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CHAPTER 11 "Orpheus Comes Up into the Sunlight": The Chris White Affair – Part One

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On Saturday 29 December 1973, the National Caucus of Labor Committees' Strategy for Socialism VII conference at New York's Statler Hilton Hotel on 33rd Street and Seventh Avenue was scheduled to commence at 10 am with an opening speech by Lyndon LaRouche on "Self-Consciousness and the Organizing Process."

The six months since the previous conference in June – which launched the NCLC's Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM) – had seen a series of developments that did not bode well for the organization's future. Put more bluntly, the NCLC was veering towards disaster.

In the wake of the NCLC's failed series of "Mop Up" attacks on the CPUSA, the CP worked with the police to have NCLC members arrested. Police interest in the NCLC only grew stronger as the group tried – with some surprising initial success – to recruit networks of predominantly urban black youth (most notably from the large Outlaw gang based in Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn) into RYM. Other NCLC members were hit with criminal charges such as assaulting the police after a wild confrontation with the cops inside the Newark City Council headquarters that August. The criminal charges intensified in early December when the New Jersey State Police arrested three leading NCLC members on illegal weapons possession charges near Mountain Lake, New Jersey.

Temple University students, victims of an assault by
members of LaRouche's NCLC ("Operation Mop Up")
Photo credit: Daily World – Source:

The NCLC's 1973 turn to campaign politics through the "United States Labor Party" (USLP) proved yet another disaster. After the USLP ran a longtime member named Tony Chaitkin for mayor of New York, members spent a grueling summer collecting petitions for him. In November, however, Chaitkin only received a handful of votes.

But the crisis facing the NCLC was far deeper still. In early 1973 LaRouche had boasted about "winning left hegemony." Now the NCLC found itself a pariah organization on the Left. Yet the failed attack on the CP was just one reason for the group's isolation on the Left. Not long after the debacle of Operation Mop Up, for example, the NCLC began to defend Richard Nixon against impeachment. NCLC members even disrupted a heading of the Ervin Committee to press the claim that the CIA was behind Nixon's "watergating."

The NCLC's de facto defense of Nixon was justified by the argument that the CIA -- in alliance with the "Eastern Establishment" flagship Rockefeller family -- had decided to "scrap" the Nixon administration for a "national unity government." Such a government would be more efficient in implementing the "austerity measures" that the incompetent Nixon had failed to carry out. As part of the plot, old style police forces were being dismantled by a new "domestic CIA" organized around the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA). This new "post-Nixon" government would be heavily dominated by corporate liberals and ideologically propped up on the left by the Communist Party. Following a Pop Front model based on the recent Brandt-Brezhnev Ostpolitik agreement, Moscow would collaborate with the Rockefellers to suppress resistance to the new government under the delusion that it could formulate a political trade-off in its favor.


On 21 December 1973, however, New Solidarity suddenly announced a radical new change in line in a front page headline entitled "Rocky Drops Governorship to Prepare World Fascist Regime." The article – which included a huge cartoon of Nelson Rockefeller dressed as Dracula – now claimed that the Rockefellers wanted "an intended fascist government for the United States." To further the plot, the Rockefeller oil interests used the October 1973 Arab-Israeli war to drive up prices and cut oil production.

From the founding of the NCLC in 1966-67 – and first articulated in works like The Third Stage of Imperialism – LaRouche argued that there were essentially two critical components to the ruling class, the globalist financiers and the National Association of Manufactures (NAM)-style dummies they had to work with. The financiers – who operated out of organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) – were internationalists. They were opposed, in turn, by conservative "cretins" who looked to "latifundist" allies in the developing sector. Hence there was an inherent struggle of sorts between the banker faction and the rest of the capitalist state bureaucracy. With the Nixon administration, there was a coalition of sorts between small town America and the corporate elite, best symbolized by the Rockefeller's CFR protege Henry Kissinger.

From The Third Stage of Imperialism:

In the state bureaucracy – as in the corporate bureaucracy – a dramatic change in policy can be accomplished only under conditions of crisis. The leadership that is "ahead of its time" will find its efforts sabotaged by the bureaucracy's rank and file. This phenomenon, bureaucratic cretinism, plays a decisive short-term role in the making of history . . .

In a 1970 New Solidarity think piece ("Nixon for Sale Cheap"), LaRouche ("L. Marcus") described the Eastern elite using ideas that obviously recalled Third Stage:

At the top are the very wealthy, their top management and intellectual helpers and advisers, like Rockefeller, Kennedy, Romney, McNamara: the "Eastern Establishment." Those are the international movers, the "broadminded" ones, the imperialist investors. This layer has been organized in the twentieth century in such institutions as the old National Civic Federation and, during the past thirty years, the Committee for Economic Development and the Ford Foundation.

He argued that

The problem which confronted the "Eastern Establishment" in 1968 was that it lacked [the] sufficient political base to carry out the kinds of emergency measures (wage-price controls) which were clearly required from the standpoint of the U.S. capitalist self-interest at that juncture. The Democratic Party nationally was a hopeless shambles. After the assassination of Robert Kennedy, it lacked a figure of the developed diabolical qualifications.

Under such conditions, Nixon managed to sneak into power even though his roots were in the "lowest stratum" of the middle level of the capitalist class represented by organizations like the National Association of Manufacturers, which were composed of "ignorant, noisy, boorish Babbitts in the main, representing smaller financiers, small corporation ownership."

Until the NCLC's sudden reversal in December 1973, the "bankers" generally tended to back the most liberal social layers in the United States as part of their attempt to politically weaken their more parochial foes. Therefore the liberal New York banking interests were generally seen as making up the base of the internationalist wing of the Republican Party. They encouraged "progressive" cultural and social movements in the United States. Hence the Ford Foundation and CIA supported groups like the Council for Cultural Freedom (CCF) and the National Student Association (NSA). The "liberal" model, then, was based, broadly speaking, on co-opting the Left into "popular front"-type agreements.

In the late spring and summer of 1973, the NCLC's qualified defense of Nixon was rooted in the idea that a new "Popular Front" government was being planned for America. Although the NCLC didn't favor Nixon's policies, it argued that the attack on Nixon had to be seen in a broader context of the "Brandt-Brezhnev deal" that had led to Ostpolitik in Europe and was providing a model for a similar Pop-Front type regime in America. Unable to implement such a government through the electoral system, the Eastern Establishment (with help from the Eastern Establishment run CIA) had instead decided to remove Nixon by impeachment.

But in late December all this began to change. The rate of capitalist economic collapse in the wake of the enormous rise in oil prices following the 1973 Arab-Israeli war now meant that key banking forces in the West were set on an overt fascist takeover and the destruction of parliamentary democratic forms in both Europe and the United States. In short, the "popular front" option was dead. New Solidarity explained the new turn this way:

Despite the cooperation of the trade-union and other working-class leaders with capitalist austerity policies, bloated and essentially un-payable debt and profit obligations will continue to overhang the world capitalist economy.
Maintaining this debt structure requires a rapid worldwide implementation of fascist-model looting and labor-recycling programs. But neither the Brandt-Brezhnev alliance nor any other existing capitalist leadership can be the instrument of the necessary resolute and unified capitalist class rule. No leadership now exists that is acceptable to the entire fragmented capitalist class. As the panic spreads, Rockefeller is moving to remedy the situation by preparing a new fascist leadership, based in his Commission, which could step into open rule after, say, the collapse of a Ford Administration in two or three years.

The new fascist takeover would not follow the classic model of 1930s-style fascism. Instead, a series of artificial intense psychological warfare and other "intelligence" operations directed by organizations like the CIA would induce a kind of mass mental breakdown in the targeted population through phony terror scares, engineered scarcity crises, and acts of mass psychosis in a scenario inspired more by Brave New World and 1984 and not by Mein Kampf.

Although the elaborate NCLC theories about "Brandt-Brezhnev" and the new "turn" of the Rockefellers towards fascism may sound hopelessly esoteric, we shall see how the Chris White Affair bounced between these two paradigms. At first the NCLC interpreted the plot within the pre-existing framework developed during the Konstantine George affair; namely that the KGB was behind the plot. However by the end of the Chris White affair, the old paradigm had been rejected. Now the "real" plotters were the combined forces of both the CIA and MI-6. Not only were the Soviets absolved of any part in the conspiracy but, by January of 1974, the NCLC began actively courting Soviet contacts.


The printed schedule for the NCLC's national conference listed a group of presentations that would follow LaRouche's opening conference address on Saturday, 29 December 1973.1 At 2 pm, there was to be a presentation on the "Socialist Program for the International Food Crisis." At 7 pm an NCLC member ("John Lawrence") would discuss "Solving the Energy Crisis: the Program for Worldwide Expanded Production." The next day, 30 December, the conference would shift to the Commodore Hotel on Park Avenue and 42nd Street. The Sunday session would begin with a 10 am presentation on "Human Recycling – the Road from Nazi Germany to Today" by NCLC leader Ed Spannaus and conclude with a 2 pm talk by Alan Salisbury on "Perspectives for the Revolutionary Youth Movement." The next day, Monday, 31 December, New Years' Eve, the NCLC would hold its annual "internal meeting" (closed to outsiders) to discuss policy and elect a new National Executive Committee (NEC) – the group's "politburo" – as well as a slate of National Committee (NC) members from across the nation. Needless to say, what followed at the conference did not conform to the printed schedule.

In the 11 January New Solidarity cover story on the conference, the paper describes the dramatic circumstances of LaRouche's keynote address. Here he first revealed to the assembled crowd of over a thousand members and supporters that there had been a major escalation of dirty tricks against the organization:

The keynote address of the conference, under the title "Self-Consciousness and Mass Organizing" was delivered by Marcus. It was not precisely the speech that he had planned on delivering 24 hours earlier. A series of devastating developments taking place in London at the time compelled him to address the socialist organizers present with a detailed report of the news from England as the NCLC received it at the time by wire. This included the abduction of Christopher White and the downing of the British Caledonian airplane by the British government, which at the time was thought of by the NCLC security staff as merely paying courtesy to the KGB. Marcus's keynote address subsequently turned out to be an actual battlefield report of the most devastating psychological warfare operation ever mounted in history.

Over the next few days, shocked NCLC cadre would first be told that at least one top European Labor Committee (ELC) member – Christopher White – had been "brainwashed" and secretly programmed by the KGB to assassinate LaRouche. It was also revealed that there were others inside the organization who had been brainwashed to serve as White's accomplices.

As for White, he had arrived with his wife Carol and other comrades from England at JFK airport shortly before the conference was scheduled to begin. White, however, had been acting in a psychotic manner. He was then brought directly to LaRouche's apartment to be examined by LaRouche personally. During this encounter, LaRouche quickly decided that White had been brainwashed to kill him. In the next few days, William Engdahl – an NCLC member who had arrived at the conference from Chicago – would be identified as the "code bearer" for White in a KGB plot. Another NCLC member named Alice Weitzman was later singled out for her alleged involvement in the conspiracy.

The 11 January New Solidarity report concluded that the "psy-war" operation against the Labor Committee

is quite simple to understand for anyone who has a rudimentary familiarity with psychological operations developed at the time of World War II. The goal was to subject a population to a succession of nerve-wracking feeling states and moods. A vast and vicious bibliography exists on how to play up certain types of ego fears present in almost every man and woman. A social grouping gets induced into a pre-planned succession of fear/self-doubt/elation/disorientation in order to break the subjects' will to resist.

