Saterday, June 27, 1992

The following statement was made Thursday evening, June 25th,1992, by Lyndon LaRouche.

The crucial phase of the attacks on us began in 1978. By crucial phase I mean that we had such minor incidents as in November, 1973, the New York FBI with a tongue in cheek consent from Washington involved in foisting upon the Communist Party the perception that I should be personally eliminated as a key to the solution of all their problems ln certain matters. In other words, to have me assassinated. That and the other things which went on in the period 1968-69 through '77 including the Baader-Meinhof targeting of me and the George Jackson Brigade targeting me at the same time, these are relatively minor compared to the attack which was launched on us in 1978. We know what the nature of the attack was. There were several focal points of it. But the primary one was the highest level of the oligarchy which interfaces essentially two levels the so-called Order of Malta, the Hospitalers. One, the British Venerable Order, which includes such creatures then as Dame Margaret Mead, and also, at least the American side of the Catholic Sovereign Military Order of Malta, which is also part the same problem. As a matter of fact it was approaching very close integration with the British Order of St. John. This group we know, as Canon West said, we know from corroboration and actuality, that this section of International-oligarchical-financial interest swarmed us with what they call Jews, i.e., with things like the ADL and so forth, as Canon West said would be done, to deal with our attacks on their financial potencies associated with the main Knights of Malta. And that's exactly what happened. We had coordinated attacks from the Heritage Foundation, the Rockford Institute, and the ADL et al in that period. An escalation. It was the first time the ADL came out; it started its presently continuing campaign against us in May of that year together with the Heritage Foundation and so forth and so on. This coincided with our attack on drugs, our intervention ln the affair of the HongShang takeover of Marine Midland and so forth. So that on the drug issue and on the attack in general on this financial crowd, we had hit the hot button and the hot button had responded by deploying against us, things like the Heritage Foundation and also the Rockford Institute and also creatures such as the ADL-the lower life, scumbags.

We also in the same period, we had another, we did another thing which provoked them very much, the pamphlet "The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elite" which we know produced a very violent reaction in some top oligarchical, banking and other circles. We had touched the hot button - the Aristotle vs. Plato issue-which is the secret of 2,500 years and more of history, particularly European history. So we hit the secret of history. We were attacking the right place. We had the secret of history and they responded accordingly. That's the nature of the beast.

Now look at the issue of what the British are. We have a lacuna, which I hope we will fix up in our general historical picture of what's going on. The lacuna is the connection between the early 16th century, the time of Paolo Sarpi at Venice 1552-1623, and the 17th century in England and so forth, say 1689, in which a new Venetian faction-I Nuovi-the Venetian Party moved from Venice, moved out of its bases with the other Venetians in the Iberian peninsula, to consolidate its position in the Protestant parts of Europe, while the old Venetians continued their base from Venice ln the southern Catholic parts of Europe. That's creating the Venetian Party. This enemy of ours, the one who we touched who we attacked is the Venetian Party in that sense. The oligarchy. This is the Aristotle Party!
It is Aristotle who is our enemy. Now in respect to other things. Usury is the characteristic of Aristotle and oligarchism, as Aristotle is characteristic of the system of oligarchism in the history of European civilization and its offshoots. And that we attacked.
The Jewish element of this is subordinate to that oligarchical element, just as the Rosicrucian or Cathar or Bugger element is subordinate. All the elements tend to be fused together within the Venetian Party, as it's organized. The Venetian Party is organized largely around, not entirely contained, by the various Knights of St. John, the various Hospitaler orders, and related things. Those are the essential facts. I think it necessary to raise them, not merely to call attention to things which are relevant to understand what is going on today in the world, but also to put to one side some rather wild speculation of the type that might be made after conversing with a contact in a cocktail lounge or something and you come out saying, "Well now we know who is connected to whom," as opposed to looking at the historical reality as to how the system is run. O.K., just a note for reflection.

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