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A couple of months after Larouche purged his German cadre (EEC) in November 2006, most of them created the German website. The "Solon political line" was already expressed in this 1984 speech from Gabriele Liebig in LaRouche's New Solidarity newspaper. Gabriele and Michael Liebig, along with most of this purged EEC members, are currently editors and contributors to .

Here is a list of regular contributors to who were associates of Lyndon LaRouche, most of them at the highest level of leadership in his "European" (German) operation for 30+ years:

Helga Zepp-LaRouche (center), Lyndon LaRouche (left),
and Frank Hahn (right) at a March 2, 2006 EIR Berlin Seminar.
(EIRNS/Wolfgang Lillge)
  • Liebig, Michael & Gabriele (Michael Liebig was criticized by his guru LaRouche. Read here.)
  • Grete, Patrick
  • Hellenbroich, Anno & Elisabeth
  • Schauerhammer, Ralf
  • Friesecke, Uwe (Read about his suspension by his guru LaRouche here).
  • Raimondi, Paolo
  • Tennenbaum, Jonathan & Rosa
  • Cramer, Hartmut (deceased) & Ortrun
  • Hahn, Frank & Monika

Another list of LaRouche German old cadres can be found at Helmut Lorscheid und Leo A. Müller: Deckname Schiller Seite 179 (

Information regarding some of LaRouche's European/ German operations which many of the solon-line's former larouchies were responsible of:

PART FIVE: LaRouche's Private CIA - Chapter Eighteen : The Billion-Dollar Brain
Especially important is the Wiesbaden intelligence command center. Wiesbaden is the headquarters of the European Labor Party (*), and LaRouche has a villa nearby. Already in the early 1970s the ELP's German contingent began to cultivate military and intelligence officials. Defectors say that LaRouche aides met with the late Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's Eastern Front military intelligence chief, who, after the war, founded the BND, West Germany's version of the CIA, and staffed it largely with former SS officers. Gehlen was already retired from the spy business when he met with the LaRouchians. He reportedly found them still too leftwing to be taken seriously. According to Charles Allen, a well-known writer on Nazi war criminals and German revanchism, the LaRouchians had more success with the BND after their swing to the right. They also nuzzled up to military counterintelligence, which was headed in the mid-1970s by General Scherer, who would become, after his retirement, a close personal friend of LaRouche.
The director of LaRouche's German intelligence staff, Anno Hellenbroich, is the younger brother of Heribert Hellenbroich, chief of West Germany's Federal Bureau of Constitutional Protection (BfV) from 1981 to 1985. The BfV, West Germany's equivalent of the FBI, supposedly watches extremist groups but removed the LaRouche organization from its list. Heribert told Der Spiegel that it wasn't extremist enough and besides, Anno had assured him it was not anti-Semitic.
From its inception the European Labor Party concentrated much of its energy on tracking, compiling dossiers on, and harassing politicians in Germany and Scandinavia who were critics of U.S. policy or advocates of Ostpolitik. They conducted a smear campaign against former Chancellor Willy Brandt, putting up posters depicting him in a Nazi storm trooper uniform with a swastika prominently displayed. (Brandt sued them and won.)
In 1982-83 the ELP went after Petra Kelly, leader of Germany's Green Party and a strong advocate of removing U.S. missiles from German soil. Various smear articles called her a Communist, a terrorist, and sexually promiscuous. An article entitled "Did You See This Whore on Television?" described her alleged affairs with married men. She sued the LaRouchians for libel in New York federal court. Her attorney, former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, said the LaRouchians had engaged in a "vicious campaign that made it difficult for her to appear in public. The campaign became physical at times. They cornered her on a train, they shoved her grandmother around....They abused her most fundamental rights of privacy, dignity, physical integrity, and reputation."
(*) The "European Labor Party" was LaRouche's political party name in Europe. In Germany, its name was the E.A.P. (“Europäische Arbeiter-Partei” in 1974-86). It changed its name into "Patriots for Germany" (PFD, "Patrioten für Deutschland" in 1986-92).
Since 1992 it is known as the "Civil Rights Movement - Solidarity" ("Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität" aka the BüSo).
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More information:
* Der LaRouche-Kult und die BÜSO - Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität at
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