Library: The Rough Guide To Conspiracy Theories

By James McConnachie, Robin Tudge (1 Sep 2008)


pp. 105-108

The British royal family

When the British Empire was at its height, to accuse the royal family of being behind a mega-conspiracy to rule the world would not have been entirely unreasonable. Over a hundred years later, however, most people would say that the map of world power has changed more than a little. To be sure, the Windsors have been fingered as the conspirators behind scandals as disparate as the Jack the Ripper murders of the 1880s, and the death of Princess Diana (see p.59), but two arch-conspiracy theorists paint an altogether more sinister picture. American political activist and conspiracy king Lyndon LaRouche accuses the royal family of being the puppet-masters behind a host of international agencies and corporations, while prolific conspiracy author, ex-footballer and self-proclaimed Messiah, David Icke, believes that the real issue is that Windsors are reptilian shape-shifters.

Prince Philip, the WWF and the ODA

In LaRouchc's own words, "the Queen runs from the top down, through a Privy Council. Number One on the Privy Council, after the Queen, is the Church of England, the head of the Church of England. and then a whole lot of other people, about 500.
These 500 people run the British Empire, including the apparatus of its old Colonial Office. The Colonial Office was never disbanded. They call it the Overseas Development Office now"
As an offshoot of the Foreign Office, with a relatively tiny budget spent largely on aid and development projects, the ODA (now the Department For International Development) is an odd choice of villain. But then it turns out that the DFID is a pawn in a much larger global game. According to Larouche and his co-theorists, the Windsors wield power through an assortment of agencies. As President Emeritus of the World Wildlife Fund, Prince Philip - apparently "the Doge of London" - "leads the world in orchestration of ethnic conflict and terrorism". To date, successes of the WWF have included the Rwandan genocide, which was not, as you may blindly believe, the work of marauding, machete-wielding bands of Hutu extremists, but in fact executed by trained soldiers from Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni's army. (Don't be fooled by Uganda's apparent support tor the opposing Tutsi rebels.) These soldiers were all trained in camps set up under the guise of WWF gorilla-protection programmes. Given that the Overseas Development Agency "controls" Museveni, the troops were in fact little more than proxies for the British.
By this account Rwanda is far from being the only WWF operation. Anything from African coups and rebellions to ecological protests (such as those against French nuclear testing in the South Pacific) are actually the work of the SAS. the British Army's elite special operations commandos. The SAS is behind what Lyndon Larouche calls the Afghansi terrorist network (better known today as that all-powerful and ultra-evil demon, "Al Qaeda*, which, according to most Western pundits and politicians, magically controls and coordinates world terrorism). According to LaRoucheites, the regiment 'operates outside the British government command structure, and is directly beholden to the Sovereign". If that got out, it would be a big shock to the Ministry of Defence.

Prince Philip and the Club of the Isles

You may wonder why Prince Philip, in cahoots with the WWF. ODA and SAS, would have wanted the Rwandan genocide to happen. According to LaRouchcites. it stems from his historical role as the unofficial leader of the "Club of the Isles', an informal and highly secretive association of corporate and European aristocratic interests. According to one website, the club of the Isles lords it over "an estimated $10 trillion in assets". Associated businesses include Shell, ICI, Lloyds of London, Unilever, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc and DeBeers; as a result, the Club controls most of the world's raw materials. This oligarchy is so nefarious, according to one writer on LaRouche's website, that it even manipulates the world's food supplies, a policy that results in the deaths of tens of millions every year from 'the most elementary lack of their daily bread*.
The Club of the Isles, it seems, inherits its power from "Mesopotamian-Roman-Venetian" trade networks. More specifically, it represents "a new, more virulent. Anglo-Dutch-Swiss strain of the oligarchic system of Imperial Babylon, Persia, Rome, and Byzantium". (US corporations may sometimes seem aggressive, but they are philanthropic in comparison.) But this doesn't explain the Rwandan genocide. It was. it seems, just one element in a super-plan drawn up by the Royal Institute for International Affairs, aka Chatham House (sec p.138). as part of a "blueprint for the consolidation of one-world empire". To rule this empire according to the feudal model -and nothing else would be acceptable to Prince Philip and his blue-blooded friends in the City of London - would apparently require that the world's population be reduced fivefold to one billion people...
...Starting with Lyndon LaRouche. According to a 1999 article in the Larouche magazine Executive Intelligence Review, the publication of a distinctly negative article in the budget UK women's magazine Take A Break was apparently the first step in an M16 campaign to assassinate him. One wonders why Prince Philip didn't use the SAS.

