CAMPAIGNER VOL 11, 9 Nov 1978, by Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr.

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Dr. Margaret Mead, long-standing British intelligence agent-of-influence and Dame of a sovereign foreign power, the Maltese Order, does not like the U.S. Labor Party. Some years ago, in 1973, we caught this Dame spreading vicious slanders against the Labor Party under the pretext of scholarship - thus perpetrating a fraud against her credulous, paying students. This latter offense is not an isolated occurrence. We know that Dame's role in Germany during the postwar period. We know the fraud she has peddled to the witless and credulous as "anthropology," the colonialist doctrine of the old British foreign office, a doctrine of biological cultural inferiority of colonial peoples entitled "cultural relativism."

Dame Mead is in fact a priestess of the evil, pagan goddess Isis, a priestess of the Whore of Babylon.
Professor Noam Chomsky, former associate of the Rand Corporation and heir of the late high priest of Isis, Bertrand Russell, is a familiar of the cult of which Margaret Mead is a Dame and priestess. So are Professor Warren Sussman, Professor Eugene Genovese, and Professor William Appleman Williams.

The cult of Isis was created by Aristotle's Peripatetics during their reign in Ptolemaic Egypt, following their expulsion from Athens. In its original form, the cult of Isis and Osiris was the Phrygian cult of Dionysus syncretically introduced to existing Egyptian pagan cults. \\Subsequently, the Stoics, a semisecret cult created by the Egyptian Peripatetics during the third century BC, attempted to subvert Christianity with the cult of Isis and Osiris. The same Aristotelian syncretic methods were employed as had been employed to insert the Phrygian cult of Dionysus into Egypt. The worship of Isis under the cover of certain Coptic cults today is a direct relic of the insertion of Isis cults into Byzantine episcopal Christian bodies following the establishment of the Emperor Constantine.

Down through the ages, the worship of Isis has been continued by "Christians who are not Christians" and through a secret cult within Judaism associated with usury-practicing families of the Mediterranean, down into the allies of the House of Rothschild during the present day. The leaders of apostolic Christianity were keenly aware of this evil cult, and of its ultimate origins. Hence, the New Testament gives the name, the Whore of Babylon, to the form of Christianity for which schismatic Archbishop Lefebvre is exemplary today. The ancient Roman families, Pallavicini and Colonna, are exemplary of those patrons of Lefebvre who maintain the kernel of Isis worship into the present day. The Aristotelian Society of Britain, of which Bertrand Russell was formerly a high priest, is a guardian of the doctrine of Isis.