In reality the only members of the "population" to be subjected to "a succession of nerve-wracking feeling states and moods" were the NCLC members who attended the conference and then spent weeks living through its aftershocks.


On 1 January 1974, the NCLC issued a press release entitled "KGB 'Operation Orpheus' Against the Labor Committees" for "immediate world wide distribution." At this time LaRouche was still operating under the old "KGB paradigm" first introduced into the organization in the summer and fall of 1973 with the Konstantine George affair. The press release argues that the KGB intended to assassinate LaRouche and then place its infiltrators into high leadership positions. With LaRouche gone, pro-Soviet moles inside the organization would be free to run Soviet-backed intelligence operations under the cover of the NCLC as an anti-Soviet organization. Because of the press release's importance as a snap shot of the early days of the Chris White affair, it is worth quoting its admittedly convoluted prose at considerable length:

The National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC), a U.S. socialist group, reports that it has temporarily frustrated the most massive Soviet political opponents' assassination operation since the murder of L.D. Trotsky. Detection, isolation and psychoanalytical de-programming of both the key Soviet operative and his "code bearer" presently appears to have resulted in KGB abortion of its initial plan of assassination against NCLC National Chairman Lyn Marcus and others. Labor Committee intelligence staffs are rapidly closing in on identification and isolation of the individuals the "code bearer" was attempting to contact immediately after isolation of the primary operative.
The following principal facts have been determined through previous months' fact-gathering by Labor Committee intelligence staffs and comparison of contents of the two isolated Soviet operatives.
The direction and overall international coordination of the assassination operation was in the hands of the recently reactivated VEDO (Foreign Extraordinary Operation Department) sub-department of the Soviet Secret Police, the Komitet Gosundearstvennou Bezopasnosti (KGB).
Full details of the deprogramming and other relevant facts will be made available to the press and other selected agencies as rapidly as feasible. . . . Because the kernel of the KGB programming method used is based on virulent anti-Semitism as well as homosexual features, the Israeli government has been offered full details on the programming used. The following is a summary of the findings confirmed to date.
The Soviet official in charge of the overall activities is probably KGB Lt.-General Nikolai Rodin. (Rodin until recently was directing Ukrainian operations and was a KGB subaltern in VEDO operations against Trotsky.) KGB Paris was in charge of the training and placement of operatives in the NCLC. Immediate direction of the strike action was under supervision of the KGB regional (Greek-language) offices in Montreal and Havana. Strike forces were to be supplied principally from trained Spanish speaking assassination teams, including members of "underground" Cuban killer squads operating out of Puerto Rico. Plans and operative programming were delegated to the Ministry of State Security of East Germany (DDR). KGB programmers activating operatives assigned the operation name "Orpheus" to the action. Immediate programming of the operatives for this strike was performed last week.
The principal operative was programmed in Russian and German at Gatwick airport in England during a 12-hour period. The isolated code-bearer was given a re-programming for this operation by KGB agents in Chicago.
The KGB-VEDO operation [was] known by the Russian-language operations code of "Orpheus." Its target was the assassination of L. Marcus and other "selected targets of opportunity" among other leaders of the NCLC and ICLC (International Caucus of Labor Committees). The strategic objective was to simultaneously decapitate the existing organization while at the same time creating Labor Committee martyrs whose image would substantially multiply the size and influence of the group. The KGB's scheme, developed in East Germany over the past two years or more, was to heavily infiltrate the organization and its leadership in a fashion similar to that already accomplished for the cases of the International Socialists (Great Britain) and Puerto Rican Socialist Party.
The urgency of the aborted action from the KGB's standpoint was the spread of a new psychoanalytical program within the leadership and membership of the Labor Committees, which was making persons increasingly resistant to stable KGB-type programming.
KGB strategical objectives depended upon systematic programming, one by one, of leading and other key members of the organization, thus creating a latent KGB action potential in a socialist organization which had, like Tony Cliff's IS [International Socialists], established an indelible image of an anti-Soviet leadership group.2
Recently gathered intelligence information reveals that such a plan against the Labor Committees is almost "standard operating procedure" for the KGB. Placing KGB programmed individuals in key positions in anti-Soviet socialist groups is not only advantageous in the most obvious ways, but it also provides the Soviets with a sophisticated potential for indirectly affecting KGB penetration of the CIA and NATO intelligence. The method used for initial recruitment and subsequent control of the prime operative was a technique best designed for the ranks of latent homosexuals among British public school adolescents tailored to the objective of penetrating British intelligence and British participation in NATO intelligence. Recently discovered hard evidence of KGB control of British IS and its tiny West German affiliate [SAP], and direct Moscow control of the entire top leadership of the PSP, are only examples of the numerous instances detected over the past six months.
Since August 1973 the Labor Committees' rapidly growing intelligence staff has been tracking clues initially located through the August 1 psychoanalytical deprogramming of Konstantin George. A massive amount of information of the most important quality was obtained as a result of numerous "unprofessional" features of East German operations in the George case. KGB operations in the George case employed a wide assortment of "part time" assistance from operatives and agents nominally assigned to other activities hence back tracking these activities led Labor Committee intelligence to uncover a wide range of Soviet operations. The most sensitive of these discoveries involved a sphere in which Soviet and CIA NATO organizations had been massively attempting to penetrate one another's ranks with double, triple and possible quadruple agents and operatives.
During the same period the Labor Committees have been extending and applying new psychoanalytical conceptions and methods of the type employed in the deprogramming of George.
According to the evidence developed from deprogramming of the prime operative and code-bearer, the KGB planners (undoubtedly the East German team) had calculated that the Labor Committees were not capable of detecting the nature of the prime operative's assignment within less than several days. The information developed from deprogramming coincides with the circumstantial evidence. The operative's arrival in the U.S.A. was delayed 48 hours past his planned initial arrival so that he reached New York within less than 24 hours prior to the planned activation of strike force action.
The uncovering of the main features of the operation was the result of the Labor Committees' development of three intelligence capabilities which the KGB failed to take sufficiently into account. The first of these new capabilities has been the rapid deployment of a counterintelligence capability during the six months following the George case. The second is the unusual psychoanalytic skills which have been more rapidly developed by the organization over the past year. The third, ironically enough, was the unwitting recruitment of Ludwig van Beethoven into our deprogramming staff.
The Labor Committees had several indications of some form of KGB action against the organization over the year-end period. Most conspicuous was the publication of an editorial in the Dec. 16 issue of the bilingual Claridad weekly of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party. Linguistic comparative studies of the Spanish and English versions of a column published under the name of Ramon Arbona indicated that both versions were a faulty translation from an original German text. Ideational content of the published text indicated East Berlin origins.
The importance of this editorial is that the only significant strike force capability of the KGB on the East Coast of the U.S.A. involved the use of Latins of the CAL type under direction of the Greek language KGB offices in Montreal and Havana. The "underground strike teams," usually of seven members each, are typically made up of one Cuban leader and six Puerto Ricans, enjoying indirect liaison with the leadership of the PSP. Since plans for operations against the Labor Committees are elaborated in East Berlin, the column's publication suggested East Berlin preparations for activating the indicated capability.
This correlated with the occurrence of a telephone call to New York from Montreal suggesting that a Labor Committee member visit Montreal to meet a relative who had just arrived there for a visit from Havana. The Labor Committee intelligence staff had previously identified this visitor to Montreal as a high-ranking Greek language KGB operative based in Havana. This operative's visits to Montreal in the past had been associated with special KGB missions concerning operations on the East Coast of the U.S. The importance of this individual is that he has been previously entrusted with activities of the kind proper to the Soviet military intelligence against NATO (GRU). Although such work is not uncommon to KGB agents, military intelligence missions of top rate importance are assigned only to important KGB officials.
The third major development was the downing of a British transatlantic airline (British Caledonian flight #221, Dec. 27, 1973) by sabotage of one of its engines. This was the "cutest" aspect of the KGB operation.
The purpose of the sabotage of the flight was to create a situation in which the KGB would have approximately twelve hours to reprogram the prime operative without alerting Labour Committee members in London to his disappearance during this period.
The set up for programming the prime operative in the United Kingdom was as follows:
An individual who had been assigned to penetrate the Labour Committees by KGB operative Tony Cliff of IS directed traveling members of the Labour Committees to a "ticket fiddle" variety of Travel Agency, the International Travel Club. Through this agency, the victim and the two operatives (Welsh and Schroeder) assigned to deliver him to the KGB were embarked on the British Caledonian flight with boarding passes, but not tickets.
Sabotage of one of the aircraft's engines forced the plane to return to Gatwick. All but the three passengers from the travel agency were promptly forwarded by another craft. The victim, Mr. Walsh and Mrs. Schroeder were put up at the Calthorne [Copthorne] Hotel from which the victim was directed by Welsh to the KGB programmers.
The programming which occurred was as follows:
The control had to be Russian. Although the victim had been originally selected and recruited from East Anglia public school for eventual penetration of British military intelligence (trained for that in East Berlin during the summer of 1967), his "career" had been shifted toward KGB penetration of the left. He was programmed for Soviet (Russian language) primary control in Paris in 1971. Hence, he is unable to receive or deliver programming without control in the Russian language (requiring a Russian speaker of a certain stereotyped general description, including light hair and especially green or hazel eyes.
This pattern became evident during Labor Committee deprogramming.
The victim's deprogramming threw him into hypnotic blocks at certain key points. The staff therefore placed him in a chair and continued interrogation during which the victim was in his KGB preprogrammed hypnotic state. He was faced opposite to a Russian speaking Labor Committee interrogator who fit the general physical description required while the psychoanalyst L. Marcus stood by the victim's chair conducting the interrogation. After the victim had been conditioned to accept the person facing him as being his Soviet control, the interrogation began in Russian. Identity of the interrogator as a KGB captain was soon established.
In reply to the interrogator's Russian language commands, the victim began replying in crude but efficient Russian (with an accent fitting a Carpathian-region inflection). This individual had no formal education in Russian (this fitted the later information that his initial Soviet control in Paris had been a KGB agent of attributed Polish origin).
At the command to identify his programmed status, the victim replied in German. Although the victim had had a weak school German with a marked British accent previously (to the knowledge of observers present), this German was far more fluent (that of a native Russian speaker with a rudimentary fluency in German).
At that point interrogation continued in German with occasional reinforcement of Russian "control" with occasional interventions by Marcus to break through programmed blockages.
The programming at Gatwick consisted of an intensive and elaborate combination of linked Russian, German, and English codes and other program elements. Activation of the German program required that the victim deliver the operation codename "Orpheus comes up into the sunlight" in Russian to his telephone contact. At the same time he was programmed to receive keys in verbal and musical forms and codes in English as well as Russian. These additional keys and codes would activate secondary programs including various program shift and cancel routines. In addition, the victim had been programmed for at least eight "levels" of combined cover stories and plausible misinformation at eight levels on even the nationality of the strike force itself.
The most important cover story was programming to discredit his own report that he had been "brainwashed" at Gatwick. Many of his associated had become convinced because of his erratic behavior that he had had a partial emotional breakdown set off by the sabotage of the engine.
This cover story was the cutest aspect of the programming. It ensured that the victim who had become a key individual in the European Labour Committees would be rushed to L. Marcus for immediate treatment rather than relegated to the care of ordinary professionals. This was the key to the assignment for which the victim had been programmed at Gatwick; to "recover" from his programmed emotional disturbance during a long session with Marcus during the night of Dec. 30, 31 or the evening of Dec. 31. On leaving Marcus's premises ensuing that he would be among the last guests to leave for that period, he would telephone his contact and activate the dispatch of a CAL type seven man assassination squad for a hit-and-run assassination of Marcus in his apartment.
He was also programmed for two responses to detection, successive actions he would be compelled to act upon in event he was isolated and detected. The first was a commitment to attempt to execute the assassination of Marcus personally: he had been programmed to execute this with any suitable knife. The last resort was programmed suicide, by means of a cyanide capsule which had been pasted into a prepared tooth-recess by a KGB dentist in France.
Further implications of the case are still voluminously unraveling even at the moment of issue of this press release. The whole elaborate tangle of KGB plans began to come apart in the following sequence.
After determining that the first alternative "hit" had been programmed for the early morning of Dec. 31, L. Marcus ordered an immediate activation of all NCLC security forces and of the general membership. This action triggered actions by two code bearers and other secondary operatives. The first code bearer lost control in face of the paradoxical circumstance for which he had not been programmed. Labor Committee knowledge of the programming methods of the KGB enabled the intelligence staff to determine that he was in a search pattern for a leading member of the organization. He had knowledge that there was a reserve individual planted to receive key and code if the prime operative was unavailable. But the identity of that alternative individual was unknown to him.
Through this and the similar activation of a second code carrier, we identified two leading Labor Committee members who had been programmed to isolate them for immediate treatment to free them from control.
This led the staff to uncover additional threads of the plot. A former leader of the organization who had dropped out of work months earlier [Bob Dillon] and who had not contacted the organization in months began making frequent telephone calls inquiring about the health of the prime operative. Tracing out connections we determined that this individual had been KGB-programmed in Iran and Beirut sometime during the period 1970-Dec. 1971. An individual programmed in Germany to produce a musical key and code was detected and isolated.
Already we have uncovered a vast operation, running in the tens of million rubles extending over four continents for KGB operations against the Labor Committee. The assassination of Trotsky is relatively trivial by comparison with the sheer magnitude of this affair.
The assassination threat against Marcus and secondary targets from this operation, including his seventeen year old son, will continue until the full light of press coverage drive Orpheus back into the land of shadows.3
This vast KGB operation directed to the included objectives of penetration of the CIA and NATO intelligence exposes the most advanced technology of Soviet spookery down to fine details. The damage to the KGB's operational capabilities by exposure of our discoveries will be enormous. They will require at least three and probably five years to develop new programming methods and networks to replace those which can now be easily destroyed by the mere light of publicity.
Subsequent press releases will include a full description of both the programming and recruiting methods used and, more important, place in the public domain the now-proved methods for defeating the current technology of Soviet brainwashing.


