by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.;
in the MORNING BRIEFING of April 29, 1983

WIESBADEN, April 27 (EIR) -- Documentation presented by the Swedish government at a press conference yesterday, reveals that the Soviet Navy is deploying miniature submarines capable of a sneak thermonuclear attack against the mainland of the United States. Such devices were shown to have made repeated~ successful penetration of Sweden's sophistitated anti-submarine defenses many times during 1982, with increasing instances of successful penetration during 1983 to date. These miniature submarines are revealed to be of two types. One type crawls on treads along the sea-bottoms and is capable of shifting its course to avoid obstacles while continuing to its assigned destination. Another type is able to slide along sea-bottom mud, driven by propellers. Swedish authorities report that three to four such mini-subs can be transported by a single mother-submarine, and that the mini-subs have a range of not less than thirty-five miles.
This means that Soviet "mother-submarines" deployed off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the USA could sneak such mini-subs armed with H-bombs into the vicinity of such targets as Boston's Massachusetts Bay, New york Harbor, Phildaelphia's waters, areas of the Chesapeake Bay, Mobile, New Orleans, Puget Sound, San Francsico Bay and the vicinity of the San Diego Naval Base. An underwater H-bomb explosion in the multi-megaton range would represent a hideous radio-active steam fall-out potential against populations of the affected region.
The question immediately arises: is this the sneak-weapon nuclear freeze-movement-loving Soviet secretary Yuri Andropov plans to deploy against the U.S. homeland as his preemptive response to the placing of Pershing II missiles in Germany? Or, does te release of such information by Moscow-linked Prime Minister Olof Palme signify that Moscow is using Social-Democrat Palme as a channel through which to trigger a new missile-crisis over the stationing of U.S. Pershings II's? The Soviet leadership has made no secret of the fact that it intends to go through with a replay of the 1962 Cuba missiles-crisis unless the United States and NATO back down from placing Pershing II's in Germany before the end of this year. Soviet financing of the Nazi International-directed greenie peace movement of West Germany is scheduled to erupt into violent attacks on U.S. NATO installations over the coming summer and autumn, but the Soviets are not relying on the Nazi-linked peace movement with which they are allied, to do the job successfully. They have indicated, and our best analysts agree with my assessment of this point, that the Soviet Union will retaliate against the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States with nuclear-armed submarines, not by land-based missiles in Cuba or Nicaragua.
Since Soviet missile-bearing submarines are routinely off our coasts, how will their mere presence cause us to react to a new quality of H-bomb threat against our homeland? That is the intriguing question. The answer to the question is, on principle, that the Soviets must leak some information to our intelligence community which causes us to view Soviet nuclear submarines as representing an upgraded quality of strategic threat. They would proceed as Khrushchev proceeded in the 1962 crisis, leaking information to us which we could not ignore, but not shouting his intentions from the steps of the Kremlin officially.
It has been my estimation that secretary Andropov would start the new missile-crisis as early as August or September 1983, rather than waiting until we were on the verge of actually installing Pershing II's in Europe. I have argued that he could do so in an effort to show Soviet "toughness," in an attempt to gain a wide margin of psychological-political advantage, to attempts to catch the Regagan administration off guard by starting the crisis before the Regagan adminsitration was organized to cope with it.
I have been certain that the Soviet measures would involve placing relays of missile-carrying submarines off our Atlantic and Pacific coasts, but I have been uncertain as to what exact technical measures they would use in that connection.
The leaking of the documentation on massive, and successful deployments of Soviet mini-submarines by Sweden's Social-Democratic, Moscow-linked prime minister, Palme, is perhaps the answer. Perhaps the new missile-crisis has already begun count-down; probably, we shall know one way or the other very soon. Meanwhile, trying to put myself inside the mind of the Soviet leadership, I strongly suspect that this is exactly what they are up to. Why now? Why not wait until August or September to start the preemptive missile-crisis? I strongly suspect that there are several factors in this choice of timing of Palme's press conference.

  1. . President Reagan's concessions to the Kissinger/Trilateral Commission crowd on several issues, including the Scowcroft Commission report, have given the President's nuclear freeze opponents an opportunity to join Britain in regrouping forces against the President. Andropov is relying on Britain and the Mitterrand and Kohl governments to pressure the Reagan administration into some significant degree of backdown, aided by the Mondale Democrats. This would be an oportune time for Andropov to act, rether than waiting until the President recovers the momentum he held temporarily after his March 23 announcement of his new strategic doctrine.
  2. . Washington is tied up in knots at the moment over the recently published phony report of a March economic recovery. As a result, Washington is doing nothing to prepare for the major financial crash now scheduled to explode sometime between now and early July.
  3. . As a result of the President's efforts to force through a Middle East peace-plan, sabotaged by Henry A. Kissinger and Secretary George Shultz's support to the Israeli Lavie project, we are on the verge of a new general Middle East war, triggered by increasing clashes between Syrian and Israeli forces.

It has long been the estimation of the London tavistock Institute, the psychological-warfare division of the British Secret Intelligence Service, that the way to bring down President Reagan's administration is by hitting the President with several major foreign and domestic crises simultaneously. Now, since leading officials of British Intelligence state openly that Britain and the Trilateral Commission are in operational alliance with Moscow against President Reagan, we must assume that secretary Andropov is relying significantly on British Intelligence's advice as to how to deal with President Reagan. Based on the British Intelligence profile of the President's administration, the time Andropov would choose to start a new crisis is now.
The activation of the new crisis through Sweden's Olof Palme strongly suggests that that is exactly what Secretary Andropov is doing.
In light of these developments, I am now placing my entire international organization on "yellow alert," both in probing for all intelligence which may bear on the indicated threat, and preparing to deploy its special capabilities in the event the highly probable threat of the moment is confirmed. We will know how to judge any persons or institutions which attempt to hamper our work under such circumstances.

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