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CHAPTER 14 Unity Now!

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In the early 1970s, a small but highly influential clique of "Racial Revolutionaries" distinguished by their intense anti-Semitism, racial occultism, and Hitler-worship, began making direct overtures to the far left through an organization called Unity Now. Their efforts would lead to ultimate collaboration with the NCLC.

Unity Now saw itself in revolt not just against the left but also against the traditional anti-Communist right. One of its top leaders, Robert Miles, explained the difference in a 10 January 1979 letter from prison:

We are not "conservatives." We are Racial Revolutionaries. I am proud of it. I do not want to be classified with conservatives, those pale imitations of their liberal sheep-like counterparts. We stand for a new order. True, nothing is new. Life is a cycle. We seek to come full turn around that cycle and restore the racial form of society and life which our primordial forebears established and which is the natural way of life for our people. So, Reagan, Birchers, etc. ad nauseam are merely one more foe in the coterie of Jewish ranks.

Four top Unity Now leaders who worked with LaRouche were 1) Willis Carto, founder of the Liberty Lobby and the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) as well as the publisher of the Spotlight newspaper; 2) the late Michigan-based KKK leader Robert Miles; 3) Roy Frankhouser, a Pennsylvania KKK leader and sometimes government informant; and 4) Ken Duggan, a leading New York City-based far right activist who died in 1975.


A brief overview of Robert Miles's political career helps explain how Unity Now first emerged. In a 13 December 1978 letter from prison, Miles explained that his anticommunist career began during the Great Depression in the 1930s:

I was raised in New York City as a child. . . . I was raised in [the openly pro-fascist White Russian] Count Vonsiatsky's Youth Battalions. We were trained to be soldiers. We were capable and experienced in street fighting by the age of 12 because we were thrown into the streets against the YCL, the YPSL, the 4th Internationalist's Anti-fascist Labor Guard and such counterparts on the other side. We fought in Union Square, along 14th Street, shoulder to shoulder with the Bund, with the Christian Mobilizers, with the American cadres of the Blackshirts. We knew the foe. We had a taste for the fight.

After Germany signed the Hitler-Stalin Pact with Russia, however, Miles allied himself against the Nazis and even volunteered in the Free French Army. In a 2 July 1975 report From Behind Federal Barbed Wire, Miles wrote:

Yesterday's allies today's enemies and vice versa. When Germany allied herself, albeit for tactical purposes, to Russia, many of us felt a pox on both houses. Later events, later perspectives produced different attitudes. . . . Thus, many good racial nationalists fought on the side of England – Rockwell flew out of the same aerodrome as did I after my return from Free French services to the USA in 1942.

Miles eventually wound up working as a radio operator for U.S. intelligence after the war. In a 9 May 1978 report in From Behind Federal Barbed Wire, he explained the origins of his nickname "The Fat Albanian":

[I]n the days following WWII, I worked abroad on the business of the company. The British term for your sending style is to refer it as a heavy or fat fist if your letters tend to come together in sending Morse Code, or a light or "skinny" fist if otherwise. I had a "fat" fist. I also worked channels and traffic out of Durezzo and Tirana, which we were then monitoring. A few friends tagged me with the nickname, the "Fat Albanian" and "FA" stuck in those circles.

After Miles returned to the States and resumed his activities in the far right, he did so with a new perspective shaped in part by his "spook" past: "We intend to be psychological warfare specialists as we have been since 1947. Our original group was involved in that and we act to utilize that one single specialty on behalf of our Race." Miles' organization was called the Free Association Forum (FAF). Exactly what it did and how it practiced "psychological war" remains unknown but it seems to have been associated with the same far-right White Russian circles that Miles operated out of as a youth. In his 9 May 1978 report, Miles says:

When I took over the United Klans in Michigan, I was the leader of the Free Association Forum (FAF). It specialized in psychological warfare and performed a dual function in both working inside the ranks of the Bolsheviks, and in supplying and training and assisting forces who were actively in the field behind Soviet lines. "Inside their lines" abroad and here at home. We moved into the area of open "legal" ritualism and political struggle in America in order to create bogeymen — to be blunt. Then let's appeal to the conscience and reasons of white people requires more than just niceness. It requires that they be assured that there is terror working on their side just as there is terror working against them. We took a rapidly disintegrating KKK in Michigan an breathed life into it. We made the dragon breathe fire again and show fangs and claws. In the next 100 years, the white people in that state do have a terror to recall that it was on their side. They have an image to use in whatever manner they see fit – for their own Race.

Miles' form of "psy war" included physical attacks on his opponents. He was even convicted of conspiracy in the tarring and feathering of a former high school principal who had promoted a human rights program. In 1968 he ran as a candidate in the George Wallace campaign on the American Independence Party (AIP) ticket. In a follow-up campaign in 1970, Miles got an estimated 20,000 votes for the state legislature running on the state's AIP ticket.

Along with serving as the Grand Chaplin of the United Klans of America, Miles founded the Mountain Church (Kirk) of Jesus Christ, Christian. This incredibly weird sect promoted an extreme version of Christian Identity theory with a belief in Catharism. It preached that white people had come from "the astral plane" to dominate the "mud people."1 In a 6 March 1980 letter, Miles described his new religion this way: "What I have outlined is the belief of the early anti-institutionalized church Christians who were called Cathars, Montanists, Bogomils, Weavers and were my father's fathers' people." He also claimed: "My folk came from Central Europe to Scotland long before coming to America and they had the faith before they even reached Bohemia from further east."

On 30 August 1971, Miles and four other Klansmen bombed 10 empty school buses shortly before a court-order issued by Judge Damon Keith to employ busing to integrate schools in Pontiac, Michigan, was to go into effect. They were all arrested on 9 September. The bomb case came to trial in April 1973 with Miles, Wallace Fruit, Alex Distel, Dennis Ramsey, and Raymond Quirk as defendants.2 The government's star witness, Jerome Lauinger, a Pontiac fireman and licensed gun dealer, told the court that he had infiltrated "Unit 5" of the KKK on behalf of the FBI some three-and-a-half years earlier. He reported that the KKK had a military arm called the "Nathan Bedford Forest Rangers" and that he was a member of it as well.

In May 1973, Miles and his co-defendants were convicted of the bombings. Miles then spent the rest of the decade in jail, first at Leavenworth and from October 1974 until his release in late 1979 in the Federal prison in Marion. In a 15 November 1978 letter, Miles continued to advance the same ideas that had inspired Unity Now and claimed that "The only way left to whites who believe that their religion and their religion is their race is the PLO, the IRA, the FLN, the Tupamaros methods and approach. Action brings recruits, not words, TV shows or publications."

In a 1986 interview with Robert Miles by investigative journalist Martin Lee, Miles discussed Unity Now after Lee asked him:

Q: Wasn't Frankhouser one of the first ones who in recent years promoted the unity of left/right types?
A: (Laughs) We set it up. He joined our group, Unity Now. That was back in 1970.
Q: What was the idea behind that?
A: Oh, the idea was – we had a slogan that said: "No Black, No White, No Left, No Right. Only Resistance!" and that was to bring different groups together, left and right, and try to make them effective as a new movement. But Frankhouser was part of it. Because he used to travel on some of the trips the FBI would watch him. Boy, the FBI was more concerned with the Unity Now movement in my file than you can imagine! They had all kinds of inter-office memos.
Q: In 1972 with the Unity Now thing, what were the factors then?
A: . . . There was a feeling that both the government of Russia and the US were so damn cynical and hypocritical about things that you could toss up them both in the air and catch either one, the same as the other. But we were trying to take the right-wing which was betrayed by [George] Wallace in their eyes and had been looking for a new road, an alternative to the existing path and take the same group out of the left and put them together. Because they had more in common than either one wanted to admit.
Q: Was there any response from the leftists?
A: There was some but the racism continually was a barrier you couldn't overcome. We could bring some of our people to a meeting and there would be some blacks there who would be of the same mind. Absolutely the same mind. But because of racial concerns on both sides. . . . And the government knew it.


