over this interval, have
 committed the mistake, and have to learn that.  If there's any
 chance of saving civilization, it'll be based on coming to a
 recognition that {that was the mistake!}
         That's the only thing worth saying:  Because if you don't
 say that, nothing's going to be done about it. If nothing's done
 about it, you're going to be dead.  And now you understand what
 the British intention was, of reducing the world's population
 from 7 billion to 1.  Hmm?!  That's the British Empire!  That's
 what it represents! And always has represented!
         This the tradition of the Roman Empire!  Of the Byzantine
 Empire!  Of the Crusader system!  And of the Brutish Empire,
 sometimes spelled "British."  Fun!
         So, I shall have to complete what I'm writing, won't I?  If
 we survive, it will be a very interesting lesson for future
         [To Archie: He's worried.  He's worried about the next bone!
 [laughter] He's upset!  He's worried, in dog fashion.]
         Anyway, that's what I have to say.  I can say more, if you
 want to provoke it.

         CHANCE: Well, I think it's interesting that you took the
 time to clarify what these three different self-images are, and I
 don't want to try to reduce what you said, I just want to think
 about it.  But when you brought this third thing into the
 picture, it gave me a chance to think about something I've
 already been trying to figure out in a much bigger context.
 Because we're running into this problem, where it comes across as
 this approach with the work, whatever it is that you're doing, if
 you're a field organizer, or a reporter, or a Boomer or a youth,
 there's this tendency to say, "I am just... an organizer" or "I
 am just ... this"  or "I am just that."  And what it does, it
 severs any kind of connection to where you are historically,
 because you see yourself as this object.
         And what I've been trying to get a clear image of, is what
 you've been bringing up with this question of time, and you've
 brought this up in many different ways, but when you talked about
 measuring value as something which isn't determined by its
 intrinsic purpose at a moment, it seems like, instead of viewing
 yourself as some thing, which is doing something at the moment,
 you have to view yourself as what you potentially are setting
 into motion. You actually have to see yourself from the
 standpoint of this future orientation.
         And it seems like, when you think of it from that
 standpoint, your function in the universe is determined by its
 potential, as opposed to what you're currently doing and the
 immediately effect that that has.  And I thought what you just
 said, with this third thing, yeah, it seems like it's something
 like that.  I'm not sure.
         LYN:  Yeah, well, I'll tell you one thing about the lesson
 from World War II and similar events, that most of you are
 familiar with the fact that it's customary to make compromises
 with life.  Most of the things that people choose to be, to
 associate themselves with, and to submit to, and so forth and so
 on, are compromises for which there's an excuse.  They buy into a
 condition which they really don't want, but they think it's the
 best compromise they're going to get.  And most people go through
 life with that duality inside them:  They don't get what they
 want.  They compromise with something, which they think is
 available, not what they desire.  And they make themselves
 miserable and mean-spirited, wanting to take out revenge on
 society for allowing them to make that compromise.
         How many people say of their life, after a few years of
 experience, "I really didn't want it, but it was the best deal I
 had.  I thought it was the best deal I had."
         So people make compromises with life, and hope that by
 having a comfortable or quasi-comfortable arrangement, they won't
 feel too badly, about what they're not.  And that's -- if you're
 a  soldier in warfare, you may not think that way, because your
 life is caught up in a very short prospect.  And if you're in
 combat, or going into combat, or anticipate it, -- unless you
 want to crack up -- you have to settle accounts {with yourself},
 to that effect! You can not become {compromised}.  You would hate
 yourself, if you died, compromised.  Hmm?
         Now, that's a quality which hit soldiers in the last
 so-called world war, and similar kinds of things:  That they had
 to clean up their life, before dying, hmm?  And you're in a
 generation now, particularly those who were born into the 68er
 generation, who are characterized by that compromise:  They were
 shopping for the best deal they thought they could get!  And they
 use the term to describe that morality, hmm?  as {"being
 practical"}.  "Take the best deal you can get! Hmm?  And don't
 weep about it. When you're dead, you're going to regret that like
 Hell!  [laughs]  Well, if anybody's around to regret it!
         So that's your point.  You live in a society, particularly
 since what happened to Kennedy, the Kennedy assassination and the
 going into the Vietnam War, you went into this thing with the
 morality of society, became increasingly that!  The 68ers became
 {that} morality, the embodiment of that morality!  And those of
 you who are a younger generation than the 68ers, are feeling the
 corruption of the 68ers!  You don't share their corruption,
 specifically, but you share corruption which you inherited from
 the habit which they adopted, in terms of how you think about
 life, how you think about the consequences of living, of the
 {meaning} of life!  Hmm?
         And when we're going into this fight, now, it's like going
 into a battlefield, where in the morning, you may be dead.  Well,
 that's happened to people lots of times in history, and the
 question is, {how do they make it through that threat?}, that
 threat condition, which sometimes is prolonged for the duration
 of their life?  How do they cope with it?  They cope with it, by
 defining {what they are}.  And refusing to compromise with what
 they are!  Refuse to deny, what they are.  Refuse to designate,
 what the meaning of their life shall be, shall have been:
 Because that's death, "shall have been." What will your life
 shall have been?
         And it's the fact of people who are corrupted, like these
 members of Congress, who are corrupted by the fact that they are
 not committed {to worry about what their life shall have been.}
 They're concerned with the comfort for the next moment, hmm!
 Therefore, they compromise their life, and they die unhappy,
 because they never have the life they wished, because they never
 accepted it. They took what was on the plate;  they took what's
 lying on the street. Hmm?
         Now, you see, you have to think in these terms and society
 thinks in terms of "life is this long," you're an animal, like a
 dog, like a cat, hmm?  Like a cow, you have a certain lifespan,
 and before you're carried out, you want to enjoy it, or not know
 about the bad things that might happen to you -- you know how the
 cows think about these things, huh? [laughter]
         And therefore, when you get in {my} condition, and those of
 us who went through this kind of experience, and these kinds of
 thoughts, during the World War II period, {that} was what was
 important!  Now, many people coming back from the war, {lost}
 that!  They made compromises under Truman and so forth.  But
 {during} that period, the quality of effective leadership, during
 the period of the war, was based on people who settled accounts
 with themselves, on what they were into.  And the one thing they
 didn't want to do, was do something which would be shameful, a
 shameful thing which would be the mark on their having lived!
         Now, that's not just a mythology or something of that sort:
 That's true!  That's true of life!  You know, if you understand
 life, as most people don't, they don't understand life from any
 kind of serious standpoint.  We all die, hmm?  But then, for what
 is the meaning of life?  What is the meaning of living?  It's
 what comes {out} of your having lived:  What you leave behind in
 society, as a result of having lived.
         Now, we have a society which is not designed for that
 purpose, these days.  There once was that kind of design, it
 wasn't perfect, but it was a very clear design of a mission in
 life.  And a mission in life, meant if you died, your life was
 justified because of the mission you performed, or the mission to
 which you were committed.
         Today, no, that's not the case.  It's not been the case,
 since the arrival of the 68ers, it's gone!  Just a few of us old
 coots, who remember these kinds of things.
         But in truth of the matter, this idea of time is crazy.
 What you believe is time, is a crazy thing, one of the bad things
 that causes all this problem, hmm?  Because time, as we measure
 it in ordinary terms, is not the way we live.  We live on the
 basis of creativity: That's what the human being lives on.  And
 it's by adding a factor of creativity into the foundations of the
 future, that life has meaning.  The meaning of progress is that,
 including scientific and related progress:  The meaning of
 progress is always to do better.  Because you're going to die
 anyway, then what was the meaning of your life?  The meaning of
 your life is what you did, to contribute to the advancement of
 the condition of society.
         Now, we don't live in a society in which that is understood.
 But the truth is,  it is that way. And you have to locate the
 meaning of your life, in what you are contributing to the future
 of humanity.  It's not simply like putting yourself on a
 sacrificial altar, or something.  Your life is a sacrificial
 altar!  You're going to going to die anyway.  So what does the
 life mean?  Does it mean dying?  Or does it mean what you
 contribute to shape the future of mankind?  The destiny of
 mankind as a species?  The destiny of mankind in the universe,
 what do you contribute to {that}?  If you've contributed to that,
 your life is meaningful; there's nothing to weep about, hmm?
 Enjoy it while you have it.  It's going to be taken away, so
 enjoy it while you have it.
         But make sure you're really enjoying what you {want to leave
 behind}, as these members of Congress could not do that.  People
 are concerned with their comfort, their sense of pleasure, not
 with the meaning of their life.  And that's what you're seeing
 out there, among these young people on the streets:  Their life
 {has} no meaning.  They're seeing entertainment, to relieve them
 from the boredom of what their life represents.  They will kill,
 to entertain themselves, is what you're getting in the younger
 generation out there, between 14, 15 and 25 now; that's the
         This is the meaning of Classical artistic composition; it
 both is the inspiration and guide to humanity, to being human.
 And it's the thing that makes life worth living, while you're
 there!  hmm?  And therefore you should choose your life
 carefully:  It's the only one you got.

