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For such reasons I developed and pushed The Philsophy of Socialist Education, in the FA11 of 1969. Given the superior grasp of Marx's sociological and economic theories of our members, relative to all other socialist groups, it had been demonstrated during the period beginning about April, 1969, that many of our members tended -- under pressures of collapsing campus fement --to put theory into one compartment and issues of immediate practice into another.

Exemplary of this was our vindicated theoretical analysis of the reasons why SDS was collapsing that Spring, why tactical schemes concocted by any of the various SDS groupings would prove futile or worse. During the immediately preceding months, we had judged that the failure of significant numbers of 'left' groups to respond to our "mass strike" call would signify the lack of possibilities for any mass actions in the period immediately ahead. Yet, despite a vindicated theoretical assessment, many of our best members were frantically reacting to purely conjectural possibilities that the Ruddites or PLP'ers might "pull off" some "successful" mass action around Columbia (etc.) and thus isolate us as "irrelevant."

This same problem was reflected in CCNY "Open Admissions" work. This work had been dropped, not by decision, but in the way of voting with one's feet. The CCNY "Open Admissions" work had been conceived only in terms of planning an SDS-type tactical campaign along approximations of class-for-itself lines. Unfortunately, the CCNY group had not grasped the need for a sustained propaganda campaign as the more appropriate approach to the educational crisis at that juncture...that, in the absence of tactical opportunities for mass action, the mass acticn program must be regarded as tactical propaganda for future action possibilities only and that our Open Admissions work must immediately concentrate on issues of the content of education -- of the sort mooted in the NY School Crisis issue of the Campaigner. There had to be a main emphasis on issues of Kenneth-Clarkism and other approximations of "B.F. Skinner-ism", educational practices and policies which destroyed the mental creative potential of most students and which were trebly vicious when adopted as pedagogical approaches to the education of oppressed minority strata.

Thus, the iasue of dialectical method was posed in both a general and particular fashion. The lack of actual assimilation of the dialectical content of Marxian economic and social theory was key to the frantic dichotomy of theory and tactics among some of our members. The issue of dialectical method was also the fighting issue of one of our programmatic campaigns. By introducing the dialectical method issue on the latter content, I proposed to

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