The Unity Now network included a paper called We Accuse that advocated a left-right coalition against the "Establishment." We Accuse was edited by C.B. Baker, who had earlier created Statecraft. Statecraft was violently hostile to the Left and bragged of its ties to groups like the "Iron Cross Motorcycle Club." Crudely racist and anti-Semitic, the paper delighted in running Der Sturmer-like cartoons with grotesque Jewish and black characters and advised its readers to give a copy of Statecraft to liberals as long as it was wrapped around a lead pipe. It fervently hated William F. Buckley and his Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) and labeled Buckley a "Judas tongue" in league with the Zionist conspiracy. Statecraft served as a de facto mouthpiece for Willis Carto's National Youth Alliance, a group he had first established in 1968-69 in the wake of the George Wallace Campaign.

How to defeat liberalism and
William F. Buckley :
1980 campaign policy
by Lyndon H LaRouche

In early 1970 – at the time Unity Now was formed – Statecraft suddenly began courting the Left. The paper reported that the National Youth Alliance was planning a "war crimes trial" to indict Robert MacNamara, W.W. Rostow, David Rockefeller, William F. Buckley, Daniel Ellsberg and others whom it considered part of the Eastern Establishment elite. Statecraft added that the trials "will prove that leftist revolutionary leaders themselves are actually agents of the capitalist system which they are supposedly fighting against." By January 1972, Statecraft was openly calling for left-right unity along the lines dictated by Unity Now. The January issue carried a long article defending Robert Miles following his arrest in the Pontiac bombing case. Statecraft argued that the actual bombers were "specially trained CIA provocateurs and agents," a line identical to the one New Solidarity would adopt just three few years later!

Since Statecraft was hopelessly tainted by its previous raunchy racist image, C. B. Baker founded We Accuse. Other contributors to We Accuse included Peter C. Reynolds, the Statecraft "Security Chief," and Willis Carto. We Accuse was published by Youth Action, the Carto-controlled wing of the National Youth Alliance, which Carto formed in the fall of 1971 in the wake of a factional fight inside the NYA by more orthodox far rightists like William Pierce. We Accuse explained Youth Action's role this way:

Youth Action was formed in the Fall of 1971 by a group of concerned young people who saw the need for a dynamic new concept of political action. . . . The CFR, spoken of so much by the political right, is identical to the Military-Industrial Complex, spoken of so much by the political Left. . . . In reality, the Right and Left have for years worked separately against a COMMON ENEMY.
. . . Youth Action was specifically created to end the artificial factions dividing politically active young people. Our purpose is to unite young activists from both the Left and Right in joint political action towards the common goal of combating the CFR Military Industrial Complex and the super rich international financial oligarchy.
The first action of the new coalition was the YOUTH ACTION War Crimes Trial of members of the CFR Military Industrial Complex held in Los Angeles on September 2, 1972. The success of the Trial proved that the Left and the Right could actually work together and achieve results . . . .
WE ACCUSE is designed to shock people into political action. . . . The mass distribution of WE ACCUSE will help to greatly foster the growth of politically aware youth. The spread of political awareness amongst young people is absolutely vital to the expansion of the new political coalition of Left and Right.

ROCKEFELLER'S "FASCISM WITH A DEMOCRATIC FACE", by Lyn Marcus (aka Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.); The Campaigner; Nov.-Dec. 1974.

We Accuse singled out David Rockefeller for special attack:

Many people hate David Rockefeller for many reasons. Some hate him for being a "Capitalist." Others because he is a "Communist" and still others simply because he is rich. David is not a man to be hated, he is not a "Capitalist" nor is he a "Communist" but he is very rich and more powerful than any of his enemies, or almost anybody. David Rockefeller is a criminal, a murderer. . . . No, David is not a man to be hated. David Rockefeller is a man to be destroyed. He and his kind, before they destroy us.
To successfully attack, we must know where their power lies. People must know who their true enemy is. Today, the Rockefellers are in power. They know it and the people don't.

Next to the We Accuse article is a picture of Bela Lugosi as Dracula with a caption reading: "What makes you think that we international bankers are blood suckers?" Curiously, New Solidarity in its first attempt to portray the Rockefeller family as the center of world evil depicted Nelson Rockefeller in Dracula garb on the front page of its 21 December 1973 edition.

We Accuse also reprinted Willis Carto's speech to the Los Angeles Tribunal where Carto argued:

The Right does not want to recognize that the so-called "communist conspiracy" is really financed and promoted by super-capitalists. It is thought that this fact tends to undermine free enterprise, or so called "capitalism." The Left does not want to recognize this great fact because it becomes embarrassingly clear that the financial support for the Left – the support that makes the Left viable and without which it would be totally impotent – is supplied by the rapacious capitalists who profit enormously from the apparent anti-capitalist policies of the Left.


Robert Miles and Unity Now's overtures to the left were exposed in the 25-29 September 1972 New Solidarity in a centerfold story entitled "Proto-fascist Tendencies Drifting Together":

Michigan KKK leader Robert Miles, who is currently awaiting trial on charges of bombing ten school buses in that state, has recently made numerous public statements implying that he'd like to see a populist alliance against the ominous "Eastern Establishment."
"The real enemy" says Miles, "is not the black man, but the concentration of power in the hands of the greedy few who manipulate our lives from New York, Washington, and Boston. . . . It's ridiculous for the black man to be considered a threat; after all, he's in the same position as us – the victims of an evil corporate state."
If the above statement reminds the reader of 1969 Weatherman communiques, he is doing the Klansman an injustice. Miles is a bit sharper, politically. Whereas the Weathermen openly despised the "fat workers," this slick KKK'er is quick to parade his proletarian roots: "We've been oppressed too. Most of us Klansmen are workers, either in the small shops or at the large assembly plants, and all of us have had to scratch for a living."
And what is Miles' solution to the inequities of working-class existence in capitalist society? Again, he sings an old New Left tune, one that black "radicals" such as LeRoi Jones would not have trouble humming. He tells us that the United Klans of America favors "control of our community, our schools, our property, our children, over our lives . . . people of common background, interests, and cultural roots should be able to live in their own communities."
Miles is not the first white political activist in Michigan to propose such a scheme. John Sinclair, chairman of the hippie White Panther Party and a major figure in the Midwest counter-culture, once called for dividing "Amerika" into Black Nation, Chicano Nation, Indian Nation, European Nation (for WASPs) – and, of course, Woodstock Nation. Like Miles, Sinclair complains bitterly about police harassment; which may give us a clue as to just what audience Miles is playing to when he says the following: "If the trend toward nationalization of the police continues, we're going to end up in concentration camps with the bearded radicals, some of the blacks, and anyone else who's opposed to federal authority."
"I have spoken to some Student for a Democratic Society types in the past few weeks. Of course, I can't say who they were. We thought they might meet with us to discuss the problems common to us; the growth of federal police power. But they were pretty hostile and suspicious."

The article drew its quotes from an article on Miles that appeared in the 25 April 1972 edition of The Ann Arbor News. At the time Miles was trying to open a dialog with some SDS members to build support for the Los Angeles War Crimes Trial that took place that September.


In 1972 New Solidarity openly denounced Robert Miles and the attempt of the far right to try to make overtures to the far left. Two years later, the NCLC would become part of the political alliance it had labeled as fascist. A key figure in these murky doings was an obscure far rightist self-proclaimed occultist named Ken Duggan. Duggan, who lived in New York City, was a Minutemen activist. In 1965 he headed the "New York Citizens Committee to Support Your Local Police."3 He also published his own tiny journal called The Illuminator, which was obsessed with the power of the Rockefeller family and the Council on Foreign Relations. Besides The Illuminator and an organization known as the Provisional National Government (PNG) – which may have been a factional split off from the Minutemen or its armed underground – Duggan also headed the Industrial Enterprise Foundation, CED Associates, and the Interplanetary Nationalist Society.

