LaRouche "names the names" of Synarchist banking crowd


July 7 [2003] -- In response to a question at his July 2 webcast, Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche "named the names" of leading members of the Synarchist banking crowd, which, he charged, is currently involved in a criminal conspiracy to bring down the world financial system, in what might be called a "Financial 9-1-1," and use the collapse to impose a dictatorship. Comparing this banking crowd to those who brought Hitler to power in 1933, LaRouche provided the following clues as to who is doing the equivalent today.

"Who are these people? Well, without going into who I suspect, which little interesting group I know is involved, I would simply say it's a banking group, a private financial banking group, which was involved in France in setting up of the Banque Worms operation, which gave us the Vichy government and those who invented Hitler, and those who were plotting the Nazi takeover of Europe during the 1940s. The same group, exactly the same group.

"Who is behind it? Well, again, your neoconservatives. Which neoconservatives? Did you ever hear of Mundell? Did you ever hear of the Siena bank, which is having a meeting right now? Did you ever hear of Robert Bartley of the Wall Street Journal? He's a stooge for these guys, has been since 1971 at least, a long-standing enemy of mine. These are the guys to look at."

He then elaborated. "Now, the precedent for this is 1931. The collapse of the Versailles banking system, in about 1931, resulted in the meeting of a group of financiers who set up the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which is based in Basel, Switzerland to the present day. This locked up international credit. To get credit, you had to go to the Basel BIS group, to get credit. When Hitler was brought into power, when Schacht was made the economics minister again, Schacht started the Nazi rearmament because he was able to get cooperation from the Bank for International Settlements to finance Germany, for its arms buildup, whereas Germany was previously collapsed from 1931 on, by being shut off from credit by the BIS group. So, this is one of those tricks.

"And look at Mundell, among others, and the group associated with him, which is an integral part of the neocon group. And you can look at various other officials, who could be agents of this type of thing inside government. But this is not a possibility, this is presently ongoing. This is a conspiracy against the United States, against the world! But especially the United States. And what the question reflects -- those in high places inside the United States, who know the game, who say, "Tell us it ain't so," to me. I say, "You're right, it is so. I know exactly how it's being done."

"So, therefore, my saying it today, in the way I'm saying it, I may get shot for this, but nonetheless, the message is out. There is a game, and tell Robert Mundell and his friends, 'We don't want 'em to do.' And some others. They know who I'm referring to, whom I didn't name."

LaRouche's reference is to Robert Mundell, a leading figure in the international financial oligarchy's Mont Pelerin Society, and the organizer of frequent conferences of banking figures at his estate in Siena, Italy.

Later, in response to another question about the parallels between the international financial operations behind Hitler, and those today, LaRouche dropped another bombshell. He said,

"And the key thing are the synarchists. The synarchists are the same. Lazard Bros. in France was part of the Nazi operation during WWII. Lazard Bros in New York today is related to the operation inside the United States."

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