In a subsequent undated press release "Intelligence Report" more details emerged about how LaRouche and Gregory F. Rose – then a leading member of the NCLC's "Security Staff – had managed to "deprogram" White.4 It is also worth quoting at length:

SYNOPSIS: Arrived in U.S.A. (New York City Kennedy Airport) in custody of his wife and other friends. Condition on arrival: preliminary examination established conclusive evidence of apparent paranoid schizophrenic psychosis induced by subjection to "behavioral modification."
Positive identification of "psychological warfare" form of "behavioral modification" conditioning made by G. F. Rose and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., alias "Lyn Marcus," through interrogation in English, Russian, German, and French. Victim familiar with both KGB and Allied Intelligence "key and code" procedures; internal features of psychotic cover-story identical at critical points with cases of two other Labor Committee members who manifested sudden psychosis during the same weekend (William Engdahl and Alice Weitzman), despite absence of immediate contact with them.
Attending physician: Gene Inch, M.D.
Remarks on diagnosis: two highly-recommended psychiatrists, Dr. Israel Samuelly and Dr. Spiegel confirmed preliminary diagnosis of apparent paranoid schizophrenic psychosis with aid of tests of subject's susceptibility to hypnotism. Spiegel performed examination of subject for "profile" as part of his procedure. However, psychiatrists reached so far have reported themselves not qualified to undertake diagnosis and treatment of "brainwashing" cases of the type represented by subject. Best guess offered by examining psychiatrists to date is that White is either not a so-called "Manchurian candidate" case or that if he had been conditioned in that way, evidence has been contaminated by subsequent trauma (e.g., drugs, convulsive electroshock).
PROGNOSIS: Partial remission obtained by stages. Initial breakthrough occurred between 3:00-3:30 a.m., Dec. 31, 1973 (see tape recording of approximately 3 and 1/2 hours of interrogation). Positive momentary contact with "inner self" established several times. Subsequent "jumped out of "programmed mode" by "psychoanalytical abreaction" induced by L. Marcus (as in earlier initial breakthroughs with "brainwash" victim Konstantin George, Aug. 1, 1973.
Two supplementary procedures in succession produced brief periods of total remission. Increased contact with subject's "inner self established by successfully inducing subject to "go directly into maximum recollection of whatever pain an compulsory self-degradation" was associated with psychosomatic blocking symptoms manifest as "Adam's Apple" or visceral spasms. This approach, while initially successful, could not be reproduced on following day. Apparent reason for non-repeatability: subject's "program had associatively 'learned' to simulate pain-seeking" as a blocking device. Marcus, after consulting medical personnel, reversed interrogation procedure to command the subject to make no responses, verbal or gestures, and to effect total relaxation (senior medical students assisting supervised subject to maintain this condition to the degree possible). Object: to bring the degree of freedom of the dissociated "body" down close to the state of impotence of the imprisoned "inner self." . . . However, subject broke out of programmed state during waking-state interrogation during the night (Saturday, early a.m.). . .
As of Saturday morning, the subject was totally "de-programmed," but susceptible to recurring regression into psychotic condition, especially when exposed to strangers or even crowds of close friends. Psychotic regression is induced by one or a combination of three fears to which he was conditioned by those who conducted "behavioral modification." 1) He was instructed that his de-programming would result, when detected, in either his killing in police custody or by drug or electro-shock mind-destruction at a New York hospital, and that his wife and L. Marcus would be killed by either New York police officers or other members of a "Random Squad" activated by the Heath government of the United Kingdom. 2) That he was carrying embedded drugs to effect death in some way in case of remission. 3) That his mind will be destroyed if he falls into the hands of psychiatrists as a result of administration of either drugs or convulsive electro-shock methods of "therapy." Removing the immediate credibility of these fears causes an immediate total remission "voluntarily."
Subject is presently being kept in a de-stimulated condition (to the extent that political conditions created by CIA permit). Not more than two persons at a time are permitted to be in the same room with him. No intensive interrogation permitted by any person but L. Marcus. Is under constant observation by senior medical students on "ward duty" either in his room or just outside his doorway, all regularly examined by his physician. Periods of remission are increasing from day to day. All interrogation is tape-recorded.
Full recovery anticipated at an early date, although supplementary medical and other procedures may be required to remedy specific by-product problems resulting from "behavioral modification" conditioning. . . . This circumstance creates the principal causes for possible uncertainty in the case (e.g., implants, shaving of aorta or other major vessels, "psychosurgery," etc.).


The NCLC's first reports make it clear that LaRouche promoted the notion that he had been set up by the KGB for a targeted assassination. Indeed, the group's 1 January 1974 press release on "Operation Orpheus" gives a detailed elaboration of the plot. Yet just two days later, on 3 January 1974, LaRouche gave a press conference where he declared that the entire KGB operation outlined in such detail just two days earlier was not quite false but it was also "not relevant at this point." What was now relevant was the idea that the CIA and British Intelligence were the real assassination plotters!

After the press conference ended, LaRouche gave an astonishing address (the most famous of his career) to NCLC members. It was later reprinted as a New Solidarity Extra under the huge headline: UNCOVER CIA-POLICE PLOT TO TAKE OVER U.S. Again it is worth quoting sections of LaRouche's amazing speech at some length:

I'm sorry for the delay, but we had a press conference that took a little longer than we expected. There, by the way, should be no applause: I'll explain why. Don't get too freaked out by anything, but I don't want to create conditions which are not healthy for one or two individuals in the group here. Now, I'm going to give you the worst part of the thing as well as the best so there's no question in your mind that I've given the whole scoop. But it's not that bad.

On the face of it, however, things did seem bad indeed since LaRouche then continued:

We are now in the second phase of a psy-war game designed by the CIA, that is, a psychological warfare game conducted on a scale of four continents, in which the CIA is playing psychological warfare with an organization, the Labor Committee. That's what this is about. Now I'll give you the KGB angle too. But let's deal with the only this aspect, and then I'll put the KGB in the picture. There was, but that's not relevant, an assassination plot against me by the KGB. That existed, but that's not relevant at this point, because assassination of me and a few other people is nothing – is absolutely unimportant compared to what has actually been happening.
Human beings – you know it's one thing to be dead – you're dead. But imagine the torture you, a human being, one day you find yourself after extreme torture and degradation, sitting inside your own head like a conscious corpse sitting inside a tomb. There is no real connection between you and your conscious sense of self and your outer body. Your body is under the control of an alien monster.
I'm going to get rough. I'll tell you what brainwashing is. I don't think, after what these people have been through, that they will mind my telling the truth of this degradation as to how this brainwashing works. And this is what the CIA did to these people. When you find out what it's about – you'll understand what's important right now.
How do you brainwash an individual? Well, first of all, you can do certain kinds of brainwashing very easily. I'm not going to go into those kinds of things where you drop LSD and a few other things into coffee: then you hypnotize them and have a gay old time. That sort of stuff is rather common and it may be important, but it's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about systematic brainwashing of the type that was done to Chris White.5
Chris White was brainwashed in two steps. One step - he was brainwashed by the CIA to simulate a brainwashed KGB agent. Okay? The way this was done – he was marked out and targeted. He was referred to a school in applying for a job as a history teacher – was referred to a school that was open. When he got to the school there were never any children, except on pictures used as part of his conditioning. There was never a class; he never taught a class. Each day at the end of the day he'd go home, his personality gradually changing. The next day each day in due course he went to work – his personality gradually changing. This went on 5 or so days a week for 17 weeks. And then, after this was completed, he was picked up last week, drugged again and subjected to 12 hours of final conditioning, and put in a psychotic state for shipment to me in the United States, under contract for delivery by the CIA. Okay?

LaRouche continued:

Now, there's a little angle on this – that in order to accomplish this the British government asked an airline, British Caledonian, to sabotage the engines of one of its own planes, a plane on which Mr. White was presumed to be traveling but which he in fact never boarded. Nor did the two other passengers listed on the same plane ever board it. You may find their names on the passenger list but they were never on the plane. The plane was returned to the airport to give a 12 hour cover to the absence of White to allow for final conditioning. The first cover was that he was teaching every day. He wasn't teaching every day - he was being brainwashed in the basement of what seemed to be a school building without students. He was in the premises. This can be verified. There's no question about that period. . . . A British national was brainwashed by his own government, by arbitrary selection, from September 17 to December 17, 1973. And later in the month of December he was picked up for a final course in psychosis – a 12 hour course in psychosis, and an airline was sabotaged by its own ownership, risking the lives of other passengers, in order to create a cover for his absence.