In 1967 Duggan ran as an independent candidate for the 66th Assembly District. In 1969, he ran for New York City Council under the banner of the Patriot Party, which may have been the overt legal wing of the PNG. The reportedly well-funded Patriot Party was founded on 4 July 1966 in Kansas City, Missouri, as the electoral front for the Minutemen.4 After Robert DePugh's arrest on gun charges, it relocated its headquarters to Michigan and was led by James Freed of Dearborn, Michigan, who also was heavily involved in the Minutemen paramilitary right.5

Duggan was a self-identified male witch or warlock and The Illuminator's symbol was a sinister looking figure in a triangular mask with horns. In his 1971 book Power on the Right, investigative journalist and former FBI agent William Turner reports that Duggan "developed a full line of witchcraft and attracted right-wing nationalists into their fold" because Duggan believed that "great political power lies rooted in the occult."

Duggan worked closely with another New York-based far right occultist named James Madole, who had created the Yorkville-based Nazi sect, the National Renaissance Party (NRP) in the late 1940s. Madole blended a science-fiction-like vision of technocracy with a racialist world view inspired by theosophy. The NRP sold the writings of B.G. Tilak, an early 20th century Indian nationalist intellectual, who argued that the true home of the Indian race was actually the North Pole. Tilak's work, The Arctic Home of the Vedas, was advertised in far right outlets in Western Europe as well.6 The NRP also had ties to a group called "The Temple of Baal" located in Long Island. In Michigan, a few NRP members even set up their own occult fascist sect known as The Order of the Black Ram. A Columbia University student named William Goring infiltrated the NRP in the early 1960s. In a report on the NRP published in the December 1969-January 1970 issue of the leftist National Information Center, Goring wrote:

The ideology of the NRP for the most part follows standard Nazi and Fascist patterns . . . . The point of departure from standard Nazism is in regard to Russia. Madole believes, as do most neo-Nazis, that the Russian Revolution was inspired by Jews. . . . But, in the case of Russia, the Jews lost control when Stalin threw out Trotsky. Now the Russian government is actually persecuting Jews because of their currency speculation and loyalty to Israel. For this reason, Jewish-controlled right wingers in America, such as YAF, Barry Goldwater, etc. want us to fight Russia. Naturally, this interpretation is anathema to most rightists . . . .
Madole extends this principle even further. Most of the revolutionary regimes that American rightists denounce are thus regarded by Madole as nationalistic and anti-imperialistic. Thus, he admires Castro, Ben Bella, Sukarno, Mao, and Nasser. Most Jew-baiters praise Nasser and the Arabs for fighting Israel, but Madole goes one step further. He praises Nasser as the leader of Arab progressives. . . .7

Unity Now tried to spread this same "third position" following the death of George Lincoln Rockwell and the rise of a new leadership structure inside the World Union of National Socialists (WUNS).8


The NCLC's secret contacts with the radical right publicly surfaced in the spring of 1979. A former leader of the NCLC's Security Staff during the critical 1973-74 period named Greg Rose left the organization in 1975. In the 30 March 1979 issue of National Review, he wrote an expose based in part on his inside knowledge. In his article Rose states:

As early as September 1974, the NCLC was in contact with Ken Duggan, publisher of The Illuminator and head of a radical rightist organization in New York known as the Provisional National Government (PNG). . . . Vastly more useful to the NCLC was a series of contacts provided by Ken Duggan. Duggan introduced the NCLC's Scott Thompson to Willis Carto of the Liberty Lobby. . . . Similar entree was provided by Duggan into Carto's National Youth Alliance and C. B. Baker's Youth Action.

Duggan also helped put the NCLC into contact with his and Miles' good friend Roy Frankhouser (a "pastor" in the Mountain Church of Jesus Christ) who had just gone on trial in Philadelphia on dynamite smuggling charges. Frankhouser also stated that his initial connection to the NCLC had been partially "facilitated by Nazi warlock Ken Duggan, who introduced him to security staffer Scott Thompson in New York."9

Rose further states that

Duggan also facilitated an NCLC operation undertaken at the behest of the Iraqi Mission to the UN which asked the NCLC Security Staff sometime in May 1975 to investigate the National Renaissance Party. Some time earlier, the NRP had published an anti-Semitic and pro-Iraqi tract, and the Iraqis, who could not afford the potential embarrassment of an open contact. . . . After some investigation, the NCLC reported back to the Iraqis that the NRP was too small and unstable to be of any real use.10


"The Buckley Family, Wall Street Fabians in the Conservative Movement" by Scott Thompson (1977 - EIR) Scott Thompson accused Buckley to bring "together both the extreme right-wing and converted left-wing backers of McCarthyism, to launch a fascist conservative movement in the United States" ! (From "Fascist William Buckley Put Joe Lieberman in the Senate" by Scott Thompson (July 26, 2002 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.)

In October 1975 Ken Duggan was found dead in his cell in Rikers Island. He reportedly had committed suicide by hanging. Duggan was being held at Rikers on a charge of attempted murder of George Wilkie, a former member of Duggan's Provisional Revolutionary Government. In a 27 October 1975 New Solidarity article on Duggan's demise, NCLC Security Staff member Scott Thompson stated that Wilkie had joined forces with an ultra-right Catholic group called Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) after he had been purged from the PRG as a "Buckley spy." 11 Wilkie, in turn, had "framed" Duggan for attempted murder.

Thompson described Duggan as the leader of "independent, radical right-wing populists in New York" who had been intent on creating a right-left coalition against Rockefeller. He also reported that Duggan had reprinted articles from New Solidarity in The Illuminator. Thompson stated that Duggan had dissolved the PRG as an "agent ridden body" and he had begun "once again to collaborate" with the NCLC after the NCLC and his friend Roy Frankhouser began working to expose "National Security Council control over most left and right-wing terrorist groups." In another New Solidarity article on 20 November 1975, Thompson elaborated on Duggan's ties to Frankhouser, which began in the very early 1960s when Frankhouser -- as East Coast Director of Intelligence and National Counterintelligence for the Minutemen -- made Duggan his assistant director for Minutemen Counterintelligence.



Ken Duggan's decision to work with the NCLC in September 1974 may be related to some strange developments in Detroit, Michigan, in the summer of 1974. On 22 June 1974, a front page article in New Solidarity reported that on 19 June, a new Labor Committee supporter named Vernon Michael Higgins confessed to the NCLC's Detroit Security Staff that he was a paid operative of the FBI who had been assigned to infiltrate the Detroit office.12 At the time of his confession, Higgins was the United States Labor Party (USLP) electoral candidate for the 62nd District of the Michigan House of Representatives. (The USLP was the electoral wing of the NCLC.) Higgins confessed that he had entered the NCLC's orbit "two months ago" with orders from the FBI to examine the NCLC's security arrangements at the group's May 1974 National Conference. It is not known whether or not Higgins disclosed at the time that he joined the NCLC that he had been the Great Night Hawk (sergeant-in-arms) of Robert Mile's branch of the Michigan KKK. New Solidarity further claimed that Higgins confessed that

He had been trained in naval intelligence for the CIA's Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba as a photo-reconnaissance and demolitions specialist, and had subsequently worked for the FBI inside the Pontiac, Michigan, Ku Klux Klan. Higgins was indicted in a school bus bombing incident as part of his "intelligence" work there. Although other members of the Klan indicted for the same bombing charge were jailed, Higgins was released.

After Higgins confessed to being an infiltrator, the government launched a raid on the NCLC's Detroit office because the FBI feared Higgins was being held hostage and worried about his safety.

As an FBI informant inside the KKK, Higgins may have tipped off the government about Robert Miles' role in the Pontiac school bus bombings. Miles was arrested for the bombing just eight days after it took place and he bitterly complained about the high number of government informers in the KKK. After Miles' arrest, Higgins worked for Miles' legal team serving subpoenas in the case. But why did Higgins become a USLP member in April 1974 in the first place? Since it seems almost impossible that Higgins joined the USLP on his own volition, it is quite possible that he did so at the behest of Miles who specialized in infiltrating leftist groups but who also didn't know that Higgins was simultaneously working an FBI informant.