The cult of Isis was introduced into Freemasonry by the British Secret Intelligence Service during the seventeenth century. The figure associated with this enterprise was the Scottish Ashmole, proponent of the so-called Scottish Rite of "reformed" Freemasonry. The center of the British SIS operations conducted under the cover of Freemasonic penetrations was Edinburgh. During the middle of the eighteenth century, the head of the Edinburgh branch of SIS was David Hume, under whom served Adam Smith, whose Wealth of Nations was written as a lying polemic against the associates and allies of Benjamin Franklin and other founders of the United States. The chief successor of Hume at Edinburgh was Sir Walter Scott, another liar whose so-called "historical novels" were fraudulent exercises aimed to promote the cult of feudalism through popular romantic fiction.
The subversion of Freemasonry by way of Scotland has a special importance in U.S. history. The secret networks which Benjamin Franklin and his associates developed to organize the American Revolution were largely Freemasonic-allied to Catholic circles in the United States (and elsewhere) through the Bishop of Maryland. This arrangement interlocked with the faction of Freemasonry which Franklin led in Paris, opposed to the corrupted Freemasonry of the Duke of Orleans. Therefore, the Edinburgh branch of SIS had a prominent role in the attempted subversions of the United States during the first decades of the nineteenth century. It was through Edinburgh that corrupted Massachusetts Freemasons-otherwise associated with the revival of the slave-trade into the United States-created the Transcendentalist circles of Emerson, Longfellow, et al. It is consistent with the character of that Edinburgh branch of Freemasonry that the families associated with the New England slave-traders became the most violent current of Abolitionists. The object of "Beecher's Bibles" and the organization of John Brown's Raid was to nourish the division of the United States into two nations. This was a British intelligence operation intended to feed into British intelligence's control of the secret organization, the Knights of the Golden Circle, which, in cooperation with Rothschild interests and the B'nai B'rith, were working to trigger the establishment of the Confederacy.
It is consistent with that subversion of Freemasonry that the division between proterrorists and antiterrorists within Italy first erupted between two factions of Freemasonry in that country, between the British and antiBritish factions among Freemasonic lodges. It is also consistent that the British intelligence-created and controlled cult of Bahai conducts its operations in connection with international terrorism with British currents within international Freemasonry, including the attempted overthrow of the Shah of Iran by terrorist means.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to accurately distinguish the honest and neutral from the evil merely by the names of the organizations and factions involved. Three organizations are exemplary of the problem: Freemasonry, the Maltese Order, and the Jesuits. For Freemasonry, the case of the composer Wolfgang Mozart is exemplary. Mozart was drawn into Franklin's networks by his father, Leopold, from about 1783. Mozart's connections to Franklin are illustrated in part by a piece for the glass harmonica, an instrument invented by Franklin, and by the derivation of the French Marseillaise from a movement of one of Mozart's piano concerti. The connection of Ludwig van Beethoven to the same networks-via the same associations of Bach-Leibniz followers linking the Bonn Beethoven to the Mozart of 1787 - is reflected in the opera Fidelio, dedicated to the great Marquis de Lafayette and his courageous wife, and the Franklin themes of the Ninth Symphony. (Poe's "Pit and the Pendulum" is based on the same themes as Beethoven's Fidelio). Mozart's Magic Flute reflects clearly a countersyncretic effort to neutralize the institutionalization of the names of Isis and Osiris into Freemasonry - a point otherwise reflected by the assassination of Mozart through poisoning, and by Salieri's later admission of his role in that poisoning. It is more or less conclusively indicated that the poisoning of Goya which caused his temporary blindness and his deafness, and the deafness of Beethoven were precipitated by the use of the same, then-popular method of poisoning used to kill Mozart.)
Herder, a member of the same networks as Mozart and Beethoven, reports the British intelligence campaign to extirpate the influence of Franklin and Franklin's allies throughout Europe during the period from the early 1790s (into the early period of the nineteenth century). Herder's argument is massively supported by evidence from that period, including the novel Frankenstein by Benthamite Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Circumstantial evidence also indicates that two U.S. Whig Presidents were assassinated by the same method of poisoning employed to murder Mozart. These latter incidents are related to the murder of the American writer (and Whig intelligence operative) Edgar Allan Poe by the same agencies responsible for the attempted 1861 assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and the actual later assassination.
The Society of Jesus was created by the worshipers of Isis during the sixteenth century, and, after the banning of the Jesuits by the Papacy, the Jesuit order was reestablished under sponsorship of the British monarchy during the nineteenth century. The Jesuits performed a crucial participating role in the assassination of President Lincoln, and were prominent in operations of the Knights of the Golden Circle as well as in the recreation of the treasonous Knights as the Ku Klux Klan - both in intimate cooperation with the B'nai B'rith in the United States and with Rothschild networks generally. However, it should not be overlooked that the Catholic Church has accompanied periodic efforts to ban the Jesuit Order with efforts to neutralize it. Cardinal Richelieu's efforts are exemplary. Numerous Jesuits have been won to Christianity - away from worship of the Isis cult - through Vatican and allied efforts. Jesuit is no more an axiomatic designation of evil than Freemason; courageous forces for good operate under both names.
The Order of Malta - various divisions of the Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem - is historically the core of the forces of Satan (the Whore of Babylon) throughout the Mediterranean region. The Eastern branch of that order, the Sovereign Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, is the "mother" for today's "fascist international." The "fascist international" enjoys the collaboration and patronage of the British monarchy's own Maltese branch, the Venerable Military and Hospitaller Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. The British branch of the Maltese Order is also represented, since 1967, by a Zionist branch, the Jerusalem Foundation. The British and "fascist" Maltese interface the branches of the Maltese order controlled by the Dutch royal family (Prince Bernhard) and the German branch, and penetrate into the French and Rome-based branches of the Order.
However, leading figures within both the Rome-based and French branches of the Order are courageous humanists, bravely engaged in fighting the evil represented by the British monarchy and its allies.\\ The Maltese Order is technically the international secret society of the Mediterranean region's aristocratic families. Into these circles are coopted both non-aristocratic and recently-created aristocratic families of finance, industry, and political influence. However, since Charlemagne, the European aristocracy has been divided between forces of good and of evil. The Ghibelline-versus-Guelph battles of the thirteenth century are exemplary, as are the battles between "White" and "Black" Guelphs at the outset of the fourteenth century. Certain, "white" currents of the European aristocracy continue the humanist-prince traditions exemplified by the Marquis de Lafayette. Just so, the "black nobility" of Italy, the house of Hapsburg and the ruling, Black Guelph family of Britain represent the continuity of evil-a continuity which stands unbroken since ancient Babylon.
So, neither Maltese, Freemason, Jesuit, nor Zionist represent in themselves an inclusive designation of evil. It is necessary to distinguish under those names those factions which do represent evil. The hallmarks of worship of the cult of Isis, designated in forms both of belief and practice, are the means for distinguishing what the late Pope Paul VI designated as the living forces of Satan in the world today.