Even more incredible, there were other brainwashing victims:

In addition, there were two other members of the organization over there who were previously brainwashed, principally for the purpose of setting up White. As a matter of fact, we found that out because they were actually giving out key and code patterns that were appropriate to Mr. White's program. As a matter of fact, these unfortunate individuals were part of the operation to assassinate me here, which was to be effected by the CIA and blamed on the KGB.

The two "key and code" partners to White would turn out to be William Engdahl and Alice Weitzman. Engdahl, then 29-years old, had graduated from Princeton University with a degree in politics. He then attended the University of Stockholm where he studied comparative economics. While living in Sweden, Engdahl worked with The Next Step (TNS) deserters' movement which subsequently joined the NCLC.6 Engdahl had an apparent nervous breakdown during the conference and reportedly at one point even began screaming "Cancel me!"

As for Alice Weitzman, she was a classical music student who had been in Germany in the summer of 1973 when the first "brainwashing case" involving Konstantin George took place. At that time she doubted the validity of the George affair. It was Weitzman's Cassandra-like warnings that clearly enraged LaRouche.

As if things weren't bad enough, LaRouche also told the NCLC cadre that there were also "A significant number of members of the organization who have been brainwashed. And many of them don't know it – many of them are 'sleepers.

If Weitzman was a doubter, many others were not. LaRouche reported that there were some leading NCLC cadre who began claiming they too had been brainwashed even when they had not been:

And then of course we had a more interesting phenomenon, which happened in the Labor Committee, particularly around the leading circles. People want attention. And you've got a new rage. You can get programmed. And you get people who know perfectly well in the abstract – they say "I'm programmed." And they work out an abstract argument, a very creative argument to prove they are so programmed that they need my immediate attention. Well, when I get good abstract arguments for why you are programmed, you ain't programmed. A truly programmed person is the extreme schizophrenic. They babble on, they've memorized words and phrases, they are a vast regurgitation machine or small regurgitation machine. But they just free-associate on the basis of very crude types of associations.

According to LaRouche, there were at least "12 people who suddenly went psychotic on the same two days." So there was both "a significant number" of NCLC members who were brainwashed but didn't know it ("sleepers") as well as a number of leading cadre who weren't brainwashed but thought they were and at least 12 people who had begun to act psychotic in the last two days who may or may not have been brainwashed.

During the next week, a bizarre hunt began for other possible brainwashed "moles." In a world where Louis Carroll joined hands with John Le Carre, NCLC members who doubted the reality of the White brainwashing came under suspicion either as brainwash victims or witting police agents while people who thought they were brainwashed were dismissed as fantasists! LaRouche even demanded that members say the words "CIA rats eat shit" since no true brainwash victim could utter such a phrase without their "key and code" program going into meltdown.

LaRouche also explained just how the real brainwash "victims" became mental zombies in the most notorious section of his speech:

How do you brainwash somebody? Well, first of all, you generally pull a psychological profile or develop one in a preliminary period. You find every vulnerability of that person from a psychoanalytical standpoint. Now the next thing you do is you build them up for fear in males and females of homosexuality, aim them for an anal identification with anal sex, their mouth is identified with fellatio. Their mouth is identified only with the penis – that kind of sex, and with women. Womanhood is the fellatio of the male mouth in a man who has been brainwashed by the KGB; that is, sucking penises. . . . You know what they do to you? When they really start the heavy programming, first of all they give you heavy electric shock. Heavy electric shock. First you've been built up with fear of the electric shock. Everything possible has been done to induce fear. This was done to White first on October 12. He had started his brainwashing course on September 17 and on October 12 he was given his first brainwashing. Some character named Trevor in England was responsible for doing some of the fingering work to set him up for the operation. An Irishman named Trevor.
But then, you know what they do to you? It's not the pain that brainwashes people.
What kills you is when you eat excrement as a way of inducing your torturer to lay off the pain. In permitting a bottle to be inserted in your anus and sitting on it on a chair for hours while interrogation continues, as a way of avoiding greater pain. Lying on the floor and whining like a puppy, as a way of getting your torturers to lay off. Or permitting yourself to be subjected to homosexual rape, oral and anal.
Eating excrement, having a program to eat your own excrement. Being reduced to an eight-cycle infinite loop with a look-up table. With homosexual bestiality.
First, they say your father was nothing, your father was a queer, your father was a woman. They play very strongly on homosexual fears. It doesn't work on women because in women homosexuality is much more accepted and easily taken among women than men. Most women are to a large degree homosexual in this society. The relationship between daughter and mother is homosexual, so the thing is not so much of a threat.
But to young men it is generally a grave threat. They play upon that fear. They play upon the guilt fears and feelings about masturbation – guilt fears about masturbation. They play upon every kind of silly thing that really doesn't mean a thing.
They say, "See that sheep. Wouldn't you like to do that to that sheep?" They show him a picture. He's half drugged, conditioned. They show a picture of a man performing intercourse with a sheep. "Wouldn't you like to do that? How about this dog? How's this picture?"
What brainwashes is the victim's knowledge that he is degrading himself in order to avoid pain. It's not the pain that brainwashes, it's forcing the victim to run away from pain by taking the bait of degrading himself. This persistent pattern of self-degradation, self-humiliation, is what essentially accomplishes the brainwashing.7

LaRouche next reported that Bill Engdahl had been tortured first while he was in Sweden working with The Next Step deserter group. Engdahl's amorous animal de jour, however, was not a sheep but a pig:

As a matter of fact, the programs that I've been up against in both cases [White and Engdahl] - and one case is an old case, going back years before these operations – a man of great dignity, a comrade [Engdahl], was sitting on a couch sucking a pig one morning recently . . . . Why was he actuating a pig? Because his control was in the Russian language, and "pig" in Russian is penis. He was receiving a reward – what's called "freedom" – "svoboda" – for having completed a part of his assignment for the CIA. A man of dignity, degraded to bestiality, with no control of himself, running around the streets screaming control codes, keys, codes, "cancel me, cancel me – you know what that means? It means a code barrier had gone out of control, and for 24 to 36 hours he laid on a bed in a room alternating between the desire to die and the desire to strangle to death any leading member of the LC who came near him. He's a man whose secondary object has been to use his only capability – his strong arms – to strangle someone to death, from me on down. A man reduced to merely a pair of arms without a brain of his own. A similar thing was done to Chris White.

As fantastic as all this sounds, the vast majority of NCLC members in the audience believed they were hearing a report of real events (in LaRouche's phrase, "simple objective facts") that had been independently verified by the NCLC's security staff.

Further proof of the brainwashing and infiltration operations inside the NCLC was also provided by LaRouche:

When you've got twelve people – or slightly more – who suddenly went psychotic on the same two days in the same way, and the psychosis in every case has them babbling out brainwashing programming codes, what do you think is happening? Because psychotics who go psychotic automatically do not babble brainwashing codes. They do not babble infinite loop patterns.
These are objective facts. A brainwashing can be recognized. It is as indelible as a fingerprint. You see a brainwashing case and interrogate it shortly and you know you've got a brainwashing case. . . . It's a simple objective fact. And it can only be denied by those who refuse to face the facts. And those who refuse to face the facts are denying humanity.


LaRouche then turned to the tasks the brainwashers had assigned to their victim. White was to murder both LaRouche and his own wife, and LaRouche's former longtime companion, Carol. White would then kill himself. White had been mentally programmed to carry out these tasks much like a computer following a code. White's own death, however, would not be pleasant as LaRouche explained:

There are certain ways in which, say, pills can be inserted into the rectum, and when you get to a certain stage in the program you make a bowel movement of a certain type, with a certain kind of psychosomatic feeling. This disgorges at least one of the two poison pills; you eat your excrement and that's the way you get the poison in your system.8

LaRouche's fascination with both brainwashing and "breaking" the brainwashing code hearkens back to his experience with computers in the late 1950s and early 1960s. His speech is filled with computer terminology such as "key and code sequence." In the White affair (which clearly drew on books like The Manchurian Candidate but preceded revelations that the CIA had via MK-ULTRA tried to develop model assassins using drugs and hypnotic programming), LaRouche asserted that a person could be artificially turned into an assassin. Certain words or sounds would "trigger" the program and the assassin would operate essentially on autopilot.

In early 1974 the NCLC produced a three-page William Burroughs'-like document entitled "British Program Specifications" that the sect sent to psychiatrists and other doctors that the NCLC wanted to investigate White's "brainwashing." It tried to show that White had been brainwashed in a manner that mimicked computer programs. It even came with diagrams like this:

Program Jumps8 layers
A, not-A 
B,not-B(l)A Not-A 
C, not-C 
D, not D 
(2) Not-B 
(3) Not-C 
(4) Not-D 

The document even states that Chris White had been "programmed" to "print out" names and false leads before his "programmed" suicide.


In the 31 December press release attacking the KGB, the NCLC further revealed that it had detected a Cuban-led hit team working in tandem with Chris White. This revelation came thanks to LaRouche's breaking through White's initial "programming." Reading the NCLC statements, it seems clear that the entire White "deprogramming" basically was orchestrated by just two people, LaRouche and an unnamed member with "intelligence training." The individual at LaRouche's side was Gregory Rose, then a leading member of the NCLC's Security Staff who also claimed to be able to speak Russian. The 11 January 1974 issue of New Solidarity includes a remarkable description of White's initial "session" with LaRouche and Rose:

To receive the expected White [coming in from JFK], Marcus assembled a multi-language team, including a member with intelligence training, at his apartment. The key members of the team had had experiences in various phases of the work of freeing the earlier brainwashing victim, Konstantin George. Marcus was uncertain whether White was actually programmed or semi-psychotic at the start. In either case, the same psychoanalytic methods, proven for the George case, would be used, with supplementary skilled interrogation methods available if a diagnosis of brainwashing was established.
To initiate this process a group psychoanalytical session was begun with White present and observing but not directly participating. After several hours, a preliminary breakthrough was produced in the victim.
White began to speak, obviously trying to "get something off his chest." His condition would be described as "euphoric," with apparent symptoms of "paranoid schizophrenia." As he attempted to address the group after encouragement from Marcus, White spoke out about a paragraph's worth of statements which immediately enabled Marcus and the intelligence specialist to establish conclusive diagnosis of "programmed behavioral modification." At that point Marcus intervened to announce his diagnosis without identifying the evidence for this. Tape recording began and continued for approximately three and a half hours. . . .
Further interrogation induced the victim to simulate a hypnotic state (a simulation for which he had been "programmed").

Then "to follow the path of least resistance" after the "paragraph's worth of statements" by White, LaRouche had White (in his simulated "hypnotic state" no less) sit in a chair opposite Greg Rose. Rose task was to get White to accept Rose as his KGB intelligence "control officer." It was here, New Solidarity reports, that White replied to Rose's questions "in an accented, poor but understandable, Russian – a language that he had neither competence nor education prior to Sept. 17."9

During the session at LaRouche's apartment:

White simulated a "programmed" command in Russian, and, to identify his mission, White broke into a Slavic-accented German; poor quality, but fluent. Interrogation proceeded in German, with "Soviet controller" interventions in Russian at critical points.

Yet, Greg Rose was unable to hold a conversation in Russian. At the time of the Chris White hysteria, a member of the NCLC named Rachel Bertoff [now Rachael Douglas] – who had been a Russian studies major at Swarthmore and had spent a semester at Leningrad University – tried to hold a conversation with Rose in Russian. She quickly learned that Rose could not speak the language. When she tried to inform the Security Staff of this fact, her concerns were simply ignored by most of them who thought she was herself in a hysterical frame of mind.