         TARRAJNA:  Just so you can see me.
         LYN:  How're you doing?  I'm glad you finally made it back
 from your honeymoon.
         TARRAJNA:  Yes.  So, we're encountering in the organizing, a
 population which is possibly at their darkest hour, right now, in
 terms of what's presented to them as a chance of a fight, where
 you have Obama the Dictator, you have Congress, as you were just
 going through, which just passed an Enabling Act, and you have
 the so-called opposition in the form of idiots and worse, like
 Newt Greencrotch [laughter].
         So what political fight can we offer them, in terms of some
 hope besides the reality of Armageddon and World War III,  and
 impending doom?  What chance of a fight can we give them?
         LYN:  Give them exactly what I said to you today.  That's
 the only truth, and if you want something durable, it better be
 the truth, because what is not the truth is not durable. Just do
 it!  That's the whole point:  It's always been the confrontation
 we faced, hmm?  People are looking for an entertainment or
 something, which they find is a substitute for truth, a comfort
 zone, in which to escape from the feeling of meaninglessness in
 life.  People are seeking entertainment and gratifications, which
 they hope will remove the taint of {meaninglessness} of their
 lives!  And most lives out there, as was said, by a 19th century
 figure, "they lived lives of quiet desperation, meaningless lives
 of quiet desperation, and they call it, 'happiness.'"  Except
 when they weep, silently, at night.
         Now, the one thing we've got, is we've got the pleasure {of}
 pain!  The pleasure of facing the pain of the reality we
 confront.  And the gratification you get from that, is you're not
 a faker any more.
         Most people die in pain, because they fake their way through
 life. In part or in whole.  They have pleasures they wanted,
 securities they wanted.  And it's like the old bowl of pottage,
 isn't it?  You've got what you bought.

         JEFF:  I think, also, Lyn, the statement that you issued
 yesterday is the most compressed statement of the truth of the
 situation, including the solution!  What you say at the very end,
 in just a very few, brief words, is the last best option.  So,
 really, in terms of the Christmas gift that we've got to give,
 it's that statement, really.
         LYN:  See, mankind has losses since then!  Because of what
 happened to Kennedy, and afterward, and because people bought
 into it, they lost honor.  They lost the meaning of life, in
 search of convenience, in search of opportunities, considered
 convenient.  Well, you know, my position, what I do in this
 organization is always  -- my conscience on this point itself: To
 me, this is value!  Since death is inevitable, you have to think
 of the inevitable, and find satisfaction in what the inevitable
 offers, as a meaningful existence.  I've had a little more of
 this than most people get, both in quality and in quantity.  Just
 a few of us, pushing 90 and over, still left, and I'm still
 functional.  But that's the lesson.
         Fighting is better than pushing up dirt!
         What we're doing as an organization now, is in the right
 direction, but what worries me, is the content is not adequate.
 The intention is good, but the content is not efficient. You're
 still seeing a tendency to live quiet lives of desperation, is
 what the biggest problem we have in the organization, in
 everything we do, is adapting.  Adapting to circumstance. And
 saying, "let's be comfortable," let's adapt to circumstance.
 Let's stop fighting, let's stop resisting it.  Adapt to the
 circumstances, learn to get along to live along." Hmm?
         Now, you come to a thing like  this,  the Enabling Act:
 Again, Hitler's Enabling Act!  The justice of Nero!  So how far
 has mankind progressed since Nero?  We divided the rulers between
 Neronic and moronic, hmm?  Two varieties of offshoots presented
 to us.

         MALE:  The Nero-sum game.  [laughter]
         LYN:  That's very good!  Nero-sum game!  You're allowed to
 have another moment of [inaudible].  [laughter]
         So, you have to take what they're going to say, this
 afternoon, at 1 o'clock, seriously.  Because it's the nature of
 the subject which is important, the nature of the discussion
 which is important.  Because it's coherent with what life is all
         And I shall attempt to continue to be productive, during the
 course of the day, in the various capacities which are dumped on
         NANCY:  As should we all.

