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31 OCTOBER 1965: Dan Burros commits suicide in Frankhouser's Reading apartment. For the next few days, Roy Frankhouser is prominently featured in the New York Times.

1966: Frankhouser testifies before a HUAC sub-committee investigating the KKK.

1969: Illuminator publisher Ken Duggan runs for New York City Council under the banner of the far right Michigan-based Patriot Party. A far-right conspiracy theorist and occultist, Duggan is particularly obsessed with the power of the Rockefeller family and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

JUNE 1969: Playboy article features a report on Minuteman camp in Reading area run by Frankhouser.

1970: Unity Now formed to unite the far left and far right against the "system."

1970: Bomb attack against a Jewish synagogue and community center in Reading.

9 SEPTEMBER 1970: Frankhouser-run Minuteman training camp in Pennsylvania raided by the ATF.

FALL 1971: Willis Carto establishes the National Youth Alliance.

AUGUST 30 1971: Pontiac bus bombings by Robert Miles. Miles arrested for the bombings a week later.

2 SEPTEMBER 1972: Youth Action War Crimes Trial held in Los Angeles with Willis Carto as a featured speaker.

5 SEPTEMBER 1972: Black September massacres Israeli athletes who were competing in the Munich Olympics.

22 SEPTEMBER 1972: Roy Frankhouser goes on the ATF payroll as an informant claiming he has information on "Black September" operations in Canada. He will remain a paid ATF informant for approximately four months.

25 SEPTEMBER 1972: New Solidarity openly warns against far right overtures to the left and denounces Robert Miles by name.

NOVEMBER 1972: Frankhouser, Miles, and James Madole attend a far-right rally in Reading. Frankhouser "secretly" wiretaps his conversation with Miles and Madole for the ATF.

DECEMBER 1972: Frankhouser visits Toronto.

13 FEBRUARY 1973: Frankhouser breaks off all contact with the ATF.

JANUARY-JULY 1973: Dynamite theft ring in Reading steals some 960 pounds of dynamite in several separate break-ins in local mines. Frankhouser would later be arrested for his part in the thefts.

MAY 1973: Robert Miles convicted for the 1971 Pontiac, Michigan, school bus bombings.

23 AUGUST 1973: Philadelphia Inquirer article by John Hilferty reports Frankhouser's claim that the ATF had planted bugs at his Minutemen training camp, the same camp the ATF raided in September 1970.

SEPTEMBER 1973: Charles Sims, a now-jailed member of the KKK-Robert Miles group in Michigan, informs the government that he had visited Reading some four times earlier in 1973 and that in July 1973 Frankhouser has personally helped him load some 240 pounds of dynamite to be shipped to Michigan. Presumably Sims testimony plays a key role in the government's decision to investigate Frankhouser.

13 OCTOBER 1973: Two bombs explode in the black and Puerto Rican sections of Reading's ghetto killing one man.

29 OCTOBER 1973: Sims attacked and brutally beaten in the U.S. Federal Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana, and suffers brain damage.

DECEMBER 1973/JANUARY 1974: The height of the "Christ White" case in the NCLC. The wild attacks on the Rockefellers first begin in late December 1973 in the pages of New Solidarity.

18 JANUARY 1974: New Solidarity attacks Roy Frankhouser as a Nazi.

21 FEBRUARY 1974: Frankhouser is arrested by the Reading ATF for his role in smuggling dynamite. He faces 51 years in jail if convicted on all counts.

23 JUNE 1974: New Solidarity reveals that Vernon M. Higgins had confessed to the Detroit NCLC security staff that he had infiltrated the NCLC on behalf of the FBI. Higgins also said he had ties to the Michigan KKK and was involved with Robert Miles in the Pontiac bus bombing plot as part of his work as an informant for the FBI.

3 JULY 1974: New Solidarity accurately identifies Miles and Frankhouser as being part of a far right terrorist ring involved in dynamite plots.

LATE AUGUST/EARLY SEPTEMBER 1974: Grand Jury held in Roy Frankhouser case in Philadelphia for his role in smuggling dynamite. His attorney, Stanford Shmuckler, tries to introduce the idea to the jury that Frankhouser was a top secret government agent.

SEPTEMBER 1974: First reported known NCLC security staff contact with Ken Duggan in New York. Duggan will then introduce the NCLC to the Unity Now network.

MAY 1975: Duggan reportedly aids the NCLC to "investigate" James Madole's National Renaissance Party (NRP) on behalf of the Government of Iraq.

MAY-JUNE 1975: After spending almost a year in jail, Frankhouser is released after finally raising $50,000 bail.

13 JULY 1975: Philadelphia Inquirer article on Frankhouser's case by John Hilferty entitled "How a Nazi-Klansman Became a U.S. Agent."

LATE JULY 1975: The NCLC publishes special report entitled "LEAA Gestapo Operations in Reading, Pa." that defends Frankhouser as a "fall guy" for a bigger government conspiracy. This is the first major public defense of Frankhouser by the NCLC.

15 SEPTEMBER 1975: The Washington Star runs a front-page story on the Frankhouser case following a Washington press conference by Frankhouser sponsored by the NCLC.

18 SEPTEMBER 1975: New Solidarity announces that Frankhouser (who presumably was out on bail as his case was being appealed) "pleaded guilty on two counts to charges stemming from his activities while acting as an agent for Federal agencies, and from a government-directed frame-up." The paper also said that Charles Sims had undergone a lobotomy in prison and could not testify while two other key witnesses, Norman DeBooth and Thomas Kanger, had been murdered while another potential witness named Bertram Jones had recently been convicted in a burglary case. Although Frankhouser admitted in his plea to trafficking in explosives and could have been sentenced to 10 years in jail, he reportedly only is given five years probation for his crimes.

27 OCTOBER 1975: New Solidarity reports that Duggan was murdered in Rikers Island where he was being held on charges of attempted murder of a fellow rightist named George Wilkie.


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