However Rose (if a report in the 27 March 1979 issue of New Solidarity is to be believed) first entered the NCLC when he was a student in the Russian Studies Department of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.10 He then wrote long "Kremlin watcher" pieces for the paper. It is quite likely, then, that Rose knew a few Russian words and phrases. All one can say is that somehow the "KGB" managed to brainwash White at the linguistic level of Greg Rose (White at one point said he knew words that a Russian six-year-old might know) and not Rachel Bertoff. The NCLC (no doubt Greg Rose) claimed that White actually spoke German with a slight "Ukrainian accent."11 When one recalls that the NCLC reported that "VEDO's" General Radin was reportedly in charge of KGB activities in the Ukraine and that VEDO planned the Konstantin George affair, White's "Ukrainian accent" was a particularly nice touch. The brainwashers even sent a "direct message" to LaRouche personally as he later revealed a few days later:

And we've had a telegram, in effect, from the CIA [by this time the conspirators had switched -- HH] which has told us that that's exactly the story. As a matter of fact, in the program in London they put in at the end of the routine, on the last day of formal programming, a message to me. "Not Marcus, Mark-ham. Not Marcus, Mark-ham." A direct message to me in the tail end of the program – "You can't do it: and if you succeed, he will die and we will kill you."

As the Rose-LaRouche "interrogation" continued it was further learned that

White, who had never been in East Berlin, had intense images of the Friedrichstrasse approach, of the U-bahn station at Alexanderplatz (the location of the East German Ministry of State Security and a Stasi office), and other scenes. He was never in East Berlin; this was a film-strip simulated memory - a succession of slides with nothing but an associated earphone story and an empty "and" in between.

(Alexanderplatz, it so happened, was the site of Konstantin George's "brainwashing." Recall that the "team" LaRouche brought to "deprogram" White had earlier focused on Konstantine George, who had returned to the United States a few months earlier.)

More amazing revelations were to emerge. For example, it turned out that

White had also been conditioned by the CIA's British subcontractors to simulate a Lieutenant Gabrilovich of the KGB, complete with film-slide memories of a cold Leningrad winter along the Neva. If White had not been broken through, such half-assed false memories would have been sufficient to create a cover for the KGB-accomplished assassination as obviously intended by the CIA.
. . . With this interrogation, the inner White was strengthened to the point that he could manage a half breakthrough.


The astonishing tale of "Lieutenant Gabrilovich," however, had not yet come to an end. We are next told that there had been a KGB-backed team of assassins laying in wait for the right signal from "Gabrilovich/White" to kill LaRouche!

From the 11 January 1974 New Solidarity:

Retaining his KGB cover, he ["Gabrilovich"/White] disclosed all the essential details of the assassination plot. The Labor Committee security staff was able to confirm sufficient parts of White's revelations to prove independently that the kernel of his disclosures was true.

Objective confirmation of White's story involved the NCLC's independent reported detection of a Cuban-led hit squad lurking around LaRouche's apartment building. According to New Solidarity,

White reported a seven-man Latin assassination squad waiting even then for orders to make a hit-and-run kill strike against Marcus in his apartment. Labor Committee security had positively identified members of the CAL and MIRA assassination teams keeping the apartment building under surveillance during the two preceding days. Security also located military-type operations signals in Spanish within less than a half-mile of the apartment during the hours White identified as the period aimed for the first-option hit.
White reported two telephone numbers (one "fake," one real) which he had been programmed to use as a contact for ordering the hit. Security verified that this was a telephone operating in the mode of such a message drop, and that it went out of service shortly after knowledge that White had gone completely out of programmed control.

This Cuban-trained hit squad first surfaced in print in the NCLC's 1 January press statement. MIRA (the Movimiento Independentista Revolucionario Armado/the Independent Armed Revolutionary Movement) was a Puerto Rican independence group founded by Filberto Ojeda Rios in the late 1960s with Cuban-backing. As for CAL (Commandos Armados de Liberacion/Armed Commandos of Liberation), it was reportedly founded by Juan Mari Bras as the armed wing of the Movimiento Pro Independencia (MPI), a Puerto Rican-political independence party. CAL – which reportedly worked closely with MIRA – carried out attacks on American facilities on the island.

After Juan Mari Bras changed the MPI to the Partido Socialista Puertoriqueno/Puerto Rican Socialist Party (PSP) in 1965 and abandoned terrorism, CAL reportedly dissolved while some of its hard-line members set up the FALN in its wake. In short, Castro's Cuba – using MIRA and CAL cut-outs – was working with the KGB in the plot against LaRouche. This Latin twist to the assassination plot now led to the emergence of a special squad of "assassins," the notorious "frogmen."

LaRouche and his Security Staff claimed that the Cuban government had trained a special hit squad against him. The frogmen's task was to swim from a Cuban-controlled freighter on the Hudson River to the banks of the West Village, where they would presumably remove their scuba gear and change into civilian clothing. They would then proceed to LaRouche's apartment on Morton Street just a few blocks from the river and execute their ghastly task. To prevent the frogmen from succeeding, LaRouche had NCLC cadre deployed on the roof of his building looking out for the frogmen. (One NCLC cadre assigned to the rooftop later recalled that he almost had a heart attack when a door suddenly opened behind him. Fortunately for all concerned, it was only another member bringing up food.)

Should the frogmen fail in their mission for whatever reason, there was an even more fiendish final twist to the ghoulish plot as LaRouche explained He [White] was programmed for two responses to detection, successive actions he would be compelled to act upon in event he was isolated and detected. The first was a commitment to attempt to execute the assassination of LaRouche personally: he had been programmed to execute this with any suitable knife. The last resort was programmed suicide by means of a cyanide capsule which had been pasted into a prepared tooth-recess by a KGB dentist in France.

A later NCLC press release (most likely issued on 7 January 1974) also discusses the "hit squad." Now that the line had changed and the CIA was the real villain, it became inconvenient to focus on the KGB so the once all-too-real frogmen now were reduced to a "simulated program." From the NCLC press release:

Dec. 31 — In the early morning hours, the first level of simulated KGB programming revealed a KGB plot to assassinate Marcus with a 7-man frogman team, activated by a call from White to a KGB agent in Greenwich Village. Alternatively, White was programmed to assassinate Marcus himself. Although the frogman team and other aspect were part of the simulated program, an actual plot to assassinate Marcus in the confusion did exist.

Even though the plot was "simulated" by 7 January, in late December it was all too "real" and yet another "simple objective fact." After all, hadn't the NCLC Security Staff claimed that it had detected active surveillance of Marcus's apartment during the two preceding days (29-30 December 1973). The evidence even came with assertions of radio intercepts.


The saga of the frogmen raise an extremely interesting question because it strongly suggests that even before White arrived in New York, LaRouche was planning to launch an entirely different "assassination threat" plot based on the follow-up to the Konstantine George hoax. One source that was very close to LaRouche recalled about the conference: "Brainwashing was already on the agenda before the Chris White affair began and Greg Rose was scheduled to share the keynote with Lyn. Now that is a whole other story."

To examine this question, we must return to LaRouche's writings earlier in the fall and winter of 1973 and, in particular, to his "How to Catch a Cop" article published on the eve of the December NCLC convention. Here LaRouche elaborates on his "KGB is out to get me" Mission Impossible theme that he had been building up throughout the summer and fall via the Konstantin George case. "How to Catch a Cop" even includes a lengthy discussion of secret agents and traitors inside a radical group. Besides the "super-hack" pure agent infiltrator, LaRouche -- no doubt drawing on some of his own and other SWP members close encounters with the FBI in the 1950s -- goes on at length about

The neurotic-socialist type of police agent [who] is most frequently a formerly honest socialist with a real or imagined bitter personal gripe. FBI and other agencies regularly solicit agents from among those who drop out of socialist organizations, threatening them with the alternative of being harassed for reason of a past with which they have broken.12
This type often wishes there could be socialism (of some sort or another) but his or her immediate concern is for personal gratifications. Loss of organizational posts, held or anticipated, factional bitterness, bitterness against a former or prospective lover, etc., are the characteristic expressions of the susceptibilities on which the police agency plays.
Homosexual blackmail used to be most common to police agencies, especially the KGB. Even today, the individual who was blackmailed into police-agentry for his closet-life of yesterday continues to be blackmailed now because he has been had in the past.
In attempting to break down such traitors one should note that the neurotic-socialist police agent still has powerful peer-group attachments within the very organization he is betraying. He is torn between a real sense of "belonging" in the socialist group, and the security and power he enjoys in the company of the police agency controlling him.

"How to Catch a Cop's" real focus, however, was on an article attacking the NCLC that had appeared in the 16 December 1973 issue of Claridad, the journal of the Cuban-allied Puerto Rican Socialist Party (PSP). It was written by a PSP leading figure named Ramon Arbona, who had the audacity to suggest that the NCLC had some kind of CIA or police connection. Arbona's article appeared not long after the publication of "The Sexual Impotence of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party," a LaRouche-promoted bitter attack on Latin "machos" and Hispanic culture as a whole as culturally degenerate. The article first appeared in the November 1973 Campaigner so it is not altogether surprising that Arbona would respond in kind.13 LaRouche, however, claimed that Arbona's article was a poor translation of a text that first originated in East Germany and that Arbona had merely signed his name to the text. By linking Arbona's article to East Germany's Stasi (and its KGB controller), LaRouche reintroduced the Konstantin George affair writing: "the general line that the NCLC is a 'CIA directed fascist' organization is a creation of a special KGB task force [LaRouche means "VEDO"] resident in East Berlin: an obvious 'instinctive' imitation of the old Moscow Trial slanders against Leon Trotsky."

The 28 December 1973 "How to Catch a Cop" article, then, provided the template for in the 1 January 1974 press release on the "KGB" brainwashing of White. The article paved the way for the creation of both the "surveillance team" and the later appearance of the Cuban "seven man hit squad." Recall that the NCLC's Security Staff claimed to have spotted (and even triangulated its approximate location by radio intercepts) a Spanish-speaking surveillance team a few days before White's arrival in New York City. The fact that the NCLC claimed to have "detected" the Cubans at work on 29-30 December, then, was later retrofitted to "independently confirm" the truth of White's story as translated by Rose and LaRouche. But sometime between 1 and 3 January, however, the KGB/Stasi/DGI scenario stated to implode. As the "Brandt-Brezhnev Pop Front" polemic began to fade, so too did the KGB's role in the master plot against LaRouche.


LaRouche, however, could not let go of the frogmen without retroactively rewriting them yet again to conform to the new script. In an editorial entitled "Rockefeller's 1984 Plot" completed by LaRouche on 24 January 1974 and published in the February-March 1974 issue of The Campaigner, he returns to the frogmen. Now, however, the hit squad was "transferred" to CIA control. LaRouche pointed to "critical portions of the victim's [White] information bearing on the alleged plot itself were confirmed by facts" that could not have been known to White. Such facts as:

That the first optional form of assassination was to be made by a seven-man Latin team. Unknown to White, counter-surveillance had identified persons keeping the writer's apartment building under surveillance for the preceding two days as individuals known to have been members of the "CAL" and "MIRA" "action groups," which usually operate in "hit" teams of seven persons.
We did not know until more than a week later that the individuals identified had transferred to a CIA-controlled "Furia" group, although the first Police Intelligence Division officer we consulted had suggested "Furia" as the hit team. During the period we also picked up military-type signals in Spanish being broadcast (as determined by crude triangulation) within a half-mile of the premises.