                       - NEWS SUMMARIES -

                          - LAROUCHE -

 UNIVERSE. The 3-hour dialogue, led by Sky Shields and Cody Jones,
 is a must-see, and was a terrific organizing success. (see slug
 for summary)

         A Message from the Stuttgart Local: The Second Crossing (see


         Arab League Preparing To Send Syria Case to UN Security
 Council (see slug)

         European Parliament Calls for Regime Change in Syria, Adding
 Their voices to London's War Drive (see slug)

         Russia Reacts to Congressional Restriction on Missile
 Defense Data (see slug)

                       - OUST OBAMA NOW! -

         Un-Constitutional Nazi "Defense" Bill: It's Obama, Stupid!
 (see slug)

         The Retired military against the Enabling Act (see

 AGAINST IRAN (see slug)

         MEDVEDEV COUNTERS OBAMA'S ARROGANCE after the would-be Nero
 calls to chastise him on the elections. (see slug)

                        - UNITED STATES -

         Panetta in Turkey Did Not Contribute to Peace (see slug)

         No Government Shutdown But There Are Other Congressional
 Shenanigans (see slug)

                        - IBERO-AMERICA -

         Mexican LaRouche Movement Brings LaRouche's Campaign To Stop
 WWIII, Oust Obama, To the Streets of Mexico City. See the Mexican
 Ops bulletin.

                       - WESTERN EUROPE -

 with only the Lega Nord mounting a vociferous fight against the
 brutal measures. (see slug)

                       - RUSSIA AND CIS -

 WITH RUSSIA? This was a project personally championed by Putin.
 (see slug)

                           - AFRICA -

 WITH HIS LIBYA DEPLOYMENT, Barack Obama pretended to comply with
 it Dec. 15, when he sent a short report on his deployment of U.S.
 troops to Uganda.

                            - ASIA -

         Possible Breakthrough In U.S.-North Korea Talks, 240 Million
 Tons Food For Halt to Uranium Enrichment (See slug)


 LPAC Basement Team Webcast

 Dec. 17 (LPAC)--Today's webcast by the LPAC Basement Science
 Team, "A Policy Initiative for the Survival of the Human
 Species," featured riveting presentations by Sky Shields and Cody
 Jones, followed by discussion of eight questions, combined by
 moderator Matthew Odgen, from many received from around the
 world, for an exciting three-hour dialogue. There were audiences
 listening live in many U.S. cities, throughout the Americas, and
 internationally, including making use of simulcast Spanish
         While transcriptions are scheduled, the preferred pathway to
 absorbing this exciting dialogue is to watch the webcast itself,
 now archived on
         Matthew Ogden opened the webcast with a hard-hitting
 situation report on today's "awesome moment of world history,"
 with the economic breakdown spiral, the threat of thermonuclear
 war, and the British Empire intention to impose doom. He reminded
 people of the strategic counter-offers of collaboration for what
 should be allied action by Russia, China and the United States:
 the Bering Strait bridge, Arctic Circle development, IGMAS, and
 the Strategic Defense of the Earth. He posed the questions: Is
 mankind fit to survive? Are we as individuals, ready to act?
 Ogden closed out the webcast by again reminding people, we are
 hours away from war. LPAC will be on watch and on full
 mobilization into the New Year and beyond.

                   - The Case of the Arctic -

         Sky Shields began by taking up the theme of the difference
 between brain and mind, and of understanding the principle
 involved in having a truly human self-identity. "The human
 individual is not localizable to the human body."
         Shields gave an account of the looting of Russia, since the
 end of the USSR, in terms of "the looting in the domain of mind"
 that went on in accompaniment to the sell-off of national
 resources and assets. This has been the characteristic process
 everywhere under the age of British Empire. Shields presented,
 using animations, some key concepts, centered on energy flux
 density and relative population potential. What is required, is
 to break with the collapse process.
         In this context, Shields presented "the case of the Arctic,"
 in multiple respects, including NAWAPA, new cities, new shipping
 routes, and overall, in deliberately fostering breakthroughs in
 understanding, and making hospitable, conditions that are
 currently inhospitable. Our mission is to pursue "mankind's
 destiny in stewardship of the Solar System and beyond."

                          - Lightning -

         Cody Jones began with the question, how is lightning formed?
 He presented imaging of lightning strikes from differing extended
 senses--x-rays and radio frequency waves. He made the point that,
 "lightning is a singular expression of a large and complex
 dynamic." But, Jones asked, what's behind this? The human mind is
 what deploys the sensoria to bring it all together.
         Jones went on to present, using many animations, the various
 exciting sets of observations on Schumann resonances, harmonic
 patterns, and the coherence of background pulsation in our
 electromagnetic environment, with EEG brainwaves. He drew out the
 principle that life is creating conditions for yet more evolved
 conditions to support still higher forms of life. We are summoned
 to move out of the domain of senses, and into the domain of mind.

                     - Questions & Answers -

         Questions were taken from several members of the national
 LaRouche Democrat slate of six; from Prof. Sergey Pulinets, in
 Moscow, at the Fyodorov Institute for Applied Geophysics; from a
 scientist associated with the Apollo lunar sample program; Ilja
 Karpowski, at the Mexico City LaRouche Movement meeting; Ms.
 Haruka Seito, in Japan; Ms. Rosina Castillo in Argentina; Mr.
 Israel Fajardo in Houston; from a group at Stanford University in
 California; from activists in Ireland; and from a meeting this
 morning in Seattle, including LaRouche slate Congressional
 candidate Dave Christie, Sam Little, former candidate for
 Governor of Alaska, and Hal Cooper, transportation engineer and
 longtime advocate for the Bering Strait link and world rail
         Questions ranged from requesting a renewed update on the Rim
 of Fire, to what is the impact of the low-level of world leaders,
 to what should be the perspective on Antarctica, and what is our
 connection across history with leading figures, in terms of
 non-linear time.  In their responses, Cody and Sky repeatedly
 spoke of the theme that immortality is metaphor. And immortality
 is NOT something that happens after you die.

         To all those who have already left for Christmas, and those
 who will leave for Christmas, and those who wish to leave for
 Christmas, within our organization.