The "cult of chicken soup" in Jewish family culture exemplifies one of the important ways in which the susceptibilities for conversion to the Isis cult are maintained in those quarters. Thus, one uncovers the secret of the current alliance between Hitler's Nazis and the government of Israel.

Let there be no evasion of cold facts. The Lebanese Falange was and is a Nazi party, created as an extension of the Nazi party of Germany during the 1930s. The present leader of the Falange, Pierre Gemayel, was appointed to his present position by personal approval of Adolf Hitler, and was shamelessly-if privately-kissing a treasured, autographed portrait of Hitler well into (as late as) the postwar period. The rest of the leadership of the Falange has the same qualities. The government of Israel is fully informed of this and other, correlated qualities of the Falange, justifying the alliance as a matter of "geopolitical" expediency. After all, the Falange, like Hitler himself, is anti-Soviet ! However, Israelis, and Zionist apologists for the alliance generally, insist that the Falange is merely the most effective fighting force of a broader force of Lebanese "Christians." Camille Chamoun, Charles Habib Malik, and so forth are Israel's primary allies, and - so the story goes - the Falange merely an expedient feature of that alliance. Firstly, the Maronite Christians are divided into a pro-Chamoun and anti-Chamounist force, with the majority anti-Chamounists. So much for the Israeli myth of the Lebanese Christians. The majority of Maronites look to President Assad's Syrian peace-keeping force as the principal source of aid against Falange Nazi butchers, and as the principal defender of Lebanese unity and sovereignty against both Henry A. Kissinger's three-way partition project and Israeli butchery within Lebanon. Let us inquire into the cases of Chamoun and Charles Habib Malik. Let us consider what degrees of distinction exist in fact between the Nazi Falange and the Chamounists generally. The case of Chamoun is simple.
Chamoun has been a British intelligence agent for approximately forty years, and chief adversary of the Edde family, which is the principal spokesman for the Maronite Christians as a whole, and also the opponent of particularist division of Lebanon along sectarian lines. The Edde family exemplifies those Christians who have represented the interest of the Lebanese as a whole, a point exemplified by the composition of the bodyguard forces the Edde family has employed (and justly trusted).
Charles Habib Malik exemplifies the truth of the matter. He was formerly Maltese ambassador to the United States, not of the island-principality of Malta, but the sovereign Maltese order. The Falange itself was created not only by Hitler, but by the Eastern branch of the Maltese order, the "fascist international." There is no difference between the Falange and the other Chamounists; they are siblings of the same mother, the fascist international.
Within Maronite Christianity, as within the Egyptian Coptic order, the forces associated with Chamoun are in fact a branch of "Christians who are not Christians," worshipers in fact of the Whore of Babylon, of the pagan goddess Isis.
The Zionist forces controlling the present government of Israel are also worshipers of the pagan cult of Isis.
The cult of Isis within Judaism does not usually take the form of direct worship of Isis as such, but represents a resurrection of an older form of the same belief, the form of Judaism opposed by Philo of Alexandria during the first century AD. This form of Judaism has no connection to the outlooks and beliefs of the Israel of King Solomon, but is a later, syncretic creation of the priests of Babylon. These priests invented a corrupted religious doctrine and Jewish history which was embedded into the sources of the modern Talmud under supervision of the Babylonian priesthood and later Ptolemaic Peripatetics. This corruption was the target of Philo's cleansing efforts in his commentaries. The same corruption, carried over into the Old Testament of today, was the basis for various efforts to create an "Old Testament" perversion of Christianity in agreement with the cult of Isis. Notable is the lurid secret cult associated with the late seventeenth century British Royal Society - into which Isaac Newton, among others, was initiated, along with his principal preoccupation with attempts at sorcery. Certain strains of "Old Testament Protestant Fundamentalism" designed for backward rural and slum populations of the present and past centuries are products of that same effort.
Christianity proper rid itself of this problem, as Philo's efforts could not accomplish adequately, through the doctrine of the "New Dispensation." St. Paul's epistles are the most explicit outline of this point.

