The wife of a legendary Rabbi of Prague

by Lyndon H. LaRouche. Jr.
Source: EIR, November 4, 1988
The article below was released by the author on Oct. 22, 1988 .

Remember that famous myth, of the legendary rabbi of Prague, on which Goethe modeled his fable of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." Recall, perhaps, Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse version of Goethe's tale. Recall Jeremy Bentham's Jacobin witch, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, the hater of our Benjamin Franklin, who parodied the same story in writing her Frankenstein. Mickey Mouse version of Goethe's tale. Recall Jeremy Bentham's Jacobin witch, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, the hater of our Benjamin Franklin, who parodied the same story in writing her Frankenstein. To refresh memories: The story goes as follows. This rabbi of Prague was famous for his powers of magic. Wanting a servant, he fashioned a creature from mud, a Golem, and, by cabbalist's incantations, enlivened him. He warned his wife not to attempt to use the creature, but, when the rabbi was out on an errand, her impulse to defy her husband's command overcame her. Once she had turned the Golem loose, she was unable to control it: havoc !
Such a Golem is Bolshevik Russia.
It is a simple sort of Jewish folkloric fairy-tale, yet it contains implicitly all of the germs of a true classic tragedy. The moral flaw in the character of the rabbi prompted him to produce such a creature, and to place temptation in the way of a foolish wife who he should have known could not resist such lure. So, since neither of the two players, nor the poor Golem, were able to change its habituated nature, the tragic consequence ensued.
Such is the tragedy brought upon this planet by those who created, and fostered Bolshevik Russia. It was real-life Magicians, including the Bogomils of Venice and kindred precincts, who created this monster known first as the province of Muscovy, and, later, transformed Muscovy into that Bolshevik Moscow devoutly dedicated to the Dostoevskyian madness of establishing itself as the eternal capital of a Third Roman Empire.
The heirs of the ancient Magi have supplied themselves, and, unfortunately, our planet, many Golems, including Horace Walpole's Hell-Fire liberalism in eighteenth-century Britain, and eighteenth-century Jacobinism. They supplied us Mazzini's neo-Jacobin "Young Europe" conspiracy, out of which sordid infection came anarchism, terrorism, Karl Marx, modern fascism, and Bolshevism.



The putative author of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was Venice's Count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata, also the chief author of the Balkan wars leading into World War I, and later famous as the man who created the dictator Benito Mussolini.
It was Volpi, through cut-outs such as Count Sforza, and in collaboration with Black Sea grain-traders such as the Recanatis of Salonika, who promoted the famous super-spy Alexander Helphand ("Parvus") of Odessa, and later placed that Parvus in the position in which he was paid more than 30 million gold Reichsmarks from the Kaiser's intelligence services, for putting the Bolsheviks into power.
Volpi was not a force unto himself, nor did Venice's orchestration of the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917 begin with Parvus's assignments to those undertakings. Volpi was the executive officer for a syndicate of Venetian noble families' financial trusts, fondi. Volpi acted in the interest of those families in Russian and Balkan affairs, as he did in putting Mussolini into power later. Does "Venice" mean the stolid Christians of the Veneto region? Not at all. It means the notorious usurers, the noble financier families of that city floating upon a cesspool; it means today's far-flung global power, whose direction is concentrated in such satanic places as the site of the Cini Foundation on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. It means that city which has been the cesspool of Western European civilization for more than a thousand years.
The Venetian noble families' preparations for the Russian revolution of 1917 reach back into the eighteenth century, to manipulation of the Russians' affairs through such scoundrels as the Orlov brothers and Prince Potemkin.
Inside Russia, the Venetian nobles' accomplices featured some of the most powerful aristocratic landowning families, such as the extended Vorontsov clan. It was these boyar families, acting in part through their control over the Third Section of the Czarist interior ministry and the late Okhrana, who assassinated the "Westernizing" Czar Alexander II, and created the sundry radical populist, social-democratic, and Zionist organizations controlled by such Okhrana officers as the the infamous Colonel Zulbatov. What is the centuries-old motive behind the evil work of these Venetian nobles? Look back to the 1815 Treaty of Vienna, where the Venetian John Count Capodistria, appointed by Venice to the rank of Czar's plenipotentiary, presided over the work of Metternich, Talleyrand, and Castlereagh. The purpose of that treaty, making Russia's armies "the policemen of Europe" (through 1849), was to eradicate the influence of the American Revolution from Europe, and the Americas, and to destroy the young United States in the process. Go back to the beginning of the eighteenth century, when all Europe identified the first Duke of Marlborough as the leading English agent of the "Venetian Party." It was the triumph of Marlborough over the murdered corpse of Queen Anne, which brought Walpole's Hell-Fire liberals to power, and made inevitable the later American War of Independence against the heirs of a King George I, Marlborough's Venetian Party puppet.