                     - THE SECOND CROSSING -
         The coming two weeks can be described as the time of year
 where the mental state of most citizens, makes the perfect
 occasion for the British Empire to unwrap a thermonuclear third
 world war and a full fledged world fiscal dictatorship, leaving
 maybe a couple of thousand people behind in the ruins of a
 destroyed civilization, with no hope whatsoever. Thankfully, we
 in our organization have joined a true patriot who, as we know,
 has foreseen this undertaking for a long time, and we are
 therefore among the few who should be seeing this as the perfect
 occasion to strike back, and turn the living history to our side.
         The moment has come. It is very true and very imminent. Do
 we at this moment bow to the British? We shouldn't think that
 they are as stupid as they think that we are. After all it is
 only to their effort that most people go along with this modern
 cultural experiment called Christmas. Outside of our goldy-green
 society, the only near-term event of any significance is that of
 the Winter Solstice, but to the galaxy, even that will not stop
 its near-term bombardment of radiation and death stones coming
 our way.
         In an effort to avoid history, still, even at the command of
 our patriotic leader, some of us have decided to give in to
 existentialism and family tradition, one more time. Did your
 boyfriend or your girlfriend or your mother convince you to fall
 out of rank and actually go through with this? Who's more insane,
 they or you? Should the insanity of your belief that they're
 claiming that you not being with them on Christmas is unfaithful,
 be taken seriously? Are you faithful to insanity or humanity? If
 anything, they should come to you.
         You might have paid your ticket already, but that was a part
 of the trick, right. You are going to lose that money, and
 maybe the respect of your family, but that is the implicit factor
 when opposing an oligarchical society. Guts goes all the way. If
 you go and celebrate Christmas, are you then sovereign? You are
 also doing it to escape the tension, and get some time to rest
 and to read, as if you hadn't rested and read enough.
         On the 24th and 25th of December we commemorate that it was
 on these winter days, 235 years ago, that one of history's most
 decisive and sovereign decisions in history was made: General
 Washington's ordering thousands of his men to stay on the mission
 and cross the cold Delaware River, in a fine surprise attack on
 the drunk and lulled Hessian troops. If you sit back for a moment
 and actually imagine how that whole battle was carried out, how
 then can you begin to think that the trees along the Trenton Road
 were decorated with angels and candy? There was only one gift for
 each of the soldiers, and that was the prospect of victory.
         Was this battle merely a fairytale? Did it really happen?
 Did Thomas Paine really write the American Crisis, and did
 worn-out  soldiers courageously venture bare-footed out onto the
 freezing ice? The only way you as a sovereign individual can know
 if it actually happened, is not to talk about it around a
 chopped-down glittering piece of plastic, but to prove its
 principle by reliving it, bare-footed or not. Talking is not
 knowing--that should be clear to all of us--only doing is. Don't
 give in.
         So, to all Christmas cowards, we say: ``Save some gravy for
 the grave!'' Let them eat cake, and let us instead make a
 commitment right here and now. Don't worry; give a call or write
 a letter. We are the parents of the human family. The citizens of
 our nations must see that expressed in the coming weeks, and they
 will respond with admiration, ardor and, most of all, true
 creativity if we do it.
         In the name of George Washington's and your own dignity.
 Let's visit our real family on the street. The next few weeks
 mean victory or death, and you know it.
         May truth be with us.
         Sincerely - The Stuttgart local.


 Arab League Preparing To Send Syria Case to UN Security Council

 Dec. 17 (LPAC)--The Arab League committed itself, today, to
 finalize at a "decisive and important" meeting in Cairo, on Dec.
 28  whether to take the Arab League's plan for Syria to the UN
 Security Council. Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassem Bin Jabr Al Thani,
 Qatar's prime minister, told reporters in Qatar there is near
 unanimity in the League on going to the Security Council to bring
 more pressure to bear on Damascus to accept the plan. "We hope
 the brothers in Syria sign before that date," Hamad said,
 referring to the Cairo meeting. According to the Associated
 Press, the UN has been waiting for word from the Arab League
 before moving ahead with a resolution on Syria. "A clear nod from
 Syria's Arab neighbors could ease Russian and Chinese opposition
 to sanctions," AP claims.
         An Iraqi delegation met with Assad in Damascus today to
 discuss how to deal with the crisis. Iraq is one of two countries
 in the Arab League that has not supported the League's sanctions
 against Syria. The head of the delegation reported that Assad
 told them he is ready to open dialogue with the opposition, meet
 the demands of opposition groups, abolish parts of the
 Constitution and accept the results of future elections.
         The EU is expected to go ahead with more sanctions of its
 own in January, British Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt
 told Reuters in an interview Dec. 15. "We will continue to look
 for new ways in energy, in transport, as well as financial
 restrictions, to put pressure on the Syrian regime," he said. He
 said that Britain will look for these new sanctions not only
 through the EU but also through the UN "if we get the chance."
 The key, he said is Russia. "Russia, I think, is getting
 increasingly isolated in its reluctance to use its leverage
 against Syria."
         London-based human rights groups are offering differing
 accounts of demonstrations and violence in Syria. The Syrian
 Observatory for Human Rights said 20 people were killed by
 security forces, mostly in Homs, while another activist group,
 the Local Coordination Committees, said 34 people were killed, 8
 of them defectors from the army. [cjo]

 European Parliament Calls for Regime Change in Syria

 Dec. 17 (EIRNA)--The parliament's resolution calls for  those
 responsible for crimes against humanity to be "held to account by
 the international community." It calls again on the UN Security
 Council "and on Russia and China in particular" to ensure that
 international human rights standards are respected in Syria. It
 also "encourages the UN Security Council to refer the crimes
 committed by the Syrian regime against its people to the
 International Criminal Court." As for Syria itself, the European
 Parliament calls for President Bashar Assad to immediate step
         The resolution welcomes the new restrictive measures imposed
 by the EU on the Syrian regime on 14 November and 1 December, and
 wants further sanctions "which target the Syrian regime but
 minimize the negative impacts on the population." They note that
 the EU has banned exports of information and communication
 technologies (ICTs) which can be used to violate citizens' human
 rights in Syria, but that details of this ban have not been
 published, while reports have indicated that EU-based companies
 have equipped the Syrian government with technologies to
 intercept and monitor internet traffic and mobile communications
 in Syria  (here, the new EU initiative "No Disconnect" which is
 to actively support dissident bloggers and other communications
 against "rogue" governments like Syria, will come into play).
         The resolution asks EU member states to consider expelling
 EU-based Syrian diplomats charged with involvement in
 intimidation of exiled opposition activists. It calls for greater
 cooperation with Turkey regarding the situation in Syria and it
 urges EU Commission High Representative for Foreign Affairs
 Catherine Ashton to start discussions with Turkey, the Arab
 League, and the Syrian opposition, on arrangements for setting up
 humanitarian corridors at the Syrian-Turkish border. Furthermore,
 the efforts of the Syrian opposition to establish a united
 platform to continue to engage with the international community
 and they continue to support the Syrian National Council, are
 encouraged by the resolution. (rap)

 Russia Reacts to Congressional Restriction on Missile Defense

 Dec. 17 (LPAC)--The now-infamous National Defense Authorization
 Act that the Senate voted up on Dec. 15 also contains a provision
 restricting the ability of the U.S. to share missile defense data
 with the Russians, a move that Russian officials warned may force
 Moscow to resort to reciprocal measures.
         The Obama Administration had let it be known in November
 that it wished to share information with the Russians in order to
 convince them that the U.S./NATO missile defense plans are not
 aimed at them. The provision at issue, however, requires the
 administration to notify Congress 60 days prior to sharing
 classified data about U.S. missile defense systems with Russia,
 and spells out what information must be in the notification.
 While not as strong as the language in the original House bill,
 which banned such information exchanges, outright, Russia still
 sees it as an obstacle to further cooperation.
         "This decision actually annuls previous proposals, including
 inviting Russia to maritime tests of American AMD (anti-missile
 defense) in spring 2012, as well as ruling out the possibility of
 Moscow getting proof that the NATO AMD system in Europe is not
 targeted against Russian nuclear potential," Dmitry Rogozin,
 Russia's ambassador to NATO told the Interfax news agency
 yesterday. "Taking this into account, I believe that we will have
 to put into practice, the measures announced by the President in
 his statement on November 25 to the full extent." [cjo]

                          OUST OBAMA NOW!

