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an effect on the mind of the victim akin to that of psychoactive drugging. The discovery that the rhythms otherwise peculiar to infant bed-rockers were those most efficient for' destroying the minds of populations, led to the promotion of "Liverpool sound" experimentally in England prior to its massive export into the United States.
The cited Jowett fraud is only one among many equally important frauds in his work. The general point is illustrated by the summary of the case cited.
The British "priesthood" has never comprehended Platonic or Neoplatonic ideas. This is demonstrable beyond reasonable doubt, and is otherwise proven by understanding the differences in morality and sense of personal identity between a human being and an Eton graduate. In the British system, the lad who shows a tendency to comprehend Neoplatonic conceptions had better emigrate or find employment in the coal mines. However, the British "priesthood" thoroughly understands oligarchical ideas, and recognizes Platonic and Neoplatonic conceptions to the degree of knowing they are hateful to the British world-outlook.
British and allied criticism of Dante Alighieri's Commedia is exemplary. They can identify with certain aspects of the Inferno and Purgatory, but regret the Paradise as hateful mystification. The ordering principle depicted by the succession of cantos in the Inferno is man governed by heteronomic impulses and appetites. This is an agreeable outlook for the British. The Purgatory represents a Kantian world-outlook, in which the pursuit of sensual gratification is governed by the principle of negation otherwise defined by Kant in the second part of his Critique of Practical Reason, the "Dialectic of Practical Reason." Formal, logical knowledge reflecting a certain level of technology, and knowledge of the efficient enforcement of bodies of explicit and customary law negates those forms of expression of impulse which are ill advised. The achievement of an "Earthly Paradise" of wealth and fame by this second route is also more or less comprehensible even to a British mind. The conception of the individual whose sense of personal identity is ordered by living to make a permanent contribution to the development of the human species is incomprehensible except as an adversary's outlook to the British scholar.
The British are also informed to similar effect in matters of political economy. They espouse (and created) the economics of Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Marshall and Keynes, because those doctrines promoted the sort of evil ordering of the world the British oligarch desires. They hate and fear the political-economic policies of the Careys, Friedrich List and this writer, because such policies mean the doom of the British oligarchical system.
In this degree the British priesthood is conscious. They are also consciously Fagins, working to adapt and perfect the ancient Orphic-Dionysian cult-practices to the end of destabilizing and destroying the moral fabric of whole peoples and nations, and transforming slum victims and adolescent youth into a drug and cult ridden band of demented hooligans. Aldous Huxley, Bertrand Russell and George Orwell are exemplary Fagins among the 20th century British priesthood.

The Executive Branch

The argument for legalization of pederasty published and authored by Jeremy Bentham lets out the sociological secrets of the British public-school system. The true "triple" of British education of its oligarchical bureaucracy is bucolics, competitive sports, and drilling in the Delphic-Stoic way of thinking.
A skillful cinematographer could produce an edifying piece of great psychological truth by appropriate montage juxtaposing British conduct of the affairs of dog and horse breeding with the mating practices of the British oligarchy as a whole. This emphasis on animal breeding, projected into biology with the bestial doctrines of Charles Darwin and Thomas Huxley, is the key cathexis on which to concentrate for an economically efficient probing of the British oligarchical characterology. The British doctrine identifies man as a talking beast, in which the species is best served by the dominance of the best breeds.
This means that the controlling sense of personal identity among British oligarchical strata is a preoccupation with being an acceptable, well-pedigreed member of a distinct breed, a distinct breed of pure-bred variety of oligarchical beast. In every action, every judgment, the oligarch is' governed by bad conscience concerning his drilled-in knowledge of what constitutes showing good points in the same way he himself would be pleased or sorely disappointed by the deportment of his prize pure-bred or thoroughbred horse at an animal show. The fear of culling by some relevant committee of his superiors or peer is the dominant element.
Think how vulnerable the British are to any political-intelligence operations agency which grasps the potentialities embedded in that!The British aristocracy is essentially homosexual. Jeremy Bentham's argument for the legalization of pederasty is avant-garde for its time only in respect of the fact of publishing such an argument in that

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