The Windsors, the Commonwealth and the UN

As a challenge to American corporate: hegemony, (lie Club of the Isles conspiracy theory could be compared to the highly conspiracist conception of the EU that emanates from ultra-right America (see box on p. 135). It's also distinctly reminiscent of conspiracists' accusations about the UN. And indeed the Commonwealth After all, as one conspiracy site's blogger puts it "there really is no real reason for the UK to have the Commonwealth except to control the UN through the Commonwealth Its goals are exactly those of the UN.'
Joan Veon, author of Prince Charier The Sustainable Prince, has noted that "every time a country was granted independence from Britain, they were given a vote at the UN. Strange, that. Equally, according to Veon,. the Senate's ratification of the UN Charter meant that it simply reverted to British overlordship. Like LaRouche's co-conspiracists, Veon sees Prince Philip as the eminence grise behind the throne - and behind the UN too, "a key, behind-the-scenes mover and shaker" who follows the goals of arch-colonial capitalist and diamond baron Cecil Rhodes (Not incidentally, he is also "responsible for the radical environmental agenda that perverts Genesis I, 2, and 3 and puts the earth above man and not man above the earth as God intended.")

Drugs, The Beatles and Diana

The decimation of the world population envisaged by the Club of the Isles will obviously have seriously negative social consequences. But according to LaRoucheites, the conspirators have an ingenious plan to deal with this. By fostering a 'drug-rock-sex counterculture", potential protestors will be effectively silenced According to LaRouche devotee and self-confessed former British spy, David Cole man. The Beatles were just one thrust of this campaign, designed by the Club of Rome and Tavistock Institute tor Human Relations to create a drugged-out and conspiracy-minded population with no inclination towards effective activism.
Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth has been busy writing science fiction (under various pseudonyms), aimed at distracting and disorienting the young and impressionable If that isn't enough, environmental youth groups (fostered, of course, by Prince Philip's WWF) will act as a kind of Hitler Youth. The WWF's vicious "Pandas", in their distinctive Black-and-Whiter-Shirts, will face a debilitated enemy, racked by drug use. The Windsors, it appears, control the global drug trade - a continuation, it seems, of Britain's role in China's Opium Wars. Triads and Colombian drug cartels are mere lackeys in their thrall.

David Icke and the Reptilians

There's no way that a mere summary of his arguments can do justice to the fantastical conspiracy cocktail that has become the world view (and chief source of income) for former footballer David Icke since he first reported seeing visions in 1990 Icke incorporates all and any other conspiracy theories in his mega-system, hut the conspiracists' usual explanations, he claims, never go far enough. Icke puts it in quasi-Buddhist trims, saying that we are too habituated to "false reality" Icke. of course, can always see a deeper conspiracy lurking behind the one that other theorists claim to have exposed. The result, of course, is that his "ultimate" conspiracy is far more dramatic than anything anyone else could possibly believe in.
Humanity, Icke says, is being controlled, manipulated and in some cases actually drained of blood by alien reptiles. These 'reptilians' are something like dinosaurs and something like dragons, only vastly more intelligent. Thanks to their origins as Ģi consciousness from the Fourth Dimension, they arc also able to change shape at will. While Icke's evidence ranges across human and mythological history, from ancient snake worship to modern "eyewitnesses", his proof rests finally on the visions experienced by him and his supporters.
Using their ability to shape-shift (as well as the relatively conventional practice of inter-marriage), (he reptilians have worked their bloodline (or, more specifically, their "reptilian-mammalian DNA combination*) into everything from the all-powerful Illuminati to powerful families such us the Bushes, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds - and the Windsors. (Some suspect that beneath Icke's idea of a racial - albeit lizard-race - conspiracy involving powerful banking and political families lies a deeply anti-Semitic subtext. Others think his idea is so mad that he must be the front man for a conspiracy to give conspiracy theories a bad name.)
According to Icke. the Windsors "are not the top of the pyramid by any means', but "they an: very much involved in the global agenda and in the sacrificial ritual that always goes with it". These sacrificial rituals apparently included the death of Princess Diana at the thirteenth pillar of the Alma tunnel (see p.63). One writer on the Icke-ite website claims that Balmoral, the British royal family's Scottish summer residence, is a "very, very nasty place. That's somewhere they want to dig underground. They will find reptile fossils, it goes back that far." Scotland's other conspiracy landmark, the "Templar" Rosslyn Chapel, pales into insignificance.
As Icke admits, the Windsors Are Lizards theory is "quite something to absorb from our conditioned version of reality". But how can you gainsay an eyewitness who claims to have seen an extra membrane momentarily flicking across Queen Elizabeth's eyes? Or one who observed the Queen Mother actually transforming into a lizard? Tile secret of tile Windsors' abilities, according to, is not gin and tonic, horseracing and unimaginable wealth, but "microcurrents". Apparently, "it's much easier for them to do Frankenstein shit than it is for us. The different bodies are just different electrical vibrations and they have got that secret, they've got the secret of the microcurrents. it's so micro, so specific, these radio waves that actually create the bodies." Fortunately, these microcurrents aren't entirely negative. As the website's contributor goes on to add: These are the energies I work with when I'm healing."

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