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Two developments in Boston during the first six months of 1970 are exemplary of the parasitical outlook of the Bavarian forces. First, the acerbic attack on the draft Campaigner editorial on the "United Front." (It is truly fantastic, after all the discussion of the United Front in organization -- since we were founded even on the basis of those conceptions, that some apologists for the Bavarian tendency should argue that the majority of the organization is confused on the topic! It is the Bavarians who are confused, unable to discover the recipe which would permit them to dignify their chimerical, opportunist conceptions with the name "United Front.") Secondly, the "Fork In the Road" scandal. The first was an attack on the centralizing resolutions adopted at the Jan. 1970 conference. The second exemplifies the reason why the Bavarians are so hostile to our adopted organizational forms. On "Fork In The Road", funds gleaned from the Boston LC were diverted from the service of our adopted political perspectives in order to further propaganda which was in violent opposition to the organization's politics!

The issue of "democracy" lately raised by the Bavarians is absolutely the phoniest issue ever raised within our organization. Those who occupy themselves in working behind the backs of the membership plead the cry of "democracy" when anyone proposed to demand a semblance of correspondence between our adopted policies and practices, wherever the question of practice involves the compulsive behaviorisms of the Bavarians. They are simply demanding their "democratic rights" to parasitize upon and attempt to destroy our organization pending the appearance of some more agreeable host.

The Recent Explosion Develops

The way in which Fraser was impelled to the point of extended psychotic episodes at the Oct. 24-25 National Committee meeting is clinically revealing cf the entire nature of his .relationship to the Bavarian clique.

Admittedly, there was one momentary hint of a factional explosion at the Oct. 10 NC meeting preceding that of Oct. 24-25. During 1970, Fraser has become almost paranoid respecting any criticism of his literary output. One may accurately sum up the point by stating that as his literary output plummets in quality his outward profession of its flawless perfection increases geometrically. The fact that the NC adopted my drafts for the Preface and Chapter 2 of the pamphlet brought Fraser to the boiling point for a moment.

That recognized as a special, frictional problem of the atmosphere about Oct. 10, it is otherwise fair to state that there was no evidence that Fraser then intended to become involved in the

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