Christianity is not an outgrowth of "Old Testament" doctrine, but an overthrow of that doctrine. The essence of Christianity on this point is that "God's only Son" intervened to free man from the evil of the "Old Dispensation" - i.e., the Old Testament. The order outlined by the Old Testament is for Christianity the order of evil from which Christ saved mankind.\\ The only key point on which Judaism finds an ecumenical intersection with Christianity, and with the Islam of the Prophet Muhammad, is the doctrine of the Messiah, the need for the "New Dispensation," God's own appointed Prophet to overcome the evil left unremedied by the old prophets. This Messiah aspect of Judaism is associated with the doctrine of the Diaspora, that Jews are punished for their evil until the arrival of the Messiah shall purify them of the old evil. It is the Christian view of Christ as the promised Messiah which is, uniquely, the sole ecumenical connection between any form of Judaism and Christianity (or Islam).

"Old Testament fundamentalism" characteristically subordinates the New Testament to the Old, locating man in the Old Dispensation. This reversal of Christianity opens the door to syncretic insinuation of the Isis cult into the nominal forms of pseudo-Christian beliefs. Hence, like the more flagrant reflection of the Isis cult within branches of Coptic Christianity or Maronite branches of the Maltese Order, that sort of "fundamentalism" invariably feeds into such by-products of the Maltese cults as the Ku Klux Klan.
Hence, it is not astonishing - at least, not properly astonishing - that Judah Benjamin, a Baruch otherwise Bernard Baruch's grandfather, and a Jesuit priest were key in the creation of the Ku Klux Klan, or that top circles of the B'nai B'rith are key controllers of both fascist organizations and the Shelton version of the Ku Klux Klan today. The B'nai B'rith was created, during the 1840s, in the United States as a British intelligence cover coordinating with the Ku Klux Klan's predecessor, the Knights of the Golden Circle, in the plot to create the breakaway Confederacy-that itself only one prominent element of a larger plot intended to accomplish British reconquest of all North America.