As for the Labor Committee, the Detroit group first became suspicious of Higgins after it was publicly announced that he was a candidate on the USLP ticket. As a Grand Knight Hawk of the KKK who had been implicated (but not indicted) in the Pontiac bombings, and who had worked for Robert Miles' defense team, Higgins had a past. One possible explanation is that the NCLC's Detroit office learned about his past either from a local reporter or a leftist who wanted to know why a self-avowed Marxist sect would make a KKK Great Knight Hawk their candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives. If this were in fact the case, the local NCLC leadership would have realized it had been made to look foolish and it would naturally assume that Higgins must have been sent in by the government as part of some "operation" to discredit the organization. Therefore when the NCLC interrogated Higgins and found out that he had indeed been on the FBI payroll as well as an ostensible supporter of Robert Miles, the organization may have assumed that Miles himself was also part of a broader government plot. Yet it is possible that the NCLC ran Higgins for office knowing his KKK past precisely because the organization had gotten orders to build up a factional presence inside the radical right. Whatever the exact sequence of events that June, the Higgins case would lead back to Roy Frankhouser in Reading; Frankhouser, in turn, would be linked to Miles and the Pontiac bombings.

After Higgins June confession, the NCLC began investigating his connections to Miles. The pieces of the puzzle now pointed to Roy Frankhouser, who had been arrested on 21 February 1974 for his role in a Reading, Pennsylvania, dynamite smuggling ring linked to Miles and the Michigan KKK. Frankhouser's trial on the bomb charges was scheduled to begin in Philadelphia that September. On 3 July 1974 New Solidarity ran a huge expose entitled "The Big Busing Plot: CIA Plans Fall Riots, Organizes Both Sides" that accurately described the connections between Miles and Frankhouser, although the NCLC assumed that both men were working for the U.S. government in a much broader conspiracy run by the CIA. The paper reported that:

Although he was surrounded by lesser agents such as Vernon Higgins, the pivotal figure in the bombing setup was Klan Grand Dragon, Robert Miles. One of the six Klansman arrested and convicted of the bombing, Miles was used by the CIA to pull the extreme right wing underground into a tightly controlled network. Key to this was Miles' friendship with agent Roy Frankhouser, Grand Dragon of Pennsylvania, with whom Miles was simultaneously working to direct school bombings around desegregation and to bring the extreme right together around such actions.

New Solidarity continues:

Frankhouser . . . was a major arms and explosives conduit for extremists, some of his material finding its way into the Detroit area. He was also probably responsible for bombings in the black and Puerto Rican ghettos of Reading, Pennsylvania. Frankhouser had previously united the Klans of Pennsylvania, Virginia, the National Renaissance Party and, by implication, the Minutemen of which Frankhouser was regional head.

The paper – rather remarkably in light of what was soon to come – discusses in some detail the attempts by the far right to form alliances with the far left through Unity Now:

These semi-legal groups were gathered together in an alliance around a joint regional paramilitary training center. Frankhouser also worked with Miles to establish Unity Now, an international organization based in Toronto, run by Wieche Martin [sic], leader of the Nazi International.13
This work accomplished, the two attempted to organize the ultimate CIA control setup – a united front between right and left counter-gangs. Touring together, Miles and Frankhouser started urging that the unified extreme right unify with the extreme left to bring down the government.

Yet in July 1975 – exactly one year later – the NCLC would defend Roy Frankhouser as a U.S. government agent who had tried to expose terrorism and for his efforts had been "framed" by Henry Kissinger and the National Security Council.14


In September 1974, Ken Duggan had some reason to be interested once again in the NCLC. After Miles had been arrested in the Pontiac bombings, his supporters in Statecraft claimed that he was just a patsy and that the "real" bombers were government-backed agent provocateurs. When Roy Frankhouser went on trial in Philadelphia, his attorney argued that Frankhouser was really a government anti-terrorist special agent who had been framed by his employers. The NCLC's successful expose of Vernon Higgins' role as an FBI informer and the FBI's subsequent raid on the NCLC's Detroit office to find Higgins in June 1974 also could be used by the far right as evidence to try and put the FBI on trial. One possible scenario, then, is that when Duggan approached the NCLC, he attempted to convince the group that Frankhouser had been "framed" by the government.

Sometime in either late 1974 or more likely in the spring of 1975, the NCLC decided to take the bait, although it is impossible to know the extent of previous covert overtures between the sect and elements of the far right. The analysis of Frankhouser and Miles that New Solidarity had presented in July 1974 was now completely rewritten. An NCLC "Security Memorandum" from the spring of 1975 sets out the rationale for this turn:

Our success in beating back the Fang's [i.e., Nelson Rockefeller's] Endgame Scenario [another NCLC prediction of thermonuclear war] shows the potential impact we can have among previously unpenetrated strata. Operations reports from our organizers in the field indicate growing sympathy for our "Impeach Rocky" campaign among right-wing circles. We must move to take advantage of this situation. Right-wing organizations offer four opportunities: I) sources for fund-raising (especially related to our organizing); 2) political contacts to circulate our perspective in anti-Rocky political-financial military circles; 3) opportunity to expose and discredit Rocky's Buckley-FBI-CIA penetration of the Right; 4) potential USLP members and periphery.
Cadres should be firmly fixed on the politics underlying this move: the real enemy is Rocky's fascism with a democratic face, the liberals, and social fascists. We can cooperate with the Right to defeat this common enemy. Once we have won this battle, eliminating our right-wing opposition will be comparatively easy. This project will be given top priority. No one can be permitted to block on it. Locals and regions with existing right-wing contacts should TWX names to Security Staff as soon as possible unless threat of harassment is too great. Scott [Thompson, an NCLC "security staff member"] will coordinate this operation.15

Thompson now began regularly meeting with Willis Carto and in his 30 March 1979 National Review article, Greg Rose claims that Carto and Thompson discussed possible fund-raising sources for LaRouche's presidential 1976 campaign as well as attacks on Rockefeller and that Carto used his connections "to procure funding for these operation."


The spring 1975 memo on working with the far right had everything to do with the NCLC's overtures to Miles, Carto, and the Unity Now network. This alliance first surfaced in a 20 April 1976 New Solidarity article entitled "Depositions Completed in USLP Detroit FBI Case" involving the Higgins affair. The paper reported that an NCLC member named Andy Rothstein stated that he had written a press release on Higgins "to protect the informant from the FBI "because of the present condition of Robert Miles, a Ku Klux Klan member framed up and put in prison as the Justice Department tried to cover its role in the Pontiac Bombings."

In other words, Robert Miles now was a victim of the right-wing side of the FBI's COINTELPRO program!

At this point Frankhouser was himself still in jail serving a term for dynamite smuggling. However by June 1975 he was a free man. A 5 June 1975 New Solidarity article reported: "FBI bomb and weapons specialist Roy Frankhauser [sic] – exposed a year ago in New Solidarity as a leading intelligence operative in the Pennsylvania KKK and Minutemen – has been released from prison after serving less than one year of his sentence for illegal possession of an arsenal of dangerous weapons."

However it seems clear that the Unity Now network by now told Frankhouser to work with the NCLC. A 7 July 1975 New Solidarity piece on an NCLC legal action against the Maoist Revolutionary Union (RU) group in Reading reports that:

Judge Cahn then heard legal arguments and evidence concerning the RU. Appearing under subpoena, former Federal Agent Roy Frankhouser testified that he had been sent into the RU by the Treasury Department's Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms division (ATF). He testified that the RU was a violent organization which possessed guns and explosives.

In other words, Frankhouser was now publicly exposing his role as an ATF informant and jeopardizing the ATF's and FBI's operations in Reading where apparently the AFT had numerous far-rightist infiltrators into the Reading RU if Frankhouser is to be believed.


In July 1975, the NCLC issued a special report on Frankhouser case entitled "LEAA [Law Enforcement Assistance Administration] Gestapo Operations in Reading, Pa."16 It portrayed Frankhouser as a fall guy for a much bigger operation and describes the Pontiac case this way:

In August 1971 in Pontiac, Mich., 14 school buses were blown up by the Ku Klux Klan. Several months later, a secret (sealed) indictment was handed down by a Federal Grand Jury in Philadelphia against four Reading area residents changing them with having provided the explosives used in the Pontiac explosions. These men were Bertram Jones, Thomas Kanger, James Colbert and Roy Frankhouser.

