THE MASS STRIKE by L. Marcus (Lyndon LaRouche)

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certified by the motion of French workers at the point of decisive student confrontation; Columbia, by the political class struggle orientation given visible form by modest, but decisive motion within black ghetto youth layers. But for the difference in scale, they both developed according to the same special laws peculiar to the mass strike process.

The coincidence of Columbia and Paris dispels the dominant illusion of the left in this country that our radicalism is derived mainly from the particular issues of the Vietnam war and racism. Why the remarkable coincidence of Paris, in a country whose government is openly opposed to U.S. Vietnam war policy and in which racism is not a focus of radical protest? It can only be, as is the actual case, that our Vietnam and racism issues are particular manifestations of far deeper forces simultaneously energizing mass actions in diverse parts of the advanced capitalist sector.

The deeper causes are hardly obscure. Throughout the entire advanced capitalist sector, the ruling class is beset by accelerating threats of a new general economic crisis, forcing it to attenuate concessions and institute new economic and related oppressions in every region. Lacking the ability to advance significant concessions to all large sectors of the population simultaneously, unable to muster a clear, firm remedy for the threat of economic collapse, we have, in sum, a ruling class haplessly leading its whole population toward impending ruin, and unable to advance a credible alternative sense of national direction and purpose anywhere. The Vietnam war and racism here are certainly nothing but appropriate manifestations of a situation in which the ruling class is losing all moral authority to rule through existing institutions, and is thus impelled to demonstrate its bankruptcy more clearly by resort to simple naked force.

Yet, while this ruling class seems unable to dent the unemployment and material rot underlying our worst social crises, it is at the same time in command of the most massive productive forces that its population might imagine. Over half the national output of the U.S. itself is annually poured into absolute waste. This glaring discrepancy between real material productive resources and the failure of capitalism to dent massive material want--that is the final straw.

Add to this the present Federal spending cut, cuts in assistance to ghettos, miserably inadequate as that assistance was before, rising taxation and a plummeting decline in real wages throughout the advanced sector. There we have all the essential objective material and political preconditions for pre-revolutionary ferment.

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