"Crude triangulation" indeed.

So there really was a "hit squad" but for some reason it transferred itself CIA-controlled "Furia" group that the NCLC allegedly learned about thanks to a helpful New York Police Intelligence Division officer.


Some five years after the Chris White affair ended, LaRouche publicly attacked a former NCLC member and reported ex-Green Beret named Jose Torres and more information emerged about the "frogmen." In the spring of 1973, Torres had played an important role in the Operation Mop Up attacks in Philadelphia. He was personally very close to LaRouche, who at one time stayed with him. But Torres quit the NCLC after the Chris White affair and he made no secret that he considered White a liar.

Torres, at the time one of the top leaders of "Security," had heard from Rachael Berthoff that Greg Rose did not speak Russian and neither did Chris White. Instead of dismissing her, he took her claims seriously. The wiry but formidable Torres now bluntly challenged White to admit his deception. From Dennis King's book Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism:

NCLC Security Chief Jose Torres was another skeptic. "The spook stuff [went] on for weeks," he recalls, "and for that time I was the functioning head of the LC because nobody would do shit." Torres decided he'd had enough. "I [took] Chris White aside and said, 'Do you know who I am?' And he said, 'Yes, I know you.' I said, 'Look, I'm going to bust you up right now if you give me any bullshit about being brainwashed because you weren't brainwashed so why the fuck did you put us on like that?' And he said, 'It's all too late to turn back now.' He couldn't back out now, it was all crap, all of it."
Torres says he told LaRouche about this, but LaRouche dismissed it as part of White's brainwashing. Torres later concluded that White had known "exactly what he was doing" and had been motivated by a desire to avoid a psychological dressing-down. Says Torres: "White knew how Konstantin George had been deemed a victim of brainwashing and forgiven. So why not be brainwashed? He did it, and . . . Lyn . . . believed him and that was all it took. . . . He just kept feeding Lyn, and Lyn constructs the whole big thing out of it."14

In a 6 January 1979 New Solidarity article, LaRouche claimed that Torres – a former Green Beret in Vietnam – had been active with other members of his family in Puerto Rico in a local MIRA cell. Torres next moved to Philadelphia where he was "reprogrammed" to "penetrate" the NCLC. LaRouche claimed that Torres "acted under the influence of his controller" (namely his anthropology professor wife) "to rig a frame-up arrest of three Labor Party members during the fall of 1973" which the NCLC confirmed from "law enforcement agencies" in 1977. "Subject was activated again, also by controller, during early January 1974" and left the group.

LaRouche also claimed that at the 1974 conference there was a plan "to include an optional assassination of this writer, to be credited to the Communist Party USA, and to be accomplished through the Puerto Rican terrorist organization MIRA, whose squads had been deployed to New York for this purpose." Now the MIRA frogman fantasy scenario first outlined in the 1 January 1974 press release and labeled "simulated" just a few days later had once again returned as real! The new twist was that for some reason LaRouche's murder was now "optional" and that Torres – who in 1974 thought the entire plot nonsense – was now one of the plot's members!


As the hysteria over the Chris White case grew, so did LaRouche's claims. Not only had White been tortured but now LaRouche linked the White case directly with Bill Engdahl's apparent breakdown. The 11 January 1974 New Solidarity even reported that White was shown film strips of Engdahl being tortured!

Typical of the uglier sort of film-strip entertainment was White's subjection (prior to his own initial convulsive electroshock treatment) to a viewing of the hideous tortures of a U.S. Labor Committee member fellow-victim William Engdahl undergoing shock. Every extreme of retrograde psychoanalysis and selected degrading tortures was applied at special sessions. A sauce-bottle was forcibly inserted into his sigmoid and he was forced to sit on the bottle in that position for hours. He was made to eat his own excrement. It is not necessary to detail the long list.

In the "NCLC Resume of Recent Events in Chris White Brainwashing," we read: "Midday, Dec. 31 — CIA-programmed Labor Committee member Bill Engdahl began to psychologically decompose when unable to find White, or to carry out the alternative plot to kill Marcus. Other members began to manifest symptoms of programming."

"Midday" would date Engdahl's collapse to Monday afternoon during the day the NCLC was slated to hold its internal session and two days after LaRouche's first speech outlining the brainwashing plot. Sometime between then and the publication of the 31 December press release, the NCLC had concluded that Engdahl had been White's "coder bearer." What seems clear is that LaRouche himself never "deprogrammed" Engdahl, who reportedly wound up in Bellevue sometime after his breakdown when he began screaming "De-control me" and "Cancel me" according to different reports. In his 3 January speech LaRouche alludes to this event when he said

And a great number of our members who were working intensively trying to hold Bill Engdahl back until I could get to him – that sort of thing – these people suffered tremendous, sort of traumatic, experience, not so much from the work with Bill, but seeing, despite their efforts, seeking him slip below, below, below, unable to stop it.

But was this true?

During the early days of the Chris White affair, the NCLC Security Staff became fixated on finding "moles" inside the group. A key area of investigation involved members of The Next Step (TNS). Engdahl was not only a member of the group but he also graduated from Princeton and may have known another Princeton grad named Bo Burlingham, whom the NCLC first believed must have been a KGB agent and then later a CIA agent. Burlingham was active in the Paris-based GI deserter movement and maintained contacts with TNS in Stockholm.

The NCLC was so worried that at the height of the Chris White affair, NEC long-time member Leif Johnson and his wife Sue Parmachek, came under suspicion because they had visited Sweden a few years earlier where they had met Engdahl. As the NCLC Security Staff claimed that Engdahl had first been brainwashed in Sweden, it seemed possible that Johnson and Parmachek could be unwitting brainwash victims as well. The Security Staff even questioned members about any recent trips to the dentist. Security worried that if someone had been placed under some kind of knockout drug during an ordinary tooth extraction, this could be used as the perfect pretext for a hypnosis session by some intelligence agency. After all, had not White been given a false tooth filled with cyanide "by a KGB doctor in France"? The Johnsons were ordered to stay inside the apartment until it was decided that they were in the clear. Given the general hysteria at the time -- as well as the need to find "moles" to prove that LaRouche was telling the truth -- it may even be possible that Engdahl's breakdown occurred after a round of "harsh interrogation" when various minions from the Security Staff may have tried to "break him." Far from working to "hold Engdahl together," fanatical NCLC inquisitors actually might have been responsible for making him fall apart.

Engdahl's breakdown, however, now served as the "bridge" between the initial NCLC line that the Soviets had been behind the Chris White affair to the new line that the CIA and its helpers in MI-6 really were to blame. This shift first began to manifest itself on January 1-2. From the "NCLC Resume of Recent Events in Chris White Brainwashing":

Jan. 1 — Phase 2 of CIA operation went into effect as initial assassination threat was surmounted. Phase 2 was Operation Chaos and Confusion, during which "programming paranoia" was to spread among the membership. Further deprogramming of White indicated that the KGB, through assassination and infiltration, is planning to take over the NCLC, and, from there, further infiltrate the CIA and NATO. This second level was a cleverly concocted blend of truth and falsehood designed to spread paranoia through the membership and discredit the organization prior to a second assassination attempt.

Why taking over of the NCLC would serve as a launching pad to "further infiltrate the CIA and NATO" is rather odd. Be that as it may, the NCLC Resume continues,

Jan. 2 — Deeper layers of programming began to reveal a decreasing KGB role and increasing CIA role. This was corroborated that evening as activities initiated by the "Dillon group" result in the arrest of 6 LC members. Robert Dillon, a former LC member who was sent to Iran by the Columbia University Dept. of Anthropology to be brainwashed, was running a discrediting operation with several programmed members and their dupes. Primary in this operation was the use of CIA-programmed Alice Weitzman as the supposed victim of a concocted kidnap plot which resulted in the above-mentioned arrests.


To publicly doubt the reality of the White affair meant that one was at best a coward and at worst a "neurotic socialist" traitor or agent. It was impossible for skeptical members to question LaRouche in the early public forums because he controlled the information flow. He first introduced this tactic in his 3 January presentation, which he concluded by stating

Okay, I think we will probably best handle it at this point by getting some questions in writing. Let me explain that. Certain people are carrying, not because they've got them, but because they've been exposed to them, are carrying code phrases which if repeated may excite someone who has been exposed to a corresponding phrase or to a small amount of conditioning. I don't think there's any such problem in the audience, but I'm not going to take any chances. Okay? So I don't want somebody getting up and shouting out something and then you find out in the course of it that they cite a code phrase, which triggers somebody else. Okay? So I'll avoid – if I see any code phrases ere I know the pattern of code phrases in these programming jobs – I'm not likely to make any mistakes. So I'll just read these. If I see a code phrase I'll paraphrase it so we don't get into a brainwashing pattern.

LaRouche made it clear in his speech his feelings about anyone who expressed any doubts: "Any of you who say this is a hoax - you're cruds! You're subhuman. You're not serious. The human race is at stake. Either we win or there is no humanity. That's the way she's cut."

Alice Weitzman, however, didn't get the memo; she had the misfortune to publicly express doubts about the White affair. In his 1975 study, A True History of Lyn Marcus [Lyndon LaRouche] and the Labor Committees, former NCLC member Dan Jacobs reports:

Alice Weitzman, still an active member when the "brainwashing" broke, received more intense treatment. She was held for hours and harshly interrogated in her apartment by NCLC Security members, until a note she had desperately dropped out her window finally got police to converge on the scene and arrest the interrogators. . . . Weitzman, in West Germany during Marcus's summer visit, had seen through the fraud of the "deprogramming" of Konstantin George and had raised opposition to Marcus on several occasions. Marcus had responded by circulating petty slanders against Weitzman behind her back, thus stigmatizing her from that point on.15

The 11 January 1974 New Solidarity now informed its readers that Weitzman (who had escaped from the NCLC on 2 January) had herself been brainwashed as part of the assassination plot against LaRouche as now revealed by White:

White reported that he had an alternate contact in Labor Committee member Alice Weitzman, an individual who had suffered profound regressive personality changes since her studies at a "behavioral studies" institution in Buffalo, New York. White indicated that the phase "Charles/Boston" exchanged between himself and Weitzman would activate her role as an idiot-transmitter to what Weitzman herself has identified as "those other people" . . . .


As the White case continued, yet more plotters were revealed as the cryptic "those other people" were now linked to a former NCLC founding member named Robert Dillon. As a Columbia graduate anthropology student, Bob Dillon had been critical in helping to found the Labor Committee with LaRouche and his longtime companion Carol. Dillon then spent some time doing field work in anthropology in Iran in the early 1970s. When Dillon returned to New York and rejoined the NCLC, he soon realized that the organization had gone seriously off track and more or less dropped out. In a 6 March 1974 New Solidarity article, LaRouche describes Dillon this way:

Robert Dillon, until his Columbia University anthropological field work (Fall 1970 - Nov. 1971), was a most extraordinarily gifted individual, with unusual conceptual powers and personal integrity. He later reported that he had Peace Corps and similar doubtful personal associations while in Iran . . . . During the Fall 1972-Spring 1973 period, he suffered evident accelerating loss of his ability to conceptualize, deteriorating to sudden eruption of uncharacteristic episodic incoherent "emotional" outbursts during May 1973.

