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There are national and local leadership problems to be remedied, of course. It is notorious that much of the initiation of our work has been with Marcus. (Fraser has attempted to 'remedy' this problem in the most incompetent fashion, by aborting the viable learning-process in which he was previously occupied, and by actually degrading himself from a political-strategic outlook to a preoccupation with chimerical notions of hand-to-mouth tactics.) There must be a studied effort to "force" the development of already-leading individuals like Spannaus, Johnson, Papert, Boyd, LaRouche, and others to the point of immediately developing a national leadership capable of initiating programs in depth. Equally important is the need for emphasis on developing local leadership, and concentration on the urgent process of beginning to make our organization habitable for working-class vanguard individuals being drawn into our periphery, working-class recruits who will absolutely not tolerate the "individualism" and other organizational irresponsibility favored by our Bavarians. Tony Papert's (and Dick Sober's) organization by national campaign work around "strike support" is exemplary of the initial new kind of organizational functioning -- national campaigns -- which must be put together as rapidly as possible.

The Organizational Questions

The necessary improvements in centralized organization must be accompanied by a qualitative improvement in national political discussion procedures and practices. The present tendency toward ad hoc referenda is inadmissible, since it will tend to produce general membership decisions taken without competent understanding of the issues involved. (E.g., most nakedly demonstrated by our Bavarians, who assemble as a faction, denying their own existence as a faction, to resolve in a factional way that factions -- other than their own --must be immediately dissolved, even which the faction they attack represents the overwhelming majority of the elected national committee! Others, similarly, have taken votes openly predicated on their profession of ignorance of the issues: professing ignorance, they vote not to participate in the process by which their ignorance can be remedied on those issues.) One of the benefits of the form of factional organisation established will be to get the life of the general membership of the organization out of the inadmissible circumstances in which a few "insiders" retail whispered interpretations of issues to a more or less credulous and uninformed larger stratification. The entire membership must be continuously engaged as an active participant in all political discussions eliminating the cover-up of factional issues which has been somewhat popularized by the cliquist methods of organization of the Bavarians.

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