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sort of idiocies in which he actually indulged immediately preceding, during and following the Oct. 24 session. His eruptions during that latter period were caused by persons out of his control, the Bavarians of Philadelphia. The acerbic Fraser of Oct. 24-25 was a tail being wildly wagged by the Phila. Bavarian dog.

The situation was this. From the start of active work on the defence case, up through the weekend of Oct. 24, our difficulty in obtaining certain minimal requirements from Phila. (factsheets, etc.) was the main obstacle to preparing and employing all the materials wanted to pursue other steps. The main responsibilities in Phila. were apparently dumped on to Muffin as a means of exempting other Phila. members form their responsibilities for getting this job done. Most of Leif Johnson's time and funds were thus necessarily expended in the Labors of Sisyphus: getting Phila. moving.

During the two weeks preceding Oct. 24, Phila.'s performance deteriorated, from one of shapeless ineptitude to virtual sabotage of our established defense policies. A significant proportion of the Phila. organization was seized with an inclination for silly "anti-repression" tactics as the alternative to the established defense policies. During a series of conversations among Steve, Leif and Marcus on Oct. 18, 19, 20, we settled on corrective steps embodied in the draft statement of defense policy issued by Leif and ratified by the Oct. 31 NC meeting --a statement of do's and don't's clear enough that a kindergarten child might readily understand it.

This situation placed Fraser in the predicament of either continuing an alignment with Johnson and Marcus against the Phila. Bavarians, thus almost destroying his ties to the clique, or joining with the clique in a slanderous attack on Johnson. This situation was complicated by the fact that Dick Borgmann and Vin Berg were the leaders of a minority assault on the stupid policies being pursued by the Bavarians in Phila.

The "solution" was developed in the following steps. On Tuesday, after a protracted telephone conversation with Johnson, Tinkler admitted the need to reverse field on the stupid policies of the Phila. majority. This created the means for breaking the alliance of Borgmann and Berg. It was then patently resolved to cover up the fact of Phila.'s aberrations, even by means of outright lies as well as evasions, and to divert attention from the real issues involved by a filthy personal, lying attack on Johnson.

Why was it necessary to accuse Johnson of incompetence? Since Johnson's time has been substantially expended on the Phila. Bavarian obstacle -- as absolutely had to be the case -- it was necessary to cover up the implications of Johnson's actual activities by charging him with incompetence, neglect, etc. Thus, the "personal request" to have Johnson replaced by individuals hand-picked by Fraser.

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