The parallel in gender of Isis to the Whore of Babylon is key to the character and efficiency of the Isis cult as an arm of the oligarchical faction down through the centuries to date. This same distinction is key to the two, opposite currents in Jewish culture, the opposition of the Messiah-orientation to the "chicken-soup Judaism" of Moshe Dayan et al.
The most useful reference point for pedagogy on this matter is the Phrygian Cult of Dionysus, the model upon which the Peripatetic syncretizers premised their creation of the cult of Isis. The original cult of Dionysus is politically allied with the doctrines of the bucolic reactionary cultist, Hesiod. Just as Greek philosophy is divided between the irreconcilable, antagonistic currents of Plato and Aristotle, so Greek culture generally is divided between the traditions of Hesiod and Homer. The division is between the city builders, associated with the leadership of the Ionian city-state republics, and the oligarchists, exemplified by Hesiod. The oligarchists were a political force of aristocratic, parasitical landlords (feudal nobility) allied with usurious, tax-farming interest analogous to the modern Rothschilds and Warburgs.
In order to maintain their oligarchical interest against the emerging power of the city-builders, the followers of Hesiod deployed antiprogress cults coopting the backward, superstitious, rural and pastoral forces of society as mass, social battering-rams against the cities. These rural and pastoral forces were supplemented by cults created to seduce urban lumpen and youth forces to serving the oligarchist cause. The Phrygian cult of Dionysus is the outstanding model for such latter cults to the present day.
The basic form of the Dionysian cult runs as follows: Dionysus, an epitome of the oligarchist ("environmentalist-terrorist") cause, was destroyed by the city builders, his body fragmented and the fragments disparsed. The mother of Dionysus assembled the parts, and restored life to the body.
The assembly of the fragments of the body of Dionysus is symbolic for the recruitment of susceptible youth into a bucolic retreat, where they are lured into various forms of sex-play, including sodomy, and into the use of psychotropic drugs. Through this erotic-psychedelic cult, the urban youth so recruited are converted into a terrorist cult then launched to murder the city-builders "in revenge for the killing of Dionysus."
The British intelligence networks' creation of the "environmentalist" and related international-terrorist movements today has no mysteries, respecting either purpose, methods, or deployments, to one who understands the cult of Dionysus and the manner in which that cult has been perpetuated. Let us look into the mind of the mother of Dionysus or Bacchus) and her guise as the syncretic pagan Goddess Isis. Let us study her mind in respect to those qualities of susceptibility among adolescents which ate crucial to the development of modern "environmentalist" and terrorist cults. There are two polarities in the moral images of mothers into modern times. One is the model of Isis. The other is the model of Adrienne Lafayette, celebrated by Beethoven in his Fidelio.
Complementary to each of these models is the adult son or husband of such a woman, and also the adolescent youth on the way to becoming an adult of one of the two types. Dante Alighieri's Commedia, understood as, unfortunately, few scholars have been able to comprehend it so far, is a guide to understanding how the adolescent mind is sent either into Hell, the Earthly Paradise of Purgatory, or Empyreal self-realization. The descent into Hell is the course of the adolescent governed by a mother modeled on Isis; the ascent to Empyreal self-realization is the ultimate achievement of the son of a mother modeled on Adrienne. The polarities are otherwise exemplified by the sort of modern feminist who converges on the one-time WITCH organization or the doctrines of Ti-Grace Atkinson, and Madame Curie. Both are "liberated" women, but to diametrically opposite effects. What is "liberated" in the follower of Ti-Grace Atkinson is pure irrationality, "liberation" from morality and reason. What is "liberated" in the instance of Adrienne is the woman's power to triumph through reason, her power to become the equal of any man in the achievement of not only reason, but the power to employ reason against evil in the world in a world-historical way-again, Madame Curie.
To the infant, the mother is the center of a fantastically misconceived reality. The infant triumphs over reality by controlling a mother which the infantile mind conceives as a powerful witch. The mother who fulfills that image of motherhood, a model she adduces from her own infantile outlook on motherhood, is indeed a witch, a predicate of the Isis-prototype, a predicate of the prototype of the Whore of Babylon. There is qualitative opposition between the world outlook of the infantile mind and that of the matured true adult mind. The true adult is a world-historical personality, who locates his or her personal sense of social identity in the potential of developable creative mental powers of governance of individual practice. The epitome of this maturity is the creative scientist, whose individual discoveries transform the entirety of human practice, and which in that way become individual acts of universal importance to the human species. This maturity is not limited to scientists. Everyone who transmits or applies assimilated knowledge from the standpoint of the same sense of individual social identity is also a world-historical, matured adult, whose existence is also of world-historical value to the universality of human existence.
This same principle is embodied in a religious form in the New Dispensation of Christ, in the notion of the Imitation of Christ. The Passion and Crucifixion and the crucified Christ's relationship to his mortal mother are the centerpiece of Christianity. Each person must undergo his own passion and crucifixion of his or her old, infantile self - the self of Dante's Inferno and Purgatory - in order to achieve - the proper, Empyreal destiny of humanity.
The infantile mind rejects maturity, rejects the world-historical outlook, in favor of an egoistical-sensual individuality. The models of Hobbes and Locke are exemplary of the world-outlook of infantile mankind. The stages of pride, envy, egoistical wrath, avarice, gluttony, and lust, which are the steps of progress to the earthly paradise of Hobbesian and Lockean society, are mirrors of the soul's progress into the Inferno's depths in Dante's Commedia. The Hell of the bucolically imbecilic environmentalist and terrorist cults today is the complement to the pursuit of earthly paradise by the suburbanites of the 1950s. The patent who recoiled in horror at the discovery, during the 1960s, that the child had become a drug-addicted sodomist and so forth during that period, reflected what that parent should have learned from the Commedia. " I Do my own thing " is the exemplification of the degenerated adolescent or adult, the adult or adolescent who has either never superseded or who has returned to the degradation of infantilism and the infantile-egoistical world-outlook. The prostitute is the exemplification of the kind of mother the degraded infantile mind demands. She is nothing - has no soul - but the power of delivering egoistical-sensual gratifications. She is an object to be propitiated, and so properly propitiated, exerts her magical (witch's) power to deliver the sought forms of egoistical-sensual gratification. To know that one is the offspring of a whore is one of the most terrible things the childish or adolescent mind can confront. Such a fact brings the ugly truth directly into consciousness, an unbearable conscious knowledge of the truth of the infernal destiny of the infantile way of life, the infantile identity in the adolescent or adult. Hence, the profound psychological truth of the New Testament's designation of the Whore of Babylon for the cult of Isis and its sibling forms of belief. The nature and origin of the cult of Isis is expressed in a unified, concentrated way in a single characterization. It is not the mother as a person whose nature mines the development of the child. Siblings of the same mother may pursue opposite courses of moral development in life, the one toward world-historical morality and practice, the other towards the most degraded forms of infantile egoism. What is crucial is the practical relationship between the child and the mother, the way in which the child conceptualizes the connection. No mother of any moral depth is unaware of this fact as her children develop. "Why did my child turn out that way ?" she weeps.
Her judgment has no authority in and of itself; she may regret a good child's development and prefer the child whose "success" is nothing but the double progress toward Purgatory's earthly paradise and the soul's Inferno. However, the mother who regrets the development of the evil child does express rather exactly the point we are making. It is not the mother as a person who determines the child's image of "mother," but rather the image is that which the child adduces from his or her relationship to the mother.
The appearance of a woman or homosexual male as a dominant figure in the life of the adolescent which evokes the Isis-image of the child's perception of an ideal mother-figure is the crucial feature of the Dionysus or Isis cult's mechanics. This applies not only to actual homosexuals, but to men who project the image of a latent homosexual. The British, university-educated male most frequently projects just such an image-to the extent that the psychosexual difference between British officers and enlisted men in respect of central tendencies is striking on this point. (For related reasons, British officers with active or latent homosexual tendencies make the best assassins. The same principle holds for Israeli military and intelligence personnel.) The point was illustrated by a documentary televised on West German television this past spring. In one section of that documentary, an ultra-environmentalist encampment in the United-States was represented. One element of the film footage was a section of an address by the camp's spiritual leader, a faggish British type asserting that the Ionian city-builders had been the root of all evils civilization had suffered. Another element offered film footage of the terrorist training camp Longo May. The latter was represented in the documentary as merely an environmentalist survival-modeling pilot-project. In fact, the camp is a principal terrorist training camp, dominated by sadistic-homosexual criminal and Foreign Legion types of trainers. Here, in both cases, one witnessed the identity of the environmentalist and terrorist movements today. Both camps are classical models of the cult of Dionysus, exemplifying all of the essential psychosexual features of the development of terrorist cults according to that model. To those of us who know the innermost convictions of British oligarchy and the Mont Pelerin Society's inner circles, the environmentalist and terrorist movements are mirror images of the British monarchy's hostility to generalized scientific and technological progress. There are differences, the age-old differences between the ruling aristocratic-financier strata of the oligarchy and its expendable Dionysian battering ram forces.

