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The following was published in Lyndon LaRouche's New Solidarity in the fall of 1974-soon after Newman and his followers abandoned LaRouche's NCLC camp and founded the International Workers Party. Although the crude sexual allegations detailed below remain questionable (in particular, the bestiality claim was metaphorical, not literal-see New Solidarity editorial "CFCs Exit From NCLC"), the article does shed some light on the IWP's employment of parallel tactics and slogans, and both parties acknowledgment of the power of mind control.

Detroit, October 1-Angered workers from this region have reported telephone harassment from callers identified as agents of the "International Workers Party" (IWP). The workers rage is not so much prompted by the anti-Labor Committee slanders retailed in the IWP calls, but is typical of the emotional response stirred up in normal people by exposure to certain types of schizophrenics.

According to its own recent published statements, the IWP is a group of approximately twenty-eight persons who had earlier conducted an unsuccessful effort to sabotage the Labor Committees from within. The group, earlier known as "Centers for Change," was a collection of victims of "behavioral modification" programs directed out of the City College of New York (CCNY) psychology department and the Tavistock Institute of London.

The majority of the group split out to form the IWP as an immediate result of Labor Committee Security's discovery and exposure of hideous private sexual practices among those persons.

This discovery occurred as a result of a statement by one former CFCer at a class presentation of "Beyond Psychoanalysis." A women who had joined the Labor Committees from CFC stated during the discussion period that she was part of a "human sexual sandwich" with two formerly leading members of CFC. She had been recruited to this arrangement with the aid of Tavistockian psychologists practicing in New York City.

According to statements by herself and the other woman involved, the woman had been recruited to the three-way bedroom scene to solve the sexual problem of another woman. The other woman was frustrated by her reported inability "to get it off on" the man with whom she desired to establish a sexual relationship and needed to have another woman added to the bed to make the sexual play gratifying.

The man involved as the toy of this lesbian's threesome immediately resigned from the Labor Committees. The former CFCers, with several exceptions, immediately formed a self-styled "faction" in defense of the semi-brainwashing practices, which had produced various forms of sodomy among them. (In two cases, we discovered to our horror, these techniques had produced such symptoms as sodomy with dogs.)

Investigations by Labor Committee Security personnel were assisted by former CFCers. The CFC group was discovered to have developed as a 1968-69 offshoot of a brainwashing program begun in the psychology department of York City College, and had directly involved agents of the Rockefeller-sponsored Tavistock Institute of London.

The Institute is one of the parent agencies out of which the CIA was formed, and is still a "mother" agency for such CIA-connected think tanks as the RAND Corporation, National Institute of Mental Health, and Institute of Strategic Studies. The Institute is also the main parent organization for CIA-NATO brainwashing activities, together with its spin-off, the World Federation of Mental Health.

Through Tavistock and the Rockefeller-founded U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the majority of the U.S. psychiatric profession and professional psychologists have been corrupted into violations of the Nuremberg statutes and code of medical ethics developed during the famous trial of the "Nazi Doctors." (Ironically, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University typifies the extent to which Jewish agencies have degraded themselves as continuators of the hideous traditions of the Nazi death-camp doctors.)

Through CFC documents turned over to security by former members, NCLC Security was able to document the CIA connections to the CFC leadership group, and to the psychosis-inducing practices of the hideous witchdoctor of Tavistock, R.D. Laing. The internal psychological practices of CFC were not only crude imitations of Laingian psychosis-inducing "therapy," but spokesmen for CFC had corresponded with Laing in documents representing themselves as an outstanding Laingian pilot operation in the U.S.

The sodomy practiced among IWPers is not to be confused with ordinary male homosexual or lesbian behavior. The sodomy practiced among IWPers is the result of brainwashing of former heterosexuals. The occasional instance of sodomy with household pets is merely an extreme case.

Although it would be surprising if the LEAA (New York Police Department Intelligence Division) were not involved in the IWP activities in some fashion, we presently have no evidence of any direct connections to the CIA except through the New York City College psychology department conduit. Lack of information on this point is unimportant. The mental degradation of the semi-brainwashed IWPers is such that they would act as if under CIA orders whether or not they had any explicit directives to this effect from CIA controllers.

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