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"We Are Now Living on the Brink of Hell"

By Lyndon LaRouche
Podcast (transcript) - June 30th 2012

Generally I think the situation is that we have a right down crisis in terms of the minds of people in most parts of the world. This is what you're seeing is the effect which is more or less inevitable from the de-generation of the populations on both sides of the Atlantic. That's essentially the moral de-generation an inability to think, the lack of sense of responsibility in a compelling distrust among people generally and this is a result of a long multigenerational process of de-generation which probably you can trace it from one case from the assassination of a president and then you get… from which point on we went down completely morally and the other way.
The United States is going through a long process of de-generation since the assassination of John F. Kennedy and that's a fact and the each generation has become since that time has become a DE-generation and that's a fact. The reason we’re in the crisis were in today is partly because of external factors but it's also to a very large degree internal factors in the fact that each successive generation is less moral less capable less responsible than the next one. And that's what fact is. And you see it manifested in many ways we can see a destructive process within the generations themselves and you can see it in the sense and in this room. You have three generations more or less represented in this room right now and the morality of the standards of conduct and the lack of truthfulness increases with each de-generation ... The social sense of responsibility…
Now we've come to a place where in Europe are … Naturally because of the conditions overnight…. I don't know what this report is from Germany ... Our communication system is broken up and so forth … i have no word from Germany ... And we were going into today and to the breaking point of the one of the worst crises in the history of civilization which is breaking out in Europe but it's also deeply embedded here in the united states ... If we were going to say that on morality that you could count on the population… no you cannot count on the populations which are dominating the planet today … especially the transatlantic ...... they lack of moral. They lost it.
They weren’t too good back in the time after Roosevelt stuff and the death of Roosevelt quickly marked a de-generation of the morals of the population and been worse ever since. Most of you have no idea of what we went into at the end of the war with the death of Roosevelt. We knew that his death was likely. This was generally understood his health condition was terrible. Memory of the victim of a terrible disease and that shortens his life expectancy and we knew as he became weaker and more one down ... in the course of his career. Each time you’d see him.... in Russia and where he was travelling to, you see a man who was about to go under, who’s clinging to life on the basis of the devotion to a mission ... Not because of any other factor… and we had this piece of shit called Truman came in and went without shit coming in… the morality of the US population plummeted right after … while he was alive. We have a rebound in terms of general Eisenhower but he was already what had happened within between that point he got to office… there was a moral degeneration in the US population. This was actually orchestrated that the generation I saw coming back from Asia back in the United States was no longer as moral in any sense as what I’ve seen when I last left the united states ... And it's been getting worse and worse and worse ... The Kennedy assassination, the assassination of his brother… this piece of shit they dragged in as president … down down down and my advantage in this process is that I have lived through this process and because of circumstances in my life I was pretty much aware of what … at least in general as a younger person can be aware and from reflections later … reflections on what my childhood or from my standpoint as adolescent and later … the population of the united states has gone through since the decline … the last period since the last election of FDR has gone through the process of profound moral de-generation and generations as known as DE-generations and the sad part about it is each of these generations that is a de-generation does not really believe there is a de-generation ... And that's what you got to think about ... That we are living through a succession … since the assassination of Kennedy in particular but also the anticipated death of FDR ... The time we went into Normandy successfully… the British dropped all their masks and they became the pigs they were ...
And that's what happened to us ... So the question is then what will it take to get the adult population of the united states...... The adolescent generation in the united states is almost a hopeless case ... You look at what's happening to young people… I mean really young… post-kindergarten who knows what with the kindergarten they are killing today but there’s a moral degeneration in the population and one wonders if it can be overcome ... But the point is that you got a sense of the problem in these generations as they are confident that their generation is right. They are confident that what they represent is better than the previous generation ... And that's wrong. Each generation successively is worse than the preceding one ... And therefore when you re trying to deal with the situation we have now… It's now. It is this Saturday and will be this tomorrow ... in which the entire civilization especially the transatlantic region is going to Hell ... And that generation has shown very little sign of commitment to changing that trend ... That you got to consider ... It's going to take a real miracle to bring about even a survival of civilization now... And the problem lies not in the circumstances of life it lies within the people themselves it lies in the decadence manifest by the successive generations ... Now at my age I have an advantage… more conscious as a person than most people are because of circumstance of life, some internal some otherwise .... And I look around me and I see less commitment to the future ... This time that done over and over again..... so today Europe is on the slide into Hell... It was arranged that way. It was done by the British. That is the British influence the British empire ... And that's what I’m fighting ... We have some programs over among us in particular which are in the right direction.
