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The school was chosen as the site of the brainwashing because there was "no place else that it could have been done", given the time requirements expertly determined by Marcus.

"Why then did I continue to go back there? Didn't I know what was going on? The answer is simple: I did not know what was happening."

"As my memory returns, I will publish a blow-by-blow diary of what happened under the cover of that school. That is a promise I intend to keep." But has not, and understandably. Because he must rely upon what "others" tell him.

"'I'm not programmed', I thought to myself... I began to wonder if the whole thing had. realy happened. "

Chris1 article is a pallid rehash of Marcus' preceding article, "Rockefeller's 1984 Plot", enervatedly using (in virtually identical order) the same spurious "real world" referents to convince the reader ( and Chris himself) that "the whole thing really happened."

The total remission claimed after the "deprogramming" was not visible to a number of people who saw Chris functioning in N.Y. for some time afterwards.

The tapes, of course, are as damning as the article:

The Russian dialogue is on the elementary level any educated European would be familiar with - not to mention the suppressed fact, known to several LCers, that Chris did study Russian one summer!
Carol, as can be clearly heard, is induced to certify the brainwashing because it "explains" the deterioration of her marriage.
Chris attempts to resis his subjection to the procedures -which involved attack therapy, and at least mentions of lack of food and sleep - for example by crying "Stop this crazy fantasy world! It's not my fantasy!"

Paul Montgomery wrote the Jan, 20 N0Y. Times article from interviews with, most notably, Marcus and others, without aid from Seymour Hersh, has never told us he received such aid, and has in fact repeatedly told us the opposite. He and his lawyers are presently laughing over our $10 million libel suit.

"Robert Dillon, who had no close connection to Weitzman," states Marcus. Alice, however, had been talking to Dillon as early as the fall about the LC and knew him quite well. She had complained prior to January quite bitterly of the LC's indifference toward her commitment to music. That "emotional disturbance" is now reminisced about in order to prove she was "already" lapsing into her programmed state. Finding herself sequestered in her own apartment (and from my own experience as a brainwash suspect, I know she was prevented from communicating with the outside world and. from leaving, as this was "quarantine" policy during that freak-out), unable to get Dillon's phone calls, she may be forgiven for panicking. It wasn't her fantasy, either, you see.

This "Cousin Godot" so ominously at Alice's side as she decided not to press the case against her former conrades was an actual relative -a man named Godel (remember the paradox?) How the hell are we in possession of "KGB key add code formulas"? From Krasnii? Shouldn't we wonder about a chap trained in stuff like this? (I don't advise it, though - the paranoia has gone far enough).

The Engdahl case in particular never existed. Not only have we never attempted to produce evidence of his 1969 Swedish brainwashing or the "blank 5 weeks in Chicago", but Bill himself has never acknowledged his programmed "role" in "impelling White to kill his own wife." What happened was this s in the distraught atmosphere of the internal conference, Engdahl, having already had his closest friends from TNS repeatedly accused of being part of an "infiltration" of the LC, fell

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