The contemporary Israeli kibbutz has, admittedly, performed wonders in the use of technology to transform the desert into a fruitful agricultural basis. What is to be deprecated is not that achievement, but the psychosexual concomitants of the social instruments used to effect that accomplishment.
The kibbutz has two converging currents of policy outlook as its source. One element is the "inverted pyramid" doctrine developed within Zionism. It was argued, rather false to fact, that the Jewish problem was that the Jewish population was characterized by bankers and professionals, without a social basis in a working-class and farmer population. The reality of Eastern European Jewry or the social assimilation of Jews in the United States refutes such arguments - however, it is true that notable Jews are all either bankers or professionals. It has been rather characteristic of Zionism to overlook the non-notable Jew, except as potential political cannon fodder of the Zionist cause: It was argued, with the indicated specious factual premise as foundation, that a new Israel must be established, in which the proper proportions of the social pyramid were established.
The second element, which was more to the point of actual Israeli practice, was contributed prior to the first World War by the Oppenheimer family of Germany. This was known as "Settlement Politics," and was incorporated in the Kaiser's policy for settling German families as agriculturalists in conquered Slavic territories. The same, Oppenheimer-shaped policy was the kernel of Hitler's Eastern policy, and was taken over entirely by Zionism in the form of the kibbutz policy.
Instead of using Jewish settlers in the Middle East as mediators of technology, for lifting the Arab farmers out of enmiserated conditions of marginal productivity, the Arabs were cruelly displaced, and replaced with the kibbutzim.
It is sheer nonsense to argue that Arabs must be driven out of Palestine to make Lebensraum for Jews. There is plenty of room for both a substantially increased Arab population and five or more million Jews as well, on condition that the fecundity of the land is adequately developed through high-technological transformation in industry, agriculture, and infrastructure.

