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provide a reference-point from which persons among us might progress to comprehension of the dialectic in a more general way.

Actual mastery of Kant, Hegel, Feuerbach and Marx is not accomplished in the fashion one obtains passing grades in most subjects of academic interest (only witness how Marcuse and Sidney Hook have absolutely failed to comprehend the most elementary features of an}' of those authors!) Yet, in the history of the movement there has been no qualified leader who did not master the dialectical method in some way -- some important way. Without a leadership which bases itself on such comprehension, a socialist organization or faction must inevitably become intellectually and emotionally unmoored (like our Bavarians) whenever there are sharp shifts from flow to ebb and vice versa, and when the leading expression of revolutionary ferment shifts from, for example, campus and ghetto to factory.

The 00.00% prediction performance of Steve Fraser during 1970 (he has been wrong on every prediction he has chosen to initiate!) is an appropriate reflection of the intellectual disorientation which results from a lack of dialectical comprehension under conditions of sharp turns. The collapse of the student-radical ferment and the beginnings of ferment within qualitatively-different social layers has the Bavarians climbing the walls, fleeing from both simple reality and the working-class, in search of the "Good Old Days" of all-inclusive (politically-unprincipled) petit-bourgeois radical action-freak associations. It even seems that the so-called Fraserites are even willing to jail Fraser in pursuit of one last, desperate gamble witn the "pop front" tactics they have been pursuing during 1970. By hook or crook, some of them are determined to pervert the Fraser-Borgmann Defense Organizations into the foundation for a new "all-inclusive radical" organization to replace the Labor Committees. If they were to succeed in such an insane enterprise, the LCs would be shattered and Fraser and Borgmann would languish in jail. The inclination manifest in the ranks of the Philadelphia "Fraserites" during the two weeks preceding Oct. 24 can only remind one of the fabled psychosis of the lemming.

Fraser's Relationship to Marcus

Fraser's position as a captive of the Bavarians is also ably reflected in the ambivalent terms of slander which ''Fraserites" employ in their sly gossip respecting Marcus. The "over the hill" "new Plakhanov" -- the favorite of the New York City branch of Bavarian Yente -- expresses Fraser's current self-estimation of himself as the "new young Lenin" not quite mature enough to break his leash from his teacher. One appropriately senses something off-key in the image of the "master tactician" (who built that gigantic organization in Boston this spring), but Fraser precisely sees "himself as the tactical genius who depends upon "Plakhanov" only for abstract theory.

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