May 1973 also happened to be the height of the NCLC's disastrous "Operation Mop-UP" policy that was launched just a month earlier against the CPUSA.

Dillon may have had a loose affiliation with other former NCLC members who fled the organization. What was most significant about Dillon, however, was that he knew LaRouche and Carol personally virtually from the very beginning of the group in 1966-67. After LaRouche's amazing 29 December speech about White, Dillon called LaRouche's Morton Street home to try and speak with either LaRouche or Carol. In the NCLC's 1 January 1974 press release, Dillon is identified as:

A former leader of the organization who had dropped out of work months earlier, and who had not contacted the organization in months, began making frequent telephone calls inquiring about the health of the prime operative. Tracing out connections, we determined that this individual had been KGB-programmed in Iran and Beirut sometime during the period 1970-Dec. 1971.

(Almost literally a day later, Dillon would be working for the CIA and not the KGB!)

Another New Solidarity article on Weitzman from the 11 January issue suggests that Weitzman had (as had many other NCLC members) gone into a state of semi-shock after LaRouche's 31 December speech. According to the paper: "On Jan. 2, six members of the Labor Committee were arrested on charges of unlawful imprisonment of Alice Weitzman. In fact, she was staying voluntarily in her apartment, since she herself suspected that see had been brainwashed to some degree." Whether Weitzman merely freaked out or whether she had been a target for the Security Staff as a potential troublemaker remains unknown. What is clear is that sometime most likely between LaRouche's initial 29 December announcement of the White affair and her escape on 2 January, she had been put in confinement and "interrogated" by the Security Staff. Weitzman then became the second "code bearer" mentioned in the NCLC 1 January 1974 press statement:

After determining that the first alternative "hit" had been programmed for the early morning of Dec. 31, L. Marcus ordered an immediate activation of all NCLC security forces and of the general membership. This action triggered actions by two code bearers and other secondary operatives. The first code bearer lost control in face of the paradoxical circumstance for which he had not been programmed. Labor Committee knowledge of the programming methods of the KGB enabled the intelligence staff to determine that he was in a search pattern for a leading member of the organization. He had knowledge that there was a reserve individual planted to receive key and code if the prime operative was unavailable. But the identity of that alternative individual was unknown to him.
Through this and the similar activation of a second code carrier, we identified two leading Labor Committee members who had been programmed to isolate them for immediate treatment to free them from control. . . . An individual programmed in Germany to produce a musical key and code was detected and isolated.

As a classical music student who had been in Germany at the time of the Konstantin George affair, Weitzman was the perfect vehicle for "a musical key and code" carrier. In a 6 March 1974 New Solidarity missive, LaRouche further revealed that Weitzman had been contacted by a long-time NCLC member named Alan Ginsberg on 1 January. Ginsberg may even have helped persuade her to flee. LaRouche comments:

Alan Ginsberg, previously quiet, unduly sensitive, and long-standing Labor Committee member (since mid-1968), who had recently passed his Washington State bar examination and was cramming for his New York State bar examinations. Ginsberg fled from the Labor Committee Dec. 31, 1973 conference session when the threat of assassination against Marcus was announced. He was known to have telephoned Alice Weitzman during Tuesday, Jan. 1, 1974 . . . .

The day after Weitzman's escape, LaRouche gave his press conference and address to the NCLC's members. The "NCLC Resume" helpfully described that day and the next two:

Jan. 3 — The NCLC announced an injunction against the CIA and NYPD from making further arrests of members of the NCLC. Further aspects of the assassination plots were revealed: Alice Weitzman carried the code to activate White to kill Marcus: Engdahl carried the code to activate White to kill White's own wife, Carol. Included in the program was a direct message to Marcus.
Jan. 4 — Final deprogramming directly implicates the NYPD in the conspiracy. It became clear that police agencies were threatening to take possession of Mr. White by court order otherwise, in order to either destroy his mind with drugs or electro-shock methods, or to kill him and attribute this to a "psychotic suicide." Mr. White's wife would similarly have to be eliminated in view of the corroborative evidence she possesses concerning his brainwashing. The NCLC began its release of detailed evidence with the publication of a "programmed print-out" reproduced by Mr. White in a relapsed state.
Jan. 5 — The NCLC revealed that with the final deprogramming of Mr. White, the British government would issue an order for the activation of a "random squad" to accomplish the assassination of Marcus, Mr. Chris White and Carol White. According to Mr. White's program, the test British intelligence would use to determine if White was deprogrammed was a message that he was incapable of recalling until brought out of the programming state. Det. Finnegan of the NY Police "Red Squad" was specifically identified by British Intelligence as officer-in-charge of the random assassination squad Dillon group.

How LaRouche claimed to have learned about the "secret codes" carried by Weitzman and Engdahl is anyone's guess. Even more amazing, with the frogmen long gone, Bob Dillon and some other NCLC doubters became transformed into the "random assassination Dillon group"!


Carol White, LaRouche's longtime companion, once said that LaRouche's favorite TV show was Mission Impossible. LaRouche's fantasizing now took him down a path best described as beyond Byzantine. In his 3 January 1974 presentation, LaRouche outlined the real reasons for the Chris White affair where he tried to stitch together the earlier "KGB done it" version premised on the Konstantine George hoax to the new "CIA done it" model which would soon be superseded by the final really real explanation that the entire affair was part of a Rockefeller plot to impose world fascism. From LaRouche's speech:

Why did it [the CIA] do this? Well, I'm partly the reason for it. Why? When you get the reason for this you really begin to get the enormity.
Why did they do it? I had cracked the George case. . . . I'd cracked the George program, and they misunderstood what I did in the George programming – it's obvious. They don't understand anything about the mind . . . .
Why was it done? Well, I apologize to you. The CIA had discovered that I have the capability to break Soviet brainwashing jobs that they do not have.
So what did they do? They went out and grabbed a number of Labor Committee [members] and sent other people into the organization as infiltrators. They made sure that they set the thing so that the result was a staged psychological warfare game, with the Labor Committee against the CIA.

To make things as clear as mud, LaRouche explained:

There are KGB programmings around. There are also KGB programs inside the CIA. As a matter of fact the CIA probably has more KGB agents working for it than the KGB has CIA agents. The Russians have done one good job in penetrating the CIA. So that's one aspect of this thing. But why did they do it? . . . To see comrades to whom I was most close turn to zombies by brainwashing. They concluded that under that kind of pressure I would be forced to produce, under circumstances in which they can watch every move, I would show how to de-program a Soviet brainwash victim. Which would give the CIA therefore one edge up on the Soviet Union in the psy-war business. You get it? You get what this is all about?

In short, the CIA brainwashed Chris White to make it look as if he had really been brainwashed by the KGB so that the CIA could study how LaRouche "broke" Soviet brainwashing methods even though the CIA – not the KGB – was responsible for brainwashing White to make him appear as if he were brainwashed by the CIA. LaRouche then elaborated:

This is on the psy-war level. Now, the KGB is in on it, in a very funny way. We are expecting to get a sign of a direct eruption from the KGB at any time; we don't know when. But the KGB has got to make a move. Why? The KGB is not going to permit the CIA to get by with squeezing me and this organization to get a technique in psychological warfare which would give the CIA the benefit over the KGB, right? So the KGB must do what it's already decided to do, i.e., kill me or capture me. So the KGB will kill me or capture me if it can. The CIA doesn't want that to happen. It will kill me rather than let me fall into KGB hands. As a matter of fact, when the job is done, they'll probably kill me anyway.

Be that as it may, LaRouche marched on to give The Big Picture: "what we've got is this. We've got a game of three-player Riemannian chess among the world's three psychological powers: the KGB, the CIA and the Labor Committees. Right. That's exactly what it is." Later in his speech, LaRouche again returned to the demonic dance between the CIA, KGB, and NCLC:

Now, as I said, I emphasized the CIA operation of this thing because that's what is really important. More important in a larger sense is the KGB operation because the CIA's ability to do this was based on taking a KGB operation against us, and adding an advance point to it. That is, the KGB is moving down for an attack, its various publications are signaling an attack, calling us fascists, CIA fascists, and what not. All the time it knows the CIA is attacking us, it calls us CIA fascists. It knows the CIA is trying to kill us, and the KGB says, "Well, uh, this group is working for the CIA." While it is known the CIA is trying to kill us.

To truly grasp the White affair, LaRouche stressed that it must always be kept in mind that the NCLC now "was in a three player game of Riemannian chess with the KGB and CIA" that would decide the fate of the world. And just as chess pieces keep on changing, so did LaRouche's interpretation of what exactly happened to Chris White.


Note One


The first NCLC press release from 1 January 1974 reported that Chris White "in reply to the interrogator's Russian language commands . . . began replying in crude but efficient Russian (with an accent fitting a Carpathian-region inflection)." After White's interrogator Greg Rose was identified by White as a KGB captain, White demonstrated "considerably increased fluency in Russian."

From the NCLC 1 January 1974 statement:

In reply to the interrogator's Russian language commands, the victim began replying in crude but efficient Russian (with an accent fitting a Carpathian-region inflection). This individual had no formal education in Russian (this fitted the later information that his initial Soviet control in Paris had been a KGB agent of attributed Polish origin). At the command to identify his programmed status, the victim replied in German. Although the victim had had a weak school German with a marked British accent previously (to the knowledge of observers present), this German was far more fluent (that of a native Russian speaker with a rudimentary fluency in German).

In his 1974 Campaigner story on his case, White writes:

For example, interrogation had to be conducted in three languages, English, German, and Russian. Until that evening, even though I was in regular contact with German-speaking comrades, I was unable to speak their language. Yet that night I blossomed into a fluent German speaker, with a pronounced Ukrainian accent. As for Russian, I never had anything to do with the language, yet during a brief period of the evening, I was able to speak it, though I was only able to approximate a six-year-old's vocabulary. . . . Eventually conditions were created in which it was found that I could answer the question that had been posed at the beginning of the session. If I was questioned in Russian, it was found that I would provide answers in my Ukrainian-accented German. I informed the gathering that Marcus would be assassinated by a seven-man Latin death squad. All I had to do was call the following number on Perry Street, and the squad would be activated.

So White spoke "crude but effective Russian" with a "Carpathian-region inflection" and German with the accent of a "native Russian speaker" with a "pronounced Ukrainian accent."


Note Two


The opening to Greg Rose's 30 March 1979 article in National Review states that Rose joined the NCLC in 1973 and left in 1975. It then reports that "While a member, however, he began informing the FBI concerning the activities of the party." Thus it is possible that Rose entered the Labor Committee with the intention of spying on it. It is further quite possible that when Rose helped LaRouche "deprogram" Chris White, he did so an FBI informant! It is also possible, of course, that Rose decided to approach the FBI sometime in April or May 1975 on his own in anger at his rapid fall from influence inside the organization.

