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is "known to be a falsehood" by Tony and Dave B., according to Marcus. Those members and others subsequently disappear and from among "the many pieces of evidence of brainwashing", too numerous to go into, Marcus selects the following: that two (unidentified) charges made are made" only by the NAG group which is "known to be in the control of police agencies here." (I) Ipso facto, the same vile program is being run in Europe! Marcus shed? crocodile tears for these latest "cruel facts."

Sure enough, the charge has been made over here that the Labor Committee brainwashes people. It has been made pretty close to home. It's interesting that Nancy Spannaus had to address it as a "widespread fantasy" in May, and to assert that "anyone who thinks that a steering committee member is doing something like Rockefeller and Tavistock dc to people must be half-insane with fear." But - the "fantasy" is not that the leadership performs programmed behavior modification, but that the LC is a controlled environment. That any member could read "NAGgin' in Europe" and not see it for what it is - Stalinist doublethink - is perfect illustration of this fantastic truth. As should begin to come clear, however, there are many more conclusive illustrations.

In summary, Comrade Marcus chose to reserve leadership competence for himself. HIS choice, however, was corruptly acceded to by those immediately around him. In the unhealthy atmosphere of sycophancy/domination thus created, there is no "diabolist": there is only the mutual destruction of the lordhip/bondage relationship. Christine Berl was so traumatized by what she saw and went through during the NEC's depth analysis that she is still emotionally unable to commit the experience to paper. One finds it difficult to imagine, then, what Marcus8 state of mind must be - pain, and, possibly, the tug of hope against fear that the naked emperor will at last be revealed to his subjects. For if we cannot see how badly Marcus has deteriorated, it is only because we ourselves are in worse shape.


The title of this interlude alludes to an amusing passage in which an Angel tries to brainwash Blake, so to speak, into renouncing Body for mind. The following is a transcript, categorized for your edification, of virtually the whole of a "talk" (Insecurity favored me with the night of August 9 for a period of 5 hours:

INTERVIEWERS: Michelle Steinberg, Mel Brown

TECHNIQUES? (see The Gulag Archipelago, Vol. I, and April/May Camp.)

We know all about what you're doing - we want you to tell us yourself. You must have a hell of a phone bill.
We hear you think this, you think that - you already know what.
Why would all these people lie to us? They all talked, you know.

People have tried to help you - in the Artist Group, on Solidarity - but you wouldn't let them.\\ We understand you were making progress - you did some better drawings but you stopped struggling. Why?
This is LOVE, Marian. Why can't you over respond to love? You're emotionally sterile.
Peter had too much integrity to love what you wore. We're addressing your SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS.

Psychological Profile
Look at your history in the organization- you've never gone anywhere. This you did was shit, that you did was shit - have you ever done anything that wasn't shit?
Only through tho organization can you not be shit. You're a moral coward.
You can't cry. You don't care about what happens to the working class: I can just see you as a child posturing in front of a mirror.
LITTLE GIRL (repeated)
You're afraid no one loves you because you don't respect yourself.
(It's you who don't - I do). No, you don't, no, you don't,

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