 Un-Constitutional Defense Bill: It's Obama, Stupid!

 Dec. 17 (LPAC)--Civil libertarians are all afire over the
 indefinite detention provisions in the just-passed defense
 authorization bill, but are still treating it as if the Congress
 put one over on Obama, rather than understanding that the bill
 could not have taken the form it did, {except} for "Nero" Obama.
 This prevents them from seeing what the remedy to the problem is:
 the removal of Obama from office by Constitutional means. George
 Washington University law professor Jonathon Turley, who was
 counsel for the 10 members of Congress who filed suit against
 Obama's illegal Libya war, is a case in point. In a posting on
 his blog, on Dec. 15, Turley wrote that Obama had "betrayed the
 civil liberties community" when he lifted the veto threat against
 the bill.
         Glen Greenwald, writing on Dec. 16 in a followup to his Dec.
 15 article laying the whole thing at Obama's feet, is slightly
 better. Greenwald debunks the three myths that proponents of the
 bill have been circulating: 1) that the bill does not codify
 indefinite detention when it clearly does; 2) that the bill does
 not expand the war on terror when the bill expands "covered
 persons" to include anyone who is "a part of or substantially"
 supporting any group deemed to be at war with the U.S. "or
 associated forces"; and 3) that U.S. citizens are exempted from
 the bill when the language is so vague that there is "no doubt
 that this bill can and will be used by the U.S. government (under
 this President or a future one) to bolster its argument that it
 is empowered to indefinitely detain even a U.S. citizen without a
 trial." But as he did in his earlier article, Greenwald skips out
 on what the real remedy is.
         Then there's Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), who at least had the
 guts to vote against the bill. In a column published by
 {Huffington Post}, yesterday, to explain his vote, Franken writes
 that "what we are talking about here is that Americans could be
 subjected to life imprisonment without ever being charged, tried,
 or convicted of a crime, without ever having the opportunity to
 prove their innocence to a judge or a jury of their peers."
 Franken doesn't even hint at what the remedy to this is.
         What Congress has done this week, is give Obama his
 Hitlerian enabling law, by empowering him to exercise executive
 authority against the American population outside the constraints
 of the Constitution. Impeachment or removal from office by
 exercise of the 25th Amendment is the only solution, while we
 still have a Constitution. [cjo]


 Dec. 17 (LPAC)--Barack Obama's appearance and speech before the
 Union for Reform Judaism's Biennial Convention, held in National
 Harbor, Maryland Dec. 16, expressed his continued lunatic drive
 for World War III, using Iran as a trigger.
         According to the Israeli wire Ynet, Obama held a private and
 unscheduled half-hour meeting with Israeli Defense Minister (and
 war hawk) Ehud Barak prior to his scheduled speech. Ynet said the
 meeting was held without advisors present, and caused Obama to be
 late for delivering his speech.
         No details of the meeting were released except a statement
 by Barak that both countries agreed that a nuclear Iran was
 "unacceptable." He added that "no option can be taken off the
 table. Obama reiterated that statement later.
         Obama's speech began as an overall paean to the Jewish
 tradition, but then moved to Middle East policy. He reiterated
 U.S. support for a two-state solution ( but "peace can't be
 imposed from the outside"), and then went on to stress support
 for Israel.
         "America's commitment and my commitment to Israel and
 Israel's security is unshakeable," he said. "And as Ehud has
 said, it is hard to remember a time when the United States has
 given stronger support to Israel on its security. In fact, I am
 proud to say that no U.S. administration has done more in support
 of Israel's security than ours. None...."
         "I'm proud that even in these difficult times we've fought
 for and secured the most funding for Israel in history....
         "Another grave concern--and a threat to the security of
 Israel, the United States and the world--is Iran's nuclear
 program. And that's why our policy has been absolutely clear: We
 are determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.
         "And that's why ... we have imposed the most comprehensive,
 the hardest-hitting sanctions that the Iranian regime has ever
 faced. We haven't just talked about it, we have done it. And
 we're going to keep up the pressure.
         "And that's why, rest assured, we will take no options off
 the table. We have been clear. We're going to keep standing with
 our Israeli friends and allies, just as we've been doing when
 they've needed us most...." [nbs]


 Dec. 17 (LPAC)--According to Russia Today, Russian President
 Dmitri Medvedev took a hard line toward the Neronic Barack Obama,
 during a discussion with a number of United Russia members of
 parliament today. Reflecting on a discussion, initiated by Obama,
 that he had with the U.S. President Dec. 16, Medvedev said, "If
 they want to push us around, we'll push back. But if they hear
 our concerns, then we can work together."
         According to the White House website, in addition to Obama's
 "congratulating" Medvedev on Russia's accession to the WTO, "the
 two Presidents also discussed the recent elections and subsequent
 demonstrations in Russia. President Obama raised the reports of
 flaws in the way the elections were conducted, and welcomed
 President Medvedev's commitment to investigate these allegations.
 President Obama also noted the peaceful demonstrations held
 throughout Russia, and praised how Russian government authorities
 enabled the permissive conditions that allowed those
 demonstrations to occur peacefully and lawfully. President Obama
 noted how this expression of civil society is consistent with the
 modernizing Russia that President Medvedev has sought to foster
 over the last four years."
         Medvedev did not appreciate the imperial condescension.
 Obama's comments on the elections were "unacceptable," said RT.
 They are reminiscent of Cold War-era sentiments and outrageous.
 "That is not a reset [in relations], and I've had to remind my
 colleague of that." [nbs]

                           UNITED STATES

 No Government Shutdown But There Are Other Congressional

 Dec. 17 (LPAC)--The Senate put the final touch on a budget bill,
 today, to keep the government running until the end of the fiscal
 year, sending the bill to President Obama for his signature. The
 budget, which will guarantee an increasing death rate, is
 insanely ridiculous in the face of a trans-Atlantic financial
 meltdown and the threat of a thermonuclear World War III. The
 Congress just wanted to get out of town.
         The Senate also passed a deal, crafted by Majority Leader
 Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.),
 that extends the expiring payroll tax cut (further extending
 Obama's plan to wreck Social Security), Federal unemployment
 benefits, and the fix to physician reimbursements under Medicare
 by all of two months, guaranteeing that all of these issues will
 be revisited in February. The bill also forces Obama to decide in
 60 days whether or not to grant a permit for construction of the
 Keystone XL pipeline from Canada, a provision demanded by the
 Republicans. The bill passed by an 89-10 vote.
         The House is currently scheduled to come in at 10 a.m. on
 Monday to also vote on the bill, but news reports indicate that
 House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has yet to decide on how to
 proceed, since the Senate deal was made without his input. [cjo]

