Suspension of Mr. Uwe Friesecke

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 [Letter to ICLC]

 Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

                                        Windy Hill Farm
                                        18520 Round Top Lane
                                        Round Hill, VA 22141
                                        November 29, 2006

 To All Whom It May Concern

 Re: Suspension of Mr. Uwe Friesecke

 Dear Citizen:

        A written communication uttered, in Germany, on behalf of
 ICLC associate Uwe Friesecke, obliges me to notify both
 associates and the relevant parts of the general public on the
 suspension of Mr. Uwe Friesecke from all official decision-making
 in the name of organizations associated wth the ICLC.  He shall
 remain in that status until such time as investigations may
 warrant placing him under a different classification.

        The notable moral issues which have prompted this timely
 suspension of him from official positions of authority, are,
 chiefly, the following.

         1.   Misconduct in Office

        Uwe Friesecke has been operating as what is termed
 technically a "kingpin," a practice against which I have warned
 him, urging him to desist from this practice, twice in the
 presence of a business associate, Anno Hellenbroich.

        Under these conditions, no accounting report premised on the
 misguided assumption that said Friesecke is not operating as a
 "kingpin" has no presumptive competence, until after the role of
 said Friesecke as a "kingpin" has been exhaustively investigated,
 and appropriately discounted in detail.

        In positions of responsibility which he occupies, he has
 abused that advantage to control, positively, or negatively,
 elements of the flow of income and disbursements among several of
 these entities as from above, in the manner generally known to
 fit the description of a "kingpin." I have specifically warned
 him that were such continued practices to culiminate in one or
 more insolvencies among the relevant entities, a creditor of one
 or more of these might wish to seek a remedy for the creditor's
 threatened losses from among any or all of the entities and
 assets with which said Friesecke is personally associated, and,
 or beyond his role as a "kingpin" within the domain of the ICLC
 as such.

        For example: Since said Friesecke has controlled both the
 financing of Bueso campaigns, and the sources of funds for
 meeting attributed debt-obligations of the Bueso, said
 Friesecke's "kingpin" role implies that any failure to meet
 timely repayment of such debts, is a result of discretionary
 action of said Friesecke, in his not merely adopted, but
 preempted role as a "kingpin" in fact.

        The nature of this specific situation in Germany itself, is
 illuminated by said Friesecke's conduct as a "kingpin," with
 respect to relevant operations in both Europe and the U.S.A., in
 fact, during the interval 1989-1998. Notably, in the year 1997,
 he intervened personally to sabotage my conducting an audit I was
 legally obliged to conduct, concerning certain financial
 transactions and reports in the U.S.A. He intervened in this
 matter in a "kingpin" fashion, and in numerous other matters in
 the U.S.A., sometimes in what was, frankly, a morally disgusting

         2.   The Related Political Issues:

        There are numerous instances in my knowledge of relevant
 "kingpin" types of actions by said Friesecke.

        The financial aspects of said Friesecke's "kingpin"
 activities, have been aggravated by his witting association with
 known fascist elements, centered on the figure of one Fernando
 Quijano, whose beliefs and practices are antipathetic for
 everything which the ICLC and associated entities internationally
 is committed morally and politically.

        A certain cowardly, former associate of the ICLC, this
 Fernando Quijano, betrayed the ICLC's association, and into the
 arms of known fascists, out of his own fear of the attacks on me
 and my associates by certain corrupt but powerful interests; he
 put himself at the mercy of fascist elements associated with the
 Chilean dictator Pinochet, and related Synarchist elements,
 including "death squad" coordinator and and Quijano confidante
 Nestor Sanchez. Quijano boldly announced his moral degeneration
 on this general account at a U.S. public conference in September
 1990, and, repeatedly, thereafter.