Unfortunately the support for those that kind of thinking is not very strong. Other personal factors so-called with things like that get in the way and there is a process of demoralization and I don't mean disappointment I mean DE-moralization... And so there is grave doubt the civilization will survive the immediate months ahead ... It’s possible that I can survive but you'll have to fight to make it happen and you cannot trust yourself ... Because you‘ll find in yourself there is a loss of the ability to do in terms of commitment what previous generations were able to do ... You can no longer take anything for granted most of all yourself ... This is the great time when you say one thing I cannot trust is myself because the impulses which are built into the process of degeneration of successive generations… Take for example the case of music ... One of the first things that happened at the end of the war was the - that was actually nineteen fifty but the process was already there - the congress for cultural freedom ... and you take the case of the gentleman who we've been talking among some of us... recently and we realize that in the destruction of music and the way it occurred the moral de-generation in the musical community which took over full force at the time that the war had ended and you see what happened at Furtwangler… now when Furtwangler went under that was a process going on as he went under and influence as the younger generation came in as the congress for cultural freedom was embarked the moral quality of the population of Europe went down not down not in a fall but in a deep decadence the moral quality. Music for example. Look at what you've got You say musical tastes Look at the population out there what their musical tastes are... they are immoral with these... You can see in the terms of music alone you can see the moral de-generation of the successive generations since the end of world war ii ... And the people can't help themselves they don't revolt against what they had been seeing happened into the dead generations of children in music alone and that is a moral de-generation ... And in every respect the same thing people cannot trust each other. They are less honest. They lie more freely they lie more atrociously one generation after the other. What this means we have to treat among us would have to treat this occasional disaster we have to recognize that that the disaster lies within the generations that are dominating culture now. The two generations, the young ones who are still coming out of adolescence and the one before them, these generations have lost a connection to reality in many respects which some of them have as a dream ... They remember good things but they come to them not as a commitment but as a dream ... A dream of what the past might have been and that so therefore the main thing you have to fight under these circumstances - remember this at this very day this Saturday - is a point of collapse of civilization. This is not a new condition this is not troubles this is not difficulties, this is a collapse of civilization.
What is happened in these recent weeks in Europe and in the united states… the acceptance of Obama for example even though there is a revolt against the Obama process, the very fact that this creature and his laws are allowed to exist marks a de-generation and therefore we ve come to the time when you're going to find in yourself and have to find in yourself … remember at about eight or nine years of age you’re finding in yourself and have to find in yourself the ability not give in to the impulses which are embedded within you ... The enemy within is your most important and most dangerous enemy. Because you will not be capable of responding in an effectively moral way, when I’m gone ... You think you will ? No. Only through kind of a miracle occurs ... and you give up all the cheap crap and devote yourself to the mission of saving society from total self-destruction ... Reassess the case of the transatlantic region. If you have any other opinion it’s wrong. You are now living in Hell ... And so far it tends to control you ... And the problem is: do you have the means within yourself to fight that within yourself which is causing you to destroy yourself. And it is much not what you do as much as what you don't do which is crucial ... That’s where we are. This Saturday civilization in Europe has officially ended. Today! And the things we should've done are often the things we have not done. And I’m getting older and I worry about you. That’s where we are because of this crazy development here in the weather system…
I don't know what happened in Europe last night or today … Strong round(?) didn't help anything... but something terrible did happen... I will find out later today what problem that was ... but you're looking at the end of civilization ... and we can rescue civilization but it’s going to take a mighty effort to conquer the enemy within yourselves ... And only if you were angry enough at that enemy within yourself is it likely you'll find the capability of saving civilization. We’re right now at least in the transatlantic region, we’re living on the brink of Hell.

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