In either the late autumn of 1975 or early 1976 Greg Rose contacted the Communist Party USA and offered them information on LaRouche. At one point, he even requested membership in the CPUSA. As a result, the CP interviewed Rose about his past and what is reported below in large part comes from the CP dossier on him. Rose certainly entered the CP's orbit by early 1976 as there is a 24 January 1976 Daily World "expose" of the Labor Committee based on Rose's revelations that cites him by name. In short, it may be that after functioning as an FBI informant (paid and/or volunteer) inside the NCLC until the summer of 1975, Rose may have hoped to use his insider knowledge on the group (or what Rose claimed was insider knowledge) to try to ingratiate himself with the CPUSA, quite possibly so that he could spy on it as well!

The Labor Committee stated that Rose had been a paid FBI informant starting on 17 May 1975 and continuing to the first part of October 1975, or a few months after he had been kicked out of the organization. It states that Rose fed the Daily World information about the Labor Committee as early as September 1975, at a time when he was still on the FBI's payroll. (On 19 September 1975, the Daily World ran two articles "Phony 'Labor Party' Exposed as CIA Front," and "A School for Spies Against Labor Unions" based in part on Labor Committee internal documents supplied by Rose.) Rose next decided to go public and allow himself to be cited in the Daily World starting in January 1976. The Labor Committee further claimed that Rose tried (and eventually failed) to convince the FBI that the organization was a Soviet-intelligence front, a view he advances in his 1979 National Review story as well. According to the Labor Committee, Rose's claims led the FBI on a wild goose chase until the Bureau decided that there was basis for the Soviet espionage claim. (For the Labor Committee take on Rose, see from the 27 June 1997 EIR.)

Greg Rose was born in Hamilton, Ohio, in September 1951. He went to the University of Cincinnati, where he first studied classics and then political science/history. He left the University of Cincinnati in June 1972. Rose then entered Mount St. Mary Roman Catholic Seminary in Cincinnati. He left it in April 1973. Rose also took courses at Xavier University and Miami University in Ohio. From June-Sept. 1973, he studied history and economics at Miami University in Ohio. [It was here that Rose reportedly took an introductory class in Russian.] Rose left Miami University in October 1973 on instructions from the NCLC.

As a high school and college student, Rose was a member of Teenage Young Republicans and College Young Republicans. He was a member of YAF for a year when he was in high school. During high school, he spent six months at the University of Durham in England thanks to a grant from the American Institute for Foreign Study, where he also worked on archaeological digs. Rose said he became radicalized in the seminary through Catholic Workers and Catholic anti-war demos.

May 1973 -- Rose joined the NCLC. [Note that this is near the the height of the "Operation Mop-Up" attacks on the CPUSA.]

May-October 1973 -- Rose worked in the Cincinnati local.

Sept. 1973 -- Rose came to NYC for a NU-WRO conference. Here he met LaRouche and "Nick Syvriotis." Rose said he was asked to stay on in New York by them because he said he could read Russian. Syvriotis make Rose head of the "Worker States File."

From October 1973 to January 1974, Rose headed the File and became part of the "International Secretariat." [As there was no such group, I'm not sure what is meant here. This may be a transmission error by the CP. Rose may have meant the Intelligence Staff at the National Office.]

In January 1974, he becomes "Assistant Director of International Intelligence."

March 1974 -- Rose becomes "Director of Counter-Intelligence" for Security.

August 1974 -- Rose goes to Wiesbaden for the August ELC Conference.

During this period, Rose earned some money as a "financial analyst" for Computron.

In January 1975, Rose was demoted from Security and made an assistant editor of New Solidarity.

In the late 1974 Internal Conference, Rose wanted to advance a United Front with the CPUSA and the Soviet Union but met opposition. Warren Hammerman also wanted to move the LC closer to the Soviet Union but he was defeated as well although Hammerman was too valuable to lose his NEC position. [Recall here that Rose is speaking to the CPUSA.]

In June 1975, Rose was charged with "violation of party discipline" but refused to recant.

Rose resigned from the NCLC on June 15, 1975.


After quitting the NCLC, Greg Rose visited the CPUSA and spoke at length with Daily World writer Mike Zagarell about his inside knowledge of the NCLC. Zagarell then published some expose stories in the Daily World about the NCLC taken from Rose such as one story in the 24 January 1976 issue of the paper that relied on Rose's knowledge of the NCLC's attempts to approach officers inside the U.S. Military. Amusingly, after he left the NCLC, Rose also contacted the FBI. He tried to convince the Bureau that the NCLC had been covertly supported by the Soviet Union. The FBI took his claims seriously enough, or so the NCLC claimed. that it launched a major investigation into the group but came up empty.

A well-informed former NCLC member ("Factnet's borismaglev") also commented:

Rachel Berthoff (now Douglas) had ascertained that he [Rose] didn't know Russian and passed it on to Jose Torres and then to Lyn early in January 1974. The various titles mentioned in your posting are titles that Rose conferred on himself when talking to members. Neither LaRouche not the NEC gave him any titles that were confirmed at any NC meeting or any National Conference. Uwe and Jose Torres were running Intelligence and Security those days and neither of them gave Rose the light of day. He did not resign from the LC -- he was caught stealing, literally picking pockets, and he ran away to avoid the consequences. There were bets in the National Office whether Rose was a greater thief or a greater liar. He managed for a brief time to promote himself claiming special privileges with Lyn. But when things calmed down after the January 1974 events and Lyn showed up at the National Office, Greg Rose disappeared.

One of Rose's problems was that Helga didn't like him either. In the 1988 edition of The Power of Reason, LaRouche writes:

[Helga] visited the United States again for the Labor Committee's conference at the end of 1973 [the Chris White conference]. Under the circumstances, we had little occasion to exchange many words. What I recall most vividly was her report of a conversation with Greg Rose out of which she concluded that his pathological streak worried her. Her observation contributed to my closer scrutiny of the matter, and to the two passing developments that caught my attention, and proved to me that this fellow was to be placed under much closer scrutiny. (288-89).

All that said, Rose did play a major role in Security all be it briefly. At one point he even gave a class on surveillance in the aftermath of the Chris White affair when the NCLC decided that the Village Voice writer Nat Hentoff (who had written critically of the group) should be put under surveillance. This is the same time that the group was going after NCLC dissidents and they may have wanted to see if any of them were speaking directly to Hentoff at his apartment building or what Rose called "the Henthouse." Rose also gave a major presentation outlining the "Chris White brainwashing" at a public forum.

Whatever the ultimate story of Greg Rose is, it is notable that he returned to his YAF roots when he wrote his major expose of the NCLC ("The Swarmy Life and Times of the NCLC") for the 30 March 1979 issue of William F. Buckley's National Review.

The CPUSA files also include this note:

“April 11, 1974

Comrade Hall:

Mutual friends have strongly suggested that I contact your directly.

It is urgent that our leadership establish some efficient form of discreet liaison for (1) frank exchange of information, (2) exploration of areas of agreement for either joint or coordinated public statements and actions. . . . We propose that some agreed form of discreet private contact be established between our leading bodies . . . .

You may contact us directly . . . . The call will be returned by either Costas Axios or myself. If we do not hear from you within three days, we shall contact you either directly or through a friendly third party.


Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (L. Marcus) Chairman”

By "mutual friends," LaRouche was hinting at the contacts he had opened up at the Soviet Mission to the UN in early 1974.


Note 3


While poets still study rules of verse even as ladies roll their eyes, a few still turn to the Chris White affair for inspiration. Some examples as posted on FactNet a few years ago:

From the last lines of “I’m Starting to Feel Sheepish,” the stunning love song that concludes Act One of Orpheus in Sunlight: The Chris White Musical. (@1973-74– Pawn Star Production.)

Sing me a Bo Peep lullaby
Pull the wool over my eye
While I caress a fleecy thigh . . .

I’m starting to feel sheepish.

(The music swells)

Never did I dare dream a love like this!
Never has my heart felt such bliss!
At last!
We kiss . . .

I’m starting to feel sheepish.

(Curtain closes)

The Frogmen’s Tune (Homage to Gilbert and Sullivan)

We are merry frogmen three
As merry as merry as can be.
On our toes we murder foes
And have plantains and tea.

Our hero is a Cuban man
Whose fame resounds across our land
Fidel we share our love for thee
And pledge to be we frogmen three
The very best frogmen three can be! 

Now our task is grim
The time is slim
Our mission like no other.
Off to Morton Street
Wearing flipper feet
We soon discover
When walking through West Village mew
No one blows our cover
To our surprise
We're just Village guys with bulging thighs all clad in rubber

Yes we are the frogmen three
Just as merry as merry can be . . .

From the dramatic deprogramming scene in Act III (Homage to My Fair Lady)

Lyn Marcus: And while his accent may sound to you Moldavian or Ruthenian
I declare to one and all it is Ukrainian!

Stunned National Executive Committee (NEC) member: You mean to say that he’s speaking Russian with a Ukrainian accent?

Marcus: (pauses to puff on pipe). Precisely.

NEC: Congratulations Professor Marcus
For deprogramming a KGB carcass
From the CIA to the KGB to the SIS
All now agree
You’re the best!


1 The key dates are Friday, 12/28/1973, Saturday 12/29, Sunday, 12/30, Monday, 12/31, Tuesday, 1/1/1974, Wednesday 1/2, and Thursday 1/3/1974. For an NCLC chronology of the events, see

2 The reason why the NCLC would be seen as an "indelible" anti-Soviet group was because of Operation Mop-Up.

3 This passing reference (the only one) to LaRouche's son, Danny, further made the link to Trotsky whose own son was murdered by Stalin's agents in Paris.

4 The report was part of a packet of information distributed to potential members of a "Commission of Inquiry" into the Chris White affair that the NCLC wanted to create.

5 Because of a production error, one paragraph was repeated twice. I believe this is the logical sequence.

6 On the role that The Next Step (and its former leader Michael Vale) played in the hysteria surrounding the Chris White affair, see The claim against Engdahl was that he had been "brainwashed" while working with TNS in Sweden.

7 LaRouche's theories about White were not his first discussion about torture. See

8 On LaRouche's fascination with "shit," see

9 "September 17" was the date the NCLC had decided White had first begun his brainwashing sessions.

10 Rose remains a curious figure and his sudden emergence as a leading member of the NCLC Security Staff seemed bizarre at the time. See the Special Note on him at the end of this chapter.

11 In his 1974 Campaigner story on his case, White writes:

For example, interrogation had to be conducted in three languages, English, German and Russian. Until that evening, even though I was in regular contact with German-speaking comrades, I was unable to speak their language. Yet that night I blossomed into a fluent German speaker, with a pronounced Ukrainian accent. As for Russian, I never had anything to do with the language, yet during a brief period of the evening, I was able to speak it, though I was only able to approximate a six-year-old's vocabulary. . . . Eventually conditions were created in which it was found that I could answer the question that had been posed at the beginning of the session. If I was questioned in Russian, it was found that I would provide answers in my Ukrainian-accented German. I informed the gathering that Marcus would be assassinated by a seven-man Latin death squad. All I had to do was call the following number on Perry Street, and the squad would be activated.

12 After LaRouche dropped out of the SWP in the mid-50s he reports that he was contacted by the FBI. See the chapter "Trotskyist Wrecker?" in Smiling Man from a Dead Planet.

13 For a fuller analysis of the Arbona article and LaRouche's claims, see the chapter on the Konstantine George affair at

14 Dennis King, Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism (New York: Doubleday, 1989), 29. King's book is available on the web.

15 Jacob's article was published in Critical Practice (1975), a journal of Fred Newman's International Workers Party, which had broken from the NCLC in 1974. It is available on the web.

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