The NCLC report then claims that all four were working as informant/agents for various federal government agencies even as they ran their dynamite network in Reading:

All four of these men, as well as Charles Simms [sic], who actually planted the bombs, were working for Federal agencies at the time. The Pontiac KKK and the National Action Group (NAG) run by Irene McCabe were FBI and LEAA created countergangs whose actions were intended to trigger a nationwide wave of violence around the bogus issue of school busing. LEAA-run Reading, Pa., was slated to be a key depot point for the guns and explosives used by left and right-wing terrorist groups throughout the country.
Over the past four years six to nine tons of explosives have been conduited through Reading to the KKK, the Weather Underground, Puerto Rican nationalist groups (believed to include the FALN – Armed Forces for the Liberation of Puerto Rico), black terrorist groups and other right-wing formations in the Midwest.

Although the NCLC gives no evidence for its claim, it is not completely impossible that the Unity Now network did supply radical groups on both the far left and far right with explosives both for money and for ideological reasons. The NCLC further states that three of Frankhouser's cohorts – Jones, Kanger, and Colbert – were simultaneously members of the KKK and the Maoist Revolutionary Union (RU) as Frankhouser claimed he was as well. (As unlikely as that may sound, recall that Higgins – a Great Knight Hawk of the Michigan KKK – penetrated the NCLC.) The NCLC report then states:

Jones, Colbert, Kanger – along with two other RU agents Norman DeBooth and Leymond DeBooth – made frequent trips to the Anthracite Coal Company, DuPont Chemical plant, and the Hercules and Trojan plants; where they would fill out dummy invoices and remove cases of explosives including Superprimer No. 50, electric regulator caps and dynamite. Leymond DeBooth, who was the driver on these pick-up trips, had access to government trucks, which were used on occasion.

As for Frankhouser:

Roy Frankhouser, who was arrested . . . in February 1974 and charged with possession of 931 lbs. of explosives (although [ATF agent] Carcello actually confiscated 4-5 tons in the raid), was targeted on July 15, 1975, for potential assassination by CIA journalist Hilferty of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Frankhouser, however, "really" had been arrested because of his work as a secret agent who was investigating Black September Palestinian terrorist cells in Canada. Or so the NCLC's Security Staff claimed. The report next said that Black September was controlled by Henry Kissinger and the U.S. National Security Council. Kissinger and the NSC – in collaboration with the RAND corporation – had secretly planned and coordinated "all major international terrorist operations; including the slaughter at the Munich Olympics; the Hague bombings; and the recent murders of two French DST agents."

The NCLC alleged that Frankhouser's real role in all this was the following:

NCLC sources have identified Frankhouser's role in the CIA as that of a high level security checker. Assigned by the CIA, FBI, ATF to infiltrate "enemy" organizations to gather information for criminal charges, Frankhouser's reports were used to determine whether there were any potential leak points through which activities could be traced directly back to one of the intelligence agencies.
It is likely that Frankhouser only became aware of the actual nature of his assignment after several years and that his February 1974 arrest was actually a frame-up aimed at placing pressure on him to keep his mouth shut. . . as a method of control over agents whose activities put them in possession of too much "classified information." Frankhouser, whose involvement in the explosives raid was probably that of an unwitting "fall guy" setting up a "buy-bust," was locked up on $150,000 bail; Kanger and Colbert who were arrested with him were let out on $500 each.

The NCLC document also attack Charles Sims, a KKK member and convicted Pontiac bomber who had given the government crucial evidence on Frankhouser's role in the dynamite ring, evidence that laid the basis for the government's arrest of Frankhouser in the spring of 1974. The NCLC report accuses Sims of being the sole Pontiac bomber and states that

Charles Simms, the Pontiac FBI operative who planted the August 30, 1971 bombs and who also made two trips to Reading to purchase the necessary explosives from Jones, was arrested last year by Detroit police, when a stolen truck that he was driving was found to contain explosives and machine guns. Simms was placed in Springfield, Missouri Federal prison – notorious as a behavior modification brainwashing center run by the LEAA.

(For more background on the Reading events, see the appendix "The Frankhouser File.")

Vernon Higgins also makes an interesting appearance in the report:

On June 19, 1974, Vernon Higgins, then a U.S. Labor Party Congressional candidate in Pontiac, Mich., confessed to NCLC Detroit regional executive members that he was an FBI infiltrator. In the lengthy debriefing that followed, Higgins admitted to having previously infiltrated the Pontiac Ku Klux Klan during the period in which they were carrying out the bus bombings. In a signed affidavit dated June 20, 1974, Higgins stated that he had been directly involved in planting the bombs under the buses. . . . The Pontiac indictments against Jones, Kanger, Colbert and Frankhouser – taken in the context of the 1974 Higgins revelations – establish a hard chain of evidence of LEAA-FBI gun-explosives running between Pennsylvania and Michigan.

By the summer of 1975, then, it is clear that the NCLC had embraced the Unity Now network and argued that both Frankhouser and Miles had been set up by the U.S. government. The group claimed that the American government was behind far right terrorism even as the FBI and ATF was trying to prosecute Miles for the Pontiac bombing and Frankhouser for his role in the Reading branch of the dynamite ring.


The NCLC alliance with Frankhouser and Miles and the Unity Now network enraged other far rightists who saw the NCLC as a Communist group filled with Jews, blacks, and other undesirables. The group that loathed Frankhouser's alliance with the NCLC, according to the 18 May 1976 New Solidarity, included among others:

*William Sickles, Imperial Wizard of the Adamic Knights of the KKK who reportedly directed a "Korps of Konvict Killers" and an Ohio-based right-wing umbrella organization called the Confederacy Group;
*Dale Reusch, Imperial Wizard of the Invisible Empire of the Ku Klux Klan and a founder of the Confederacy Group who for a time worked at the Cleveland Ford plant and reportedly had close ties to the Yugoslavian far right "Ustashi" anti-communists;
*Phil Meier, Pennsylvania Regional Coordinator of the National Revolutionary Army;
*Al Lentz, Grand Dragon of the Independent KKK;
*Frank Draeger, former American Nazi Party member and alleged head of the National Revolutionary Army 17;
*Someone New Solidarity calls Father Pirrone, reportedly a Brooklyn-based member of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan;
*George Wilkie, a former member of Ken Duggan's Provisional Revolutionary Government who later worked with Tradition Family and Property (TFP) and who later clashed with Duggan; and
*Charles Holland, New York Grand Dragon of the United Klans of America.

An article in the 7 July 1976 issue of New Solidarity claimed that on 23 June, Frankhouser narrowly avoided being murdered when five shots were fired at him while he was in the company of two other Klan leaders named Ray Doerfler and Tony Lawricki. Doerfler was a Grand Dragon of the Confederation of Independent Orders, Invisible Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a split from Robert Shelton's UKA which seems to be the same organization that the NCLC referred to as the "Confederacy Group." Doerfler, who lived in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, however, couldn't stand the NCLC. A 9 November 1979 New Solidarity article quotes him as stating: "I hate communists and I think LaRouche is a most dangerous communist."


Following Ken Duggan's death, Roy Frankhouser inherited his role as a key connection man between the NCLC and Unity Now. The basis for the alliance was in part ideological. Inside the far right, there were two basic points of view that frequently overlapped. The first was primarily driven by anti-communism. In this view, the Rockefeller family and the "Eastern Establishment" were more or less open collaborators with the Soviet bloc. The idea was that the Eastern Establishment was committed to a "creeping" form of Fabian Socialism that would further consolidate all power in a highly bureaucratic state controlled by the Eastern elite. The second group was primarily obsessed with anti-Semitism and was represented by people like Willis Carlo, Robert Miles, Ken Duggan, and Frankhouser. They had come out of a specific strain of far right anti-Semitism dating back to the 1930s and they had close ties to classic anti-Semitic postwar radical right groups like the Defenders of the American Constitution (DAC) and White-Russian-linked organizations such as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a strange sect based in Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, headed for many years by its "Grand Master" Charles Pichel. As for Robert Miles, we have seen that his close ties to the White Russians date back to his involvement with Count Vonsiatsky's fascist movement in the 1930s. For them the Labor Committee's avowed "communism" was much less of a problem.

