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by Marian Kester

"The present (,) a time of tricky illusions and hoggish prejudices (,) is incapable of understanding, let alone appreciating, the simple truths from which these Principles are derived: their very simplicity makes them incomprehensible... The consequence of these Principles cannot remain unnoticed."
- FEUERBACH, Principles of the Philosophy of the Future

For a Mass Strike in the Labor Committee

"It is upon his social identity that a man depends for existence. It is that identity, not his physical individual self, which he must preserve -even by an act of suicide...In selected instances, one could show that ostracism or other objective pressures are present to induce conformity. That is, one could deny the positive force of identity-seeking in play and attempt to account for behavior according to some mechanistic conception of countervailing outside factors. In fact, for theoretical reasons already specified, it is the positive impulsion to gain "moral status" within the peer group that is actually operative. The mediating role of the membership organization is the principal immediate locus of their (the centrists') judgments."
- L. MARCUS "Centrism As A Social Phenomenon", Jan, '70


Marian Kester
New York City
August 15, 1974

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