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The Socialist International Plot to Destabilize the U.S.

New Solidarity - 1981

Olof Palme

Olof Palme, a nobleman of Eastern European stock, is a former premier of Sweden, and remains the head of the Swedish Social Democracy and a "world class operative" of Second International intelligence networks. It was under Palme's premiership that what became known internationally as "The Swedish Way" to socialism was implemented.
"Swedish Way" socialism refers to techniques of psychological manipulation designed to foster popular acceptance of a drug-infested, counterculture-dominated "postin-dustrial society."
The "Swedish Way" was a project pilot-tested by British intelligence planners from the Tavistock Institute in Norway, and brought into Sweden on the basis of "small group" brainwashing methods introduced in the name of "democracy" into factories, and later schools, during Palme's tenure as minister of education and then prime minister.
Olof Palme, like many other Socialist International leaders, is of "noble" birth, the key to his "post-industrial" outlook. He grew up in an aristocratic Stockholm family, his mother of the ultrareactionary Rega Latvian nobility, his grandmother of the Finnish nobility, related to the Russian noble family that spawned Count Peter Kropotkin, the notorious black anarchist.
Palme's uncle, R. Palme Dutt, was a well-known British intelligence operative active in the Communist Party of Great Britain.
Palme's aristocratic upbringing was thorough; he was admitted as a youth to the king's cavalry. His tracking as a "socialist" began at the London School of Economics under Harold Laski, and continued at Ohio's Kenyon College, run by the Anglican-Episcopal Church. Palme joined the Fabian Club on campus.
Returning to Sweden, he was made secretary to the intelligence-linked International Union of Students, traveling throughout Eastern and Western Europe during the 1950s making contacts. In the early 1960s, he became secretary to Swedish Prime Minister Tage Ehrlander, on the recommendation of none other than Ragnar Edenman, the Swedish Nazi of the 1930s who headed the pro-Hitler New Swedish Movement. The corporatist fascist character of Palme's "Swedish Way" socialism makes sense out of this little-known association.
After being Ehrlander's secretary, Palme rose to become, first, communications minister in 1965, and then education minister in 1967. The character of his tenure is defined morally by the fact that, while education minister, he appeared, playing himself, in the famous pornographic film, "I Am Curious—Yellow." While education minister, Palme introduced reforms bringing Tavistock "small group" methods down to even the kindergarten level, otherwise "liberalizing" education, de-emphasizing rigorous scientific curricula, and so forth. His endorsement of the "radical student movement," liberalization of drugs, etc., made him known as "Red Olof" among the Social Democracy's traditional trade union base.
It was on the strength of such British intelligence "New Left" ferment that Palme was enabled to lead a party faction against the labor-industry alliance associated with growth of Swedish industrial power, taking over the Social Democracy on the basis of a no-growth, counterculture, environmentalist, and energy conservation program. He became prime minister in 1969 with Ehrlander's retirement.
In June 1972, Palme as prime minister was the host to the World Environment Conference, an international organization sponsored by the United Nations and organized by the Club of Rome, which launched the environmentalist movement, and which advocates zero growth and Third World genocide to maintain the "ecological balance."
Immediately after the conference Palme created within the Swedish government a secretariat on "Futures," which churned out study after study on themes of "protecting nature" from industry and economic growth, "small is beautiful," "nuclear power is dangerous," etc.
After four years of such zero-growth policies, during which Sweden languished economically while drugs, rock, and pornography flourished with the endorsement of his government, the Swedish electorate removed the "Red Baron" from office by a wide margin.
Right up to the present date, however, Palme remains one of the Socialist International's leading international operatives. He holds a seat on Willy Brandt's commission. He also has set up a special new "Palme Commission" on East-West "disarmament," in collaboration with former U.S. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, other Second International figures, and several representatives of the Soviet KGB faction that is currently allied with the Socialist International in a number of "class war" destabilization projects, e.g., Georgii Arbatov of the Soviet IMEMO intelligence agency and General Mihlstein.

What Palme said:
The prominent feature of Swedish way ' 'socialism" is ' 'democratizing the economy"—as Palme described it to the "Eurosocialism" conference. This includes new laws in Sweden which give "workers representation on the boards of companies"—in order that they may decide to cut their own wages. Palme reported:
There must be two worker representatives on the board of directors or governing body of all firms, including government agencies. This means that thousands of blue and white collar workers have been able to enter the boardrooms, receive information and insight, represent their colleagues in the long-term decisions about the development of the firm. . . . Prospects for increases in real wages in the years to come are bleak. ... In the short run, employees will have to give up some possibilities of private consumption. . . .Employees will not be willing to do this without having an influence over the use of the capital resulting from their sacrifice. . . . Planning includes controlling technological development. . . . Technological progress changes the structure of the economy and the conditions of working life. We must control technological development.

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