The kibbutzim have been to a large extent a "back to the land" movement, with glaring similarities to the current rash of "environmentalist" camps. It is those similarities which account for the psychosis-inducing effects of kibbutz life, the convergence of kibbutzim mentality upon he cult of Isis. This has not been, immediately, the exclusive vector of the associated agricultural development-the arid regions prevented such a course, on sheer practical grounds. However, the Isis cult has been an included, strong vector within the process, with the kibbutz itself serving as a controlled psychological environment of hideous psychosexual implications. The kibbutz has converged on the model of the mother-image of Isis. It is not accidental that most adult Jews are preoccupied with the problem of "chicken soup." Most mature Jews fight consciously against the state of mind they associate with "chicken soup." The images associated are those of incestuous, infantile subjugation by an Isis-like image. Indeed, the bias in Sigmund Freud's flawed version of psychoanalysis reflects emphasis on that incestuous element in the psychopathology of neurotic Jewish males. The kibbutz, imposed upon the "chicken soup" element in Jewish culture, has corresponding, degrading psychosexual effects.

Most notable is the extent to which Bronfman-linked financial circles have taken virtual control over professional sports in the United States. It is not properly astonishing that the same circles moving into such control of professional sports also control legalized gambling and exert financial control over the bulk of the international illegal-drug traffic. A rigorous psychosexual distinction must be made between children's sports and the continuation of children's forms of sports as adult professional sports. The former is more or less "normal" to the infantile-childish process of transition toward adulthood; the latter is the reinforcement of the infantile element in the individual among adult spectators. The connection to gambling is direct, and most significant. The connection through financial linkages to control of U.S. and Caribbean organized-crime networks since the 1920s and to financial control of the international illegal-drug traffic involves a broader point.
Children's sports represent a substitute for reality. The play is circumscribed by pregiven rules, whose "fairness" is that no child shall be penalized for reason of actions taken according to those rules. Adult reality is real, in which no fixed rules actually prevail, in which people are unjustly injured for actions variously within and outside the assumed rules governing their actions. Furthermore, the essence of adult life is a process of modifying the rules of general social behavior in a lawful way. For related reasons, certain competitive forms of play, especially bodily-contact sports, ought to occupy a diminishing portion of a child's activity as puberty approaches and arrives. Physical "education" should not be de-emphasized, but rather directed to man's challenge of conquering nature, to the use of innovative powers for discovering new solutions to the mastery of nature, and to the principle of developing and discovering new capacities for endurance in that struggle. Sports not primarily "bodily-contact" sports, such as baseball or track and field events, involve the least problem; wrestling, boxing, and football exemplify sports with the less desirable psychosexual features.
The psychological danger of sports arises only as the adult mind substitutes sports, especially spectator sports of a bodily-contact variety of emphasis, for reality. The skilled worker-rushing home to bury his mind in the football, boxing, or wrestling events, preferring that fantasy life to the reality of the world, is exemplary of the general problem. The reinforcement of the notion of fixed rules associated with the Hobbesian world of bodily-contact sports is a reinforcement of the infantile moral outlook in the habituated "sports fan."
Gambling is a more naked expression of the problem, and the popularity of linking spectator sports to gambling underlines the relevant connections. Gambling is an infantile belief in magic, closely linked to the semipsychotic states associated with astrology. The tendency of gambling to go over into a psychosexual disorder resembling that of psychological addiction to even physiologically non-addictive drugs and the obsessions of alcoholism and drug addiction generally, illustrates the point.
Pervading "spectator sports" manias, and also gambling and related psychosexual disorders, is a prominent incestuous element, an element closely linked to the "chicken soup" neurotic (incestuous) syndrome among Jewish males. It is a regression to the irrationalism of the child clinging to the mother's skirts, relying upon its tantrums and other propitiatory methods of controlling the magical powers of a mother it views as a kind of "witch." The fact that this aspect of U.S. life is increasingly controlled by the same British-Canadian elements of British intelligence which control the international illegal-drug traffic, and which also control the entertainment and news media of the United States to the same purposes, has special significance. The British intelligence service, especially its Oxford, Cambridge and Sussex divisions, is keenly aware of the techniques-the proven techniques-of the cult of Apollo over the ages. The cult of Dionysus (or Bacchus), the Roman cult of "bread and circuses," and the cult of Isis have always understood the importance of bodily-contact spectator sports, drug addictions, pornography, and "chicken soup" reinforcements of incestuous impulses as the efficient method of subversion of nations otherwise dedicated to scientific and technological progress. Dame Margaret Mead, agent of an alien sovereign power, the Maltese Order, understands this very well. Her doctrine of "cultural relativism" is nothing but the - British Foreign Office's determination to oppose technological progress in colonial and semi-colonial nations by promoting every cult of rural and pastoral backwardness among corrupted, subjugated peoples. Her contributions to malignant lying against the U.S. Labor Party are not accidental in the least. September 24, 1978