 Panetta in Turkey Did Not Contribute to Peace

 Dec. 17 (LPAC)--According to public sources available to this
 news service, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, during a
 tour of the Southwest Asia region, stopped in Turkey, yesterday,
 to work on tightening the screws in both Syria and Iran. During a
 press conference in Ankara, he praised Turkey for deciding to
 host part of the U.S.-instigated NATO missile defense system,
 adding that "Turkey realizes the importance of this." Panetta's
 comments came after threats from certain defense and
 parliamentary officials in Iran declared that if there's a
 military strike on Iran, any missile defense systems in Turkey
 would be among the first targets that the Iranians hit in
 retaliation (not to mention the Russians).
         "Turkey agrees that Iran should be part of the family of
 nations instead of undermining the region," Panetta said. Panetta
 also called on Turkey to rebuild its diplomatic relations with
 Israel, which were greatly scaled back after Israeli commandos
 assaulted the Gaza flotilla in May 2010.  "I believe it is in
 Turkey's interest and in Israel's interest for the two to move
 forward," he said.
         As for Syria, Panetta said he and his interlocutors
 discussed the importance of continuing pressure on the Syrian
 government "so that Assad steps down and the people of Syria are
 given the opportunity to be able to establish the institutions of
 government that will give them greater rights and opportunities."
         Panetta also reported that the Iraqi government has given
 permission for U.S. Predator drones to fly in its airspace over
 northern Iraq. The drones, reportedly for surveillance, not
 killing, are being operated out of Turkey's Incirlik air base in
 support of Turkish operations against Kurdish PKK guerrillas
 operating in northern Iraq. The drones had been operating from
 bases inside Iraq, but they had to be relocated to Turkey because
 of the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.
         Panetta went from Turkey to Libya, where he met with the new
 government.  [cjo]

              OPERATIONS BULLETIN Dec. 13-16, 2011

      Bringing LaRouche's Campaign To Stop WWIII, Oust Obama
                  To the Streets of Mexico City

 In response to the situation in which we live today and the NEC
 discussion of past Tuesday, we had a very good week of
 moblization warning about WWIII, and putting on the table the
 solutions: Kick Obama out, the restoration of the Glass-Steagall
 Act in USA, and the Three Power Alliance.
         Starting on Tuesday and ending on Friday:
         Thursday was the best day: we were 9 members of Mexico
 office and 5 members of the MOCILA (Larouchista Citizens
         We started the rally at 12:30 pm at the Angel de la
 Independencia (a monument) with a 3 x 1.5 meter sign saying:
 "Stop the British Empire's Thermonuclear World War," with the
 picture of Obama's mustache, on top of a truck with sound
 equipment. We started out on a route around Reforma Avenue,
 giving briefings from the truck, and our people on the streets
 spreading a lot of leaflets about this issue and Lyn's  three
 steps.  In the course of driving the route, we arrived at the US
 Embassy with the truck. Ingrid gave a very good briefing right in
 front of it in English, whereas some partners and I were at the
 door spreading leaflets.
         Ingrid went through the reasons why Obama must be impeached
 and the American people and institutions have to recover the type
 of balls Roosevelt had in going against the British Empire. Also
 emphasizing that even though the U.S. has behaved in an
 imperialistic manner under Bush and now Obama, that is not their
 true tradition, that their true tradition is to go against the
 British Empire as it was under Washington, Hamilton, Lincoln, and
 Franklin Roosevelt. Also, how LaRouche warned that since the
 murder of Qadaffi, there is the intention of creating this world
 war, as can be seen with all the campaign against Putin. In
 general, it was a briefing aimed at getting people to the website and to watch Medvedev's speech
 and LaRouche's analysis; that they should stop being stupid and
 hear what LaRouche is saying.
         Some people, especially one guy came out of the embassy very
 upset, saying: is this about LaRouche, here?, and another guy who
 listened to Ingrid's whole briefing and then he was making phone
 calls to report it, with a very upset tone. The enviroment was
 good because with our big signs and the sound equipment was
 impossible not to hear what we were saying. A lot of people were
 astonished about the war and taking this very seriously; others
 were denying reality. We did this route twice that day but we
 warned them that we will come back with more, especially in the
 coming weeks.
         It looks like the embassy sent another guy to take our
 pictures, while people that handle road security escorted us to
 have the street road--they were really nice and allowed us to go
 against the traffic direction of the road so we could go around
 the embassy.
         After that we went to Madero Street in the downtown area
 where there are a lot of people in a fantasy world, putting
 themselves into debt in order to buy Chrismas gifts. People were
 wondering what was going on and coming up to the table asking for
 information constantly. Some of us sung the Ave Verum Corpus, and
 the Ode to Joy in Spanish, at the end of the day. We finished
 that day at 8:00 pm very happy to see people's reactions and it
 was also because the message was crystal clear.
         Tomorrow we have our choral presentation "Concierto por la
 paz" [Concert for Peace], where we'll perform some Bach's Jesu
 Meine Freude and other motets (that we started to work on some
 months ago), the Ave Verum Corpus, and some solos.
         Finally, we'll have a meeting to plan our mobilization for
 the next two weeks with the clear idea of going back to the US
         We had a lot of fun! --Lourdes Montes

                          WESTERN EUROPE

 Monti's Austerity Package Gets First Parliament Approval

 Dec. 17 (EIRNS) -- The blood and tears plan of Mario Monti's EU
 puppet government was approved by the Chamber of Deputies
 yesterday, although with a loss of 61 votes if compared with the
 confidence vote Monti got 28 days ago. This, despite the fact
 that Monti put the confidence issue to a vote.
         As civil servant Guido Salerno Aletta put it in a commentary
 yesterday on the daily {Milano Finanza}, "Italy has finally
 reached all targets set by its European competitors and by
 financial speculation, in order to get rid of Italy: inflation at
 4.8% because of taxation, real fiscal pressure at 54%, the two
 last quarters of 2011 with contracting GDP towards a forecasted
 drop of 1.6% next year, unemployment to increase to 800,000 units
 within 2013. As if it were not enough, the cost of interest on
 state debt remains high, with yields now stable above 5%, making
 access to credit almost impossible for business and families."
         During the Parliament debate, Monti was strongly challenged
 by Lega Nord deputies, who engaged in a filibuster. However,
 Chamber President Gianfranco Fini, an accomplice of Monti's, had
 them speak during the night, to an empty floor. Two Lega deputies
 were expelled from the room during a turmoil. Another Lega deputy
 read her speech dressed in her old outfit as textile worker,
 including scarf and earplugs.
         Lega Nord leader and former Interior Minister Roberto Maroni
 called for "a two-years suspension from the [Eurosystem] in order
 to cure us." Maroni accused Merkel and Sarkozy of plotting to
 "eat up our industrial treasures... Italy will become like
 Greece." Maroni said that the Lega has dropped secession plans
 but insists that Northern money remain in the North.
         Facing the reaction to his program, Monti himself warned
 that further demands from the EU for cuts would "undermine his
 efforts to bring stability and threaten a north-south eurozone
 split," as reported in Britain's {Guardian} today.
         Following his speech in the Chamber of Deputies, Monti did
 not wait for the vote but went to a commemoration for the late
 Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, at the Banca d'Italia, where he spoke in

