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At around 1:07:00, Dr. Tarpley states, "I have been asked about happenings in the (Larouche, note) movement in the period 2003-2007, but I had ceased to attend meetings in... that entity... in 1997 and had cut off all ties... with it... by 1998."



This is Tarpley's website...

July 2010

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July 2010


The visual reference to Raphael's fresco the "School of Athens" comes from The "Inner Elites" key Campaigner LaRouche pamphlet.


"Ex"-Larouchie Webster Tarpley spoke at an "Axis for Peace" conference held in Paris on November 17-18. 2005 and organised by the "Voltaire Network" where larouchite leaders Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany), Jacques Cheminade (France) and Christine Bierre (France) were invited by Thierry Meyssan, a French author who is campaigning for the same "9/11 Conspiracy Theory"'s thesis as Larouche's (ie "9/11 as an "inside job").
Indeed, in his book "The Big Lie," (in French "L'Effroyable imposture") Meyssan claims that the U.S. military staged the 9/11 attacks.

The antisemitic "Zayed Centre" translated Meyssan's book into Arabic, hailed its publication and widely advertised the work. Indeed in 2002, Meyssan, Cheminade, Helga and Lyndon LaRouche were also hosted at the "Zayed Centre" in Abu Dhabi:

This Centre became a platform to spread antisemitism, revisionism and 9/11 anti-semitic theories. It was closed down in 2003 after diplomatic pressures.

LaRouche opposed its closing down.

Other sources:

Thierry Meyssan/"Voltaire network" and LaRouche/Cheminade:

Zayed Centre for Coordination and Follow-Up, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:

Tarpley as a "larouchie" leader:



Rudy Reichstadt is contributor to French website Conspiracy watch.

In 2005 there was a split in the Voltaire Network. The Board of Directors is overhauled. Issa El-Ayoubi became vice president of the Voltaire Network. Ayoubi is an official of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, the NHSP. This is a Lebanese party that defends the project of a "Greater Syria", which estimates that Lebanon is just a province of Syria. Hezbollah ally, the NHSP was founded in the 1930s is now a pro-Nazi party. It kept this fascist legacy. Its emblem, present on the flag of the party, is also very eloquent as it is a barely stylized swastika.

"Mercenary of disinformation"

At the same time, Meyssan organizes a big "anti-imperialist" conference in Belgium in partnership with the official media such as Russia Today - the Kremlin television channel - Telesur - Venezuelan channel, Al-Jazeera or the extreme right American Free Press.

In 2008, Thierry Meyssan exiles himself voluntarily in Beirut, Lebanon, claiming he can no longer work in France, or in any country of the "NATO area" because he feels physically threatened. He worked with Al-Manar, which is Hezbollah's television channel. And this becomes, in my opinion, a mercenary of disinformation in the interests of Tehran but also of Moscow and Damascus. In 2011 for example, during the NATO intervention in Libya, he is there to support the Gaddafi regime and announced in an interview that he has "taken some responsibilities within the institutions of the 'Libyan Arab 'Jamahiriya'. "

So what can be read on the Voltaire Network?

If we take the Voltaire Network 15 years ago, there are things absolutely correct, that even I could quite sign today against denial, against the anti-abortion commandos, the Tutsi genocide, etc. But after a mutation that began in the late 90s that was completed in 2005, the Voltaire Network has nothing to do with what it was originally: it became an extreme right website. Now, deserted by organizations who first joined (the Greens, the Communist Party, the PRG, MRAP ...), it has strong links with the denial, anti-Semitic movement, with the network that revolves around the Théâtre de la Main d’Or of (anti-Semitic French comedian, note) Dieudonné.

Connections with personalities close to the FN (French National Front, note), denounced yesterday are also clearly assumed by Meyssan who explains that the international situation is so serious that it justifies to make alliance with people from the other side, be they far right. During the European elections of 2009, Thierry Meyssan was not on the "anti-Zionist List" of Dieudonné since he had already left France at that time, but such a list openly claims his support. Meyssan has also visited Lebanon and Syria in 2006, with personalities like Frédéric Châtillon - a former GUD, a group of extreme right - or Alain Soral - which is then in the campaign team of Jean-Marie Le Pen (FN, note).

Last year, Meyssan organized in collaboration with the regime of Bashar al-Assad, a trip to Syria to bloggers of "anti-imperialist" sensitivity or to "non-aligned" print journalists like Marc George or Webster Tarpley, in order to hear different story, that of the Syrian authorities.

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