It was the same Venetian Party, the so-called Lombards of the Black Guelph faction, whose usury and wars plunged fourteenth-century Europe into the New Dark Age culminating in the Black Death pandemic.

From the beginning of Venice's power as the Western subcapital of Byzantium, it steered the efforts to destroy the Augustinian order in Western Europe, as it did from the time of Charlemagne. It was this Venetian Party, in the guise of the Black Guelph faction, which exploited the conditions following the A.D. 1250 death of Frederick II, to plunge Europe into the fourteenth century's New Dark Age.\\ That is the same Venetian Party, represented by such agencies as the pro-genocide Club of Rome, and that more powerful Cini Foundation based upon San Giorgio Maggiore, which connives at bringing about a planetary New Dark Age today.
Western Europe recovered from Venice's last New Dark Age on the basis of the Renaissance projected by Dante Alighieri and his successor Petrarch. The watershed of modern European civilization became the A.D. 1439 Council of Florence. Out of this Council came the modern form of sovereign nation-state, based upon literate forms of common languages, and dedicated to fostering the benefits of scientific and technological progress. Since 1439, the consistent dedication of the Venetian Party has been to eradicate the work of that Council of Florence. As Oxford University's evil John Ruskin merely typifies this program, the Venetian Party is dedicated to eradicating the institutions of scientific progress and the sovereign nation-state republic, to turn the world back to conditions like those established by the Black Guelph party at the beginning of the fourteenth century.

Already, during the period of the Council of Florence, Venice was the westernmost center of coordination of the efforts to destroy the Council. Venice allied with the hesychastic party centered among the foul monks of Mount Athos, chose Moscow as the bastion of its counteroffensive against that Council. Venice' s choice of Moscow was not serendipitous. Muscovy had been created centuries earlier, as a bastion of Mount Athos' counteroffensive against the Christianization of Kiev Rus, the area of the modern Ukraine, and against the influence of Roman missionaries such as Cyril and Methodius among the Slavic peoples more generally.

It was during that period, under the sponsorship of Venice, that Moscow began its rise toward becoming the empire it represents today. Crucial, during that period, Venice, in collaboration with the hesychastic party of Mount Athos, conspired to place Greece and Constantinople under Ottoman rule. Venice, together with Mount Athos, overthrew the Paleologue dynasty of Greece, and replaced it with the Byzantine Empire's new Ottoman dynasty, because the Paleologue emperor had subscribed to the theological and political terms of agreement reached at the 1439 Council of Florence. Venice offered the Ottomans recognition as the hereditary rulers of the old Byzantine Empire, now the Ottoman Empire. Venice was given large tracts of Greek territory in payment for this service, and was given, as a concession, control of the Ottoman's diplomatic and foreign-intelligence service. Mount Athos, for its part in betraying the Greeks, was given rule over the non-Muslim populations of the Ottoman Empire, and the leader of the Greek quisling party, Gennadios, was appointed Patriarch by the Ottomans.

Venice gave its client, the old Swiss-Burgundian robber baron family of Hapsburg, control over Spain and its empire, and over the Austro-Hungarian and Burgundian empires. From the beginning of the sixteenth century, until the Treaty of Versailles, Venice's playing of the balance-of-power game among the Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and growing Muscovite empires, became the perilous flank of the history of Western European civilization and culture.
The world is living with the results of that Venetian Balkan balance-of-power game to the present day, as the Balkans and attached Middle East emerge once again as the cockpit of a potential world war. When that Venetian Party, then and afterward represented as a collection of financier interests spreading throughout Europe and North America, destroyed the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires with the Balkan wars and World War I, it also unleashed a transformation of Russia for the future mission of obliterating the institutions and memory of the 1439 Council of Florence from this planet.