        Said Friesecke, while functioning as a de facto "kingpin" in
 operations conducted simultaneously in the U.S.A. and in Europe,
 during 1990-1998, maintained an active alliance with said
 Quijano. Even after said Friesecke's control over U.S. operations
 were ended, by me, as soon as I was permitted, beginning
 1999-2000, Friesecke organized a savage cover-up of this
 information concerning his ties to Quijano, from the members of
 the association in Europe.  At the same time, said Friesecke,
 whose long-standing, unconcealed personal hatred of Helga
 Zepp-LaRouche, has motivated vicious campaigns of lying
 defamation and kindred personal actions against her, and against
 me, within the European association, at the same time that he has
 organized a campaign of lies in defense of his complicity with
 said Quijano.

         3.   The Youth Movement

        All viable political associations are either based on what
 are broadly classed as "movements of young-adult youth," or they
 are merely private clubs, or sects.  It is outreach aimed at
 future generations' advantage, which is the mark of the sane and
 moral adult person and his or her organization within society.

        On that account, the reaction of the circles around said
 Friesecke to the appearance of a viable youth movement, from
 1999-2000 onward, has been functionally insane, and destructively
 hostile.  Said Friesecke's claque is, by the intent expressed in
 his design of it, a collection assembled from among history's
 dead ends.  We might be reminded of the fictional "Struldbruggs,"
 the intellectually and morally dead living creatures, from
 Jonathan Swift's allegorical "Gulliver's Travels."

        The manifest hatred against young adult volunteers, by the
 persons who associate themselves as devotees of a cult of the
 said Friesecke, marks the relevant moral and mental illness.

         4.   Management Under Said Friesecke

        The lesser, but related and serious fault of said
 Friesecke's role, has been his relevant incompetence in knowledge
 and administration of business operations.

        The ICLC, and its daughter, the European Labor Committees,
 have been committed by intention, from the outset of their
 existence, to the present date, to the politics of ideas: ideas
 first, and election-campaigns in furtherance of the campaign of
 ideas, second.

        For example, in the matter of income and expenditures
 associated with the distribution of literature, he has created an
 artificial "corporate" separation of costs and income from
 marketing of literature and costs and income from sales of
 literature.  A similar incompetence is shown in the marketing
 philosophy of the weekly German newspaper, where the silly
 assumption reigns that sales of such literature, which depends
 predominantly on political campaign activity, can be an
 economically self-sufficient function. Witness, the stagnation of
 marketing of Neue Solidaritaet over the relevant passage of time:
 zero growth.

        That sort of evidence of incompetent management under said
 "kingpin" Friesecke, runs on and on.

        In the main, the revenues gained by operations conducted by
 associates of the ICLC have been chiefly financial support for
 the promotion of these ideas.

        Under Friesecke's role, which he himself has identified as
 his concept of his role as "the boss," he has acted more in the
 likeness of a "mafioso" boss than that of a marketer of the kinds
 of ideas associated with the ICLC.  In fact, as the lack of
 growth of the German weekly newspaper publication attests, money
 from subscribers and similar contributors as such, has supplanted
 the broad political outreach which is characteristic of any
 institution committed to propagation of ideas. The policies of
 the agglomerated association of entities under his "kingpin"
 style of management control "as from above," have tended to be
 shaped more by who pleases, or is "fired," or simply dropped from
 payroll, by "kingpin Uwe" than a virtually non-existent
 deliberation respecting ideas of the type associated with the

        It is not business expediency which has dictated said
 Friesecke's "kingpin"-style policy, but, rather, his own neurotic
 compulsions.  Herein lies the core of the incompetence shown by
 his management policies and practice over the recent twenty-six

         5.   Extenuating Considerations

        Said Friesecke has expressed a significant personality
 problem, that known to me over a span of more than thirty years.
 However, those of us with qualified experience in management
 recognize that society, and, therefore, the ranks of business and
 other organizations, contain a significant ration of people with
 more or less comparable personality problems, even problems of
 the sort encountered on "the dark side" of the said Friesecke's
 personality.  Competent management is, thus, confronted with the
 task of managing such problems, with due consideration for
 interest of the enterprise, the community, and the afflicted

        I do not doubt that, but for this personal problem of said
 Friesecke's, the disgusting things he has done to injure this
 association might not have occurred.  That was the issue of
 policy before me earlier; that is the issue of policy under which
 I act now, as I have done here.

     Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
     International Caucus of Labor Committees (ICLC)
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