In his memoirs, Rampart's former editor Warren Hinckle describes just how genuinely confusing the divisions inside the far right really were:

My political education around this time was advanced by learning the distinction between left-wing Minutemen and right-wing Minutemen. Far from being a relatively cohesive block of lunatics, the gun-toting paramilitary right was split between the anti-Communist Minutemen, in some relative position approximating a left on the fanatical right, and the late George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazis, located farthest to the racist and anti-Semitic right, with those armed bigots operation under sheeted cover of the KKK somewhere toward the middle – liberals on this bizarre spectrum. . . .
[Minuteman leader] De Pugh, who considered himself a responsible extremist, was worried sick over the uncontrolled activities of the Minutemen "defector" groups. . . . He suspected that some of his fallen away riflemen who had drifted off to the Nazi sandbars along the shore of Southern California had been part of a rifle team shooting at President Kennedy. Master Marksman De Pugh scoffed at the idea of Oswald scoring those hits on his own; his opinion was that the President had been caught in a "classic guerrilla crossfire" at Dealy Plaza.
De Pugh was so concerned about cleaning up his organization's act he offered Ramparts the resources of the Minutemen's extensive intelligence system. . . . They provided carte d'identite to sundry Minutemen units, and to the armed religious camps with whom De Pugh was engaged in intraservice rivalry on the right. One was "The Church of Jesus Christ-Christian," the hyphen-Christian being a signal that a dirty Jew like Jesus couldn't' get in the door; this fundamentalist Church worshiped the gods of race prejudice . . . .18

By 1975-1976 LaRouche thought he saw a potential opening to the far right. In a 14 May 1976 New Solidarity article entitled "Neither the 'Far Right' Nor the 'Far Left' Actually Exists," LaRouche described the Labor Committees as "Marxian socialists." Later in the article, however, he argued that the George Wallace movement included "pro-socialist currents":

The Ku Klux Klan was taken over by the FBI and other agencies of the same parentage during the 1960s, and FBI "stringers" have been directly involved in bombings attributed to the Ku Klux Klan (FBI "stringers" sometimes under the cover of "leftism" have also attempted assassinations and so forth).
However, when the appellation "far right" is more broadly applied, as to the base of the 1968 Wallace movement, the idiocy of the designation becomes obvious to any competent historian or journalist. The Wallace movement of 1968 was a populist movement embracing both pro-socialist and pro-fascist currents in a sociologically lawful way.

In the 28 May 1976 issue of New Solidarity, LaRouche claimed: "I am entirely a socialist, not some ordinary reformer. I know above all else how to establish and direct a socialist economy. This is my goal, my morality, my commitment, my only ever present reason for existing." However, since there was no ability to make a revolution in the near future, the NCLC had to search for a "capitalist solution" for the crisis. This same issue of New Solidarity included an important article that mentioned Robert Miles, who was then in jail in Marion. According to the story:

Robert Miles, a former KKK official, who was railroaded into jail for the Pontiac bus bombings, was visited by Justice Department officials in Marion. According to the report: Miles, who has damaging first-hand knowledge of the NSC's dirty tricks capability, was told: "If you talk to the USLP, we will bury you."

Once Miles was finally released from prison in late 1979, the connections between LaRouche and Miles blossomed into the 1980s. In the March-April 1986 issue of his From the Mountain newsletter, for example, Miles wrote this note following an NCLC electoral victory in Illinois:

We watch with humor at the bleating of the liberals and conservatives alike over the victories of the LaRouche forces in Illinois. LaRouche has positions which we agree with and ones we don't. He is a racist, unconsciously to be true. His glorification of European culture, morals and histories is instinctive. It is sound. It reflects an inner genetic memory. He mixes his forces, having blacks and Jews in his ranks. But then, so did every conquering army in history . . . including the SS! We have had a closer relationship with his people than most of you. We are delighted in the havoc which his political raiders have wrought in the ranks of ZOG. Well done, Lyndon, well done!



The semi-covert links between the Liberty Lobby and the Labor Committee continued for decades. Sometime in the late 1980s, for example, the LaRouchies allied with a leading Japanese anti-Semite named Masami Uno, a former Baptist minister who is best known for his promotion of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Anti-Jewish works by Goldstein, Steinberg (with help from Uno who translated their works into Japanese) were published under the auspices of New American View, a journal run by Victor Marchetti and Mark Lane, two longtime allies of Willis Carto.

As for Uno, security staff leader Paul Goldstein even went on a speaking tour with him in 1991. From the web report of an American student who tried to attend one of these talks:

Another influence is Christian fundamentalism, which predicts an apocalypse based on the prophecies of Ezekiel and the Book of Revelations. Masami Uno predicts imminent nuclear holocaust precipitated by a Soviet invasion of Israel. . . . Now Uno is on the lecture circuit with a follower of the political extremist Lyndon LaRouche, Paul Goldstein, to try to lend more credence to his tattered arguments. Paul Goldstein lectures as a warm-up speaker (with interpretation) for Uno now in Japan. As I entered the lecture hall in Osaka, a man grabbed my arm and said I couldn't go in, explaining politely that I was not a Japanese business leader, for whom the lecture was intended. He feared I might "misunderstand" what was being said. I think he really feared I might understand too clearly what was being said."

From a New York Times story on Japanese anti-Semitism:

In a Tide of Japanese Books on Jews, an Anti-Semitic Current
Published: February 19, 1991
"One new book published in December, Counterattack of Hitler, is a best seller at many book stores and has sold 30,000 copies. It denies the existence of the Holocaust and asserts that a Jewish conspiracy is being thwarted by Germany, Arabs and other groups.
Another new book, Confessions of the Jews, by Paul Goldstein and Jeffrey Steinberg, two American followers of the political extremist Lyndon LaRouche, says the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the American Jewish group, engages in organized crime and drug-trafficking. The book has sold only 5,000 copies but is a best-seller in those bookstores carrying it. The author of the first book and the translator of the second is Masami Uno, an Osaka man whose books denouncing Jews have long sold well and are widely available. His book, If You Understand Jews, You Can See the Whole World, has sold 540,000 copies since it was published in 1986. . . . .

Masami Uno (or Uno Masami to use the Japanese style) was a New Age-style fundamentalist Christian, who was pro-Israel in the fundamentalist way before making a 180 degree turn as David Goodman explains:

FROM: David Goodman The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Aum, and anti-Semitism in Japan" available on the web. [NOTE: the Aum in the title is the same group that released sarin gas in the Tokyo subway. It too was into the Protocols.]
"Uno Masami: Christian Fundamentalist Xenophobe
The author who spectacularly reintroduced the Protocols in the mid-1980s was Uno Masami (1941- ). In two bestsellers published in 1986 that sold a combined total of more than a million copies, Uno reactivated and exploited latent Japanese images of Jews and showed that a savvy author could make a lot of money in the process. His theories were accorded a high degree of credibility in mainstream journalistic, business, and political circles, worrying foreign and, to a lesser extent, Japanese observers.
Uno resurrected and refurbished Japan’s xenophobic ethnic nationalism, arguing that Japan faced a mortal threat from the Jews, who were out to destroy it. Uno explained the U.S.-Japan trade fiction by asserting that the United States was controlled by a secret, all-powerful Jewish “shadow government.” Japanese-U.S. relations had to be understood as Japanese-Jewish relations, he insisted. He claimed that “if you understand the Jews, you will understand the world,” which was the title of one of his 1986 bestsellers.
Uno tried to discredit Japan’s postwar democratic institutions, including the American-drafted postwar constitution, because they were agencies of the Jewish plot to destroy Japan. Democracy and internationalism were simply the “Judaization of Japan,” according to Uno, and he urged his countrymen to emulate Adolf Hitler and devise policies that would protect the interests of the Japanese ethnic nation (minzoku no rieki).
Christian theology also played an essential role in Uno’s thought. A fundamentalist minister in the Osaka Bible Christian Church . . . Uno had previously published explicit works of Christian prophecy, including Great Prophecies of the Old Testament: The Jews and Armageddon, which appeared in 1982. Uno was on his sixth trip to Israel in June 1982, when Israel invaded Lebanon, and events seemed to confirm his apocalyptic theories. Upon his return to Japan, he issued the sequel to his earlier book, titled Great Prophecies of the Old Testament, Continued: Armageddon and the Qualifications of the Leader. In these books, Uno preached that the ultimate aim of the Jews is to precipitate World War III in order to bring about the Messianic Age. As foretold by the prophet Ezekiel, a Soviet invasion of Israel will precipitate the war, which the Jews will win. A Jewish autocrat will be anointed and benevolently rule the world from the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem, but the Jewish dictatorship will last only three and a half years, after which the real Messiah, the returned Jesus, will appear on the Mount of Olives to usher in the true Millennium.
Uno’s argument is based on Revelation 13:5-8 and closely resembles the apocalyptic theology of the American pre-millennialist preacher Hal Lindsey, whose immensely popular The Late Great Planet Earth was first published in 1970 and reportedly had sold eighteen million copies in the United States by the mid-1980s. The cataclysm Uno predicts is identical to the one Lindsey describes, and he uses the same exegetical evidence. Uno Masami thus combined Japan’s indigenous xenophobia and ethnic nationalism with Christian fundamentalism in a conspiracy theory that derived from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In so doing, he achieved both financial success and respectability.
Uno’s books were advertised prominently in all of Japan’s major news papers; he was quoted in news articles about the Japanese economy; and he was invited by a conservative faction of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party to speak at a Constitution Day rally in May 1987. Not only did Uno’s success embolden others to follow his example, but his notoriety made the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and its theory of a Jewish conspiracy to destroy Japan and rule the world common knowledge in Japan."

Now from "Anti-Semitism in Japan" by William Wetherall (A version of this article appeared as "Pride and sometimes prejudice in Japan" in Far Eastern Economic Review, 138(42), 15 October 1987, pp. 52-54)

"Uno, born in 1942 and a teacher of geography and history in a public high school until 1975, turned to "Jewish peril" books after half a dozen volumes on Biblical prophecy. His first two Jewish books blame the Jews for the global and national doom which their titles predict. Understand Judea and the world will come into view (A scenario for the 'final economic war' of 1990) came out in April last year. Understand Judea and Japan will come into view (When Judea takes possession of a 'hollowed Japan') followed in November.
Uno's third book, The day the dollar becomes paper (Now is the time to study Jewish wisdom), was published this May. He wrote it while aware that foreign and Japanese critics were calling the first two books "anti-Semitic" -- a label which the third book tries to reject with a title that appears to admire Judaic ideals by deeming them worthy of study. But the third book continues to blame the Jews for the world's and Japan's problems. And much more clearly than the first two books, it shows Uno's true neo-nationalistic colors.
Uno believes that the Jews plan to rule the world by controlling information, oil, grains, money, and militarily powerful countries like the United States, the Soviet Union, and the People's Republic of China. He claims that they already run the biggest oil and grain majors and the most influential news agencies and banks, and that they control the U.S. government and key American multinationals like IBM.
Marco Polo was Jew. Columbus was a Jew. And Japan's history with the west is a history of relations with Jews, according to Uno.
The global depression triggered by the stock market crash of 1929 was precipitated by Jews. World War II was started by Jews like Franklin Roosevelt, who provoked Japan into firing the first shot.
The Americans who oversaw the reconstruction of Japan after World War II were mainly Jews who were determined to prevent the "Japanese race" from ever rising again. They replaced the ethnic starch in education with the victors' version of history, so postwar Japanese have grown up ignorant of the true causes of the war, guilty about the past, and unable to take pride in their national flag and anthem.
Uno believes that Jewish "internationalization" will further destroy Japan as a putatively monoracial state, and so Japanese must reassert their racial ethnicity in order to protect their gene pools. This racialism closely resembles the prewar Yamatoist beliefs that are held by some of Japan's most prominent intellectuals and politicians. Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone, for one, believes in the superiority of Japanese spirituality and morality, and he advocates monoethnic social policies to safeguard Japan from cultural decline.
Uno claims that Jewish thought is based on eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth thinking, and that the Jews maintain their ethnic identity by constantly revenging their historical persecutors. He believes that this Old Testament idea is shared by all Middle East, European and American peoples. Japanese, he says, are taught to forgive and forget, according to Confucian teachings, which Uno states are shared by most Asians. So east and west are like water and oil.
The Jews have avenged the Holocaust by dividing Germany, splitting Berlin, and flooding the Federal Republic of Germany with Turkish immigrants and refugees, Uno writes. And FRG cannot deport such aliens because the Jews control the mass media, and through it they remind the world of what the Nazis did to them. Uno argues that because the Turks have ten kids instead of two, the Teutonic race will soon become a minority, and so Hitler's followers will never again have power.
Uno claims that the Jews are now doing the same to Japan. Jewish American lawyers and businessmen are rushing to Tokyo to buy up Japanese companies and ensure that Japan never gains control of the world's finances but continues to be a mere factory. Ambassador Mike Mansfield and most other U.S. embassy and consular officials in Japan are "of course" Jews. Practically all foreign teachers of English in Japan are Jews whose mission is to soften Japan's ethnic defenses by inculcating the minds of their students with "international" thinking.
All this is part of a Jewish plot to bring blacks, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans into Japan's labor force, Uno states in his second book, which he was writing last September when Prime Minister Nakasone said that the United States is less "intelligent" than Japan because it has many blacks and Hispanics. Uno warns that blacks in Japan have already begun raping Japanese women with impunity, as in the 1986 case of a woman who claimed that she had been sexually assaulted by the sons of an African ambassador protected by diplomatic immunity."

NCLC Security Staff honchos Paul Goldstein and Jeff Steinberg wrote a report for “a Japanese audience” on Liberty-Lobby style conspiracy nonsense about Skull and Bones around the same time they also penned yet another opus they called Confessions of the Jews. Both of them were translated into Japanese by Uno.

Paul Goldstein, Jeffrey Steinberg
George Bush, Skull & Bones and the New World Order A NEW AMERICAN VIEW - INTERNATIONAL EDITION WHITE PAPER April 1991
This special report is intended to assist the Japanese audience in more fully understanding the present policies of the United States under the administration of President George Bush. It explains the thinking behind America's military adventure in the Persian Gulf and its current attitudes toward the Middle East region.
In so doing, we provide a glimpse into the most powerful organization in America-the Order of Skull & Bones. This secret fraternity is based at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, where many of the leading members of the U.S. government and the American intelligence community received their formal education. The Order, as it is referred to by its members, is a bastion of White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) culture, which is at the core of the American 20th century outlook. The reader will learn that President George Herbert Walker Bush's concept of the New World Order is an old idea, one which has its origins in the philosophy and beliefs of the secret Skull & Bones fraternity.
Today in particular, this is the prevailing outlook of the U.S. government, many of whose most influential members, like the president himself, are part of the Skull & Bones network. These men seek to recreate the American imperium of the immediate post-World War II period, an era which President Bush frequently refers to as "the American Century." The powerful men of Skull & Bones genuinely believe that they have a strategic and moral "right" to control world affairs. Consequently, they take upon themselves the authority to crush any rival threat to U.S. imperial leadership, whether by current allies, such as Japan, Germany or Great Britain, or by Cold War adversaries, like the Soviet Union. The members of the Order, due to their narrow WASP upbringing, view with particular suspicion the maneuverings of Zionist Israel and its affluent, influential lobby in the United States. [Italics added]

Goldstein and Steinberg co-wrote the book Confessions of the Jews that was published by Enoch Shuppan. Given that Uno himself is a Christian fundamentalist, Enoch (Ekuno) Shuppan apperas to be a right-wing Christian fundamentalist house possibly owned by Uno personally. (In Japanese, “shuppan” just means publication.)

