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Wiesbaden, 27 Jan. 1989 (EIRNS):

               "I HAVE NO ENEMY WHO IS NOT EVIL"

                   by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

        As I go to sentencing in the matter of the false verdict issued by a corrupted jury in Alexandria Federal Court, I count it among the happiest achievements of my imperilled mortal life, that I have no devout enemy who is not evil. Numerous innocent, but chiefly misguided persons have swallowed redulously the lies circulated so liberally by a lying news media, and there are others who oppose honestly, if wrongly, the policies which I actually represent; but such opponents I do not consider enemies. It is only my enemies who are evil, and I have attracted the mortal hatred of the most powerful forces of evil throughout this planet today.

        Throughout the leading political circles and intelligence communities of this planet, my enemies are bragging that it was

they who rigged the trial and verdict in Alexandria. Largely because of my enemies' loud and repeated bragging, no one of any importance in any part of this planet doubts that the trial and verdict were nothing but a hate-filled political vendetta.

        Otherwise, the following facts are to be noted.

        The initiative for this corruption of justice was supplied chiefly by the Soviet government. That government has demanded that the U.S. government deliver my head on a silver platter, as a token of good faith in connection with the present Anglo-American appeasement of the Soviet empire.

        The Soviets have demanded this through such channels as those of Armand Hammer and Edgar Bronfman, and through private representations through diplomatic channels. These Soviet demands have been echoed prominently, and repeatedly, in the leading Soviet press since Spring of 1983. Soviet ormulations have been faithfully echoed by known Soviet hod-carriers in western

governments, including members of the U.S. Congress and the Reagan administration.

        However, although the Soviet intelligence services have supplied a significant portion of the witnesses used by the U.S.

Department of Justice, such as Charles Tate and Steve Bardwell, the Soviet government did not rig this trial directly.

     In Europe, very high-ranking British circles are bragging that this trial and verdict were rigged on their instruction. However, they transmitted the instruction for this trial and verdict to their American cousins, centered around Bishop Paul Moore's Anglican diocese in New York City. The circles of Bishop Paul Moore, my chief avowed adversary since early 1978, are purely evil, the principal coordinators of the spread of organized Satanism in the United States today.

        Numerous others have been complicit in assisting these New York circles, but the Satanic circles in Britain and the U.S.A. linked to Bishop Paul Moore's diocese have supplied the impetus for the process of judicial frame-ups set into motion during October 1983.

							 Where Satan Presides

        We may discount the fact that Bishop Paul Moore was among the original backers of the Jim Jones Peoples Temple movement. The important fact is that he has been keeping up with the Joneses since that time. His Cathedral of St. John the Divine is the coordinating-center for Satan-cults throughout the United


        The Satanism hosted by Bishop Moore's diocese is the followers of the leading Satanist of this planet, Britain's late Aleister Crowley. St. John the Divine hosts openly the flagship organization of Lucifer-worshipper Crowley, the so-called Lucis Trust, its Temple of Understanding, and its World Goodwill

operation. The Lucis Trust is the chief Britain-based Satanic organization coordinating the hard-core advocates of child abuse and ritual murder, Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), and the Britain-based WICCA [sic] cult. Lucis, OTO, and WICCA [sic] are the international coordinators of Satan-rock groups and related evil operations.

        Among its front-operations, the Lucis Trust sponsors the United Nations Association, the World Wildlife Fund, and kindred operations promoting mass-murder in the name of "ecology" and legalization of "recreational drugs."

        In addition to its relationship to the Lucis Trust, St. John the Divine is host to the Anglican pro-pederasty organization, "Integrity," and the Lindisfarne center through which the lateGregory Bateson promoted the spread of Witchcraft cults throughout the United States.

        Although the Liberal Establishment circles associated with this New York diocese may include many prominent figures who, unlike Robert S. McNamara, are not explicitly Satanist themselves, all leading Establishment circles associated with those premises are fully aware of the Satanist connections, and

tolerate those connections.

        The increase in child-murders and related forms of ritual child-abuse, and of Satanic murders, such as the Son of Sam and Atlanta child-murder cases, is the reflection of the spread of cults associated with OTO and WICCA [sic]. Professional social-work and criminologists' studies have shown that the recent increase of child and teen-age suicides is a reflection of the role of New Age school teachers in exposing their classes to Satanism and related matters. In West Germany, for example, the leadership of the Green Party features avowed Witches, and an estimated eighty-five percent of school-age children and teen-agers have been exposed to Satanic practices.

        Hence, my enemies associated with the New York Diocese are evil by either their own explicit or tacit profession, and their associates in Britain are of a like nature.

        The political motivations behind the rigging of the trial and false verdict can not be understood except in light of the Satanic hand within the highest levels of the Anglo-American Liberal Establishment.

        Their next targets include the U.S. military and defense industries, and also the evangelical churches.

								Now, Save the U.S.A.

         A nation which tolerates such Satanic influences and their corrupting influence on the judicial process will not survive for very long. We must rid ourselves of these Satanic influences within our Liberal Establishment, or this nation of ours is doomed to virtual extinction before the end of this century.

        You may begin to resist Satan with such small steps as driving Satan-rock videos from the television, and even by simply destroying any astrological materials which fall into your hands. You may take a bolder step, by ridding our nation of the satanic epidemic of drug-use, and saving as many as we can from the scourge of pederasty. If you find in yourselves the courage to do this, join ranks with my many friends from many parts of the world, in the new, world-wide anti-Bolshevik movement now emerging.

        Now, you know what the trial in Alexandria was really all about. If I am to be martyred, as the Satanists intend, I would greatly appreciate it if you would do me the favor of killing Satan, which you could do if you only realized how that can be done. For myself, I have nothing to fear. If you, too, keep the image of Christ in Gethsemane before your eyes, you will understand how I deal with my enemies, the emissaries of Satan.

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