 Is EU Behind Bulgaria's Cancellation of Pipeline Project with

 Dec. 17 (EIRNS)--The decision to terminate Bulgaria's cooperation
 in a pipeline project with Moscow, which had been closely
 associated with Prime Minister Putin's initiatives, was announced
 first on Dec. 7, by Energy Minister Traicho Traikov and Finance
 Minister Simeon Dyankov after a Cabinet session. "According to
 the analysis of the oil pipeline project, it cannot be
 implemented under the terms of the 2007 agreement," Dyankov said.
         Bulgaria has offered to terminate the trilateral agreement
 with Russia and Greece by mutual consent, but if the two
 countries reject the request, Bulgaria will pull out of the
 project in any case. The pipeline was designed to pump 50 million
 tons of oil after its completion.
         The government's decision is however not uncontested within
 Bulgarian politics: on Dec. 10, Bulgaria's President Georgi
 Parvanov slammed the government's decision to pull out of the
 Bourgas-Alexandropoulos deal saying  that it had been prompted by
 emotion, not serious discussion. Also the Greek side is reported
 puzzled by the Bulgarian pullout.
         It cannot be ruled out that the government's decision,
 surprising to many, since all the required geological and
 environmental requirements have received the official go-ahead,
 has to do with the European Commission's massive campaign to
 scrap, or at least to reduce, Eastern and Southeastern European
 bilateral energy cooperation agreements with Russia, in order to
 impose Brussels' total control of energy in Europe. (rap)


 Possible Breakthrough In U.S.-North Korea Talks

 Dec. 17 (LPAC)--The U.S. and North Korea representatives, meeting
 in Beijing, have reached an agreement on a suspension of North
 Korea's uranium enrichment program in exchange for food aid from
 the U.S., according sources quoted by South Korea's news service
 Yonhap. The meeting between U.S. special envoy on North Korean
 human rights, Ambassador Robert King, and Ri Kun,
 director-general for North American affairs at North Korea's
 Foreign Ministry, agreed that the U.S. will supply up to 240,000
 tons of food aid in shipments of 20,000 tons for the next 12
 months, the sources said, consisting largely of biscuits and
 vitamin supplements for infants. The U.S. has often accused North
 Korea of diverting food aid, especially rice, to the North's
 military. Yonhap reported that "It appears the North has also
 agreed to address the United States' monitoring concerns," in
 regard to the end use of the food.
          This agreement bodes well for the new round of nuclear
 talks between the U.S. and North Korea scheduled for next week in
 Beijing, as Pyongyang is willing to take steps toward
 denuclearization. The meeting, if held, could produce a
 breakthrough deal under which North Korea would halt its uranium
 enrichment program and allow in UN nuclear inspectors, which the
 U.S. has demanded as preconditions for resuming broader six-party
 talks. "As the North side conveyed a positive stance that it can
 accept denuclearization pre-steps, it appears that a third round
 of the North-U.S. talks will take place in Beijing around Dec.
 22," the Seoul source said. (ron)



 Dec. 17 (LPAC)--The following letters from retired U.S. military
 personnel reflect their opposition, albeit too muted, to the
 provisions of the National Defense Appropriations Act which
 qualify as Obama's Hitler Law, enabling him to pick up anyone,
 including American citizens, upon suspicion of working with the
 "enemy," and "disappearing" them with indefinite detention, or
 worse. That section was Section 1031 in the original Senate bill
 referred to here. (1021 in the bill Obama intends to sign)
         In October, these patriots thought they had the support of
 Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid in eliminating this Nazi
 provision. Then Obama insisted it be included. Amendment 1107 was
 the Udall Amendment, which would have nullified those provisions,
 but which was defeated in the Senate Nov. 29, by a vote of 60 to
 38. Finally, some of these leading generals--including Hoar and
 Krulak--called on Obama to veto the legislation, which, it being
 his choice, he would obviously not do.

         November 28, 2011.

         DEAR SENATOR: We are members of a nonpartisan group of forty
 retired generals and admirals concerned about U.S. policy
 regarding enemy prisoner treatment and detention.

         We write to urge you to vote for Amendment 1107 to the
 National Defense Authorization Act which would strike all of the
 controversial detention provisions in sections 1031, 1032 and
 1033 and, in their place, mandate a process for Congress to
 consider whether any detention legislation is needed.

         As retired general and flag officers, we clearly do not make
 this request lightly. It is clear, however, that there is
 significant disagreement over the impact on our national security
 of these provisions. There should be no disagreement that
 legislation which both reduces the options available to our
 Commander-in-Chief to incapacitate terrorists and violates the
 rule of law would seriously undermine the safety of the American

         We appreciate that our leaders are constantly striving to
 make America more secure, but in doing so, we must be careful not
 to overreact and overreach, resulting in policies that will do
 more harm than good. At the very least, the current detention
 provisions merit public debate and should not be agreed to behind
 closed doors and tucked into legislation as important as our
 national defense bill.

         General Joseph P. Hoar, USMC (Ret.); General Charles C.
 Krulak, USMC (Ret.); General David M. Maddox, USA (Ret.); General
 William G. T. Tuttle Jr., USA (Ret.); Lieutenant General Robert
 G. Gard Jr., USA (Ret.); Lieutenant General Charles P. Otstott,
 USA (Ret.); Lieutenant General Harry E. Soyster (Ret.); Major
 General John Batiste, USA (Ret.); Major General Paul D. Eaton,
 USA (Ret.); Major General Eugene Fox, USA (Ret.); Rear Admiral
 Don Guter, USN (Ret.); Major General William L. Nash, USA (Ret.);
 Major General Thomas J. Romig, USA (Ret.); Major General Murray
 G. Sagsveen, USA (Ret.); Major General Walter L. Stewart, Jr.,
 ARNG (Ret.); Major General, Antonio `Tony' M. Taguba, USA (Ret.);
 Brigadier General John Adams, USA (Ret.); Brigadier General David
 M. Brahms, USMC (Ret.); Brigadier General James Cullen, USA
 (Ret.); Brigadier General Evelyn P. Foote, USA (Ret.); Brigadier
 General Gerald E. Galloway, USA (Ret.); Brigadier General Leif H.
 Hendrickson, USMC (Ret.); Brigadier General David R. Irvine, USA
 (Ret.); Brigadier General John H. Johns, USA (Ret.); Brigadier
 General Anthony Verrengia, USAF (Ret.); Brigadier General Stephen
 N. Xenakis, USA (Ret.).