ユダヤの告白: 日本経済を裏面から見る / Yudaya no kokuhaku : Nihon keizai o rimen kara miru (Confessions of the Jews: Behind the Scenes of Scenes of the Japanese Economy) Author: P. ゴールドスタイン, J. スタインバーグ共著 ; 宇野正美訳. 宇野正美, ; Paul J Goldstein; Jeffrey Steinberg; Masami Uno Publisher: エクノ出版, Tōkyō : Ekuno Shuppan, 1990. (Enoch Shuppan) OCLC Number: 84741841 Description: 284 p. : ill. ; 20 cm. Other Titles: ADL and zionism. Responsibility:P. Gōrudosutain , J. Sutainbāgu kyōcho ; Uno Masami yaku.

Next we have:

P. ゴールドスタイン, J. スタインバーグ共著 ; 宇野正美監訳. 宇野正美, ; Paul J Goldstein; Jeffrey Steinberg; Masami Uno OCLC Number: 67229194 Notes: English text and the translation of George Bush, skull & bones and the new world order ; a New American View international edition white paper : New American View, April 1991. Description: 44, 46 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. Other Titles: George Bush, skull & bones and the new world order. George Bush, skull and bones and the new world order. New American view. Responsibility: P. Gōrudosutain , J. Sutainbāgu kyōcho ; Uno Masami kanyaku.

Note that the publisher is listed as New American View, which, it turns out, is the name of the journal published by ex-CIA agent Victor Marchetti and Spotlight attorney Mark Lane -- both of whom have worked closely for decades with Willis Carto.


1 The "Mountain" in the title is a reference to Mount Segur, the last Cathar stronghold in the south of France.

2 Their attorney, James E. Wells, had earlier unsuccessfully represented a Detroit far rightist named Donald Lobsinger – head of rightist group named Breakthrough – who had attacked members of a peace rally. As for the bombing plot, it had apparently been hatched at a 4 July 1971 KKK meeting at Lake Odessa, near Jackson, Michigan.

3 Ken Duggan also appeared as a speaker at a pro-Vietnam War rally organized by a conservative Catholic youth group. At the rally, Duggan was introduced as the Chairman of the "New York Citizens Committee to Support Your Local Police" and his speech was devoted to attacking the establishment of a police review board. See the reference to Duggan in the 24 October 1965 article in the New York Times entitled "Demonstration Here Supports Administration on Vietnam Policy."

4 On the creation of the Patriot Party, see "New Rightist Party Counsels 'Leaders' to Enlist Others," in the 5 July 1966 New York Times.

5 On Duggan, see William Turner, Power on the Right (Berkeley, CA: Ramparts Press, 1971). On Duggan's ties to the Church of Satan, see

6 Starting in 1979-80, LaRouche would publicly promote Tilak's ideas.

7 For a more detailed analysis of the origins of the "left" of the radical right, see Kevin Coogan, Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International (New York: Autonomedia, 1999). Also see the Coogan article on Pedro Del Valle and the Defenders of the American Constitution (DAC) available on the Internet here or cached here. Also see Martin Lee, The Beast Reawakens (Boston: Little Brown, 1999).

8 After Rockwell's death the head of the World Union of National Socialists (WUNS) passed to a Dane named Paul Heinrich Riis-Knudsen. Riis-Knudsen advocated a "left" interpretation of Nazism and in the early 1980s he wrote a pamphlet entitled National Socialism: A Left-wing Movement. Some "third position" fascists looked to China as a model of "volk" socialism while others were more sympathetic to Russia, a nation dominated by Caucasians.

9. Dennis King, Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism (New York: Doubleday, 1989), 199.

10 For the full text of the Rose article, see here. Note that Rose tries to suggest that the NCLC may be a Soviet intelligence front. Rose claims that members even could be expelled for smoking. In fact LaRouche prominently smoked a pipe for years and many members in the National Office and the NEC smoked cigarettes. In reality if LaRouche wanted you out, you could be expelled for breathing. That said, I believe much of what Rose said regarding the conduct of the group's Security Staff (where he at one time held a high position) was accurate. In the case of Ken Duggan, New Solidarity itself publicized his close ties to the Labor Committee following Duggan's death. For more on Duggan, see the appendix "Palimpsest World" at

11 Wilkie was also said to teach karate to a group of anti-Castro Cubans involved in a group called the Commandoes Libres Nacionales.

12 The case was the second one in which an FBI infiltrator had been caught according the paper, the first being the identification of someone named Bill Rini, who had confessed a few months earlier ("last March") that he had been paid to infiltrate the Cleveland NCLC office.

13 "Wieche Martin" was actually Martin Weiche, a leading member of the Western Guard, a far right Canadian group that Frankhouser was in regular contact with at the time. He was also a former head of the Canadian National Socialist Party. Weiche pops up at different points in New Solidarity. In the 8 October 1976 issue, a Scott Thompson article describes him this way: "Martin Wieche, an RCMP informant and chief financial conduit to the Western Guard: Wieche is celebrated in right-wing circles as an idiot millionaire with delusions of being the reincarnation of Hitler. Wieche began his career by buying a leadership post in George Lincoln Rockwell's Nazi International."

A 17 July 1978 New Solidarity article ("The Anti-Defamation League: British SIS's Zionist Gestapo") states that:

In the early 1970s, members of the Canadian branch of the WUNS [World Union of National Socialists], headed by Martin Wiezche . . . aided British and Israeli intelligence to set up a synthetic Black September unit in Canada. On orders from then National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger, this 'unit' of Black September was to bomb airports along the Canadian-U.S.-border and assassinate 100 second-level Jewish community leaders to build a climate of tension leading up to the 1973 Mideast war.

As for the supposed Black September plot, Frankhouser first claimed that he had discovered that the Soviet Union was really behind the operation and was using the Czech legation in Canada. But in the 14 July 1975 New Solidarity, the argument was that the National Security Council had a plan to use Soviet weapons "captured in Vietnam, laundered in London and brought into Toronto and Montreal to be used in a terrorist 'offensive' in the US and Canada in the spring of 1974." This offensive would then be "blamed on the Soviets and socialist countries." In a 17 February 1978 New Solidarity article ("How to Analyze and Uproot International Terrorism"), LaRouche now blamed all Black September terrorism not on the NSC but on a British intelligence operation in which

Captured Soviet weapons were shipped in US wrappings from an airfield depot outside London. They were received in Toronto, Canada, at the premises of a Yemen Airlines office. There, the weapons destined for 'Black September' operations in the United States, were inspected under the supervision of a top British agent, an old British Special Operation Executive operative, whose regular assignment is the interface between U.S. Maoist organizations and Peking. The fact that a US intelligence operative [LaRouche means Roy Frankhouser] penetrated this aspect of the operation most probably led to the operation being scrapped.

For a more detailed look at this issue, see the Appendix "Black September and the Frankhouser File" available at

14 The first NCLC reference to Roy Frankhouser dates back to an 18 January 1974 New Solidarity article, "Minutemen Bed Down with LEAA," by "Alex Ripley." It accused Frankhouser of being part of a vast Rockefeller conspiracy to impose fascism on America. The article is riddled with absurd statements such as the claim that Frankhouser "from his position on the board of directors of the Reading Model Cities Agency directed the establishment of the Reading Criminal Justice Commission." How the NCLC made this error is hard to grasp since in the same article the real Roy Frankhouser is correctly identified as a member of the United Klans of America and the Minutemen.

15 The memo is cited in the Greg Rose article.

16 The report was a reprint of a 31 July 1975 article in New Solidarity.

17 An article in the 15 June 1974 New York Times states that Frank Drager (which New Solidarity spells as "Draeger"), a self-proclaimed member of the American Nazi Party and two other cohorts were arrested on traffic charges in Mount Holly, New Jersey, when the police discovered their care was packed with weapons. A 6 November 1976 New York Times brief states that Drager, "reputed to be the grand dragon of the New Jersey Klan" in the 1960s, was sentenced to six months in jail on firearm violation charges.

18 Warren Hinckle, If You Have a Lemon, Make Lemonade (New York: Putnam, 1974), 231-234.

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