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LaRouche Warns of Northern Virginia Terrorist Threat; Names Quijano Factor

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WASHINGTON, July 16 (2004, note)--Asked during his July 15 webcast by a former senior Senate staffer for his assessment of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge's proposal that the 2004 Presidential elections could be suspended in case of a terrorist attack, U.S. Democratic Party Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. responded bluntly:

"If we were to accept the idea of calling off the Nov. 2 election, or postponing it--which would mean calling it off--we would no longer have a Republic. We would no longer have a nation. Remember what happened. Just like today, there are some foolish people who say, `Don't try to get Cheney out as Vice-President, because we want him as a liability for Bush come November.' These people are idiots. They obviously know nothing about history. They've studied nothing about the past history, the history of fascism."

LaRouche cited the failure of Germans to stop Adolf Hitler after his Jan. 1933 appointment as Chancellor of Germany, with the argument that Hitler would discredit himself. Then came the orchestrated terrorist incident, the Reichstag Fire, and the emergency decrees which made Hitler dictator-- "just exactly what Tom Ridge is mooting about here. That in case of a terrorist attack which his friends--well, Tom may not know anything about it, but his bosses do, the ones who really run the scene behind it--a terrorist attack orchestrated by {them}, would be used to have the same effect on the U.S. elections, to make sure a Democrat doesn't get elected, that was done by Hermann Goering in setting fire to the Reichstag, and then the invocation of the emergency laws, the {Notstandgesetze}, in Germany the morning after."

Investigate Northern Virginia Nazi Networks

There {is} a danger, however, LaRouche warned. "Is there a danger of terrorism in the Washington, D.C. area or elsewhere? Yes. Do I know, concretely, of any such danger, terrorist danger? Yes.

"Do any of you know the name of Fernando Quijano? Fernando Quijano is a former associate who was recruited by people such as Nestor Sanchez and by the Nazi organization based in Mexico. The Nazi organization based in Mexico was established there from about 1935 on, directly by Hitler from Berlin, from a special office in Berlin. This coordinated with Hitler's determination to ensure that a Nazi by the name of Francisco Franco, would succeed in establishing a fascist dictatorship in Spain, with the support of Hitler and Mussolini.
"This group, this Nazi group in Mexico which are called the Synarchists, which became known under such names as the PAN, this group had--in cooperation with Nazi Germany and with Japan--plans up into 1941, up until Midway, until the U.S. fleet defeated the Japanese fleet at Midway in June of 1942. Until that point, this group in Mexico, this group run by the Nazis, using Nazis recruited to Nazism in Mexico, including priests, centered in Guadalajara, a state of Mexico, had plans for military operations of a terrorist nature, against the territory of the United States; trying to incite people of Hispanic backgrounds, especially of Mexican backgrounds in the United States, to become part of this Franquista version of Nazism.
"That organization exists today. I warned about it. It exists in Argentina, it exists in Uruguay, it exists in Brazil, it exists in Venezuela, it exists now in Peru, in Bolivia, as well as Mexico, and elsewhere. It is organizing in this area, organizing fools and sympathizers for this kind of--and exactly the same kind of propaganda which the Nazis promoted in their operations in Mexico in the 1930s and early 1940s. Is there a possibility that this operation, this so-called Hispanic operation, would be used for a terrorist act or acts in the foreseeable future? Yes. Yes. But that doesn't make any difference about having the election in November, as scheduled. We have the election anyway.
"What we do is, we move to deal with the terrorist threat.
"Now the first step you do to deal with something like that, is you expose it. Now, I've named the name. I could also name another name, an associate of Fernando's, Nestor Sanchez, a resident of Leesburg, or was a resident of Leesburg, Virginia, close to this death squad operation which a so-called section of the CIA was running in Central America, with the approval and support of Fernando. So there is a danger, and the danger is known to us. It's close. It's a danger, the facts of which should be known to the U.S. government, and this kind of problem should be dealt with, by exposing it. If you expose it, you isolate it. You neutralize it. You will find this kind of operation depends upon fools. You recruit fools to put their lives on the line for the dirty work which a handful are leading.
"And the direction of this is coming out of Spain, out of fascist Spain, because the fascist organization still exists there, under leadership of people, Fernando's close associate Blas Pinar, who was the head of Nazi-like organizations in Spain, in France and in Italy today. He's a key leader of it. Therefore, if we expose the stuff, and move to isolate the hard-core perpetrators, and cause their dupes to run away, that's the first step."

Traditional Law Enforcement Methods Work

LaRouche continued: "Then, let the dupes talk. Not by torturing them; you don't have to torture them. Just say, `Hey buddy, you've got a problem. Come talk to us about it.' And they will be most voluble," LaRouche continued. The problem is, they'll talk to you about a lot of things that aren't true. Then you have to figure out what's true. Don't torture them, let 'em talk! We've got people who've got nothing better to do than listen to these guys talk. And then those of us who are smarter will go through the garbage heap and figure out what's true and what's useful.

"But we have to uproot the endemic potential for terrorist acts in the United States, and we do that by traditional intelligence methods, which are not the creepy type. It's very simple. Do the job. It's like a normal law enforcement problem. You've got a local criminal, he's a local hood. He's terrorizing the neighborhood. Isolate the guy. Get the neighbors to break with him. He has no power then. And that's the way you deal with this kind of thing.
"Yes, we should have a positive anti-terrorist operation, based on known factors of terrorism. And this Fernando thing is only typical of it. There are others. There {are} terrorist capabilities. There are things coming out of Europe as well which are potentially dangerous. There are things especially coming from {London} which are also dangerous. So if we do our job, and we have a competent government under a competent president, we won't have a problem.
"The problem is sitting back and saying, ``This is inevitable, this is inevitable.'' It is {not} inevitable. By exposing the creeps who do constitute the danger to civilization, by exposing their Nazi antecedents, we can actually effectively neutralize them, at least to a large degree. And if we do that job, we probably won't have a terrorist incident."

The Buckley Factor

Later in the broadcast, LaRouche returned to the danger of the Quijano networks, when asked by an Arab journalist how people could get answers about who really was responsible for the Sept. 11 attack, before another catastrophe occurs. In discussing the methodology necessary for investigating such conspiracies, LaRouche noted that "you have also the Huntington thesis on the Hispanic war with the United States, as the Arab. Now, the Hispanic one is different, but it has a character, and we have as much danger from this Hispanic problem as we do-- even though Huntington's a liar about what he says the problem is, nonetheless there is a {real} problem, which is Nazism of a Spanish-speaking variety. Of the Nazism that was planted in the United States, by the Nazi Party, by Hitler's order, in Mexico, and other countries, and reintroduced to Mexico by William F. Buckley, senior and son, in the postwar period, as a CIA office agent in Mexico. That kind of stuff.
To find what creates these kinds of things, LaRouche elaborated, people must know something about history. "The top power in the world is not people in governments. The top power in the world is represented by international, financier oligarchical cartel interests, typified by the Synarchist International of the period 1918 through 1945, which was responsible for the entirety of the fascist phenomenon in Europe, and the wars of that period. Entirely, including Japan. Entirely.

"These were financier interests who were protected by the Truman Administration at the end of the war. They are intact. They exist today. These are the guys, these banking circles, which run government from above, which have a separate ability, a separate capability, to use even facilities of government, to get access to everything, and to run such an operation. Who could run 9/11? These guys. They are the ones who can run such an operation."

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