         October 7, 2011.
         Hon. HARRY REID,
         Majority Leader, U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC.

         DEAR SENATOR REID: We are members of a nonpartisan group of
 retired generals and admirals who believe that U.S.
 counterterrorism policies are strongest when they adhere to the
 rule of law and American values. As such, we write to applaud
 your leadership in ensuring that the detainee provisions (Section
 1031-1033) in the Senate Armed Services Committee's reported
 version of the Fiscal Year 2012 National Defense Authorization
 Act do not move forward.

         If passed, we believe these provisions would reshape our
 counterterrorism policies in ways that would undermine our
 national security and transform our armed forces into judge, jury
 and jailor for foreign terrorism suspects. The military's mission
 is to prosecute wars, not terrorists. The bill would expand the
 military's mission to detain and try a large category of future
 foreign terror suspects, which falls outside the military's core
 competence and erodes faith in the judicial process. It would
 also authorize the indefinite detention without trial of
 terrorism suspects, including American citizens captured on U.S.
 soil--a policy that is contrary to the very American values
 needed to win this fight.

         As retired military leaders, we believe in the importance of
 the underlying bill to sustain the strength of our Armed
 Services. For that reason, we have been advocating against these
 provisions, and agree with your statement that our nation: must
 maintain the capability and flexibility to effectively apply the
 full range of tools at our disposal to combat terrorism. This
 includes the use of our criminal justice system, which has
 accumulated an impressive record of success in bringing
 terrorists to justice. Limitations on that flexibility, or on the
 availability of critical counterterrorism tools, would
 significantly threaten our national security.

         With your commitments this week, you took an important step
 to avert those threats.

         General Joseph P. Hoar, USMC (Ret.); General Charles C.
 Krulak, USMC (Ret.); General David M. Maddox, USA (Ret.); General
 Merrill A. McPeak, USAF (Ret.); General William G. T. Tuttle Jr.,
 USA (Ret.); Lieutenant General Robert G. Gard Jr., USA (Ret.);
 Vice Admiral Lee F. Gunn, USN (Ret.); Lieutenant General Arlen D.
 Jameson, USAF (Ret.); Lieutenant General Charles Otstott, USA
 (Ret.); Lieutenant General Harry E. Soyster, USA (Ret.); Major
 General Eugene Fox, USA (Ret.); Rear Admiral Don Guter, USN
 (Ret.); Rear Admiral John D. Hutson, USN (Ret.); Major General
 Melvyn S. Montano, USAF (Ret.); Major General William L. Nash,
 USA (Ret.); Major General Thomas J. Romig, USA (Ret.); Major
 General Antonio `Tony' M. Taguba, USA (Ret.); Brigadier General
 John Adams, USA (Ret.); Brigadier General James Cullen, USA
 (Ret.); Brigadier General David R. Irvine, USA (Ret.); Brigadier
 General John H. Johns, USA (Ret.); Brigadier General Anthony
 Verrengia, USAF (Ret.); Brigadier General Stephen N. Xenakis, USA

       ***  ORGANIZING OPPORTUNITIES (updated 12/17)  ***

 NOTE ON CONGRESS: The Senate has finished its business and has
 adjourned for the holidays but the House comes back on Dec. 19 at
 10 AM to vote on a couple of bills sent to it by the Senate.

 NOTE ON PHONE NUMBERS. If you feel a phone number is required in
 this document you cannot use the usual format. That triggers
 spam coding by Verizon and other services and prevents delivery
 of e-mail versions of the briefing.  Until we find a better
 option please spell all phone numbers out in words. (As per JWS)
 In general the entries do not require phone numbers since they
 can be easily found on the cited websites.

 self-advertised clearing house for demo information. The website, lists rallies and meet-up of all kinds
 nationally.  Facebook is running a page on each state, under the
 name, for example, "Occupy Nevada." Regions should check through
 these and other sources for demos. Clearing houses may be behind
 the action!

                    LAROUCHE SHOW DECEMBER 24

         Topic and Guests: TBA
         3-4 pm ET
         Post-Show Message Line: nine one six, two three
 three, zero six three zero. Box 595
         Intro: While You Were Sleeping & The World In Review
         Message #1: Webcast or The Weekly Report
         Message #2: Webcast or The LaRouche Show



 June 13-16, 2012 (Wednesday-Saturday)
 80th Annual Conference of Mayors, Orlando


 January 18-20, 2012 (Wednesday-Friday)
         80th Winter Conference of Mayors, Washington

 |                                                               |
 |               NORTH AMERICAN OPERATIONS BULLETIN              |
 |                                                               |
 |                   Saturday December 17, 2011                  |
 |                                                               |

    - LaRouche Organizers Visit Reno Congressional Offices -

 On Dec. 13, two LaRouche organizers visited the Reno, NV offices
 of U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei, and Sens. Dean Heller and Harry Reid,
 briefing staff on the war danger, and the need to oust Obama and
 return to Glass-Steagall banking.  They were courteously received
 at all three offices, left packets of relevant literature, and
 were able to set up a Monday follow-up meeting with Amodei's
 personal assistant.  We must find more people to join us next

     - Kesha Rogers Radio Interview with Lateef Kareem-Bay -

         Event date: Sunday, December 18, 2011 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm
         Kesha Rogers will be interviewed by Lateef Kareem-Bay on the
 New Sensation Network "Radio Not Dumbed Down", based out of
 Atlanta, GA. The show runs from 7-9pm EST, (6-8pm CST), and Kesha
 will be on for the second hour of the show, from 7-8pm Texas
         Tune in live by going to
 (the player will start automatically.)
         Listen live on your smartphone by downloading the TuneIn
 Radio app, and search for "Sensation Station".



 Live on:
 "The Officer Jack McLamb Show"
 Guest: Harley Schlanger


 Live on:
 "The Officer Jack McLamb Show"
 Guest: Harley Schlanger

                    LAROUCHE SHOW DECEMBER 24

         Topic and Guests: TBA
         3-4 pm ET
         Post-Show Message Line: nine one six, two three three, zero
 six three zero. Box Five Nine Five.
         Intro: While You Were Sleeping & The World In Review
         Message #1: Webcast or The Weekly Report
         Message #2: Webcast or The LaRouche Show

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