To accomplish this transformation of Russia, the Venetian Party saw it indispensable to rid Russia itself of the "Westernizing influence" which Gottfried Leibniz had exerted upon Czar Peter the Great. Although some of the Romanov Czars, such as Alexander I, Nicholas I, and the ill-fated Nicholas II, had been won over, more or less, to the imperial vision of Ivan the Terrible, Alexander II's 1863 alliance with U.S. President Abraham Lincoln against Britain's Palmerston and France's Napoleon III reminded the Venetian Party that it must rid Russia of the institutional changes associated with the "Petrine State." Inside Russia, Venice found two allies for this purpose, the anti-Petrine boyars, such as the Vorontsov clan, and those fanatics, the "Old Believers" (raskolniki), who had never forgiven the Romanovs for Peter the Great's attempts to Christianize the Russian Orthodox Church. For this purpose, the powerful aristocrats, such as the Vorontsovs, supplied the "inside job" of preparing the overthrow of the Petrine state; the raskolniki filled the ranks of the nihilists, the populists, the social-democrats, and the Bolsheviki. The coordinating role of the accomplices and dupes of the Western European and North American branches of the "Venetian Party," provided that orchestration of global events which made the "inside jobs" of 1905 and 1917 feasible.
The immediate intent of the Venetian Party was, and is today, to stamp out even the memory of those institutions set into motion by the 1439 Council of Florence. Like its creation Adolf Hitler, its deeper objective is to eradicate the memory of Christianity, and the kind of Judeo-Christian culture associated with the development of Western European civilization.

Thus, in the personality of the Venetian Party and its monstrously evil deeds, we have struck upon the spoor of Satan and his mother Ishtar, the Great Whore. Nothing less than the eradication of Christianity and its civilization, is the dark purpose of those imps of Satan. We pack our luggage, to depart modern Venice, to follow the back-trail leading to the Isle of Capri in the time of the ancient Roman Empire.


During the second half of the nineteenth century, the Venetian Party's warfare against Western civilization took a new turn, from delphic gnosticism, to overt satanism. In the English language, this turn is associated with Venice's indoctrination of members of the Acton family, with the cultish productions of Bulwer-Lytton, with the activities of the fanatical Venetians, Oxford's John Ruskin and his Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and with the roles of such anthroposophs as Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant, and Aleister Crowley. On the continent, this is associated with the literary outputs of Jacob Burckhardt, Nietzsche, and Dostoevsky. Nietzsche and Crowley were explicit satanists. Both proclaimed the end of "The Age of Pisces," and the dawning of a "New Age," " The Age of Aquarius." Their satanic symbolic philosophy identified the "Age of Pisces" with Christ, (...)



The Jewish fairy-tale does not say this, but it is the truth of that story nonetheless. The rabbi of Prague made that Golem because he was in the grip of evil, otherwise he would have never wished to make such a creature. More specifically, he was in the grip of Venice's evil.
We refer to two events involving a famous Jewish family of Venice, Luzzato. The first event occurred during the thirteenth century, when the Luzzato family propagated the satanic dogma of cabbalistic occultism as its version of Jewish belief. Thus, the Bogomil gnostics undertook to perpetrate upon Judaism the same quality of crimes they wreaked upon Christianity. The second event was the same Luzzato family's nineteenth-century attack upon Moses Mendelssohn, the great philosopher who epitomized the highest quality of achievements of the Western European Ashkenazi Jew.

Such crimes against not only Moses, but God Himself were not original to thirteenth-century Venice. It began in Moses' time, with the worship of Satan represented as the Golden Calf. The adoption of the satanic cults of the Canaanites ("Phoenicians") led to the destruction of Israel. The influence of Shakti-Ishtar became systemized by those scribes of the Babylonian captivity, who corrupted the Hebrew writings to bring them into conformity with the mythologies of the Chaldean priests of the Whore of Babylon, Ishtar.


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