What is the cult of Isis
The cult of Isis is the fount of more than two millenia of evil in the form of occult sects and orgiastic pseudoreligions espoused and employed by oligarchists of the ancient and modern world. Today's Isis cult followers can trace a continuous cult history dating to the late fourth and early third century BC, when the Aristotelian assassins of Alexander the Great, functioning as control operatives of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt, revamped the Isis/Osiris cult for use as an instrument of Mediterranean-wide political and cultural subversion.
In the form in which it was propagated in the Roman Empire, the Isis myth tells of the murder of Osiris, the brother and incestuous husband of Isis, by the serpent Set (or Typhon), who symbolized pure evil. At a dinner party convened for the purpose of the murder, the myth recounts, Set lured Osiris into a coffin built precisely to his measurements. Set then slammed the coffin shut, sealed it with, lead, and hurled it into the Nile. The bereaved Isis found the coffin containing the body of her murder ed consort and hid it, but Set discovered the hiding place and tore the body into fourteen pieces, which he then scattered throughout Egypt, to ensure that Osiris's resurrection could take place only among the dead.
Isis recovered the pieces and bound her husband/brother's body together, but she could not find Osiris's phallus, in place of which she manufactured one of silver. Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris, battled and defeated Set, but was not permitted by Isis to destroy him, the goddess, for unexplained reasons, preferring to allow the continued existence of the principle of evil. Henceforth, according to the Isis cult, the cosmic battle between the solar deity Horus, the good son of the dead god Osiris, and the evil serpent Set, determines the course of both human and divine events.
Osiris, meanwhile, underwent resurrection and became the god of the dead and overseer of the death cult.

The rites of the Isis cult, which swept the Mediterranean in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, were closely akin to the Dionysiac rituals which had earlier been introduced into Greece by the same cult of Apollo which directed the Peripatetic formulators of the Isis cult. In the Roman period, in fact, the Isis cult itself was installed at the chief shrine of Apollo, Delphi. The cult followers of Dionysus, who is epresented by classical writers from the fifth century Herodotus on as the Greek Osiris, "worshipped" the god through drug-induced ecstatic revels, choreographed to monodic chant presaging today's rock-and- roll, and featuring the blood rite of tearing live animals (and perhaps even humans) limb from limb, in symbolic revenge for the mutilation of Dionysus/Osiris. In both the Osiric and Dionysiac ceremonial orgies, the lost phallus of Osiris was commemorated in priapic ceremonies and processions. Both gods were worshipped in the form of a sacred bull - the adopted body of the dead gods with which the maenads (female worshippers of the god) united in acts of sodomy. The Dionysus cult was largely directed toward the recruitment of women around a belief structure catering to intense, hysterical sadism.
The Isis rite itself incorporated chants and dancing, as well as asceticism and bizarre initiation rituals and requirements.

ln the Hellenistic and Roman periods, Isis was known to her followers as "the goddess of a thousand names," and where she was not introduced outright in her own name, her worship was attached to preexisting local cult forms. Together with myriad spinoffs (e.g., the Magna Mater cult and the Mithra cult of the Roman army), the Isis cult became hegemonic in the Roman Empire prior to its overthrow by Christianity. Among Isis's patrons were the Roman dictator Sulla (ruled 82-79 BC), whose wars and proscriptions were financed by the cult center of Apollo on the island of Delos, and who prompted Isis in the form of Fortuna, the goddess of luck and gambling; the Flavian family of the emperors Vespasian, Titus and Domitian; and the Emperor Trajan's "court scholar" Plutarch, who touted the Isis cult as the universal religion-worshipped in different forms under different names by all the peoples of the empire - in a letter to the chief priestess of Apollo at Delphi, who is clearly addressed by Plutarch as an Isis "initiate" as well. The Isis cult was reworked into "Gnosticism," a first through fourth century AD deployment against Apostolic Christianity which merged the Isis cult's mysticism, hermeticism, and deification of evil with a synthetic, "Christological" tradition. Through this group and its successors, the Manichaeans, are sustained the traditions which insinuated the Isis cult practices into Coptic "Christianity," a major repository of Isis worship down to our own time.

-Charles Tate

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