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From: LAR “Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.”


SUBJ: msg to Hartmut Cramer

3:46 PM 12/08/2006 EST


For the sake of your personal honor, you should publicly retract the lying statement you made, in the morning briefing, in purported explication of your resignation from the BueSo.

Helga has repeatedly, accurately, described her experience with Uwe Friesecke’s avowedly fascist, U.S. business associate, Fernando Quijano, of not less than the 1989-200 interval. During the portion of that interval, from January 1989, until her visits to me in prison, during late 1993, she relied upon Mrs. Renate de Paoli for reports concerning my situation and the situation inside the U.S. organization. She continued to trust those false reports by Renate and others, until developments which opened her own (and other member’s eyes) in late 2000.

During this period, until I was situated to know additional, relevant facts about Uwe’s part in directly the U.S. organization’s financial and related administration, Uwe was at all times an active and fully witting confederate of Quijano who had, in the meantime, become known to me as a supporter of the Pinochet regime, and related death-squad operations.

When Helga was faced with the incontrovertible evidence of these Quijano connections, during 2000, she was convinced that Renate de Paoli’s views had been misleading, and recognized the facts of the case for what they were.

Subsequently, Uwe’s violence objections to documentation of facts concerning Quijano’s operations, led to several stormy meetings in Ingelheim, during the course of which, as you might recall, you joined Anno Hellenbroich and others in loudly defending the fraudulent assertions made by Renate de Paoli et al. These rampages were directed by “rage-ball kingpin” Uwe.

During the course of those meetings, you were a vocal protagonist of the fraudulent assertions made on behalf of Uwe, Dino de Paoli, and Renate de Paoli.

I know, and I believe, were you in better health and therefore more courageous, you would agree , at least privately, both that much of the hard facts concerning Uwe’s de facto partnership with an explicitly fascist Quijano was not known generally to members, and not to Helga, until 2000 developments, and is an incontestable fact about Quijano fully available to your knowledge today. For one reason or another you supported Uwe’s efforts to cover up his own complicity in this matter.

You should recall that Uwe uttered standing instructions to members in Wiesbaden, not to read the documentation on Quijano’s operations appearing in the AM Briefing. It was his order that those facts be suppressed, which prompted the relevant riotous set of meetings ordered by Uwe, in which you sometimes participated.

When you consider the $9 millions or more which the U.S. passed to the German association, through Uwe, during the 1989-2005 interval, even at the price of bankrupting persons and organization associated with the U.S. organization, including the loss of the mass distribution of EIR and New Federalist, among other publications, you should recognize that Uwe combines, on performance, the virtues of a would-be tyrant (self-avowed “boss” and de factor “Kingpin”) with essential business-operation incompetencies against which I have repeated warned Uwe and others, there, over the 2000-2006 interval to date. Uwe demands total authority, but demands that others assume the responsibility, and then blames them for the catastrophes which he prescribes. So you, like Anno, have been transformed from independent personalities within the association, into what is, just two more cases of Uwe’s unlawful prey.

Your memory and personal honor could be improved by your retraction of the reckless and false statements you uttered in that broadcast morning briefing.

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